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Nifty - Transgender - Control - A Real Man

Date: Fri, 16 Sep 2011 17:38:37 -0700 (PDT)
From: Candy Runt <>
Subject: 'A Real Man' story for TG Control section


By Candy B.J. Runt

Please feel free to use, copy and distribute as you wish, but please be
sure to give us appropriate credit.

"Maybe you need a real man to open that?" cooed Emily as I struggled to
open the twist off cap of my beer bottle.

Blushing at her derogatory tone I hissed back "It's not my fault, it's
these stupid nails you made me wear!" Frankly I was mighty pissed at Emily,
the girl I had fantasized so vividly about only for ages until, two days
ago she invited me the party.

"Let's see who can help a pathetic little sissy open the big bad bottle of
beer shall we?" although an amazingly pretty girl, Emily had a hitherto
unseen mean streak and was delighting in my suffering beside her, dressed
in way too frilly party attire comprising of a frilly satin blouse in a
pale pink color, straining around my unnaturally large bust, a petticoat
fluffed pink skirt complete with a large pink bow around my waist, a ,
white microfiber tights, and pink Mary Jane's atop a moderate three inch

Blushing a darker pink than the blush Emily had applied to my freshly
denuded face, I struggled against the one inch nail extensions, the same
obligatory frosted pink as my seemingly enlarged lips, but my unfamiliarity
with the dainty talons and multiple rings adorning my pretty fingers made
it nigh on impossible for me to get a good grip on the reluctant bottle
top. The myriad of silver, white and pink bangles jangled merrily on my
wrists as I struggled in vain, not really paying Emily any attention until
she barked at me.

"Sissy!" Sissy? Since when had I become Sissy? Resigning myself to having
to find a bottle opener, I gave Emily my full attention and was startled to
see her standing by a hulking great giant of a man.

"Sissy" she continued seeing they now had my undivided attention, "Sissy,
this Winston, he can open your beer bottle for you."

Stunned in to silence by the sheer size of the man now towering over me,
even atop my patent leather heels, I dumbly held the Budweiser beer bottle
out to him. In a single fluid motion Winston reached out a massive black
hand, more than covering the whole beer bottle, save the top, which he
effortlessly twisted free before taking a long drink from it before handing
it back down to me.

"Here, let me" smiled Emily, taking the bottle she poured it into a glass,
plopped a long curly pink straw in it and handed it back to me. "Here you
go Sissy, just the way you like it. Now remember, only two beers, you know
how silly you get when you drink!"

Still gaping foolishly up at the spectacle of the man giant Winston I paid
her no heed as I unthinkingly slipped the childish crazy straw between my
painted lips and sucked some deliciously cold beer.

"See Winston, I told you she was crazy for you!" whispered the evil
architect behind the conspiracy that now had me standing in a room full of
strangers dressed head to foot in the type of attire fully fitting the
wretched name Emily insisted on calling me. For it was the promise of
possible intimacy, if not actual sexual congress with the gorgeous
Ms. Dempsey that had persuaded me to don the ridiculously feminine attire I
now sported to the evenings (alleged) costume party.

"Sissy, shut your mouth, you're staring at Winston like a Bitch in heat..."
turning back to Winston she added' not that isn't a somewhat accurate
description, you should hear how she's been gabbing on about that 'gorgeous
specimen of black manhood' whenever you're close!"

"Emily!" I gasped at her blatant lies "that's not...:

"I know, I know, I promised I wouldn't tell anyone Sissy," she talked over
me, ignoring my feeble protests, "but come on, it's no big secret. After
all, if not for Winston, who else did you get all gussied up like a proper
little black cock worshipping sissy for?"

Beer shot up and out of my nose, incapacitating me to shoot down the
horrendous lies she was using to throw me under a very large, black and
undoubtedly masculine bus!

