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Nifty - Transgender - Control - Surprises

Date: Wed, 10 Nov 2004 21:17:00 -0800 (PST)
From: Luc PattieDelish <>
Subject: TG: Surprises


by PattieDelish (

Warning: This story is fictional and contains
descriptions of explicit sexual acts. If this type of
content offends you or you are under the age of 18 do
not read this.

Copyright 2003 Dec, All Rights Reserved. Please do not
use without expressed written condition. Not for sale
or profit.

It was Monday. All day I had been wondering what (or
more accurately who) I should do after I got off work.
I had been wearing panties all day, and quite frankly,
was more than a bit horny. So the question was not, do
I get off, but how. I knew I wanted cock. I also knew
that simply jacking off, either by myself, or with
someone else, was not going to cut it. I had an itch
that was insatiable... climbing slowly from my balls to
my tight rosebud, then further up and in.

There had been a couple guys I had been in contact
with though chatrooms, but only one seemed truly
interesting. Jim was ex-military, and all muscle, or
so the picture I had seen online suggested. Hmmmm...
this could be very interesting indeed. He was taller
than me, at about 6ft, still carried the hair close
cropped. Everything I had seen in the picture seemed
to suggest this guy had a mission in life. Moreover,
it implied he was in control... And liked it!

I got to my parents house (don't laugh, it paid for!)
and saw that they were not home. "Perfect!" I purred.
I went online, saw Jim was there, and quickly began
chatting with him. We picked up conversation right
where we left it before... me drooling over his picture,
and him stating how hungry he was for my panty-clad
ass. It took no time for us to make plans for 8pm. I
was to meet him at his house. He wanted me to wear my
fresh white thong, with matching white stockings and
garters, all to be hidden from the outside world by
jeans and a t-shirt. I quickly agreed to his `demands'
and begged off to `freshen up.'

A scan of the time indicated that I had less than an
hour till I had to leave for his house. Damn! Quickly
I ran to the bathtub, and prepared a bath complete
with hot water, scented with my favorite light peach
aroma. I shaved my legs, then used cream to soften up
the hair on my pubes, debating whether I should shave
them. I couldn't resist! I shaved my balls, pussy
crack, and then sculpted the pubes above my man-clit
in the shape of a small heart. 15 minutes!

Hurriedly, I put on the requested outfit, adding a
small red ribbon, tied into a bow around my clit and
balls. A red ribbon cock ring! Hmmm, thought. I had
the hardest time (pun intended) pulling up the thong,
but managed to calm down sufficiently, such that my
flaccid member could be tucked back towards the crack
of my rear, thong holding it up.

I do not remember the drive to his house. I kept
fretting "Does he live alone? I certainly hope the
house will be to ourselves." It occurred to me that I
should have asked these questions prior to agreeing to
meet him. "Oh well" I thought as I pulled into his
drive as previously directed. I was to get the spare
key from under the red pot on the front porch, then
enter. I was so nervous that I darn near broke the pot
when I went to move it. The key was there. I thought
to myself, "so good so far!" and with a deep breath I
entered his house.

"Jim?" The front of the house was not lit up, but
there were noises coming from the back. I took a step
into the foyer only to realize I was stepping on a
package of some kind. On it was a note:

"Dearest Pattie,
Please take the gift box to the bathroom to your
right, then kindly wear its' contents. Once you have
done so, use the intercom in the bathroom to call me.
You will leave your street clothes in the bathroom.
If you do not wish to participate, then I thank you
for your time. Please leave the key on the commode
lid, and show yourself out. --J"

I was aching. My man-clit was straining against the
fabric of the thong. I picked up the box, and entered
the bathroom as directed. When I opened the box, I
gasped. My heart leapt from my chest and I nearly
fainted. A French Maid's outfit, minus the panties and
stockings, but with a corset, was laid neatly folded
inside. I picked the blouse up and instinctively tried
it up to my front. "Too bad I haven't breasts," I
thought to myself. I lifted out the corset, and found
a pair of breast forms, with little clips on the
inside to attach them directly to my nipples. Lastly,
a pair of 3 inch platform sandals was present. "Not
quite perfect for the outfit, but I doubt he'll be
staring at my feet" I muttered to myself.

