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Nifty - Transgender - Control - Brookes Cuckold Daddy

Date: Wed, 15 Feb 2012 20:05:43 -0500
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Subject: Brooke's Cuckold Daddy - Chapter 1 (Father Daughter Incest, ds, bi, teen1, MB, MG, BG anal)

The following story is a complete work of fiction. The characters don't
exist and the events didn't happen. The author does not condone any of the
behaviors depicted in the story actually being done in real life. The
story contains sex between adults and minors and incest. If either of
these offend you, go do something else. If it is illegal to view this
material in your jurisdiction, close and delete the file immediately.
(MG, GB, MB, Teen1, bi, Mast, ds, Anal, Incest)

Chapter One: Brooke's Cuckold Daddy

       My name is Brooke Mishad and I am 15 years old. I live with my
father in a small apartment. Since my mom left us my Dad has done his best
to provide for me. We don't have much and our apartment is only 2 small
bedrooms 1 bathroom a small kitchen and an average size family room. So,
needless to say we don't have a lot of personal space and for a 15 yr. old
girl that means not much privacy. Every day we trip over each other trying
to share the bathroom in the morning. We both have to leave the house at
7:30am, I go to school and Dad goes to work. Lately I have noticed that Dad
has been walking in on my shower time more often. Sharing the bathroom at
the same time is not really unusual for us, sometimes one of us will come
in to brush our teeth, put on make-up or even use the toilet while the
other is in the shower. I have kind of gotten used to it but, it has been
happening more frequently, more often than not while I am in the
shower. This particular morning while I was showering Dad came in claiming
he needed to use the toilet real quick so, while I was shaving my pussy, I
could hear him peeing into the toilet. When he was finished he said "Okay
kiddo, I am done. Bathroom is all yours again." "Okay dad." After he left,
I finished rinsing off and stepped out of the shower and as I was reaching
for my towel the door suddenly opened and Dad walked in seeing me
completely naked. I quickly grabbed the towel and as I tried to cover up,
it slipped out of my hands and I dropped it on the floor. Rather than
turning away and walking out my dad just stood there looking at me. I
yelled at him to get out and he snapped out of his trance and just said
sorry baby and left. As he headed out I noticed he had a chubby in is
pajama pants.

       When I got done in the bathroom I went to my room and got dressed
for school while dad made breakfast. I like to wear short skirts and nice
Tank tops, nothing very revealing but revealing enough to get the boys to
look at me. Even though I sleep around and have a reputation as being a
slut, I try not to dress like one. I am 5'2", weight 100 lbs., I have dark
blonde hair that comes down just below my shoulders, blue eyes and nice
firm 34C tits. Our building has a nice gym so I work out all the time and
because of it I have abs that are a perfect 6 pack and I also keep a dark
tan all year thanks to the tanning beds in the fitness center. Needless to
say, there is no shortage of boys trying to get in my pants. I have never
felt uncomfortable around my dad regardless of what I was wearing but,
while we were eating breakfast I could swear I could see dad out of the
corner of my eye trying to look down my shirt. Something he has never done
before... that I know of.

       The rest of the day at school was pretty normal... didn't learn
anything new... didn't do anything new and didn't have any homework. After
school my latest boyfriend, Jake, walked me home and was hanging out at my
place playing with the Xbox and sometimes he would play with my box. We
were in the family room, I was sitting on the couch and Jake was standing
in front of me. He had my shirt off and was playing with my tits while I
was licking his balls and jerking him off when we heard dad opening the
front door. We scrambled to get our clothes back on before we got caught
and as dad walked into the room I was just pulling my shirt down over my
bare breasts, I didn't have time to put my bra back on, and Jake was
zipping up his pants. Jake just kept his head down and nervously said hello
and goodbye real quick to my dad and ran out the door. Dad didn't say
anything he just played dumb; I think to not embarrass me or himself. He
just asked what I wanted for dinner then went into the kitchen. I followed
him in and asked him why he was home early, he just said that his meeting
got cancelled and he was able to get out earlier than normal. As he was
talking to me he was clearly looking at my tits which I realized he could
see thru my baby blue tank top. After a few minutes he said he was going to
change and he quickly disappeared into his bedroom. Once I had dinner in
the oven, I went to the bathroom and as I walk past my dad's room I could
swear I heard him moaning. During dinner we had our normal conversations
and again I caught him looking at my tits and at my legs while I was
washing the dishes. This went on for the next couple of weeks. Dad would
find a reason to walk in while I was in the shower and threw out the day I
would find him staring at my body and I could tell that he was getting

       One night I woke up feeling like there was someone in my room but,
when I sat up there was no one there. I figured it was just a dream, since
I was up I got out of bed and went to the bathroom to pee. I could hear my
dad awake in his room as well even though it was 2 am. After I peed I went
back to my room shut my door and went back to sleep. In the morning when I
got out of bed to get ready for school I noticed my bedroom door was open,
I began to think if my dad was in my room this morning. "Dad, were you in
my room this morning?" Kind of stumbling for words he said "Yes, I didn't
hear you up so, I wanted to make sure you didn't over sleep. I said your
name a few times to wake you up." The next couple nights the same thing
would happen, I kept getting a feeling that I was being watched. On the
forth night when I woke up I jumped out of bed and went to the hallway just
as dad was closing his bedroom door. For the next couple days I didn't wake
up feeling watched but, I did still notice dad has been checking me out
every chance he could and would disappear to his room at odd times.