For here was I, a one hundred percent hetero-sexual male, sure not the
biggest or most confident of the species, but none the less, someone who's
desire to get in to Emily pretty pink panties had, alas succeeded in ways I
never envisioned or hoped for. For now here I was standing here, being
referred to by the terribly derogatory name 'sissy' by the woman who, up
until about thirty minutes ago was to be the forever love of my life, but
is now trying to suggest I have been heartily lusting after a six foot
eight, three hundred pound negro named Winston, while I stand there feeling
pathetically inadequate dressed as I am in a form fitting of Emily's pretty
pink panties!

Thoroughly enjoying herself, Emily continued to play the role of concerned
friend as she slapped me heartily on my back, pushing me into Winston's
chest as she commented "There, there Sissy, there's no reason to get so
excited, as you can see Winston's still here, you lucky little boy..."

Tripping atop the unfamiliar heels, I stumble and foolishly, instinctively,
make more effort to save my beer than my balance, and so bump into the wall
that is Winston, my silicone falsies buffering some of the force of my
hitting an immovable black silk shirt clad barrier.

"Easy there little lady" comes a voice as dark and rich as molten dark
chocolate and impossibly thick arms effortlessly catch me and return me to
my state of precarious balance. Looking up through the hideous thickly
mascaraed false lashes, my baby blues peeking out through way too much eye
shadow, liner and mascara, I stammer a diminutive "Thank you... Winston"
before Emily starts back in.

"Go on then Sissy, kiss him, kiss those 'big thick lips' you were gushing
about to me mere minutes ago"

"Emily" I hiss, sounding a good deal more feminine than I would want, even
to my jangling earring attenuated ears.

"What?" she laughs, "don't go criticizing your best friend for trying to
get you what you're too much of a little girly boi to go get by yourself!"
As I stand there, furiously self-conscious in my pretty little pink party

"But I... I mean you..." I stammer pathetically.

Turning to Winston, who unnoticed by me in my confusion, still has a
protective hand on my shoulder, Emily continues, "You wouldn't believe what
she was saying about you earlier Winston. Telling me how her little clitty
was getting all hard just thinking about being forced in to your servitude!
I mean I've known sissy for years, even before she 'came out' and declared
she was a little girl trapped in an inadequate little boy's body, but in
all this time I have never, and I mean never, heard her so infatuated with
one man, and his..." here she acted all coy, and cast a furtive glance down
towards Winston's dark purple pants clad crotch, which, as I inadvertently
followed the direction of Emily's gaze, noticed appeared to be in
proportion with the rest of the man; BIG!

I caught myself blushing furiously as Winston noticed the direction of my
gaze and smiled knowingly, as his paw slipped from my shoulder to my waist,
pulling me closer.

Smiling at how well her evil plan is progressing, Emily continued, "Oh yes,
little Sissy has been going on in great length, if you'll pardon the pun!"
she steals me a wantonly wicked, but none too subtle glance here, noting
how Winston has his great hand upon my pink bow encircled waist and seems
bent on pulling me as close to him as possible. "Yes, great length on how
she just dreams about being forcibly made to serve a great hulking man like
you, someone to bend her own pathetically inadequate will to theirs,
someone to subjugate her, humiliate her like every little sissy boy dreams
of, a REAL man to force her become the little sissy slave she's always
longed to be. So tell me Winston, are you that man, will you take our
little sissy boi here and make her yours, enslave her with your big black

"Emily!" I was speechless, aghast, floored by the lies she was telling this
man. It was his words that fully drove home the fact of how much trouble I
was truly in.

"Yes Miss, I am that man" He rumbled.

What" I looked up at him in amazement, and was totally unprepared by him
pulling me fully to him as he lowered his mouth over mine. As his hot
tongue forced its way between my pink lips and on in to the confines of my
mouth, I realized how truly powerless I was against this mountain of a man,
for he had to bend a good ways down to reach me, even elevated as I was
atop the heels Emily had tricked me into wearing.

