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Nifty - Transgender - By Authors - Rebecca Goldstein - Aunties Panties.txt


Auntie's Panties

by Rebecca Goldstein

I've always had this serious thing for women's' underwear. Even as far
back as grammar school I loved to sit on the ground in the school yard
to watch the girls jump rope and show off their frilly little panties,
just for me.

I was always so jealous of my sisters! They got such pretty, pink
ruffled undies to wear while I was stuck with boring white BVD's. It
was so unfair, I thought!

I loved the exciting feel of their lace and silky nylon dainties, so
cool and silky and smooth to the touch. By age 12 I was trying on my
sisters' underwear. It made me tingle all over to mince in front of
the mirror wearing a bra and panties.

It would get me so excited that I would get a huge hard-on, and I would
only be able to control myself for a few minutes before I had to
masturbate wildly in front of my reflection. Soon I was hopelessly
hooked on wearing my sisters' underwear!

After school I would rush right home for an afternoon of panty
pleasures. Once I was sure no one was home, I bounded up the stairs to
the bathroom and locked myself in. Then I would rifle the hamper and
dig out all the soiled panties my sisters had deposited.

Each of my three sisters had different personalities, and it showed in
their lovely undies. Lisa, my oldest sister, was already in college.
She wore sexy string bikinis. Jennifer, a senior, wore big silky
briefs with lots of lace in the front. Doreen, a sophomore, preferred
hi-cut nylon hipsters.

I would hold the lovely undies over my face and bask in the delicious
scents of the panty treats my unsuspecting sisters had left me. I
became intimately acquainted with each of my sisters' scents and could
even tell when one of my sisters had borrowed another's underwear just
by sniffing them!

I would jerk off wildly, lapping at the filthy crotch while sliding
another pair of silky undies over my throbbing cock until I was ready
to explode. I wanted more than anything to shoot my cum all over them!
It took all the will power I had to pull the panties away at the last
possible second and come into a tissue to avoid leaving any telltale

I progressed from wearing my sisters' underwear to donning their
dresses, high heels and blouses. I also began using their make-up. I
would use up their mascara or lipstick with impunity, then laugh to
myself as they accused each other of swiping cosmetics. Naturally, no
one suspected me!

Both my parents worked full-time. My sisters were pretty and popular
and always had things to do after school. So I was left alone to enjoy
many long, sensual afternoons in lingerie.

I became more skillful in dressing, applying makeup and loved the way
it made me look. Except for my short hair, I thought, I could easily
pass for a girl. I wished I could have my own feminine frillies to
wear. But how could I get them?

The answer to my problem came to me quite by accident. One day I was
in my friend Jimmy's house peeing in the upstairs bathroom when
something in the corner of my eye caught my attention. There, hanging
out of the bathroom hamper was a luscious pair of red bikinis belonging
to his sister Katy.

Without even thinking I grabbed the red panties from the hamper and
stuffed them down my pants. For the rest of the afternoon I thrilled
to the sensual feel of the silky panties sliding back and forth across
my cock. Jimmy commented that I seemed far away. I just smiled and
said I had something else on my mind.

That evening I locked myself in my room for pure panty pleasure as I
sniffed and licked and jerked off with my purloined panties. Katy, a
lovely girl of about nineteen was beautiful and feminine and totally
unapproachable to me, then just thirteen.

But in the wicked fantasy world of my bedroom, I reveled in the womanly
scent she had obligingly embedded in her luscious undies. I lapped at
the musky crotch of the delicious red bikinis, fantasizing that it was
Katy's dripping cunt instead.

I masturbated wildly until I exploded in the best orgasm I'd ever had.
I could imagine Katy looking for her panties, and snickered under my
breath. If she only knew!

From then on I became a confirmed panty snatcher. No women's hamper
was safe when I was around. I stole from my friends' sisters, and even
their mothers if I found them attractive. I especially liked it when
my sisters let me tag along to their friends' houses, because it meant
new panties to add to my collection.

But my absolute favorite opportunities for panty pilferage came on our
visits to my beautiful Aunt Carmen, my Mother's "kid sister."

Aunt Carmen was the stuff young boys' wet dreams are made of. She'd
been widowed for several years by then. While she'd been married she'd
been rather dumpy and unattractive, but when she became single again
she seemed to blossom overnight. She lost a lot of weight, then had
her hair and makeup done over. She adopted the affectation of calling
everyone "Darling."

She ditched her frumpy wardrobe in favor of tight jeans and miniskirts,
which made her look irresistible even though she was well past forty.
Gone were the "sensible" flats in favor of tall stiletto heels. No
more erotic woman ever lived!

To Mom and my other Aunts, Aunt Carmen was the subject of endless
gossip. They never seemed to tire of speculating who Carmen was dating
or Carmen was screwing, particularly the latter.

Every bachelor in our little town and even some married men were
rumored to have bedded her. According to those cackling hens, Aunt
Carmen had screwed everyone from the Preacher to boys in the high

They never stopped talking about Aunt Carmen, but even then I knew they
were all jealous. Yes, they were jealous because she was beautiful and
sexy and desirable and they were just a bunch of washed-out old bags
(sorry Mom).

Aunt Carmen knew she made me hot as hell. Just being close enough to
bask in her lovely perfume made my head spin. When I spoke to her I
could hardly look at her, but she was always very nice to me and seemed
quite amused that she could still excite a young boy that way.

I'd make a beeline upstairs as soon as I got there, anticipating what
panty delights I might find. I was never disappointed. Being the
sloppy sort, Auntie would obligingly leave one or two pair of her worn
panties right on the floor in the bathroom or bedroom.

I would pick the panties up and fondle them for a long time, staring at
the lovely lingerie confections. Aunt Carmen wore the most exquisite,
expensive imported French undies made of luscious silk and dripping
with lace.

One evening I'd been especially lucky to grab a delightful turquoise
string bikini with big white ruffles on the behind. They were still
warm and moist from Aunt Carmen's sex. She must have just taken them

That night was utter bliss as I sniffed and jerked off with my panty
treasures. I was so hot I masturbated madly until my cock got red and
sore and I couldn't come anymore. I'd jerked off so much my cock was
actually wearing away!

When it was all over I felt a terrible twinge of guilt. After all,
this woman was my Aunt! How could I fantasize about such immoral,
incestuous things? What was wrong with me? I felt horrible. But that
didn't stop me from jerking off with Auntie's panties, again and again
and again!

One afternoon I was up in my room fondling Aunt Carmen's pretty
turquoise panties when the doorbell rang. Not wanting to arouse
suspicion, I threw my clothes on and went to answer it.

I opened the door and gasped a little. There was Aunt Carmen herself,
looking lovely as ever with a tight leather miniskirt, black fishnets
with black patent spikes and a low-cut lace blouse that revealed her
ample cleavage.

I looked down and tried not to stare at her lovely breasts as she told
me she needed to borrow a certain pair of pumps from my Mom for her
date that night. I told her Mom wasn't home, and she replied she knew
that but she'd called her at work and found out exactly where they

Aunt Carmen walked right in and went up to Mom's bedroom. I followed
close behind, trying not to look obvious as I tried to peek up her
skirt when she walked up the stairs. She sashayed right into the
closet and got the shoes, but on her way out as she passed my room she
stopped in her tracks and stared inside.

Aunt Carmen walked into the room to my bed, and my heart sank as she
picked up the turquoise panties I'd stolen only days before. She held
them as she scowled at me and sneered, "...and what are THESE doing
here, you filthy little pervert? You little panty snatcher, I wondered
where these went!"

All of a sudden a look came over Aunt Carmen. "...And I'll just bet I
know where my OTHER missing panties are too, Darling! I want you to
show me all the other panties you've stolen... right now! ...Or maybe
I'll just have to tell my sister what a disgusting pervert she has for
a son!"

Aunt Carmen had me dead to rights and I knew it! I had no choice but
to do as she said. I walked over to my closet and brought out the box
where I kept my panty collection.

"Empty them out onto the bed," she snarled.

I turned the box over and let the panty plunder fall onto my bed. I
was suddenly surprised at how many I'd managed to accumulate in only a
few months.

"Well Darling," Aunt Carmen giggled as she surveyed my spoils, "that's
quite a collection you have there. You certainly must have been a busy
little panty snatcher..."

With that, Aunt Carmen began browsing through the panties and picking
them up, with a little comment for each.

"These are mine, I wondered where they'd gotten to!

"Borr-ring! These must belong to a young girl. Don't know why you
stole these Darling, but then they are rather well-worn...

"Oh, these are pretty. I wonder where she got them.

"And these are mine... and these.. and I forgot all about these!"

I knew I was in a lot of trouble as Aunt Carmen rummaged through my
panty collection, but I couldn't take my eyes off the luscious
turquoise panties she still held in her hand. In spite of myself I
could feel my cock hardening as Aunt Carmen held up each pair of lovely

Aunt Carmen saw I was getting excited and laughed aloud.

"Well Jeremy Darling, you certainly like pretty panties. At least you
have good taste in lingerie! I can only imagine what disgusting things
you do with them..."

She looked at her turquoise panties then looked at me. A wicked smirk
came over her face a she looked me up and down. "...And I'll bet you
love to WEAR them, too! Don't you, Darling?"

I hung my head and said nothing.

"That's what I thought." She tossed the bikini panties to me and said,
"I want you to take off your take off your clothes and put these on!
Model them for me, Darling."

I tried to protest. "No.. I can't... I couldn't!"

"You will or I'll tell your Mother what a perverted little panty
sniffer you are! Now quit blubbering and put your little panties on.
You know you love it! You know you want to! Chop-chop Jeremy Darling,
don't keep me waiting!"

Aunt Carmen had me in her power, but it felt strangely exciting. I
turned around and stripped, sliding into the turquoise bikinis as fast
as I could. As the silk began sliding across my cock, it immediately
leaped to erection in spite of my predicament.

"Oh Darling! You look positively scrumptious! Such milky white
skin... such a lean body... and lovely legs! Oh Darling, you're
perfect! Now walk across the room and give me a little turn... and be
sure to wiggle the luscious little tush for me Darling! Yes, that's
it. Sashay for me Jeremy Darling. That's lovely."

Aunt Carmen began breathing heavily, and I could tell the situation was
getting her very excited indeed. But then she stopped staring at me
and regained her composure.

"Now Darling, you've done as I've asked. What can I do for you?
Hmmmmmm... I know! Darling, you may lie down on the floor between my
legs and I'll let you look up my dress the way you've always wanted to!
Didn't think I saw you peeking before, did you? I know what you want.
The same thing all men want. So, go ahead. On your back!"

