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Dominated by Young Girls -- Part 1
author unknown




Jason H. was a small boy who had suffered from heart problems as a
child and had not been permitted to play the "rough games" other boys
his age played. At age 11 he was finally given a clean bill of health
and allowed to be a normal boy, but he was shunned by the other boys
because he didn't know how to play football or baseball or basketball
or any other active sports. Whenever, the other boys had to pick
teams, Jason was always the last one picked due to his lack of skill
and small size. This hurt him greatly, and he always avoided being
put in the position of having to be picked if possible.

During the period of poor health, he spent most of his free time doing
things around the house, since he couldn't go out with the other boys;
like reading, playing cards or board games with the girls in the
neighborhood, and fantasy games with the girls. Both of his parents
worked so it was not unusual for the girls to come to his house after
school and play until his folks came home in the evening. He had a
younger brother, whom he had to babysit, so he couldn't leave the
house anyway. As is usually the case with young girls, the fantasy
games many times involved playing dress-up, something Jason came to
like, and which eventually changed his life.

The Beginning

When he was about 13, Susan, the 12 year old little blond girl next
door, suggested during one of the games that Jason play the part of
his mother, and before he could object, the other girls rushed into
his parents room to see what they could find for him to wear. Lisa
(age 13) and Vicky (age 14) helped Susan find some of Jason's mother's
clothes, in the bedroom closet; they also found a wig, but decided
since Jason had long hair, that they would not need it.

They then told Jason to go into the bathroom and put on the clothes,
and come back to the living room. Jason didn't want to do this and
insisted that he was a boy and not a girl and that he should play the
part of his father rather than his mother.

Vicky, who was physically the largest of the four said that she was to
be the father, and no arguments. She then grabbed him by the arm and
pulled him into the bathroom. Once inside, she ordered him to strip;
"I can't, not in front of a girl" he said. "You'll either do it
yourself, or I'll do it for you," Vicky replied, standing if front of
the door with her feet firmly planted and arms crossed over her small
firm breasts.

Jason looked at Vicky, who was considerably bigger than his 5', 90 lb.
frame, and knew that there was no way that he could make it past her
and out the door. "Please, Please don't make me do this," he pleaded.
Vicky just smiled, and said, "Do it! or you will wish you had." That
smile worried Jason, as it was not a friendly one, but looked to be
backed with mean intentions. Vicky just glared at him and started
tapping her foot, showing her impatience. Resigning to the fact that
she could force him, he started taking off his shirt.

This caused Vicky to smile broadly and say, "Relax Jason, you are
going to like this, I think you will make a very pretty woman." With
that, she crossed the room, and lifted his downturned face with both
hands and gave him a kiss on the cheek. She then stood back and
watched as Jason, red faced, with tears in his eyes, slowly undressed.

When he was down to only his underpants, Jason reached for the dress
the girls had found. Vicky grabbed his hand and said, "Not yet
buster, those (pointing to his underwear) come off too." Jason
couldn't believe it! He had never been naked in front of any woman or
girl other than his mother since he was a baby.

"Please Vicky, I can't do that," he cried, and the tears which had
been welled up in his eyes started to flow down his cheeks.

Vicky was tired of all the arguing and spun him around so his back was
to her, then grabbed his underpants and jerked them down to his
ankles, with her right hand, while still holding his arm with her
left. "Step out of them," she said, "Please" he cried, as she jerked
back on the underpants, which sent him sprawling to the floor.

He landed on his back with his legs open and Vicky standing directly
over him with one foot on either side of his body.

Glaring down at him, she looked at his small, almost hairless, penis
and balls and said, "So that's what you have been hiding? What makes
you think I'm interested in that little worm you have anyway? It's
too small to be any good for anything." With that, she reached down
and took hold of his small penis and balls and clamped her hand on
them firmly.

Having, two older brothers, she knew that boys were very sensitive
there and that this could cause considerable pain. As she squeezed,
she said, "Get up you little twerp, you're mine to do with as I
please. If you don't do what I want, I'll make you a girl
permanently!" She then pulled him up by his crotch and stood him in
front of her.

Shaking with fear, terror and pain, Jason stood before her with tears
flowing down his face, but unable to say anything.

After a short time Jason got himself under enough control to say,
"Please Vicky, I'll do anything you want, just don't hurt me anymore."
Vicky gave a broad grin and eased the pressure of her grip on his
balls. "You'll do anything I want? Whenever I want? No more
arguments?" she said. "Yes, Yes, just don't hurt me anymore," he
cried. Satisfied, Vicky released her grip on his groin and stepped

"First, we must put a bra on you" handing him one of his mother's, and
helping him fasten it in the back. "Next comes some panties," and she
held them for him to step into. As he pulled the nylon dainties up
his legs, he got a strange feeling, and trembled all over. Vicky
noticed this but said nothing, as she stuffed the bra with toilet
paper to fill it out.

Vicky then told him to hold out his arms and put a nylon slip over his
head and pulled it down into place. Stepping back and looking him
over she said, "This will never do, the clothes are much too old for
you. But I guess they will have to do for today. I think you will
look much better as a little girl; You can be my little sister."

Shocked, Jason said nothing, he was afraid of Vicky after than clamp
hold on his balls and did not want to get her angry again. Time was
running short so Vicky quickly pulled a dress over his head, put his
feet into a pair of his mothers high heels and coated his lips with a
bright red lipstick.

Looking him over, she said, "Yes, I was right, these clothes just
won't do. They are too big, too old, and will never look right on
you. Well let's go show the girls and see what they think." Jason
turned beet red and started to say no, then thought about that hold,
and reluctantly started for the door.

When they entered the living room, Lisa and Susan both jumped for joy
and clapped their hands, smiling and laughing at the way Jason looked.
Vicky stood behind him and pushed him towards the girls, smiling, and
looking over his shoulder. "Well here's mom girls," but I don't think
he will be good in the role."

"Did he give you any trouble?", asked Susan, with a little grin on her
face. "Only when I told him to strip," replied Vicky. "Did you have
him take EVERYTHING off?", asked Lisa; "EVERYTHING" grinned Vicky.
"Darn, I wish we could have seen that." said Lisa, "Me too!" Susan
chimed in. "Maybe next time." said Vicky.

Without warning, Susan lifted the hem of the dress and looked up at
Jason's panties. "He's wearing the panties, but no stockings; where
are the stockings?"

Jason was mortified, first he was stripped by a girl only slightly
older than himself; then manhandled and forced to make promises in
order to keep her from hurting him; now he had to let a girl younger
than him look up his dress and see his shame, in wearing women's
panties, all lacy and frilly. He swatted down on the skirt portion of
the dress and pointed to the clock on the wall, "Look girls, my mother
will be home in 15 minutes, if she finds me like this, we are all in
big trouble." "He's right," said Lisa, "Not so fast," replied Vicky.

"Saturday, your mother is home so you can go out. My mother is going
to visit my Aunt and my dad has to work, so we can play at my house,"
Vicky observed. I think these clothes are too old for him and don't
fit right, so I think Jason should come to my house and we'll dress
him up in my old clothes so he can play the part of our little
sister." "Great" exclaimed both Lisa and Susan, "that sounds like
lots of fun."

Everybody was happy about it except Jason; but he could think of no
reason Vicky would buy that would prevent him from going to her house
on Saturday.

The girls decided they had better leave before Jason's mother got home
and as they went out the door, Vicky turned to Jason and said, "you
better be at my house on Saturday, or I will tell everybody that you
were stripped by a girl your own age and dressed as a woman. The boys
will REALLY find that funny and you will never hear the end of it."
Trembling, because he knew she meant it, he promised to be there on
Saturday as she wanted.

Jason ran to the bathroom and quickly got undressed and washed the
lipstick from his face. He no more than finished washing than he
heard the front door open; his mother was home. What do I do with
these clothes? he thought. "Jason, are you in there?" she said.
"Yes, Mom, I'll be out in a minute." Not knowing what else to do, he
stuffed them behind the towels in the linen closet and finished
dressing, then went out to face his mother and hoped she would not
notice anything wrong. She didn't, and later when she was cooking
dinner, he got the clothes and returned them to her room unnoticed.

It was only Wednesday, so Jason had two full days to worry about what
would happen on Saturday. After, thinking about it, he decided that
he liked the attention even though he did not like the way it was done
to him. He had been lonely most of his short life since he couldn't
do the things other boys did. Not being able to come up with an
ironclad excuse for not going to Vicky's Saturday, he resigned himself
to the inevitable.



Jason trembled as he knocked on the door to Vicky's house and wondered
what was going to happen to him. Susan answered the door and ushered
him into the den where the girls were watching TV. In addition to
Vicky, Lisa, and Susan there was a friend of Vicky's named Tami who
was a cute redhead and the same age as Vicky. Everyone was sitting
around watching a program and eating snacks; no one said anything
about what had happened Wednesday and Jason was hoping they had

In about half an hour, the program they were watching ended and Jason
and Vicky got into an argument over what to watch next. Finally,
Vicky said, "Go change the channel." Jason refused. "Jason, change
the channel or we are going to take your clothes off," Vicky said in a
stern voice. "No" was the reply.

Vicky calmly walked over to where Jason was laying on the floor in
front of the TV and straddled him, pinning his arms down. Jason
thought that Vicky was kidding since Tami was present and did not know
about what Vicky had done to him before. He started to laugh which
really infuriated Vicky and she called the other girls to help, which
they seemed eager to do.

"Last chance buster, either you do as I say, or we will undress you
and let these other girls see you naked." Jason knew that Vicky was
bigger than him and stronger than him, but still didn't think she
would to it to him in front of the other girls. As the other girls
held him down, Vicky reversed her position so that she was now
kneeling above his head but still holding his arms down. Jason
started to get scared, and struggled against their holds; this was a
mistake as he was no match for them. Very shortly he found himself
naked except for his shorts.

"I mean it, this is your last chance, either do as I say or we will
take your shorts off, and I will put you across my knee and spank
you," Vicky said. As embarrassing as this situation was, Jason was
becoming very aroused, and could not get his mouth to work to give her
an answer. Smiling, Vicky said, "OK girls, take them off slowly."
Without any vote of approval, Jason shortly found himself nude with
his erect penis exposed and the girls with large smiles on their

Jason wasn't very big and neither was his penis and as soon as the
girls saw it they began to tease him. "What a cute little hard-on"
said Susan, "But it's so small,"said Lisa. "I think it's too small
for a boy's, so he must be a girl in disguise," said Tami. "It is
cute" said Vicky "but I think he's really a girl too."

"Let's play with it until he can't stand it," said Susan, and again
without any vote, all three girls licking their lips, and to the
accompaniment of "oohs" and "aahs" took turns feeling, squeezing, and
stroking his cock and balls.

Vicky then pulled him up by the arm and forced him over to a chair.
The other girls got a big kick out of watching his little erection
bobbing up and down as he struggled. The girls finally got him to the
chair and over Vicky's knees, where she began to spank him with her
bare hand. "Please stop Vicky, I'll do as you say, please don't hurt
me," he cried. "You had your chance Jason, now you have to be
punished for being bad," Vicky said as she pounded on his bare

Jason was completely humiliated, but to no avail, and the more Vicky
spanked him, the more excited he became. She continued to tell him
that he had his chance and should have done what she said. The other
girls were watching with glee and teasing him about being stripped and
spanked by girls his own age.

About the fifteenth time Vicky's hand landed on his sore butt, Jason
could hold back no longer and came. This got the girls extremely
excited, but because his penis was between Vicky's legs, they didn't
see it happen. "I think we should make it happen again," said Tami;
"Only where we can see it," said Lisa.

"But what if he tells someone," offered Susan. "No WAY!" said Vicky,
"What would he tell them, that he was stripped and beaten by us girls?
Who would believe him; if he tells, we'll just say that he dropped his
pants and jacked off in front of us poor innocent girls and how
shocked we all were."

They then took him to Vicky's bedroom and Lisa got the brilliant idea
of tickling him with feathers. Vicky held him in a full nelson in
front of a full length mirror while Lisa took an electric razor and
shaved what little bit of fuzz was on his pubic area, then the three
girls tickled his penis, balls, crotch, legs, and chest. This went on
for a few minutes and Jason thought he was going to go out of his

Finally, Tami gave her feather to one of the other girls who continued
to tickle him with it. "I think I'll help him along," said Tami as
she removed her blouse and bra revealing a gorgeous young set of tits.
She then gently took his "cute little hard-on" in hand and rubbed it
with her breasts.

Jason was beside himself and couldn't hold back any longer. He came
again and sprayed his juice on Tami's young breasts; Tami squealed and
the other girls laughed and clapped their hands. Tami scooped a drop
of the come onto her finger and tasted it; then scrapped more and put
her finger to Jason's lips. "Taste it little girl" she said, "before
long we will find a real cock for you to suck, won't that be fun?"

Jason's mind went wild; it was bad enough having been stripped,
spanked, handled, forced to taste his cum and tormented by these
girls; what was this talk of sucking cocks; was there no end to this?
"Time to play dress up" said Vicky. Jason just trembled at the

Naked as the day he was born and thoroughly humiliated, Jason was led
into Vicky's bathroom, where Lisa had drawn a bath for him. The room
smelled of sweet floral scent from the bubble bath she had placed in
the water, and she pointed for Jason to get in. Jason shook as he got
into the water and Lisa stroked his head to calm him down some. He
relaxed and laid back in the soothing water and listened as the other
girls attacked Vicky's wardrobe to find clothes suitable for Jason to
wear. They tore the closet apart looking for "just the right dress",
then Vicky remembered the outfit she wore to Easter Sunday services
three years before, which was now to small and juvenile for her, but
should fit Jason nicely.

Vicky dug out the box containing the outfit from the back of the
closet, and Susan and Tami jumped for joy when she held up the white
taffeta little girl's dress with puffy sleeves and short skirt for
them to inspect. Vicky then dug through her closet to find the shoes
which went with the dress and into her dresser drawers to find the
frilly underwear that he was going to need to make his new outfit

In the mean time, Lisa had washed Jason's long light brown hair, then
put a conditioner into it and did the final rinse. Jason was now
ready to begin. He was told to get out of the tub and Susan who had
come back into the bathroom helped Lisa dry him with soft fluffy
towels. Lisa grinned as she gently rubbed the towel over Jason's
little cock and balls and Susan who saw the look on Jason's face just
giggled. The girls then dusted Jason's body with a large powder puff
and gave him a silky robe which was hanging on the back of the door to
cover his nakedness. They then marched him right back to Vicky's

Vicky had laid all of the clothes out on her bed and when Jason saw
them he thought he was going to die. Tami then told him to sit on the
end of the bed so that she could do his hair. Jason knew that he was
outnumbered, and weaker than the girls and that there was no way out
of the situation so he meekly sat an let them do what they wanted.
While this was going on Vicky had slipped down to her parent's room and
gotten their Polaroid camera. As Tami brushed Jason's hair, Vicky
explained that she would be taking some pictures to make sure that he
wouldn't act up too much in the future. That if he did, the pictures
would be posted all over the school.

Tami said "only a girl should have hair this long," referring to
Jason's longer than normal hair for a boy, as she combed it while
drying it. Tami parted his hair down the middle and braided two pony
tails and tied the ends with ribbons. Vicky took pictures of this.
Then Tami put a big bow in his hair and Vicky took another picture.
Next they pulled his hair into a pony tail and tied a bow in it; again
Vicky took pictures. Then Susan said "Stand him up a minute" and with
a devilish grin pulled the robe from his shoulders and threw it across
the bed. She then took a pink ribbon like the one in his hair and
tied it in a bow on his little penis. "Great!" said Vicky and took
several more pictures. All the while Lisa, Tami, Vicky, and Susan
kept telling him how cute he was and what a pretty girl he'd be.

Tami then took a pair of scissors and trimmed Jason's hair into a kind
of pageboy style, finished combing it out and placed a pink bow above
each ear. Vicky took more pictures and voiced her approval of the
final product. Jason was then told to stand, and, completely naked
before four girls his own age, with ribbons in his hair and one around
his cock, was shown the array of clothing he was going to have to wear.

Jason wished that a hole in the earth would open up so that he could
just jump in; but he knew he was stuck with no escape possible. Vicky
handed him a pair of white lace trimmed nylon panties, and told him to
put them on to cover that little girl pussy before one of her brothers
decided to drop in on them.

Jason put the pretty white panties on, and then was told to put his
arms through the straps of a little girls training bra, which was
fastened behind his back by one of the girls. Vicky then inserted two
small foam rubber pads into the tiny cups, filling them to the limit
of their capacity. They had him sit down on the bed as Lisa rolled a
pair of white tights and worked them up his legs. She had him stand
back up so she could pull them up around his waist when she noticed
the bulge in his pretty lace panties.

"Look girls, I think Jason likes his new clothes," Lisa observed.
Immediately the other three girls looked directly at his crotch,
giggling and laughing, which caused Jason to again turn beet red from
head to toe. Susan, no longer bashful reached out with her tiny hand
and slipped it into Jason's panties and gently took his small cock in
hand. "Yep! Jason definitely likes these panties," said Susan as she
slowly stroked him. This brought howls from the other girls as they
fell to the bed and floor with laughter. Jason if possible, turned
even redder, but dared not say a word, because he didn't want Susan to

Susan pulled the panties down so that she could see Jason's little
cock as she handled it. Kneeling in front of him, she worked it and
smiled as Jason trembled from excitement. The other girls started
chanting "go, go, go, go" which only caused Susan to pump harder and
faster. After several minutes Jason could hold back no longer and
climaxed, shooting his juice directly into Susan's face.

Vicky immediately became enraged, "How dare you get that cum on Susan,
lick it off immediately!" Jason was dazed from his climax and didn't
respond quickly enough. Vicky grabbed his left arm and quickly had
him in a hammer lock, while with her other hand she grabbed his hair
and forced him to bend toward Susan. "Lick it off, I said or you get
another spanking, here and now," screamed Vicky. Reluctantly, Jason
reached out with his tongue and licked the cum from Susan's face.
Susan just smiled and said "thanks Jason." Vicky jerked him back
upright and said "you are never to shoot cum on my friends again or
it's an immediate spanking, understand?" A very soft "Yes Vicky" was
the reply.

Lisa then took hold of Jason's penis and tucked it back into his
panties, giving his groin a little pat as she did so. She then pulled
the tights up around his waist, and no one made further comment.

A white nylon slip with white lace trim was then pulled over his head
and smoothed out in place as it clung to his body. Tami took the
black patent leather low heeled shoes, and slipped them onto his feet
and fastened the thin straps to the shiny silver buckles on the
outside edge of the shoes. As soon as the shoes were on him, Vicky
told him to come over to her dressing table, where she sat him down in
a chair and looked at his face. Since Jason was to look like a little
girl, she applied a very pale coating of makeup foundation, a little
pink blusher was blended on his cheeks, a little mascara to his
lashes, and a light pink lipstick to match the ribbons in his hair.

The look on Vicky's face when she was finished was one of pure
astonishment, Jason really did make a very pretty girl. She couldn't
believe what she was now seeing, he could stand up to any of the girls
in the room for looks. The other girls were silent as they looked at
Jason, as they too realized how pretty he/she was. Tami was feeling a
little jealous in fact, but quickly pushed that thought to the back of
her mind.

Now that his makeup and hair were done, Lisa brought the crinoline
petticoats over to where he was sitting and had him stand into them
and pulled them up in place around his waist. Next they took the
pretty dress and placed it carefully over his head and pulled it down
into place and Susan zipped up the back of the dress. Vicky tied the
white satin ribbon at the waist into a big bow at the small of his
back, and Tami adjusted the flare of his skirt as it hung over the
stiff petticoats. Now fully dressed, the girls stood back and looked
him over from head to toe in silence. He really did look like a girl,
they couldn't believe their eyes, but they knew it was true.

It was now time for Jason to see himself, and he was led to the full
length mirror in the corner, so he could see what the girls had done
to him. He was made to stand with his back to the mirror until all of
the girls were in position to see his reaction then told to turn and
face the mirror.

As he turned, Jason saw a young girl, maybe 10 years old, in her white
party dress looking back, with big blue eyes and nicely styled light
brown hair in a pageboy cut with pink ribbons in her hair. It took a
minute or two for him to realize that the pretty girl in the mirror
was him, he knew it of course, but his mind wouldn't accept it
immediately. Deep down, he liked the way he looked, but since this
was forced upon him, he knew he had to look embarrassed, over this, or
the girls might catch on to the fact that he liked what was happening.

The girls were excited, and decided that they should go back to the
den and play with Vicky's new little sister. He was led from the room
back down the hall and as he walked he heard the rustling sound of his
petticoats and the clicking of his shoes on the floor. The feel of
the smooth nylon undergarments rubbing against his body all combined
to excite Jason even more than the girl he saw in the mirror. Once
again his little penis was hard, but this time the girls couldn't see
it under all of these frilly clothes.

Back in the den, the girls taught Jason how to sit "like a proper
young lady" which was a problem wearing those stiff petticoats. They
then had him sit on the floor and play with a couple of old dolls,
while they surrounded him and talked about girl things as if he wasn't

Suddenly, Vicky looked up at the clock and said, "Oh God, my brothers
will be home in an hour and we can't let them see Jason like this,
he's dressed all wrong to be just one of us girls around the house."
"Right," said Tami, "back to the bedroom with you young lady" and
grabbed Jason by the hand pulling him up.


They rushed back to the bedroom, and Jason was quickly stripped of the
dress, shoes, tights, and petticoats. The slip was replaced with a
half slip which only barely came down to his mid-thigh level. Lisa
then put a pair of tan thigh-high stockings on him with the elastic
tops so a garter belt wouldn't be needed. Susan, had been digging in
the closet and came back with a short black mini-skirt and a white
cotton peasant blouse with three-quarter length sleeves. These were
quickly put on him and as Vicky sat him back down to redo his makeup,
Tami put his feet into a pair of low heeled black skimmers.

Vicky again looked at his face and made her decision. She used an
even foundation to give him a darker complexion, then shaped his
eyebrows, and applied several more coats of mascara to lengthen his
lashes. A coat of light blue pastel eye-shadow was applied to his
eyelids and again blusher was blended on his cheeks. She then coated
his lips with a glossy red lipstick, had him blot it onto a kleenex
and then coated them again. She then took the pink ribbons from his
hair and placed a single black velvet bow above his left ear. A
modest gold chain was then placed around his neck; Vicky decided
against earrings, since his pageboy hair style hid his ears any way.

Again Jason was led to the mirror and this time was really shocked at
the results. Before him stood the most sexy young girl he had ever
seen, with great legs, and big blue eyes. Had he not known it was him
looking back out of the mirror, he would have never guessed the truth.
Vicky leaned over his shoulder and said, "well JANE, what do you

"Jane?" asked Jason. "Sure, we can't call you by your real name in
front of my brothers or they will know something is wrong. Jane
sounds close to Jason so that you will know when you are addressed but
just enough different to throw the boys off; see?" "Oh-OK, I guess,"
said Jane/Jason, "but how will you explain my being here; they know
all the girls at school?" "Simple" said Tami, "you are my cousin from
out of state visiting, and I brought you over to be with us girls for
the day." Before he could reply, the girls heard the boys come in the
back door as they noisily made their way through the house.

Vicky's brothers were named Mike and John and were not that much older
than the girls. Mike was 15 years old and very athletic, good looking
with dark hair and a firm muscular build. John was 16 and had blond
hair, blue eyes, and although 5' 7" tall, not as athletic as his 5'9"
younger brother. John was a swimmer and was firm but thin in build.

As they passed Vicky's open bedroom door the boys saw the girls inside
and stuck their heads in the door. "Hi girls, what's up?" said John.
"Hey who's the new girl Vick? I've never seen her before," said Mike.
Tami immediately responded, "This is my cousin Jane visiting from
Indiana, thought we'd stop over and see Vicky..." "Hi Jane, nice to
meet you" said John, turning to Mike, "she's cute!" "I'll say!" Mike
replied. Jason smiled at the boys and looked down in embarrassment,
just the way an innocent young girl would in the same circumstances.
"Get out of here you louts," snarled Vicky at here brothers, "This is
girl talk, and YOU are interrupting." "Easy Sis, we were just trying
to be friendly," said Mike as they both backed towards the door. "I
know you two," said Vicky, "You just want to get into her pants."
"OK, we're leaving, we're leaving," said John as the boys made a hasty

"Well Jane you're going to have to be careful, you've got both my
brothers hot-to-trot, and if they find out who you really are, you're in
bigger trouble than you can imagine," said Vicky. "I know, but I
didn't put me in this spot, you did.." replied Jane/Jason.

"Since you want to be so 'snotty' about it, I think you and Tami
should stay the night. What do you think, Tami?" "Good idea Vicky,
I'll call my mom right now to get permission," replied Tami. "No,
Jane is going to call first," and turning to Jason, "I would suggest
that you tell your mother that you are staying with your friends Mike
and John." "Please don't make me do this," pleaded Jason. "You can
call right now, or I'll just go get the boys and we'll show them who
you really are little bitch... You understand?"

Jason looked at Vicky standing with her arms crossed over her chest,
thought about everything that had happened to him so far, and KNEW
that she would do exactly what she said. He immediately crossed the
room to the telephone and called his mother for permission to stay
overnight at Mike and John's house. His mother who was very happy
that her son had finally made friends with some boys readily agreed to
let him stay out for the night. Within minutes, Tami also had
permission, but Lisa's mother said no and Susan knew from her parents
rules that the answer would be she was "too young."

It was fast approaching dinner time and Lisa and Susan had to leave.
Both girls went over to Jason and gave him a kiss on the cheek; Lisa
also hugged him and gave him a pat on the ass; while Susan, now bold
reached under his skirt and gave him a pat to the crotch. Jason was
ready to believe that this was the start of a long ordeal.

"Enough fun for now Jane, we have to go fix dinner for my brothers and
dad," as she led the party out of the bedroom and down to the kitchen.
Lisa and Susan departed, and Tami helped Vicky in the kitchen while
Jane/Jason set the table. While dinner was cooking, Vicky's father
called and said he had been called out of town on company business and
would not be home until Monday...would the kids be OK home alone?
Vicky assured him that everything would be fine and that they would
see him when he got back.

Shortly, the boys came downstairs and asked where their father was
since he was normally home by now. "Called out of town," replied
Vicky, "It's just us for the weekend." "Well then let's have a party!"
said John, "You call Tom and invite him over and we'll dance to some
records and have a good time." Mike looked at John and both looked at
the girls, then grinned at each other from ear-to-ear. Vicky looked
at her brothers, and knew that Mike had a thing for Tami, and that
this could get REAL interesting. Decision made, Vicky called Tami
into the kitchen for a mini-conference, and told her of her plan for
the evening and that she could have her choice, but that Mike had a
real crush on her. Tami said she thought Mike was a hunk and approved
of the idea. Vicky called Tom her boyfriend, and then returned to the
dining room.

"It's all set," announced Vicky, "Tom is coming over and is bringing
some beer." Tami immediately went over to Mike and put her arm
through his and leaned her head against his strong shoulder. Mike
smiled like a cheshire cat. John sat down beside Jane/Jason and said,
"I guess that means it me and you cutie." Jason was at a loss for
words and couldn't have replied even if he had wanted to. "Dinner is
served" announced Vicky, which saved Jason from having to respond; at
least for now.

All through dinner, Jason was trying to think of how to get out of
this situation. Here he was dressed as a girl named Jane, who was
going to stay over night. No parents around; a party planned; and
he/she would be expected to entertain John as the other girls were
demonstrating that they were already paired off. As he/she was
involved in this deep thought, he suddenly felt a hand on her/his left
knee, gently stroking the inside of his/her thigh.

Oh God, he thought, that sure feels good, as the gentle stroking sent
shock waves straight at his groin. As the fingers crept upward, he
suddenly realized where he was and who it was, and how he was dressed,
and what would happen if that hand made it to his crotch and found a
dick instead of a pussy. In shock, Jason immediately grabbed the hand
and removed it from his leg, turned to John and said "keep your hands
off buddy." John playfully recoiled as if shot and just smiled as he
raised his hands in surrender.

Vicky, Mike and Tami who had been watching this throughout and knew
what John was doing, burst out in uncontrolled laughter. Jane/Jason
turned red and since he couldn't think of anything else to do got up
from the table and stalked out of the room. "She's a virgin John,
you'll have to go slow," said Tami. "And I think she is having her
period" added Vicky. "Oh" said John. This did not make him happy as
he had hoped to score with this very pretty young thing; well
something might work out yet he thought.

Jason had gone back to Vicky's room and was huddled in the corner
trembling from the thought of what might have happened. Just then
Vicky and Tami charged in and Vicky pounced on Jason with a verbal
assault. "Listen you little bitch, we are going to have a party
tonight and you are going to keep John busy so we can have some fun.
You do what ever you have to keep him away from us or I guarantee you,
that I will see to it that you will entertain all three boys both
sexually and otherwise until they can't get it up anymore. Then I'll
spread your little slut pictures all around the school so that ALL of
the boys can have a go at you. Have I made myself clear?" Before he
could answer, Tami added "Just get this clear Jason, you will talk to
him, dance with him, kiss him and anything else you have to; but John
is not to interrupt our fun with the other boys or we'll have all
three come after you - got it!" Both girls had Jason pressed back
into the corner and while Vicky had hold of him by the hair, Tami had
him by the balls and both were bigger than he.

"I will do what you want Vicky" replied Jason, "Please just don't let
anyone hurt me," he cried. "Good" the girls said in unison. "Now fix
your face, you have a date for tonight, come to think of it let's
change those clothes also," said Vicky. A meek "Yes Vicky" was the
reply. As Jason stripped, the girls got out his outfit for the night,
a bright red mini dress, cut off of the shoulder with a scooped back,
red high heels with 4" spiked heels, sheer stockings, and a complete
set of matching underwear.

Once again Jason was stripped to the skin by these lovely young girls
and then handed a red lace long line backless bra and frilly red lace
panties. As he pulled the panties up, Vicky grabbed his balls from
behind and held them in her grip. Jason stopped dead, afraid to move,
when she said, "This is just to remind you of what will happen if you
screw up tonight." She then squeezed his balls until tears came to his
eyes, while Tami who had been also behind him stroked his ass and
fingered his little puckered hole.

Befor, he could take another breath she had inserted her finger clear
up to the knuckle and was beginning to slide it in and out. Tami then
leaned up by his ear and said, "nice little pussy-ass you have baby,
but I don't think you want a giant cock up it." As Jason trembled,
Tami removed her finger and patted his rump; "be a good girl tonight
and everything will be OK."

Vicky then pulled his cock and balls back between his legs and told
him to pull up his panties. When he did, this left his privates
tucked up between his legs and the front almost flat like a girls.
Next the garter belt was placed around his waist and the garter straps
threaded through the leg holes of his panties and the stockings rolled
up his legs and fastened in place. A red half slip was pulled up over
his hips coming to mid thigh. He was then told to step into the dress
which was zipped up in back, he could feel that the dress only came to
the middle of his back and noted that both shoulders were bare. To
his shock, Jason saw that the skirt only came half way down his
thighs. How would he ever keep John's hands out of there, he
wondered. This time Vicky applied heavy makeup of blush, eye shadow,
mascara and lip gloss and when Jason was led to the mirror he almost
came when he saw the reflection. Looking back at him was the most
gorgeous girl he had ever seen, wearing a red satin mini-dress with
little semi-cap sleeves. Her shoulders were bare to just above her
breasts and the tight dress showed her slim waist then flared into a
short skirt. He turned slightly so he could see the back and saw the
scooped back provided bare skin from her neck to just above the small
of the back. Jason thought he was the most sexy looking thing he had
ever seen.

Tami then put the spiked heels on Jason and told him to try to walk in


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Dominated by Young Girls -- Part 2
author unknown


them. When he stood, he almost fell and Vicky caught him and held him
steady. "Put your shoulders back, and push your hips out a little,"
Vicky suggested. "Try swaying from side to side as you walk and see
if that helps," added Tami. Soon Jason had the walk that would make
any fashion model jealous.

Vicky told Jason to keep practicing his walking while they changed
into their party clothes. Without hesitation, both Vicky and Tami
stripped down to their bras and panties.

Jason was beside himself as he caught side glances at the delicious
female flesh they displayed as they proceeded about the room looking
for the clothes they intended to wear that evening, fixing their hair
and putting on their makeup. It was as if the BOY Jason were not
present, just three girls getting ready for their dates.

When Tami again bared her firm young breasts to his view, he almost
fell over a chair due to the distraction. The noise this caused,
caught the girls attention and both started laughing. "Your 'cousin'
must be a lesbian," said Vicky, "she seems distracted by all this
display of female flesh we are providing." "Come here Jane," said
Tami, and pointed to a spot directly in front of the dressing table
where she was seated wearing only her panties.

Jason walked over to the spot indicated and looked at Tami; before him
sat a pretty 15 year old girl with straight flaming red hair falling
down over her pale white shoulders. Her firm young breasts jutted out
proudly and were tipped by pale erect pink nipples almost too light to
see. "Jane, Vicky thinks you might be a lesbian; that seeing us nude
is getting you excited; is that true?" "I...I...," Jason tried to
answer but the words wouldn't come out. Standing, Tami pulled her
panties off revealing her almost hairless pussy to Jason's view, and
again sat in the chair facing him, only with her legs spread so that
her young swollen and red outer lips were visible to Jason's hungry
eyes. "You know that girls are not supposed to get excited by the
sight of other girls naked bodies Jane; why don't you answer me Jane?"

"I...I...," again the words would not come for Jason and his whole
body trembled with excitement as he looked at the lovely young woman
spread before him. His legs began trembling so bad that he started to
fall due to the unstable spiked heeled shoes. As he was going over,
Vicky rushed over and caught him and lowered him to his knees in front
of Tami's open legs. He was now looking at Tami's pussy at eye level
and as he watched Tami reached down and spread her pussy lips wide so
that Jason could see the red and pink inner flesh and her erect little

"No doubt about it, our little Sissy Jane is a lezzie," said Vicky,
"Why don't you suck on Tami's little cunt." Vicky then pushed Jason
forward and when he was within reach Tami took hold of his head and
pulled it right in between her smooth thighs and up against her sweet
young cunt.

"Now , suck it." "I said suck my cunt Sissy, cunt, bitch, lick my hot
pussy, little girl." Jason could hardly breath due to the way Tami
held his head. His face was embedded so tightly in her cunt he was
gasping for air. As soon as he started licking and sucking on her
clit, she relaxed her hold and he proceeded in earnest.

All this got Vicky so hot she reached into her panties and started
fingering herself as she watched the beautiful young boy/girl eat out
her best friend. Finally, Tami came and Jason was allowed to remove
his face from her crotch. Vicky had fingered herself to a climax, but
had already decided that Jason would do her at some time in the
future. "Let's fix your face." said Vicky to Jason as Tami recovered
her senses, and started putting her panties back on.

Having Jason again repaired, the girls rushed to get ready for the
evening. Tami opted to go braless and put on a black, mini-dress
which had a lace peasant type neck and three quarter length sleeves.
The neckline was pulled down off of her pale white shoulders and the
sleeves pushed up to just below the elbow. Nude pantyhose and 4 inch
black pumps made her legs look terrific, and a wide white leather belt
completed the look.

Vicky chose black lace underwear including a strapless bra, garter
belt, and g-string panty; black stockings, and a black body-hugging
nylon/lycra tube dress with spaghetti straps and 5 inch black high
heels with leather knotted in a pattern on the toe and with a strap
with gold buckle around the ankle.

"Time to party girls!" said Vicky, Jason looked at the two young sex
kittens in front of him and knew that he looked just as sexy as they
and that they were about to go downstairs and meet three real boys.
As all of the bad possible outcomes rushed through his mind, he
started shaking uncontrollably and could not stop. Tami got a worried
look on her face and wondered if they should force Jason to go through
with this.

Vicky on the other hand, looked him up and down and then slapped him
hard on the face. "You're not backing out now Sissy no matter what
happens; either you go and do as expected or we just send the boys up
here for their evenings entertainment." Forcing himself under
control, Jane/Jason put back his shoulders and took a deep breath,
exhaled, and said "OK I'm ready now Vicky."