As I struggled in vain, beating my prettily manicured fists against his
great chest, my bracelets making more noise than my voice was through his
thick lips sealing my own, Emily bent in close and whispered in my ear
"Have fun little sissy, I will leave you some condoms, to go with the
lubricant and spare pair of panties already in your purse, but I believe
your new boyfriend prefers riding his bitches bare back - if you know what
I mean?! And I am afraid there's no money, credit cards or keys in your
purse, so be good to Winston, he's the only ride you have... both home and
in bed tonight! I'm off now, my work here is done, but I have so much more
to do back at your flat. Have fun, I'll see you later to hear all the gory

Out of the corner of my eye I saw her slip a packet of condoms in to my
little pink clutch all purse, wink knowingly at the two of us as Winston,
pausing to nod his thanks to Emily, did his best to devour me whole, his
hands now taking deliberate liberties with my daintily presented body as I
felt the hem of dress being worked up over my panty clad ass before his
rough hands slipped under the elastic below my right buttock.

Breaking off his oral rape of my mouth for a moment Winston sighed "Damn it
girl, you sure know how to get you man hot!"

Taking this opportunity to explain Emily's perfidy, I gasped "Listen
Winston, Emily's a liar I ..."

"Shut it bitch, go get us some drinks, I'll have a cold beer, get yourself
something girly and alcoholic." He snapped, cutting me off.

"But listen ..." I tried again.

"No" he barked "you listen to me you stupid cunt." My face paled at the
violence of his words "I know exactly what kind a little sissy tease you
are, you play me all doe eyes from across the room but when a brother
chooses to act, you back off with all your hoity-toity attitude, well
listen here, and listen good Sissy, you made your bed and our damn well
gonna lie in it. Lie in it, fuck in it and any damn thing else I chose in
it, is that clear?

But I had to make him see t was Emily who had set me up, this wasn't me at
all, I hadn't been making eyes at him at all, I didn't even notice him,
well OK that wasn't true, it was hard not to notice him, he was so damn
big! "But you have to..."

"Don't you listen bitch, I don't have to do a damn thing you do! Now get
your faggot white ass over to the bar and get us our drinks. I'll say this
only one time more; I'll have a cold one, but you get yourself something
suitably sissy and alcoholic, make it a Sex on the Beach or something
similarly girly, something befitting a cock sucking little sissy, 'cause
get me right here, that's exactly what you are. Now you got that, or do I
need make myself any clearer?" the undisguised violence smoldering behind
his brown eyes persuaded me that now was not the time to broker further
argument, so like a good little sissy I sashayed over to the bar and
ordered him a Budweiser and a Sex on the Beach for myself, having no clue
as to what it contained, never having been a drinker. I received several
amused glances, dressed as I was yet still pretty obviously male my
demeanor and voice.

Teetering atop the unfamiliar heels I turned to find Winston had moved and
was now occupying a good two thirds of a two-seater love chair. Oh great I
thought, as I headed over, realizing I would be expected to squeeze into
the vacant third beside him.

"And another thing" he began as I handed him his beer, not even bothering
to thank me, "I think you should talk more befitting your new position in
life, so start lisping."

"Lisping, oh come on..." I never got to finish the sentence as his big hand
shot up and grabbed me by the throat.

"Yes lisping. You got a problem with that sweetcakes? And another thing,
you better quit your questioning my every command, you got that too? " not
even pausing to let me answer as I stood there dumbly before him clutching
my tall bright pink drink, complete with a large white orchid and slice of
orange in a highball glass, he pressed on "the next time you question me,
no matter where we be, I'm gonna haul you down over my lap, pull up your
pretty little skirt and give your pantied ass one hell of a whupping. Is
that clear?

Pausing only long enough to take a bracing sip of my cocktail, actually
enjoying its peach flavored sweetness, I obediently answer "Yes... Sir."
such is the assault upon my senses, I unwittingly add the respectful
acknowledgment of his higher status over my submissive self.

He grins knowingly at my unconscious submission to his dominance, "That's
better, but try it again with the lips this time, and I prefer to Master as
my title, but good girl for adding the Sir, now try it again and then get
your pretty ass done here besides me."