I couldn't believe my luck and I wasted no time getting on my back
while Aunt Carmen straddled my head. Since she was still standing I
could see every bit of loveliness hidden by her skirt. Her long lean
legs were covered with sheer black stockings, and I could see the lacy
suspenders from her black garter belt.

Aunt Carmen's womanhood was covered by the wispiest black panties,
which had big black ruffles around the leg holes. Through the gossamer
material I was surprised to see her vulva was completely shaven and
hairless, like a little girl's. This was unexpected but by no means

"Do you like what you see, Darling," Aunt Carmen teased.

"Oh yes Auntie," I panted. "You're..." I sputtered as I beheld her,
staring at feminine perfection. "You're so beautiful." The words
seemed pitifully inadequate.

"Thank you Darling," she giggled. "Flattery will get you everywhere!"

I watched as a very feminine hand with long red nails reached beneath
her skirt. A painted finger slid aside the crotch of the sheer panties
and slid itself into the slit within.

Aunt Carmen let out a little gasp and said, "Now jerk off for me,
Darling! I love to watch young boys bring themselves off. Yank on
your hard cock and come for me Darling!"

It was such an erotic sight as my beautiful Auntie diddled herself
while I yanked at my throbbing cock for all I was worth! I could see
Aunt Carmen's panties getting all dark and wet from her juices, the
little droplets collecting on the sheer fabric.

I could hear her moaning in pleasure. "Yes... yes... yesssssss!,"
she hissed as she buried a second finger inside herself and then a
third. She was dripping now and the musky scent of her womanhood
filled the air as her panties were now drenched.

"Now Darling," she panted, "suck me! Eat me though my panties!"

I pressed my face against the damp fabric covering her slick vulva and
pulled the crotch to one side. Then I slid my tongue and began licking
her luscious pink slit while she continued to finger herself. Aunt
Carmen pressed my face against her sex as I began to lap greedily at
her flowing cunt.

Aunt Carmen's thighs and my face were soaked with her juices, but I
didn't let up for a second. I still couldn't believe this was
happening. My naughtiest, most secret fantasy was somehow coming true!
I wanted this delicious moment to last forever!

Aunt Carmen's body seemed to tighten up all at once. Her legs tensed.
She let out a little squeal, and it was finished.

When she stopped panting, Aunt Carmen looked down at me and said,
"Oh... Jeremy Darling, that was incredible! You've really got talent
my dear! Now finish yourself off Darling! Yes, turn on your side and
cum all over my shoes while I watch!"

I was so hot now I would have gladly done anything she said! I turned
on my side and resumed jerking off as my throbbing glans slid against
the cool leather of Aunt Carmen's black patent leather spikes.

It only took a few more pulls before I was splattering my hot white
sperm all over her shiny black toes. I came so hard I felt as if all
the fluids had been drained from my body!

When I finished gasping from the incredible orgasm I'd just had, Aunt
Carmen told me to remove her shoe and hand it to her. Then, I watched
as she sensuously ran her tongue along the toe until all my cum was off

Then, she smiled seductively and said, "Don't think this is the end of
it Darling. You've been a very perverted young man and you must be
punished. Stealing women's' underwear! I will expect you at my house
tomorrow as soon as you get out of school.

But then, Aunt Carmen bent over and reached underneath her skirt once
more. She slid her panties down her long, lovely legs and stepped out
of them.

Then, with a playful grin, she picked them up and tossed them to me.
They were warm and sticky in my hand, saturated with her cum. "Jerk
off with them tonight. Enjoy Darling," she cooed.

Aunt Carmen walked down the stairs and out the door. I was standing
there wearing her turquoise bikinis, still in a fog from all that had
happened. Even so, I had the presence of mind to put away my panty
collection and air the smell of sex out of the room before my sisters
or parents got home.

The next day I could hardly keep my mind on school. Somehow, from that
day forward my perspective of school changed. The prissy young girls
with their snooty attitudes lost their appeal to me all together.

Only the day before I would have given anything to be with them. But
now I saw they were self-centered little bitches who thought they could
get away with anything just for giving boys a little light making out
and at most a chance to feel their breasts through their sweaters.

But they seemed so silly and immature to me now. I could have cared
less about them; I had been with a real woman!

It was hard to keep my mind on my classes that day in school, and the
time dragged even more slowly than usual. But finally the school day
was over and I practically ran across town to Aunt Carmen's house.

I gathered my courage and knocked on the door. After a very long wait
the door opened, and there was Aunt Carmen's smiling face. "You're on
time," she said. "I like that."

She looked lovely as ever, her make up and hair done perfectly as
always. Aunt Carmen wore a low cut leotard top that highlighted her
ample cleavage, the tiniest miniskirt, seamed fishnets and black patent
heels. Even outside I could smell the lovely perfume she was wearing,
soft and feminine. She smiled seductively at me and motioned for me to
come in.

Aunt Carmen led me into the foyer and took my jacket. Then, she
brought me into her parlor and sat me down on a love seat. She told me
to make myself comfortable while she took care of some things.

Now I was starting to get nervous! After all, I was here because Aunt
Carmen had caught me stealing her panties. I'd heard of Aunt Carmen's
terrible temper and her uncanny ability to humiliate anyone who angered
her. She was ruthless and unpredictable; capable of anything. I
prepared for the worst!

As I sat there waiting and dreading I noticed a pile of boxes on the
table next to the love seat. Aunt Carmen was notorious for her
extravagant shopping sprees, and it looked like she'd spent all day at
the stores again! She must have dropped a fortune, by the looks of

Just when I'd begun to wonder what Aunt Carmen had bought, she
returned. I gasped at the sight of her. She was a young boy's sexual
fantasy come to life dressed completely in black lingerie. She sported
a black corset with gold embroidery, long ruffled black garters that
went to sheer seamed black stockings. The tight corset pushed her
ample breasts into a lovely cleavage. She wore sheer black panties
with big black ruffles at the legs that were completely transparent.

Aunt Carmen also wore the tallest pair of high heels I'd ever seen!
Suddenly she seemed to tower over me. She was a vision of loveliness,
but I knew by the stern look on her face that I was in for it.

Aunt Carmen glowered at me. "All right Jeremy Darling," she snarled,
"pull your pants down."

"What?" I said in disbelief.

"You heard me, you're here to be punished for being a disgusting little
pervert. Let's see those buns... unless of course you want your
mother to find out what you've been up to. Such a naughty boy,
pilfering Auntie's panties! I think she'd take a dim view of that,
don't you?"

I hesitated but then began to drop my britches. No sooner did I have
my belt unbuckled and my zipper opened than Aunt Carmen grabbed me and
yanked my pants down around my knees. I was off balance and helpless
as she laid me over her lap. I could hear her breathing heavily as she
started whacking me sharply with her hand. I felt a sharp pain to
match as flesh met flesh.

The room was filled with a loud WHACK! as Aunt Carmen smacked my bare
buttocks smartly. She repeated the punishment many times... too
painfully numerous to count! I could do nothing but squirm in her lap
as she spanked me again and again and again.

My buttocks were whacked again and again, and sharp stinging gave way
to a dull ache as Aunt Carmen slapped them. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK!

As Aunt Carmen continued mercilessly spanking me, she punctuated each
smack with a stern scolding.

"You perverted little shit..." WHACK!

"...Steal my panties, will you..." WHACK!

"...And your sisters' too, no doubt..." WHACK!

"...And who knows who else's under your bed..." WHACK!

"...Sniffing them and masturbating all over them..." WHACK!

Aunt Carmen was wild-eyed as she walloped me with her hand. I didn't
understand why at the time, but she was getting very excited indeed
from punishing me in such a humiliating fashion.

Fortunately though, I could hear her gasping and I knew her arm had to
tire soon.

Finally, Aunt Carmen ceased spanking me, and told me to stand up.
Still panting she gasped, "I guess you've learned your lesson now. At
least you'd better have!"

I could do nothing but stare and rub my hands across my throbbing
buttocks, trying vainly to soothe them.

Then, Aunt Carmen reached over to the table next to the love seat to
the pile of boxes there. She picked the smallest one up off the top
and handed it to me. "Here Darling," she said, "I brought you a

I stood there not knowing what to say. After all, this was the woman
who just got done swatting my ass. And now she was giving me a

"Don't just stand there looking dumb Darling, open it!"

I unraveled the bow that tied the ribbon to the package. I opened the
box and there was the most exquisite pair of white panties I had ever
seen! The luxurious satin glistened as I took them out of the box and
held them out. They were so lovely, and delicately perfumed too!

"Go on, try them on!"

I hesitated, but only for a moment. I slipped the lovely panties up my
legs and over my pelvis, and the sensation was pure pleasure! They fit
perfectly but the material was absolutely delicious against my cock,
which hardened immediately.

"Well," Aunt Carmen giggled, "I can see you like your little panties.
Go ahead Darling, model them for me."

This time I was more than eager to give my beautiful Auntie a turn in
my pretty new panties. My body thrilled to the sensation of the white
satin briefs with the big patch of lace in front, scratching ever so
slightly against my gorged penis. The big pink ribbon on the side
lifted slightly from the scrumptious fabric as I did so.

Aunt Carmen smiled approvingly. "Yes Darling, you look as lovely as
you must feel right now. To have a pair of pretty panties for your
very own is very special for a pretty sissy boy like you. But that's
just the beginning Darling. Open the second box."

I quickly opened the second small box and found a lacy white satin
garter belt and a pair of the sheerest white seamed nylons. I slipped
them on slowly, afraid to put a run in them as I had done with so many
of my sisters' stockings.

Each successive package brought a new delight in the finest white satin
lingerie: a lacy bra complete with falsies; a camisole and tap pants,
huge white taffeta petticoats, and finally the crowning glory - a
towering pair of white patent high heels. The leather glimmered in the
light as I removed them from the box and slipped them on.

Super shopper that she was, everything Aunt Carmen had bought me fit me
perfectly. I felt silky and feminine all over as I was now fully
dressed in expensive lingerie.

But Aunt Carmen wasn't finished with me yet. "I saved the best for
last," she said as she handed me a large box from the most exclusive
store in town.

When I undid the big red ribbon and removed the cover I had to let out
a little gasp, then a squeal of delight. There was the most beautiful
dress I had ever seen. It was a white pinafore party dress with
generous scalloped lace from the sleeves to the hem of the skirt. The
luscious white satin matched all the luscious lingerie I wore.

The lovely dress came with huge white taffeta petticoats, which made
the skirt very full indeed.

Aunt Carmen helped zip my dress up the back. Then she handed me the
pair of towering white patent spiked shoes. I sat down and awkwardly
slipped them on, clumsily buckling the straps.

"Now stand up and let's have a look at you," Aunt Carmen said.

I stood up, enjoying the delicious sensation of satin and taffeta
petticoats caressing my body as I moved.

