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Nifty - Transgender - Highschool - Sissies For Christmas

Date: Fri, 25 Dec 2009 19:46:27 -0800
From: Jessica <>
Subject: Sissies For Christmas

Christmas is the worst time to break up with friends and "lovers". My last
fuck buddy and I just called it quits not that long ago. he had to come by
today to pick up the last of this things but of course he didn't bring me
back my panties. Before i get to far into what happened today I will give
you a bit of background. Bert is about 6 foot, very light skinned with
amazing dark brown eyes. He is a stunner all around. He has a swimmers
body, wide shoulders, skinny waste, and great abs. He looks like a swimmer
the most of course when he has one of my thongs on. Oh and he has one nice
arse. Bret and I have been friends for some time now ever sense the first
year in high school. Did I mention he is a cross dresser? mmmm yes he is.
Of course I'm okay with that. I do like women more then men anyway. So I
have turned Bret into MY little sissy. Mine and only mine.

Bret's sissy name is Zoey, but that does not matter much, I will mostly
call her my sissy anyway.

He came over to get the rest of his stuff and I thought he was just going
to be here a min but the next thing I know he is sitting on my bed. I was
trying my hardest to think clean thoughts but it was so hard with him in
all black looking sexy as all hell. A nice tight black shirt on as well.

The next thing I know my phone is going off and as I answer it he lays down
on my bed, his shirt moves up a bit so I can see his sexy abs, and
remember; I AM trying to think clean thoughts. So I get off the phone and
look over at Bret and he is laying on his side and starts talking about his
day. Then I interrupt to tell him,

"when you lay on your side like that, you look like such a sexy girl" and
of course he starts to squirming in his pants. I love telling him when he
looks like a girl and I love making him feel like the little sissy he is.
As does he. Of course he just giggles in a little girlie shy manner. Just
like a good sissy would.

As he is squirming in his pants his tight black shirt starts to move up a
bit so i can now see more of his amazing tummy and hips. i move over and
slide my hand up his shirt and rub his sides from about where his nipples
are down to his hips. i give his hips a nice little squeeze. And with that
i stop and start talking about Christmas as nothing had happened.

i was not entirely sure how far i was going to go with someone i was not
even considering a friend anymore. the thought also passed my mind of how
far he would let me go... but then again he is MY sissy and does what I
like so it doesn't really matter.

As i am going on about what i want for Christmas i can tell that my little
sissy is no longer paying any attention to me. I lay down next to her and
that is when she starts paying attention to me again. even tho she is
paying attention to me now i still need to show her a lesson.

I pull her hair and tilt her head back and as she lets out a girlie moan i
ask her,

"were you paying any attention to me at all you sissy?" She lets out yet
another girlie moan but does not answer me. so i pull he hair harder and
smack her across the face.

"I believe your mistress asked you something and you better answer her" i
said in a strong demanding voice.

"were you paying attention to me? and you best not lie to me, sissy." she
lets out a little whimper,

"no Ma'am."

With that I smack her again,

"I was just telling you what I want for Christmas. Do you know what i want
for Christmas, Zoey?"

With out hesitation she whimpers,

"No Ma'am" again.

I whisper in her ear as i let go of her hair,

"I would love for you to go buy yourself a nice new thong to show off that
nice ass of yours and give me a lap dance. What do you want for Christmas,

"I want to suck your cock for Christmas, Ma'am" she said in a soft yet
needing voice.

"mmmm, good girl. We shall see about that. now get your stuff and get your
sissy ass out of my house" I kissed her lips and fallowed her to the door
and gave her a little slap on the ass.

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Nifty - Transgender - Highschool - Sissies For Christmas