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Nifty - Transgender - Control - My Sister Caught Me In Her Panties


                            My Sister Caught Me In Her Panties!

       I was minding my own business when my sister burst into my
room accusing me of wearing her clothes. She said she had
noticed everything out of place and stains on her panties. I
denied it. It was true, but I was not going to tell her that.
"There is going to be hell to pay if you keep going into my
clothes little brother and doing your perverted little things.
I will catch you and prove it. Then you're mine!"

       I had been Getting into her clothes for almost a week. I
liked the softness and the fantasy of pretending to be a girl.
I thought I had been quite careful in placing her clothes back
where I had found them. I knew my actions were a bit abnormal
but I enjoyed them and was not ready to give them up. I just
thought I would be even more careful in the future. I only
dressed in her clothes when I knew that I was alone in the house
and would have the time to fully explore my new world. A few
days later I once again ventured into her room. She and Mother
had gone for a day of shopping. Father was working and I was
left alone.

       I took a bubble bath and then went into her room to slip on
her soft nylon and lace underwear. I pretended to be her
getting ready for a date. I had just put on a bra and matching
panties when the door burst open. She and Mother had returned
without notice. She had told Mother her suspicions, and they
parked the car down the road and walked back to the house to
catch me. They were sure I would give in to my desires inspite
of her warning me that she would be watching closely trying to
catch me in her room. Catch me they did!

       "See Mother, I told you he was wearing my clothes, now what
do you say?"

       "I see it but I still don't believe it. Well son, what do
you have to say for yourself? Can you explain why I find you
wearing a bra and panty set and looking in your sister's closet?"

       I was shocked and could not respond quickly enough for her.
Finally I told her about my secret desires and curiosity. My
sister just laughed and said, "If he wants to be a girl, mother,
then lets dress him up and take him shopping with us and show
him what it is really like to be one."

       "That sounds like a good idea, but first I want to call your
father and let him know what is going on and see what he has to

       She made the phone call while my sister and I stood by
waiting for all hell to break loose. Mother told him what they
had done and how they had found me. She also told him what I
had said to her as to why and how long I had been dressing as a
girl. We heard her discuss several forms of punishment and
lectures, but she emphasized what my sister had wanted to do to
me. She said it would be a good punishment to embarrass me that
way, but she felt that I deserved to face a bit more. He
apparently agreed with her. We were informed that I would be
spending the next week living as a girl. Mother said I needed
breasts to fill out my bra cups, and then went to her room and
returned with a box containing lifelike breast forms that my
sister had used a few years ago on Halloween to portray Marilyn
Monroe. The box also contained a special adhesive to attach
them to my chest. I found out they had some special electronic
circuitry which allowed the transfer of feeling and sensation to
be received in the persons own body. That is to say that
whatever the breast forms felt, the person felt. Mother
demonstrated this as she pinched the fake nipple and I felt it
in my own nipple and let out a scream. My mother and sister had
a good laugh. I was then informed that this adhesive was
permanent and could not be removed without a special solution
and that I would be remaining large breasted for the duration of
my punishment Mother had my sister get me an outfit to wear
shopping while she sat me down and applied a full array of
makeup including painting my toenails and fingernails a bright
pink. Linda pulled out a pink blouse and a white miniskirt for
me to wear. I was also given a pair of pantyhose to cover my
hairy legs. They discussed having me shave them, but decided to
wait until we returned home from the mall.

       Mother        also informed us that we would be stopping at the
beauty parlor where I would have my hair permed and dyed a
golden blonde. That was our first stop. The girls at the
beauty salon thought it was great that I was being punished as I
was. They delighted in their work as they covered my hair with
foul smelling goops and had me sit under the hair dryer for all
the world to see. I entered their shop with straight brown hair
and left with curly blonde hair. They had also waxed the hair
on my legs off. You talk about pain, that was excruciating.
The only thing good about it was the way the nylon felt against
the hairless legs. It felt wonderful and sent shivers
throughout my body. Our next stop was a jewelers where several
pieces of jewelry were purchased including earrings. These were
all for pierced ears. since my ears were not pierced they
offered to pierce them for me. Mother asked them to put two
holes in each ear as was the style of the day. They gladly
obliged her and I left with diamond studs in each of the top
holes and large dangling crosses in the lower holes. Our next
stop was Frederick's of Hollywood. There I tried on different
lingerie to get my correct size and they purchased underwear and
nightgowns for me. I asked why all the clothes and effort for
only a week as a girl for my punishment. "I have two reasons my
dear, Valerie Lynn. One, you need to see what shopping is all
about for a woman and why we love it so. Look at all the
choices we've gone through and we've only selected your
accessories and underwear. We have so much more to try on and
look at. Secondly, a week is only the tentative plan, we will
be discussing the full punishment when your father gets home
this evening and gets a good look at his new daughter and sees
how feminine you really are. I think we may know now why you
never hung around with the boys or played sports. There is just
too much girl in you. You are better suited to become a
cheerleader than a player. Come along now, Valerie, we have a
lot more shopping to go."