Once more my cheeks burn their recently all too familiar bright shade of
pink, nicely complimenting my pink lip stick and matching eye shadow
(Emily, while still feigning interest in me as a male, had gone to great
lengths to convince me that all pink cosmetics would better serve to hide
my true gender, now I realized it was just yet another ruse to make me
appear as big a sissy as possible)

Biting back my natural impulse to answer him back, I passively responded
"Yesss Masster, but I have to pay for our drinksss, Emily didn't leave me
any money."

"Well that's your problem Sissy, not mine. Go see the bar man and see what
you can do to work off the debt, tell him I'll vouch for you. And make sure
you lisp, and in future always refer to yourself in the third party as
Sissy. Got that?"

Fearing exactly what such a confession to the barman will entail, I once
again lisp out my concession "Yes, Master, I... Sissy understands." Once
more I sway my way over to the bar, already blushing about what I have to
say. I try to position myself at a quieter corner of the bar, but just as
the barman notices me, three teenage girls crowd in to the space I've
secured. "You got my money?"

"Burning a most vivid shade of crimson I lisp my answer as instructed "No,
I'm afraid Sissy doesn't have any money, but... Master Winston says to tell
you he can vouch for this Sissy."

"Christ, what a pathetic freak" laughs one of the girls beside me who,
despite my best efforts had no trouble over hearing my declaration. Her
friends agree and epithets such as 'fag', 'freak' and 'pussy' rain upon me
as the barman considers his options.

"Tell you what" he finally opines as I struggle to stop the girls pulling
up the hem of my dress to reveal my true gender. "Come back here after ten
and you can pay me then."

His emphasis of the word 'pay' leave little doubt it will not be a cash
transaction. Having no option other than to agree quickly, so as to prevent
the three bitches further degrading me at the bar, I quickly answer "Thank
you Sir, Sissy will pay you at 10:00."

Batting off the hands plucking at my hem and neckline and ignoring their
outrageous taunts, I quickly return to Winston, temporarily grateful for
his protection. He smiles, having witnessed the whole spectacle he
inflicted upon me, pats the seat next to his broad thigh and says "Sit your
pretty little ass down here Sissy and I'll tell you how it's going to be
from here on."

Grimacing at how quickly my life has spiraled out of control, I turn and
sit down next to him. Due to his size and weight, the too small seat and
the fact I struggle to keep my fruity cocktail from spilling all over us, I
cannot help but slide right up against him, innocently giving the
impression to anyone watching, and following the debacle at the bar there
are quite a few watching with amusement the display I unintentionally
provide, as my legs unconsciously slide open, providing all and sundry an
uninhibited view up my dress. The tight restriction of Emily's too small
panties and tights serve to pin my manhood completely out of sight,
completing the appearance of femininity to those enjoying the spectacle I
am providing them.

Placing one enormous arm around my shoulder, his palm resting upon where my
left breast resides under the large silicone falsie he is now gently
squeezing, "OK, your new number one rule is this; give me your hand."

Fearing the worst, I gingerly hold out my right hand to him. He takes it,
surprisingly gently, but then steers it down to his left thigh where he
forces it down upon some sort of thick tube seemingly strapped to his
thigh. It is only when I notice the heat it is generates does it dawn on me
that it is not a tube at all, but his enormous penis. I balk and try to
pull away.

"Oh no you don't Bitch, that there's your new best friend, your new reason
for living, the main reason you get up every day. For from now on you is a
total bitch slave to my beautiful black cock. Let me hear you say it bitch,
tell me what the single most important thing in your whole wide sissy world
is, and tell me proper."

While issuing this shocking edict, he has been working my hand up and down
the considerable length of his monstrous trouser snake. Even with the
hideous acrylic nails, painted the obligatory vivid pink of course, my hand
can barely encompass its girth and it has to be a good six to eight inches
long flaccid. Oh my God, what has Emily got me in to?