       I began to have dreams about my dad and how he would be watching
over me while I slept, then my dreams changed and I began to see him
standing over me stroking his cock. I couldn't believe what I was dreaming
about and didn't know why I suddenly was dreaming of dad's cock. I just
blew it off as a bad dream and tried to forget about it. As the nights went
by I began to have the same dream about dad more and more often. Then one
morning while I was getting ready to get in the shower, I noticed in the
mirror that I had a dry crusted substance on my chest. That night thinking
now something is going on I set up my laptop on my desk and turned it
towards my bed and set the webcam to record all night while I slept to see
if something was going on.

       The next day I over slept so I didn't have time to check my
computer until I got home from school. When I got home I went to my room
and played the video of last night and began to undress to get out of my
school cloths. While I was undressing I saw on the video my dad walking
into my room wearing his boxers. I stopped what I was doing and sat down at
the desk in my panties and continued to watch. I couldn't believe what I
was seeing. My Dad was standing next to me and pulled my blankets down to
my feet exposing my body, I only wear a thin white muscle shirt that is cut
just below my tits and pair of skimpy panties to bed. He then pulled out
his large cock and began to masturbate over me while rubbing my tits under
my shirt. After about 10 minutes he shot his load all over my stomach then
to my shock he licked his cum off of me. When he was done he covered me
back up and left the room. I was mad and felt ashamed but at the same time
I was turned on knowing he just jerked off onto me. My pussy was actually
wet and tingly. I ended up watching the video again and played with my
pussy as I watch daddy use my body.

       Over the next few days I recorded him doing it each night at the
same time. So, I decided that I was going to go along with it since, it did
turn me on as well. I began to wear shorter skirts and I stopped wearing a
bra altogether around the house. I also started wearing tighter and more
transparent shirts. I was really driving him crazy. Daddy walked around the
house with a hard cock almost all the time. As the days went by he was less
and less careful about looking at my body. He was now just about openly
staring at me, eye fucking his 15 yr. old daughter. I loved it! I had him
wrapped around my finger and I was enjoying the control that I had on him.

       After another week of him just jerking off on my stomach and chest
daddy progressed to sliding his finger under my panties and would finger my
pussy as I slept. Each night I would record him and each day after school I
would fuck myself watching him cum on me. I decided to give him some more
to look at so I began to sleep naked. The first night he found me naked he
began to feel my entire body running his hands all over me. Then he moved
my legs and spread them apart opening up my pussy. He actually laid on the
bed between my legs and began to eat my pussy as I slept. He was definitely
becoming more daring. While he ate out my cunt he was jerking off his cock
and when he was ready to blow his load he sat up and shot his cum all over
my bald pussy. Daddy then licked off his cum as it was running down my
pussy lips. The following day was Saturday and since we didn't have to go
anywhere I made a point of walking around in just my panties and my thin
white muscle shirt. As I sat on the couch with my legs crossed watching TV
I could see Dad looking at my pussy as he casually rubbed his cock thru his
pajama pants. Every time I yawned I would stretch my arms over my head
causing my cut off shirt to lift up and expose the bottom edge of my firm
tits. After doing that a few times Daddy couldn't take it any longer and
disappeared into his room again. After five minutes I went down the hallway
and pressed my ear against his door to try and hear what he was doing and I
could definitely hear him moaning in there. I wanted to see him but, I was
afraid to crack the door open so, I laid on the floor and looked under the
door thru the gap. I was able to see Daddy sitting on the edge of the bed
sniffing a pair of my dirty pink thong panties as he stroked is large
cock. His dick had to be at least 10 inches long and really thick. I
noticed even when he was grabbing it his own fingers didn't touch when
wrapped around his shaft. As I watched him play with himself I slid my hand
into my panties and began to rub my clit and grind my crotch into my
hand. Daddy was really stroking his cock fast and I could hear him moaning
my name as he was jerking off. "That's it Brooke suck Daddy's cock, suck it
like a good little girl." Listening to him say my name was really getting
me off and I had cum running all over my hand. Dad began to moan even
louder and I could see he was about to cum. "Yeah that's it baby just like
that don't stop... suck it baby Daddy's about to cum...oh fuck yeah!"
Quickly Daddy dropped my panties then bent over and was actually able to
get the tip of his dick into his mouth as he shot his load. It must have
been a big load of cum because I could see some of his man cream dripping
out the sides of his lips and down his chin. It turned me on so fucking
much watching him jerk off smelling my panties and then swallowing his own
cum. After licking my own hand clean of all my cum I got up off the floor
and knocked on his door. "Daddy are you okay in there?" "Yeah
Brooke... Give me a minute, I will be right out." When he finally came
back to the kitchen I told him I was leaving to hang out with Jake for the
rest of the day. I could see he still had a drop of cum on the side of his
mouth so I ran over and gave him a peck on the side of his mouth saying
"love you daddy I will be back tonight" and as I kissed him I licked the
cum off his face tasting for the first time the sweet flavor of my Dad's
cock. I loved it! I went to my room to change; well more like get dressed
since I really wasn't wearing anything but panties and a skimpy top and I
decided to leave my dirty cum stained G-string panties on top of my hamper
for my Dad to find. Since I am sure he will be looking thru my room while I
am gone.