Off they went down the hall and when they entered the den all three
boys were there sitting around drinking some of the beer Tom had
brought with him. On seeing these three incredibly sexy looking foxes
enter the room, all three whistled and jumped to their feet with broad
smiles on their faces. "Hi guys!" exclaimed Vicky, "Ready to Party?"
"Sure, You Bet, and Let's Do It," came the replies from the boys.

Vicky immediately crossed to Tom who Jane/Jason observed was older
than the other boys, probably about 16 or 17, tall (almost 6 ft) and
well built, with light brown hair and grey eyes. Vicky quickly kissed
him and snuggled up against him, while she looked back over her
shoulder and smiled at Jane.

Tami also immediately marked her turf by moving to Mike's side and
hooking her arm through his while she smiled coyly at him and made
small talk.

John was standing by the sofa and Jane/Jason moved towards him in a
state of pure fear. Her/his trembling made him a little unsteady on
the high spiked heels, and when she reached John she had to steady
herself by holding his forearms. Seeing her trembling, John moved one
arm around her shoulders and pulled her into his side, then looked
down with a look of concern and said, "Are you OK?" "Just a little
nervous and I'm not used to heels quite this high," was the almost
whispered reply. "Let's sit down then," John offered, as he gently
guided her down onto the sofa and then sat beside her.

John had maintained his arm around Jane's shoulders while sitting them
down and now gently stroked the soft skin of the upper left arm and
shoulder as he assessed the incredibly pretty young girl at his side.
Her big blue eyes and fine features were a real turn-on, and the pale
smooth skin of her shoulders and neck looked absolutely edible. As he
stroked her shoulders and upper back, he inhaled the fragrant clean
smell of her hair and perfume and gently moved his hand to the center
of her back and up to her neck which he gently massaged. As he
continued, the trembling stopped and he tilted her chin up so that he
could look directly into her eyes and said; "better now?" "Yes" she
said shyly, "Thank you John for being so considerate."

"You look great!" John said to her as his eyes slowly traveled over
her face and down over the swell of small breasts, past her trim
waist, to her great looking legs. "I thought you looked good earlier
this evening, but I had no idea you were so incredibly beautiful,"
John added. "Thank you," was the whispered reply as she leaned her
head back into the crook of his arm.

The evening wore on and the drinks flowed as the three couples sat and
talked and slowly passed the time. Mike put on some music and
everyone started dancing. Jane/Jason was still unsteady when he
walked, but leaned on John and whispered "I've never done a lot of
dancing, John, so please forgive my rigid movement." "That's OK, just
lean on me and let me do all of the work," he replied.

John held Jane firmly against him as they danced and continually
stroked his hands over the broad expanse of bare skin available to
him, on her arms, back, shoulders, neck and upper chest. Jane, just
leaned her head against his chest and tried to follow his lead as they
moved about the floor. Slowly his right hand moved down from her bare
back to her ass and gently squeezed the flesh through her dress. Jane
just sighed and continued as though nothing had happened.

Vicky, however, had taken note of this development and when she caught
Tami's attention, pointed it out with a tilt of her head and eyes.
When Tami saw the hand on Jane's ass, she just rolled her eye and
smiled at Vicky who had difficulty suppressing her laughter.

Slowly, the other couples disappeared, first Vicky and Tom, then Tami
and Mike, leaving Jane and John to dance alone in the darkened room.
Seeing that they were alone, John pressed his body harder into Jane's
and worked one leg in between hers as they danced. It wasn't long
before Jane felt a hard bulge pressing against her stomach, and
looking around saw that they were now alone.

Jane/Jason started to panic, knowing that he/she had gotten this boy
hard and wondering how he/she was going to get away unhurt. The fear
turned to trembling, and again John placed his hands on Jane's bare
shoulders and gently stroked her as he held her to him.

After a short while, he stopped dancing and tilted her head up so he
could look at her face, holding her chin in the crook of his index
finger. Very gently he leaned forward and lightly kissed her on the
lips, then again, only this time with his mouth open and tongue
probing into her mouth. Jane responded without thinking and soon
found herself being held as he gently kissed her neck and shoulders
and licked around her ears. All this activity turned Jane on and she
responded by kissing him and stroking his body through his clothes.
As her hand moved over his stomach it encountered that hard bulge
again, and reality struck home to Jason.

My God, he thought, what am I doing? Here I am dressed as a sexy girl
making love to a boy. Am I a homosexual? No, I like girls, even
though I have never had the opportunity to have regular sex with one
yet; so what am I doing? Is there anyway I can get out of this
without John finding out I'm a boy dressed as a girl? What will he do
if he finds out?

Without realizing it Jane/Jason had been massaging that bulge while
thinking and John was now beyond the point of return. John reached
down and placed his hand on Jane's knee and slowly stroked upward. In
panic, Jane grabbed the hand and said "Please, No, John, I'm a virgin
and besides I'm having my period." "What do you mean NO, you've got
me all fired up, you can't just quit and say NO; not now," he said.
Jason knew he had to do something for John or the boy would probably
rape her/him. John was clearly beyond his own control and would
become unpredictable if refused relief.

Without saying a word, Jane unzipped John's trousers and reached
inside. Her fingers gently slipped under the waistband of his
underwear and slowly probed. "My God! It's huge!" she exclaimed, as
her hand gently stroked down the length of his cock. "We better go to
my bedroom," he said, "the others might come back." With this he
quickly got up and guided Jane down the hall to his room before she
had time to think about what he was doing. Inside, he shut and locked
the door, and as he turned to face Jane unbuckled his pants and kicked
off his loafer type shoes.

Things were now serious and Jane/Jason knew that the only way out was
to relieve the sexual stress this boy was under if he/she wanted to
survive. "Can I see it?" she said, and gave a slight smile. "Sure,"
he said as he removed his pants, socks, and then dropped his
underwear. Jane's eyes got as big as silver dollars as she took in
the sight of his 6" cock and big balls suspended in an almost hairless
sack between his legs. Jane didn't know that although John's cock was
about average in length and that it's 4" circumference did not qualify
as "huge", to her it was at least 2 times bigger than his/her's and
that made it huge.

Jane approached him and gently wrapped her tiny hand around his raging
hard-on as she stroked him, said, "take off your shirt, I want to see
all of you." John quickly complied, and as his smooth almost hairless
swimmer's body came into view, Jane thought he was sexy in a feminine
sort of way. Moving her hand down to his balls she gently massaged
them and guided him back towards the bed. "Sit down and lay back,"
she said, "I'll take care of this for you."

John wasn't about to argue with this pretty little brunette who had
hold of his balls and was offering at least partially what he wanted.
He laid back on the bed, with his legs spread wide and his ass right
at the edge so his feet rested on the floor. As he looked down over
his chest he saw the girl kneel between his legs and resting her
elbows on his knees like armrests on a chair watched as she wrapped
her tiny hand around his prick and gently massaged his balls with the
other hand.

Jane looked at his circumcised cock and noted that the head was
turning purple and a drop of pre-cum was visible at the tip. John
could feel Jane's warm breath passing over his cock and this got him
even more excited. Jane stroked his cock up and down and rubbed her
cheek against the head. John was breathing faster and started humping
his hips in synchronization with the girl's stroking. "Suck me", he
said, and Jane started to say "but I've never...." when he started to
get up off the bed. Jane knew she had to do it, he was out of

"Ok, Ok .. just lay back and enjoy," Jane said as she gave the tip a
tentative lick. Deciding that the taste was good, Jane proceeded to
lick the head and as John looked down Jane slowly licked all around
the head of his dick and then looked him square in the eyes with her
mouth open and his cock resting on her tongue; keeping eye contact she
slowly lowered her mouth onto his cock and John thought he was going
to faint. John restrained himself as Jane's wet, warm mouth encased
his cock and her nimble tongue twined itself around his rim of his
knob. Her lips sipped at his cumhole, and then quite without warning,
she gulped his cock all the way down to her tonsils, sucking with
wild-eyed, hollow-cheeked, total devotion.

With both hands flat on his belly and his cock in her mouth, Jane
pumped the young man's meat into her throat. John couldn't take much
of this and very soon exploded in Jane's mouth pumping what felt like
gallons of cum down her lovely throat, with some excess seeping out
around his cock onto her lips.


Expended, John reached down and pulled Jane up onto the bed and leaned
over to kiss her. As he did, he tasted his own cum on her lips and
thought that it tasted salty but good. John cuddled Jane to him and
stroked her body as he enjoyed the afterglow of the best blowjob he
had ever had. As he stroked her ass, she sighed and eased her head
onto his bare shoulder. His hand worked it's way under her skirt and
onto her pantied ass, continuing it's gentle stroking. Without
warning, the hand moved to Jane's crotch and felt the little bulge

"What the hell!" he exclaimed as he threw the girl off of him and onto
her back. "Oh NO!" cried Jane/Jason as John ruffly threw up her skirt
and tore the panties from his body. "What the fuck is this." screamed
John as he pointed to the little set of cock and balls, he then
flipped the girl over and quickly unzipped the dress and pulled it
from the slim body before him. Jason/Jane was in sheer terror and
began crying as he/she curled into a fetal position, his/her body
whacked by spasms of uncontrolled muscle contraction. John rolled the
boy/girl onto it's back and looked more closely at this creature.

The face and hair were definitely that of a girl as were the slim legs
and smooth skin. The bra however, was filled with foam pads and the
hips were a little narrow for a girl. He stripped off the bra leaving
only the garter belt and stockings on the little boy-girl before him,
and straddling him/her with his limp cock resting on the boy-girl's
chest; slapped him quickly and hard about three times. "Answer
me...Talk to, whatever you are!"

Seeing the uncontrolled spasms racking the little body beneath him,
John started to feel guilty. He moved off to the side and after a
minute or two gathered the little body to him and gently held it as
the contractions started to lessen. "Please, please don't hurt me,"
Jane/Jason managed to get out between the uncontrolled sobs "It isn't
my fault," he/she continued after a time; "Vicky made me do it," he
finally got out. The little body continued to be racked as the
sobbing and crying continued unabated. John considered what had been
said and now felt compassion for the poor thing in his arms. He
therefore gently rocked the little body which huddled against him and
stroked it until it finally was regaining control.

Crying and trembling as he spoke, Jason told John the whole story; all
of the abuse, all of the humiliations, all of the threats, the
pictures, everything. All the while, John continued to stroke the
poor boy he held in his arms and listened to the story. Some parts of
the tale made John wince in pain just thinking about what it must have
been like for the young boy and as he listened and soothed the young
body he felt it pull closer to him and relax.

Without being able to explain it, John felt a bond with the boy and
considered all of his feelings since he met him. Yes, he had believed
it was a girl all the way up to and during the sex they had shared;
still it was not a girl, just a poor little boy terrorized by his
sister. As he continued to think, and stroke, he felt a strange
sensation come over him; yes he could love this boy and would do what
he could to end the nightmare for him.

John told Jason what he thought and looked down at the little body in
his arms. Even though he knew it was a boy it still looked very much
like a girl and John's body was responding. " Jane, I mean Jason.
Have you ever made love to another boy?" asked John. Jason shook his
head and continued to hug John as hard as his little body would allow.
"Neither have I Jason, but I would like to try it with you, if you're
willing," John whispered. "I promise that I will not hurt you in
anyway, and that no one will ever know except us." John continued;
Jason looked up into John's eyes and knew that this gentle boy would
do as he said and shook his head yes.

With that cue, John gently kissed Jason full on the mouth and
continued to stroke the soft body in his arms. His right hand moved
over the smooth chest and down over the hairless belly to the small
penis and balls below. Gently massaging Jason's groin drew an
immediate reaction from his own and Jason soon felt John's hard cock
pressing into the crack of his ass from below, as he sat on John's

John repositioned Jason so that Jason was straddling John's lap with
Jason's smooth legs extending around John's sides. He hugged and
kissed the boy, and freely ran his hands up and down the back and
massaged the young ass cheeks. John could feel the small cock
pressing against his stomach and Jason moved up and down to cause more

Remembering the unforgettable blowjob Jason had given him, John
decided to return the favor, and placed the boy on his back on the bed
with his legs spread wide. Moving up Jason's body, John kissed his
young neck and chest and sucked on the small nipples until they were
hard and erect. Moving back down, he kissed the smooth stomach and
licked the insides of Jason's firm but soft thighs.

Opening his mouth, he sucked Jason's small ball sack in and gently
rolled them around with his tongue, he then moved his mouth to the
little 2 1/2" erection and gently sucked and licked for about 5
minutes. As he tasted Jason's pre-cum he knew the boy was about to
shoot, so he slipped a finger under the boy's ass and while continuing
to suck inserted his finger slowly up Jason's tight little asshole.
Shortly, Jason let go his cream and John swallowed it all, and
continued sucking until the little penis went soft in his mouth.

Jason was happy as he felt John make love to him and could still feel
John's finger up his little ass. "John, make love to me like I was a
girl; I want to know what it feels like." John looked at him
strangely and then realized that Jason wanted him to fuck him in the
ass; "Ok little one, but it may hurt at first." John got some suntan
lotion he had in his dresser drawer and told Jason to lift his legs
and pull his knees up against his chest. Jason did as he was told,
and John put a pillow under the boy's ass for better access. He then
worked the lotion into the tight little asshole and soon found his
finger moved freely in and out. "More" Jason cried, and John inserted
a second finger, then three, and Jason kept asking for more.

"More," begged the frantic youth. and John moved between the boy's
spread thighs. John's cock was about to burst and he could wait no
longer, so he thrust his prick deep into Jason's ass, as far at it
would go. The feeling was great, and he began fucking the boy
frantically. Both pleasure and confusion played across Jason's face as
John thrust into this gorgeous creature below him. "Fuck me John,
Fuck me hard, I'm a girl and I love it!" cried Jason.

John's balls were bumping against Jason's ass as they swung in rhythm
with his frantic fucking. Soon, John's wild cravings were rewarded,
as he exploded into Jason's ass in a huge climax. "Arghhh," screamed
John as what seemed like gallons of cum spurted deep into Jason's ass,
and he collapsed on top of the small boy beneath him. Jason just
moaned and held John with his legs wrapped around the bigger boy until
a last John rolled to the side.

The boys dozed off holding each other tightly and later John awoke
flat on his back and looked to find Jason straddled across his hips
with his firm young ass firmly implanted on John's long cock. He was
riding John as if he were on a horse and the undeveloped flesh on
Jason's chest looked like small tits bobbing up and down as he moved.
John reached up and tweaked the nipples on Jason's little girl tits
and Jason just squealed with glee as he continued to pump on John's
cock. Soon Jason's little cock sprayed a load of cum on John's belly
but he continued to ride until he felt John also climax, then
collapsed on John's chest.

John gathered the young body to him and laid Jason's head against his
chest as the little boy/girl dropped off to sleep. John smiled to
himself and as he stroked the warm body against him, thought that no
REAL girl was ever this good to him, or this tender, or this loving,
or this sexy.




Jason and John awoke early Sunday morning and John helped Jason get
dressed as he had been the night before. There was a problem however,
John had torn the panties off of Jane/Jason and of course John had
none which looked like girl's panties he could give him/her to replace

Starting to panic Jason said, "What am I going to do? I've got to
change clothes sometime today and if either of the girls sees I don't
have panties on they are going to wonder what happened to them. How
can I explain what happened to them without them knowing you
discovered who I really am and us having sex?"

John considered this and thinking of his sister, also became worried.
If Vicky discovered he had sex with this boy/girl beyond either a
handjob or blowjob, she would have leverage over him also and knowing
her, would use it! "You stay here and I will go down to the laundry
room and see if I can't find some panties; either Vicky's or my
mother's," John offered. "OK" replied Jason.

John listened at the door and hearing no one outside, slipped out into
the hall and down to the laundry room. Searching through the dirty
clothes, John found fourteen pair of panties, but none that were red
and none that looked like the ones Jane/Jason had been wearing the
night before. Taking a frilly pair of black panties, John returned to
the room unnoticed.

"This is the best I could do," said John as he handed Jason the dainty
nylon panties. "They're the wrong color!" exclaimed Jason, "What if
the girls notice?" "Make sure that they don't" replied John, "Or we
both may be in deep shit!"

Jason put the panties on and again thrilled at the feel of the smooth
cloth at it passed up his legs and encased his hairless little cock
and balls. "Let's go down to the kitchen before the other kids
discover us in my room and start wondering," said John. Without
further comment they proceeded to the kitchen where John made toast
and coffee and were sitting at the table when Vicky, Tom, Tami, and
Mike arrived.

Vicky smiling looked at Jane/Jason and winked as she said, "How did
you two get along last night, John?" John knew what Vicky was
implying and tried to look embarrassed as he responded, "I guess I
drank too much; passed out on the sofa about midnight and woke up
there this morning." This caused the other boys to laugh and Vicky
gave Jane another wink. "I would have thought you two got it on, the
way you were going at each other when Tom and I left," said Vicky.
"Me too," said Tami, "We sure had fun," as she turned and smiled at
Mike. "Where did you sleep?," Vicky asked Jane. "Well when he passed
out, I just went to his room and used his bed, it was obvious that HE
wouldn't be using it," the cute little brunette replied with a smile.
This caused all of the other kids to break down in uncontrollable
laughter, and John turned red in embarrassment but knew he dared not
say a word.

Vicky and Tami went into the kitchen and fixed eggs and bacon for
everyone and no one made any further comments about the night before
to John or Jason/Jane other than normal small talk. After breakfast,
Mike and Tom decided to go over to the high school and play some
basketball, "You coming John?" asked Mike. "No, with this hangover,
I'd probably puke," he replied, hoping to re-enforce the previous
story. "Well, we're out of here," said Tom as the two headed for the
door. Vicky turned to Jane/Jason and said, "I think you need to get
your other clothes from my room, don't you?" "Yes, but I didn't want
to disturb you earlier this morning," Jane responded. "Let's go then,
John can clean up this mess, as punishment for neglecting you so badly
last night." The three girls rose and headed up the hallway leaving
John to clean up the dishes.

In the bedroom, Jason reached back and unzipped the little red dress
he was wearing, as Tami rounded up the black mini-skirt, training bra,
half slip, black panties, white peasant blouse, and black skimmers he
had worn the day before. "I was hoping I could put my own clothes
back on," Jason said softly. "Not as long as John is around," replied
Vicky, "We can't let him see a boy leave instead of the girl who has
been here since yesterday," Vicky observed. "So strip and let's get
on with it," Tami chimed in.

Jason stepped out of the dress and handed it to Vicky who put it on a
hanger, and then removed the long-line bra and handed it to Tami who
took it to the clothes hamper. While both girls were occupied, Jason
quickly stripped off the half slip and put it on the bed on top of the
black panties laying there in hopes that the girls would think he had
already changed to the other panties. He then quickly picked up the
red half slip and black panties and made them into a ball, and wearing
only the garter belt and stockings and the black panties John had
found for him. He followed Tami to the clothes hamper.

Tami was turning back toward him as he approached the hamper and said
"I'll take those." Jason handed them over and turned back towards the
bed area. As Tami dropped the clothing into the hamper, the ball came
open and she saw the black panties fall out, "What is this! Something
is wrong here, Vicky!"

Jason stopped dead in his tracks and slowly turned back to face
towards Tami. Vicky rushed over to Tami and saw immediately what had
caused the commotion. "Those aren't the right panties" said Vicky and
turned towards Jason. In panic, Jason made for the door, but Vicky
grabbed him before he could make it out into the hall. Immediately,
he was thrown to the floor and both girls pounced on top of him to
hold him down.


Vicky sat on Jason's legs as Tami held his arms down; Jason was pinned
and couldn't move even if he wanted to. Moving down so she was
sitting on his calfs, Vicky could now see the panties Jason was
wearing. Grabbing them by the waistband she pulled them down his legs
and worked them under her body and off of his feet. Still sitting on
his legs, Vicky now inspected the panties.

"Tami, these are my mother's," said Vicky, then looking down at the
little boy, "Well now little Sissy Jane, perhaps you would like to
explain how you got a pair of my mother's panties and what happened to
the ones of mine your were wearing last night?" Jason, still
panicked, struggled against Tami's hold and glared back at Vicky.
With a raised eyebrow and a smirk on her face, Vicky reached out and
caressed Jason's balls, then gently took them into her hand. "Perhaps
you have forgotten how much pain I can cause little girl," said Vicky
and without warning squeezed, pulled, and twisted the poor boy's balls.
Jason screamed and thought that she had torn them from his body; but
since he could still feel her clamp hold knew they were still
attached, but for how long? Jason was throwing his head back and
forth now and crying and groaning, and unable to speak.

Releasing her devastating grip, Vicky told Tami to turn the boy over.
When he was released, Jason curled into a fetal position, with his
legs drawn tightly to his chest, laying on his side, the tears flowing
freely down his cheeks, and sobbing heavily. "That's OK, Tami, this
will do for what I want to check," said Vicky as she moved to a
position where she could see Jason's little ass. Spreading his
cheeks, Vicky traced her finger around the tight little asshole and of
it's own accord, the little hole opened. "Look at this!" said Vicky
to Tami, "This boy has been ass fucked!"

Leaning over to see better, Tami also traced a fingertip around the
tiny hold and again it responded. Tami then eased a finger into the
opening and it opened wider, then two, then three, and four fingers
were inside. "I don't believe it," said Tami "I've never seen as ass
so open. Sliding all four fingers in and out, Tami decided to see if
he could take more; placing her thumb with her fingers to form a shape
similar to a bird's head she again shoved into Jason's ass. At first
there was some resistance, then without warning, her whole hand
slipped inside. Kneeling with her whole hand up Jason's ass, Tami
said, "I don't believe it, I just don't believe it!" "This boy has
been ass fucked but good!" Jason just laid there and groaned as Tami
continued to work her hand back and forth in his ass. "I think John
has some explaining to do," said Vicky.

Even though John was two years older than Vicky they were physically
about the same size, due to the accelerated growth girls go through at
puberty. Vicky had been looking for some time for a way to dominate
her oldest brother and establish control. She had a pretty good idea
of what had happened last night from the missing panties and the
obvious ass fucking Jason had undergone. She now was determined to
turn it to her advantage.

Vicky went out the door into the hallway and called, "John, John,
could you come up here a minute; we need some help." "OK" was the
reply as the unsuspecting lad came up the stairs toward his smiling
younger sister. "In the bedroom, John; Jane is stuck and we need a
strong man to help."

Before he could consider the implications of what she had said, Vicky
guided John into her room and closed the door. John could not see
Tami and Jason in the bathroom, but heard a moan from that direction.
"What's the problem?" asked John as he turned towards Vicky. "Well it
would seem," she started, then without warning kicked John as hard as
she could in the groin. John grabbed his balls and started choking as
his face flushed and he fell to his knees. Not satisfied, Vicky
kicked him again right on top of his hands which were clasping his
family jewels; John passed out and fell to the floor.



When he awoke, John found himself nude in the bathtub of Vicky's
bathroom, with his hands tied behind his back with what felt like
pantyhose. His balls were swollen to twice normal size and the pain
from his groin was incredible. He leaned back on the cold tile and
listened. He could hear Vicky and Tami in the other room, but could
not make out what they were saying. He got the impression that Vicky
was talking to someone on the telephone, but was not sure, the pain
from his swollen crotch interfered with all other perceptions.

After a while in his daze, John heard footsteps approaching, and then
in walked Vicky with Lisa, one of her other friends.

"Well, Well," said Vicky, "Is Joellen ready to play now?" In too much
pain to be embarrassed about being seen naked by this girl Lisa, John
groaned, "What are you talking about?" With a giggle as she talked
Vicky replied, "Well, JOELLEN, since my brother is a FAGGOT, and likes
to fuck little boys, we thought it only appropriate that he become a
GIRL too." "I, I don't understand," croaked John, as another wave of
pain shot through his body. "Don't you? Then I guess a demonstration
is in order. Bring him in girls. Immediately Jason was dragged into the
room by Tami and Susan, with his hands tied behind his back, wearing
only a garter belt and stockings. Vicky turned to the other girls and
said, "Well I guess we will just have to show him, won't we girls!"
Jason was forced to his knees and bent forward with his head on the
floor and while John watched in horror, Tami coated her right hand
with K-Y jelly and inserted her entire hand up Jason's ass until she
had half of her forearm buried in the poor boy.

"As you can see, this boy has been ass fucked ROYALLY, and WE KNOW who
he was with last night, DON'T WE," said Vicky. "WE SURE DO!," said
Tami, "With that GAY boy named JOHN," she said; and all of the girls
laughed and giggled. "I'll kill him," croaked John. "For what?" said
Tami, "He didn't tell us anything." "The panties and his cute little
asshole did ALL of the talking," added Vicky, "and your reaction of
course." "Well you're not going to do that to me!" said John. "Oh
but we are," Vicky replied, as she reached down and took John's balls
in her hand and clamped down hard. John screamed in pain and tears
flowed down his face as he choked for breath.

"You see John, I am in control here, and if you don't do EXACTLY what
I tell you, first, you will wish you were never born when I get done
with your jewels and second, every person in town will know you are
gay and a faggot!" Vicky released her grip and John just laid in the
tub crying and whimpering.

"OK, girls take Jane back to the other room, and Tami, try to keep
your hand out of his ass; it will never go back to normal if you keep
putting your hand up there," directed Vicky. "Susan, Lisa, you two
come back here when you're done and help me with Joellen."



When the girls returned, Vicky outlined her plan. "First, let's stand
him up in the tub. Good. Now, Susan you take that bottle of hair
remover and completely coat his body from the neck down. When this is
done, I don't want to see one hair below his neck, not on his arms,
legs, or ANYWHERE. Got that!" Susan smiled, giggled and nodded yes.
"Lisa, you wash off the hair remover and make SURE that Susan gets ALL
of the hair off. Then, you get to give him an enema to clean out that
dirty little boy ass of his, OK?" "Great!" replied Lisa.
Instructions given, Vicky walked out and back to the bedroom.

With Vicky gone, the girls approached John who was leaning against the
back wall of the bathtub enclosure, trembling from the pain and the
thought of what was about to happen to him. Little Susan stepped into
the tub with him and placed her hand on his shoulder. "Easy, John,
this will not hurt you and I'll try to be as gentle as I can." John
turned to face the little blond and weighed whether it would do any
good to try and talk her out of it, then saw Lisa standing beyond
Susan and knew it would do no good.

John stood still as Susan slowly rubbed the creamy white lotion onto
his body, enjoying the feel of her young hands as she spread the
lotion. When she had finished everywhere but his crotch, she put a
big glob in her hand and while looking him in the eye, slowly massaged
it into his crotch. The lotion made her hand slippery and it glided
easily over his public mound and cock, but when she touched his balls,
he sucked in air quickly and groaned in pain. "I'm sorry I hurt you,"
she whispered as she continued to spread the lotion between his legs
and over his cock and balls. Normally, John would have gotten an
erection from this type of manipulation by a girl, but his balls were
too sore to think of sex. Finished, Susan got up on tip toes and gave
John a kiss on the cheek before getting back out of the tub.

"We'll have to wait a while for that stuff to work," said Lisa, "Don't
lean against anything or we may have to do it again." Both girls sat
on the floor against the far wall and watched as John just stood in
the tub, covered with hair remover. Lisa leaned over to Susan and
whispered in her ear, "He's hung pretty good for a boy his age."
"I'll say," giggled the pert little blond in reply.

John waited for what seemed like forever, but was really only about 20
minutes. While waiting he wondered how he was going to explain his
hairless body to the guys at school when they saw him in the locker


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Dominated by Young Girls -- Part 3
author unknown


room or in the pool. Well he was on the swim team, and hadn't he
read some where that olympic swimmers shaved before meets to make
themselves go faster? I guess I'll try that, he thought, what else
can I do? Just then Lisa came over and wiped a small patch on his
forearm, satisfied, she then took the handheld shower attachment and
started rinsing the lotion from John's body. John looked down as
the water ran from his body and saw that it was very dark as it flowed
into the drain. Lisa was now using her free hand to rub his back as
she sprayed the warm water over him and John trembled at her soft
touch. Lisa then moved down to the back of his legs and continued to
stroke as she rinsed the chemical from his body. "Turn around" she
said, as he had been standing with his back to her, and she started on
his front side. He closed his eyes as she stroked his chest, legs,
and stomach, luxuriating in her soft caresses. As did Susan, Lisa had
saved his crotch for last and turned the head of the sprayer so that
it sprayed up from between his legs. Unconsciously, John opened his
legs wider to allow the nozzle to spray the warm soothing water
directly onto his balls. The water seemed to relieve some of the
pain, and he sighed as she moved the nozzle back and forth between his
legs. "All Done!" she said, and John felt dejected.

"John, we are going to have to untie you in order to make sure we got
all of the hair; are you going to behave or are we going to have to
call Vicky back in here?" asked Lisa. "I'll behave, Lisa, please
don't call Vicky," John replied. John turned around and Lisa untied
his hands; John rubbed his wrists to return some of the circulation
the restraint had cut off. "OK, turn back around, and stand with your
arms and legs spread so Susan and I can check you over." John did as
he was told and both girls started looking for any hair that might
have been missed.

"Shit" said Susan, "I didn't get under his arms, but I couldn't get at
them, the way he was tied up." "So get a razor and let's do it that
way," Lisa instructed. Susan went to the sink and retrieved Vicky's
razor and some shaving cream and the girls shaved John's arm pits to
perfection. The inspection continued, with one girl checking each
side, looking into every crevice as they worked their way down his
body. John, who had now been naked in front of these girls for over
an hour suddenly became embarrassed, although he could think of no
reason why. He felt the razor pass over his skin every once and a
while and knew that one of the girls must have found a stray hair.

"All Done" pronounced Lisa, and she then retrieved 2 big towels and
handed one to Susan. The girls then proceeded to dry him off,
advising that you must dab with the towel rather than rubbing like he
was used to doing. After drying him off, the girls took two big
powder puffs and dusted his body with a sweet smelling powder, which
made his skin feel super smooth to the touch.

"Unfortunately, John, I have to give you an enema now, cause that's
what Vicky wants." "I know Lisa, it's not your fault," replied John
with tears welling up in his eyes. Lisa, took his face in her hands
and gave him a gentle kiss on the lips, and whispered, "don't worry, I
won't hurt you, John." A tear broke loose and ran down his cheek, which
Lisa caught with her tongue and then kissed him again.

Lisa put one of the towels on the floor in front of the commode and
told John to kneel on it and then put his head down on the floor on
his hands. This position left John fully exposed from behind and he
felt more vulnerable at that time, than he had ever felt before in his
life. "Put some lubricant in his asshole Susan, while I get the enema
bag ready." Susan, took the proffered tube of K-Y jelly and knelt
behind John. She could see his body trembling and gently laid one
hand at the small of his back and gently stroked his skin. When he
relaxed a little, she lubed up her index finger and said, "relax,
John, if you relax, this won't hurt at all."

Susan, then gently rubbed the jelly around the opening to his ass, and
watched as the little muscle spasmed, then relaxed at her touch.
Slowly, she spread the jelly around the little puckered opening, and
when she heard John sigh, slowly shoved her fingertip into the hole.
John tensed immediately, so she waited a minute with her finger
inserted about halfway. When he relaxed again, she moved her finger
the rest of the way into his ass and gently started moving it back
and forth working the jelly into the opening. Moving to his side,
with her finger still inserted, Susan made room for Lisa who was now
standing by with the bag of soapy liquid.

Susan used her free hand to spread John's cheeks wider and when Lisa
had the nozzle ready to insert, removed her finger and pulled the
cheek aside as Lisa inserted the nozzle in John' little hole. Susan
watched as the little muscle pulsed around the nozzle and Lisa opened
the clamp on the hose allowing the warm water to flow into John.
"Ohhh," moaned John as the liquid flowed into him. Susan moved her
left hand under John and slowly stroked his stomach as the liquid
continued to fill him.

Lisa from a position directly behind him could see that John was
becoming hard as a result of their ministrations. Reaching under him,
between his legs, she gently grasp his cock and started a slow milking
motion up and down, flexing her grip as she started each stroke.
"Aghh, Ohhhh, God," he moaned and fell a little more forward. Soon
the bag was empty, but Lisa continued to pump John's cock, and in two
more strokes, gave a little squeal as she felt it jerk in her hand as
he came. John collapsed forward and fell into his cum which had
splattered on the towel in front of him.

Very carefully, Lisa removed the nozzle from John's ass and guided him
to the commode so he could empty the water from his bowels. John
sighed repeatedly as the liquid flushed from him and the girls stood
at either side of him and held him as he expelled it. Susan held his
head and stroked her small fingers through his hair, as Lisa moved one
hand on his back and the other pressed on his belly. When it was
over, the girls had him stand and wiped his ass with a wash cloth;
then seeing the cum on his stomach wiped that off to.

The deed done, John looked at the two girls and meekly smiled at them
and said, "Thank you for being so gentle Susan," and gave her a light
kiss. Then turned to Lisa and offered, "and thank you Lisa for being
so gentle," and again planted a light kiss on the girl at his side.
Both girls smiled at John and hugged him. Lisa looked up and said,
"We're all done John, I guess we better go back." John sighed and
nodded and said "Yea, I guess so."

The three of them passed through the door and into the bedroom
together and there saw Vicky and Tami laying on the bed side by side
talking as they looked across the room. In front of them sat Jason on
the floor in the corner, dressed in a little girl dress all frilly and
white, playing with a doll and sucking his thumb. Susan and Lisa
immediately recognized the dress as the one Jason had been forced to
wear the morning before, after the little fray in the den.

"So, is Sissy Joellen all clean inside and out?", asked Vicky. "Clean
as a whistle," replied Lisa, who out of Vicky and Tami's sight, gave
John a little pat on the ass. "Well bring her over here so we can
check her out," demanded Vicky. Again the three moved as a unit
towards the bed. Vicky and Tami got up and moved towards John, Susan
and Lisa reluctantly backed away to give them access.

Circling around him, Vicky looked her brother over closely, trying to
find even one hair on his body but being unsuccessful in that quest.
Tami, ran her hands over John's chest also looking for hair, then
knelt and started probing his cock and balls as if looking for hair.
John turned red from the embarrassment of this manhandling but said
nothing. He didn't want to give his sister any further excuses to
abuse him.

Grabbing John by the hair, Vicky yelled, "Bend over faggot, let's see
how they did on the other end!" "Grab those ankles you wimp, you
Sissy FAGGOT!" she screamed. John complied and bent forward and held
his ankles as ordered. Stepping behind him, Vicky licked her finger
and then without warning plunged it full length into John's ass.

"Arghh!, God Damn!", John cried. Lisa stepped up grabbed Vicky's arm,
"You don't have to be so rough with him Vick, he did everything we
asked and didn't give us ANY problems." "So he was a good little
girl, was he;" as she probed the inside of his bottom, "well OK we'll
ease up some then. I just want him to know who is in charge here."
"You are the boss Vicky," John managed to get out. "And don't you
forget it Sissy!" Vicky said as she removed her finger and slapped
his ass cheek.

Vicky reached on the bed and retrieved a silver and black leather dog
collar and buckled it around John's neck; she the attached a 5 ft
black leash to the collar and let it dangle over his shoulder. Again
reaching to the bed, John saw Vicky with a length of black nylon cord
in her hands. This she tied under his balls and over his cock,
wrapping it very tightly so that both appendages were pulled out away
from his body. When she tied the knot on the bottom, John winced in

Tami, then placed a black garter belt around John's waist and he was
handed a pair of sheer black stockings to put on. Lisa showed him how
to roll the stockings and attach them to the garter straps.

Turning to Tami, Vicky said, "OK you check him out, since I am too
rough." "Gladly," replied Tami and went and retrieved the K-Y jelly.
Lubricating her hand and dumping a glob on his little puckered hole,
she started working her finger around in his ass, then two, then
three, and paused and told him to get down on his knees. When he
complied, she eased her hand back into him and added the fourth finger
stroking in and out until she felt he was loose, then pulled her hand
back out.

Taking hold of the leash, Vicky pulled her brothers head up into view
and could see the tears in his eyes from this humiliating experience.
"Tami has an older sister Pam who is in college, John, and Pam left
Tami some of her toys to play with. Can you guess what they might be
John?" Before he could answer, John heard a buzzing sound behind him,
and knew that it had to be a vibrator. Tami, slowly worked the tip of
the hard plastic device around the edges of John's little hole; then
centered it and inserted it with a mighty shove. "Oh God" John moaned
and felt like he was being split open. Taking is chin in her hand,
Vicky tilted his head up and looking him in the eyes, grinned and
said, "But John, it's only the 8" vibrator. We have a BIGGER treat in
store for you." and laughed in his face.