Pushing back such concerns for the moment, I dutifully swallow my pride and
recite, complete with compulsory lisp and syntax "Thank you Master, the
most important thing in this sissy's whole wide world is your big black

"Good, but louder."

Again I repeat "Thank you Master, the most important thing in this sissy's
whole wide world is your big black cock."


"Thank you Master, the most important thing in this sissy's whole wide
world is your big black cock."


"Thank you Master, the most important thing in this sissy's whole wide
world is your big black cock." By now the majority of the people in our
immediate area are staring at me open mouthed or just plain openly laughing
at my seemingly willing subjugation and servitude to this giant of a man.

"Good girl, now use both hands."

"What? Oh, yes at once, sorry master." I have to turn forty-five degrees to
accommodate this last instruction, causing my short skirt to slip yet
further up my white clad thigh and me to slid yet closer to my
aggressor. With both hands now employed running up and down his growing
length, I am powerless to prevent my sliding up and against him, my angled
body molding against his while my upturned face presses in to his chest and
neck. 'My Gog' I think, it must look like I am totally feasting on him!

I do my best to filter out the ribald heckling from the three girls at the
bar, now backs turned to the bar so as to better enjoy the spectacle I am
providing, as I commence to massage his manhood with both my pink taloned

Ignoring my obvious discomfort as his disgusting penis stirs further below
my reluctant ministrations he continues "So before we get started on the
`new you' Sissy, tell me about the old you, and make damned certain you
follow the rules we've established so far. Now answer me these questions,
and don't even think `bout lying to me you hear?"

"Yes Master"

"So, you ever been with a man before Sissy?"

Blushing still deeper red, I answer in the negative.

"Oh I see, just unrealized fantasies, well that's cool." A single hand,
palm held outwards, silences my objections. "When you're not out trawling
for black cock, what do you do Sissy?"

I stammer "I'm a, I mean Sissy is a programmer, a computer programmer..."

"I know what a fucking programmer is" he growls "Which company do you work

"Sissy is self-employed Master"

"Oh, so you work from home then?"

"Yes Master, Sissy has a small office in her... in Sissy's condo..." Did I
really just refer to myself as a `her?!

"Perfect, I see young Emily chose well..."

With a sickening lurch in the pit of my stomach I realized I had been truly
set up, that Emily, and quite likely Winston too, had planned my demise
well in advance, that I was merely a pawn, albeit an unknowing one, in the

Ignoring my increased discomfort Winston pressed with this unending ,list
of questions, "Do you have any family in the area?" No. "Had I ever been
with a black man or woman before?" No. "Oh, so you're a racist then?" No,
I... "What was the biggest cock I'd sucked?" But I never... "Did I like
anal?" No! "We'll see about that. How big was my clitty" seeing my look of
incomprehension he added "Your cockette, that pathetic thing you have
between your legs?"

When I hesitated to, partly through shame of my tiny size I will admit, he
blew up, grabbed my wrist and before I could voice an objection had hauled
me in to his lap. Thankfully sitting in it and not across it prior to a
public spanking as I'd feared. My relief was short lived as he
unceremoniously thrust my legs apart, thrust his hand up between my splayed
thighs and proceeded to pull down my tights and panties in the front
revealing my freshly denuded crotch (thanks again Emily!) to the
flabbergasted stares of the partiers around us.

My mouth was formed in a perfect 'O' as my cheeks flared a brilliant red as
he commenced to free my shamed cock and balls from their previous position
pinned tightly beneath me. "Oh my, I can see why you feel you're more
female than male Sissy, these really are pathetic!"

My ready loaded objections that this had gone far enough were lost at the
sting of this wretched comment as, taking my 'manhood' between a thick
finger and thumb, he pulled painfully upon it "I think we might even
consider gender realignment surgery, you've got so little too lose poor
lass. No wonder you're so frustrated, this thing's tiny!"