       When I got to Jake's house his parents were out for the day so, we
had the house to ourselves. I began to tell him all about my Dad and what
he has been doing to me for the past several weeks. I could tell Jake was
turned on by it but, he wasn't saying it he just tried to console me at
first like a good boyfriend. That is until I told him that it turned me on
watching the videos of Dad jerking off onto my body then eating his cum off
of me and how I watched him jerking off his huge cock today in his room and
blowing his load into his own mouth. Once Jake heard me say I liked my Dad
using me as a cum rag he told me that all of the dirty and perverted things
my Dad has been doing to me turned him on as well. Jake leaned over to me
and began kissing and feeling my tits mumbling how he wants to watch the
video of Dad violating me. I told him he could watch it the next time he
stopped over. Jake then had an idea and I loved it and wanted to do
it. But, first I wanted his cock in my mouth. I threw him on the floor and
ripped off his shorts then shoved his 7 inch dick into my hungry mouth
sucking on his dick as I rubbed his balls. After tasting Daddy's cum I
couldn't wait to get Jake to shoot a hot load in my mouth. As I sucked his
dick I removed my pants and sat my pussy on to Jake's face. He began to
suck and lick my clit while pushing a finger deep into my stinky asshole. I
continued to suck his cock making it all wet and sloppy. I had spit running
over my hand, down his balls and thru his ass crack as I deep throated and
gagged on his fucking rock hard cock. With Jake's finger jamming in and out
of my ass and him nibbling on my clit it didn't take long for me to squirt
a load of my girl cum all over his 16 year old face. As I was Cuming I took
my other hand and shoved a finger into his spit covered shit hole making
him blow his load immediately into my hungry mouth. I love the taste of his
cum and how it feels sliding over my tongue and down my throat.

       Later that night I got back home and found Dad watching TV but as I
walked into the room he quickly fumbled with his pants and was trying to
hide something behind his back. It looked like my dirty panties I left on
my hamper for him. I just smiled slightly as I walked in, leaned over
resting my hand on his thigh as close to his cock as I could without
touching it then kissed him hello and told him "It's been a long day and I
am exhausted so I am going to head to bed. "See you in the morning Dad."
"Goodnight Kiddo". As I left him I glanced down and saw his dick was
twitching and he had a wet spot on his pajama pants where the tip of his
cock was pressing against the fabric.

       When I got into my room I stripped down in front of my full length
mirror admiring my tight body as I did and as I watched myself rubbing my
pussy I imagined Daddy's cum dripping off of it as he licked my cunt
clean. A few minutes later I heard a tapping on my bedroom window and went
over to let Jake in. Outside my window is the fire escape for our building
which comes in handy for which ever boy I am fucking at the time to sneak
in and out of my room when I need him to stop by so I can have his dick in
me late at night. While my Dad was out in the family room still watching TV
or jerking off, I began stripping Jake out of his clothes so I can get his
cock in my mouth. As I was sucking on Jake's dick, he began to pull my
shirt off so he can play with my firm tits. I love when Jake pinches and
twists my large nipples so, I eagerly helped him remove my shirt. After a
few minutes of me sucking Jake's dick he asked "Brooke, let me see one of
the videos of your Dad jerking off on you while you sleep and using you as
a cum rag. I want to watch it as I fuck you doggy style, like all good
sluts get fucked." As I was loading up the video both Jake and I removed
the rest of our clothing. I then got on the bed and assumed the position on
all fours while Jake stood behind me stroking his 16 year old cock keeping
it nice and hard while I pressed play on the video and record on my webcam.
Once the webcam was recording I told Jake "ok baby... fuck me with your
hard cock!" With my ass in the air and my knees spread wide apart I put my
shoulders on the bed and reached back grabbing my ass cheeks and opened up
my cunt for Jake to shove his cock in. Standing on the floor at the edge of
the bed Jake stepped closer to my open dripping cunt and slid his cock into
my young 15 year old fuck hole. "That's it baby... fuck me like the slut
that I am. You know how much I love your cock in my little cunt!" Jake
pounded away at my pussy fucking me real hard and deep as he reached under
me and gave my nipples a hard twist and yanked on them a few times. As he
fucked me, I was dripping cum like crazy and was on the verge of an
orgasm. "Jake, I want your fingers up my ass baby... finger fuck my ass
while you fuck my pussy... that's it baby... harder... fuck me
harder... OMG don't stop I am going to cum!!" As Jake slammed his 7 inches
of boy meat into my soaking wet cunt and rammed two fingers in and out of
my tight ass, I reached under and rubbed my large swollen clit pushing me
over the edge and having an intense orgasm squirting cum all over Jake's
cock. When my pussy muscles began to contract around Jake's dick I heard
him say "I'm going to cum Brooke! I am going to cum deep in your pussy!"
"Give it to me baby... Cum inside me... I want all of your cum!" I felt
Jake's dick twitch and then shoot load after load of warm sweet cum deep
into my young pussy. After he was done he pulled his tool out of my box
and I shifted my position on the bed so the webcam had a clear shot of my
pussy with Jake's cum slowly dripping from its lips. Looking straight into
the camera I said "Hi Daddy, I hope you enjoyed watching me get fucked by
Jake and I hope you like how sweet his cum tastes in your little girl's
pussy... I know I do!" And with that I slid my finger thru my pussy
getting some cum on my finger. Then gave a close up view of my cum covered
finger to the webcam as I licked the cum off and smiled at the
camera. After I cleaned my finger I licked my lips and blew Daddy a kiss.