       My sister was laughing hysterically at Mother's comments and
the use of a feminine name for me. We were both told that if I
had been born a girl then I would have been named Valerie Lynn
and that since I was now a girl that I should answer to that
name since it was more fitting for me than Richard James.
Mother declared that I was not man enough to have a masculine
name any longer and that I would have to earn the right to be
called by a masculine name in the future after the punishment
period was over. "By putting on your sister's clothes you have
given up all your rights to being treated as a man or to have a
man's name. In the future you may be given the right to wear
male clothing again, but I will still call you Valerie Lynn
until you prove to me that you are a man and I will tell you
that it will be difficult for me to give you back that status as
a son. You are a daughter to me from now on."

       This brought me to tears. they both agreed that the tears
only proved even more how feminine I was since boys aren't
supposed to cry and I was crying so easily over nothing. To
them it was nothing. To me it was everything. Mother dried my
tears and retouched up my makeup and then took me into a dress
shop. I must have tried on every different outfit in the store.
We made our purchases and then moved on to a shoe store. She
bought flats, sneakers and several pairs of high heels to go
with the outfits they had selected for me. Our next stop was a
department store where after modeling several different outfits,
they selected a couple bathing suits, one of which was a bikini,
a jogging outfit and an aerobics outfit. It was now time for
lunch so Mother decided we would eat at the Burger King inside
the mall. Disaster struck when we met two of Susan's friends
there. They came over to us to see who the new girl was. They
laughed hysterically when they were introduced to her sister
Valerie Lynn. They knew she had a brother and were quickly told
of the reasons I was now a girl. They sat with us and
deliberately kept drawing me into their conversation about some
of the boys at school and trying to get me to go out on a date
with their younger brother. Mother joined in by encouraging me
to do it for the experience of it. I was so upset I couldn't
eat my burger or fries. I was so embarrassed and humiliated.
Their brother came over to the table also about that time to
tell them their mother was ready to leave. They introduced him
to me and asked him if he would like to take me to the movies
that night. He had only gone on one other date in his life and
jumped at the opportunity to have a date with a girl he thought
was as pretty as they had made me. In other words, he couldn't
take his eyes off the breasts they had given me and wanted a
chance at them. It was done in such a way as to leave me no
choice but to go out with him. I had never been on a date of
any kind and Mother knew it as she told him what time I would be
ready to go out and where our house was. He thought I was
really a girl and I wondered if anyone was going to tell him the
truth or what he was going to expect from me. I didn't know how
to act on a date as a boy let alone be a girl.

       I wondered what my father was going to say about all this. I
still feared facing him this evening as well. I had so many
thoughts running through my mind at this time I was actually
feeling a bit dizzy. Mother asked the girls if they would like
to continue shopping with us and she said they could tell their
mother they would get a ride home later. They had their brother
deliver the message. Their mother came back with their brother
to talk with my mother since they had been good friends and she
was surprised to hear her son had a date with her younger
daughter. She knew that her youngest child was a boy. Mother
introduced her to me and told her about my punishment and why
and how the girls had come up with the idea of me going on a
date with her son. The secret was now in the open and I hoped
the date would get called off. He was asked about it now that
he knew the truth. I almost died when he said he would still
take me on the date. He said noone else would realize I was not
a girl unless they were told. He said I was pretty as a girl
and that the other boys would be jealous to think he could go
out with someone this pretty and that had such large tits. He
said it was an opportunity to increase his popularity, and now
that my secret was known I would have to do whatever he wanted
short of having sex to keep my secret from spreading all around
town. He said it would be fun to kiss me in front of some of
his friends or cop a feel of my tits for them to see. Everyone
laughed at his comments and gave their approval for him to use
me that way. The date was on and I was humiliated even more
knowing that he was right when he said he could blackmail me
into doing anything for him. I would be his first easy date.
He and his mother soon left and I was taken by my mother and the
other girls into several more shops before we returned home. We
were all laden down with packages to carry into the house and
take into my room. My sister's friends commented on the fact
that my room looked too masculine for a girl. Mother agreed and
asked them if they would like to help redecorate it more
appropriately. they didn't have to be asked twice. They
immediately went to work. I was forced to help them as well.
My Cindy Crawford poster was the first thing taken down from the
wall and thrown in the trash. My astronomy posters were next.
My sheets and curtains were changed to pink from blue. Mother
sent me to get several trash bags from the kitchen while they
made my bed and hung the new curtains. I held open a trash bag
as Mother opened my closet and tossed all my male clothing into
it telling me I would have to earn the right to get them back.
She had my sister empty all the drawers in my dresser and do the
same with the clothes in them. My closet and drawers were then
refilled with all the new clothes we had purchased at the mall
that day. The bags were then carried to the attic and locked in
a trunk that only Mother had a key to. She then instructed my
sister to go through all the laundry hampers to make sure they
had removed all the clothes. Meanwhile, her friends continued
redecorating my room. They replaced my posters with pictures of
soap opera hunks and put several issues of Seventeen on my night
stand. My models were replaced with several of my sister's
stuffed animals. My desk was turned into a vanity when they
took everything off the top of it, added a lighted mirror and
spread all my new cosmetics out on it.