The vibrations of the device helped lessen the pain and loosen the
muscles of John's behind, and soon he felt a warm glow in his ass and
really started to enjoy the sensation. Tami was now plunging the
vibrator full length in and out of his ass, and her arm was starting
to tire, so she motioned for Lisa to take over. Lisa, placed her left
hand at the small of John's back and since she could feel little
resistance, knew that the vibrator was no longer hurting him; she
worked it in and around and out and back and soon John was meeting her
thrusts with thrusts of his own. Lisa smiled at Vicky and said, "I
think he likes it!"

"Come over here Jane," Vicky yelled to the little boygirl. Jason, who
was still sitting in the corner had hoped they had forgotten all about
him, but it was obvious that they hadn't. Susan, helped Jason get up
and guided him to a point beside John. "Slide underneath him and suck
his little girl cock," directed Vicky. Jason sputtered and stammered;
true he had sucked John last night; but those were under different
circumstances; and there was no audience of four girls to watch! "I
said get down there," Vicky said sternly, "We want a show, and you and
John are the entertainment; DO IT NOW!"

Jason knew he had no choice, so he lay down on his back and slid
under John's stomach. Underneath, Jason found John's cock swollen and
hard as a rock and gently inserted it into his mouth and started a
gentle sucking and licking of the member. Lisa was still pumping
away; both John and Jason paused when they heard the sound of a
Polaroid camera as it cycled picture after picture from it's film
pack. The girls were all laughing and giggling, and having a great
time as they watched Jason suck John, while Lisa worked over John's
ass with the vibrator.

"John raise your head," said Tami. When he did, horror flashed
through his mind as he saw the girl standing in front of him wearing
only her bra and where her little pussy should be, was the biggest
cock he had ever seen. It was at least 12" long and 4 or 5" in
diameter and had huge balls suspended below it. When he looked
closer, he could see straps extending to the sides of the girl's hips,
as if it were attached to her body. "This is my sister's most
favorite toy John and now you are going to get to play with it," the
young girl said. John still could not believe the size of the thing
and felt tiny in comparison to it.

"Open your mouth John," Tami directed and placed the monster to his
lips. "I can't," John pleaded, "It's too big." "Yes you can little
girl, open," and shoved the giant cock at his mouth. John just barely
got the head inside when he started to gag. "Lick it, suck my cock,
little bitch, that's it lick it good," Tami said. "Time to fuck
Joellen's Pussy," said Vicky, and with that, Tami moved behind John
and out of his line of sight.

Lisa, removed the vibrator, and Tami greased the huge member with a
liberal coating of K-Y jelly, then took hold of John's hips with both
hands and while Vicky guided the head of the thing, slowly started
pressing into his poor young asshole. "Arghhh, Jesus Christ, your
tearing me in half!" John screamed and dropped into a kind of
blubbered speech. "There's no blood, so you're not injured," Vicky
replied as Tami moved the monster into him inch by inch. John had
gone soft as soon as the dildo had entered his ass and Jason didn't
know what to do, so he just kept on licking John's cock and balls and
hoped that they wouldn't use that thing on him.

After about 5 minutes, Tami had eased the cock all the way into John's
ass and was resting up against him. Then slowly she started to pull
the thing back out and when only the head was still inside, plunged
with all her might back in until her thighs slapped against John's.
John was incoherent and just stayed still for the first five strokes,
then his body responded and soon he was meeting Tami thrust for
thrust. His body was covered with sweat and it dripped from his face,
but still he met her stroke for stroke. Ten minutes later, Tami
collapsed from the exertion and fell on top of John, knocking him to
the floor, with the monster cock still buried full length up his ass.
After a minute or two, Vicky helped Tami extract the thing from him
and half carried her over to the bed where she again collapsed.

His ass still gaping open, Vicky handed Susan the K-Y jelly and said
"finish him off with your hand." Susan looked at the poor boy and
then lubed up her right hand. John had his head in his hands and was
covered with sweat, but had decided that he would not give Vicky the
satisfaction of hearing him scream again.

With her hand well lubricated, Susan formed her fingers into a bird's
head like she had seen Tami do before and slowly but steadily shoved
into John's ass. Her hand slipped all the way in and she continued
to shove until most of her forearm was inside. John was crying but
refused to scream, he only moaned. "I think he likes it," said Vicky,
and motioned for Susan to continue. Susan made her hand into a fist
inside him and pulled it almost all of the way out then lunged forward
fisting his ass. John was completely covered with sweat, and clenched
his teeth and then started pumping on Susan's arm like it was a giant
cock. Susan was also sweating from the workout, and was rapidly
tiring, when John's entire body convulsed and he fell to the floor,
passed out cold.

When he awoke, he was on the floor, on his back, Susan was wiping him
off with a cool wash cloth and stroking his forehead. He could see
the women's sheer stockings on his legs and felt shoes on his feet
with long heels and straps. Around his waist was the garter belt for
the stockings and he could feel the collar on his neck. He leaned up
on his elbow and saw that the black cord was still tied under his
balls and over his cock making them stand out from his body.

Seeing that he had recovered, Vicky walked over and looked down at
him. "This, Sissy Brother is your new costume, you along with Sissy
Jane, are now our slaves and will do whatever we want, when we want;
do you understand?"

"Here are the rules:

First, you are to address each of us a Mistress Vicky or Mistress
Tami, and so on;

Second, you will always be attired as you are now when in our presence
unless we are in public or if we choose to dress you otherwise;

Third, there is to be no hair on your body except on your head from
now on;

Fourth, you will go to Jason's house every day after school and serve
us as we see fit until his parents are due home;

Fifth, on weekends, you will go to whichever house we tell you and
likewise serve us;

Sixth, we took pictures of you while Lisa and Jason sucked you; while
Tami fucked your ass with her sister's toy; while Susan fist fucked
your ass and with you attired as you are now. If you give us any
problems, those pictures will be spread all over town and that poor
little ass of yours will be fucked by every greasy cock available;

Seventh, if you are bad you will be spanked by one of us at any time
or place we choose.

Eighth, if you are good we may let you fuck Jason's little pussy-ass,
but only when we watch;

Ninth, your ass will be fucked with a dildo or vibrator to keep it
happy and maybe Mistress Tami might honor you with another one of her
special treatments;

Tenth, and last, if you are especially good we might consent to let
you eat our pussy or maybe even fuck us under the right conditions."

"Do you understand the rules?" "Yes, Mistress Vicky," John said with a
bowed head and a tremor passed through his body.

"Good, that's enough for today, Mike and Tom should be back anytime
now and you wouldn't want them to discover you dressed as you are."
"Help Sissy Jason change his clothes and then escort him home, so that
we can be sure that he is not molested along the way." "Yes Mistress
Vicky," John said softly.

John quickly helped Jason strip off the girls clothes and put on his
boys clothes; then putting on a pair of pants and t-shirt over his
"Uniform", they left the house.

Along the way to Jason's house, they stopped in a small park and John
placed his hand on the boy's, shoulder and stroked the boy's neck.
"I'm sorry Jason, but until we can figure a way out of this I guess we
are stuck." "Yea," replied the young boy, I know, I guess they have
us." John hugged the boy, and Jason leaned up and kissed John lightly
on the cheek. They returned to the walkway and proceeded towards
Jason's house.

Back in the bedroom, the girls were circled on the floor and terribly
excited. "Well girls," said Vicky, "We have some serious planning to
do, for some serious fun!" "Yea!" was the combined reply.




John's mind reeled as he walked home, thinking about what had happened
to him during the past 24 hours. The fun time he had planned to spend
with Jane had now turned into a complete disaster. His sister Vicky
had turned out to be even more of a dominating bitch than he had ever
suspected. For the time being, he was now her slave; if he fought
back, she and the other girls would spread the story of his homosexual
meeting with Jason as well as the damaging pictures, all over the
school and his life would be ruined. He would never be able to show
his face in this town again.

Even as he walked, John could feel the pull of the garters on his
stockings and the tightness of the cord still bound around his cock
and balls. The only part of the costume Vicky had permitted him to
remove, was the collar and the high heeled shoes he had worn.

When he arrived home, Vicky was alone in the kitchen of their house;
the other girls had apparently gone home. Vicky called him into the
kitchen where she was making a sandwich and asked if he wanted one
also. "No, thanks Mistress Vicky," John replied and this brought a
wide smile to Vicky's face. "Come here," Vicky said, and John moved
to a position in front of her where she was standing at the counter.

Vicky reached down and unzipped her brother's trousers and while
looking him directly in the eye, reached inside and fondled his bound
cock and balls. This time she was very gentle with him and John
leaned his head back and closed his eyes, enjoying the feel of her

"You have been a good little slave today Joellen, and I think I will
have to find someway to reward you," cooed Vicky, while she continued
to gently stroke him. "Thank you Mistress Vicky," John rasped due to
his growing excitement. Just then they heard the back door bang and
Vicky quickly removed her hand from John's crotch and zipped him up.
As she moved her hand back, Mike charged into the room and exclaimed,
"I'm starved, What have we got to eat?"

John turned towards the counter and leaned into it as if looking out
the back window, over the kitchen sink, to hide his erection from his
brother. With the cord binding his groin, John's cock made a terrific
bulge in his pants; almost twice the normal size it would have been
with an erection.

"Sit down, Mike and I'll fix you a sandwich," offered Vicky, who
seeing John's problem, gave a little chuckle. While fixing Mike's
lunch, Vicky decided to give John a way out of his predicament, "John,
why don't you go down to the laundry room and throw a load of clothes
into the washer for me,...I don't want mom to find it full of dirty
clothes when she comes home." "OK, Sis, I'm done with my lunch
anyway," replied John and turning his back to Mike, headed for the
stairwell. "What have you all been up to today," John heard Mike ask
as he rounded the corner. "Not much," replied Vicky, "Just messing
around here in the house."

Later that evening, the three siblings were sitting in the den
watching TV and when Mike determined that a football game he wanted to
watch was on the sports programming channel, Vicky turned to John and
said, "I've got to go finish my homework for school tomorrow, guys, I
guess I'll leave you to your game." "OK Vick," Mike replied, his eyes
not leaving the screen for a second. "John, I've been having trouble
with the math problems, could you come and help me?" Vicky queried.
John looked at Vicky who motioned with her head that he WAS to come
with her, and responded; "Sure Vicky, no problem."

When they arrived at Vicky's room, Vicky quickly ushered John inside
and closed the door. Immediately, she turned to John and planted an
open mouth kiss on his lips, probing his mouth with her tongue.
"That's for being a good boy and not letting on to Mike," she said
when she broke off the kiss. "Get undressed," she said as she moved
away towards her bed. "But what if Mike comes in here?" John asked.
"He's so engrossed in the stupid football game, he won't even notice
we're gone," she replied; "besides, he knows better than to come into
my room when the door is closed."

Somewhat assured, John peeled off his T-shirt, and removed his tennis
shoes, then took off his pants. This again left him for all intents
and purposes nude in front of his younger sister; but her attitude
seemed less hostile than it had been earlier in the day.

"You can take those off too," she said pointing to the garter belt and
stockings, and John gratefully sat down to remove them. When he was
done, she had him stand before her, and took hold of his cock and
balls and gently manipulated them. Stroking him to erection, she
knelt down and untied the black cord binding him and when it was
loosened, John gave a big sigh of relief. "We wouldn't want to injure
them by cutting of the circulation for TOO long, now would we," as she
gently patted his balls.

Now standing completely naked before his younger sister, with his 6"
cock prominently erect, John for reasons he still could not
understand, felt no embarrassment at his situation. "Undress me,"
whispered Vicky who was looking at her brother eye to eye. "What!"
said John. "You heard me," rasped Vicky, her voice seeming lower and a
little harsh, as if she were having trouble talking.

John looked at his little sister with a new perspective. She was the
same height as himself (5'7") but thinner, he weighing about 140 lbs
and she about twenty pounds lighter. He had not seen his sister nude
since she was about 7 or 8 years old, and suddenly he became excited
at the prospect of checking out her nubile young body. He knew she
was no longer a virgin and this could get interesting if things went
as he suspected they might.

His hands trembling, John reached out and started unbuttoning her
white cotton blouse. With each button, he could see more of her milk
white skin come into view and by the time he reached the button just
below her breasts, was trembling badly. Vicky reached up with her
left hand and gently placed it on top of his right; "Easy John,
easy..." She stroked his hand and forearm for a few seconds until he
regained control, then lowered her hand and continued to watch him as
he finished unbuttoning the garment. John could now see the swell of
her firm young breasts encased in a white satin underwired bra and
involuntarily drew in a fast breath, making a sucking noise.

Vicky pulled the garment from the waistband of her blue denim mini-
skirt and reached behind her and unzipped the skirt to help him along.
John, took hold of the blouse and opened the front fully and peeled it
back over the lovely white shoulders before him. He then moved behind
her and gently peeled the blouse down, allowing him to observe as her
finely muscled back came into view. As he removed the garment from
her arms, John noted the taunt muscle underlying her smooth soft skin
as it rippled with her movements. Seeing the skirt unzipped, he
inserted his fingers in the waistband and slowly pulled it down over
Vicky's slim hips, exposing the finest ass the poor boy had ever seen.

Vicky was wearing thong type panties and the only thing covered on her
rear was a thin strip of yellow material which banded about her slim
waist and down between the cheeks of her well muscled behind. He
knelt as he pulled the skirt down her legs and noted that her slim
legs were bare since she was just wearing little lace ankle socks with
her black skimmers. When he reached her ankles with the skirt, John's
nose was less than 6 inches from Vicky's pussy and he could smell the
wonderful aroma of the young girl's excitement.

After stepping out of the skirt, Vicky lifted her left foot, for John
to remove the little shoe, and dainty sock. John stroked his hand
down her slim calf to reach her foot for this operation and felt a
shiver pass through her body as he did so. He repeated the process as
he removed the other shoe and sock and was again treated to a tremble
as his hand glided down her leg. John then slid his hands up the
sides of her legs and held her hips as he stood back up behind her.
Tracing his fingertips lightly across her shoulders, he moved the
straps of her bra off to the sides and onto her upper arms. He then
unfastened the bra and it dangled loosely to the sides.

Gently taking his sister by the shoulders, John turned her to face him
and noticed a trembling of her lips and rapid breathing as he brought
her into position. Tracing his fingertips lightly outward from her
neck along her collarbones, John took the shoulder straps of the bra
and pulled it slowly down her arms. As it fell away from her breasts,
John noticed her draw in a deep breath, which pushed her firm young
mounds forward. Vicky's breasts were bigger than an "A" cup size but
not quite up to "B" size, and tipped by dark red erect nipples about
the size of quarters. John wanted so badly to kiss these lovely
breasts that he could hardly restrain himself; but decided that an
action that bold might cause Vicky to react badly.

Kneeling again, John took hold of the bright yellow silky cloth of the
thong panties and moving his fingers from the front center outward
along the inside of the waistband to her hips; slowly pulled them
downward with his face a mere 5 inches from his sister's warm belly.
The bottom front of the thong was wet from Vicky's excited state and
as John pulled it down, he almost came when he saw that his sister's
pussy was completely shaved, smooth and hairless, like a pre-pubescent
young girl's. John wanted to dive face first into this, the most
delicious pussy he had ever seen, but Vicky took hold of his shoulders
and pulled him back to his feet.

Taking hold of John's rampant cock, Vicky said, "Let's take a shower,"
and lead him by his cock into the bathroom.


When they arrived in the bathroom, Vicky released John's cock and
pointed him towards the bathtub. John stepped in and turned to watch
as his incredibly sexy sister pinned her long brown hair which had
been tied in a ponytail onto the top of her head. From this vantage
point, John could see all of her slim young body from head to toe and
thrilled at the sight of her pert breasts moving and jiggling as she
placed the bobby pins in her hair. He looked with appreciation at the
firm ass cheeks and wondered what they would feel like in his hands.
Her firm flat belly showed that she cared about her appearance and
that fantastic hairless pussy set him to shivering.

Vicky slid the glass shower door on the bathtub closed and then opened
the panel near the end with the faucet handles. Reaching in she
turned on the water and pulled the shower lever up to redirect the
flow to the shower head, and immediately, John gave out a squeal, as
the cold spray hit full on. "A little cold you say?" Vicky giggled
and adjusted the water until it was warm and steamy. Closing the
panel, she proceeded to the far end of the tub, opened the other panel
and stepped in with her brother. "You like?", she asked as she noted
her brother's rigid cock and leering look. "You bet!" he replied.
"Your forgetting something," Vicky said in a stern voice, "Yes
Mistress Vicky," was the soft reply.

Vicky guided John under the warm spray of water and stroked his
shoulders and chest as the liquid pored down his body. She then
pulled him out of the spray and standing under the water herself, took
a bottle of shampoo and poured some into her hand.

"Turn around," she said and he stood with his back to her as she used
the liquid soap on his shoulders and back. Replenishing her supply,
she massaged his lower back and moved onto his hips and ass. She
massaged the cheeks of his ass working her fingers deeply into the
flesh, causing John to expel a deep moan of pleasure, then traced a
finger right down the crack and cruised over his dark little asshole.
This caused him to jump, and Vicky giggled and said, "Still a little
tender, are we." John trembled at the thought of another attack on
his poor sore ass. Patting his butt, Vicky said, "Don't worry little
Sissy, I'm not going to rape that little pussy again TODAY."

Vicky then soaped up his legs, paying particular attention to his
inner thighs, and when the back of her hand brushed against his balls,
again giggled at the tremble what passed through his body. "Turn
around," she said, and started soaping up his chest and arms, slowly
working her way down towards and over his stomach towards his now
straining cock. Again resoaping her hand, she softly took hold of his
rigid manhood and stroked firmly but gently from the root outward.
When she reached the tip she tweaked it with her fingertips and let it
slide over the back of her hand as she moved downward to his balls.
These, she gently rolled in her fingers, massaging and probing, until
his cock was jerking on it's own, and knew that he was about to come.
Abruptly, she stopped; "That's enough for now," she said, "step under
the water and rinse off." John, could not believe she could leave him
hanging on the edge of a climax; but she had.

"Now you wash me." Vicky said as she looked at her older brother
coyly. John could not believe his luck, he was going to get to feel
every part of this beautiful girl's young body, and AT HER REQUEST!
Reversing positions in the shower, John took the liquid soap and
poured some into his hand, then starting on her back side, gently
spreading the soap over her shoulders and neck, upper arms, and upper
back. He massaged her muscles as he worked the soap into her flesh
and thrilled at the feel of her smooth soft skin.

Taking her right arm in hand, John stroked the soap from hand to
shoulder and back, firmly working the muscle as he did so. When he
did the underside, his hand brushed Vicky's breast and a slight
tremble passed through her body. He repeated this procedure for the
left arm, then moved to her lower back and firmly massaged the muscles
as he worked. Skipping her firm ass for now, John proceeded to the
backs of her legs, and spent considerable time massaging the supple
flesh of her smooth firm thighs and Vicky standing with her legs
spread, leaned her head back and gave small moaning noises as he did

Resoaping his hands in anticipation, John knelt behind his sister and
spread the foamy substance over her taunt young ass cheeks, working
the flesh and stroking at the same time. This produced more moans
from Vicky who unconsciously pressed her ass back into his hands.
With a single finger, John gently traced down the crack of Vicky's ass
and when his finger passed over her asshole, she leaned slightly
forward. Afraid to penetrate her due to the possible repercussions,
John just massaged the muscle and stroked it for a while.

Standing back up, John turned Vicky around and was now facing her.
Her eyes were still closed and he noted her breathing was fast,
causing her tender young breasts to heave and jiggle with the force of
her breaths. Soaping her narrow shoulders, John saw the tiny blue
lines laying just under the milk white skin which traced out onto her
breasts and decided to bypass those lovely appendages for now.
Working on her sides and belly, John massaged her ribs and stomach
muscles and again elicited soft moans from his sister.

Moving down to her legs, John again firmly stroked the muscles and
concentrated on her thighs. When his fingers brushed her sweet young
pussy, Vicky opened her legs wider; but John was saving that for last.
Sliding back up her body John circled her breasts and the gently
stroked them from the base outward to the erect little nipples. With
his thumbs, John gently stroked both nipples at once as he cupped both
breasts and felt Vicky press them into his hands. Turning Vicky
sideways to him, John placed his left arm around the swaying girl and
moved his hand under her arm and onto her left breast, this supported
her and he then slowly moved his right hand downward over her firm
belly to that most beautiful of pussys.

As he reached her mons, John's three middle fingers curved inward and
passed over this shaved pussy, which felt smooth as a baby's. John
spread his fingers slightly and the outer lips thread between his
fingers, with his middle finger passing directly over her clitoris.
"Arghh," moaned Vicky as her body involuntarily humped against his
hand. Continuing this motion, John masturbated his sister who shortly
climaxed and sagged in his arms.

Still supporting her, John moved her back under the shower and stroked
her as the warm water washed over both of them. After a minute or
two, Vicky opened her eyes and gently kissed her brother deeply then
said, "Thank you John, that was VERY well done." "You're welcome,
Mistress Vicky, it was my pleasure," he softly replied. Vicky noted
her brother was still hard as a rock and decided to give him relief,
but on her terms.

Vicky turned off the shower and the two moved out of the enclosure.
Vicky then handed John a towel and said, "Dry me off, please." "With
pleasure," John replied and slowly worked the towel over his sister's
body until she was dry. John then dried himself and Vicky powdered
his body and again leading him by his raging hardon returned them to
the bedroom.



"I told you that good slaves get rewarded Joellen, so now is the time;
lay down on the bed please." Shaking with anticipation, John jumped
onto the bed and laid on his back in the center. Vicky then went to
her dresser and returned with four scarves. "I'm going to tie you
Joellen, so that you do not get too carried away," announced Vicky.
"Yes Mistress Vicky," John said softly. Securing a leg or arm to each
of the corner posts of her canopy bed, Vicky then sat on the bed
beside John and grasped his cock with her hand. Vicky could feel
John's cock pulsing and knew that he was close to a climax; all of
that contact in the shower must have really turned her poor brother

Moving to a position where she was sitting on his hips with his
straining cock resting against her bare pussy and her thighs extending
to either side of his body; Vicky leaned forward and kissed her
brother several times on the mouth. Then proceeded to kiss his neck,
shoulders, chest, and sucked on his hard little nipples. "These
respond like a girls," whispered Vicky, as she tweaked Johns erect
nipples and then stroked her hands over his belly and again grasped
his cock.

Leaning forward, Vicky guided the head of John's straining member
between the lips of her luscious young cunt and then in a single move,
impaled herself on it full length. "Oh God, that feels GOOD,"
exclaimed John as he felt the warm moist tight flesh encase him.
Vicky slowly started rocking her body moving up and down on John's
cock until within 4 minutes, John came and shot a giant load into her
young cunt. Vicky continued to pump him until she felt him go soft
inside her, then eased him out and again kissed her brother.

Vicky again moved up her brother's body, this time placing her young
pussy directly above his mouth, and looking down between her thighs
said, "Clean me out Joellen, and do it real good." "Pussy juice mixed
with cum was dripping from Vicky's snatch onto John's lips and he
reveled in the combined taste of the mixture. Vicky pressed her
shaved cunt down into his face, and John responded by licking and


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Dominated by Young Girls -- Part 4
author unknown


sucking for all he was worth. After 10 minutes of Vicky's tasty pussy
being ground into his mouth, Vicky who had been squeezing her breasts
and stroking her body as she rocked on John' mouth, said, "Yes, Yes,
Yes," and climaxed again; convulsions racking every muscle in her
young body.

After cleaning her brother with a washcloth, Vicky untied him and led
him over to her dressing table. Sitting him down, she studied his
face and said, " Joellen, your hair is much too short, we will have to
let it grow some, and I think I need to pluck your eyebrows some."
John had been relaxed in the afterglow of his climax but now came
fully alert. Looking up at his mistress, John pleaded, "I don't mind
letting my hair grow, Mistress Vicky, but please don't make me look
like a fag, or I won't be able to show my face at school!"

Stroking her submissive brother's shoulder, Vicky replied, "Don't
worry, I'm just going to clean them up a little bit. So that they
look a little more like a girls; but nothing extreme, where you
couldn't pass at school." Relaxing, John consented and Vicky
proceeded to work. Finished, Vicky was happy with the results and
turned John to let him see the results in the mirror. John looked at
his face and noted that his eyebrows had a little more arch and that
the stray hairs at the bridge of his nose were gone. Thinking it
over, he decided that they still looked like a boy's and in fact
looked better than before.

Returning from the dresser, Vicky carried a white satin and lace
camisole with white garter straps and a pair of sheer stockings. "You
will wear these under your clothing at school tomorrow Joellen, you
don't have gym on Mondays so there is no need to worry about being
discovered." Also handing him a pair of white lace panties, she said,
"You are also to wear these; and I think you should bring all of your
boy's underpants to me so that I can be sure you are not cheating."
John had not considered having to wear girl's underwear to school and
was very nervous about what might happen if discovered; for now,
however, he didn't see he had any choice in the matter.

"Also, I think you should quit the swim team, it takes up too much of
your time and I have other things for you to spend that time on."
"Yes, Mistress Vicky," John responded. If nothing else, John thought,
that was that many fewer opportunities for discovery of his
predicament, so it wasn't that bad anyway.



John got up early the next day so that he could be done in the
bathroom he shared with his brother before Mike came in to get ready
for the day. Passing Mike in the hall as he returned to his bedroom,
John realized that he would have to do this EVERY day to avoid
detection. Standing nude in his room, John looked at the frilly
undergarments he was being compelled to wear at school. Slipping into
them, he then put on his pants and a regular sports shirt. Looking in
his mirror, John recoiled in shock when he noted that the camisole
backseam made a clearly visible line across his back. Looking closer,
he could also see the shoulder straps through his shirt and his jeans
had little bumps where the garter tabs connected to his stockings.

John immediately dug through all of his clothing until he found a
looser fitting pair of trousers and a white cotton knit sweater which
was bulky enough to hide the undergarments. Again checking himself
out in the mirror, John was satisfied that no one would be able to
detect any lines, bumps, or bulges where they shouldn't be on a 16
year old boy.

At breakfast, Vicky approached John who was sitting with his back to
her and placed her hands on his shoulders. To all appearances the
lovely girl was massaging her older brother's shoulders and just being
a tender little sister. John however, knew she was feeling for the
straps to the camisole and when she found them, she patted his back
and sat down beside him. "You've been looking kind of pale lately,"
Vicky said to John as Mike kept on eating his meal. "I think you
should start taking vitamins," said Vicky, "Why don't I get you one."
She then arose and returned with a little purple pill which she handed
to John and he downed it without comment.

Unbeknownst to John the pill was not a vitamin as he thought, but one
of his mother's estrogen pills, of which she had a number of bottles,
since she was undergoing estrogen therapy following some "Women's
Problems." "You should take one of those every day, John, they will
make you feel much better," said Vicky. "Thanks Vick," John

The three left the house and walked to school together, John and Mike
attended the High School and Vicky the Middle School next door. As
they were about to part company, Vicky asked John to meet her for
lunch as the two schools shared a common cafeteria. "OK Sis," John
said, and each proceeded to class.

During his first study hall, John asked permission to go see the
Swimming Coach, which was granted and proceeded to the pool area. A
swimming class of all freshman girls was in progress and John thrilled
at the sight of 30 young bodies in tank suits. He proceeded to the
office and found the coach and told him he was quitting the swimming
team. The coach was very unhappy about this and tried to talk John
out of it, but finally gave up the effort. The only thing more fickle
than a 16 year old boy, thought the coach, is a girl the same age.

John returned to class and the morning proceeded without incident.
John did have a panic attack however, when he went to the bathroom and
while taking a piss, looked down and saw lace sticking out of the
opening of his trousers. Better use the stalls from here on out, he
thought and quickly zipped his pants back up hoping that no one had
noticed the lace.

Walking down to the lunch room, John could feel the pull of the
garters on his stockings, and as he stepped, the elastic straps would
rub against his bare thighs, shooting thrilling little feelings into
his body. When he arrived, Vicky and Tami were setting together in
one of the corners and after getting his tray, he joined them. "Hello
John," Tami beamed and gave him a wink, "How are you feeling today?"
"A little sore," he whispered and both girls giggled in response.

Shortly, both Lisa and Susan arrived and each gave John a peck on the
cheek and traced their hand down his back as they did so. John
suspected that all of the girls knew what he was wearing and were
feeling for the seam of the camisole. When Susan performed this
maneuver, she hooked her finger under the seam and gave it a little
snap, which confirmed his suspicions.

After John had finished his lunch, Vicky looked at her watch and said,
"John come over to the library with Tami and me; we need to discuss
something." Without a word all three rose and after dropping off
their trays proceeded to the library. Vicky guided the trio to the
back of the stack area where they were concealed behind ten rows of
bookshelves and then turned to John.

"Drop your pants and bend over," she said. "Vicky, this is a library,
for god's sake, anyone could discover us!" John replied. "This won't
take long and the faster you get those pants down, the faster it will
be over." As the two girls backed him into the corner, Tami said
"You can either do it our way - or we'll take them off you and leave
you here without them." Knowing that they just might carry out the
threat, John unbuckled his pants and as he did so, saw Tami extract a
flesh colored object from her purse.

"Pam had some other toys, John; this is what's called a `butt plug'
and I'm going to put it up your ass. You are to leave it in place
until you get to Jason's this afternoon." Vicky pulled a small tube
of cream from her purse and lubricated the device which was about 6"
long and shaped somewhat like a christmas tree on a stand, about 2" in
diameter at the widest part. Resigned to his fate, John lowered his
pants to his thighs and turning his back to the girls and bent
forward, giving them access to his ass. Tami, gently but firmly
pressed the plug against his little hole, and after a second or two it
started to enter. Tears were in John's eyes by the time the widest
part passed through his sphincter muscle and then the muscle
immediately contracted down around the shaft above the base. Tami
pushed the base of the plug flat against him and rotated it so that
the rectangular base was in line with the crack of his ass. Then she
pulled his lacy panties back up and gave him a soft pat on the butt.

As he pulled his pants back up and was buckling the belt, the two
girls saw the tear streaks down his cheeks, and each in turn wiped the
tears from his face and gave him a kiss. "See you later," they said
and turned and walked away. John stood there a couple of minutes
trying to get used to the feeling of having this 'log' stuck up his
ass, and tentatively felt his ass to see if it stuck out any.
Satisfied that nothing showed, he went out of the library and headed
back to classes.

Along the way, John encountered his brother Mike, who stopped him and
said, "What's this I hear about you quitting the Swim Team?" "Yea, I
quit this morning," John replied, "Just didn't want to do it anymore."
Mike looked at him as if disgusted and said, "You know, you're turning
in a REAL PUSSY, these days." "Whatever," John replied and turning
walked away. To himself, John thought, God if he only knew how right
he was, feeling the full sensation the butt plug provided in his

After school, John saw Susan standing in front of the building as he
exited. "Vicky sent me over to make sure you didn't get lost," smiled
the sexy little blond. As John got along side her she reached out and
put her arm around his waist and when no one was looking slid it down
and probed his ass until she found the base of the butt plug.
"Comfortable?" she asked, and when John displayed a pained look on
his face, she giggled and patted his ass.



When they arrived at Jason's house, they entered through the summer
room attached to the side of the house. This was a screened enclosure
with windows on three sides and the house made the fourth side.
Stopping in the room, Susan turned to John and said, "Undress here,
Vicky wants you attired only in your uniform when you enter the
house." "But Susan, anyone passing on the street could see me," John
pleaded. "Then you better do it fast," Susan replied as a grin
developed on her cute little face.

John pealed off his sweater and then unbuckled his pants. Standing
with his back to the street, John kicked off his shoes and removed his
socks, this left the only remaining articles of clothing his trousers,
and the 'uniform' which consisted of the white lace and satin
camisole, a pair of frilly white lace panties and his stockings.
Taking a deep breath, John dropped his pants and stepped out of them.
"Those too," said Susan, pointing to the panties. John removed the
panties and this left his bare ass exposed, with the butt plug

Just then they heard the voices of several kids approaching and John
dropped to the floor so that he would not be visible through the
windows. Susan giggled and picked up all of his clothes and proceeded
up the steps and into the house. From inside, she leaned back out the
door and said, "When you're ready, come on in; but I wouldn't be too
long if I were you, or Vicky might get mad."

>From the sounds of the voices, John could determine that there were at
least three boys and two girls outside on the sidewalk (which was only
ten ft. from the summer room windows). In order to get inside the
house, he had to cross the room and go up three steps from the cement
slab on which the room had been built. From the sounds, John thought
that the kids were stopped in front of the window and talking. John
crawled across the room and was sitting at the bottom of the steps
waiting for the kids, who, he supposed were his own age to leave.
Vicky came to the inside of the door and saw his predicament. "Get in
here right now!," she growled, and John didn't know what to do. "Get
in here or I will invite them in," said Vicky and John jumped up and
ran up the steps and dove through the door. Apparently none of them
saw him, because, they turned and walked on down the street as if
nothing had happened.

Inside, Vicky grabbed John by his ear and pulled him into the living
room. "We have been waiting 20 minutes for your sorry ass, and for
that you will be punished," Vicky declared. Vicky threw John out into
the center of the room, where he stumbled over Jason and fell to the
floor. Recovering from the fall, John looked around the room and saw
that all four girls were present as well as Jason, who was on the
floor with him. The girls were seated one on each side of the room,
so that they were completely surrounded. Jason was completely naked
and his hair had been styled again as a girl's and his face was done
up with makeup.

"Joellen, take off your camisole and stockings, we don't want to ruin
them," said Vicky, and John immediately complied without saying a
word. "Now, both of you stand up," directed Tami, and they complied
to her order. Walking to a position in front of them, Vicky looked
them over and then grabbed both by the balls, holding one in each

"Both of you will be punished," she said, "Sissy Jane, for not wearing
her panties to school today, and you Sissy Joellen for reporting late
to the house." "Sissy Jane will receive 12 spanks and Sissy Joellen
16, based upon your ages." Jason was then ordered to bend over the
end of the sofa and John was directed to hold him in place. John got
on top of the end cushion and held Jason at the middle of his back,
this placed John's cock directly in front of Jason's head.

Taking John's belt from his pants, Vicky moved to a position behind
Jason, and after limbering up her arm, gave the poor boy 3 fast
devastating strokes across his ass with the belt. Jason immediately
started crying after the first blow and jerked with each impact to his
little behind. Vicky then handed the belt to Lisa who delivered the
next 3 blows with similar results. John could see dark red stripes
developing on Jason's ass and trembled at the thought of what he was
in for. Susan, delivered the next three and Tami, the final three of
Jason's allotted punishment. In his attempt to hold the boy's jerking
body down, John had unknowingly been rubbing his cock against Jason's
head, that combined with the feel of the boy's skin had caused an
erection to develop much to his shock.

"Release him," Vicky said, and when the boy rolled away she saw John's
stiff cock. Turning to the other girls she said, "Joellen seems to be
excited over this procedure, but I'll bet we can knock the blood
straight out of his cock and into his ass!" All the girls smiled and
John knew his poor ass was in for a REAL beating. Susan escorted
Jason to a corner of the room where he was placed with his hands on
top of his head and his now bright red ass exposed for all to see.

"Into position," Vicky said to John and he moved around to the end of
the sofa and bent forward over the arm. Lisa, assumed the position
John had previously held, but grabbed John's hands and then leaned
backwards. This stretched John's body and he knew that the flesh on
his ass was now taunt. Tami, extracted the butt plug from him which
caused him to wince as the wide part passed through his sphincter
muscle. Brushing the belt over his ass and legs, Vicky outlined that
he was never to be the last one to arrive again or she would double
his punishment the next time. "Yes Mistress Vicky," John's strained
voice replied.