I removed my male clothing, donned the breast forms
and corset, then the outfit and sandals. A quick look
in the mirror stunned me. I was transformed from the
lowly male I was when I came in, to a rather handsome
maid. Something was lacking though... Enough time and
admiration. I found the intercom, and in my softest
voice (I am not remotely feminine sounding
unfortunately) called out to my host, "Jim? Master?
Sir? I am dressed." I know I only waited 30 seconds
for a reply, but it felt like 30 minutes. A deep,
masculine baritone came through the speaker, "In the
cabinet is a wig and a tube of red lipstick. Wear
them, then proceed out the door to the right and down
the foyer into the kitchen. I want a drink. A whiskey
sour. You will find the ingredients already out on the
counter. Get a glass from the cabinet to the left of
the sink. Bring me the drink in the rec room towards
the back of the house. Also bring two wine glasses,
the bottle of wine, and a second whiskey sour. You
have 5 minutes."

5 minutes! I quickly opened the cabinet and found the
wig and lipstick. I was to be a blonde with long
straight tresses. The lipstick was ruby red, and just
happened to match my ribbon cock ring. That thought
brought a giggle. I adjusted the wig, admired my look
for all of 5 seconds, then went to kitchen, found the
glasses, and made the drinks. I found a serving
platter, like what you would expect to see in a
restaurant, and decided this would be perfect for
serving Jim his drink. I loaded it with the drinks,
wine, and wine glasses, then made my way to the back
of the house.

As I came closer to the rec room I could hear voices,
grunts, and cheap music. A porno, sure. I entered the
rec room and saw Jim sitting on the couch, watching a
blonde and a redhead use strap-ons on a male slave.
The Redhead had the slaves' mouth full with what must
have been a 9 inch dong, while the Blonde was burying
her cock in his ass. I tried not to pay attention to
the porno, but instead stood by Jim's side until he
noticed me. He motioned for me to place the drinks on
the side table next to him, and then had me show off
the outfit for him. I walked around the room, was told
to pick things up so he could see me bend over. As if
he really needed me to bend over to see my thong. The
skirt was so short that my best man drawing feature,
my bubble butt, was obvious for all to view.

"You look fantastic, Maid." He had me kneel in front
of him. I pulled down his pants scant inches form my
face. His semi-hard cock flopped out and hit me on the
forehead. It was easily 8 inches, even semi-erect, and
thick as well. He took his cock and slapped me with it
across my cheeks. "You will address me as Sir." Smack!
"You did not leave therefore you are mine for the
evening." Smack! "Should you decide to leave, you may
do so at any time, without your street clothes or
personal effects." Smack! "Otherwise, at the end of
the evening, I will return all of your items to you."
Smack! "Till then you are mine. Understand?" Smack!
"...yes sir..." I replied meekly. Smack! "I did not hear
you." Smack! "Yes, Sir" I said louder. "Good."

Master sat back down on the couch. He picked up a
whiskey sour and began to sip it. "Your last chance to
leave with your clothes is now. If your choice is to
stay, then you may suck my cock as a reward for your
decision." It was a no brainer for me. I leaned
forward and began to slowly lick his glans, then up
his now hardening shaft to his mushroom tip. I
lathered up the pole and began to suck in earnest. I
can't claim to being a good cocksucker, but one of the
things I truly enjoy is the feel of a cock getting
hard in my mouth. I had the fortune of experiencing
this with his massive member. I tried to deep-throat
him, but he simply was too big. After gagging once, he
grabbed the back of my head and forced his cock into
my throat. "That's it bitch!" he said. "Take it! Take
it! Uhhh!!!!"

I was so enraptured with this man's tool that I nearly
jumped when I felt a finger slide along my man-pussy.
As I was being face-fucked by Master, a finger, then
two were sliding in and out of my tight puckered lips.
I could feel a bit of lube being applied, then a cock,
slightly smaller than the one in my mouth entered me.
I was in heaven!!! My thong had been pulled aside, and
I could feel hands on my hips, guiding me back onto
the Impaler behind me. Try as I might to focus on the
blowjob I was attempting to give, being fucked just
felt too wonderful. I felt as though I was the rope in
a tug-a-war, or a band saw being pulled back and
forth. Back onto a cock into my ass, or forward onto a
cock in my mouth.

I could feel that both men were starting to tense.
They collectively shoved me to me knees again. "Open
wide, Maid!" Doing as told, I could feel copious
amount of cum landing on my face, in my hairline, and
of course, in my mouth. I swallowed and lick what I
could. "Now clean up our cocks, then the mess on the
floor." Master ordered. I licked both cocks clean.
"Now the floor. Lick up the cum that missed your
face." Again, I did as directed.