"Oh Darling Jeremy," Aunt Carmen cooed. "You look simply divine, much
better than I even hoped you would! Now let's touch you up with some
hair spray and makeup. Your hair is longish so you really don't need a
wig; just a styling.

"Young girls tend to use too much mascara and rouge, but you need an
understated look. It's so much more flattering, since you already have
a lovely peaches-and-cream complexion. Just a little cover-up on the

After what seemed like much fussing, Aunt Carmen pointed me towards the
full-length mirror in the foyer. "Go see how adorable you look," she

I walked over to the mirror, my frilly dress and pretty undies rustling
as I walked. It was the first time I heard the sound up close. My
nerves tingled with delight from my head to my toes. Yes, this is what
I always wanted; what I'd always secretly dreamed about. The reality
was even better than I dared imagine!

When I got to the mirror I could hardly believe my eyes! There,
staring back at me was the prettiest pubescent girl I had ever seen! I
was blond and perky and I surely would have been the prettiest girl in

It was practically an out-of-body experience. Here was the prettiest
of my sisters, and she wasn't even a girl at all! I could hardly
believe meeting this lovely young girl for the first time.. and she
was me!

Aunt Carmen's reflection appeared in the mirror behind mine. "Yes
Darling, you are beautiful. You like what you see, don't you Darling?"

I could say nothing. I could only smile back at her from the mirror,
my eyes transfixed on the lovely creature I had become.

Aunt Carmen's hand gently found it way underneath my skirt and began
gently caressing my tingling buttocks through the sinfully soft satin
panties. I suddenly became conscious of having the biggest erection
I'd ever gotten in my life! My cock struggled sensuously inside its
panty restrainer, and a wave of sheer lust engulfed me.

Knowing this, Aunt Carmen took me by the hand. Without saying a word,
she led me upstairs into her bedroom and closed the door. I watched my
reflection in the huge dressing mirror directly across from the bed.
Aunt Carmen left me lying there and excused herself.

I hardly missed her. I was too busy staring at myself in the mirror to
notice how long she had been gone, but when Aunt Carmen reentered the
room her look was completely different.

She looked sizzling and torrid in her whorishly exaggerated makeup and
calculatingly tousled hairdo. She sported a black lace torsolette that
pushed her ample breasts into a lovely cleavage. The torsolette had
frilly black garters that attached to the sheerest black seamed nylons.
My eyes followed them down to her towering, spiked opera pumps. I
wondered how she could walk in them.

Over her pelvis were the sheerest pair of black panties that hid
nothing yet made her shaved mons more desirable in its gossamer
encasement (I'm sorry Dear Reader, I wax poetic over things like this).

Aunt Carmen lay down on the bed next to me and kissed my softly on the
lips. Tell me Jeremy Darling," she whispered, "have you ever been with
a girl before?"

I tried to muster some macho bluster, but it eluded me as I saw myself
in a dress. "Sure, lots of girls."

"I mean, have you ever fucked a girl?" I was taken aback by Aunt
Carmen's directness.

Whatever male bravado I'd once possessed was now gone; it had been
powdered and perfumed and petticoated into oblivion. I hung my head as
I whispered. "No."

"I thought not. Boys who have an easy time with girls usually aren't
the ones so fascinated with their underwear!" Aunt Carmen tried but
failed to suppress a guffaw.

Then she looked at me and continued. "Don't be embarrassed Darling.
Being a virgin is nothing to be ashamed of. We were all virgins once.
Even me, if you can believe it.

"...But it's a situation very easily remedied, Darling!" By her wicked
grin I could tell she knew what she was talking about.

Aunt Carmen spread her legs wide and held her arms out to me. "Look at
you. You're a pretty boy and a beautiful girl, all rolled into one. A
perfect lover indeed... Now kiss me!"

I fell into Aunt Carmen's arms and she immediately fell into the role
of instructress. I should have suspected she'd played it before, but
right then I was too hot to think about anything except getting my
weenie wet.

Aunt Carmen did not disappoint. I felt so foolish and awkward as our
tongues intertwined. I thought of the tame make-out sessions that were
up to that time my only experience. I felt all thumbs as I pawed at
Auntie's big breasts.

Aunt Carmen sensed this and said, "Don't worry Darling. You just need
a little practice, that's all. I know you're new at this and you're
going to be a little awkward. The truth is, that makes it even more
exciting for me. Believe me, you're going to please me and I'm going
to let you fuck me today. So just relax and let's enjoy each other."

We writhed together in pure pleasure there on her satin sheets. My
satin dress, petticoats and delicious lingerie caressed my body as we
kissed passionately for a long time. Several times I feared I would go
off in my panties without even entering her.

I caressed Auntie's luscious breasts through her sheer pengoir. I was
entranced by her hot breath and her lovely perfume. It was my first
experience of a woman, and I was devouring it hungrily.

Finally Aunt Carmen wanted to get down to business. She had me slide
her panties off. Then, she sat up on the bed and opened her lean,
lovely legs wide. It seemed strange there was no hair there, but also
exciting to me to see the pinkness within as she slipped a finger
inside herself.

Now Darling," she said, "I want you to suck me. Eat my pussy just the
way you did in your room that day and make me cum."

I didn't need a second invitation! I placed my face between her
perfumed thighs and began licking at the slick, hairless slit. It
smelled and tasted divine as I lapped hungrily at her sex.

As I pleasured my beautiful Aunt there was nothing else but her warm,
wet vulva spewing her juices all over my face. It was so delicious I
never wanted it to end! If she'd wanted me to stay here with my face
between her legs forever I would have, gladly.

I had passed through the gates of paradise, eagerly licking and probing
inside her flowing womanhood, drooling to the music of her moans.
"Mmmmm.... yesss... yessss.... Yesssssssssss! Oh!"

I placed my hands firmly against her firm, taut buttocks. I cupped
them firmly and instinctively began squeezing them. They writhed in
the palms of my hands as she ground her crotch into my face. She
nearly smothered me, but I loved it even as I gasped for air!

Finally, mercifully, she let out a loud squeal and let loose. Her body
went limp as we both panted.

But Aunt Carmen wasn't finished with me yet. She spread her legs wide
and held her hairless pussy lips apart, revealing the glorious pinkness
within her.

"Now, my Darling sissy boy... give me the good fucking you've always
wanted to! Give it to me Darling! Fuck me!"

I knelt between Auntie's legs and pulled my throbbing rod out of my
white panties once again. Then I slowly slid my member inside her,
hoping I wouldn't come before I got inside her. I could already feel
her body warmth as I entered her. Ooooh, I thought, I wasn't going to
last long!

I tried to think of something else... tried to delay the orgasm. But
between my lingerie sliding sensuously against my skin, my frilly dress
and rustling petticoats and with my throbbing cock sheathed inside
Auntie my body betrayed me.

One stroke... back... two.... threeeee... Unnnnnmmmmgh!

My cock exploded, spewing hot cum deep inside her. The sensation was
too delicious for words!

I was very embarrassed at not lasting as long as I thought I should,
but Auntie was reassuring.

"Oh Darling don't worry," she said softly. "You never last long your
first time. Besides, you don't always need a hard cock to please a
woman. You've certainly proven that! And of course you'll have other

I could barely believe my ears! I was overcome. My deepest, most
secret fantasy fulfilled, even more incredibly than I could have
imagined. Not only that, but I would be allowed to return to this
indescribably sensual woman for more! I had experienced the ultimate,
I thought... What more could there be?

Little did I know...

I stood before the mirror once again, my hair and makeup were a mess;
my beautiful white dress was hopelessly rumpled and my luscious satin
lingerie was spotted with Auntie's juices.

"Darling you're a mess," she giggled. "You'd better take a shower and
put yourself together. You'll have to go home soon."

Eventually I arrived home, just in time for dinner. My sisters were
setting the table and gabbing away while Mom was finishing up in the
kitchen. They were all much too busy to ask me where I'd been, and it
was a good thing. I was bursting; exhilarated and drained from the
unbelievable sexual experience I had just undergone.

Dad sat in his easy chair smoking his pipe and reading the evening
paper. He looked up and gave me a halfhearted, "Hi Son, what's new?"

"Not much Dad," I deadpanned, trying to suppress a smirk. What would
he have done if I'd told him the truth? "Well, I spent the afternoon
fucking Aunt Carmen and it was so good I want to do it again!" I was on
the verge of breaking up laughing as I pictured the look on his face!

Several weeks went by but I couldn't stop thinking about that wonderful
afternoon with my beautiful Aunt. School was actually much more
tolerable, because I'd been relieved of the terrible frustration; the
miserable awkwardness of trying to get sex from the stuck-up little
virgins at school. I just ignored them now and to my surprise, it made
me more desirable to them.

But they had lost their appeal to me completely! How could these
prissy, giggling little girls compare with my beautiful, sexually
voracious Auntie?

But when would I see her again? Before leaving last time, Auntie
admonished me to never, ever come to her house uninvited. One week
dragged on into two, then four. I began to think it really was just a
fluke, after all. I despaired of ever having a second excursion to
Auntie's Garden of Sensual delights!

Then one evening I went to bed and turned over my pillow. There was a
lovely pair of pink panties with white lace at the leg and waistbands,
and a row of big white ruffles down the center. I knew all my sisters'
panties and this certainly wasn't one of them. I could feel that they
were damp and still a little warm.

I trembled a little and quickly closed my bedroom door, hoping no one
saw me holding the panties. I held them up to my nose and inhaled the
delicious aroma. "Yes," I thought, entranced from the musky scent of
my beautiful Auntie's panties.

Then I noticed a scrap of paper pinned inside. I quickly removed it.
It read:

Sniff and enjoy me tonight.
Wear me to school tomorrow.
Come model me for Auntie afterwards.

Joy welled up inside me... I would see my beautiful Auntie once again!

The next day school seemed to drag on forever. The anticipation was
made even worse by the silky pink panties I was wearing under my
trousers. I had to walk around with my books in my lap to hide the
huge hard-on that wouldn't go down as my cock slid back and forth in
the sinfully soft panty fabric.

Finally, the school day ground to an end. I couldn't get to the front
door of my Auntie's house fast enough. I knocked on the door much too
eagerly and nearly pounded it in.

"Come in Darling, it's open."

I entered the foyer and took off my jacket. As I closed the door Aunt
Carmen made her entrance. And what an entrance!

Aunt Carmen wore the sheerest black nightgown, high heels... and
nothing else. Her ample body was framed by the transparent fabric, but
somehow I couldn't take my eyes off her smoothly shaved mons, so
girlish and incongruent on such a womanly body.

She lit a cigarette in her elegant black holder and asked, "Well Jeremy
Darling, do you like it?"