Winding up her arm Vicky struck John's ass with everything she had,
the impact, drove his hips into the sofa and his straining cock was
caught sideways between his body and the furniture piece. "Arghhh,"
John screamed and again Vicky laid into him, by the fourth stroke,
John had tears freely flowing down both cheeks and was incoherent, the
only active sense in his body at this point were the nerves of his
flaming ass cheeks. Vicky traded places with Lisa, who picked up the
belt and gave him her 4 swats, followed by Susan, then Tami. When
Tami was done, she took the butt plug and rammed it back into John's
ass in a manner which normally would have caused great pain, but he
didn't even feel it, due to the massive pain emanating from the area
around it.

John was released and led to another corner where he was placed into a
position like Jason. The girls then sat and talked as if the boys
were not even there, except that they occasionally giggled or laughed
when one of them looked at a bright red ass on display.

After an hour, Jason was led back to the center of the room and Susan
produced a small black leather strap with two snaps on it. She
explained to Jason that the strap was called a "belt keeper" by police
officers like her father who used them to keep their gun belts
attached to their uniform belt. Her dad had a number of them and
would not miss the two she had procured.

Reaching out, Susan took hold of Jason's ball sack and cock and pulled
them out from his body, then placed the strap under his balls and
snapped it in place on top of his cock. This had the same effect as
the cord they had used on John the previous day. The boy's cock and
balls now stood out from his body and jiggled freely every time he
moved or breathed.

John was then brought to the center of the room and a strap was also
placed on him. "You will wear these straps at all times Sissies,
unless you have permission from one of us to remove it; do you
understand?" "Yes Mistress Vicky," both boys replied in unison. John
was handed a garter belt to wear in place of his camisole and told to
put his stockings back on. While, John was doing this Vicky brought a
glass of water into the room, and had Jason take one of the purple
vitamin pills, like she had given John earlier that morning.

Both boys were then told to lay face down on the floor and Lisa
ministering to Jason and Susan to John, gently rubbed a soothing
lotion onto their sore behinds, stroking gently and with care.
"That's all for today girls, it's time to go home," Vicky declared and
the boys were allowed to get dressed, Lisa then helped Jason wash the
makeup from his face and return his hair to a boy style.

As Vicky and John walked home together, Vicky put her arm around her
older brother's waist and stroked his ribs. "Other than for the fact
that you were late today, you were a VERY good girl today Joellen,"
Vicky whispered. "Thank you Mistress Vicky," John whispered in reply.
They proceeded on home and during dinner, John had trouble sitting
still, which brought a smile to his sister's young face.

Every day after school for the next eight weeks, the boys were
required to report to Jason's house. Each day they were given a
purple vitamin pill to take and subjected to whatever indignities the
girls could think of including: sucking each others cocks while the
girls watched, being masturbated by the girls, dancing nude in front
of the girls so that they could see the boys cocks and balls jiggle,
fucking each other in the ass, or while blindfolded, forced to lay in
the bathtub, while the girls pissed on them. John was required to
wear the butt plug at all times except when being penetrated during
one of their sessions or while going to the bathroom to perform
necessarily bodily functions. Only once more were either of them
beaten again. John was two minutes later than the last girl to arrive
and received 10 more strokes with his own belt.

The girls tried to be creative in their manipulation of the boys
including: putting spring clothes clips on their nipples, cocks, and
balls, dressing them up in every outfit they could find which would
fit, even putting them in diapers and having them act as toddlers for
the girls amusement.

Other than having them take their pills and an occasional grope, the
girls were unable to do much with the boys on the weekends, due to all
of the parents being home.

Each day Vicky inspected the boys and noted that the `vitamins' were
having an effect. Both boys nipples had increased in size and now
stood out from their chests slightly. The swell of young breasts
forming was noticeable after the 8 weeks and their skin was becoming
softer and more feminine. John's shoulders were losing some of their
muscle bulk and tone and looked more like a woman's and his behind was
filling out also.

John had noticed the new tenderness in his breasts and the other
physical changes he had undergone. Particularly of concern to him was
the fact that it took longer for him to attain an erection and it
seemed to him that his cock was slightly smaller. Due to his
increased breast size, John took particular care to make sure that
Mike never saw him undressed, and replaced much of his wardrobe with
loose fitting clothes. John's hair was now long enough to be styled,
this did not make his father happy, but he did not push the issue.

At the end of the eighth week, word came that Susan's parents were
going out of town for a week and Susan would be left at home alone.
Susan asked her parents if it would be ok to invite the girls over to
the house on the weekend for a pajama party. "Who will chaperon,"
Susan's mother inquired. "How about Pam, Tami's older sister?" Susan
replied. "If she will agree, you may invite the girls over," was the

Susan called Tami with the news, who immediately called her sister at
college and told her all what had been going on and asked if she would
help them out; and would she object to their bringing the boys to the
house. Pam said she thought the whole thing sounded interesting, and
as long as she could watch, she had no objections to the girls having
their fun.

Jason was told to ask for permission to stay with John and Mike, which
he did and his mother again readily agreed. John was told to ask to
stay at Jason's and his parents assented.

Everything was now set for a fun filled weekend.



John had a feeling of dread as he and his sister walked over to
Susan's house. Although he had gotten used to being naked and being
abused by the girls, he knew that Tami's older sister, Pam, would be
present. This would be a fresh humiliation, being exposed to this
older young woman and he hoped that he could handle it.

When they arrived at Susan's house, instead of entering the house,
Vicky took him into the garage, and ordered him to strip. Standing
before his sister wearing only a garter belt and stockings, with the
butt plug up his behind and the leather strap on his groin, John was
relaxed with this now familiar circumstance. Vicky opened her
overnight bag and extracted an underwired bra and handed it to John,
directing him to put it on. John complied, and to his surprise, when
he looked down, found that his now enlarged breasts filled the bra to
capacity, and he noted that he was displaying cleavage suitable for a
young girl the same age as himself. He had noted all along that his
breasts were more tender and larger, but had no idea that they had
grown THAT much.

Vicky then gave him a white silk blouse to put on and after donning it
John noted that the blouse had a deep "V" neckline in front and
displayed the swell of his young breasts nicely. The blouse was
followed by pair of black flats and a black and white checkered,
pleated skirt which came to about 7" above his knees and looked great
with his black sheer stockings. Vicky then placed a gold chain around
John's neck and guided him over to a trunk and sat him down.

Vicky then brushed John's hair which now was long enough to look very
much like a girl's, and formed bangs over his forehead, which she
trimmed to just above his eyebrows. Pulling the sides back she
positioned two berets above his ears so that the ears were visible,
and attached clip earrings to them.

Vicky then applied foundation, mascara, eyeshadow, blusher, and bright
red lip stick to her brother's face and after finishing looked at the
results. Vicky was somewhat shocked, except for the fact that the
hair coloring was a little lighter than hers, the hair shorter, and
the eyebrows a little heavier, the face she was looking at looked to
be her own! The same deep blue eyes, the same nose, same mouth, same
high cheekbones, and the same shaped chin. "Joellen" could pass as
Vicky and only her closest family and friends would ever know. "Let's
go," she said before she had time to think about it any more.

Inside, they found the other three girls and Jane/Jason who was
dressed in a flowered knee length sun dress with an open back and the
front cut to just above the breasts, with white hose and black patent
leather skimmers. Jane/Jason's hair had been done up into two small
pony tails above and behind each ear, which were secured with white
satin ribbons. John then noted that Jane/Jason's breasts also filled
out the dress and looked to be a full "A" cup in size. Jane was more
lovely than she had been the first evening John had met and made love
to her.

The girls inspected Sissies Jane and Joellen and were very happy with
the results. Susan and Tami fixed dinner and everyone sat down to a
good meal, as though nothing were out of the ordinary, just 6 girl
friends having a good time.

While they were still at the table, the door bell rang and Jane/Jason
was sent to answer it. At the door he greeted Pam and another woman,
called Tracy, who Pam explained was her roommate from college. When
Jane/Jason escorted them to the dining room, Pam looked around and saw
six girls, all very pretty, two of whom looked to be twins, except
that one had darker and longer brown hair.

Tami introduced her sister Pam to the group and Pam introduced her
roommate Tracy. Tami then went around the room giving each girl's
name, Susan, Vicky, Joellen, Lisa, and Jane. Pam turned to her
younger sister and said, "I thought you said you were going to have
your two little slaves here?" "They ARE here," replied Tami, and all
of the Mistresses beamed with pride. Looking over the girls again Pam
adamantly said, "That's not possible, I don't see anyone here who
could possibly be a boy."

Vicky got out from behind the table and walked over to where Pam and
Tracy were standing. "Front and Center," she ordered and Joellen/John
and Jane/Jason, knowing the order was meant for them immediately
responded. "These are the boys," Vicky proudly said to Pam, and gave
a sweep of her arm in the boys direction.

"No Way," exclaimed Pam, "there is NO WAY, I'll believe these two are
boys." "Ok, Sissies, lift your skirts," ordered Vicky, with a wide
smile on her face. Jason turned red, but John did not change
expression, and both reached for their hemlines and raised their
skirts above their waists. Pam and Tracy were now faced by two sets
of limp cocks and balls bound by black leather straps with bright
brass snaps on them. "I don't fucking believe this," said Pam to
Tracy and then she reached out and fondled Johns balls and cock as if
to assure herself that they were real and not some kind of fake.

John immediately got an erection as a result of the contact by this
"strange" hand, and Pam wrapped her hand firmly around it. Tracy
approached Jason and stroked his little penis which was also soon
erect, then pulled the collar of his dress out and looked down at his
chest. "But the tits look real," Tracy observed. "They are," replied
Vicky and then issued a single word command, "Strip."

Standing with the two 19 year old women holding their privates, the
two boys started undressing. John removed his blouse and bra, then
whispered to Pam that he could not remove the skirt with her holding
him as she was. Almost reluctantly, Pam released John's cock and he
removed the skirt, this left him only attired in his garter belt and
stockings. Hearing John's comment to Pam, Tracy also released Jason,
and he lowered the dress and stepped out of it; Jason had not been
wearing a bra so his new breasts came immediately into view.

Pam reached out and fondled John's left breast, slowly rubbing the
nipple until it stood erect. Tracy took both of Jason's breasts in
hand and massaged them deeply which brought an immediate moan of
pleasure from the boy. "But how?," asked Pam, and Vicky extracted a
bottle of purple estrogen pills from her purse. Looking at the pills
then at the boys, Pam said, "Maybe, I should take some of these

Tracy turned to the assembled girls and offered the following
observation. "I would have been willing to bet ten thousand dollar,
PLUS my ass, that these were girls like yourselves. I don't know how
you did it, but the results are unbelievable. "Here, Here!" Pam

The boys were led into the living room and the girls sat around in
the various chairs with them in the center, like pieces of art on
display. Tracy and Pam were asking questions as if the boys were not
even there, and received answers with the same nonchalance.


"Have you fucked them?" "We've let them fuck each other's asses, and
we've worked them over with dildos and vibrators." "How about sucking
cock, do they do that too?" "Yes they suck each other to put on shows
for us." "What else have you done to them?" "We've spanked them , and
given them both enemas, and fist fucked them,..." "No you didn't."
"Oh yes, that was one of the first things we did." "What else?" "Let's
see, we gave them showers with our piss, and have clipped clothes pins
to their nipples, balls, and cocks; and diapered them; and dressed
them up; and Joellen has to wear a butt plug all the time; and..."
"Have you had sex with them?" "Tami let Jane eat her pussy, but other
than that no; we've been have so much fun otherwise..."

Vicky had never told the other girls, John realized, that she had been
fucking her brother with some regularity as well as having him eat her
pussy every evening before she went to bed. This might be a leverage
point for whatever it was worth in the future!

"I don't see why not," offered Tracy, "After all, their cocks look
healthy and you can control everything that happens." "We just hadn't
gotten around to it," replied Vicky somewhat embarrassed over the
group of young girl's obvious oversight (even if SHE had not been
missing out on the action). "You're missing half the fun of having a
slave," said Pam, "You really should make them work for you." "You
say you have dildoed and fisted them?" ask Tracy, "that could be
interesting." "I want to see one of them suck cock first," demanded
Pam. With this, Tami turned to Jane/Jason and said, "Suck Joellen."

John and Jason both had been listening to this whole conversation
which had been conducted over and around them, and both knew that they
were the entertainment and that it was going to be a Long, Long

In response to the command, Jason moved to a kneeling position in
front of John, and gently took hold of his erect member, then looking
up at John, slowly twirled his tongue around the head of John's cock.
This caused John to groan and standing with his legs spread wide and
his head back, he allowed his mind to drift away from the surroundings
and concentrate only on the feel of Jason's warm mouth and agile
tongue. After a half dozen tentative strokes inside his mouth, Jason
opened wide and inhaled as he plunged his mouth over John's cock, deep
throating the boy, so that his lips rested right at the base of John's

John then reached out with his hands and taking hold of Jason's head,
started pumping full length into the boy's mouth and throat. Jason
met his thrusts and all 6 girls and women moved into a tight circle
where they could watch the cock moving in and out of Jason's mouth and

"Damn, he does that better than most women I know," remarked Pam;
"seems to enjoy it too!" added Tracy. "Does the other one do it that
well also?" asked Pam. "Just as well," replied Susan. "They are both
great little cocksuckers," added Vicky. In short order John arched
his back and came in Jason's mouth. Jason swallowed every drop, not
losing even the tiniest little bit. Smiling, both boys stood and
awaited further instructions. "Now how about my request?" asked
Tracy. "Susan, Fist Fuck Joellen," directed Vicky, "After all she got
to have the fun on the last request."

John/Joellen was placed on his knees with his head down and ass up in
the air, and Tami went to the bathroom and returned with some
lubricant. Jason was moved off to the side and all of the girls moved
to a position where they could clearly see what was going on. Lisa,
kneeled on John's left side and gently stroked his neck and upper
back. John again felt more vulnerable in this position than any other
and it was doubly humiliating with all of these females able to look
directly into his ass. "At least Susan has the smallest hands," he
thought to himself.

Susan pulled the butt plug from John's asshole and a distinct popping
noise was heard as it cleared. This caused Pam and Tracy to smile,
even though the other girls didn't notice. Susan then lubricated her
right hand generously and proceeded to immediately work two fingers
into the little brown opening, working the muscle, she soon added the
third and fourth fingers then reforming her hand, slowly pushed until
it popped inside. There she held her position until she felt John's
ass relax and accept the intruder, then forming her hand into a fist,
continued to push forward.

John groaned and moaned and tears flowed freely down his cheeks, but
this time no scream was heard from his mouth, and he was fully
committed that no matter what, he would not give these females that
satisfaction, at any time this weekend. Susan now had her slim arm
inserted clear up to her elbow, and Tracy standing looking over the
girl's shoulder, said, "I don't fucking believe it, I'd heard of fist
fucking but never seen it. If anyone would have told me that I would
see a girl with her entire forearm up some boy's ass, I would have bet
a million dollars against it." Smiling to himself in his hands where
no one could see it, John thought to himself. "Oh yea, then watch
this Bitch!" and started humping his body on Susan's arm, moving back
and forth so that he cleared to the base of her hand then impaled
himself until his ass hit the crook of her arm.

Pam was watching this exhibition with interest, she too had never seen
anyone fist fucked although she had heard that it was done by some
people. The sight of the young girl's arm moving in and out of this
young boy's ass was getting her very excited and she could feel the
juice from her snatch seeping down onto her thighs. In fact, she
determined looking at the group of girls, all of them were turned on
watching this boy hump Susan's arm. "May I try it?" she asked Susan.
Susan looked at the woman and replied, "Yes but be gentle; and careful
that you don't tear him, or cut him inside with your fingernails."

Susan moved her arm from side to side as much as possible, while Pam
lubricated her hand and arm. She had noticed that Pam although very
tall, probably about 5'10", was skinny for her height probably
weighing about 125 lbs. Her hands were therefore larger than Susan's
but her arms were about the same diameter. She didn't want John hurt
by the woman and intended to make sure that he was treated OK; or

When Pam was in position kneeling beside her, Susan opened her hand
inside John and gently pulled it back out. Shaping Pam's fingers,
Susan guided her hand to John's ass and gently pressed her fingers
inside, controlling the pressure that was being applied. "Now, form
your hand into a fist," Susan instructed, "Make sure your nails are
covered by your palm or you might cut him inside," she continued and
Pam nodded and followed the young girl's instructions. John's
sphincter muscle closed partially around Pam's wrist and John quickly
adjusted to the bigger hand inside him. When he felt Pam relax her
arm a little, he shoved backwards and in one mighty lunge buried her
arm up to her elbow. "Jesus," said Pam, "I've never felt anything
like this!" As John rocked back and forth on her arm, Pam could stand
it no longer and reached under her skirt with her free hand, and
played with her pussy, rubbing her clit for all she was worth. This
overt sexual act by the woman turned the other girls on even more than
they already were and soon everyone in the room (except Jason) was
fingering herself without any self consciousness. John could smell
the aroma of all of the freely flowing pussy juice and this took him
over the edge. In four more thrusts, he came and his entire body
dripping with sweat convulsed, the contraction on her arm set Pam's
climax off and a chain reaction seemed to flow through the room.

John had fallen to the floor onto his stomach, with Pam's arm trapped
in his ass, she fell on top of him and the other girls collapsed in
heaps where they were. As each recovered, groans were heard and then
giggles and laughing at the sight of each other. Pam awoke with her
arm still fully buried in John and slowly pulled it back out, still
unable to believe that 13 inches of forearm and hand had been encased
by this young boy's firm little ass.

Lisa arrived with washcloths and John's ass was gently cleaned of the
juice which had worked out. Pam and Susan went to the bathroom to
wash up and Pam expressed her thanks to Susan for allowing her to
experience this most unusual activity.

"You love him, don't you Susan," Pam offered. "Yes," said Susan
softly, "how did you know?" "The way you were very tender in handling
him and the concern in your voice that I not hurt him." responded Pam.
Looking up at Pam, Susan said, "I love him more than I can tell you
and I don't want to see him hurt." Pam took Susan's face in her hands
and planted a light kiss or her lips; "It won't be by me, little one,
I can guarantee you of that." "Thank you," whispered Susan and gave
the older girl a hug.

"What do we do now?" asked Lisa and pausing but for a second, Tracy
responded, "How about a cunnilingus carnival?" "What's that?", asked
Lisa, "You'll see," was the response.



Placing the boys in the center of the living room floor, Tracy
explained to the other five girls what was going to take place.
"First, we must all undress and form a line, then we will have one boy
start at one end and the other at the other end of the line, and have


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Dominated by Young Girls -- Part 5
author unknown


them eat each girl's pussy along the way until she climaxes.
They will pass each other in the middle and this way each of us gets at
least two climaxes by the time each boy reaches the other end of the

Jason got an immediate erection just from the description of what was
to come, and this was duly noted by the young girls. "Jane likes the
idea," said Tami, who then reached out an petted the boy's cock.

Tracy began removing her blouse without any further comment and
displayed the biggest set of breasts John had ever seen. "They must
be at least "D+" cup size," he thought to himself. Tracy was about
5'6" tall and had short blonde hair in a "Boy Cut" style, her body was
thicker than the other girls present but could not, in any way, be
considered heavy or fat. In short order, Tracy stood nude before the
assembled group displaying a heavy growth of pubic hair which was
about two shades darker than the light blonde hair on her head. "Well
what are you waiting for?" ask Tracy as she looked at the other girls.
Immediately all of the girls started undressing and Jason and John
just sat there looking at the abundance of female flesh coming into
view with each article of clothing that was removed.

John visually took inventory of the women/girls and mentally
summarized them as follows:

Susan: small about 5'1" tall and down right skinny, but that was to be
expected at her 11 year old age, when girls start growing very fast
and bypass boys who don't reach puberty until later. She had long
blonde hair tied in a pony tail which extended down her back to just
above her butt (John had trouble thinking of Susan's posterior as an
ass) which looked like a young boy's. Her chest was flat, her tits no
more than tiny swells, but her nipples were long, in fact they stuck
out as far as the tiny areolae were wide. In the nude Susan's body
was indistinguishable from a boy's, except for her pussy, which was
something else again. The hair was sparse and grew only on her mound,
which was well formed, but not on her vaginal lips. Had she had dark
hair, she would have qualified as a Brooke Shields clone from the
movie "Pretty Baby". Her skin was very even and very pale, and John
could feel his cock becoming hard just thinking about working on this
sexy little girl.

Vicky: as previously described, 5'7" tall and about 125 lbs, well
muscled, with mid-back length dark brown straight hair which also was
currently tied in somewhat of a pony tail. Her breasts were more than
an "A" cup but not quite a "B" in size, and she still had the best ass
he had ever seen in his life. Her pussy, completely hairless due to
being shaved. She was a sexpot and then some.

Pam: This 19 year old was very tall from John's view point, about
5'10" and thin, 125-130 lbs he estimated. Her hair was dark brown and
worn at shoulder length, generally straight, with a flip at the ends
curling upward from her shoulders. Pam was a definite "A" cup, with
nipples that stood out a good inch from her silver dollar sized
areolae. Her tits had a slight sag to them which John considered less
than perfect, but which still looked very sexy. Her legs were
incredibly long and yet looked smooth as satin and her entire body was
well toned like she was an athlete of some type. Her pussy sported
dark brown hair in a single strip about two inches wide, which
extended right down to the top of the pussy lips, which were bare and
hairless. John suspected that this was a result of what girls call a
"bikini wax", but his mouth watered at the prospect of sucking on her
beautiful cunt.

Lisa: Slightly smaller than John, stood about 5'6" and her slight body
would weigh in at about probably 110 lbs. "Not skinny, just about
right for her size," he thought. Her breasts were a full "B" cup and
topped by nipples about the size of cherries, which John noted were
fully erect at that time. Her hair was coal black and cut in a short
style which looked kind of Chinese. Her pussy was covered by a dark
long mat of black hair in the shape of a "V", and John could just
barely make out her vaginal lips. Lisa's skin was darker than the
other girls, almost olive in coloring and looked to be smooth and

Tracy: Her breasts were huge, and looked to be soft and pillowy, her
belly was rounded and her ass very large compared to the other girls
present. Her pussy, covered with dark blonde hair looked inviting,
but her body looked out-of-sync. with her head. Her short "boy cut"
style hair and makeup free face, looked very much like a young boy's.
She looked short, but John knew she was only about an inch shorter
than himself. "It must be the disproportionate size of her tits and
ass," he decided.

Tami: His own height, and slim in body, but sporting full "B" cupped
sized breasts tipped with nipples so light colored you almost couldn't
see them; flat belly, great legs, and another almost hairless pussy,
with a very sparse covering of fine red hair. Tracy's head was topped
with long red hair which cascaded down over her pale white shoulders
in a style like Farrah Fawcett made famous.

The females were now completely nude in front of the boys and both of
them now sported stiff cocks in anticipation of the sex play. As the
girls lined up, Tracy took one end and Pam the other. Tracy motioned
for Jason to come to her and when he did, she sat him on her lap and
cradled him in her arms like a baby. Holding his head in the crook of
her left arm she feed him her left breast and he suckled it like he
long ago had done to his mothers. Tracy used her free hand to stroke
the boy's body and fondle his little cock and balls which made him
suck all that harder. Smiling at the other girls Tracy said, "I
always wondered what it would feel like to have a baby on my breast."
This brought chuckles from the other girls who continued to watch as
Jason sucked Tracy's nipple.

Pam turned to Susan and placing her hand on the small girl's bare back
and offered, "Why don't you go first," tilting her head towards John.
"Thanks," said Susan and sat down in the chair behind her and motioned
for John to come to her.

As John approached her, Susan opened her legs wide and smiled at him
as he knelt between her small young thighs. Gently stroking his hands
up her legs from her knees to her hips, he felt her tremble in
anticipation. John then moved his hands up her sides and gently
rested a thumb on each nipple and slowly massaged them with slow even
strokes. Sliding his right hand under her arm and up her back to her
neck, John massaged the girl's neck and shoulder area as he looked
directly into her eyes.

Susan whimpered a little as John kissed her lightly on the lips; then
moaned when he kissed her again very deeply, his tongue probing
throughout her mouth. Susan could feel his body rubbing against the
insides of her tender thighs and by reflex locked her legs around him
and pulled him in toward her. Susan broke off the kiss and threw her
arms around John's neck hugging him as tightly to herself as possible.

Thinking the girl was going to mount him on the spot, Pam leaned over
and whispered in Susan's ear. "You're just supposed to have him eat
your pussy, not fuck him; save that for latter." "Oh," the young girl
said with a start, and released her leg and arm locks from around him.
Holding her, with his hands just under her arms and fingers on her
back, John leaned forward and gently sucked Susan's little nipples,
gently pulling the tips out from her chest with his teeth. "Yes,
Yes," cried Susan, and she ran her hands through his hair guiding him
back and forth from nipple to nipple.

John then kissed his way down over her smooth flat belly and when he
reached her mound, gently stroked the flesh of her outer lips with his
fingertips. This elicited a whimper from the girl who then pushed her
hips upward towards his hands. John then kissed and licked her inner
thighs and stroked the juncture of her legs and pubic mound with his
tongue. Susan locked her legs around John's shoulders and he had to
pry them loose to carry out his planned attack on her pussy.

With Susan's legs spread wide, John opened the lips of her pussy and
stroked the inside with a single index finger, then with his tongue,
then sucked on the lips one at a time, tasting her sweet nectar.
Moving slightly upward with his tongue, he flicked her clitoris, then
dove his mouth onto it and sucked hard while swirling his tongue over
and around it. At the same time, John inserted a finger into Susan's
tight little box and gently stroked in and out. This sent Susan over
the edge and she humped his mouth with her pelvis and grabbed his head
and pulled it into her pussy as hard as her little body was able.
John moved downward, and sucked directly on her hole and inserted his
tongue as far as he could, while rubbing his nose on her clit. It
only took about 5 minutes of this treatment, when Susan's body went
rigid and then slumped following a massive climax. The young girl had
never in her life had a climax so powerful and did not want to release
John's head from her legs. Pam gently unwrapped him and said, "My
turn little one." Susan just laid back too tired to fight.

Pam guided John towards her seated position beside Susan, and as he
shifted to her location he looked to his right as saw Jason with his
head completely obscured by Tracy's thighs. Tracy had her head back
and was pounding it against the back of the sofa, screaming, "Oh yes,
my sweet baby bitch, that's so good!, Yes baby suck my cunt you little
bitch!" John looked at Pam and whispered, "Guess he's doing OK."

John moved up between Pam's long slim thighs and gently kissed her
belly button, sticking his tongue in the little depression and
flicking it around. Tracing upwards with his tongue, John drew a
straight line up and between Pam's small breasts, then circled each
without loosing contact. Rewetting his tongue, John circled her left
breast and drew smaller and smaller circles as he spiraled in towards
her nipple. Finally reaching it he sucked it into his mouth and
gently bit the nipple, then pulled it out away from her breast meat
and released it, allowing it to snap back into place.

"Oh you are a VERY GOOD little boy, you can do that for hours," Pam
rasped. Her breathing was now fast and her breasts heaved on her
rapidly moving chest. John bent forward again with his mouth open as
wide as it would go and sucked almost all of Pam's breast into his
mouth, then munched on it for a few seconds. In the mean time, he
held her right breast in his left hand and was massaging it and
tweaking the nipple which was as erect as a little cock. John moved
his mouth to the right breast and massaged her left as he repeated the
wonderful maneuver on her tit.

Then with the care of a surgeon, he used his tongue and fingers to
explore her pussy. This new territory was sweet smelling and he
parted her thick lips to find a shiny pink opening into which he
embedded an adventurous index finger. Pam writhed and bucked at this
penetration, and John boldly added another finger to increase her
pleasure. As he finger fucked her more rapidly, he once again touched
his tongue to her clitoris, and she banged her head from side to side
and lifted her hips to force her pussy into his mouth.

John found it fascinating that each of the pussys he had been lucky
enough to eat was a different shape and texture and marveled at the
variety, apparently to be found. Flicking his tongue like a snake as
he continued to probe with two fingers in and out of Pam's clutching
vagina, Pam grabbed hold of his head and worked her pelvis against
him, grunting and groaning, straining to reach her climax. When it
arrived, John's face was flooded with tangy sauce, which he
enthusiastically lapped up. Pam released him and fell back onto the
chair with a satisfied look on her face.

Next in line was little Lisa, the gentle dark haired beauty who had
given him the enema and treated him gently. John smiled at her and
noted she was shaking from head to toe, having watched him eat Susan
and Pam to such wonderful climaxes. Sitting first beside her, John
tenderly stroked her back and neck and kissed her on the mouth, cheek,
and neck. Lisa responded and wrapped her arms around his neck as he
kissed her and fondled her large young breasts. Although one year
younger than his sister, Lisa had breasts almost twice the size of
Vicky's and John thrilled to the feel of the firm tender flesh.
Removing her hands from his shoulders, John kissed them and then
placed them at her sides, as he slid down along side her body and then
moved in between her thighs.

Just before starting in earnest on Lisa, John again glanced over
towards Jason and saw him locked in between Vicky's legs. Vicky was
humping the poor boy's head as hard as she could, and John KNEW that
Vicky both tasted good and had a VERY TALENTED tight little pussy.

John rolled Lisa's nipples between his thumbs and forefingers, then
sucked them each one into his mouth. Lisa leaned into him forcing
more breast meat into his mouth and whimpered as he sucked on her
breasts. John then lowered his body and pushed his shoulders between
Lisa's legs as he sank his face closer to her crotch. He grabbed her
ankles and lifted them until her knees were behind her ears as she
laid back on the sofa. Lisa curled her arms under her knees and held
herself wide open for him.

John slipped his fingers along the lips of her gaping pussy, then
finally touched it with his tongue. Lisa whimpered and said, "Please,
Please eat me now." John licked his lips and decided that Lisa
tasted very good then dived with his tongue into her slit and searched
for more of her sweet juice. Between tongue fucks, he licked and
sucked her hairy mound to get all he could get of the wonderful
nectar. Not wanting to ignore her clit, he pulled the hood away from
her pink peak with his fingers and took it into his mouth. He swabbed
it with his tongue as he held it firmly but gently between his teeth.
Lisa's body was racked by a string of orgasms, before she fell back
and released him.

As John came up for air, he felt Jason beside him and the younger boy
smiled at him and said, "You did her pretty good, guess I better skip
her and come back, after she has a chance to rest for a minute."
Looking at Tami, who Jason had just finished with, sprawled out on the
end of the sofa with her eyes closed and legs spread wide; "Me too,
Tami doesn't look like she is ready to handle it either." John moved
past Tami to Vicky and Jason past Lisa to Pam who both greeted them
with open arms and crotches.

Between his sister's thighs, John was at home, and knew every button
to push and crevice to lick (as it were). In short order he had his
sister climbing for the ceiling and soon she exploded in a monumental
orgasm, which quaked through her body in wave after wave.

Moving back to Tami, John saw that her pussy was dripping with juice
and shiny with the droplets seeping from her snatch. John spread her
legs wider and attacked the soft inner flesh of her lightly covered
cunt bush. When he pressed her legs back, the cunt lips became a
gaping crevice. He swooped forward and attacked her delectable slash
with his hungry mouth and tongue. John's tongue went into a frenzy of
laving and stabbing, covering the length of her pussy slit. He fucked
his tongue as deep as possible into the wetness of Tami's young cunt
hole, seeking all the delicious cunt cream it had to offer. Tami's
cunt ground against John's face and then her smoldering body burst
into the fiery inferno of orgasm. As the last surge of ecstatic
pleasure passed through Tami's slender frame, John stood up and moved
to Tracy.

Tracy had been watching John work his way down the line and had
fingered herself through the last two exhibitions, she was ready and
no warm up was needed. She grabbed John's head and slammed it into
her cunt, flattening his nose on her mound. "Suck my
cunt...yes..oh..God, yes!" she screamed and came almost immediately.
When Tracy released his head, John fell backwards onto his back and
rested, trying to catch his breath from the workout of six pussies.
Just then he heard Susan scream that she was coming and knew that
Jason had successfully made it to the other end of the line.

Both boys laid on the floor recovering as the girls relaxed in the
afterglow of their climaxes, and hoped that soon THEY would get some
relief. Both had blue balls from all the action and laid with
erections pointed at the ceiling.

John must have dozed off, for when he awoke, he heard moans and
whimpers like he was in the middle of an orgy. Someone was licking
his cock and he could feel soft hands stroking his hips, thighs, then
tenderly manipulating his balls. His head was laying to the side and
when he opened his eyes he saw Tracy kneeling between Tami's firm
young thighs, eating her pussy. Tracy apparently knew what she was
doing, because Tami was writhing in the throws of an orgasm. To their
left, Pam was working on Lisa who from the look on her face was in a
place just short of heaven.

Continuing his sweep of the room, Vicky, Susan and Jason were not in
the places they had occupied when he dropped off. Who was sucking on
his cock? Not Vicky, he knew the feel of her mouth from many
experiences. Not Jason, that boy liked to deep throat and John was
hard as a rock. Had to be Susan, and from the feel of it, this must
be her first experience at sucking a boy off. Looking down over his
chest he saw the long blonde hair of the young girl and pale white
shoulders as they leaned over his crotch. Not saying a word and
afraid to scare her by moving, he just laid back and let the girl
probe and explore his body, enjoying the feel of her tender

Susan kissed her way up to John's chest and he closed his eyes again
as if asleep. Her little hands squeezed his tender new breasts and
soon her little mouth was sucking on his right nipple. John could not
believe how much the feeling had increased in his breasts since Vicky
had been having him take the "vitamin" pills.

Little electric shocks passed through his body every time he even
bumped his new tits against something and it seemed the nipples would
harden at the drop of a hat. Susan's mouth felt great on his breasts
and he did not want her to ever stop, but soon she had moved on upward
and was now kissing his shoulders and neck and before he knew it, she
was looking down into his eyes with a big smile on her cute little
face. Susan swept her long hair back over her ears and with her
forearms resting on his chest and body laying partly over his, gazed
into his eyes.

John, for the first time, really studied the young face poised above
his. Susan's long blonde hair framed an oblong face, with deep blue
eyes, her eyebrows were so light colored that they were almost
invisible, her nose was small and had a cute little curve upward at
the end and her small mouth had pouty pink lips and perfect white
teeth. The head sat on a neck John could only thing of as elegant and
sophisticated, the kind you saw on fashion models.

Susan leaned forward a little and lightly kissed him on the lips and
when she leaned back, John could see the swell of a small, still
forming breast, tipped with a cherry red erect nipple. He knew that
in only a couple of years, those breasts would swell, and her straight
as an arrow young body would fill out into a most beautiful young

Lightly kissing him again, Susan slid her cheek down along side his so
that her mouth was now beside his left ear and whispered, "John, I
want to make love to you...but I've never done it before...and I don't
want an audience." Then pulling back up from him, she said loud
enough for the others to hear (if they were listening), "You're all
sticky, let's go get you cleaned up!"

Immediately Susan got up and stood over him with her legs spread so
that he could again see her tight little pussy which he now knew to be
virgin territory. Beside himself at his luck, John quickly got up and
Susan immediately placed her arm around his waist and guided him
across the room. Pam, seeing the movement, looked up from Lisa's
crotch and gave Susan a wink as they passed. Susan just smiled and
quickened her step before anything could ruin her plans.




Arriving in her bathroom, Susan closed and locked the door behind her,
she didn't want anyone interrupting her right now. John stepped into
the tub and Susan started the water running and added a bubble bath
solution. John leaned back luxuriating in the feel of the warm water
and waited. "This girl has this all planned out and I don't want to
mess it up," he thought. After the tub was full. Susan told John to
submerse himself, "I want to wash your hair, and get the smell of
those other girls off of you," she said with a little smile.

John dunked under the water and when he surfaced, Susan was kneeling
beside the tub with the shampoo bottle in her hands. "Why don't you
get in with me," John softly suggested and Susan giggled and said,
"Good idea!" John moved forward in the tub and Susan sat behind him,
with her legs extending around his body. Leaning back between her
thighs, John rested his head against her chest and his arms laid on
top of the smooth young thighs like they were armrests on a chair.
Susan shoved him down a little so that his head now rested on her
belly and proceeded to apply the shampoo to his hair. She massaged as
she worked the soap into his hair and John just closed his eyes and
sighed, enjoying the feel of her hands.

