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Nifty - Transgender - Chemical - My Erotic Life

Date: Thu, 26 Dec 2002 05:37:22 EST
Subject: My Erotic M2F Life (TG): Chapter 1 - The Transformation

I'm Chris, and I liked being a guy, but I remember the best experience I ever
had was being a girl and like being a girl instead, so I took a pill that
transforms you into the opposite Gender and gets men pregnant! One night, I
chanted a spell that would turn me into a girl. After the chant, there was a
10 minute delay, but I looked in the mirror and said to myself "oh yeah, that
boy looks good, I want to date him!" then I slapped myself and said, "oh what
the hell am I saying? That's me!" then I started to feel kind irritable like
my mom was once every month. Then after the 10 minutes passed, My chest
started to hurt. Then I gasped as my chest started to inflate like 2 large
balloons. They were like 5 inches out my body! But then more happened, my
short, brown hair got 15 inches long, shiny and beautiful! Then my face got
narrower, my eyes got smaller, and I felt like smiling more than I ever
wanted to! Afterwards, I lost all my weight and shortened, I was then petite
and short! My gut was gone; I was probably 5'1 and 110 lb.! But then meat
builded up on other parts of my body! My butt was sticking maybe 7 inches out
of my body, my thighs were curvy, and my calves were round and shinny! And
finally, my penis inverted into a clitoris! I shrieked in a content girlie
voice as I rubbed my smooth thighs, squeezed my boobs, and fingered my

I then went to take a shower. I felt something leaking and dripping
down my thighs! I was horney, so it must have been a female version of a
hard-on. So I cleaned up my legs and vagina and headed for the shower. I took
off my shirt, exposing my round huge boobs! I then took off my pants.
Finally, I take off my underwear, exposing my, shiney legs, juicey meaty ass,
my sexy abs, and my leaky vagina! Then I get ready to take a shower. Don't
exit this story just yet, hun, you're about to see more!

I hop in the shower. I feel the warm water running between my breasts
as I would like to see guys and lesbians watch as the water runs down my
breasts as they say "oh I love that sexy woman!" I then let the water fun
down my hard and wet vagina as I was massaging it, getting more pleasure than
I can take, orgasming about 3 times already! Finally, I washed my ass so if I
run into any lesbians, it would taste great for them! and I finally get out
of the shower butt naked with water dripping down from boobs to vagina and
check myself out in the mirror in my room.

Then, I go back into the bathroom and shave my legs to make them
smoother! I also put baby powder under my crotch, between my boobs and
between my ass so they don't get irritated after I sweat from being with a
lesbian! I finally put on girls' perfume for the first time and get dressed
in a thin bra and a thong!

I finally lay down in my bed. I'm laying there and my pussy got wet
once again! so I put my finger in it and imagined me getting a lesbian's
dildo in my pussy and ass, I orgasmed 30 seconds afterwards! I then went off
to bed and dreamed about a lesbian coming in and raping me, but I enjoyed it!
then my boobs were swelling up slowly as I moaned in pleasure and felt wet.
when I finally woke up in the morning, the bed was all wet as was my thong
and bra!

I went online to look up what Transexuals can use. I found this
site, a site that sells stuff for girls like make-up and stuff, and I finally
found Venus Transexual School (teaching guys how to be women!) I'm gonna go
register for it!

So, that concludes Chapter 1 of "My Erotic M2F Life", but the fun
and erotic pleasure isn't over yet! oh no, it just started! you get to see my
now-womanly-body in Lesbian sex action! but in the next scene, you get to
meet some other Transexuals and my new Lesbian Teacher, she's HOT! but you'll
have to see the next chapter!
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Nifty - Transgender - Chemical - My Erotic Life