       It was almost 1:30 am when I told Jake he needed to go because Dad
likes to visit me at 2 am. Jake just smiled at me... "Ok Brooke but, you
have to promise to tell me everything." "I will, I promise." I kissed my
boy good night and helped him out the window and watched him climb down the
four stories of the fire escape to the street. After he was out of sight I
jumped into bed naked, covered up with the blankets and waited for my
nightly cum bath.

       With the webcam recording I laid there on my back with my eyes
barely open. With my butterfly night light faintly illuminating my bedroom
with a soft blue light, I watched as my door slowly opened and I saw my Dad
poke his head into my room to see if I was asleep. Not getting a response
from me as he whispered my name he opened the door all the way and quietly
walked up to the side of my bed wearing only his grey boxers. Daddy reached
down and pulled my covers down to the foot of my bed completely exposing my
tight young tan body. After staring at me for what felt like an hour he
slid his hands down to his hips and pushed down his shorts letting them
fall to the floor. Thru squinted eyes I could see my Daddy's semi hard cock
spring free of the shorts and hang there right in front of me. Continuing
to pretend that I was asleep, I watch as he grabbed his cock and began
stroking it as he admired the body of his 15 year old daughter. In seconds
he had his meat rock hard showing me up close how impressive his full 10
inches of cock is. My mouth began to water imaging how it would feel to
have my tongue sliding up and down its shaft as he fucked my face with
it. It was difficult to continue squinting and not reach out and grab that
big fuck toy. As I watched him stroke his large cock I felt his free hand
touch my hard abs and lightly glide over my six pack and up towards my
large firm tits. While he was touching my body I could hear him mumbling
how much he likes my soft smooth skin and how much he loves my tits and
large nipples. Then I saw him bend over and felt him suck my nipple into
his mouth and nibble and tug lightly on it. When he stood back up, I could
see he picked up the pace on stroking his dick and began to breathe a
little harder. He continued rubbing my tits and stomach and then began to
work his way down to my bald pussy where I felt his index finger touch my
swollen clit, pinching it before he slid his finger down to my wet cum
filled pussy. I could feel his hand slowly working its way down my left leg
until it reached my knee. Then he gently pulled it to the side opening up
my legs and exposing my little pussy to him even more. He walked to the
foot of my bed out of my view and then I felt him lightly lay on the bed
placing his head between my silky smooth thighs. Even though I couldn't see
him I could hear his hand slapping against the base of his dick with each
stroke he took. A moment later I felt his lips gently kissing my inner
thigh on my right leg. He kissed and licked his way up to my crotch where
he very lightly ran his tongue up my inner thigh to the very edge of my
pussy then down to my pink rosebud asshole. I could feel and hear him moan
as he took a deep breath inhaling the aroma of my freshly fucked pussy and
my dirty ass. Daddy stuck out his tongue and while licking, pushed the tip
of it in to my asshole. I couldn't help but let out a slight moan. Daddy
suddenly stopped, with his tongue still in my ass, he stayed frozen not
moving a muscle until he felt that I was still asleep. Then he continued
with his licking and anal probing. Soon I felt his tongue slide out of my
asshole and find its way to the bottom of my cunt. Then he lightly parted
my lips with his tongue and ran it up and thru my meaty lips. When he
reached my clit he lifted his head a little and I heard him whisper "my
baby girl is a fucking slut" then I felt him dive back in and begin licking
my pussy digging his tongue deep inside me searching for Jake's sweet
cum. He was eating my pussy as if he didn't care if I woke up. All he was
concerned about was sucking out as much cum as he could find in his little
girl's cunt. I could hear him jerking his cock off harder and faster now as
he ate my used pussy. I couldn't take it any longer, I wanted to grab his
head and shove it deeper into my cunt but, I didn't want to let him know I
was awake. So, as I was Cuming I grabbed a fist full of bed sheets and
twisted and pulled them, moving them as little as possible. Holding my
breath and trying not to make a sound I could feel all my muscles tense up
and my toes curled to the point I thought they were going to break as I
crested the peak of my orgasm. With Daddy's face still buried deep in my
twat I could feel all of my creamy girl cum flowing out of my pussy and I
could hear him hungrily eating my cum. When he was done eating I just laid
there motionless trying to catch my breath without appearing to be
awake. Then I felt Daddy stand back up and as he walked back into sight I
could see he was still jerking his cock real hard. He walked up to the side
of me and just as I saw his cock twitch, he stopped stroking it and
squeezed the tip, leaned over me and shot a huge load of warm cum all over
my tits and shoulder and some even landed on my chin. And like always Daddy
made sure he cleaned up his mess and began to lick all of his freshly
squeezed cum off of my body. As he did he paid special attention to my
nipples as he sucked and flicked them with his tongue before cleaning the
rest of the cum on my tits and shoulder. When he was done using my body for
his incestuous pleasure, he pulled the blankets back up to cover me and
then picked up his boxers and left my room full of his own cum as well as
mine and Jake's. As soon as he was out of the room I reached up and wiped
his cum off my chin with my finger and then slid the dirty digit into my
cum hungry mouth. Tired and satisfied, I quickly fell asleep.