Susan spent a long time washing John's hair and with soapy hands also
massaged his neck and shoulders, enjoying the feel of his skin.
Finally, she said, "All done...time to rinse," and John slid under the
water between her legs. John rolled over before surfacing and when he
came up his chin rested on Susan's firm belly and as he gazed up her
body to her face, he marveled at the taunt firm muscle underlying her
soft skin. John smiled and said "Thanks," then laid his head gently
against her smooth stomach.

Susan lifted his head, and turning her body sideways, extracted her
left leg and slid down into the water beside him. John caught her as
she moved downward and rested her head in the crook of his right arm
and she laid her head onto his shoulder, as the two stroked each
others bodies and enjoyed the warmth of the bath. John kissed her
lightly on the forehead after gently brushing her pale blonde hair out
of the way, then moved to her lips and Susan responded with her mouth
wide open and tongue searching in his. During the unending kisses,
Susan reached down and stroked John's cock and feeling himself nearing
an orgasm and not want to come up short later; he took hold of her
hand and stopped it's gentle movement.

"Do you want to do it here?" he whispered, "No, let's go to my bed,"
she purred. Reluctantly, it seemed, they got out of the water and
then took turns drying each other's bodies with big fluffy towels.
Susan then grasped John's cock behind her and lead the way to the
bedroom. Just as they passed through the door from the bathroom to
the bedroom, John reached forward and took hold of Susan's shoulder
and stopped her. Looking hurt, Susan turned to face him, and he
responded with a wide smile.

"I just thought you might like me to carry you into the room," offered
John, and this brought a smile and a little laugh to the girl's face.
"Oh yes," she said, "that would be very nice." and leapt into John's
arms. Bending forward, John swept her small legs up with his left arm
as he held her about the shoulders with his right, and Susan laid her
head against his chest as he carried her through the door and gently
laid her on the bed.

Susan laid on her side, with her head on the pillow and her long
blonde hair draped across her upper chest, forming a perfect frame for
her lovely face. Her left leg crossed over her right modestly
covering her young womanhood. John sat down on the edge of the bed
and very slowly stroked from the back of her left knee up the back of
her thigh, over her tight little buns, up her smooth back, over her
shoulder and back down the front until his hand gently rested on her
left breast.

This single continuous stroke caused Susan's entire body to tremble
and quiver and her lips fluttered in anticipation of his mouth
reaching hers as he leaned forward to kiss her. John kissed her
deeply and laid down beside her, stroking her back, arms, hips, and
ass with his right hand. His left, gently traced circles on and
around her small breasts and stroked the side of her neck and face.
Moving his hand to her thigh, he caressed from her knee upward, and
she rolled onto her back and opened her legs to give him access to her
inexperienced pussy.

John kissed her small mounds and then moved downward with his lips to
her abdomen and tickled her belly button with his tongue. Tracing a
line with his tongue he continued on until reaching her sweet tasting
little vagina, then dove into it with his mouth, his tongue flashing
and slashing like a sabre.

Susan's pubescent body thrashed through wave after wave of convulsive
orgasms before John moved to a position between her thighs and lifted
her hips into a suitable entry position. He rubbed the head of his
cock lightly between the lips of her pussy coating it with her juices,
the gently slid the head into her orifice about an inch. Her internal
muscles immediately clamped down on his dick, unaccustomed to
intruders and the waited until he felt them relax. Another inch and
again she clamped down and as before he waited. Finally after several
such pauses he was all the way in, buried to the root of his manhood.
He paused, and reaching up stroked her small breasts, then her face
and traced her lips with his fingertip.

Susan, who had closed her eyes during the penetration, now opened them
and kissing his finger tip said a single word, "YES!" Starting
slowly, John moved his prick in and out of the tightest little cunt it
had ever been his pleasure to fuck. Building speed, both were now
humping at each other and the slapping of flesh against flesh echoed
through the room, their bodies were dripping with sweat and both were
lost in the rapture of their lust. Soon, John heard Susan moaning
and her muscles went rigid and the internal muscles clamped down on
his cock so hard he thought his prick was being mashed, when she
groaned and screamed. "Ahhhh...Ahnnn...Ahhhh!" then suddenly relaxed.
Her climax set John off and he shot his cum deep into her pussy and
collapsed on top of her and tried to catch his breath.

To his surprise, John found that he was still hard and still deep
inside Susan's snatch. Pulling out her turned her over and pulled her
up to her knees, then re-entered from behind and thrusting for all he
was worth, he brought her through three more climaxes before coming
again himself. Totally wasted, both fell to the bed and dropped off
to sleep in each others arms.

During the night, John awoke to find Susan riding his cock like a mad
woman, rocking and bouncing up and down as fast and as hard as she
could. He no more than realized what was happening when she came, and
fell forward onto his chest. Too tired to make use of his hard cock
still buried in her pussy he just held her and went back to sleep.


Vicky it seems has recognized the Pam/Tracy combination as being
lesbians when Tracy had first dived on Tami's cunt and Pam went after
Lisa without hesitation. Not wanting to get into THAT kind of scene,
she had quickly grabbed Jason and fled to a bedroom, where she spent
the night with his head buried between her legs and occasionally
engaging in a 69 to give him some relief. She lost count of the
number of orgasms she had and awoke in the morning with Jason
sleeping, but still sucking her right nipple. "This little boy is a
jewel!" she thought to herself and vowed to not let him go elsewhere
any time soon.

After John had rocked her body with one of the most powerful climaxes
of her young life, Tami had all but passed out and when she felt a
licking on her cunt was sure that John or Jason had come back for
more. She was a little shocked when she looked down and saw Tracy
eating at her pussy, but the feeling was so good, she could not force
herself to tell the woman to stop.

Tami was even more shocked when she glanced over and saw her sister
eating out Lisa, who was lost in the throws of multiple climaxes and
continued to flail and squirm until she collapsed from the exertion.
When Lisa gave out, Pam moved over to Tracy who stopping on for a
second, came up and they kissed full on the mouth. Tracy then
returned to Tami's tasty little cunt and Pam moved along side her
younger sister and began sucking on Tami's full breasts.

Tami wanted to tell her sister to stop but again, the feelings being
given her by these two women were too good to pass up, so she just
relaxed and let them have their way with her. Not too much later,
Tracy picked Tami up and with the help of Pam, carried her to the
master bedroom, where the two women continued to provide Tami with
more pleasure than she had ever experienced before.

Lisa, who had been left on the sofa, awoke about 3:00 am, and searched
the various rooms, until she found Susan and John and crawled into bed
with them and quickly dropped off to sleep.



Jason awoke with his mouth wrapped around Vicky's nipple and kissed
the breast before moving his head. Vicky who was already awake, had
been stroking his head, which is probably what woke him up. Looking
down over her breast to his face, "Is my little baby hungry?" "Yes
Mistress Vicky," Jason replied softly. "Well first we must get
cleaned up," she announced, and immediately raised to her elbows and
rolled Jason off to the side. Then motioning for him to follow, led
the way into the guest bathroom, and started a shower running. Vicky
got in and pulled Jason by the hand in with her, then had the boy wash
her body and she washed his. Jason was beside himself when he was
allowed to run his hands over Vicky's taunt body and had an erection
throughout. Vicky seeing the boy's problem, stroked his cock with
soapy hands as she washed him and when he climaxed, held him to her
breast and kissed him on the forehead.

After the shower, Vicky got dressed as Jason dried himself and then
she led him naked into the dining room.

Pam, Tami and Tracy also awoke together and decided that a shower was
in order. They washed each other, the two older girls working over
Tami's body until she was hot and excited. Pam then pressed her
sister into a kneeling position and pushed her cunt into her sister's
face. Tami had received many orgasms last night and felt compelled to
return the favor to her sister. While Tami was eating Pam, Tracy
again sucked Tami and soon, both women came, in shuddering climaxes.
Falling into a heap in the shower, all of them began laughing and
shortly moved back to the bedroom, where this time Tami worked over
Tracy's hairy pussy, while Pam ate Tami and Tracy ate Pam. After all
had come at least twice, they reluctantly dressed and headed out for

John awoke sandwiched between Susan and Lisa, and wondered when Lisa
had arrived. He didn't remember her being there during sex, so she
must have come in during the night. He stroked both girls and they
awoke smiling and both kissed his breasts and then his mouth, before
getting out of the bed. All three went into Susan's bathroom, and
enjoyed the feel of the hot water pounding down over their tired

The girls insisted that they get to wash John, so he stood between
them while four hands roamed over every part of his body. Lisa at one
point was using her tits as washcloths on his back which brought an
immediate erection to John's groin. As soon as she saw it, Lisa
squealed and said "Mine!" and dropped to her knees in front of John's
cock. Susan was not happy about having to share John's cock with
anyone. She considered it HER'S, and only with great reluctance, did
she mentally consent to Lisa having use of it.

Lisa, held the base of the cock and gave it a few tentative licks then
wrapped her lips around it and worked it in and around in her mouth.
John stood silently with his head tilted back and thought to himself,
"both of these girls could use a lesson in cocksucking from Jason."
He dared not show anything but appreciation for their efforts however.
Lisa soon tired of sucking and arose turned her back to John, then
bending forward, and placing her hands on the wall, offered her pussy
to him from behind.

John moved in behind her, and reaching around and underneath, massaged
her large breasts, which were hanging down from her chest, this got
Lisa murmuring and as he probed her pussy with his cock, she whimpered
and shuddered. Sliding his hands back to her hips, he started moving
in earnest, plowing her young cunt with his rigid member. Susan
stroked his body as he fucked young Lisa, and when her hand reached
around him and pinched his nipples, John climaxed and shot everything
he had into Lisa's cunt. His hot sperm hitting the walls of her pussy
triggered Lisa and both sagged to the floor of the tub, with John
still inside her.

After again washing and rinsing each other, the three dried and Susan
put on a short silk robe to wear, and handed Lisa, a terrycloth robe
she recovered from her closet. Susan had nothing big enough for John
to wear, so he remained nude when then left the room.

When John, Susan and Lisa arrived at the dining room, they found Jason
sitting at the table completely naked and Tami, Pam, Tracy and Vicky
were also there, fully dressed and drinking coffee. "Well, Well, the
dead have arisen," said Vicky as the three arrived in mid-breakfast.
"I'm starved," said Lisa in reply. The three late arrivals were
seated, and Pam served them breakfast. Susan sat beside John, and
stroked his leg through most of the meal.

"Well now, did everyone have fun last night?", Pam queried. "Yes,"
was the response from all of the women, in one form or another; the
boys remained silent, unsure whether to answer or not. "How about
you, 'Jane'?" Pam asked; "Yes Mistress Pam," he replied. This got
Vicky very mad and she slammed her hand down on the table and screamed
at the boy, "You will NOT address ANYONE other than Tami, Lisa, Susan
and MYSELF as Mistress...DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME!" Pam and Tracy are
GUESTS, they are NOT your Mistresses!" "Yes Mistress Vicky," Jason
whispered in reply to the outburst.

Pam was shocked, as was everyone else present, "Vicky, I...", Pam
tried to say. "Shut up, Cunt; you and your LEZZIE butch roommate come
in here giving everybody orders, trying to run everything, I've had it
shaking with rage, and when Pam again tried to talk to her,
"Vicky...please..." "You heard me bitch, get away from me before I
knock you on your ass; you and that cunt come in here and RAPE my best
friends and one of them is your SISTER, then try and act like
everything is just hunky-dory, WELL IT'S NOT, so just shut up and get

Pam and Tracy looked at each other and knew that Vicky was right, at
least in part, and that there was no reasoning with her. "OK, if
that's what you want, we'll leave; just ease up," said Tracy and the
two arose from the table and headed for the bedroom to get their bags.
When they returned, everyone at the table was silent, and Vicky was
standing with her arms crossed over her chest and her feet firmly

When Pam stopped to talk to Susan on the way out, Vicky knocked her
arm from Susan's shoulder and launched into her again. "You've
already RAPED two of my friends, you're not going to get the third;
NOW GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!" Pam just shook her head and walked
away, with a tear flowing down over her cheek, following Tracy out the

Vicky was still shaking with her rage, and John went to his sister and
gently stroked her back shoulders and neck until she regained control.
"Thank you John," she said and gave her older brother a peck on the
cheek and a hug. This was the first time Vicky had called him John
other than in front of family or the public since this whole thing had

Vicky sat down in a chair and started shaking again, "Those cunts have
ruined the whole fucking weekend," Vicky sobbed, and John again
massaged her shoulders and neck. Then leaned over and whispered in
her ear, "No Sis, they're gone now, and we still have 24 hours to have
more fun." Susan and Lisa had flanked John behind Vicky and each
placed a hand on her shoulders indicating agreement.

Jason and Tami were huddled on the other side of the table, afraid to
say or do anything to set this wildcat off again. Vicky looked at the
three behind her, then stood and spread her arms to try and hug all
three at once. Being unsuccessful at hugging all 3, she settled for
hugging and kissing each, one at a time.

"I suppose we ought to clean this mess up," she whispered. This
brought smiles to all their faces and a series of little chuckles.
"You've got it," replied Susan, and everyone started clearing the
table. With the dishes cleared and washed, everyone once again went
into the living room.

"What should we do now?" asked Lisa, and John offered a suggestion.
"How about us dancing for you," knowing that this had always made all
the girls happy and gay in the past. "Great," Susan said, "Let's go
down to the rec. room, we can set up a stage there." No vote was
needed, everyone proceeded down the basement steps to the recreation
room, which was a finished room containing a pool table, old
furniture, a stereo and on one end her father's photographic "studio"
(he was an advanced amateur photographer and was learning how to shoot
portraits). The studio had flood and spot lights, which Susan aimed
at an area which had black seamless background paper 12' wide on a big
roll draped down and out onto the floor.

The boys placed four chairs in a row at the edge of the background
paper. Meanwhile, Tami had located some lively music and put a tape
in the cassette player of the stereo. The boys escorted each girl to
a seat, then assumed their position "on stage" and started to dance.

The girls clapped and giggled and laughed as the boys gyrated before
them, and cheered them on as they worked up a sweat which made their
bodies shiny. The girls had always liked to watch the boy's cocks and
balls jiggle and sway as they danced, but now their breasts also
bounced and jiggled which made it all that more interesting. When
John turned his back and wiggled his ass at the girls, they went wild
and doubled their lively cheering. With their good looks, long hair
and firm tits, they could have danced in a club, were it not for their
boy's genitals.


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Dominated by Young Girls -- Part 6
author unknown


John and Jason then moved to positions directly in front of the seated
girls and gyrated and rotated their hips so that their crotches were
directly in front of the girls faces at a distance of about 1-2 ft.
The girls with happy smiles on their faces, continued to clap and
cheer and soon, one, then two, then three and finally all reached out
and stroked the boy's sweaty asses, cocks and balls as they danced.
This really got the boys heated up and soon both were dancing with
raging hard-ons which they waved in the girls faces.

"Stop!" Tami yelled, and both boys froze where they were. "Suck each
other in a 69." she continued, and both boys immediately dropped to
the floor and assumed the indicated position, with Jason on top and
John on the bottom. All the girls moved their chairs so that they
were in good position to watch the action. "I can't see," complained
Tami, and she then had the boys roll over so that they were both
laying on their sides as they fervently sucked each other's cocks.

The sweaty bodies and mouths plunging on cocks before them, got the
girls excited, and each began rubbing her crotch, finally little Susan
couldn't take it any more and opened her robe and openly worked her
little breasts and pussy. The ice broken, Lisa followed suit and soon
Vicky and Tami had their skirts up, panties down and fingers deeply
planted in their cunts as they continued to cheer the boys on. The
boys came almost simultaneously, spraying deeply into each other's
throats. This set off a chain reaction and climax after climax could
be heard around the room.

When it was over, the girls dropped to the floor and two took hold of
each boy and cradled, stroked, and kissed them; Susan and Lisa on John
and Tami and Vicky on Jason. "Thank you boys, we needed that,"
murmured Vicky as she kissed the boy in her arms.

When everyone had recovered, the boys were allowed to go upstairs and
clean up, then met the girls in the living room, where the girls
cuddled them for the next several hours. The evening was spent
playing dress-up and at about 8:00, with the boys fully dressed as
girls, and looking very pretty; the girls decided to take them down
the street to an ice cream shop for a sunday.

To say that the boys were apprehensive about going out in public
dressed, was an understatement. They had never been seen by anyone
other than the four girls, Pam and Tracy, in their female persona.
The boys were dressed exactly as they had been the day before, when
Pam and Tracy had arrived, Jason in his sundress and John in the white
silk blouse and black mini-skirt. They knew they looked good and
could pass but were terrified that they might meet someone they knew.



John and Jason both trembled as they walked down the street in front
of god and everybody with the girls to the ice cream shop. Susan
placed her hand on the small of John's back as they walked, which
seemed to help; but not much. When they arrived at the brightly lit
store, John panicked when he saw that two girls from his high school
were the waitresses. They recognized his sister and looked
inquiringly at him, when Vicky offered, "My cousin, from
Indianapolis." This seemed to satisfy them, and they proceeded as
though nothing were out of the ordinary.

Jason/Jane sat in an inside seat with Vicky and Lisa and John/Joellen
was on the aisle end of the facing seat, with Susan and Tami. They
ordered, and while eating their treats, John looked up and saw Mike
(his brother) entering the store with two other guys. John
immediately got up and turned his back towards the direction Mike was
coming from and looked for the restrooms.

Without hesitation, John went through the door marked "Restrooms" and
reached for the door inside marked "Men" forgetting how he was
dressed. Just then a man came out of the door and looking down at the
cute little brunette said, "Woah there, Wrong one little lady."
"Oh...Thank you sir," John said as he quickly turned and entered the
room marked "Women." The man just chuckled and went on out into the
dining room.

Inside, John exhaled the breath he had been holding and fell back
against the inside of the door. He then went to a stall and went
inside securely locking the door, sat down and waited. He didn't have
a watch on, so he had no idea of how long, but it seemed like FOREVER.
"That was TOO FUCKING CLOSE," he thought to himself and quivered at
the thought of what might have happened.

Meanwhile out in the dining room, Mike and his buddies approached the
table where the girls were seated and said, "Hi Vick, Hi girls, what's
happening?" "Nothing much," his sister replied. Seeing that sexy
little girl in the corner, Mike said, "Oh, hi Jane, nice to see you
again." "Hi Mike, good to see you also," Jane/Jason replied with a
smile on his face. "Who was that other girl I saw, when we came in?"
Mike asked his sister. "Oh, just a friend of Jane's from Indianapolis
who came with her this time; feeling kind of sick though," added Vicky
to cover the missing body. "Too Bad," remarked Mike, "Hope she's
feeling better; We got to run now...See you tomorrow...Have fun
girls." "Thanks Mike," was the unanimous response.

After the boys had left the store, Susan looked at Vicky and said,
"Guess I better go get Jane's sick friend before she gets lost." This
brought giggles all around the table, and Susan went to retrieve
Joellen/John. Inside the restroom, Susan heard someone throwing up in
one of the stalls, and suspected that it was John. She knocked on the
door and said, "Joellen, open the door, it's OK to come out now."

John unhooked the latch and then immediately spun around and threw up
again into the toilet. Susan held his head as his stomach emptied
into the fixture. Then wiped his mouth and held him for a minute
while his nerves calmed down. "I've never been so scared in all my
life," he whispered to Susan, his trembling body sending the same
message to the girl. "Let's get you cleaned up," she said, and guided
him to the sink where she repaired his face and stroked his back as he
drank some water to get the taste out of his mouth.

John/Joellen went back to the dining room together and when they got
to the table, the others were finished with their treats and Susan
told them of Joellen REALLY being sick, and that they should go home.
The girls paid their bills and walked back out of the store and up the
street to Susan's house. Along the way, several boys in passing cars
whistled at the group of pretty girls and gave them wolf calls. No
one recognized John or Jason and they made it back to the house almost

Back at the house, the girls noted that John still looked very queasy,
and Susan suggested that they put him to bed and let him recover. The
others agreed and Susan took him to her room and after undressing him
and washing the makeup from his face, put a baby doll nightgown on him
(which due to the difference in their sizes, came only down to his
navel) and had him get into the bed. Susan then sat with him,
stroking his forehead and body until he dropped off into a deep sleep.

In the living room, Jason was now alone with the other three girls,
who were excited at having publicly displayed the 'girls' and talked
about the experience. "Jane, how did it feel sitting in the dining
room with over 30 people present?" Tami asked. "Not much different
than that first night at Vicky's, when the boys came in," he replied.
"I knew I looked good, and if Pam and Tracy could not tell; I didn't
see any reason anyone else could," he added. "Then why did John get
so upset?" asked Lisa. Jason thought this over then responded.

"No one other than you girls had ever seen him dressed," the boy
conjectured, "and he knew the waitresses from school, and then there
was his brother coming in...and he looks like Vicky..." "Yes I see,"
Lisa said softly and nodded her head in understanding of the major
stress John must have gone through. Susan returned at this point and
Lisa looked up and asked, "Is he OK," with definite concern in her
voice. "He's asleep now," Susan responded, and sat down beside Lisa
and inconspicuously gave the girl's had a squeeze of confirmation.

The five of them spent the rest of the evening, just sitting around
and talking, and watching TV, like five young girls; it was as if they
accepted Jason in his Jane persona as one of them, and didn't realize
that he was a boy. That is, until it was time to go to bed.

Susan and Lisa had, by unspoken agreement, already made up their minds
that they were sleeping with John, no matter what! When the question
arose as to who was sleeping where, Lisa simply said, "I'm sleeping in
Susan's room." The tone of the statement made it clear that no
compromise was being offered, nor would any be accepted. Vicky and
Tami took note of this development, and just looked at each other;
gave little shrugs of their shoulders and Tami replied, "OK, Vicky and
I get Jane then." The decisions made, everyone got up and cleaned up
the mess from their evening snacks and proceeded to the various

Vicky and Tami took Jason to the master bedroom, and decided to shower
before going to bed. They undressed themselves, then stripped Jason
and giggling, took him into the big shower of Susan's parents bedroom.
They had Jason wash each of them, and he successfully fingered each to
an orgasm in the process. Then both went to work on his small body
and while Tami sucked on his breasts, Vicky gave his little pecker a
ball wrenching blowjob. When he came in Vicky's mouth, he was afraid
of possible repercussions, but she just smiled up at him and licked
her lips. They spent most of the night, with Jason between their
legs, licking and sucking the sweet clean pussies for all he was
worth. Early in the morning, when Tami was asleep, Vicky allowed
Jason to fuck her tight little cunt with his cock and the boy couldn't
believe his luck at getting to make love to this beautiful young
woman. He fell asleep still between her legs, with his exhausted body
entwined with her's and his head on her lovely breasts.

Lisa and Susan took separate showers, but both ended up flanking
John's sleeping form on the bed. They decided not to wake him and
just cuddled to him as they went to sleep in the warm comfort of
bodily contact. Four times during the night, however, John awoke to
find either a pussy impaled on his cock, or resting against his lips,
and he did his best to make the girls happy. From the feel of the
bodies, he knew he was sleeping with Susan and Lisa and even though he
couldn't see them.



Susan and Lisa awoke about 8:30 and while in the bathroom together,
Susan looked at the heavy mat of hair on Lisa's pubic mound and said,
"You know Lisa, I don't think John likes all that hair down there
(pointing to the other girl's pussy), he seems to be picking it out of
his teeth, every time he finishes you off." "Oh," said Lisa, "I had
no idea, he never SAID anything." "Well what did you expect? He's
our slave, remember?" "No problem, I'll just shave it off," the dark
haired girl offered. "Why don't you let HIM do it for you?" Susan
suggested. "THAT COULD BE INTERESTING!" Lisa responded, and
immediately went into the bedroom and returned with a sleepy John in

Lisa immediately sat on the edge of the bathtub and spread her legs
wide. John looked at the tender pussy before him and thought to
himself "God, not again, I sucked her off at least twice during the
night, not to mention fucking her." "Lisa, has a problem," Susan
said, "It seems she has too much hair on her pussy and would like you
to shave it for her," she continued, offering John a razor and can of
shaving cream.

John couldn't believe it! Here before his eyes was a beautiful young
girl with her legs spread so wide, her pussy was gaping open, wanting
him to shave her young cunt bald. "Please," was the only word Lisa
spoke, as she looked up at John and smiled coyly.

John took the razor and shaving cream from Susan's hands as well as a
warm wash cloth and a pair of scissors. As he knelt between Lisa's
thighs, Susan also set a bowel full of hot water on the floor beside
him, then stood back to watch the fun.

With his hands trembling, John slowly raked his fingers through the
heavy bush before him, this sent a tremor through Lisa's body, but she
said nothing. Using the scissors, John then carefully trimmed as much
hair from her snatch as he could. This brought her labia clearly into
view and John could see her love juice oozing from between the lips.
He then pressed the warm washcloth against her mound and let it rest
there for several seconds to soften the hair.

Spraying a large glob of shaving cream into his hand, John then
approached the lovely vision before him and gently applied it to her,
softly stroking, and massaging the cream into her pussy and the
juncture of her legs. Picking up the razor, John trembled and his
hands shook as he approached her tender skin. From behind him he
heard Susan's voice, "Easy, John don't cut her." "I won't," he
whispered and took a deep breath to calm his nerves before proceeding.
In short order, John had scraped her mound bare, leaving only the lips
yet to be shaved. Pulling the flesh taunt with his fingers, John
gently scraped the remaining hair from Lisa, who made it very hard by
thrusting her hips against his hand as he worked.

The work done, John again placed a warm washcloth against the now bare
little pussy, and gently pressed on it with his fingers. Susan, then
passed him a bottle of baby oil, and pouring some into his palm, he
smiled as he applied it to the naked female flesh. His oily fingers
glided over the smooth mound and dipped into the wet hole of her
womanhood, and John slowly fingered her clit and two fingers moved in
and out of her cunt. Lisa, pounded her pussy against his hand, then
exploded in an orgasm and fell forward against him. John just held
the girl and stroked her body as she clung to him trying to recover
her breath. With a sigh in her voice, Lisa said, "Thank you John,
that was very nice of you; you know of course that you'll have to do
this again every couple of weeks to keep it this way." This brought
chuckles from both girls and John grinned widely as his response.

Everyone else awoke about 10:00 a.m. with smiles on their faces and a
little tired from the night's activities, but no one mentioned having
sex during the night. Jason was dressed in a white with black trim
tank dress with a scooped neckline, and deep scoop in the back. This
dress was made out of a material similar to a T-Shirt he observed and
his enlarged nipples were clearly visible through the cloth in outline
form. A black leather belt was placed around his waist, which
highlighted his trim waist and made his small hips seem bigger. He
was given a pair of sandtone pantyhose to wear and Tami had to show
him how to put them on, as he had always worn stockings in the past.
Vicky did his hair and makeup and placed a pair of black high heels on
his feet with little black straps which buckled around his slim ankles
and had open toes. When Jason looked at himself in the mirror, he
almost came, when he saw that the back scoop went clear down to the
belt line and that the narrow shoulder straps showed off his back,
shoulders and arms.

John was provided with a white denim mini-skirt by his sister, which
had dark blue flowers scattered over it and zipped up the back. This
was placed on over a red chemise, and black high cut nylon panties,
and off-white pantyhose. The blouse was made of red rayon and had
full length sleeves and a collar which tied into a big bow below his
chin. Bright red flats with red bows on the toes completed the
outfit. John was bra-less and could see his breasts jiggle under the
sheer fabric of the blouse when he moved, and the feel of the smooth
fabric caused his nipples to erect, press outward and remain that way.
His hair and makeup were done up by the girls and he was happy with
the results.

Assembled in the dining room, Vicky announced, "I don't feel like
cooking, let go back down to Friendly's Ice Cream and have breakfast
there." Susan who was holding John's arm, felt the shiver pass
through the boy's body and started to object, when the others headed
out the door. Looking up at John, she uttered softly, "It'll be OK
John, I'll make sure of it."

With John still trembling, Susan and John walked 10-15 feet behind the
others as they moved down the street. John was scared to death, it
was broad daylight and the streets were full of people coming and
going from church. "At least," he thought, "They didn't decide to
take me to a church full of people!" When they arrived at Friendly's,
the place was packed, and the girls had to wait in line by the cash
register for a table big enough for six to open. John noted that the
group of good looking girls received many appreciative glances and a
couple of leers from passing men and boys moving about the restaurant.

Finally, they were seated and when the waitress came to take their
orders, John noted that it was again a girl he knew from school; a
pretty, tall blonde named Debbie, who sat beside him in several
classes. "This must be your cousin from out of state," Debbie said to
Vicky, then looked at John/Joellen and said, "I heard you weren't
feeling well last night, hope you're feeling better today," with
smile. John/Joellen turned red, and softly replied, "Yes much better,
thank you," returning the girl's smile, as he realized that she did
not recognized the boy who sat beside her in class.

They got their food and ate without anyone noticing that two of the
four were boys. At one point, however, Susan leaned over and
whispered to John to close his legs, as a young boy seated down the
aisle was looking up his skirt. John turned beet red and quickly
pressed his knees together, "little lecher," he thought, and scowled
at the boy.

John was much more confident as they walked home and when they arrived
the girls treated him as if one of themselves. Everyone packed up,
since Susan's parents were due home within two hours and John and
Jason reluctantly returned to boys clothing.

As things progressed over the next year, the girls met daily with the
boys at Jason's house after school. Everything continued as it had
with only a few minor exceptions. Vicky continued the boys on the
hormone therapy, and now both sported breasts just under "B" cup size,
which jiggled, bounced, and swayed like real women's breasts. Worthy
of note was that Jason's little cock grew dramatically (Vicky claimed
this was due to all the exercise it was getting) to a point where it
reached 5" when erect and was almost as big as John's. Neither, boy
developed hair on their faces, even though John should have had a
light beard by his current age of 17. The boy's bodies had rounded
somewhat and from any angle other than looking at their crotches, they
looked like girls.

The girls had grown also, and little Susan now filled an "A" cup bra
and her straight as an arrow body was showing signs of womanhood.
Vicky was now taller than her older brother, having added an inch to
her height while he stayed the same, and now filled a "B" cup bra
nicely. Tami and Lisa now both pushed towards size "C" bras and their
hips had widened in a satisfying manner. John was a Junior in
high school now and no longer had to take gym. This solved a major
problem for him as he realized that if the other boys saw him naked,
he would be raped on the spot. Jason, however, was only in 7th grade,
and fortunately his gym class was the last one of the day. The other
boys had always made fun of him and tended to avoid him so he was able
to make it undetected by binding his breasts with ace bandages and
always wearing loose fitting sweatshirts. He never took showers at
school, but went home directly after class. Swimming was out of the
question for both boys as they could no longer appear in public
wearing boy's swim suits.

During the summer, the girls had all day to play with the boys, and
often took them into town dressed on shopping excursions. This
involved them going from store to store trying on many beautiful dress
and outfits, some of which they even bought for the boys. Both boys
became comfortable in public and were able to pass unnoticed other
than by stares of appreciation from young boys and men.

All the girls were now engaging in regular sex with the boys and had
taken all the necessary precautions to avoid pregnancy. Even Vicky
was openly fucking her brother.




One day during the Fall at Jason's house, while the boys were dressed
in their now usual type attire (as girls), Jason's mother suddenly
walked in the door and discovered 6 girls in her living room, where
her son should have been. "Where's Jason!" she demanded, thinking of
beating his young behind for leaving this many girls in her house
unattended. She had known for years, that the neighborhood girls came
to her house after school and played board games or studied with her
son while he babysat for his infant brother. "I said, WHERE IS
JASON?" she demanded of the girls.

Storming off down the hall, thinking her son might be in the baby's
room, she searched every room before returning. "OK, now I've had
it, WHERE IN THE HELL IS MY SON?" Jason had never heard his mother
swear and knew that she was madder than he had ever seen her before.
"Here Mom," said one of the girls, who then got up from her chair and
walked towards the woman. "What the HELL are you talking about,"
sputtered his mother, and Jason shaking replied, "I said, I'm right
here Mother."

Frozen in her tracks, the woman slowly looked this pretty girl over
from head to toe and thought that she was very attractive for her age.
Then looking closer into the eyes, it suddenly dawned on her that this
girl was indeed her son. Struck as if by lightning, this realization
took her breath away and she fainted backwards into the recliner chair
behind her.

The other girls helped Jason move his mother into a comfortable
position in the chair. Jason then turned to the group and said, "You
better leave now, when she comes to, I'm going to have to explain ....
And it might be better if we were alone." The girls didn't
want to leave him alone to face his mother, but eventually he
convinced them that it would be better that way. They gathered their
things and left, John still attired as a girl along with the others.

Jason's mother awoke to find the pretty young girl looking down at her
with a look of deep concern on her face. "I...I, don't understand,"
she whimpered to her son, who stroked her forehead with his small
hand. "Mom," he started, "I've always been smaller and weaker than
the other boys, and have always played with the girls in the
neighborhood," he continued. "About two years ago, when we were
playing dressup, I dressed as a girl, and liked the feel of all the
soft things girls get to wear." "I've gotten dressed up every chance
I've had since then, because I like the way I look as a girl and I'm
only happy when I'm dressed as one." "Oh, my poor little boy," his
mother cried, and taking his face in her hands kissed him, then hugged
him to her body.

Pressing her body against Jason's she could feel the swell of his
breasts and slowly slid her hand up and encompassed his left breast,
squeezed, and probed with her fingers. "They feel real," she
observed, "They are," Jason whispered. Leading his mother to his
bedroom, Jason undressed in front of her, something he had not done in
several years. His mother gasped when his breasts came into view and
looked over his hairless body from head to toe. Had it not been for
that nice little cock and set of balls dangling between his legs, she
would have thought that she was looking at a very lovely young lady.

Sitting down beside his mother on the edge of the bed, Jason's breasts
heaved as he breathed rapidly under her gaze. Again reaching out with
her hand, his mother caressed a breast, this caused Jason to suck in a
quick breath as his tender breasts were very sensitive to touch. "But
how?" she asked, and Jason explained he had been taking hormone pills
for over a year. He told her he had stolen them from Vicky's mother
and left out all references to anyone else being involved in his
transformation, in anyway. "But the other girls..." she said, and
before she could get the sentence out, he replied. "Accept me as a
girl, and call me Jane, and treat me like they do one another. I'm
HAPPY with that arrangement Mom, I Don't want to be a boy anymore."

Still shaky from this most dramatic of shocks, Jason's mother looked
deep into her son's eyes and knew that he was telling her the truth.
Jason had never been able to lie to her and she knew in her heart that
he was not lying now. "Is that what you really want?" she asked,
still looking deeply into his eyes. "Yes Mother, I want to become a
girl, and live my life as a woman," he softly but firmly replied.
"Then, I'll help you," she said, "But I don't know how your father
will take all this." Jason leaned forward and gently kissed his
mother on the cheek, then lightly on the mouth and said, "Thanks Mom,
I knew I could count on you."

Jason was instructed to get dressed again as he had been when his
mother came home. Wearing a cute little plaid pattered dress with a
wide white stiff collar which framed his small neck. The dress, came
to about 6" above his knees, and it was complemented by a white ribbon
type belt which was tied in a large bow at the small of his back. His
legs were covered by white pantyhose, and he wore black patent
'MaryJane' style shoes which buckled across the top of his foot.
Small pearl barrettes were holding his hair back from his lovely young
face and his eyes showed signs of mascara and eyeliner to set them
off. Told to stay in his room, while his mother broke the news of
their new daughter to his father, Jason trembled in fear at what his
dad's reaction would be.

Jason's mother being a nurse helped when she explained the situation
to his father, since she knew all the terms which applied to this
situation. Later, she also knew what had to be done to make her son
happy. She was bound and determined that he would get what he wanted,
the boy had suffered enough during his short life.

Jason thought that the explosion which erupted when his mother
delivered the news of their new daughter to his father should have
been heard around the world, it was that loud. "Are you telling me my
son's a FUCKING FAG?," his father screamed at the top of his voice.
"No, your son is a Transsexual," his mother calmly replied, "that's
someone who's mind is trapped in the body of the opposite sex," she
continued. "I'll fucking kill the little faggot," his father
retorted, "NO son of mine could be one of those wimpy assed faggot
sissies," he further declared. "Calm down," his mother said, "There's
nothing we can do about it except try to help him and be supportive,"
she continued. "I'll KILL HIM!" his father said as he charged for the
boy's room.