I could say nothing in the presence of such radiance.

"I thought you would, Darling. Now take off your clothes."

I shed my clothing as quickly as I could, stripping right down to my
pretty pink panties. I was suddenly conscious that I still had a huge,
throbbing erection.

"Yes Darling," she snickered, "I see that you enjoyed wearing your
pretty little panties. I'll bet that prick of yours didn't go down
once all day! Now Darling, come upstairs."

I followed Auntie up the staircase, unabashedly staring at her
loveliness. My eyes caressed her from the perfectly rounded globes of
her derriere to the slit just beyond. In my mind my adoring tongue was
already there.

Auntie gestured me into the guest room while she went into the Master
bedroom. The room was done completely in frills and bows and doilies
like my sisters' rooms. The closet was filled with dresses and shoes
as if someone lived there, though I knew Aunt Carmen lived alone.

On the bed was a pink party dress, adorned with white ribbons and
plenty of white lace. There was a pink brassiere, garter belt, slip
and stockings, all adorned in the same white ruffles as...the panties I
was wearing!

Suddenly it dawned on me. This outfit was for me!

Without a moment's hesitation I began getting myself dressed. I
tingled and the excitement mounted with each item of feminine attire I
donned. Each delicately perfumed article fit me perfectly.

Finally, I walked to the full-length mirror conveniently there on the
vanity. I could hardly believe my eyes! I was transformed once again
into the darling little girl I had been the last time I'd been there.

"Yes Darling, you look adorable. But you need a little makeup."

Aunt Carmen sat me down at the vanity and began styling my hair and
applying makeup. I was facing away from the mirror so I had no idea
what she was doing. Finally, after much fussing, she turned me around
towards the mirror.

I was shocked! I was once again a voluptuous teen queen, easily the
prettiest girl in school. Every guy on the football team would be
lining up to date me if they could see me like this! I could be the
most popular girl in school! My sisters would be livid, because the
prettiest of them was really their brother!

Aunt Carmen admired her handiwork. "Yes, such a perfect young girl...
as long as you don't move or open your mouth! You're going to need
some lessons in deportment. Would you like that, Darling?"

"Oh yes... Yes I would, Auntie." I head myself say the words but
couldn't believe I'd said them so freely and eagerly. My male ego was
being totally subjugated... and I loved it!

"I thought so. And a name... Jeremy. Your boring male name won't do
at all. How about... Jeannette? I've always liked that name, don't
you Jeannette Darling?"

"Jeannette's a pretty name, Auntie."

"Jeannette it is, then."

For the next several hours my beautiful Auntie instructed me in the
feminine idiom. She taught me how to walk in heels and how to sit
demurely with my legs crossed so perverted boys like me couldn't look
up my dress... or how to angle myself so they could peek if that's
what I wanted. I learned how to turn my deepening male voice into a
lovely, lilting one.

It was loving, detailed instruction and I drank it in more eagerly than
any schooling I'd ever had before! As I mastered each girlish
mannerism I could feel myself becoming more fully feminine. I was
becoming Jeannete, the lovely girl that had always lived inside me but
could never get out. Auntie and I both were endlessly excited as we
brought her to life!

Aunt Carmen showed me around the room. "This is to be your... or
rather, Jeannette's room from now on."

I could hardly believe my eyes! My new room had a completely finished
vanity with a light-up mirror and completely stocked with make-up.

My closet was filled with dresses of all kinds. There were frilly
party dresses, satin prom dresses, clingy miniskirts, and even racier
items like Maids' uniforms and a latex dress. In addition, there were
shoes from innocent Mary Janes to six-inch stiletto "fuck me" pumps.

But the dresser drawers were the most exciting of all! They were
crammed full of camisoles, teddies, slips, stockings, garter belts,
anklets, brassieres, bustiers in every style imaginable. There were
two drawers filled with the most luscious panties I had ever seen in my

Aunt Carmen giggled as she saw my eyes bulging in delight. "I know...
I went a little overboard with the lingerie. I know how much you like
pretty undies."

"It's... it's just fine Auntie," I gasped as she chuckled at her
calculated understatement.

The weeks and months that followed were filled with unimaginable
sensual delights, one after another. Like clockwork, I would appear at
her door on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school. Then I would receive
some very fine schooling, indeed.

Every time I thought I had reached the ultimate in sexual pleasures,
Aunt Carmen promptly followed it with a new climax. I became a
prisoner in her world of sensuality... and I lived for every second!
I adored Auntie, needed her; craved her so!

Aunt Carmen molded me, trained me; bent me to her will in every way.
She truly made a man out of me... and a woman, too! But that is not
to say that she didn't care about me!

Aunt Carmen insisted that I keep my grades up and that I have a life
outside of home and our relationship. I went out for sports for the
first time and found I enjoyed it.

One semester I slacked off and my grades took a dive. Aunt Carmen was
incensed, and scolded me harshly. I slid my panties down around my
ankles and assumed the position for spanking.

But Aunt Carmen saw by the way I eagerly bared my buns that spanking
was no longer a punishment to me. Instead, she imposed the harshest
penalty of all: I was banished from her house and my feminine wardrobe
until I got my grades where they should be.

It was a miserable six weeks until the next report card, but I applied
myself to my studies as never before. Auntie, bless her heart, left me
a pair of her worn panties as motivation every so often. But when the
next marking period was over, I brought home four A's a B+ and a B. It
was my best report card ever!

I could hardly wait to go to Auntie's house the following Tuesday to be
re-admitted to my world of satin and lace.

I arrived at Aunt Carmen's house and she motioned for me to go upstairs
and put myself together. In my haste and my raging lust for lingerie I
hardly noticed the two older ladies sitting in the parlour with her.

Upstairs, Auntie had laid out the dress and lingerie she wished me to
wear that day, as was her custom. I was a little surprised but pleased
that she'd laid out my white satin party dress and white satin undies I
had worn that first time.

I took my time, savoring the thrill as I donned each item of frilly
loveliness. I slid into my panties, garter belt, stockings, brassiere,
camisole and tap pants. Then Auntie came in. She did my hair and
applied makeup until they looked perfect.

Auntie retired downstairs while I slipped into my dress and my white
patent opera pumps. I looked in the mirror, and I was more feminine
and passable than ever before. I had missed Jeannette.

I teetered down the stairs on my towering heels, terrified of falling
and breaking my neck. Finally I reached the parlour.

Auntie was waiting for me on the love seat. I'd been so busy I hadn't
noticed how lovely she looked. She wore a black wool skirt over
knee-high boots with spike heels. Her lovely silk blouse was lacy and
ruffled at the cuffs and front, with a high ruffled collar around her
neck. The rest of the blouse was sheer material, through which I could
see her black push-up bra and her lovely cleavage.

"Oh Jeannette Darling, you look scrumptious... absolutely perfect!
Now come kneel before your loving Auntie."

I minced awkwardly to the love seat and knelt at her feet.

She stood up and paced around me. "Now Jeannette you've been a naughty
girl indeed and I've had to punish you severely. Believe me, I didn't
enjoy it any more than you did. I've missed you.

"Now, show me how happy you are to be back in your pretty party dress
and panties. Tell me how happy you are and show me by shining my boots
with your tongue."

I literally threw myself at Auntie's feet and fiercely lapped the black
patent leather. "Oh yes Auntie," I panted between slurping her
booties. "Yes Auntie, I'm soooo happy to be back. Oooh yesss... Yes
Auntie I'll be such a good girl from now on... I promise." I could
hardly believe my ears, listening to myself pledging her my utter
submission. Yet I meant every word of it.

"And you will obey your Auntie in all things from now on?"

" Oh yes, Auntie," I whimpered. "I will obey you in all things. I
will do everything you say." My cock throbbed inside my panties even as
I spoke the words.

Auntie rose from the love seat. She raised her skirt, revealing her
bare buttocks beneath. "Now attend my derriere, Jeannette."



As I busied my tongue around her little pink hole I heard titters from
the two ladies sitting on the couch. "Oh Carmen," said one, "how eager
and obedient he is. I don't how you do it!"

But the voices seemed far away as I slid my tongue as far as I could
into Auntie's pulsating asshole. I heard my tongue squeaking against
her perfectly cleaned flesh and the squishing sound of Auntie's fingers
sliding in and out of her pussy. She came almost immediately as the
other two ladies giggled like schoolgirls.

After Aunt Carmen recovered from her orgasm she walked over to the love
seat and picked up her lovely black panties. "Watch this," she giggled
as she walked back to where I was kneeling on the floor.

Then, Auntie placed the pungent panties over my face. The damp crotch
over my face was still warm with the women's body heat. The scent of
pussy juice and the faint trace of urine mingled into one erotic musk
that made me beside myself with lust!

"Now Jeannette," she said, "You will entertain us by pulling out that
silly thing of yours and masturbate, the way you want to!"

"Yes Auntie." I pulled my tortured member out of my silky panties.
Then I knelt there and jerked myself to bliss while the three ladies
laughed and called out their encouragement.

Yes Dear Reader, even then I knew how degrading it all was! Aunt
Carmen had taken me and destroyed the last traces of my male ego. She
dressed me in frilly undies and dresses like a living Barbie doll. She
humiliated me until I lived to lick her ass and masturbate with her
worn panties.

I was now utterly submissive to Auntie. Captivated as much by my own
twisted desires as by hers, I was enslaved as my Aunt's sexual

I was now utterly enslaved to my beautiful Aunt Carmen. She held me
captive in a web of her depraved desires and my own insatiable lust for
lingerie. The months passed quickly as my feminization progressed.

Auntie had been training me in every aspect of femininity: deportment,
posture, makeup and wardrobe. She showed me how to keep my voice at a
convincingly high pitch, even though it had already begun to change.
She taught me how to walk in towering heels with a provocative little

And oooh, the luscious lingerie! Auntie spoiled me shamefully buying
me expensive dresses in satin and lace; ruffled pinafore party dresses;
shoes and the most exquisite, imported undies! I was dressed
deliciously in thick crinoline petticoats; lovely ruffled satin panties
dripping with lace; frilly garter belts and anklets; lacy brassieres
and camisoles.

Every second was sheer bliss as I wore lovely unmentionables I never
dreamed existed! After months of indulgent shopping I had collected a
wardrobe that would surely have been the envy of any girl at school. I
could scarcely believe that I had a better wardrobe than any of my

I had long since lost interest in the fourteen-year-old tarts in my
classes. I knew I had better taste in hair, makeup and clothes! In
truth, I was as pretty a girl as any of them. And best of all, my
beautiful Auntie had taught me more about sex than all of them combined
could have!

I also lost interest in wearing my sisters' clothing since my own
feminine wardrobe was prettier by far. But I still enjoyed sneaking
into the hamper and helping myself to their delicious worn panties!

