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Nifty - Transgender - Highschool - The Boarding School


The Boarding School (aka School Switch)

by Tina Douglas

1. Chapter

My name is... er, was, Jeremy Robbins. I come from a respectable and
well-off family with two loving parents and two sisters, one older,
Mary, and one twin, Julie. My whole childhood had been happy and
pretty normal. I was more intelligent than average, and used to be
fairly active in sports, until a heart condition I shared with my
sister sidelined me in the seventh grade. Up until high school you
could say my life was completely ordinary for a boy of my age. Then my
dad got a new job in a new town. Since my twin sister and I were just
out of Jr. high and would be entering a new school anyway, my parents
decided it would be a good time to move the family to the town where my
dad's new job was located. After selling our old house (which happened
within two weeks of our putting it up for sale), we bought a new house
and immediately moved.

Soon after arriving, however, my parents looked into the new high
school for us twins and discovered that it was very poor compared to
our previous schools. What's more, our old town had two private
schools in addition to the public high school. This town had none. My
mother felt really bad about how she hadn't checked into the schools
before deciding to move. Neither one of my parents cherished the idea
of wasting their honors student twins' education in such a dump.

Then my dad hit upon an idea. Since his new job paid him quite a bit
more money, he decided that he could afford to send us to an exclusive
boarding academy. My mother agonized over the decision for most of the
summer while my dad set everything up. Mom couldn't bear the thought
of "losing" her two youngest children so soon (My older sister had
already gone off to college), but neither could she bear the thought of
us failing to be accepted to a good college (or any college, for that
matter) because we hadn't received a sufficient education. In the end
she agreed with my father, and me and Julie prepared to move once more.

The boarding school they decided upon was a dual academy, half boys'
school and half girl's school. Most of the time the boys and girls
were kept separate, but there were occasional social functions between
the two and other closely monitored mingling. The two schools shared a
common campus, each school having one end to itself and sharing
administration and faculty buildings. They were called The Chapel Hill
Academy for Young Ladies, and Old Chapel Academy for Young Men; as if
the two schools were completely independent. That's how separated they
tried to keep it for the students. It was understood, however, that
they were more lenient about visiting in the case of opposite sex
siblings like my sister and myself. Since most of the good academies
were single sex only, and my parents were worried about sending us to
totally separate schools, it was off to Old Chapel and Chapel Hill for

Driving to the new school was exciting. Julie and I kept talking about
what it would be like based on the brochures my parents had received.
We hadn't had time to actually visit for ourselves, but the pictures
looked wonderful. When we arrived it was even better. The buildings
were old brick structures, but the insides were thoroughly modern.
Everything from the well kept lawns to the athletic stadium, from the
dorms to the classrooms told of the wealth and exclusivity of the
school. Not only was a lot of money required to get in, but a
difficult entrance exam (which Julie and I passed with identical
scores) had to be taken. The result was a college preparatory school
finer than some of the colleges its graduates would attend (though most
graduates went to Ivy League schools).

There were drawbacks we saw as we drove up. Uniforms! We had never
had to wear school uniforms before. The boys here all wore blue
jackets, black ties, white shirts, gray pants and black shoes. The
girls wore knee length plaid skirts, knee socks, white blouses tied
with a green bow at the neck, short blue jackets with the school emblem
on them and penny loafers. My sister and I viewed the uniforms with
some apprehension, but otherwise remained excited about our new school.

My parents got me settled in first after registering both of us at the
principal's office. Many other new students were arriving too, so a
friendly English teacher, Mr. Wheatley, showed a host of parents and
students the way to the boys dorm. After unpacking my things into my
room and saying a long goodbye to my parents I was left alone to get
settled in. My sister wrote down my room number and promised to visit
as soon as she could.

I had hardly begun to relax when my door flew open with a bang. "Hey,
geek, what are you doing in my room?!" shouted a huge guy as he barged
in with a duffel bag over his shoulder.

"I... I... I was assigned this room," I stuttered back meekly.

"Oh," replied the intruder, calming down a bit, "You must be my
roommate. What's your name?"