Within seconds, Jason heard his father charging down the hall, and
sitting on the edge of his bed with his hands folded primly in his
lap, he sat and waited for him to arrive. The door burst open and
slammed into the wall so hard it knocked a bookshelf loose and the
items on in crashed to the floor. His father stood in the doorway,
with his feet firmly planted and the meanest look on his face, Jason
had ever seen. His father looked him over, and before he could say
anything, his mother said, "Bill, meet your daughter Jane." With all
the strength he could muster, Jason formed a small innocent smile on
his face and said softly, "Hi Dad."

Jason's father wheeled on his heels and ran down the hallway trying to
escape the sight he had just seen. "I don't fucking believe it," he
said, "You work your ass off to provide for your family, and out of
nowhere, your son turns into a faggot....I just don't fucking believe
it...and I just can't take it anymore." Turning to his wife, he said,
"Janet, I can't handle this, I've got to leave, and I'll probably not
ever come back...I'm sorry...that's just the way it has to be." He
had tears streaming down his face as he delivered his verdict, and
immediately turned on his heel and walked out the door. Jason had
been watching this interchange from the hallway and ran to his mother
and hugged her as hard as he could.

Both of them wept and held on tightly, comforting each other in the
aftershock of the confrontation. "We better go to bed now," his
mother said as she released her son/daughter, "I can't take anymore
tonight." "We'll need to have a long talk in the morning." With
that, both staggered on unsteady feet to their respective bedrooms and
retired for the night.

The next morning, Jason put on only a robe, and went to the kitchen
where he found his mother sitting at the small table they used for
breakfast and lunch, drinking coffee. She looked up at her
son/daughter and said, "Well Jane, we have lots of plans to make, and
things to do." Jason thrilled at his mother's use of his female name
and sat down at the table. "But what about Dad?" Jason asked, "We'll
probably never see that son-of-a-bitch again," she growled. Jason
decided to exercise discretion and drop the subject of his father.

"Jane, do you understand what has to be done, in order for you to
become a girl?" "Well not exactly," he replied. "Well, you're part way
there with the hormones you've been taking and your skill at dressing
the part." Then continuing as if lecturing to a class; "You will have
to undergo two operations, in the first they will castrate you, that
is to say, remove your testicles. In then second, they will create, a
vagina for you by basically reversing your penis into a cavity inside
your body. It's much more complicated than that, but I don't think
you would understand if I gave a technical explanation." "Yes
Mother," Jason whispered his reply.

The first part we can get done locally, I know a woman doctor who owes
me a favor or two and she can do it in her office on an outpatient
basis. If you're serious, I'll set up an appointment for you, yet this
week. Once, the first operation is done, Jane, you will have to take
hormones from there on out, you can never quit, do you understand
that." "Yes, Mother please make the arrangements," he whispered.

The second operation will have to be done somewhere else, there's no
hospital in this area that does it. Doctor Price, should be able to
make the arrangements however." "But that's not the real problem Jane,
that operation is VERY expensive, and I don't know how I'll pay for
it, especially since your father is gone." "We can't afford to move,"
she continued as if talking to herself, "so you'll have go return to
the same school system, as a girl...I should be able to get them to
transfer you to a different school and change your records to reflect
your changed sex; that's the best I can do for you baby." The last
word was uttered with such love, that Jason could not restrain himself
and moved around the table and hugged his mother and kissed her and
held her to him. "Thank you Mother, I'll try to make you proud of
me." was all he could say, except when he added, "I love you Mom," and
kissed her again.

>From that point, things moved very quickly, his mother called the
school and told them that Jason was sick and would be off for a week.
She then called Dr. Price and explained the situation, an appointment
was made for that afternoon, and Jason and his mother filled the
inbetween hours shopping for additional girls clothing for him to

At 3:00 they arrived at Dr. Price's office, Jason/Jane fully dressed
as a girl, and when the Doctor looked her/him over, she smiled and
told Jason he would make a wonderful young lady. Soon, Jason found
himself laying on his back on a OB-GYN table, with his feet held in
straps that felt like stirrups his legs were spread wide and he felt
very vulnerable in this position. His mother had put on an operating
gown and mask and was assisting the Doctor with the procedure. The
doctor gave him a local anesthetic and told him it would all be over
before he knew it. Other than feeling some pressure every now and
then, Jason felt nothing after the needle puncture the doctor had used
when giving him the local. "All done, Jane," the Doctor said after
removing her mask and both the Doctor and his mother smiled at the
youngster. Dr. Price, then handed Jane a 90 day supply of hormone
pills, with her very own name printed on the label and told her mother
that she would be in touch about the second operation.

You're going to be sore down there for a couple of weeks, the Doctor
advised Jane, and when you're ready, your mother will remove the
stitches. Be very careful not to tear them open, and keep yourself
very clean so you don't get infected. "Yes Doctor," Jane replied and
was lead out the door by his/her mother. As he/she walked, Jason
could feel the rubbing of the bandage taped onto his crotch, but did
not feel the normal jiggle of his balls. Without seeing himself, he
knew that all that remained of them was an empty sack of loose skin,
between his legs.

Jason/Jane remained at home in bed for the next several days, until
the swelling went down in his groin. It didn't hurt much, the pain
pills he had been given had taken care of that. But every time he
moved, it felt like something was missing; he knew what was missing of
course, but his mind and body had not both reached that conclusion as
yet. Jason returned to school the following week, and continued as
though nothing was different.

His mother and the Dr. Price had made arrangements for him to go to
New Mexico for the second operation. He would be staying with Dr.
Price's younger sister during the procedures so his mother could save
at least some of the expense. Since he would be gone for about six
months, his mother had decided to wait until the end of the current
school term in December, and had arranged for tutoring for him in New

When he returned to school John and the girls asked him what had
happened after they left, and he filled them in on all of the details,
not only of the bad scene with his father, but the medical procedures
he was undergoing. When Jason told John he had been castrated, John
recoiled in shock and couldn't believe the boy would consent to such
an operation. "I wanted it," Jason told him and explained why. At
the end of the explanation, John gave the boy a hug, and he didn't
care who saw it. In a month Jason departed, and all of them knew that
when he returned, it would be as Jane; forever.




John and the girls continued as before, the only differences being
that Jason was now gone, and John had to keep all four girls satisfied
by himself. Another change was that they were no longer able to use
Jason's house, as his mother had sold it and moved to an apartment.
They rotated among the other houses as available, but had to avoid
John and Vicky's due to Mike and his buddies always running in and

John had successfully avoided his younger brother seeing him for
almost two years, and had become complacent about the problem this
might pose. One day as he was taking his morning shower, Mike came
into the bathroom and opened the shower door. Mike in his athlete's
macho type outlook had thought nothing wrong about sharing a shower
with his older brother.

However, when he opened the door, he saw Vicky standing with her back
to him under the spray of the shower. Apparently, Vicky who was
washing her hair, had not heard her brother enter the room, nor open
the shower door, so Mike just stood there checking out his sister's
fine little ass and sleek backside in general.

After several minutes of watching his sister's breasts bob about as
her hands worked the shampoo into her hair, Mike decided to offer her
a hand. "Hey Sis, Need some help with that?" he suggested. The girl
in the shower gave a little yelp and immediately tried to cover
herself, crossing her right arm across her full breasts and her left
hand shot down to her crotch. John was afraid to answer Mike, in that
it was obvious Mike thought he was Vicky, so he just huddled into the
corner of the shower and trying to imitate Vicky's voice, told him to
"Get out!" "OK, if that's what you want, but if you don't want to
give John and me a show, you shouldn't use our shower," the boy
observed and then stepped back and closed the shower door.

Mike took a piss as he waited for his sister to complete her shower,
and soon, he saw her extract the towel from over top of the shower
wall. John wrapped the towel around him like girls do covering his
tits and crotch, and hoped he could keep up the deception long enough
to escape from the bathroom. When he exited the shower stall, he
dashed behind his younger brother who was standing at the sink
completely naked, Mike saw Vicky passing behind him and reached back
and gave her a pat on the ass as she went by, "See you Sis," he

As Vicky opened the door, Mike did a double take. Out in the hallway
was another Vicky wearing a long robe. "Just a fucking minute!" Mike
bellowed, and both Vicky and John froze in their tracks. "What the
fuck is going on here?" Mike screamed, and both turned to face him in
the hallway. Mike, standing nude in the hallway, looked from one girl
to the other and could not decide which was his Sister. They looked
like twins, the only obvious difference being at this point, one was
wet and the other dry. Mike grabbed both of them by an arm and drug
them down the hall to Vicky's room where he roughly shoved them

Standing guard inside the door, Mike had his legs spread wide, and his
arms crossed over his muscular chest, his long cock dangling between
his legs. "Would you two care to explain to me what the hell is going
down here," he asked. Vicky responded almost innocently, "What do you
mean Mike?" "Well let me outline it for you then," Mike replied in a
whiny voice. I go into the bathroom to take a shower and there find
this Vicky (Pointing to John) in the shower washing her hair, with her
tits bobbing and ass wiggling in my face. Then just as she is about
to leave, I see another Vicky in the hallway outside; now doesn't that
seem strange to you?"

"This is a simple case of misidentification," offered Vicky, "I'm
Vicky, and this is John." "No fucking way," replied Mike, "I saw
those tits and they were real!" "Of course they are real you dummy,
here see for yourself," whereupon she moved over to John and pulled
the towel he was clutching, down below his breasts. "Feel them if you
want," Vicky offered, and Mike crossed over and did just that. "But
you have tits too," Mike advanced, "Of course I do, I'm a girl
stupid." Vicky then lowered the robe from her shoulders and presented
Mike with her luscious breasts, which he immediately fondled with his
free hand. "But...But..." Mike tried.

Seeing that only full disclosure would satisfy her brother, Vicky
dropped the robe to the floor, then pulled the towel away from John so
that they now stood side by side naked. Identical, except for the


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Dominated by Young Girls -- Part 7
author unknown


fact that one had a cock and the other a pussy. Still holding
each by a breast, Mike was at a loss for words, he just kept mumbling to
himself, "I don't fucking believe it." Vicky reached out and stroked
Mike's cock which was already half erect. Meanwhile, she told Mike,
that John was a Sissy Boy and her slave, and that she had feminized
him in order to subjugate him.

Mike was now fully erect, and John couldn't believe the size of it; it
had to be at least 8" long and 2 1/2" in diameter, and his balls were
huge hanging down between his legs. "Mike, I'll make you an offer,
but only if you promise to keep this our secret." "John is my slave,
but I share him with three other girls; I'll also share him with you,
but you must never tell anyone about it, nor give him away; do you
understand?" "I understand," Mike replied, "but what can he do for
me?" "Well why don't we have him give this big thick cock a good
blowjob for starters," Vicky suggested. "Yes," was all Mike said as
he pulled John by the tit towards the edge of the bed where he sat

His brother outweighed him by more than 65 pounds and had muscles like
steel, John knew he had no alternative but to perform as directed or
his younger brother would beat the living shit out him. Resigned to
his fate, John knelt between his brothers legs, and rested his arms on
Mike's big hard thighs. Then he proceeded to give Mike the best blowjob
the young man had ever had, until he was drinking the copious jets of
sperm which ricocheted off the back of his mouth and ran down his
throat. Grabbing John by the hair, Vicky pulled him around and shoved
his head down so that his ass was displayed to Mike.

"Joellen also has a nice little pussy-ass, see here Mike," and she
stroked John's ass and thighs in invitation to her other brother.
Throughout this, Vicky was thinking to herself, "As long as he's
fucking Joellen, he won't be coming after me!" "Yes," said Mike, who
moved into position behind this beautiful creature, and Vicky handed
him a tube of K-Y, which he used on himself and spread some on the
little hole before him.

Without any warmup, Mike took hold of John's hips and shoved in one
continuous stroke until he was buried to the hilt. "God, she feels
good," exclaimed Mike as he started to stroke in and out of John's
ass, thrusting with all his might on each stroke. "I've never felt a
cunt THIS tight," Mike added as he continued his attack on the smooth
ass in which he was impaled. It only took Mike about 25 strokes to
come again, and when he did, he fell backwards against the bed, while
John fell forward onto his stomach. Vicky quickly arrived and washed
Mike's cock of the residue from his lovemaking. "Is it a deal?" asked
Vicky, "You bet," replied Mike, "No one but us will ever know."

Every day thereafter, Mike would require John to shower with him, and
either provide a blowjob in the shower, or when he was soaped up would
fuck his boy/girl brother's pussy-ass. When Mike arrived home in the
evening, it was usually another blowjob and either a blowjob or fuck
before going to sleep. Vicky knew that Mike was getting it at least
once per day and that was fine with her. It kept her middle brother
occupied and did not interfere with her activities in any way. John
however, felt abused, and came to hate even the sight of his brother
and looked for a way out. This continued for another year, during
which time Jane returned to town and assumed her new identity.

The first time, he saw Jane, John rushed to her and hugged her little
body to him, kissing her and acting as if she had been gone for years,
rather than 6 months. Jane knew that something was wrong and the two
of them took a walk in the park down the street from Jason's old
house. "God I missed you," John cried as he stroked the shoulders of
the young girl. "What's wrong John?," Jane asked in a most direct
manner. The door opened, it all came rushing out, how Mike had
discovered him, and then Vicky gave him to Mike to use, and the
continual sexual abuse he had to endure. John was weeping heavily by
the end and Jane cradled his head against her breasts and slowly
rocked him, while stroking his back, shoulders, and neck.

It was obvious to Jane that the other girls had failed to protect John
from his brother and sister, and that something had to be done quickly,
or John would end up in a mental hospital. After comforting John as
best she could, Jane called Susan, Lisa, and Tami and arranged a
meeting. Jane told the girls what was going on, and they were
shocked. Vicky had told them nothing about Mike, and John had been
ordered not to say anything to the other girls about Mike using him.
The more they talked about it, the madder the girls became; and vowed
to do what they could to rescue John from his siblings.

The following month, John graduated from high school, and got a job as
a clerk in a store for the summer. He hoped to save enough money, so
that he could leave home and move away from his tormenters.

When he came home one evening, he found Mike and seven of his buddies,
sitting around the living room drinking beer. Mike and his friends
were drunk, loud, and swearing up a storm; John skirted their party
and went to his room, hoping to avoid his drunk brother. The talk
among the drinkers soon turned to sex and Mike boasted that he was
getting it every day. "Bullshit," one of his friends replied. This
got Mike mad, and he swore it was true; the other refused to believe

In a rage, Mike stormed out of the room, and went to John's door.
"Joellen, come out here please," Mike said. Getting no response, he
pounded on the door and said, "Joellen, get your fucking cunt ass out
here right now!" John, had heard his brother and knew he was drunk
and was afraid, Mike might hurt him, so he stayed in his room, with
the door locked and hid. Hoping Mike would tire and go away.

After several more minutes of yelling and pounding on the door, Mike
became frustrated and stepping back, charged the door with his
shoulder, backed by his 195 lb. frame. On the second charge, the lock
mechanism tore out of the door frame, and the molding shattered and
threw splinters all over the room. "Where are little pussy
wimp," Mike bellowed and seeing his brother, grabbed him by the hair
and drug him back to the living room.

Changing his hold so that he held John in a hammer lock with his left
hand almost raised over his shoulder. Mike tore the front of John's
shirt away, now the other boys could see his breasts encased in a
white satin bra. Grabbing the bra between John's breasts, Mike tore
the garment from his body, fully exposing his breasts to the assembled
boys. "This is where I get my daily sex," Mike proclaimed
triumphantly, "This is my pussy-assed brother, Joellen." The boys
couldn't believe their eyes and several reached out at touched the
breasts to assure themselves that they were real. "I don't believe
it...It MUST be Vicky..." was heard around the room. "Not Vicky,"
Mike screamed, "Vicky's and My sex slave!"

To convince the boys, Mike used his free hand and tore the pants John
was wearing off of his body, then grabbed the lace panties and tore
them off also, fully exposing his brother to the group. John was
crying, and the only word which he could make come out of his mouth,
was "No!" Mike threw John to the floor and told the other to hold him,
which several seemed eager to do. Mike was placed on his hand and
knees with his breasts hanging down. A couple of the boys reached
under and grabbed his breasts, squeazing them and pinching them. John
cried, and continued to say, "No..No..No!" While the other boys held
John in place, Mike dropped his pants and got into position behind his
brother, and without any lubrication, shoved his hard cock full length
into John's ass, "Arghhh, Ahhhh, Arghhh," John cried, but to no avail.

Almost immediately, John's crys were silenced by a cock in his mouth
and the two boys now pumped him from both ends simutaniously. John
lost count of how many cocks he sucked or had up his poor ass, but was
sure that each of the eight boys came at least 2 or 3 time apiece.
John's body was covered with cum, where boys waiting for their turn at
either his mouth or ass had jacked themselves off and sprayed their
juice onto his body. After what seemed like hours, the boys finally
gave out and released their holds on his beaten and abused body. John
collapsed on the floor and passed out, every muscle in his body
feeling damaged and exhausted.

Later that night, Vicky, Susan and Jane entered the house returning
from a movie. When they entered the living room, they found Mike
passed out on a chair, with his pants and underpants both down around
his ankles. John was laying on the floor unconscience, with blood
trickles running from his mouth and asshole; large bruses were visable
on his hips, breasts, and arms; as well as red marks all over him, and
his body covered with cum. Susan and Jane immediately rushed to John
and determined that he was still alive although badly beaten and
apparently had be raped multiple times, both analy and orally. Jane
gathered John into her arms and gently held him, while Susan wheeled
on Vicky and unleashed her rage. "You FUCKING BITCH! This is all YOUR
FAULT." Vicky seeing the rage on the younger girl's face, started
backing away and then tripped over Mike's leg and fell backwards onto
the floor.

Susan leapt onto her chest and sitting stradling Vicky's body, punched
her face and body until she was unable to swing her arms anymore.
Then grabbed her hair, and slamming Vicky's head into the floor,
yelled, "You fucking cunt, this is all your fault, You knew this would
happen when you let Mike at him." Vicky was unable to respond, and
shortly passed out. Getting up from the inert body, Susan went to
where Mike was sprawled, and pulled him down to the floor, then
viciously kicked him in the balls, until blood was trickling from his
groin where the soles of her shoes had cut him. "Mother Fucker won't
be getting THAT up for a while," she muttered to herself.

Susan and Jane half drug, half carried John to Vicky's bedroom where
they clean him and tried to determine the extent of injuries. Susan
got a suitcase out of Vicky's closet and packed as many of Vicky's
clothes as she could into it. Then went down to the living room and
got both Mike and Vicky's wallets and put all of the money and credit
cards into Vicky's purse, including all of Vicky's I.D. Cards and
birth certificate.

They then dressed John and took him in his car to Jane's mother's
appartment. The girls were afraid, John had suffered serious internal
injuries due to the blood coming from his anal opening. Jane
explained to her mother what had happened and the woman immediately
stripped John and checked him for injury. The nurse marveled at the
well developed breasts this boy had, then remembered her
son/daughter's previous development and wondered if there was some
connection. "We can get to that later," she thought as she gently
opened the boy's ass with her fingers, looking into him with a
flashlight, inspecting for damage. "He's definately been raped,"
she reported to the girls, "and from the looks of it a number of
times." "He's pretty badly brused and battered, but I don't see any
permanent injuries, nor anything that won't repair itself, given time
and some aspirin." The girls were relieved at the news and relaxed a
little. "Oh God," cried Susan, "What about Susan and Mike," she said
thinking of how badly she had beaten them. "Fuck them," replied Jane,
"They did this to John, They deserved it!" Jane's mother scowled at
the use of profanity, then considered the circumstances and let it go

"How bad are these others?" Jane's mother queried, "Not bad enough,"
responded Susan, and "Pretty bad Mom," said Jane. "Jane, if they are
that bad, I want you to go to a pay phone and call 9-1-1," directed
her mother. "Why not call from here?" asked Jane. "Because they
can't trace the call to here if you make it from a pay phone stupid,"
her mother growled. Jane made the call as directed and then hid
John's car in the garage which came with the appartment and parked her
mother's car on the street. They then carried John to Jane's bed and
gently laid him out for a well deserved and needed rest. "Back to the
kitchen, you two...We need to talk."




"Now what's this all about...How did he get that way...What's going on
here..." Jane's mother asked. As they sat around the kitchen table,
Jane and Susan told the whole story (leaving out only a sex act or two
like the fist fucking) from beginning to end. Then told her how John
had been given by his sister to their brother to use as a sex slave,
and how they had found him tonight after the apparent gang rape. How
Susan in a rage had badly beaten Vicky, then kicked Mike in the groin
until blood ran from his balls and then returned here with John in the
condition she had seen him.

"I see," said Jane's mother with a raised eyebrow concerning the sex
and sex slave disclosures; "These kids are into stuff we never even
thought about," she thought to herself. "Well first things first,"
she declared, "We will have to get John out of town, he'll be safe
here until he recovers, but after that rape, he can't live in this
city with any assurance of safety."

Regarding Susan's problem, "Sue, you could be charged with several
felonies, from what you say happened, although I doubt that Vicky and
Mike's parents would want all this sex stuff to come out in a court of
law." "In all probability, they will hush it up if they know about
what happened, in particular the gang rape of John." "I would suggest
that we send them an anonymous letter, telling them about this sex
slave stuff and the gang rape and see what happens."

They proceeded as planned with John staying with Jane and her mother
for several days until recovered from the brutal attack. Then one day
while Jane, Susan and John were eating breakfast, Susan posed the
question they had all been avoiding. "John, what are you going to do
now?" "I'm not sure," he replied with eyes downcast, "Your mother and
I discussed it, and I know I have to leave town." "The question, is
where will I go, what I will do...How I will live..." he almost cried.
(At his point they didn't know that no police investigation was being
conducted into the events at his house the week before.)

Susan went into the bedroom and returned with Vicky's purse which she
had stolen the night of the rape and packed in the bag along with the
clothing. Looking through it, she discovered a driver's license, birth
certificate, two gasoline company credit cards and various
miscellaneous papers that one would expect to find in a young woman's
purse. These included: library card, club membership cards, pictures
of boys, papers with telephone numbers, etc.; as well as an assortment
of combs, hair devices, cosmetics, etc. and $132.00 cash. Susan also
threw the $46.00 she had removed from Mike's wallet on the table and
then considered alternatives. Looking over the stuff spread on the
table, Susan offered a proposal.

"John, you're probably going to think I'm crazy, but listen to the
whole thing before you make a decision." Picking up Vicky's driver's
license and laying it in front of Jane and John she continued. "When
you are dressed, you and Vicky look like twins, even your own brother
couldn't tell you apart." "NO ONE is looking for Vicky!" "I think
you should assume Vicky's identity, at least until any trouble with
the police blows over."

John, considered the proposal and asked for more details. "Well, I
stashed your car down in the garage, and ...Do you have any money in
the bank? You do?...Where is your passbook, checkbook, or Automatic
Teller Card?" John advised that his checkbook and ATM card were in
the top drawer of his dresser at home; but how would he get them? At
this point Jane chimed in, "I'll get Tami and Lisa to go with me to
visit Vicky, I heard she is back home," then pausing to think for a
minute, "I don't think Susan should go, Vicky knows who beat her up
and we might have another fight." Jane then outlined the plan, which
was for Tami and Lisa to visit in Vicky's room, while Jane slipped
next door in John's room and obtained the needed financial materials.
They should be in and out in only a couple of minutes.

Jane contacted the other girls and told them what she needed to do.
That afternoon, they went to the house and were relieved when they
found that neither of Vicky's parents were home. While Tami and Lisa
talked to Vicky, Jane got the checkbook, ATM card, and John's billfold
and then joined them as if just then coming into the house. Over the
next 3 days John used the ATM card and withdrew the maximum allowed
per day from his accounts and now had an additional $600 in cash,
which gave him a total of $778. He still had another $1200 in his
savings account that he had been saving for college tuition and
transferred all of that to his checking account.

John had to leave and he knew it. Packing his bag with the women's
clothing Susan had swiped from his sister, and dressed as required for
his cover as Vicky, he told the girls who were all assembled at Jane's
apartment the next morning that "today was the day." The next 45
minutes were filled with tears, many hugs, and promises to keep in
touch through Jane. When he finally got into his car and left,
everyone was crying including himself and the girls were holding each
other trying to comfort one another. At this point, John and the
girls all realized that they REALLY loved each other. They had bonded
over the past two and one half years closer than any man and wife they
knew of.

John drove to the next town and stopped at a "Goodwill" used clothing
store and bought a single set of man's clothes into which he changed
at a gas station restroom. He then drove to a used car lot and traded
his Ford for a VW 'Bug' which he told them to title in his sister's
name as he was going to give it to her as a gift. This transaction
only cost him the tax and title fees, since he was 'trading down' in
value. John left driving a different car, which legally belonged to
Victoria J. Henderson (Vicky's legal name). That evening and some 600
miles from home, John got a motel room and after throwing away the
man's shirt and trousers he had purchased to make the car deal, went
to bed wearing one of his sister's frilly nightgowns.

Now moving as Victoria, he continued driving until he arrived at a
medium sized college town in Indiana, where he decided to try and make
a go of it. He got a job at minimum wage, as a waitress at a small
restaurant near the college and rented a room in a rooming house until
he could find an apartment. Using a check drawn on the account of
John Henderson, 'Victoria Henderson' opened a new checking account
with a beginning balance of $1200; John then destroyed his remaining
checks from the old account and sent a letter to the bank with his ATM
card enclosed, telling them to close out his accounts.

John/'Victoria' worked at the restaurant for about three weeks in the
evenings. Every night some college boy would pat or pinch him/her on
the ass or try to feel up her leg when she had her hands full of
dishes. Having had enough of it, John quit that job and tried to find
one in sales. The problem was that all of the big stores wanted to
see his/her high school diploma or had policies against hiring 17 year
old girls (Vicky's current age). His funds started running lower and
he knew he had to find a job or give up the role of 'Victoria', but he
still thought the police might be looking for him so he dared not
return to being John.

One day when he was walking from one job interview (he had sold the
car to raise cash), he passed a storefront only a block from the
campus, which had two things which caught his eye. First, it was a
'Consignment Sales' store which dealt in used women's and 'Vintage'
clothing; this was good used clothing which the owner's had out grown
or for whatever reason, no longer wanted. The second, was a "HELP
WANTED" sign in the window. John decided to go in and look around,
maybe even try for the job. "After all," he thought, "the worst they
can say is NO," and it seemed he had been hearing that a lot lately.

Inside, John found rack after rack of beautiful gowns, and dresses and
entire section devoted to "turn of the century" high fashion clothing
as well as other sections having clothing from the 20's, 30's, WW II
period, 50's and early 60's. The Lingerie section was like a fantasy
palace, with every imaginable type of women's undergarments from
corsets to girdles, 50 kinds of bras, slips, petticoats, and
nightgowns from baby doll to floor length.

The store was relatively small but packed solid from wall to wall.
"May I help you," said a small voice from behind him/her. "This store
is fantastic!" replied John as he turned to face a small elderly woman
who he was later to learn was the owner. "Why, thank you young lady,"
the woman replied, "I try to keep only the best in my stock." "But
where do you get it all?" Victoria/John asked, "Faculty wives for much
of it...and some from other dealers...most just from ordinary women in
town who either can't wear it or are tired of it," the little woman
responded with a wide smile on her face. "It's just wonderful," John
said as he appraised the woman with whom he was speaking. She was in
her upper 70's he guessed and very tiny, only about 4'10", a very
grandmotherly look surrounded her.

"I...I was wondering about the job?," John asked pointing to the sign
in the window. "Oh yes," she said, "I've been looking for someone to
help me with the store. As you can tell, I'm getting old and I can't
do it all myself anymore." "It has to be someone special," she
continued, then "Oh I'm sorry...I'm Mrs. Roberts, I own this store."
"My husband used to be Dean over at the college and after he died,
well I just kept it open to keep myself busy." The woman looked at
John/Victoria and he could tell that she was evaluating the young
woman before her. "What is your name child," the woman asked,
"Victoria," John replied.

"What a beautiful name,...I'm so glad you don't butcher it like most
of these young girls and call yourself 'Vicky' or some such." "I was
named after my Grandmother," John replied, "and out of respect for
her, I use my full name," he added. "What a wonderful young lady you
are," Mrs. Roberts offered, "I thought the young people of today had
no respect for their elders anymore." "My Grandmother was a very
intelligent and sensitive woman and I'm proud to be named after her,"
John said. He had loved his Grandmother very much and was greatly
saddened when she had died four years previously; so he wasn't lying
to the woman regarding the respect with which he had for the namesake
of his sister.

Mrs. Roberts read the emotion in his voice and knew that this girl was
telling the truth. "Would you like to work for me?" she offered. "Oh
yes! Mrs. Roberts, working here would be like....well, like being in
heaven," John replied. "Not quite," said the woman, "but I think
you'll do well if you're willing to work." "Yes, thank you very much,
Mrs. Roberts...You'll have no complaints about me not working hard."
"I'm sure," the woman replied, and lead 'Victoria' into the office.

After filling out the payroll paperwork Mrs. Roberts turned to face
the younger woman. "Do you know WHY I am hiring you?" "Not really,"
replied John softly. "You never asked about the pay," replied the old
woman, as if that was all encompassing, then continued; "It's obvious
you love my store, and anyone who likes it that much, to accept a job
without knowing what they will be paid." "Well, they just have to be
the kind of person I want to work here."

"In answer to the question you didn't ask however, I'll pay you 5% of
the gross of your sales with a guaranteed minimum pay of $200 per
week. Also, I see you live in that rooming house over on the other
side of campus. I don't want you walking across campus alone at
night, so if you want it, there is an old apartment upstairs above the
store. If you clean it up, you can live there for $100 per month
which I'll deduct from your pay." "Oh Mrs. Roberts, I don't know how
to thank you," John excitedly replied, with tears welling up in his
eyes. "Your very generous, I just don't know what to say." "Don't
say anything," the woman answered, "Just work hard and sell lot's of
clothing and we will both be happy." "Oh yes, I will, I will,"
'Victoria' cried and gave Mrs. Roberts a kiss on the cheek. "Easy,
child," the woman responded, "Let's go upstairs and see what it will
take to put that apartment back into shape."

When they got upstairs, they both looked around the apartment which
had no furniture and was half filled with boxes of clothing. "Oh MY,"
said Mrs. Roberts, "this will never do, I'll call a friend of mine who
has a used furniture and appliance store and get you some things to
use...Don't worry, they come with the apartment,no extra charge." As
for all of this stuff, you'll have to carry it down to the basement
and store it there, I guess." "Oh," as if an afterthought, "all of
the consignment clothes are already downstairs on the racks. This
clothing I picked up at garage sales, goodwill stores, and anyplace
else I could find it. If you need additional clothing and you want
any of this, just help yourself. That's that much you won't have to
carry downstairs. "Oh THANK YOU MRS. ROBERTS," 'Victoria' said with
glee and gave the woman a hug. "Easy girl, my old bones can't take
all this excitement, just watching your reaction is all the thanks I



The night of the gang rape, Mike and Vicky were both taken to the
hospital unconscious. Vicky was treated and released the next day
with no injuries more serious than a minor concussion, bumps and
bruises. She was sent home to recover there under her parent's care.

Mike however, was severely injured, his testicles were destroyed and
could not be repaired. A specialist was called in the next day for
consultation and it was determined that he would have to be castrated
in order to save his life. The specialist, a Doctor Price talked to
his parents and obtained permission to conduct the operation on the 17
year old boy. His father was not happy about the idea, but saw no
other recourse available if the boy was to live.

"I would suggest," said the doctor, "that you consider a sex change
operation for the boy." "What!," his father screamed. "Consider the
alternative," the woman doctor reasoned with him, "Your son will NEVER
be a functioning male again. Would you rather, he live his life as a
EUNUCH, or give him the chance to live it as a sexually functional
female?" "He is young enough," she continued, "to make the transition
without permanent psychological damage, and physically even though
5'10" could pass as a woman after hormone therapy and losing some

Mike's parents discussed the options at length. Mike was still
unconscious and could not be consulted in the matter. They made the
decision to have the sex change done and informed Doctor Price.
Doctor Price contacted two other doctors who performed this type of
surgery and outlined the case to them. They concurred with her
conclusions and advised they would arrive the next day to perform the
operation and told her what they would need.

Immediately after consulting with the other doctors, Dr. Price and
her nurse Janet used one of the hospital's OB-GYN rooms and performed
the castration part of the procedures. Janet (Jane's mother) had told
Dr. Price what Mike had done to his brother and neither had any
sympathy for the boy on the operating table. When completed, Dr.
Price turned to Janet and whispered, "This little fucker will NEVER
rape anyone again." They both chuckled, then went about their normal

Early the next morning the other surgical team arrived and Mike was
wheeled into an operating theater and the surgery performed. When he
awoke the following day in a recovery room, he was experiencing
considerable pain from his groin. His hands were tied to the bed so
that he was unable to move them and he had tubes running down and into
both arms. His chest felt heavy and it seemed harder for him to
breath, but he didn't know why. The nurse came in and gave him a
shot, which put him to sleep and made the pain go away. He was kept
heavily sedated for about three weeks until his body recovered
sufficiently from the surgery that the doctors felt he could not
accidently hurt himself when he awoke.

When he opened his eyes, Mike saw his parents standing beside the bed
with very concerned looks on their faces. On the other side of the
bed was a woman in a white doctor's type coat with a stethoscope
around her neck. An "IV" tube was running from his left arm up to a
bottle hanging from a pole and he felt strange, but couldn't pin down
quite why. He must be in a hospital, he thought but when did he get
hurt? The last thing he remembered was the party at his house with
the other guys when he got VERY drunk. While mulling this over in his
mind, he discovered a more recent memory of waking up with more pain
than he had ever felt coming from his groin, then blacking out until
now. "What the fuck happened to me?" he asked himself mentally.

"Mike, are you awake?," his dad asked. "He's just disoriented," said
he woman who looked like a doctor. "Mike, can you hear me?" his
father tried again. "Yes Dad," Mike choked out, his mouth and throat
feeling like he hadn't had a drink in a month. The doctor placed a
glass to his lips and he drank the refreshing liquid. "How do you
feel?" he was asked by the doctor. "OK, I guess," he whispered, still
having trouble speaking, "a little sore all over though." "That's to
be expected," the woman said to his parents.

"Mike is your head clear enough to understand what I'm saying?" the
woman asked. "Yes," he replied. "I'm Doctor Price and I need to tell
you what has happened." Then turning to Mike's parents said, "This
will probably go easier if I am alone with him." Nodding, his
parents solemnly walked out of the room, but his mother had given his
hand a squeeze before leaving. "Am I sick or something?," the boy
asked. "No, but you were most seriously injured when they brought you
in here," she replied.

Sitting down in a chair beside the bed, the Doctor looked at the boy
and then started her planned speech. "Do you remember the night you
had the party at your house with the seven other boys?" Mike nodded
assent. "Good, sometime after you got drunk, someone seriously
injured you and you were brought to the hospital unconscious." "I'm
not sure exactly what happened, but your mother said that they have
been told you raped your brother." Mike shot up from his reclining
position, suddenly, the whole events of the night flashed through his
mind, including the gang rape of John/Joellen. "Lay back down, Mike,
I don't want you hurting yourself, you still have an 'IV' connected to
your arm." Mike did as directed, but trembled at the thought of his
parents knowing about the rape.

"It would seem," the doctor continued, "that your injuries were in
retaliation for raping your brother... We don't know who did it, but
they hurt you very badly." "What happened to me," Mike managed to
rasp. Very matter of factly the Doctor replied, "They destroyed your
testicles." Mike started choking and couldn't believe what the doctor
had just told him. By almost reflex, his right hand reached for his
groin and to his further shock, not only were his balls missing, but
he couldn't feel his cock either. "Oh GOD!," he cried.

Grabbing his hand the doctor removed it from his crotch, and held in
her's so that he could not hurt himself. Stroking his hand and his
forehead, the doctor explained how badly he had been hurt and that his
life had been in serious danger. That his parents had to make a
decision to do either a 'simple' castration or complete surgery.
Given the choice between their son being a permanent eunuch, with at
best a pair of fake balls and no sex life, or having his sex
'reassigned' to a female, who could lead a mostly normal life, they
had chosen the latter. When the boy fully realized what she had said,
he broke down crying and shaking throughout his body.