I was helpless. I could only sit there, leaning back off balance into the
chest of this monster, legs akimbo, to show all and sundry my pathetically
small genitalia as I was all too aware of his monstrous manhood as it did
it's level best to lift my physically from his lap. Locking my feet beneath
his huge calves, Winston moved his hands under my blouse, pulling it free
from the waist of my skirt, and proceeded a most public exploration of my
artificially bolstered chest while I was powerless to do anything about
these ever increasing liberties.

"We'll have to see about getting these plastic titties replaced with some
real ones" he cooed before locking his lips over my unprotected neck and
sucking hard enough to draw the blood to the surface in a vivid
hickey. Releasing his bite before selecting another spot on my pale skin,
he cooed "Yes. I like some big ol' silicone jus on my bitches, with bog ol'
pointy nipples that'll take your eye out if you not careful. How you like
that Sugar, how you like some big ol' titties that make ALL the men stare
at you with hunger?"

I could think of few things more unpleasant, but could physically sense the
challenge he'd left hanging, just daring me to answer in the
negative. Fighting back a sob that I knew would only anger him, I lisped my
answer "Yes please Master, Sissy would love some big titties to make the
man stare at her..."

"Good girl" he cooed, before defiling yet another spot on my
neckline. "Maybe we get you a nice ol' fat ass to go with it, I loves my
bitches to pack a little junk in the trunk you know! Get them hips o' yours
filled out a bit too, I know a great Doctor down in Tijuana who do all this
work, and get them lips padded out a little better for sucking on my cock,
he's cheap, fast and always available since he lost his license to work
Stateside. Oh yes, I see us spending a few weeks with the good Doctor Wu,
het you all tricked out just the way I like `me."

While one hand continued a most open exploration of my chest, my red bra
clearly visible to any not too disgusted by the display we were providing,
his other began an equally indiscreet manipulation of my groin under my
short skirt which was stretched around my splayed hips so as to provide
little or no cover. This time his ministrations were gentle as he massaged
my bared genitalia, all the while alternately feeding upon my pale neck,
asking vile questions, or the worst, muttering visions of my future under
his `protection.'

His comment, "Once Emily has finished with your apartment, not even you
will recognize it" scared me silly, how much planning had gone into my once
seemingly innocent party date with Miss Emily? Sure, I though it a really
mean trick to convince me to dress up like a little girl so we could head
on out to a fictitious fancy costume party, but now I was coming to realize
that was just the tip of the iceberg. As Winston told me how, even as we
sat there and he slowly stroked my poor naked cockette so that it had no
alternative but to inevitably respond to his ministrations, Emily was even
now arranging for the disposal of my every male garment to some thrift shop
I'd never have hear of, and how, after redecorating my rooms in the
frilliest, prettiest, pinks, yellows and powder blues, my closet drawers
were being restocked with an assorted combination of garish sissy frills
and white trash hooker attire. How my driving license, passport and even
rental agreement for my apartment was being reissued in my new identity;
that of Sissy Bleaujorb!

As he went on to describe the hideous regimen of female hormones and other
drugs that would become my daily routine, of continued hypnosis therapy to
bury hidden commands and mannerisms deep within my subconscious, ensuring I
would unwittingly act, move and behave as the wanton cock serving sissy he
wanted at all times, of the painful surgeries I had ahead to mold me in to
this sickos vision of the perfect sexual slave. While all this was being
outlined to me, he continued to manipulate me to my tiny state of arousal.

"See Sissy, we knew this is what you deep down sought, the lifestyle that
you secretly, maybe even unconsciously desired. Oh you might deny it now,
but you'll see, this is what you really need in your meaningless life, a
strong man to take command of your pathetic life, to make you his, to make
you serve what you've always really wanted, to serve a Masterful Big Black
Cock" and with that, despite the many looks of scorn and derision I was
receiving spread wide upon his lap for all to see and ridicule, I came, my
tiny cock twitching furiously as it shot my sallow seed into my panties and

Maybe he was right...

Possibly to be continued...

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