Say what you want Dear Reader, but I dreamed about getting on my knees
and worshipping my beautiful sisters between their legs while I sniffed
their soiled undies. Call it incest, but if you could have seen how
beautiful and sexy they all were you wouldn't have blamed me! Besides,
I was already fucking my Aunt!

Just the thought of my sister Jennifer's red Cheerleader panties gives
me an erection even as I write this many years later. The red panties
were double-lined in silky white nylon with a cotton crotch. After a
football or basketball game they would be in the laundry the next
afternoon. They were so delicious, drenched in her sweat and pussy
juice. I spent many horny afternoons sucking on them, my stiff cock
standing straight up and erect!

But Auntie also gave me her own filthy worn undies to take home.
Sometimes she would even wear them two days in a row or not wipe
herself carefully at the toilet so they would be nice and pungent! How
I loved to lick her secretions out of her worn panties! I adored every
single second of slurping her pussy aroma, piss stains and even shit
streaks out of them. The filthier they were the more I loved them!
Oh, how degrading it all was, yet I loved every second of it!

However, since Auntie wore such expensive undies I was expected them
when the scent wore out of them. This usually happened after one or
two enthusiastic lickings. I licked her soiled panties delightedly,
passionately... obsessively!

How I lived for Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, when I would enter my
delightful world of satin and lace. I would rush right over from
school, then I would eagerly bound in the door and proceed right up to
"my" room. How I hated it when I had to go somewhere else to avoid

Since my training began, Aunt Carmen had given me my "femme" name:
Jeannette. The room I entered was not Jeremy's but Jeannette's! It
was done exactly as one would expect for a fourteen-year-old girl;
plenty of frilly curtains and lace doilies. The walls were painted a
bright pink and the bedspread was covered with pink ribbons and stuffed

The whole room was scented with powder and potpourris. It was a
perfectly normal room for a pubescent girl but it radiated sissyness to
a boy used to his own Spartan room with sports posters all over the

But best of all, Jeannette's wardrobe was there! Auntie would
carefully lay out the outfit she wanted me to wear on my bed. It set
the mood for the day's activities. If I had to choose it would have
taken me all day, I now had so much frilly finery!

I spent many sensual afternoons hypnotized by my beautiful Aunt
Carmen's womanly aroma. I knelt before her - a goddess; Venus herself
dressed like a slut, demanding to be worshipped. I spent hour after
delighted hour lapping at her feminine glory; my tongue probing into
corners of her flesh she scarcely knew existed.

And I was dressed like the little coquette I wanted to be. I was made
up perfectly - at least at first. My hair was coiffed and my body
thrilled to the top-shelf lingerie that caressed it with every move I
made. The ruffled garters slid tautly against my thighs as I knelt
with my face between Auntie's buttocks. My lacy slip and tap panties
slid together with maddening silkiness against my seemingly permanent

Auntie would giggle like a schoolgirl, delighted at the sight of her
personally trained little sissy boy kneeling behind, my flushed cheeks
warming the lovely round globes of her posterior. "Does little
Jeannette enjoy licking Auntie's asshole," she chuckled.

"Oh yes Auntie," I stammered. "Oh Auntie, I adore licking your ass,
sucking your cunt, licking your shoes. I would do anything to please
you Auntie... anything, anything!" I could scarcely believe the
impassioned, heartfelt words of submission that I heard passing between
my lips, yet I knew every word was true.

Aunt Carmen was invariably delighted to such words of devotion, knowing
I meant them better than I did myself. I was completely in her power;
addicted to the lingerie and the sex and the feminizations I had craved
for so long. I wanted to live the fantasy forever, enslaved to
pleasure my Lovely Aunt Carmen.

And I serviced my Aunt lovingly, insatiable though she was! She would
spread her legs for me and invite me to mount her. Youngster that I
was, I often got it up three times in an afternoon for my beautiful
Aunt Carmen, who excited me so. And more often than not I would still
have to service her with a huge dildo when I was finished fucking her!

Aunt Carmen could give as good as she got! She would lovingly kneel
before me while I sat on the couch and give me a slow, wonderfully
sensual blow job of the kind I have not had before or since. I would
run my fingers through her long, curly black hair while she pleasured
my throbbing prick with her lips and tongue.

Aunt Carmen knew all the tricks of making a cock happy. She knew how
to lick just along the ridges of my glans and bring me within seconds
of coming, then deep throat me and let the sensation subside.
Sometimes she excited me by gently digging one of her long fingernails
into the base of my glans. Other times she would nibble gently at the
ridge of my cock head.

In any event she was always in control. She could make the pleasure
last indefinitely, bringing me to orgasm whenever she pleased! When I
finally did come I felt like all my bodily fluids were being drained
through my penis! Aunt Carmen would swish my semen around in her mouth
with a coquettish look on her face, savoring the taste before finally
swallowing it.

Gradually, Aunt Carmen began to interest me in her rubber playthings.
First, she had me "clean" her dildoes by slurping all her womanly
juices off them, which I did eagerly. Then she had me sucking on them
to get them clean. When she saw how much I enjoyed that, she became
bolder. Before I knew it I was on my knees in front of my Aunt sucking
on a thick strap-on dildo... and loving every second of it!

Before long I was instructed in the proper use of these devices. I was
servicing Auntie with huge dildoes in all her orifices. She would love
to lay on her stomach on the bed and suck a big, thick dildo while I
rammed two equally large dildoes into her pussy and asshole. This was
before the advent of the Double Dong, I should mention.

Auntie thrust her buttocks high into the air to meet each stroke of the
dildoes and let out a little squeal as I rammed her mercilessly, like a
piston in a revved-up engine. I was getting very excited from watching
her drooling cunt oozing and dripping all over the bed covers.

My own cock throbbed its message to me and before I knew what I was
doing or why I pulled it out of my panties and shoved it way up
Auntie's ass! I had one arm firmly around her waist, the other still
furiously driving the second dildo into her saturated womanhood. She
squealed in delight... "yes... yes... YESSSSS!!!"

Then, with a huge grunt, she came yet another time just as I was
pumping her bowels full of my manly seed. Aunt Carmen collapsed on to
the bed, my come still oozing out of her asshole. "Darling," she
panted, "you've come a long way. That was incredible! Some young girl
is going to have more than she can handle with you!"

Auntie began putting clothespins on my nipples while she sucked my
cock. It hurt a little at first but gradually I began to enjoy it.
She began sliding her finger in my asshole during our sex play and I
began to enjoy that, too.

Initially, I was resistant when Auntie suggested sliding one of her
thin vibrators up my ass. But Auntie reassured me by saying it wasn't
any thicker than her finger and the vibrating sensation would be much
more enjoyable. When she said "trust me," I relented. I removed my
panties and presente d my buttocks for Auntie to do with as she

I felt the fast, shrill vibrating in my asshole all the way to my cock
and it excited me terribly as I knelt before Auntie. The entire length
of dildo was imbedded in my ass while I jerked off. She pulled gently
on my clothespinned nipples and pulled a pair of her filthiest panties
over my face.

It was all too much, the delicious agony of my nipples; the pungent
fragrance of my Auntie's panties; the maddening vibration in my asshole
and my own eager stroking. I came so hard I damn near shot sperm all
over the ceiling. "Thar she blows," giggled Aunt Carmen. It wasn't
long before she was sliding bigger vibrators up my ass, then even
thicker ones nearly the size of a real penis.

Then came the day Aunt Carmen entered the room with her strap-on dildo
dangling obscenely over her lacy black panties. "Today's the day you
get fucked, Darling. Down on all fours! This is how we girls pleasure
each other. Yes Darling, Auntie is going to fuck YOU for a change!"

By now I was more than game for anything Auntie wanted to do with me.
I got up on the bed on my hands and knees and lowered my lacy white tap
panties down to my ankles. I raised my trembling buttocks in the air
tantalizingly before Aunt Carmen.

Determined to make the penetration as painless as possible, Auntie
greased my asshole up with a generous dollop of K-Y and began to gently
stretch my little pink hole. She slid one finger into me, then two,
then three... then four.... finally she was working my sphincter open
with her whole hand.

"Now Jeannette Darling, get ready because here comes Auntie! She
pressed the huge head of her dildo against my asshole and gently began
sliding it inside me. She opened me wider and wider, and the pain was
excruciating! All I could do was keep my ass in the air and whimper.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the pain in my asshole
began to subside and Auntie began to slowly fuck me with her big rubber
cock. In spite of myself I began to thrust my ass in the air to meet
the strokes of Auntie's strap-on cock.

I was getting very excited pretending I was a girl and Auntie was
fucking me in my wet, slippery pussy. The more I thought about it the
hotter I got. "Please Auntie," I begged. "Fuck me in my sissy hole.
It's my cunt! Please! Fuck me! Fuck me!!!"

Aunt Carmen was now wild-eyed with excitement herself, with that look
that said she was hot out of her mind! "Yes Jeannette, it IS your
cunt! Never forget that, you little sissy boy. ...And never forget it
was your Aunt Carmen who took your sissy cherry, too!"

Yes, I loved it so. Call me a faggot, call me a sissy. I was that and
more, but most of all I was a real girl giving pleasure to her lover by
letting her fuck me. Aunt Carmen's dildo was buried deep inside me and
she was giving me a more spirited and long-lasting fuck than any man
ever could! And I loved it; I loved every second of excruciating

I reached for my stiff, throbbing cock and awkwardly tried to jerk it
to orgasm as Aunt Carmen knelt at my buttocks slamming her dildo inside
me. It was so intense, the pain and the slippery penis probing my
nether regions! I came after only a few strokes, spraying a huge load
of my own cum all over the satin sheets.

Aunt Carmen left the rubber dick inside me and unfastened the straps.
Then she reached into the night table and pulled out another dildo,
which she immediately inserted into her drenched womanhood. She
slammed it inside herself violently with strong, impassioned stroked
while she whimpered and squealed and writhed all over the bed.

I could only watch in bemused amazement as Aunt Carmen was a wild woman
with her dildo. She must have been so hot; so desperate to bring
herself to climax after I came! Another few moments and she was
whelping as she exploded into her orgasm.

Afterwards we lay in each others' arms for a long time. I was totally
lost in Auntie's desires; utterly consumed with pleasing her and
learning to be a feminized sissy boy.

"I love you Auntie," I whispered earnestly in her ear. I knew the
words were hopelessly inadequate to describe the complex emotions; the
passion and lust and gratitude and devotion I felt for her.

"I know you do Darling," she giggled. "You're such a wonderful lover,
my Darling Jeannette. You did enjoy getting fucked greatly, didn't

"Yes Auntie," I replied without the slightest hesitation.