       A few days later while Dad was getting ready for work in the
bathroom, I woke up having to piss real badly. Hearing Daddy in the shower
I decided I was just going to walk in and use the toilet while he
showered. Not bothering to get dressed I opened the bathroom door and could
see his silhouette thru the shower Curtin. "Baby?" "just me Daddy, I need
to pee." Naked, I walked in and sat down on the toilet and began to piss
like a horse. As I was peeing I could see the silhouette of Daddy's hand
start to stroke his cock as he listened to me relief myself. I just sat
there and watched him masturbate listing to the sound of me pissing and
then I heard him groan a little and saw his body lean forward as he shot a
load of his cum into his free hand. "You ok Daddy?" I asked, pretending I
didn't know what he was doing. "Yeah, I'm fine. I just had a muscle cramp."
"Ok... BTW Jake is coming over tonight to watch a movie." "That's fine
Brooke". After I finished peeing I stood and as I was walking out of the
bathroom I looked back at him and saw him lift his hand to his mouth and I
grinned as I pictured him licking his cum out of his had and swallowing it.

       In the last few days Jake and I did some shopping buying things to
use so we could set up our plan to deal with my Dad. Before I left the
house tonight I intentionally left a copy of Jake and I fucking, that I
burned onto DVD, on my computer desk which I labeled `Home movie Jake
and Me'. I know my Dad likes to snoop in my room so I was sure he would
find the movie and watch it.

       When I got to Jake's house I grabbed his cock and kissed him hello
then we went to his room and logged onto a website that I set up. On the
website we were able to view the wireless cameras I placed around my house
this morning so I could watch and see what Daddy was doing while I was
gone. Sure enough, once logged in, we saw Daddy in the family room sitting
on the couch naked watching porn on TV. As we watched we could see he was
watching a home video of a very young girl 13 or 14 years old giving an old
guy a blow job. While he was stroking his big dick he was sniffing the pair
of dirty crusty panties I was wearing yesterday. Jake was sitting in his
desk chair while we watched my Dad on the laptop so, I got on my knees
pulled out his cock and began to suck on his hard dick while I rubbed his
balls and he watched my Dad jerk off on camera. "That's it baby suck my
cock" Jake said as he grabbed the back of my head pushing it down into his
lap jamming his dick deeper down my throat. "I love watching your Dad
stroking his big cock while I have his daughter sucking on mine". Looking
up at the laptop for a moment I could see Daddy was getting close to Cuming
as he picked up his speed. Jake pushed my head back down and I eagerly
shoved his dick back in my mouth stroking his drool covered cock as I slid
his tool in and out of my fuck hole. I could hear him saying "That's
it... keep sucking I am going to cum just like your Daddy is as he sniffs
your panties stained with his little girls pussy juice! Fuck yeah don't
stop! I'm Cuming baby!" And then I felt his warm seamen shooting into the
back of my mouth then onto my lips as I pulled his twitching cock out of my
mouth letting him shoot another load of cum all over my face. I love having
his cum dripping down my nose and cheeks, it makes me feel like the dirty
cum whore that I am. Soon, Daddy will know how much his little girl loves
the taste of cum as much as he does. As Jake finished covering my face with
his sweet cum I looked at the screen and saw Daddy push my panties against
his nose and inhale deeply while he watched the old man on TV spray cum all
over the little girls pubescent tits then he quickly put my panties on the
tip of his dick and shot load after load of his cum into the dirty crotch
of my panties. After he climaxed, Jake and I watched as Daddy licked all of
his cum off of the soaked panties and then shoved them into his mouth
almost gagging on the fabric. After he came down from his perverted high he
got up and we watched as he walked to my room. Still naked with his dick
swinging around and dripping some dick juice, he snooped thru my room
looking thru my closet and going thru my draws. When he opened my draw of
undergarments he removed a pair of my pink boy-shorts, feeling the smooth
fabric and then rubbed them on his hairless chest. He then took them and
actually put them on, barely fitting into them. Trying to keep his balls
and dick inside of the petite panties he tucked his junk between his legs
like a shemale would do but, you could still see the sides of his ball sack
and some of his meat squeezing out the sides of the crotch. He then found a
matching pink bra and tried to put that on as well. Since he is a slender
guy, almost a feminine build, he was able to get his arms in but wasn't
able clasp his 15 yr. old daughters pink bra around his back. So, he just
wore it draped over his shoulders. As he continued to look around my room
wearing my underwear, he eventually found the DVD I left on top of my
desk. I could see him lick his lips and I imagined his dick trying to
twitch tucked between his legs as he read the label `Home movie Jake
and Me'. Moving like the room was on fire he grabbed the DVD and ran back
out to the living room and put the DVD into the DVD player and sat back on
the couch. Before he was even sitting we could see he was already stroking
a rock hard 10" shaft. Jake and I just sat there fondling each other as we
watched my Dad wearing my underwear stroking his beautiful cock and rubbing
one of his nipples thru the fabric of my bra as the movie began to play.