She continued stroking him and after he seemed to regain control, she
gently took his hand and guided it back to his groin. "I'm going to
let you touch yourself," she said, "but I want you to do it lightly,
so that you do not tear anything until you completely heal. You now
have a vagina down there, and only a doctor could tell it from the
real thing." As she guided his hand over his newly created pussy,
Mike couldn't believe that he was feeling his own body. "It feels
like a girl," he thought to himself as he gently stroked the 'lips'
and rubbed a finger over the 'clit'. Then the realization hit him
again, that he was feeling himself and not some young girl;
immediately he began shaking again.

The doctor removed his hand and moved it up to his chest. "I've given
you something else," she said, "to help your transition along," then
rested his hand on a well formed female breast. Mike had felt weight
on his chest, NOW he knew what it was, he had two perfect small "B"
cup sized breasts laying on his chest. No not laying on, but part of,
he corrected his mind's perception. "We'll leave those implants in
until your own breasts grow from the hormones," the doctor lectured,
"but they should help you feel like a woman right away."

After a few day's Mike finally accepted that physically he was now a
woman. Dr. Price had told him that she had made arrangements for him
to go so a special clinic where they would continue his treatments and
teach him the things he needed to know to live the rest of his life as
a female. Mike was not happy about the whole thing but on reflection
did not blame his parents for the decision they had made on his
behalf. As much as he hated the idea, he much preferred living as a
woman than a EUNUCH. Mike shuddered every time he thought of what he
had done to his brother, both before THAT night and during it, and
vowed that he would try to make it up to him somehow.

Eight months latter a very nervous girl named 'Michelle' went home to
her parents. Her younger sister Vicky couldn't believe the
transformation which had occurred and tried to help her new sister
adapt to living as a woman. Michelle was tall for a girl at almost
5'10" but weighed in at a trim 128 lbs. and had a terrific figure for
a 17 year old. Michelle's parents had moved to a different town, and
she was enrolled in the local high school to finish her education.
Vicky for some reason was never allowed to leave the house, having
been "permanently grounded" by their parents until old enough to move
out on her own. Michelle didn't ask why, she knew that their parents
must have found out about the rest of the John/Joellen story and put
an end to all possibilities of a repeat performance by her younger
sister. Her older brother was gone and had not been seen or heard
from since "That" night.




After cleaning, painting, and furnishing her new apartment, 'Victoria'
moved from the rooming house to the flat above the store. In the boxes
of clothing she had to move to the basement to clear the apartment,
there were many in her size and her wardrobe quickly quadrupled in
size. The Monday after being hired 'Victoria'/John actually started
work in the store. First Mrs. Roberts explained how the clothing was
arranged and the codes for pricing. Although every item had a price
on it, the tags were different colors and the codes indicated the base
price the owner was willing to accept or the cost Mrs. Roberts had
paid. Markups averaged around 2545% over base price and 'Victoria'
was authorized to deal within the "Net" sales range in order to make a
sale. However, she was reminded that her pay was dependant upon gross
sales, so the higher the volume and higher the prices, the higher her

Most of the customers who came into the store were wives of younger
faculty members who could not afford to pay full retail for a new
dress they may only wear a couple of times per year. Others, were
students who needed formal attire for dances or sorority functions at
the college. Occasionally, John noted, young men would come in "to
look around" and after spending a few minutes in the tuxedo section,
would look at the dresses hanging on the racks or lingerie, "looking
for a gift for their Mother, Sister, or Girl Friend."

One such customer, was a blond boy about 18 years old, who was about
the same height as John/'Victoria' and very slim in build. After
making the obligatory pass through the tuxedo and "vintage" sections
he was looking at a beautiful pink floor length satin gown with lace
trim, which had been worn at last year's prom by a student at the
college. Seeing the boy's hand tremble as he fingered the fabric,
John moved over to a position behind him. "Very nice, isn't it," she
said, and thought the boy was going to jump out of his skin with
fright. "Sorry, I scared you," she offered to the trembling boy and
gave him her best smile.

The boy quickly recovered and tried to offer an explanation for being
in the women's dresses area, "I...I.. was just thinking how nice my
girlfriend would look in this," he proposed. Looking the boy over and
seeing how badly he was still shaking, John decided that this was a
lie, then noticed the bulge in his pants, which confirmed it. "Would
you like to try it on?" she asked with a raised eyebrow. "I think it
will fit you pretty well," she continued then added, "You should look
very good in it." The reaction she got to these statements was
exactly what she suspected. "Could I! I mean there's no one but us
here is there?" The boy then gave her a questioning look and she
responded, "I get paid a percentage of sales, it doesn't make any
difference to me who I sell these clothes to, just how much I sell."
"By the way, my name is 'Victoria', what's yours?" "Jim," he
whispered in reply.

"Well Jim, would you like to try it on?" "Could I really?," he said
excitedly, "Sure, I think you will look cute in it." John then guided
the boy to the dressing rooms, showed him inside, and handed him the

"Try it on for fit," she suggested and headed for the lingerie section
to get some accessories. When she returned, he had put on the dress
and was standing looking at himself in the full length mirror mounted
on the wall just outside the dressing rooms. She walked up behind the
boy and gently stroked the sleeves off the shoulders and down onto
his arms, then looking over his shoulder into the mirror, this sent a
wave of shudders which passed through the boy's entire body. Holding
his shoulders, she leaned forward and whispered in his ear, "It was
meant to be worn off the shoulder." She then told him that it fit
pretty well, except that it was tight at the waist and a little
"loose" at the bust. "We can fix that," she offered and turned
him to face her. Looking at him full front, she checked the fit at
various points and then said, "Take off the dress and hang it up a
minute." The boy looked totally defeated, so she added, "just for a
minute, "Jamie", I've got to rearrange your body a little, and held up
a waist cincher and heavily padded strapless bra. The boy had noticed
that Victoria had called him by a girl's version of his name, and
liked the sound of it. Grinning from ear to ear, he quickly removed
the dress and hung it on a hanger in the dressing room. The boy stood
before her now wearing only his underpants, which displayed a very
large bulge for his size.

Victoria then turned him around with his back to her and placed the
waist cincher around his waist and laced up the back pulling in his
waist a good 3". This made his little butt look considerably larger,
and from the back, gave him the appearance of a female. She then
handed him the padded bra and hooked it for him, when she saw that his
hands were shaking too badly to do it himself. "I think you should
take those boy's underthings off," she suggested, "they won't feel


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Dominated by Young Girls -- Part 8
author unknown


right with the dress on, and they don't look nearly as
pretty as these," waiving a pair of pure silk panties under his nose.

Seeing what she had in her hand, he stripped off the cotton jockey
shorts with no hesitation, until he realized he was now standing nude,
for all intents and purposes, in front of a beautiful girl
approximately his own age, with a raging hard-on no less. As he
turned beet red, Victoria put her hand on his bare shoulder and said,
"It's OK, I grew up with two brothers, I've seen them before,
indicating his hard-on with a flick of her eyes. I must say though,
THAT is a very nice one." Victoria then gave the boy a peck on the
cheek, which seemed to calm him down some. After having him put on
the panties as well as a garter belt, stockings, petticoats to make
the dress stand out, and a pair of matching shoes, she again led him
to the mirror. The dress now fit perfectly, and except for his hair
being too short he would make a very pretty woman. Showing him
several wigs, he picked one and after putting it on him, Victoria was
proud of her creation. "Makeup is the only other thing you will
need," she said and smiled broadly at him.

When the boy left, he carried everything she had put on him plus 12
extra pair of panties, 6 pair of stockings, 2 more bras, and 2 other
dresses. He also left with $680 less credit available on his Visa
credit card. "I should try that on all of the younger one's who come
in," Victoria/John thought to himself. She did, and in only two
months, sales at the store tripled. Mrs. Roberts didn't know what was
going on, but she knew she had one heck of a sales person. It was
later learned that the word got out quickly in the Gay/TV/TS community
around the college that Mrs. Roberts had a new sales girl who was
sympathetic to them and would allow them to try clothing on in the
store if no women customers were present. By the end of the year, the
store was doing more than four times it's previous turnover, and Mrs.
Roberts was almost constantly gone on "buying trips." Victoria was
left to handle the store on her own, and did it very well, selling
almost every item at full tag prices.

Over the two years, John wrote to Jane and let her know what was
happening in his life and also how much he missed the girls. Jane
advised him that no investigation was done at the request of his
parents, and that he was safe if he wanted to return to his own
identity. She also gave him the news of his new younger sister
Michelle, and told him how it had come about. John felt some sympathy
for his brother, but recalling the rape, not much. Jane and Susan
were now Seniors in high school and both applied for admission and
were accepted to the college he worked beside, beginning the following
Fall term. One day during the Spring when business was slow, Mrs.
Roberts called Victoria into her office and had her set down.

"Victoria, you and I need to have a talk," Mrs. Roberts with a solemn
look started. John's mind raced with everything he had done over the
past six months trying to come up with what he had done wrong to
invoke Mrs. Roberts displeasure. "We have done incredibly well in the
year and a half you have worked for me Victoria. But I'm and old
woman, even older than you think young lady, and I can't keep up this
pace." John/Victoria started to object, when Mrs. Roberts held up her
hand to silence the girl. "I have to get out of this business or it
will kill me, I've already talked to 10 doctors and they all agree."

John was shocked, he had observed no indications of ill health on the
part of his employer, then his mind raced again. "If she closes the
shop I'll be out both a job and a place to live", he thought to
himself. Seeing the panic on the young woman's face, Mrs. Roberts
reached out and took her hand in her own. "I know what you're
thinking," she said, "this old bag is going to leave me high and dry
after you've busted your pretty little behind for me for 2 and a half
years." "But...," Victoria tried to object. "Not so little girl,"
replied the woman, "Like they said in that 'Godfather' movie, I'm
going to make you a deal you can't refuse." John relaxed at that
point and listened to the offer.

"You are too young for me to legally transfer the business to you
outright, you must be 21 in this state. So as of this minute, you are
the manager of this store and I am the absentee owner. You will be
paid 15% of gross sales with no guaranteed salary and your apartment
is now free as part of your pay. I will have my lawyer draw up a land
contract sale for the business, with 10% of gross as the stipulated
payment per month. If I die before you pay off the contract, the
remainder of the business will be willed to you free and clear. This
guarantees me a 10% of gross income for at least the next 10 years, if
I live that long, and guarantees you the store and a decent living in
the meantime. "I don't know what to say Mrs. Roberts," John
stuttered. "Just say yes sweetheart, and the deal is done," she
responded. "Yes, Yes, Yes! cried Victoria/John and gave the woman a
big hug. "I thought I told you about those death grip hugs of
yours...well I guess it's alright this time. Good Luck Victoria, the
business is now yours." "With that the woman arose and walked towards
the door, OH don't forget to sent me my checks young'n," she said with
a smile as she passed through the door and out onto the street.

John just sat in the office stunned, he couldn't believe that he was
now the manager and soon to be owner of the store. While he sat there
he looked at the books Mrs. Roberts had left on the desk with all the
financial information regarding the store. "My God," he said to him
self when his eyes rested on the bottom of a page, the store had done
over $600,000 in gross sales during the past year. He knew they had
done well, but had no idea, it was that good. His mind did some quick
mathematics and with an average 25% markup that would make the net
income before expenses something like $150,000 per year, deducting
Mrs. Roberts $60,000 (10% of gross) he would still be bringing in
$90,000 less store and living expenses if he could keep sales at their
current level. Even after deducting the average $40,000 operating
expenses, he was left with about $50,000 per year. "This little store
in a God Damn Gold Mine," the thought to himself.

John then looked around the rest of the office. This had been Mrs.
Roberts' private domain up till now and he had never had the nerve or
interest in poking around in it. John opened what he thought was a
closet, but instead found a narrow hallway on the other side of the
door. Light was coming from somewhere to the left, but he couldn't
see the source. Walking in, he soon found the source or sources would
be more correct. To his surprise, their were 4 glass windows which
looked into the dressing rooms of the store. From the angle of view
and height of the windows, John quickly realized that they were the
mirrors mounted on the back wall of each dressing room. They had
probably been installed to prevent shoplifting, but John could see
other applications were possible.

This realization struck home, as he considered how many young boys
he/she had fondled in the dressing rooms and two he/she had even given
blowjobs to in order to close bigger sales. "I wonder if she was ever
back here when I was working on one of the boys," he thought, "Well if
she was I sure hope she enjoyed herself!" Fortunately John had never
stripped completely himself in one of these rooms and had never
resorted to fucking any of the customers, so she probably never
discovered his REAL secret.




Jane and Susan arrived in mid-August before the school term began the
following month. They had told their parents they needed to go early
so that they could find an apartment and part-time jobs before the
rest of the students arrived and took everything worth having. Janet,
Jane's mother knew the real story but Susan's parents didn't know,
that they had already made arrangements to share John's apartment
above the store and that he had offered them jobs as his sales staff.
Both were very excited about getting back together with John and
looked forward to their reunion.

When they walked into the store, John almost didn't recognize his
friends. Jane was now 5'9" tall, 110 lbs and had that beautiful
"willowy" look. Her breasts were a full 36" "B" cup and stood proudly
from her narrow shoulders. She was wearing a light blue and white sun
dress, which showed lots of well tanned skin on the arms, shoulders,
and back and was wearing leather 'Roman' style sandals with straps
crisscrossing her little feet. Jane's hair was very long and worn
straight with a part down the center of her head, and her hair was
pulled back from her face and held by a light blue bow type barrette.

Susan, was 5'6" now and had blossomed into a beautiful woman, now
measuring 36-22-35, and about 120 lbs. Her pale blonde hair was still
worn long, but now only came to a couple of inches below her shoulder
line. Susan was wearing a halter top and cut-off denim shorts, which
both did nothing to hide the fantastic body they adorned. Her hair
was tied back into a pony-tail and secured with a bright red ribbon at
the back of her head.

When the girls saw John, they squealed with glee, he was beautiful,
even more lovely than he had been when they last saw him almost three
years before. He was wearing a black flower print, button-front,
dress which was cinched at the waist by a black leather belt with a
large silver buckle. The dress had a scoop neckline and little cap
sleeves, and was cut full below the fitted bodice and came down to
mid-calf length. His light brown hair looked to be a couple of
shades lighter than when they last saw each other and was worn
straight with little bangs dropping down almost to his eyebrows, which
were now plucked in a definite feminine arch. His hair was loose and
brushed over both shoulders and extended down to the bustline. With a
pair of 2 1/2" black pumps on his feet, his long legs looked great.

On recognizing each other everyone jumped for job and rushed into a
three-way hug. Kisses were exchanged every other word and the three
danced in a circle around the store. "John decided to close the store
early, and immediately locked the door and put the "Closed" sign in
the window. The three moved to he back of the store, and John
tenderly took each in his arms and deeply kissed them, they responded
full force and enthusiastically hugged him as their tongues probed his
mouth. Susan slipped her hand under John's dress and gave his cock a
stroke and his ball a gentle squeeze.

Just then, Jamie stepped out of one of the dressing rooms, wearing a
white cotton summer dress with a peasant top and stood wide eyed as he
looked at the beautiful blond with her hand in 'Victoria's' crotch.
As soon as they saw him, John and Susan broke off their cinch and
Susan removed her hand. "Uh...Ex...Excuse me," Jamie uttered and both
Susan and John turned beet red in embarrassment at being caught.
"I...I didn't mean to intrude..." Jamie muttered. "It's OK, Jamie,"
John offered, wondering how much the boy had seen. "Come over here
and meet my two best friends," said 'Victoria'/John and offered a
smile of friendship to the lad.

"This is Susan and that is Jane, we grew up together back home," John
said, "And this pretty young lady is Jamie, girls; one of my best
customers." Both girls responded with "Hello, nice to meet you," type
greetings and looked over the boy wearing the nice white dress.

They knew it was a boy, because his hair was a little short, he wore
no makeup, and had on a pair of high-top tennis shoes on his feet.
"Susan and Jane will be working here from now on Jamie, so everyone
might at well get acquainted." Jamie, who had been used to having
Victoria see him in a dress now realized what he was wearing and
became embarrassed. "I...I...don't normally dress this way," he said
softly, and seeing his embarrassment, Jane immediately replied. "But,
why not Jamie, it looks very good on you; I think I'd change the shoes
though." Jamie looked down at his feet and started to laugh, which
was quickly joined in by the others. Jane walked over and gave the
boy a hug and suddenly everyone relaxed, all the tension that had been
in the air now gone. "We're closed for the rest of the day Jamie, but
if you want it, I'll ring up that dress for you." "Please, Victoria,"
the boy almost whispered and went back into the dressing room to
change back into his boy clothes.

While changing, Jamie's mind was racing, "Is Victoria a lesbian?" he
thought to himself as he stripped. "I've never seen her out with
either women or men, come to think of it, just here at the store."
"No she can't be, she's too nice to me to be one of those man hating
bitches; but I did see that other girl's hand under her dress at
crotch level...No can't be..." "You about ready Jamie?" Victoria
called to him. "Yes Victoria, I'll be out in a minute," he replied.
"No rush, I'm just impatient since my friends are here," came the

Jamie quickly pulled on his shirt and stepped through the curtain
which enclosed the dressing room. Victoria took the dress from him
and walked with it to the counter where she rang up the sale and
processed his charge slip. "Thank you Jamie," she beamed as she
handed him the bag, then escorted him to the door with her hand on his
back. Letting him out, she again locked the door and returned to
where Susan and Jane were standing. "That was close!" Victoria/John
said, "Look you two, NO ONE in this town knows I'm anything other than
what I appear to be."

"A gorgeous young piece of ass," Jane chimed in before John could
continue. "Be that as it may," Victoria/John continued, "NO ONE knows
my real sex and we have to keep it that least until I pay off
this store!"

"The old woman I'm buying it from thinks I'm a woman, and if she found
out differently, it could blow the whole deal." Looking at Susan,
"So, YOU, little SEX POT, keep your hands out from under my dress in
the store, got it!" "Yes John," Susan replied as if hurt, then looked
up with a smile and said, "but how about upstairs?" "And another
thing, DON'T CALL ME JOHN outside the apartment, you never know who
might hear it. Then grinning John replied, "Upstairs, sugar pants,
you can put you cute little hands wherever you want." This brought
chuckles and laughter from all three and the three-way hug was
reestablished. "Let's get you two moved in," John said and all
immediately headed for the car and the girls belongings. Everyone
felt happy after their long separation and looked forward to four
years of fun together.

The apartment consisted of four rooms, a living/dining room, bathroom,
kitchen and bedroom. The bedroom had one entire wall dedicated to
closet space, 2/3 of which now stood empty. The bed was a 'California
King Size' 6' by 7' in dimensions. "Big enough for all of us," Susan
observed, "That was the idea," John replied with a grin. Two
additional dressers had been moved into the room and now stood empty
beside the one containing John's things.

"There are two more storage rooms up here," John said pointing to the
adjacent wall, "I'm going to have them remodeled to give us more
space." Jane hooked her arm through John's and leaned into him, then
said, "This looks fine to me, VERY COZY!" "That's OK for you and me,
Jane, your mother knows more about us than anyone else in the world.
But, if Susan's parents visit they would probably feel more
comfortable with three bedrooms; even if we never use them except
during their visit." The girls could see the logic in his statement
and agreed to have separate bedrooms, with the condition that they
were only to be used to store clothes and display to Susan's parents
or other visitors.

Susan turned to Jane and said "I'm hot from the drive out here, let's
take a shower or bath or whatever this place has." "You're just HOT
in the CROTCH," responded Jane, "but it sounds good to me." No vote
was taken and none was needed, Susan immediately dropped her halter
top displaying her luscious breasts to John's view, then in a single
motion stripped off the shorts and her panties. "You Like?" she
grinned, "You bet!" John replied. Jane slowly undressed as did John,
each savoring the other's bodies as piece by piece more flesh came
into view. When Jane removed her panties, John almost came on the
spot. He had known about the operations but had never seen Jane nude
since she had them done.

He knelt before her and placed his face against her tummy and held her
hips to him, then slowly dropped his gaze downward until he was
looking at her pussy at point blank range. "It's wonderful," he
murmured as he gently parted her lips with his fingers and stroked her
clit. Jane just stood perfectly still with her head tilted back and
her breasts heaving as he probed her manufactured vagina. "Enough of
that!" Susan said as she playfully slapped John on the top of the
head, "We've got all night for you to explore Jane's pussy, but the
shower is running and the water will eventually get cold." "Yes
Mistress Susan," John replied, and Jane then did the same. "And don't
you forget it!" Susan said then giggled and drug each by an arm into
the bathroom.

All three got into the shower and little Susan took command, "Me
first," she directed and both John and Jane went to work soaping every
part of her body, then stroked her as she rinsed off the soap suds.
The girls then did John and spent considerable time on his breasts and
groin, Susan snuck a finger up his ass and gently probed in and out as
John just relaxed and luxuriated in the feel of the hands on his
halfman, half-woman body.

John had not had any sex for almost 3 years following the rape, other
than jerking off by himself. His fear of discovery and the potential
for another rape, made him afraid of all sexual contact. Now,
however, he was in the hands of two women who loved him and for the
first time since leaving home after that terrible night, he relaxed.
When he came from their incessant stroking of his cock, his entire
body convulsed and released all the tension it had held over the long

It was now Jane's turn and she stood still as John and Susan gently
caressed her long willowy body with loving care. John worked her
breasts until her nipples were swollen like rockets, then gently
probed her womanhood with his fingers as he kissed her elegant neck.
"Jane, I can't get over how beautiful you are," he whispered and
before she could answer, Susan said, "Jane has a surprise for you
John....She's still a virgin, she's been saving herself just for you,
wouldn't let any boys near her sweet little snatch." Then with a
giggle, "She sent a lot of them packing with blue balls, I'm here to
tell you, but none of them scored." "Is that true?", John murmured to
Jane, "Yes," her voice raspy replied, "I wanted it to be you." John
gathered the tall beauty into his arms and planted a soul-wrenching
kiss on her mouth, which did not break off for several minutes, until
Susan cracked him on the ass with a playful slap.

All three quickly rinsed off, then after the fastest and most minimal
of drying ran in to the bedroom and dove onto the giant bed. Then
next seven hours were spent in the most varied and passionate
lovemaking possible to imagine. After eating Susan to a climax, John
spent the next 45 minutes working over Jane's lethal body, sucking and
licking every square inch of her skin and giving her two body-racking
orgasms with his mouth. "Fuck me John," she whimpered and with Susan
guiding his cock into Jane's virgin orifice, John brought her to two
more orgasms before shooting his load deep into her tight pussy.
Susan, immediately licked and sucked John's sperm from Jane's cunt and
Jane whimpered and moaned through two more climaxes as she did so,
then collapsed into a fitful sleep.

Susan then switched to John's cock and sucked it back to erection.
"My turn," she giggled as she rolled him onto his back and mounted
him, impaling herself on his shaft in a single downward thrust of her
hips. Facing him, she reached down and played with his breasts as she
rode as hard as her little body could muster, and John reciprocated by
reaching up and working her breasts, stroking her arms, shoulders,
back, and ass as she pumped herself on his cock. Susan arched her
body and froze in mid-stroke as a wave of her climax shook through her
tender body, then continued on until she felt John's cock jerk inside
her and was immediately seized by another convulsive orgasm. Susan
fell forward on top of John and he held her gently but tightly until
her breathing returned to normal.

During the balance of the evening John fucked every opening on the two
girls including their asses, of which, to his surprise, Susan's was
virgin. The girls licked and sucked each other through countless
orgasms and used John's cock every time it was able. By 10:00 all
three were exhausted and fell to sleep in each other's arms. The next
day was Saturday, and John decided to keep the store closed until
Monday, so he put on a robe and went downstairs and hung a hand
printed sign on the door, "Closed for Inventory." "Well it's not a
TOTAL lie," he said to himself, "I'm inventorying two of the hottest
bodies ever produced."

Saturday was a continuation of Friday evening, all three remained nude
throughout the day, and the sex was constant. It was only a question
of who was eating whom, or fucking whom, in which opening all day
long. Pauses were inserted for the intake of food and a couple of
showers were thrown in to clean up the sweat, but it was non-stop and
ended only when the three dropped from exhaustion and cuddled through
the night. Sunday morning, they had a leisure breakfast, all of them
remaining nude. As Susan sipped her coffee she asked if there were
any beaches in the area and John advised that there was a state owned
lake about 10 miles out of town which had a swimming beach, but that
he had never been there. "Well you're going today, buck-a-roo. My
tits, pussy, and ass are sore from over use and that nice little cock
needs a rest." "But Susan, I can't go to a beach like this," holding
one of his breasts in his hand. "Of course you can, you just go as a
girl, stupid!" As John kept muttering, "But...But...," the girls took
him down the internal stairwell of the building into the store and
directly to the section where the swim suits were located.

As the girls looked over the merchandise, John was looking at older
style one-piece suits which covered up most of the torso. "No you
don't!" declared Susan, "only old women wear those." She then
selected a two piece bikini for him which was made of nylon/lycra
spandex with a halter type top and a bottom which would fit tight as a
girdle. "This," she declared, "will do nicely, your tits are perfect,
so really this top is too much, but the bottom will conceal the
little problem you're so worried about." She then put the top on John
and the halter formed his breasts into some very satisfying cleavage,
pushing both up and out at the same time. When he had stepped into
the bottom, Jane reached out and gently pushed his balls back up into
the internal tubes from which they had dropped at puberty, then folded
his limp cock back between his legs as he pulled the briefs up into
place. The lycra spandex fit tight and when John looked in the
mirror, nothing was visible beyond the mound normally visible on a
woman in a swimsuit.

Susan picked a strapless bikini for herself which featured a 'Cabana
Print' design and the top was an underwired, with molded cups, and
tied in the back. The bottom was made of nylon/lycra and had a seamed
back which spread her ass cheeks delightfully and a sliding front with
a wide pale pink waist band. When Susan had it positioned the way she
wanted it, only a two inch wide strip went down the front from the
waist band to her crotch. She was a knockout, and was very proud of
her body and not afraid to show skin. Jane picked a traditional
string bikini in a pink and grey pattern. The little triangles of
material barely covered her firm breasts and the bottom seemed almost
nonexistent. The material was very thin and the outline of her
nipples and pussy lips were clearly visible through the suit. "This
ought to get some cocks hard," she said, then looked at the other two
and raising her hand to her face, coyly looked over her hand and
giggled. "This girl is sexier than anyone I've ever met," John
thought to himself as the three went back upstairs.

They drove to the lake in Susan's car since John had never replaced
the one he had sold. Living above the store, he really had no need
for one up to this point. At the lake, they found a nice sand
swimming beach and spread their towels in the middle of a good sized
crowd. They received many appreciative looks from the men and boys
present and with John laying face down, Jane began spreading suntan
lotion on his back. Her ministrations were like a massage, and soon
John turned his head towards her and whispered, "come here a minute."

Jane leaned forward so that her ear was near his head. "You've got me
hard as a rock and this spandex is stretched to it's limit," he
whispered to her. Jane immediately rocked back onto her heels and
started laughing. Susan, was unable to hear what had been said, so
she leaned across John's body, and Jane whispered John's problem to
her. Susan fell backwards laughing very hard and was sprawled wide
holding her stomach trying to recover control. John just turned red
from head to toe, but it wasn't from the sun.

John's 'problem' soon took care of itself when Jane stopped applying
the lotion to his sensitive skin and after that, he made a point of
applying it himself to avoid a re-occurrence. Laying back enjoying the
sun, the three rested their tired bodies and felt the warmth of the
sun on their skin.

"Say isn't that the guy who was in the store when we came the other
day?" Susan asked. Raising up on his elbows, John looked in the
indicated direction and replied, "Yea, that's Jamie." "He's cute,"
said Susan, then whispered, "Especially in a dress." "Not badly built
either," John replied also in a whisper, "about 7" and thick, from
what I've seen," he continued. "How do you know that?" asked Jane as
if jealous, "you been cheating on us?" "No, the poor boy has a hard-
on almost every time he's in the store," he replied.

"I want him." Susan declared, "Not that I don't love you two, but as
we...hum...recently discovered, John's cock can't handle the two of us
hot women." John looked hurt, and Susan immediately bent down to
beside his head and stroking her fingers through his hair at the
temple offered an explanation. "Oh I didn't mean to hurt you baby, I
just meant that NO MAN can handle both Jane and me at once. God hasn't
created a cock that can do that." Then kissed him on the cheek and
continued stroking his head. "OK, Susan if you want him, go get him,"
John softly said with hurt still in his voice. "I intend to SHARE
him; I don't intend to give up what we already have, just add a little
extra." She replied to both of her lovers. Both nodded and Susan got
up and walked over to Jamie's location.

About 15 minutes later, Susan returned with Jamie following her like a
little puppy dog. Susan plopped down on her towel and indicated the
place beside her to Jamie. As he spread his towel, his eyes slowly
scanned the alluring physiques of Victoria and Jane resting before
him. "Hi Victoria," he said with a smile on his face. "Hello Jamie,
I see Susan was successful in luring you over," Victoria/John replied.
"That's not hard," Jamie replied, "What man would pass up a chance to
be with three beautiful women on a sunlit beach?" "Indeed," replied
the woman, "Keep that up sweet talker and you're liable to have more
than you can handle." "It would be MY PLEASURE," the young man

"I suppose, I should warn you Jamie, Susan is hot for your tight
little body and will rape you if you don't watch out," Victoria said.
"I should be so lucky," Jamie answered, "I must tell you Victoria, I
always thought you were pretty, but I had no idea how really beautiful
you are until seeing you here on the beach." "Keep that up, Sweet
Cheeks, and I'll rape you myself!" Victoria/John replied as the two
girls listening to the conversation finally lost control and broke
into laughter. "Not until after I'VE HAD HIM," Susan said to
Victoria. Jamie just smiled as these girls playfully argued over who
was going to fuck his brains out first.

About an hour later, they decided to go home, and Susan gave Victoria
her car keys and announced she was riding with Jamie. When they got
back to the store, they went inside, and Susan guided Jamie into the
store portion of the building. Susan told Jamie she wanted him to
fully dress as a woman for their "date" that evening. Jamie was
beside himself, not only was this beautiful girl putting the make on
him all the way back to the store, now she wanted him to dress for


"Let's leave these Love Bird alone," Victoria said to Jane, as he
guided her to the back of the store and into the office out of sight
of the others. John then took Jane into the hallway behind the
dressing rooms and they sat down on the floor together, to watch the
fun through the fake mirrors. "Susan doesn't know about these
(pointing to the mirrors), does she John?" "When did I have time to
show either of you the store even?" he replied as he hugged Jane's
shoulders and stroked her arm. Jane laid her head on his shoulder and
cuddled up against him as they saw Susan and Jamie approaching one of
the dressing rooms.

Although they couldn't hear what the two were saying to each other, it
wasn't necessary in order to follow the action. Susan was carrying a
white wedding gown and all of the accessories for it. Jamie was told
to go into the dressing room and take off his trunks and T-shirt,
which was all he was wearing. Jamie faced the mirror and dropped his
trunks and removed his shirt, standing naked before the mirror in the
wall. Susan entered behind him and Jamie tried to cover his nice
sized cock with his hands. Susan apparently told him some thing like,
"Don't be silly," and he continued to stand with his back to the girl
but his hands at his side. Susan, looking over his shoulder must have
complimented him on the size of his cock, because it quickly rose to
full length. Susan then reached around his body and gave his cock a
couple of strokes; then pulled him by his cock as she moved in beside
him. This put the two in the dressing room standing facing each
other, with their observers having a perfect side view.

Susan continued to stroke the boy's hard-on while talking to him, then
placing her free hand on his neck, pulled him forward and down so that
she could kiss him. As they kissed deeply and Susan stroked his cock,
John and Jane became more active in their stroking of each others
bodies. In no time at all, Susan was kneeling before the boy giving
him head, and he stood with his legs wide and his head back in ecstacy
while he stroked her head as she sucked him to bliss. When Jamie
came, Susan sucked down every drop, not losing even one, the removing
her coverup romper, took off her bikini and sitting on the bench in
the room, placed Jamie between her thighs with his head in her snatch.

John removed the bottom of his swimsuit and so did Jane, then they
continued to watch the show as they gently masturbated each other.
"This is great!" whispered Jane who was afraid loud talking might be
heard on the other side of the mirror. "Don't worry," replied John
"If we can't hear them, they can't hear us." Susan was arching her
back in anticipation of a climax and had the poor boy in a headlock
with her legs, her hands pressing him as hard as possible into her
pussy. Again, they couldn't hear it, but were both sure she screamed,
with her mouth wide open and body convulsing as if having seizures.
"He must be pretty good," Jane observed, then turning to John said,
"But I want ONLY you." then kissed him for all she was worth. John
thought she was going to suck his tongue out of his head, with all the
vacuum she put on that kiss. With his hand still on her clit, he
pulled her upright and they walked holding each other by the crotch
upstairs to their room.

Upstairs, John made slow passionate love to Jane, working her body as
he had when he took her virginity the day before. Jane was in heaven,
with the man that she had loved so long, giving her more pleasure than
she had ever experienced before prior to yesterday's orgy. As they
lay under the covers holding each other in the afterglow of their
lovemaking, they heard the door open, then saw Susan walk in escorting
a beautiful young bride. "I thought this attire would be
appropriate," she said with a smile as she presented the shy bride to

Jamie looked at the bed before him and saw two of the most beautiful
women he could imagine laying there. "Jamie, would you like to go to
bed with Jane and Victoria?" Susan asked. His whole body trembling,
he responded softly, "Susan, I'd give anything in the world to be with
the three of you." "You must make a solemn promise to the three of
us," Susan continued, "That you will treat all of us gently, and never
reveal our secrets." "I will," he said. "That you will give each of
us all of your love and that you will accept all of ours." "I will,"
the trembling boy in the wedding gown said clearly. "That you will
accept our faults and imperfections, whatever they may be," "I will,"
he replied. "Then I now pronounce us married, by no authority other
than our love," declared Susan.

"May we now kiss the bride?" asked Jane, "But of course," replied
Susan. "Come here Jamie," Jane said, and the young man wearing the
bride's gown, sat on the edge of the bed with tears streaming down his
cheeks. Jane put her arm around Jamie's shoulders and tilted him back
across her lap, then after stroking the tears from his face with her
fingertips, gently kissed him on the lips. The sheet came away from
Jane's breasts during the kiss, and after kissing him again, she held
him to her breast, which he kissed and suckled like a baby.
"Victoria's turn," said Susan, and helped he boy around to the other
side of the bed. Victoria/John held the boy as Jane had, and kissed
him deeply, then let him suckle his breasts as he stroked the boy's

While Jamie sucked on John's nipples, he turned to Susan and said,
"That wasn't fair to him Susan, you should have told him everything
before making him promise like that," he said in a stern voice. Then
drawing the boy's face away from his breast, he looked down into the
eyes and stroked his cheek. "There is something more you need to know
Jamie, and I won't hold it against you if you want to back out. I
only ask that you never tell anyone, or I could have serious
problems." "I promise, Victoria, no matter what it is, I will never
tell anyone," Jamie told her with his head still pressed against her
breast. "Then sit up a minute," Victoria told him and the boy
reluctantly complied; not wanting to remove his head from her breasts.

With Jamie now sitting on the end of the bed flanked by Jane and Susan
who both had their hands on his small shoulders, Victoria took a deep
breath then threw the sheet back from her body. Jamie looked at the
woman and starting with her beautiful face, slowly scanned down her
body since it was obvious that she must be talking about some physical
abnormality. His gaze passed over her lovely shoulders, down across
her fantastic breasts, and over her smooth tummy to her groin. When
John saw the boy's eyes move down from his breasts, he pulled his
knees up and opened his legs so that his cock and ball were fully
exposed. Jamie swallowed hard, then took a deep breath and blowing it
out, leaned forward and then moved so that he was sitting between
John's legs.