"Yes, I know you did. You are almost ready now. Soon, very soon now."

"Soon what, Auntie?"

"Never mind, you'll find out when the time is right. Trust me."

And with that, we drifted off to sleep until dinnertime.

Soon afterwards I came bounding into Jeannette's room with a great deal
of excitement. I felt something special was going to happen, but I
didn't know why. My premonitions were soon justified.

This particular afternoon Auntie had laid out my pink satin party
dress. I wondered what was up, since I only wore it on special

I trembled with sheer delight as I fondled the delightful garment. The
pink pinafore dress was made of the loveliest, most expensive satin and
trimmed with the most exquisite white lace. It was originally made to
be a Prom gown, and cost a small fortune. But Aunt Carmen justified it
by saying I'd get much more wear out of it than a "real" girl would.

With the dress was the lovely matching undies of the same exquisite
satin and lace. A lacy camisole with matching tap panties; a frilly
garter belt; a pink lace brassiere with pert little breast forms; sheer
pink nylons with white seams and matching ruffled anklets; and of
course the matching pink heels we had spent a whole afternoon trying to

When I was just finishing dressing, Auntie came into the room and said.
"I am going to make you up personally today." She proceeded to
carefully style my hair and took her time making me up. She was much
more careful than she had ever been before.

When she finished she said, "hurry up and finish dressing. I have a
special surprise for you Jeannette."

I looked in the mirror and saw that I was quite beautiful! My makeup
and hair were perfect, and my pretty pink party dress made me the
picture of pubescent womanhood. Wondering what Aunt Carmen could
possibly have in store for me that she would be so excited, I slipped
into my high heels and minced down the stairs.

I turned the corner into the Living Room and stopped in my tracks!
There, sitting on the love seat, was a beautiful young girl! She had
flaming red hair and sky blue eyes; a vision of loveliness!

The girl sat there and smiled sweetly at me. She wore a powder blue
satin dress with lots of white ruffles and petticoats, very similar to
the one she I was wearing. Her hair fell over her shoulders in red
ringlets, and her red lips were

Auntie turned to me and said, "Jeanette, this is Lauren. She'll be
your date tonight. I've enjoyed keeping company with you but I thought
it was time for you to enjoy the company of someone your own age."

"Hello Jeannette," Lauren cooed. "I've heard so much about you.
You're every bit as pretty as Carmen said you were." Her voice was soft
and sweet, as I knew it would be!

To say I was delighted was a hopeless understatement! Here, sitting
before me, was the girl I'd always hoped and dreamed I would meet one
day. "Oh, she's lovely," I thought. "What a wonderful Auntie I have
to find me a dream girl like her!"

But then anxiety overcame me. Something was not right. Why was this
girl smiling sweetly at me when I was dressed completely in drag?
Shouldn't she be shocked or horrified or whatever other reaction women
have when faced with a feminized male?

As if sensing this Aunt Carmen said, "Don't worry Jeannette. Lauren
knows everything. About you and me; about your training; about your
dressing up. Yes Darling, Lauren is a very special young girl indeed!"

"Oh Jeannette," Lauren cooed. "You make such a beautiful girl. Your
Aunt really has done wonders with you. You could go to the Junior Prom
and no one would ever know you were really a boy! You might even be
chosen Prom Queen!"

I giggled at the thought and the kind compliments from this beautiful
creature. Lauren moved over on the love seat and patted the vacant
spot, motioning for me to come sit beside her.

How could I refuse? I down beside Lauren as she dabbed the corners of
her mouth with a lace handkerchief. "So Lauren," I stammered. "What
school do you go to?" I already felt ridiculous, trying to make polite
conversation when I really wanted to rip Lauren's clothes off and fuck
her vigorously, the way I did to Aunt Carmen!

Aunt Carmen stood up and excused herself. "You two get better
acquainted," she giggled as the closed the sliding oak door."I'll be
back later."

With that, Lauren looked earnestly into my eyes and puckered her red
lips. "Kiss me," she said.

"What?" I stammered, hardly believing my ears.

"I said kiss me, Jeannette. You know you want to. You probably want
to fuck me silly, too."

I was taken aback by the girl's directness. Such talk was something
I'd grown used to from Auntie but it sounded strange coming from a girl
of fourteen; my own age! Especially since they'd been the girls who
foiled my sexual overtures at every turn!

I leaned over to peck her lips, to test the waters. But Lauren
forcefully grabbed me and pressed me to her bosom, kissing me
passionately. She was surprisingly strong for a mere snip of a girl!

Our tongues were soon dancing together passionately while my hands
fumbled over Lauren's dress. Our satin dresses slid together with a
loud rustling as we kissed lustily. All the time my cock was at full
erection inside my silky panties, and I wanted to bury it in her tight
little muffie!

It was time for me to make my move. I reached for Lauren's pert little
nubbins, sheathed so demurely in blue satin and white lace. I squeezed
one of her breasts and Lauren let out a little moan and began kissing
me more passionately. Her face was smeared with my lipstick and I knew
I must look the same, but I was much too hot to care.

This was too good to be true! My hands found their way down under
Lauren's dress; first squeezing her knee, then finding its way up to
her inner thigh. I felt her ruffled suspender from her garter belt and
followed it to where it joined her lace-top stocking. Lauren let out a
low moan and began rubbing my throbbing cock through the satin dress
and lingerie.

At long last my hand was between Lauren's thighs. My fingers teased at
the edge of her satin panties, very similar to mine. I lovingly
fingered the generous scalloped lace at the leg hole. I reached
between her legs but then... there was something there; something that
shouldn't be there! It was a big, stiff penis just like my own!

"You're... but... you're...," I sputtered. "You're not a GIRL!"

Lauren looked earnestly into my eyes. "Oh but I AM, Jeannette Darling!
I am every bit as much a girl as you are! Here in my pretty dress and
my makeup and the lovely lingerie I love to wear as much as you do.

"I'm not like those prissy girls in school. We can fuck and suck each
other to our hearts' content. And then there's always Auntie! I know
exactly what you want, because I want it too. We're both the same you
and I; pretty little girls with pretty pricks between our legs.

"Just think all the pleasure we can have together. Girls wouldn't
understand how we love to dress up in their clothing and do nasty
things with their underwear. Honestly, could you wear your pretty pink
party dress for the girls at school? We can lie together and slide our
dicks against each other until we come in our panties together. Oooh,
it'll be so much fun Jeannette. Say you will!

"Jeannette Darling, we'll be best girlfriends. We'll have girl talk
and wear pretty dresses and undies. We'll have rooms next door to each
other, too. I'll suck your cock and let you fuck my sissy ass as much
as you want to. I'll let you do anything you want. And best of all,
Auntie will be here too!"

With that, Lauren got on her knees before me as I sat in the love seat.
She raised my skirt, lovingly fondling my petticoats and pulled my
now-raging hard-on out of my satin panties. Without a word she
administered a wonderful blow job; soft and sensual, obviously with
much coaching from Auntie.

Already excited from Lauren's insistent promises of pleasure, I
exploded into her mouth in short order. She swished my semen between
her lips for a minute, obviously savoring the taste before swallowing
it. "Delicious," she giggled.

"Now Jeannette, could any of the little sluts from Junior High make you
come like that?" Lauren sat down on the love seat once more as I sat
there, still in stunned disbelief with my spent cock hanging out of my
white satin panties.

Just then Aunt Carmen reappeared. "Well Jeannette Darling," she
giggled, "did Lauren give your pretty little cock a good sucking?"

I looked up at my beautiful Aunt, now transformed in her gold lame
cocktail dress with matching lame sandals. She was so beautiful I was
transfixed by her, hypnotized even further by her perfume. "Well,
speak up Darling," she teased. "What's the matter, cat got your
tongue? Tell me, did you blast your sperm all over her tonsils or

"Oh yes Auntie," I replied. "It was almost as good as when you do it
to me."

"Oh yes," she giggled. "I knew it would be, Lauren. You always did so
well with my dildoes. I knew you had a talent for sucking things."

"Thank you Auntie," smiled Lauren.

"Now Jeannette, would you like to do the same for Lauren? I think
she'll let you kneel in front of her and let you look up her dress,
won't you Lauren? I know how much Jeannette likes to do that."

"Oh yes Jeannette, please do!" gushed Lauren, eagerly lifting her skirt
as high as she could. I became beside myself in sheer excitement as I
stared at the wonder down under Lauren's skirt. She was wearing powder
blue lingerie trimmed with white lace, very similar to my own white
satin lingerie. She wore frilly, luxuriously lacy panties, a garter
belt, white lace stockings and matching powder blue shoes.

Lauren was a vision of loveliness; perfumed, powdered and petticoated.
As I looked up between her legs the only thing that kept the illusion
from being perfect was the big, insistent bulge inside her satin
panties. I tried to ignore it but for some reason I was fascinated by
it. I couldn't take my eyes off it!

Auntie picked up on this right away. "So, do you like your new
playmate Jeannette?"

"Oh yes Auntie, Lauren is so beautiful. She's a pretty girl with a big
dick between her legs."

"Yes, so she is. Just like you Jeannette. And don't you think it's
time you had that big dick between your lips?"

Aunt Carmen had caught me by surprise! "But... but... I...,"I
sputtered but no words passed my lips.

"Cat got your tongue, Darling? I SAID wouldn't you like to suck
Lauren's cock?"

Still I could not get words to come out of my mouth.

Aunt Carmen smiled wickedly. "Now Jeannette, I wouldn't make you do
anything I wouldn't do! You already know how much I love to suck cock,
don't you? I promise you, once Lauren gushes in your mouth for the
first time you'll enjoy it just as much!"

Suddenly the idea of sucking Lauren off began to appeal to me. Aunt
Carmen had blown me and swallowed my cum many times. She certainly
seemed to like it well enough! I reached over to the waistband of
Lauren's panties and pulled them down to her ankles.Lauren beamed in
delight as a huge erection flopped in my face.

I wasted no time getting Lauren's hard cock between my lips. I gobbled
it down my throat as I had so many times before with Aunt Carmen's
dildoes. But Lauren's member was warm and throbbing and alive; so much
better than any rubber dick I'd ever sucked on!

I took her cock out of my mouth and licked eagerly along the edges as
Lauren let out a squeal of pleasure. Aunt Carmen could only sit there
and watch, beads of cold sweat on her forehead. She was clearly very
excited from watching me give my first blow job. It was my first, but
it would certainly not be my last!

Suddenly I noticed that Aunt Carmen already had two fingers inside
herself and was busily diddling her drooling cunt as she sat there and
watch me give Lauren head.