       Watching Jake fuck me from behind on TV and getting to see Daddy
jerk off wildly as he watched Jake fuck his daughter, I realized I hadn't
gotten off yet. So, I decided to sit on Jake's lap and slide his dick into
my dripping cunt as we continued to watch Daddy on the live cam
feed. Grinding my tight bald little pussy on Jakes dick, he reached around
and pinched and pulled on my large nipples as I watched my Dad masturbate
to my video. With Jakes cock slamming in and out of my cunt I had thick
creamy cum dripping all over his shaft and balls and onto the seat of the
chair as I was on the verge of an orgasm. Suddenly having a big urge to
have Jakes cock in my ass I quickly stood up straddling his legs and almost
yelling, told Jake "shove your dick in my ass... I need you to fuck my ass
now!" Doing as he was told Jake grabbed his hard cum covered cock with one
hand and my waist with his other and pulled me back down on to his lap
guiding his big dick into my tight asshole. Feeling the tip of his cock
touch my brown hole I sat down pushing his thick tool deep and hard into my
shit filled hole. I love getting fucked in my dirty ass. As I bouncing up
and down with his cock in my asshole I had three fingers deep in my pussy
as I watched the webcam. Daddy was leaning forward sucking on his cock as
he stroked the bottom of his shaft when Jake in the video was blowing his
load deep into my teenage twat. When I saw Daddy shoot another load of his
cum into his mouth I had an intense orgasm squirting a lot of my girl cum
all over Jakes balls and legs saying "that's it Daddy swallow your cum as
you watch your little girl get fucked!" Just as I said that I felt Jakes
grip on my waist tighten up and could feel his cock twitch as he squirted
shot after shot of his warm cum deep into my ass.

       I leaned back on to Jakes chest as he wrapped his arms around my
waist cupping my tits and still slowly grinding his dick in my asshole as
we watched Daddy wipe the sides of his mouth licking up any cum that
dripped out as he continued to watch the video. Then on the TV we saw me
talking to Daddy and saw the look of horror on his face as he listened to
what I had to say... "Hi Daddy, I hope you enjoyed watching me get fucked
by Jake and I hope you like how sweet his cum tastes in your little girl's
pussy... I know I do!" Then the video jumped to a new message I recorded
this morning for him. "Daddy, I know what you have been doing to me for the
last few months and I recorded it all. You are a dirty pervert and you need
to be punished. Now press pause on the video and answer the phone." As I
watched Daddy grab the remote to press pause I dialed the house phone and
watch as he picked up the receiver. He picked up the phone and in a shaky
and confused voice he said "Hello?" "Listen closely Daddy and do exactly
what I tell you to. Do you understand?" "Yes." "Stand up and reach under
the couch and pull out the chain. Then walk over to the heater." As I
watched Daddy grabbed the chain I put under the couch I could see him begin
to cry. "Now take the chain and wrap it around the leg of the heater and
use the padlock on the window sill to lock the chain together. Then I want
you to take the shackle at the other end of the chain and close it around
your ankle!" Without resisting and now openly crying he secured the shackle
to his right ankle and began to apologize for what he has done to me. "Shut
up and stop crying you pathetic little man! After I pull Jakes cock out of
my ass we are going to get dressed and head home so we can deal with you in
person. I want you to continue watching the video while you wait for
me... Oh yeah and Daddy... feel free to jerk off again if you want." With
that I hung up the phone and turned my head to kiss Jake and asked "are you
ready to go have some fun?" "Hell yes" I then stood up feeling his still
hard cock slid out of my cum filled ass and watched as his cum fell out of
my gapping fuck hole and land on his dick. Seeing that, I bent over and
licked his shaft clean making sure not to miss any of my anal creampie.