"She's a nice little cum slut." Master #2 was speaking
now. "Did she cum when or before we did?"

"No Sir" I replied. Smack! My ass cheek was on fire. I
was caught totally off guard.

"I was not talking to you!" Master #2 informed me.
"Pour me a glass of wine, Maid. And pour one for
yourself as well, then go clean yourself up, including
new lipstick!"

I poured him a glass of wine, and gave it to him. I
quickly poured one for me, and gulped it down. As I
was walking to the bathroom, I heard Master discussing
what next to do with me. In the bathroom, I cleaned up
the drying cum from my face, refreshed the lipstick
and made sure my man-cunt was lubed for what may cum
ahead. I was noticing that my street clothes were no
where to be seen when I heard Masters' voice from the
intercom again, "We are hungry. Go into the kitchen
and fix us sandwiches. You have 10 minutes."

Well at least I have 10 minutes this time, I thought
to myself. I went into the kitchen and began to make
sandwiches when I realized I had no idea what they
would want on the sandwiches. A run through of the
fridge yielded ham, lettuce, mayo, cheese and a
tomato. I was about to bring the sandwiches out to the
rec room when Master #2's voice came out of the
intercom stating that he wanted his sandwich toasted
on the grill on the stove.

I went the stove and began to grill his sandwich. It
was at this time that I felt a bite on my neck. I am
5ft 8 inches, so for Master, this would not have been
a problem. I was still unsure just what Master #2
looked like. I knew he was not white, but the lighting
in the rec room was so poor, and I was too wrapped up
in cleaning up, that I had no time to actually
register his appearance.

The bite on my neck was accompanied by a pair of
roaming hands, one caressing my front, pulling on the
breast forms causing shivers of pleasure/pain to go
through my nipples, while the other was squeezing my
buttocks. I could feel a thickening member in the
crack of my man-pussy. Instinctively I arched my rear
back towards the love missile, beckoning it home. I
had just enough time to turn off the grill when a hand
at the small of may back forced me to bend over the
stove. My Master (1 or 2, it did not matter) began to
tease me by rubbing his cock up and down my crack,
then starting to enter me and pulling out just as
quickly. I began moaning and begging.

"You would like what?" It was Master's voice behind

"Please fuck me Sir."

"You want this?!?" he replied entering my savagely. I
was too far gone to care. The sensations welling up
inside me were bone shattering. Master had one hand
holding my hip, while his other hand was playing with
my other tit. It was too much. I was moaning and
thrusting backwards to meet his thrusts. "I am
cumming... Please let me cum, Sir!?!" I hissed. "You
may." He said perfectly calm. To be honest it would
not have matter, I would not have been able to hold it
if I had wanted to... My entire body shuddered as I
came. My sphincter clinching with each crashing
shudder drove a spike through Masters' feign calmness,
as he grabbed both hips and forcefully fucked me until
his warm love juice splattered across my insides.
Exhausted, we both collapsed on the kitchen floor.

Master #2, hearing the new silence came in to the
kitchen. This fine Hispanic man was taller than
Master, but not as lean or cut. Still his presence was
commanding, and required attention. "You're not done
Maid." He smiled. "Go lie down on your back on the
kitchen table." On wobbly legs, I made my way to the
table. "Scoot you head over here." He growled.
Apparently I did not move fast enough as he grabbed my
head and pulled my toward him, causing my head to hang
off the side of the table. He grabbed my nose, forcing
my mouth open, then proceed to force his cock down my
already tortured throat. I let myself relax so he
could face fuck me. Truth be told, I too tired to do
much else. The thought occurred to me... What a sight
this must be! When he finally came down my throat, he
dismissed me, and left to the rec room.

Master, who had been watching and videotaping the
fucking that just occurred, gave me my street clothes.
I stood up and was about to head for the bathroom when
he pulled me to him in a tender embrace not heretofore
observed this night and whispered in my ear, you can
be my maid full time, or anytime for that matter, if
you like. He then kissed me a kiss that melted any
fatigue away. Again I was on fire. "Not tonight,
Maid." He said quietly. "But keep the outfit, and do
come see me soon."

And with that he left for the rear of the house,
leaving me to change and head for home. I could tell
you about the next visit, but that... that is another
story. -PD

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Nifty - Transgender - Control - Surprises