Then, Aunt Carmen threw herself on the floor and spread her legs wide,
exposing the pinkness within her as she panted, "Now, both my
Darlings... come here and give your Auntie a good fucking!"

Lauren jumped right on top of Aunt Carmen and began plowing her wet,
dripping pussy. I had to angle her just so to take her up her
delicious asshole! It was such a hot scene as I slammed my rod as far
into her ass as it would go, and Lauren gave her a spirited fucking in
her hot cunt!

I could feel Lauren's cock probing inside Aunt Carmen as I drove my
manhood deep into her bowels. Aunt Carmen was reduced to a squirming,
whimpering wreck as we fucked her for what seemed like hours! All the
poor woman could do was pant as two young boys rammed their eager dicks
into both her holes.

I grimaced and began to heave, a sure sign that I was getting ready to
come. I looked over at Lauren and saw she was in the same predicament.
I tried to hold out longer, but I knew I had to abandon myself to the
inevitable climax. I flooded Aunt Carmen's ass with every drop of my
semen, and I could feel Lauren splattering her own cum inside Auntie as

Auntie lay there, panting. She tried to speak several times but could
not catch her breath! Finally she did speak. "Oh my, my two Darlings!
You were better than I'd even hoped or dreamed. Who would have thought
that two sissy boys dressed up like girls could be such macho studs
inside their little panties?"

Lauren and I looked at each other and - what else? - giggled

Now, I want you to suck your cum out of me. Lauren, you suck
Jeannette's out of my ass. And Jeannette, you suck Lauren's out of my

And there we were, lying beside our beautiful Auntie, sucking each
others' semen out of her holes. It was too wicked; too perverted for
words. But at the same time I was thrilled by the depth of my
degradation and the possibilities Lauren's presence presented.

Thereafter, every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon Lauren and I would
meet at Aunt Carmen's house, where we would dress to excite each other.
Auntie continued to buy us both lovely dresses and delicious lingerie.
How Lauren loved to let me look up her dress!

Aunt Carmen continued to preside over our deepening degradation. Make
no mistake Dear Reader, Lauren and I both knew how deep we were sinking
into the underworld of perversion. In our innermost thoughts we both
knew that we had gone far beyond the point of no return. Yet we
reveled in it; loved every minute of it! The more she abased us the
more we loved her for it!

Auntie had a thick voyeuristic streak, and she loved to put Lauren and
I on the bed and watch us perform as she directed the action, calling
out from the chair on the side of the bed.

We began to see more of the two women who had come to visit in the
beginning of my feminization. Clio and Jacqui, it turned out, were a
lesbian couple who had also enjoyed threesomes with Auntie! Though I
thought I had become hardened to any kind of perversion this revelation
took me by surprise.

But the surprise did not last long. I knew well how insatiable Aunt
Carmen was. She would fondle us all afternoon, then go out on a date
with some lucky man and fuck him all night! To enhance our sissyish
feelings she would tell us each sordid detail of every one of her
dates. It was our version of "girl talk."

And who was I to judge, anyway? Here I was, dressing up like the
prettiest girl in town. I was mincing around in party dresses,
lingerie and high heels. I was fucking and sucking my own Aunt and I
was fucking and sucking another boy's cock for her entertainment. And
I loved every second of it! Realizing all that, lesbianism seemed just
another avenue of pleasure to explore.

Aunt Carmen had long been the subject of gossip and outrageous
speculations, but in this case truth was truly stranger than fiction!
She would tell us the sexual quirks of each of the town's men with whom
she trysted. We were surprised to hear about her exploits with some of
the more prominent members of our community, but Auntie would dismiss
it by saying "they're men, aren't they? They have dicks, don't they?"

Lauren and I learned dirty little secrets that served us well in later
years, and Auntie told us everything! She trusted us implicitly.
"After all," she would say, "either one of you could send me to jail
any time you wanted to." Then her face would scrunch into a wicked
grin. "But then you won't have my panties to sniff anymore!"

We were told to kneel on the Parlour floor in our best party frocks,
heavily perfumed with hair and cosmetics perfect. Lauren and I knew
something special was in store by the way Auntie fussed over doing us
up personally. She took special pains to make sure our makeup was
especially sluttish.

Lauren and I knelt on a throw rug, staring at each other as Auntie led
the two women into the room. Their spiked heels clomped loudly on the
hardwood floor as they approached. Auntie gestured for them to sit
down on the love seat facing us.

"So girls," giggled Aunt Carmen with obvious familiarity, "I told you I
had a special surprise. What do you think?"

"Oh Carmen," gushed Jacqui, they're perfect! You've really outdone
yourself this time. It's hard to believe that they're not really young
girls, though they're perfectly gorgeous young boys!"

"Thank you Darling," beamed Aunt Carmen.

"Haven't I seen the one in pink here before," asked Clio. Suddenly her
face lit up. "That's the young boy you had masturbate for us that
time... and he's your nephew too, isn't he? Oh Carmen, you're too,
too wicked!"

"Well Carmen," sneered Jacqui, "will they perform for us or do they
just kneel there and look pretty?"

"Oh I'm sure my little Darlings will be able to entertain the two of
you." Auntie clapped her hands together authoritatively. "Jeannette!
Lauren! On your backs."

We lay down on the floor on our backs as the two women looked at each
other, clearly delighted. Without saying a word they both stepped out
of their panties and knelt on the floor straddling our faces between
their knees.

From my privileged viewpoint I had a very good look at Clio's pert
womanhood. Her pubic hair was trimmed very short, with only a small
patch of wispy fine hair on her pelvis. It was pretty in its own way
though very unlike Auntie's slit, which we always kept carefully shaved
for her.

Without any preliminaries Clio straddled my face and began roughly
grinding her drooling cunt into my face. I could hardly breathe as she
pressed her dripping pinkness onto my mouth. I darted my tongue in and
out of her as quickly as I could, and by the soft moaning in the
distance I could tell Clio was enjoying being serviced in this manner.

My hair and face were soon soaked with Clio's womanly juices, and I
presumed Lauren was having a similar experience with Jacqui. Clio
panted and her body shuddered as I sucked lovingly on her oversized
clitoris. I alternated sucking her clit and darting my tongue in and
out until I could hear her squealing with pleasure. It made me feel
special to be able to please this woman - a hardened lesbian who had a
deep, abiding contempt for men - so thoroughly.

The two ladies sat side by side and in the corner of my eye I could see
their lips meeting as both of them straddled an eager mouth. The
kissed and moaned, clearly delighted with the situation. And judging
by the throbbing erection in my own panties she was not the only one
who was enjoying herself!

I tried to suck every drop out of Clio's flowing femininity but try as
I might, some of it dribbled down my cheeks and smeared my makeup. But
at the moment I was not particularly worried about how I looked. After
all, who could tell while this woman was riding my face like a bicycle

Finally, with a loud shudder and a discernable spasm, Clio abandoned
herself to her climax. I felt very pleased with myself and lay very
still. My jaw was aching and my tongue was raw, but I was proud that I
could bring this woman to orgasm, even if she didn't like men!

Clio unmounted herself from my face and turned her attention to Jacqui,
who was panting and grinding her own runny muff into Lauren's eager
face! Clio pressed her face to Jacqui's breast and began sucking and
nibbling roughly at her long, erect nipple while she fondled the other
nipple between her fingers.

As Jacqui continued to ride Lauren's face I could not take my eyes off
the insistent bulge in her panties. Seeing how eager Clio was to help
please her girlfriend, could I do any less for mine? I picked myself
up off the floor and pressed my own face beneath Lauren's satin party

Coming face to face with Lauren's bulging panties. I pulled them down
around her knees and took her throbbing hard member between my lips. I
left red streaks across the length of her cock as my lipstick smeared
all over it. I did not mind at all; it made Lauren's cock look even
more erotic!

What a sight we must have been for Auntie! The four of us writhed on
the floor, pleasuring each other while Auntie sat in the love seat
busily diddling herself with her fingers.

Clio was sucking greedily at Jacqui's nipples, I was sucking greedily
at Lauren's cock, Lauren was sucking greedily at Jacqui's cunt and
Jacqui was panting and squealing at the edge of orgasm. Finally, with
a shrill sound, Jacqui released herself into bliss. Seconds later,
Lauren pumped a generous load of her manly essence onto my tonsils.

That left only Auntie and myself to be sated. Aunt Carmen spread her
legs wide and gestured for me to come finish her off. "Come Jeannette
Darling," she teased, "let Auntie take care of that unsightly bulge in
your pretty panties for you."

The other three girls stood around the love seat as Auntie got up on
all fours and I entered her "doggie style." Jacqui, Lauren and Clio
watched intently and I knew we would have to put on a good show for
them. I was not about to disappoint them!

Everyone expected me to give Auntie a thorough fucking, especially me.
But before I did, I slapped Auntie's buttocks sharply. A loud "WHAP"
filled the room as flesh met flesh and Auntie jumped a little. Then I
began sliding my manhood into her with authority and spanking her
flushed behind as hard as I could.

"Well," giggled Clio. "It looks as if our little sissy boy has some
spunk in him after all!"

"Yes, spank her! She's such a wicked little witch, she really does
deserve it... and much, much more," chuckled Jacqui.

WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! The room filled with the sound of my spirited
spanking, Auntie's moans of pleasure and the titters of the two ladies
watching us. WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP!

I spanked Auntie as hard as I possibly could while I fucked her as hard
as I possibly could. And she loved it! I was flushed with power as I
called the shots over this woman who had taught me everything I know
sexually. The thought made me want to punish her even more.

"Tell me you love it! You bitch! You wanton little slut!"


It made me so hot to see my confident, coquettish Aunt beg me to fuck
her like the slut she was! She craved hard dick so much! She was
addicted to it and at that moment I realized that she needed me as much
as I needed to be dominated and taught by her.

But further meditations on the subject were aborted as my cock exploded
inside her. I blasted my semen deep into her and it felt like all my
bodily fluids were being drained through my cock I came so hard!

I knelt there and admired my handiwork, my flaccid dick still inside
Auntie. Aunt Carmen's buttocks were red and sore, and cum was oozing
from inside her well-fucked, hairless slit.

I sprang instantly into action and knelt beside the love seat, pressing
my face behind Auntie. Jacqui and Lauren squealed with delight as I
began to suck my own cum out of Aunt Carmen's pussy. The slurping
sounds were loud and clear as I darted my tongue in and out of her
lovely vagina, savoring my own sperm as I swabbed it from inside her.
Yes, it was so wicked; so decadent! My spirited sucking was making
Aunt Carmen excited again, and I kept it up until I made her cum a
second time!

The afternoon finally ended, and it was hard to go home to my parents
and sisters. It was hard to try and act normal after such an intense,
exhausting sexual experience. I wanted to tell the whole world how
incredible it all was, yet I knew that betraying Auntie's trust - even
once - would mean the end of all our delicious sex sessions.