       Jake and I walked into the apartment and saw Daddy sitting back on
the couch wearing my pink bra and panties stroking his raging hard dick as
he watched himself on the DVD eating Jake's cum out of my pussy. Daddy
suddenly noticed us standing there and let go of his cock crying out "I'm
sorry baby I am so sorry I can't help myself... I am so sorry". As he was
apologizing for abusing me his dick began to twitch and erupted, shooting
his thick cum all over his chest as he looked at me pleading for my
forgiveness. Watching him cum on himself, Jake and I walked over and stood
in front of him as the last of his cum spurted out on to his stomach. "You
like using my little body as your personal cum rag Daddy?" "I'm sorry
baby!" "I don't care if you're sorry, answer my question." I asked
calmly. "Yes" "Yes what Daddy" "Yes, I like jerking off on my daughter and
using you as my cum rag." "And you like to eat your own cum, don't you
Daddy?" "Yes baby, I love eating cum". As Daddy told us about how much he
likes cum I began to slowly undress in front of him pulling my thin shirt
up over my head showing him my dark tanned 6 pick abs and my tight firm 34c
tits. My large nipples where rock hard from being so turned on by
everything that was happening. Daddy just sat there staring at me as I
undressed for him. As he watched me, I unbuttoned my skirt and let it
slowly slide down my legs until it hit the floor placing my hands over my
pussy keeping it covered. Still facing Daddy completely naked with only my
hands covering my 15 yr. old pussy I stepped closer to my Dad and spread my
legs apart then slowly slid my hands off of my pussy pulling my meaty lips
open and pushed my middle finger into my wet cunt letting him see my pussy
juice covered finger as I repeatedly fucked my little hole. "Do you like
looking at your little girl Daddy?" "Yes... You know I do." "How would you
like to know that your little girl is a well-used slut." Daddy just
swallowed hard and looked at me surprised and turned on and I could see his
gorgeous cock twitch as he heard me call myself a slut. "Not only am I a
very big slut Daddy but, I love the taste of cum even more than you do. So
much so that I even had Jake cut a glory hole in one of the stalls in the
men's locker room in the gym down stairs. I spend hrs. down there rubbing
my pussy as I suck cock after cock and swallow load after load of hot sweet
cum. Does that turn you on knowing that strange men are using your 15
yr. old baby as a cum dumpster?" Visibly ashamed and with barely more than
a whisper he said "Yes... I love thinking of my baby swallowing cum." I
knelt down between Daddy's legs, gave him a little wink then bent over,
pulled the pink fabric of my panties he was wearing to the side and sucked
his big hairless balls into my mouth. "Is this what you want Daddy? To see
your little girl, suck on your balls and cock?" "Yes... Brooke I have
wanted this since you were a little girl!" "How little Daddy?" Reluctantly
he said "Since you were 9 yrs. old" I just smiled and ran my tongue up the
shaft of his huge cock. When my lips where at the base of his shaft the tip
of his dick was above my forehead. Once I got to the top I sucked is dick
into my mouth tasting the cum that was still oozing out of the
slit. Gagging and drooling on my Daddy's cock I continued to finger fuck my
pussy which was now soaking wet with pussy juice that was flowing out of me
like an open facet. As I was sucking his cock I could see Jake off to the
side, he had stripped his close off and was stroking his semi hard meat as
he watched me with Daddy. Letting the cock slide out of my mouth I pushed
my small framed body up, with my tits gliding over Daddy's wet dick, and
began to lick all of his cum off of his stomach and chest and kept working
my way up until I was face to face with Daddy. With my tits pressed up
against his smooth hairless chest and my pussy laying against his throbbing
cock, I lightly ran my tongue over his lips and whispered to him "Do you
want to fuck your baby girl Daddy? Do you want to feel my tight wet pussy
wrapped around my Daddy's huge cock? Do you Daddy?" "Fuck yes Brooke! I
want to fuck my little girl!" I smiled and kissed him pushing my tongue
into his mouth and sucked on his tongue as it found its way into
mine. Grabbing his extremely hard very long dick I lifted my ass up and
guide the tip of Daddy's cock to my dripping cunt. When the head of his
cock touched the opening to my teenage fuck hole, with my warm breath
breathing on the side of his neck just below his ear, I whispered "You may
want to fuck me but you can't. This is as close as your dick will get to
my pussy. My cunt is for every other cock except yours." With an audible
gasp of disappointment Daddy sunk back into the couch. Still whispering I
said "Right now I want you to watch Jake fuck my tight little pink
asshole. But, he needs to be rock hard for that to happen, Daddy. So that
means I need you to suck on his semi hard cock until he is nice and hard
then I want you to guide his dick into my slutty teenage ass." "But, I am