       The final touches came to my room when they replaced my clown
lamp with my sister's ballerina lamp. My mother then told the
girls that I needed to change to get ready for my date and to
meet my father. She thanked them for their help and then drove
them home. I was left in my sisters hands to get ready. She
had me remove all the clothes I had been wearing of hers and
follow her to the bathroom. She said it was time to finish what
they had started at the beauty parlor. she then produced a
bottle of depilatory and spread it on my arms, underarms, and
chest. It began to itch in only a few minutes. She placed a
shower cap over my hair to protect it from damage then had me
shower and wash away what hair was left below my neck. She had
me towel dry and then covered me with a perfumed talc. I was
then brought back to my room to dress for the evening. She had
me wear a black lace bra and panty set, a full satin slip, a
pair of sheer pantyhose, a short black dress and black pumps
with three inch heels. I then sat at my vanity to apply my
makeup while Susan talked me through its application. It took
several attempts to get it to look right. She then had me add
the appropriate accessories to complete my outfit. We then went
into the den to watch television and await Mother and Father's
return. After dropping the girls off Mother picked up Father at
the train depot.

       Father looked me over carefully and had me turn around a
couple times for him. He was astounded by how much I really
looked like a girl. He said I could pass for a real girl
easily. He also said I should try entering a beauty contest. I
looked that good to him. Mother just laughed at the way he
talked to me. She could see that he agreed with her and that I
had truly become their daughter now. Father then asked me to
explain my side of the story. I told him the same story I had
told Mother. He then wanted to know what I thought they should
do to me. It was now my turn to get a question answered. What
is so wrong about me dressing as a girl out of curiosity in
privacy? I was then informed that I had violated several trusts
and crossed the line of normalcy. The first insurrection was
violating my sister's privacy by entering her room without her
permission and rummaging through her things. This they said was
the main reason for my punishment. They then told me about boys
being boys and girls being girls and how I had stepped out of
the bounds of my assigned gender. In light of today's outlook
on human sexuality they said that was only a minor infraction
and that they hoped by keeping me as a girl for a week and
subjecting me to some humiliation would help me resolve the
conflict within me and assist me in understanding the gender
dysphoria I was experiencing. Since there was only one more day
of school before the summer vacation, They said it would be up
to me if I stayed home or not but that it would be an earned
privilege. My sister said that they should make me go to school
as a girl and not give me a choice. She added that it would not
affect me much as it was traditionally opposites day at school.
This is a day when the boys are expected to dress as girls.
"She will only be in trouble because of how pretty she looks as
a girl. She will be teased a little for that and no more."