And so it went on and on, seemingly without end. Fall blended into
Winter blended into Spring seamlessly, and each visit to Auntie's house
was an entry into sexual Shangri-La. I had long since begun to think
of it as "our" house; that is, myself, Lauren and of course Aunt

By now both Lauren and I had our own rooms in the house for our
wardrobe and vanities; rooms that each looked for all intents to be
that of a young girl, yet housed two feminized young men.

I had come to think of Lauren as almost a "sister," even more so than
my own. Yet I never tired of sucking her cock or fucking her ass or
bending over and receiving her inside me. And I never tired of serving
my lovely Aunt Carmen in any way, shape or form she wished. I was her
slave and I loved every second of it!

The dreamy, surreal afternoons of forbidden sexual pleasure with Lauren
and my Beloved Auntie seemed endless. Part of me was jealous at having
to share my beautiful Aunt with another sissy, but mostly I was
delighted to be with Lauren and to explore perversion with her. She
became my confidante and fellow traveler in these uncharted frontiers
of sensuality.

Auntie took great delight in dressing, painting and petticoating us
like two oversized Barbie dolls. She was unfailingly playful in the
way she introduced new things to us. We had explored the outer fringes
of perversion and degradation together and it had all seemed like such
great fun!

I became enamored of corsetry. Auntie had prepared me for it by giving
me a Victorian-era book that chronicled severe corsetry for unruly
boys. As I devoured every page I became aware of a tightness in my
trousers. The idea excited me terribly, as Auntie undoubtedly knew it

Lo an behold, the next day Auntie presented Lauren and I each with a
lovely Victorian-style corset! Made of pink satin with lovely hand
embroidery and generous frills of Leaver's lace, it was a work of art
in itself. It had thick, sturdy pink laces and big, frilly pink

"Oh Auntie," I gasped, "it's beautiful! It must have cost a fortune!"

"Oh, it certainly did," chuckled Auntie, "but nothing's too good for my
Darlings!" I smiled back at her because I knew her words were true and
came from the heart.

Auntie presented us with matching satin gloves and panties, pink lace
stockings, a lacy pink and white choker to hide the Adam's Apple and
matching pink spiked heels. Auntie and Lauren both had to assist me in
squeezing into the agonizing corset, both putting their feet up against
my torso to get leverage with the laces.

When they were finished, I helped Auntie corset Lauren in the same
manner. Auntie then took a long time making us up until we were just
so. My sides ached and I could hardly breathe, but when I stood in
front of the mirror I knew what all women know - that beauty is a
reward that more than outweighs any discomfort endured in its pursuit.

But Auntie was not done with us yet. We were then given crinkly pink
crinoline petticoats and realistic, weighted breast forms to place in
our strapless corsets. The neckline was such that I had a very
realistic- looking cleavage peeking out from underneath like a pert
little pair of breasts.

And then... the crowning glory! Auntie brought Lauren and I the most
exquisite, lovely, expensive, luxurious... well, words just fail me
and all superlatives pale in comparison to the loveliness of the pink
satin gowns Auntie brought us. They were far more expensive gowns than
any girl in school had worn to the Freshman Formal.

"Oh Auntie," Lauren gushed, "they're the most beautiful dresses I've
ever seen!"

"Wait," said Auntie, "This goes with it." She handed us each a corsage
and told us to pin them on.

"Corsages? Geez, you'd think we were going to the Prom or something,"
I said absently.

"Very Good, Jeannette! Bingo!" Auntie laughed. "You're both going to
the Junior Prom at Central High tonight."

"We're WHAT?" gasped Lauren.

"Oh yes, it's all arranged. You look absolutely perfect... no one
will ever know. Your parents know you're staying overnight, you're all
ready and your dates should be here any minute."

"Dates," I repeated, gasping in stunned disbelief.

"Yes, I've decided it's time for my two Cinderellas to go to the ball.
With two very charming princes, I might add! Would I get you anything
else? Trust me, they're gorgeous! They think you're my nieces from
Cleveland, so you can do whatever you want without worrying about
seeing them again. Tonight you'll have free reign!

"Don't worry, you're perfect. Just be your usual coquettish selves...
you'll be a big hit! Just mind your voices, act demurely, and don't
let them get to Third Base. We girls have to mind our virtue, you
know!" She punctuated her statement with the most sluttish laugh she
could muster.

Lauren and I primped and preened in the mirror until the doorbell rang.
We wanted to rush right downstairs, but remembering our feminine wiles
we made them sweat it out for twenty minutes or so. Before leaving
Auntie handed us two matching pink purses and said, "they're all packed
with everything you need. Makeup, ID, tissues, spending money. Have a
wonderful time Darlings!"

Lauren and I walked downstairs and there were our dates, nervously
pacing the floor. Both the boys were blond and handsome, with strong,
chiseled features and muscles that rippled even under their tuxedos.

I wondered how such gorgeous guys could be without Prom dates but my
male self reminded me that even good-looking guys can be awkward at
this age. These two, it turns out, figured a blind date was better
than their second or third choice, especially when Auntie promised them
gorgeous girls. And we certainly were! I hoped the tall, blue-eyed
one was for me... and he was! "Jeannette, I want you to meet Brad.
Brad, this is my niece Jeannette."

"Um, er... pleased to meet you" was all he could say, but his sky-blue
eyes said much more as they widened with delight. They indicated that
Brad liked what he saw, and betrayed more than a hint of lust. This
was going to be a memorable evening, indeed!

"Lauren, this is Chip. Chip, this is my niece Lauren."

"Charmed, I'm sure," said Chip trying to come on suave... and failing

"Well, I won't keep you Darlings. Have a wonderful time and take care,
you hear?"

Brad escorted Lauren and I to the silver limousine waiting outside. As
I walked out I could hear Chip talking to Auntie.

"Mrs. Hanstead, thanks for helping us out in a jam. Your nieces are
real knockouts!"

"Honestly Chip," Auntie giggled, "you'd think I'd made them myself!
Glad to do it... just make sure you show them a good time!" Chip
smiled and walked towards the limo. Brad held the door for Lauren and
I, then the boys climbed in and we were on our way.

Lauren and I had the most wonderful time dancing, laughing and sneaking
out to the limo for quick glasses of champagne which Auntie had
considerately provided. I had to restrain myself from leading Brad as
we danced. From the look in his eyes I knew only the chaperons were
keeping him from ripping my clothes off. How often I'd had that
feeling at school dances myself!

Then it happened. From the other side of the room I saw my sister
Jennifer dancing with another boy! The slut, I thought as I wondered
whether her steady knew she was here with a Central High boy. Of all
schools! Central High, their archrival in sports! My heart jumped
into my mouth as Chip danced me closer and closer to her. I was sure
the masquerade was over!

But when we danced side by side with Jennifer and she didn't recognize
me, I relaxed. How could she know the pretty girl dancing alongside
her was really her own brother? She'd never have dreamed it! It was
perfect... even my own sister didn't know me! I had passed the
ultimate test of passability!

Feeling full of myself for having pulled it off, I had a great time,
especially since I knew I could blackmail Jennifer unmercifully for
cheating on her boyfriend. When the dance was over, we climbed back
into the limo and rolled over to Lookout Point. There were already
quite a few cars parked there with the windows steamed up!

Chip made his move quickly and in seconds Lauren was kissing him
passionately, and their tongues dancing together was giving Brad ideas,
too! Brad put his arm around my shoulders and began nuzzling me at the
nape of my neck. I felt a involuntary shiver as he pressed his full
lips against mine.

I kissed Brad passionately as he pressed his hard, muscled torso
against mine. He began breathing heavily as the driver closed the
curtains in the front seat. His hands were soon wandering all over my
body and he began gently squeezing what he thought were my pert little
breasts. I thought to myself how he'd have a huge hard-on right about
now, and how he'd react if he knew I had one too in my satin panties,
under my skirt and petticoats.

Having met no resistance in fondling my breasts, Brad naturally
progressed to reaching under my skirt and squeezing my knee before
moving his hand up to the inside of my thigh. I took his hand and
placed it on his lap, just like a "good" girl would.

"Please," he panted into my ear. I really felt sorry for Brad. I knew
all too well what it was like to get all worked up to this moment only
to go home with a bad case of blue balls.

"Brad," I whispered demurely into his ear, "I'm not ready to go all the
way with you." Brad looked crestfallen with his sad pleading eyes.
Then I made my move. I reached between his legs, unbuttoned his pants
and opened his zipper. "...but that doesn't mean we can't have a
little fun," I giggled coquettishly.

I reached into Brad's BVDs and sure enough he was hard as a rock! I
pulled his pants down around his knees and saw that he was hung like a
horse! Good old Auntie sure knew how to pick 'em! I teased him by
gently stroking the huge rod of flesh. I felt it shudder in my hand as
I stroked it ever so slowly, stopping at the first sign of spasm. Brad
could do nothing but sit back, panting!

Then, I took Brad's member between my lips and began sucking it for all
I was worth. I wanted to give Brad a real Prom Night blow job; one
he'd remember for the rest of his life! I sucked and licked and gnawed
at his throbbing monster. It was a glorious piece of meat, and I
wanted to see it explode! Finally, he was ready to cum and I aimed his
cock so he would shoot all over his belly. I handed him a Kleenex to
wipe himself off.

I looked over to see that Lauren was already between Chip's legs, also
gobbling a huge erection. I was too busy to catch her eye, but I knew
we would have to take care of our own erections when we got back to
Auntie's house!

It was a quarter to three when we finally got back to Auntie's house.
We kissed the boys good night and they walked us to the door, both of
them beaming. Auntie let us in and we said good night. "Well, I see
the boys got lucky," giggled Aunt Carmen. "Did you see those
shit-eating grins? I'll bet they both got a nice blow job from my two
little sluts?"

Lauren and I could do nothing but look at each other and giggle.

"I see. And I'll bet the two of you are still hard as a rock in your
little panties, aren't you?" Aunt Carmen unfastened two buttons on her
dress and it dropped to the floor, exposing her glimmering peach satin
bustier with matching panties, gartered to sheer white stockings and
towering peach spiked heels. Auntie dropped her panties to the floor
and stepped out of them. She got on her back and said, "I want my two
girls to finish Prom Night by fucking me. Do me now, do me right here
on the floor!"

With that, the three of us fell to the floor and became a tangle of
flesh and satin and petticoats as I fucked Auntie's perfect ass and
Lauren fucked her luscious cunt. We panted and gasped and fucked and
sucked and moaned and drooled and I knew I wanted it to always be this
way with Lauren and my beautiful Auntie!

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