not gay I don't like cock I only..." Standing up, I cut him off and told
him to get on his knees. Slowly and reluctantly he got off the couch and
got on his knees then I motioned Jake over to stand in front of him. I
knelt down next to Daddy and told him "I know you like to suck cock Daddy,
you suck your own cock all the time." Then I guided Jakes dick up to my
Daddy's lips and told him to open up. With one hand on Jakes cock holding
it against Daddy's mouth, I put my other hand on the back of his head and
pushed it towards Jakes crotch forcing the tip of his dick into Daddy's
mouth until Jakes balls touched his chin. "That's it Daddy... suck on Jakes
cock... make it nice and hard for me... pretend you are sucking your own
dick." It wasn't long before Dad was bobbing his head up and down on Jake's
shaft without my help. My not gay father was really getting into and
enjoying sucking on another man's dick. Jake had grabbed Dad's head and was
now ramming his fuck stick in and out of Dad's mouth hard and fast. Jake
was shoving is tool as far down his throat as he could making him gag
leaving large amounts of slimy stringy spit dripping off of Jakes hard
cock. "Your Dad sucks cock almost as good as you do Brooke" Jake
said. Seeing how wet his shaft was I got an all fours looked back at my Dad
and said "lick my asshole Daddy and get it nice and wet for Jake's dick."
Eagerly he dove in and began licking my dirty shit hole and tongue fucking
it as deep as he could. After a few minutes of Daddy gapping my ass with
his tongue I had him guide Jakes fuck stick into my ass. In one strong
thrust I felt Jakes dick ram all the way into my ass until I felt his balls
slap against my hard swollen clit. "That's it baby fuck my tight
ass... fuck it real hard." As I looked back over my shoulder I saw Dad
still kneeling next to my ass watching Jake fuck his daughter's asshole
while he stroked and sucked on his own dick. "You want to taste your slutty
daughter's dirty ass Daddy?" "Yes!" I nodded at Jake and he pulled his
dick out of my ass then told Daddy to start sucking. Not hesitating Daddy
wrapped his lips around Jakes shit flavored cock and began deep throating
it licking up all of my ass juice. Once he had it clean Jake shoved his
tool back into my dirty ass again and began violently fucking me. He was
fucking me so hard and deep that I was almost crying in pain. Even though
it hurt it felt so fucking good feeling his hard dick slide in and out of
my shit hole. Soon I heard Jake saying that he was about to cum. "Cum
inside my ass baby... deep inside my dirty ass! That's it baby shoot your
hot load deep in my fuck hole!" As Jake was Cuming in my ass I was also
Cuming. When Jake pulled out my ass he left a big gaping hole. Dad was just
staring at it as he stroked his meat. "Do you like what you see Daddy?" He
just nodded as he stared into my gapping asshole at all of Jake's cum. "Do
want to fuck my ass too Daddy?" Again he just nodded. "You can't fuck me
but, if you want you can place the tip of your dick against my shit hole as
you jerk off." Quickly he got behind me as I stayed on all fours and I felt
the head of his dick rest against my gaping hole. Then I could feel his
dick move back and forth as he stroked his huge shaft as he looked at all
of Jake's cum. Soon I heard him grunting and I said "That's it daddy cum in
my ass... fill my ass up with your cum!" I could feel spurt after spurt
land on the rim of my asshole then drip into my open hole filling me with
more jizz and mixing with Jakes'. "Lay on you back Daddy. I am going to
feed you my Double anal creampie." Jake grabbed one of the video cameras as
I squatted my ass over Daddy's face so he could get a good view on film. I
then reached back and spread my ass cheeks opening up my asshole even wider
as I shit my creampie into Daddy's cum hungry mouth. He excitedly ate all
of the cum and even ran his tongue into my anal cum bucket and licked out
every creamy drop.

When he was done cleaning my ass I looked at him smiled and told him that
he is not worthy of being a Dad. "Since you already don't have a masculine
bone in your body, you like to eat cum and suck dick and you obviously like
wearing my panties and bras then from now on I will call you Mommy.
Tomorrow I will take you shopping for bras and panties, mine don't fit
you." Confused and worried he just looked at me. So, I told him "Since you
like wearing girl's clothing and eating cum like a girl I figure from now
on I will have you dress like a girl!" You will no longer dress as a
man. If you don't do as I say and wear what I tell you to wear then all of
your nightly visits into my bedroom will be uploaded onto the internet and
to the police. Do you understand?" "Yes, Brooke". "So, just so we are clear
I want to hear you make your choice. Do you want to go to jail or do you
want to become a tranny and be call Mommy?" With tears welling up in his
eyes and yet at the same time a hint of excitement at the idea he said "I
want to become a tranny and be called Mommy."


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