John leaned forward and rested his breasts against his knees and said,
"Are you OK Jamie?" "Yes," Jamie replied, the gently reached out with
his hand and stroked John's face and slowly ran his hand down over his
breasts, across his tummy and stopped on his cock, the gently
manipulated John's balls as if handling his own. Still holding John's
balls, Jamie leaned forward and kissed John on the mouth, probing with
his tongue deeply inside. Then holding John by the back of the neck,
rested his forehead against John's and whispered. "Victoria, I've been
in love with you since that first time you let me try on clothes in
the store; I loved you then, and I love you now and nothing could
change that."

Victoria/John whispered "Thank you, Jamie," and laid back pulling the
boy on top of her with his head resting on Victoria's shoulder. The
other two girl quickly undressed Jamie and Susan was naked in a flash
and all four spent the night it slow passionate lovemaking. During
the course of the night, Jamie sucked John's cock and gently fucked
his ass, and John reciprocated fully.

The store remained closed for "Inventory" for another week, at the end
of which the four lovers flew to Las Vegas and got married legally.
John put on men's clothing only long enough to get the marriage
license, then all four wore bridal gowns to the wedding chapel where
they had made the arrangements in advance. Susan married Jamie and
John married Jane, but everyone was unofficially married to each

Jamie, who was an accounting major in college took over the office of
the store and the girls handled the sales. Business continued to
grow, and John paid off the land contract in 4 years instead of 10,
much to Mrs. Roberts surprise and delight. Within the year, they had
rented the adjacent storefront and expanded the store, doubling it's
size. By the end of the fifth year, they had bought the entire
building and converted the second floor over the two store fronts into
two interconnected apartments. Who slept where was continually
changing but the John/Jane, Susan/Jamie pairs were the basis to which
they always seemed to return. They were all very happy and continued
their relationship for many, many, years. At that point Susan and
Jamie opened a second store in another college town and called it
"Victoria's II." John and Jane continued to operate the "Victoria's
I" shop and lived long and very happy lives. Eventually, both stores
passed to a son Susan bore, named "John" although they never bothered
to find out which was the father of the child.



James was a smaller than average boy when he was young and therefore
avoided many of the rough games other boys played. He grew up in a
small town in Ohio with and older brother and a younger sister. This
brother, Nick, was 2 years older than himself and considered him a
pest, and excluded James from his play group unless forced to include
him by their parents. His younger sister, Jill, was 6 years his
junior and as the baby of the family got most of the parental
attention. James was forced many times to baby-sit for his sister,
since his brother Nick had a habit of disappearing frequently.

His family was very close to another family in the neighborhood named
the 'Kobrights' who lived down the street from them. In the summers,
the two families would go camping together at a state park and spend
most of the summer there with the fathers commuting on the weekends.
The Kobrights had 3 daughters, Cindy the oldest, Nancy, and Debbie;
the girls were spaced at about one year intervals in age and Nancy was
the same age as James.

Since the two families were so close, James considered the girls
almost like sisters and when he got stuck babysitting for his little
sister, one or more of the Kobright girls would usually come over and
help him with the task. They usually studied their school work or
played card games at his house until dinner time.

When he was 10, his mother took a job as a bookkeeper to bring in more
money as the family was running under tight financial restraints.
This left James at home almost every evening with his sister and
'chores' in the form of various house work to do before his parents
arrived home. His mother taught him and his older brother to cook and
the boys alternated in cooking the evening meal for the family. Other
chores included doing the family laundry, including ironing clothes,
cleaning the house, and the normal yard work boys usually get stuck

Nick hated to do the 'house work' type chores and since he was


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Dominated by Young Girls -- Part 9
author unknown


physically bigger than his younger brother coerced the smaller boy
into handling those duties. Nick handled the yard and outside chores,
but refused to do any house work other than cooking dinner a couple of
times per week.

One chore, James particularly hated was having to change or cleanup
his little sister when she 'had an accident' or managed to spill food
all over herself. The only good part of the duty was when he had to
give her a bath, he got to check out her small female organs as he
washed her. By the time he was 11, he knew his way around at least
the external portions of her female anatomy having inspected her on
many occasions. These 'inspections' included opening her little slit
and looking at the inner lips and that little 'nubbin' thing at the
top. He never inserted his fingers into her tiny opening, just looked
at what was there. He did sometime stroke his finger over the
'nubbin' which seemed to always make the little girl laugh and giggle.

One day when he was about 12 and Nancy was at the house with him, Jill
managed to spill chocolate milk all over herself as well as peanut
butter and jelly from a sandwich he had given her. "Hell," said James
as he picked up the wet and sticky child and took her to the bathroom.
Nancy cleaned up the mess in the kitchen, then came into the bathroom
to help James with the girl. He had already stripped off Jill's
soaked clothing and was removing her panties when Nancy arrived.

Nancy drew a bath in the tub, while James used a washcloth to remove
the heavy peanut butter and jelly from the girl's hands and face.
James then picked up his wet sister and sat her in the warm water, and
started cleaning her with a sponge. "How long have you been giving
her baths?" Nancy asked, "Oh, a couple of year," the boy replied with
a sigh, "Why?" "Just wondered," Nancy said, the continued, "You seem
to know what your doing, and she seems accustomed to you handling her,
that's all."

"Have you ever taken a bath with a girl?" Nancy asked as he continued
to work on his sister. "Not since we were little and our folks used
to throw us all in at once," he responded. "I was wondering if you
remembered that...It was kind of fun wasn't it," Nancy said with a
grin on her cute face. "Yes, except for the fact that you girls
couldn't keep your hands off Nick and my's peckers," James replied,
then looked over his shoulder and grinned back at Nancy. Looking him
straight in the eye Nancy then said very softly, "Maybe we should do
it again sometime, might be fun, don't you think?" "It just might,"
James replied, just as softly; then turned back to his sister and
finished her bath.

Nancy was a very nice girl, very pretty and petite with milk white
skin, china blue eyes, and shoulder length dark brown hair. In the
past several months, puberty had hit James and he was beginning to
sprout pubic hairs. He was also having a terrible time with
unexpected and un-hidden erection and was starting to look at girls in
a new way. When Nancy made this proposition regarding a bath, his
young mind raced with possibilities, but he knew his parents would be
home shortly, so decided to drop the matter, for now.

Over the next month, he noted that Nancy, was a very nice girl with a
pleasant disposition but had started to make a pest of herself by
wanting to follow him everywhere he went. She also acquired the habit
of putting her hands on him whenever she was within reach, which was
something she made a concerted effort to be.

A month or two later, James was riding his bicycle on Saturday along
an old railroad spur which ran behind the housing allotment. There
was an old line shack back beyond the woods, which were behind his
parent's property. The boys had discovered the shack when they were
little and used it as their 'fort' during games of cowboys and indians
and war, etc. As the boys grew older, it was again abandoned and he
was headed out just to look around and be alone for a while. As he
rounded a bend in the tracks, he looked back and saw Nancy following
him, so he decided to try to scare her off and hid in the woods out
of sight until she came around the bend.

When she came past his position, he jumped out and trying to scare her
said, that he would take her prisoner and spank her if she didn't go
home. Nancy just stuck her tongue out at him and dared him to.
Challenged, he took out some cord from his bike kit and tied her
wrists behind her back, then marched her to the small railroad line
shack. Instead of being frightened, Nancy seemed to relish the
adventure, even when he told her he was going to spank her bare tail.

He knew he had to go through with the dare then, so he removed her
halter top, shorts and little white panties. She was such a lovely
sight with nothing on but her sandals that he could hardly control his
excitement. He sat on a chair and put her in front of him, telling
her that part of her punishment was to have to stand naked in front of
him while he 'inspected' her.

Nancy, too, was just into puberty with the contours of femininity
starting to throw hints around her straight-as-an-arrow body. Her
breasts with their rose-pink nipples were just budding, her pubis had
formed an enticing little mound and a dark fuzz with a few delicate
strands shadowed her pouting sex. James put her over his lap face
down and let his hand roam over her smooth back, her sassy round butt
and smooth thighs and he didn't care if she could feel his hard-on
through his shorts. He then ran his hand down the crack between her
thighs and she giggled and squirmed against it.

James then began the spanking, gently at first and then harder until
her ass was bucking and jerking. Every so often he would stop and put
his hand down her crack. Nancy told him to keep doing that; spank her
some more and then put his hand there again. They had discovered
sexual spanking and although they didn't know the word for it, James
gave her several orgasms. They did this little scene several more
times over the next month and both enjoyed the excitement it gave
them. That Summer, James agreed to mow the grass at the Kobright's
and he was about half done one day when all three girls came out
wearing their bikinis. James had seen all three girls all his life,
but he now looked at them a little differently. Cindy had just turned
14 and to his amazement, had a rather large set of breasts for a girl
her age. Her hips were well rounded and her legs looked fantastic to
his young mind. Her hair was dark brown and worn long, almost half
way down her back. Her eyes were a pale blue, almost grey in tone and
penetrated straight through you when you looked into them.

Nancy's body he knew well after their little games in the line shack,
but to his surprise, Debbie was rapidly developing also. Debbie was
bigger than Nancy, both in height and overall size. She only stood
about 1/2 inch taller, but her bust was half again as large as Nancy's
bumps. Debbie also had dark brown hair but her's was worn short and
framed her face highlighting her doe like brown eyes. Cindy was
taller than James by an inch, Debbie was now the same height, and
Nancy was only slightly shorter. Stealing glances at the girls as he
worked, he circled the yard, his mowing bringing him closer and
closer. To his dismay, he soon had a throbbing hard-on. Being much
to shy to try to act out what he had been fantasizing about them, he
finished mowing and went home to discover he had been locked out of
the house, his parents, brother and sister having left for the
evening; and his bladder was about to burst!

James went back to the Kobright's and approached the girls in the back
yard, and asked Cindy if he could use their bathroom, explaining his
problem. She started to agree but Nancy protested, saying that it
sounded like a trick to get into their panties. Embarrassed at her
comment, James turned beet red and noticing it, Debbie and Cindy
joined in Nancy's game. While they discussed openly if he really
needed to pee and what his real motives might be, he began to squirm
as it became more and more difficult to wait. Nancy finally suggested
that if he really had to go and they began tickling him, he would
probably wet his pants. Agreeing, Cindy said, "Let's find out!"

After a brief struggle, the girls wrestled him to the ground and with
Cindy holding his hands and Debbie sitting on his legs, Nancy began
tickling him. He resisted as best as possible but soon he was
laughing uncontrollably. Unable to hold back any longer, he began
pissing his pants. The release of pressure felt so good, he didn't
even try to stop.

Then he was embarrassed. Here he was, with three beautiful girls, and
instead of screwing the hell out of them like he dreamed, he had wet
his pants. The girls apologized for misjudging his intentions and to
make up for it offered to let him shower while they washed and dried
his soaked clothing.

James stripped in the bathroom and handed his clothes to them through
the crack in the door before showering. Even though he still hoped to
somehow fuck at least one of them, he couldn't help jacking off in the
shower. Even then, when he dried off, his erection was returning. As
per their instructions, James went to Nancy's bedroom where she said
she would have some dry clothes for him. He wrapped a towel around
him so they wouldn't see him in the hall but he didn't expect to see
them in the bedroom.

The girls had changed from their bikinis. Nancy was wearing a tight
fitting t-shirt which clearly outlined her budding young nipples and
small mounds, which stopped at her hips and a revealing pair of bikini
panties. Cindy had on a halter top which showed her breasts right
down to just above her nipples, and a snug-fitting pair of cut-offs.
Debbie, wore a sleeveless white cotton top which looked like a man's
undershirt and again her breasts were clearly visible through the thin
material, she also wore only white cotton bikini panties.

James started to back out but Cindy said to come in so they could
dress him. Explaining they were afraid he would mess up any clothes
they put on him, they picked out some of Nancy's for him to wear
rather than wearing their father's clothes. James protested but they
quickly pointed out he had little choice since he was caught with his
pants down. They then produced and help him put on a blouse top
which, with its flowery print and lacy trim, looked like a girl's
dress on him. That illusion was furthered by the white cotton panties
which plainly showed beneath the waist length hem of his "dress."

All the while they dressed him, they chided him for wetting his pants.
Then turning to Cindy, Nancy told her that their mother still had
supplies on hand for their younger cousins and if James had any
further problems they might be able to find something in them for him.
Nancy then asked how he liked getting into Debbie's panties (the one's
he was wearing), then Cindy placing his hand on her breast, asked if
he would like to kiss it. As James mumbled a reply, she pulled him
onto the bed with her and pulled off her halter top to expose her rock
hard nipples. James needed no further encouragement and was sucking
furiously away while, slowly, Cindy rolled him over until he was flat
on his back nursing and fondling her marvelous tits. Cindy then
leaned over him and began stroking his throbbing penis through the
soft cotton cloth.

Unknown to James, Nancy had left to dig through the supplies kept for
their cousins and had returned with what she wanted while he was still
being manipulated. Eventually Cindy's pumping proved too much and he
came, shooting his sperm into Debbie's panties as he continued sucking
those breasts. Utterly drained, he collapsed into a spinning world as
he tried to separate fact and fiction; unable to believe what had

As James slowly recovered, the girls scolded him for getting his pants
wet again. While they removed them and washed the sperm from his now
limp cock, they decided that he should be spanked. It was useless to
resist and he was turned over Cindy's knee and given a very sound and
stinging whipping. Then he was placed face down on the bed while
Nancy explained she was rubbing his behind with baby powder to cool
off his behind which felt like it was on fire. Turning him over,
Nancy did the same to his penis the stuck a baby pacifier in his
mouth. Cindy and Nancy then held him down while Debbie explained they
had no choice, because of his problem keeping panties dry, except to
diaper him.

Startled to his senses, James began squirming around to keep her from
slipping the baby diapers she held in her hand under him. Debbie
picked up a diaper pin and said she hoped he would lie still so she
wouldn't stick him. Realizing he was trapped, he cooperated as she
slipped the diapers under him, pulling them up between his legs, and
pinning tightly in place. Nancy put the pacifier he had spit out back
into his mouth and he sucked on it as Cindy led him to a mirror so he
could "admire" how well they had diapered him. She pointed out the
pink edges and Curity logo to prove they were real baby diapers and
explained there were plenty left in case he had more accidents.

Then, having him lay on the floor, Debbie told him that since anyone
toddling around in diapers must be a baby, he could nurse on her.
Removing all her clothes, she let James suck on her tender young
nipples resting a the tips of her small breasts. Then, with her
guidance, he was eventually licking at her wet cunt, which had only a
few hairs above it, none on the lips themselves. Even though he was
inexperienced at cunnilingus, she was not shy about explaining and
guiding his tongue where she wanted it. As he ate her delicious
pussy, he felt a hand on his cock and glanced back to see Nancy
reaching under his side. By the time Debbie came, James was aroused
again. Nancy seeing and feeling this, left Debbie collapsed on the
floor and removing all of her clothing let him continue his "training"
on the bed with him still clad in his diaper.

When Nancy felt her orgasm approaching she grabbed his head and
holding him by the hair forced it as hard as she could into her
crotch, then arched her back and ground her pussy as hard as she could
into his face until she collapsed backwards onto the bed. Cindy
immediately unpinned one side of his diaper and guided his rock-hard
cock into her steaming love tunnel. Fortunately, she had stroked
herself prior to mounting him for he climaxed on his first few
strokes, coming after only about a half a dozen.

Debbie had recovered and came over to the bed and pinned fresh diapers
on him. James was then "forced" to eat all three girls out again
before they would let him have his now dry clothes back.

For the rest of the summer, James made sure that he only cut the grass
at their house on Saturday's when their parents were gone on the flea
market circuit. As soon as he had completed the work he would be
immediately stripped and diapered before eating the girls out.
Usually they would jack him off while he still had his diapers on but
occasionally, one of them would remove them and fuck him if they had
already come.

During this period, the girls added some other attractions to their
game; they shaved James pubic area since "babies don't have hair down
there", tried inserting objects such as plastic hair brush handles and
broom sticks up his ass, and putting ice cubes in his ass then
checking him to make sure he didn't dribble in his diapers. These
activities lead them to another favorite pastime, which was giving him
enemas and then "inspecting" his asshole and underwear almost daily to
assure that he wasn't having any accidents they were unaware of. This
involved him coming to their house each day where he was made to drop
his pants and underwear, then bend over and spread his cheeks while
one of the girls checked his underpants for brown stains and looked
into his ass with a flashlight. Often, she would slide a lubricated
finger in and probe around, the friction from which usually got James
hard. As a result of all of this anal activity, James became
accustomed to having someone's fingers probing his young behind.


During the following winter, the girls tired of having James dressing
as a diapered baby and either kept him nude or dressed as a girl in
their own clothing. The latter of the two alternatives was something
James really enjoyed as he got the chance to wear the frilly
undergarments girls take for granted. Every time he felt the smooth
fabric pass over his body, it sent chills throughout him and passed
waves of electricity directly to his cock. He tried not to let the
girls know that he enjoyed wearing their clothes since they were
getting off on the thrill of dominating him completely, but he wasn't
wholly successful. James mother no longer had to work, so she was now
at home with his 7 year old little sister who had started school that
year. James was therefore free to spend the time between school and
dinner at the Kobright's every day, as their parents both worked.
Although Debbie and Cindy had both fucked, Nancy as yet had not let
him into her virgin hole other than with his mouth and tongue.

In January when he arrived at the house, the only one present was
Nancy, the other having stayed at school for some activity. As soon
as James entered the house he stripped off his clothing as required by
the girl's rules, then walking naked through the house found Nancy in
the kitchen. Nancy was sitting at the table drinking a coke when
James walked in and indicated that she wanted him to stand beside her
with a point of her long finger. James took the indicated position
and waited for further indication of what this pretty girl might want.
Still drinking her soft drink, the girl's eyes slowly raked over his
body from his head downward taking in all the smooth skin along the

James was still only 5'6" and still smaller than the other boys his
age, and had a very thin almost feminine build to his body. His skin
was flawless and his face smooth like a girls, not having started
developing as beard as of yet. The girls had kept his body completely
hairless, shaving his groin, underarms, and legs regularly, saying
they didn't like all that 'awful' hair even though there never was
very much to begin with.

As if having made some decision, Nancy reached out with her left hand
and gently stroked his cock until it shortly was erect. He was about
6" when hard, but not very thick only about 1 1/4" in diameter. Cindy
called him "pencil dick" when upset with him, which usually caused him
considerable embarrassment. Nancy then tenderly took his balls in her
hand and gently rolled them between her fingers, as she looked off
into space as if her mind were somewhere else.

"Do you remember when I was over at your house and you had to give
Jill a bath after she spilled stuff all over herself?" "Yes," James
said as he enjoyed the feel of her hand on him. "I told you that it
might be fun for us to take one together," she continued, still as if
her mind were lost somewhere else. "Yes," James responded. "I think
since we are alone, today would be a good day to do that," Nancy
proposed, then before he could answer, arose and leading him by his
cock took him to the bathroom.

In the bathroom, Nancy filled the tub with hot water and added a
foaming bubble bath solution to it as the water ran. "Get in
`Jamie'," she said, and turned and started undressing. "Jamie?," he
thought to himself as he slowly lowered his body into the foamy water.
"My brother calls me 'Jim', my parents call me 'James', and my little
sister calls me 'Jimmy,'but no one has ever called me `Jamie' before.
Before he could ask the question, Nancy offered the explanation. "I
thought that since your body is more like a girl's than a boy's and
since you enjoy dressing as a girl, you should have a girl's name,"
she said.

James was taken aback, obviously he had not been successful in
convincing all of the girls that they were 'forcing' him to wear their
clothing. Probably due to the fact that he had a hard-on most of the
time when he was dressed as a girl. Nancy, told him to move forward
in the tub, then stepped in behind him and sat down with her legs
extending around him and down either side of his body. She then
pulled him back so his head rested against her chest and James could
see the swell of her still growing breasts to either side of his face.

Nancy arched her back which caused both of them to slide forward and
down into the water, dunking James and then pulled him back up into
the former position, only this time with her feet flat on the bottom
which brought her knees up along side him. She then pulled his arms
out and placed one over either thigh which held him from slipping
again. Taking the shampoo in her hands she proceeded to wash his hair
and soaped his shoulders and arms, then told him to dunk himself
again. James followed her directions and when her surfaced again, she
slid her arms under his and pulled his body tightly between her thighs
until his back was pressed against her now hard nipples.

In this position, she slowly stroked his chest and stomach, with her
chin resting on his right shoulder. James was thrilling at all of
this contact by his pretty friend. Then reaching downward, she
grasped his cock with her arm around him. As she gently stroked up
and down, she asked, "Jamie, what's it like to have a cock?" James
realized from the way she was holding him and stroking him that she
was fantasizing that the cock she held was her's and trying to make
believe that she was a boy masturbating himself. "At times, it's very
nice," he whispered as she continued to stroke him. James reached
back underneath and gently fingered Nancy's clit while she worked on
him and soon felt movement in her pelvis as she pressed against his
hand and not long after was humping her pussy against him. James
couldn't take much more of this and gently inserted a finger into
Nancy's slit, and was amazed at how tight and hot it felt.

He had fucked both of her sisters, but neither had felt THIS tight.
James soon came and his cum shot up from his cock and some ran down
over Nancy's hand. At the same time he felt the wall of her tight
pussy seize onto his finger and knew that she had come also. Nancy
managed to keep her hand covered with cum above the water as she
climaxed and then drew it back past his head and he realized she was
tasting it when she said, "Ummm, this tastes good, I want some more."
Then shoving him forward, got up from behind him and said, "Baths all
done, Jamie, let's go to my room," and immediately got out of the tub
and dried off. James also got out and dried, then followed the
luscious little ass which wiggled ahead of him down the hall.

Once in the bedroom, Nancy had him lay down on the bed on his back,
then pounced on his cock with an oral assault, unlike any the young
boy had ever experienced before. Debbie had given him the only
blowjob he had ever had, but compared to this, she was a rank amateur.
As soon as he was hard, Nancy got above him on the bed, then slowly
lowered her tight pussy onto his shaft. He knew now that she was a
virgin, and was afraid to move thinking he might hurt her, so he let
her take complete charge. Nancy impaled herself inch by inch,
stopping every so often to let her cunt adjust to the intruder. After
he was part way in, she suddenly dropped with the full force of her
weight and screamed as his cock tore through her hymen. Resting for a
couple of seconds, she then looked down and smiled at him as she
started moving on his cock.

Slowly she built up speed until she was driving down at him with such
force that he thought she would pound him through the bed. When she
came, it was explosive, with her body being whacked by tremors and
convulsions and her falling forward onto his chest. After resting a
few seconds she could still feel his hard cock inside her and looking
up from his chest into his eyes said, "You just got one cherry, so you
might as well have the other...besides I don't want you to come in my
pussy,...I might get pregnant." She then got off of him and walked to
her dresser where she picked up a bottle of baby oil and returned to
the bed. Turning her backside to him she liberally coated her asshole
with the oil, then poured some in her hand and coated his still
rampant cock.

Nancy then got back onto the bed, but this time got into a position on
her hands and knees and told him to stand on the floor behind her.
James did as he was told as was soon looking at her well muscled
behind from the rear, her pussy lips visible between her thighs. "Be
careful and gentle," she said and gave him a smile, then dropped her
head down onto her hands and wiggled her ass at him. James stroked
the crack of her ass with his fingers and picking up some of the
excess oil, slowly massaged the little puckered opening. After a
minute or two the tight muscle relaxed and James slowly inserted his
finger, working the oil inside from all angles. When he had the
second finger inside, he decided she was ready, and gently grasped her
by the hips and then ever so slowly penetrated her ass with his cock.

He stopped each time he felt her body tighten, not wanting to hurt
her, and it wasn't long before his balls rested against the back of
her thighs. Again he started slowly, pulling almost all the way out
then sliding through this tight tunnel of flesh until his thighs
touched hers. After about 10 strokes, she started meeting his thrusts
with her own, and soon they were driving at each other with all of
their strengths. Their bodies covered with sweat, they pounded each
other until James felt his balls tighten in anticipation of his
climax. "I'm going to come," he rasped short of breath, and Nancy
responded, "Fuck me Jamie, come in my ass, Yes, Yes fuck me Jamie, I
want to feel you come inside me." That encouragement was all that was
needed as James climaxed with his entire body and drove Nancy onto her
stomach on the bed, where they rested with his cock still up her ass,
until it came out on it's own, limp. After cleaning up in the
bathroom, Nancy took James in her arms and kissed him more deeply than
he had ever been kissed before, then whispered, "Thank you Jamie," and
gave him a pat on the ass.


For the next 3 years, Jamie had sex with one or more of the girls
every day. After Nancy had spread the word of how good his cock felt
in her ass, he was soon plowing all three with regularity, since they
could not get pregnant with that type of fun. They not only continue
to allow him to dress up as a girl, but helped him acquire his own
wardrobe. They taught him to use makeup and how to style his hair
which he had let grow as long as possible before his father
complained, which was almost as long as Debbie's. Keeping it at that
length, it could be styled either way and with a little brushing and a
couple of berets or ribbons and the proper clothing he could make a
convincing girl when he wanted. He only grew another inch in height
reaching 5'7" before stopping and remained thin and trim in build.
His beard when it finally started was very light, and the girls
removed it with Nair rather than him shaving it.

It was Jamie and Nancy's Senior year, and Nancy decided to take Jamie
to the school Halloween dance as a girl. It was not uncommon for boys
to go as girls so Jamie didn't object, he knew he would be the best
looking boy/girl at the party.

Jamie told his parents that he was going to the Halloween dance as a
girl and that the Kobright girls were going to help him with his
costume. Knowing that the kids had grown up together, they thought
nothing of his request to stay at their house the night before the
dance so the girls could "work on his costume." The girls however,
were alone for the weekend, since their parents were away on a mini-

Jamie went to the girl's house Friday after school and was not due
home until Sunday. The girls told him to dress (as a girl) because
they were taking him out to dinner.

With glee, Jamie charged up to Nancy's room and there found an outfit
laying on the bed for him to wear. It was a white cotton blouse with
a big frilly collar and full length sleeves with lace cuffs. A navy
blue jumper dress, slip, padded bra, nylon panties, pantyhose, and
black patent leather flats for his shoes. Jamie donned the clothes
then sat down at Nancy's dressing table and did his makeup and hair,
and when he was done, he looked like a young girl of about 15 just
home from school.

All three girls smiled when he came down the stairs and twirled before
them in young girl fashion, then applauded his work at the
transformation. No one seemed to notice when the four pretty girls
arrived at the local oriental restaurant in Cindy's car and then went
inside to eat.

Jamie however, was trembling since this was the first time he had ever
been in public 'dressed', only the three girls had ever seen him this
way. Nancy noticed his nervousness and placed orders for both of them
and stroked his thigh under the table while they waited for their food
to arrive. Jamie had seen a number of people in the restaurant whom
he knew, but none of them recognized him. Nancy leaned over and
whispered in his ear, "Just think of this as a trial run for
tomorrow," she said and both saw and felt him relax.

The entire outing including a movie Cindy treated them to went without
incident. Although Jamie almost headed for the wrong restroom at the
theater. Nancy who was with him, however, guided him in the right
direction so it was not even close to being a problem.

When they arrived back at the house, the three girls all but raped him
just inside the door. They had been excited all evening watching him
and the reactions people had to him as he moved about town in his
female persona. Of particular interest, was that many of his and
their friends failed to recognize him and accepted their explanation
of a visiting friend from out of town. After being stripped, fucked
twice and he had eaten all three girls through several climaxes each;
they all sat nude in the living room and discussed the evening. After
an hour of solid talk about what they had seen and felt, Cindy offered
an observation to the group.

"We now know, Jamie can pass as a girl almost anywhere, even with
people who know him." "But tomorrow night, he must OBVIOUSLY look
like a boy dressed as a girl!" "But why?," both Jamie and Nancy
answered in unison. "Because, if he looks like he did tonight, he
will NEVER be able to dress in public in this town ever again," Cindy
replied. "Oh," all three of the others responded with dejection on
their faces. "I know you had plans of him wearing a beautiful gown,
and looking absolutely perfect," Cindy continued, "But that's just not
possible, unless he is willing to stop dressing forever after
tomorrow." "I don't want to do that," Jamie said softly. All four of
them remained nude for the balance of the night, and each of the girls
offered Jamie her personal condolences in the form of sex of one kind
or another. At midnight, he went to bed sandwiched between Nancy and
Debbie in Nancy's bed, and cried twice during the night when he
thought no one would hear.

Jamie spent the next day dressed as a girl in a shell type blouse and
bright yellow skirt, with the same shoes he had worn the night before,
and little lacy ankle socks. He helped the girls clean the house and
it felt perfectly natural for him to do that kind of work attired as
he was. Two of the girls managed to get him alone during the day and
continued to console the boy; Cindy gave him a blowjob in the laundry
room and Debbie let him fuck her ass in the upstairs bathroom. The
latter came about when he discovered her cleaning the bathtub in the
nude, "so she wouldn't mess up her clothes," with her bare ass pointed
at the door. Seeing him behind her looking her over with
appreciation, she wiggled her ass at him then reached up and got some
vaseline and lubed her little hole before his eyes, then wiggled her
butt at him again.

With an invitation like that, Jamie could not refuse and immediately
hiked up his skirt, pulled down his panties and filled the little hole
for her. Both were excited about the possibility of discovery and
Jamie fingered her as he pumped her rear channel. They both came in a
tangle of limbs and laughed as they cleaned each other up following
their climaxes.

That evening Jamie was placed in a dress too large for him and his
makeup was done to both excess and poorly so it looked like an
inexperienced boy had put it on himself. He wore a pair of high heels
but without stockings or pantyhose and his own underwear under the
dress. When he looked at himself in the mirror, he was grotesque and
hated the way he looked. All three girls saw this and gave him hugs
and kisses in response. Nancy, dressed as a clown and the two went to
the party, but returned home early. Jamie just couldn't enjoy himself
dressed as he was.

By the time they arrived home, Jamie was crying heavily and the girls
stripped him of the offending clothing. Then, undressing themselves
took him into the shower and all three washed and stroked the poor boy
as they cleaned the makeup from him. They then took him to their
parents bed and all four slept together, Jamie being passed back and
forth from breast to breast all night long.

Jamie awoke Sunday morning with Nancy riding his cock, Debbie's pussy
in his face and Cindy kissing his nipples and sucking on his belly
button as she stroked his thighs with her hand. He did his best to
satisfy all three in one way or another, then after a nap and a hearty
breakfast went home to his parent's house.

At the end of May, Cindy told Jamie to get dressed in something "very
pretty" tomorrow when you come after school. "Our parents will be out
of town, and I have a special graduation present for you," the young
woman explained. When he arrived the next day, he was met at the door
by Debbie and Nancy who guided him to Debbie's room where he was
dressed in a very pretty pink and white flowered dress with a crisp
white 'Navy' style collar and little cap sleeves. Under the dress he
wore a white satin and lace camisole, with white lace panties and
white stockings attached to the camisole by garters. On his feet were
placed black pumps with 2" heels and they did his hair and makeup for
him as he sat back and allowed the girls to work. When the girls
finally allowed him to look at himself in the mirror, he almost came
on the spot, when he saw the beautiful young girl looking back with
little white ribbons pined in her hair above each ear. Each of the
girls planted a kiss on his cheeks then lightly on his mouth, not
wanting to mess up his pink lipstick.

The three of them sat and talked for about half an hour when they
heard the front door open and Cindy called Jamie's name. Jamie
bounded to the top of the stairs and was half way down when he froze
in his tracks. Below, stood Cindy with a good looking young man of
about 20, who was well over 6' and looked to be around 200 lbs. of
muscle. "Isn't she pretty," Cindy said to the man. "Damn, she's
gorgeous!" he responded. "Come here, Jamie," Cindy encouraged, and
Jamie cautiously continued down to where they were standing.

"Jamie, this is Terry, a man I work with," Cindy said indicating the
man, "Terry, this is Jamie, the girl I told you about." "Hello
Jamie," he smiled and gave a slight nod of his head. "Hi, Terry,"
Jamie replied with the most innocent young girl's look on her face.
"Jamie, Terry knows all about you, and thinks it's great, and he is
going to take you and Nancy out to dinner tonight as a graduation
present...I'll see you when you get back from dinner," Cindy said.
Looking at Terry then to Cindy, and feeling Nancy touching him from
behind, he gave a cute little flick of his head and excitedly said,
"OK, let's go!"

Terry took the two girls to one of the best restaurants in town, and
to all appearances he was escorting a young lady of about 18 (Nancy)
and possibly her younger sister who looked to be maybe 16 (Jamie), out
for a night on the town. When they returned home, they found Cindy
and Debbie sitting in the living room wearing short satin robes, and
both of them got up and came to the trio giving them each a kiss.
"Now, for the rest of your present," Cindy said, and opened her robe
to show she was naked underneath. Debbie stepped over to Terry and
began unbuttoning his shirt, while Nancy unbuckled the man's belt and
then lowered his pants to his ankles. Jamie looked on in horror at
the big bulge in the front of the man's underwear and then felt
someone unzipping his dress at his back.

"Terry," said Cindy, "is a bisexual, and has agreed to let you feel
what it's like to be a girl," she continued. With his dress and slip
removed, Jamie was now attired only in his camisole, panties, and
stockings, was gathered into the arms of the man now nude before him.
Terry gently kissed Jamie as all three girls stroked their bodies and
after several such kisses, gently lowered the boy to his knees before
him. Jamie was now "eye-to-eye" with an 8" hard cock and large set of
balls suspended below it. Nancy held his shoulders and gently stroked
them, then bending over, whispered in his ear, "Suck it Jamie, you
know you want to."

Jamie leaned forward so that the giant cock was resting against his
cheek, then gave it a tentative lick with his tongue. Deciding that
it tasted good, he slowly licked all around the head and down along
the sides of the shaft. Gently taking the shaft in his small hand, he
opened his mouth as wide as he could and slowly lowered it over the
cock he held. Jamie remembered what he liked when the girls sucked
him and attempted to duplicate the best of the blowjobs he had
received on this man's cock. Shortly, the man was moaning and
thrusting in and out of Jamie mouth as the girls all grinned at each
other. Jamie applied the suction and swallowed each time the man's
cock reached the back of his throat, forcing it down into his throat.
The man quickly came from Jamie's forceful sucking and deep throat
technique and Jamie swallowed all he could, but a little leaked around
the shaft and onto his lips.

As soon as the cock cleared his lips, Nancy planted a kiss on him,
licking the cum residue into her mouth. "Taste's good doesn't it
Jamie," and gave him another kiss. Cindy was now laying on the floor
with her legs wide open, "EAT ME JAMIE!" she cried in her excitement
at watching that blowjob. Jamie immediately dove mouth open on her
cunt and proceeded to ream her innards with his tongue. When working
on Cindy, he felt hands on his ass, spreading some slippery substance
on his asshole. Jamie relaxed, and quickly two fingers were sliding
in and out of his backside and in what seemed like no time at all, he
felt the head of that big cock at his tiny hole.

Terry was gently and slowly worked his cock into Jamie's ass until
buried full length. Then started stroking as he held the boy by his
hips. Jamie continued eating Cindy, who came quickly and was
immediately replaced by Nancy with her box wide open to Jamie's mouth.
Jamie slurped and licked with all his strength was Terry continued to
ram his meat up Jamie's ass, Debbie meanwhile was laying under Jamie
sucking his cock from below and soon everyone came in a giant orgasm
which reverberated from body to body. Jamie called his parents and
got permission to stay the night, then the three girls, Terry and
Jamie retired to the big bed for an all night sex feast which involved
every possible combination of bodies at one point or another.

After graduation from high school, Jamie went away to college at a
town in Indiana. The first six months he was there, he was very
unhappy, no longer able to dress as a girl and having left all his
clothes at the girl's house anyway. Then one day when browsing in a
used clothing store, he met a beautiful young woman named `Victoria'
who let him try on clothes in the store.


Vicky moved away from home immediately after turning 18 and graduating
from high school. Within a year she was pregnant and married a guy
named Joe who worked as an auto mechanic. By age 24 she had gained
100 lbs and had 4 children to drive her crazy. Joe, it seemed
believed in keeping his woman "barefoot and pregnant."

Lisa, married Tom (Vicky's former boyfriend) and they moved to the
east coast after graduating from college. Nothing more is known about
their lives.

Michelle, went to college after graduating high school, and according
to newspaper reports was gang raped at a fraternity party. Six boys
were arrested and prosecuted in the case.



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