       This made my parents reconsider, but the only thing that
changed was a higher criteria for staying home. I was going to
be required to do all the woman's work for the entire weekend.
I was also going to have to do my share during the week as well.
They said my staying home privileges hinged on how well I
performed as a girl over the weekend. They did tell me that I
was doing just fine so far. Father added that he thought this
date I was going on was a good idea and that I should behave
like a proper young lady and try to please my date without
compromising my virginity or my reputation. He expected me to
kiss him and hug him and that was about it. He said he had been
told that I was going to be used and have to let him rub my
breasts in public but that he expected me to limit it and to
maintain a certain amount of dignity and decorum so as not to
tarnish the family name. As he was lecturing me, the doorbell
rang. It was Tommy to pick me up for my big date. He greeted
me with a kiss which made everyone in the room let out with an,
"oh, isn't that sweet!" He informed my mother and father that
he was taking me to dinner at a nice Italian restaurant in town
followed by a movie and then desert at a local ice cream parlor.
The ice cream parlor is the local teen hangout. This would be
my greatest challenge of the night. Dinner was delicious, and
Tommy surprised me by being understanding and a pleasant
conversationalist. I actually found myself enjoying his
company. He opened doors for me and held my hand as we walked
to the theater. I liked being treated this way. I was
beginning to accept myself as a girl. We saw Disney's Beauty
and the Beast. Before we went to the ice cream parlor, Tommy
took me for a walk through the park. We found a quiet spot
where Tommy decided he wanted to kiss me. I not only let him,
I responded to him. It felt natural and I found that I liked
it. I felt so confused by that fact. It was at this time he
took his first feel of my breasts. The electronics were working
fine and I felt every sensation. I did not know how to respond
to the feelings that were generated within me. My cock jumped
from the sensations as well. I was glad he did not linger there
or continue to cause such sexual desire in me. I'm not sure if I
could have resisted the urge to respond. We did meet several of
his friends at the ice cream parlor as expected. He introduced
me as Valerie Lynn and said I had just come to town. Several of
them began asking me to go on dates with them. I turned them
down, but kind of felt regret in doing so. Tommy sat next to me
in one of the booths. He draped his arm over my shoulder and
once in a while, when he knew someone was watching, let his hand
brush against my breast. I looked down and was shocked to see
that my nipples had enlarged and were visible through the blouse
my sister had given me to wear. I could do nothing to hide
them. I simply blushed from my embarrassment. I also knew that
the other boys were jealous of Tommy as they thought that not
only was I pretty but that I was easy.

       I was glad when it was time to go home. Tommy again held my
hand as we walked. He took the detour through the park once
more. We stopped to kiss for a few minutes, and surprisingly to
talk. "I have enjoyed my date with you Valerie. I know it was
all supposed to be for fun, but I liked being with you as a
girl. You are easy to talk to and we can talk about anything.
I liked the way we could joke and I even like the way you kiss.
Can we go out again sometime? I would really like to."

       "I enjoyed myself too, Tommy. I can't explain it any better
than you can. I liked being able to talk so openly and freely.
I liked having doors opened for me, and feeling like a girl with
you. I would like to say yes to another date, but I don't think
you would want to after I am exposed at school on Monday. They
are going to make me go as a girl. Everyone is going to know
about me and I'm afraid they will laugh at you too if you
continue to date me. I still hope we can be friends in the
future though."

       "I'll turn gay if I have to and I don't care what anyone
says. we'll stay friends, and even go out if the opportunity
presents itself."

       With that he drew me into his arms and gave me a very
powerful and passionate kiss. His tongue found its way into my
mouth. We held the kiss for a few minutes until we needed some
air. We both knew it was time to head home, and sadly began to
walk in that direction. We kissed once more on the doorstep as
we said goodnight. He waited until I was safely inside before
he left to go home. My father, mother and sister were all
waiting as I came in to hear all the details of my first date.
None of them acted surprised when I told them how much I had
enjoyed it. They did tell me that while I was on the date they
discussed my punishment and things for me to do and experience
during it. They were going to show me no mercy. The run down
on my agenda was:

              1.) Housework

              2.) Slumber Party

              3.) Church

              4.) Visit Grandparents

              5.) Baby-sit for Aunt Mary and Uncle Robert

              6.) School?

              7.) Arcade

              8.) Dance

              9.) Amusement Park

              10.) Beach Day

              11.) Sewing Lessons

              12.) Aerobics Class

              13.) Girl Scout Meeting

              14.) Sun Bathing

              15.) Baby Shower

              16.) Shopping

              17.) Dating

              18.) Cooking Lessons

              19.) Wedding

              20.) Old Home Days Parade

       They had everything planned for the next week and were
considering even more. I was told how to remove my makeup and
dress for bed. Mother came in to say goodnight and tell me what
to wear in the morning to do the housework in. "Goodnight,
Valerie Lynn."

       My first day as a girl was finally at an end. I am not sure
what the future holds, but I'll write more as the time goes by.


                      Valerie Lynn Mitchell
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Nifty - Transgender - Control - My Sister Caught Me In Her Panties