"Jeremy Robbins," I responded quietly.

"Well, I'm Todd Maxwell," he announced,"and I'm a senior. You're
probably a new freshman, right?"

"Yeah," I quickly responded.

"Geez! They stuck me with a freshman! What stupid luck!" He exclaimed
as he flung his duffel bag onto the floor. "Look, kid, I nearly got
kicked out of here last year for beating up my roommate. I'm only back
because I'm a great football player and my family donated a lot of
money to the school, but one more incident and I'm out. I don't want
to get kicked out of here, but don't piss me off! I have a very short
temper! And I'm not going to be your buddy either! I don't need a
freshman for a friend. I've got my own friends, so stay out of my

That was my introduction to Todd and my new living situation. Things
went downhill from there. Much as I tried to be nice to Todd, or at
least stay out of his way, I always seemed to be somewhere or do
something to tick him off. His threats sounded deadly serious, and I
was very scared for my safety. What was the school thinking when they
let this brute back in after beating up his previous roommate?!

My social life wasn't great either. The first week was for orientation
rather than classes, but most of the students in the dorm were Todd's
friends, or at least scared of him, so they treated me like the geek
Todd proclaimed I was. My small size helped convince them that I
couldn't be anything but a "sissy." After failing to make any friends
of my own I ended up spending most of the week cowering quietly in my
room, reading and trying to stay out of Todd's way.

After almost a week of this, I finally had a pleasant surprise. My
sister came to visit. Most other cross-school socializing was
forbidden, but as I had been told they made exceptions for siblings.
Julie looked great. We didn't have to wear uniforms except for the
orientation lectures this week, and she had on a new dress my mom
bought her before she left. The light blue color matched her eyes, and
it showed far more leg than any brother ever wants his sister to show.
She had her shoulder length blonde hair tied back with a matching baby
blue lace ribbon. I'm sure she turned the head of every guy who saw
her walk in. Luckily Todd was out of the room at the time. I quickly
related my miserable week to my sister.

"That's rough!" my sister sympathized, "But at least you don't have

"What do you mean?" I asked, unaware of what the word meant.

"At Chapel Hill all the freshman are matched with a senior roommate,
like you. Only at our school the first week or so is kind of a
traditional initiation ritual. The senior roommates get to boss around
the freshmen and tell them what to do. They used to have it at the
boys school, but it got too rough so they stopped it. At the girls
school it's more subtle. For example, my roommate has made me clean
the room and organize everything about a hundred times. I can only
leave the room when she lets me, and other than the orientation
lectures, this is the first time she's let me. And even at the
orientation lectures she forbade me to speak to anyone but faculty, so
I haven't made any friends either."

"Gee, that's bad." I said, "But when does it end?"

"Supposedly it ends whenever my roommate wants to end it," she
explained,"and not before. But most of the other girls are already
through with it. I can hear them talking about it in the halls and
after the lectures. I'm sure it will be over soon."

My sister and I talked for about another hour before she had to leave.
She remained very optimistic about both of our futures at the new
school. "Just put up with it for a while, " she advised, "Todd will
soon get bored with this attitude and begin to loosen up."

She left after that and within a minute Todd came bursting back in.

"Who was that girl that just left?" he greeted me.

"That was my twin sister," I told him.

"For a minute I thought that was you in a dress," he laughed mockingly,
"You sure look alike."

"We're fraternal twins, not identical," I protested, "and besides, her
hair is too long."

"Your hair isn't that much shorter," he continued, "and you look pretty
identical to me."

I didn't pursue the topic. In a few minutes Todd brought up a new one.
"I'm going to sneak over to the girls school tonight to see my
girlfriend," he said, "want to come along?"

I was speechless. Todd wanted my company?

"C'mon, do you want to go or not?" He persisted.

"Um, well it's against the rules." I said.

"Geez! You don't want to sneak out because of that?" he exclaimed.
"That's a slap on the wrist penalty even if we're caught, and I've done
it hundreds of times without being caught."

"Well, okay, if it's safe," I offered. I didn't want to ruin a
possible opening to be let off the hook by Todd.

2. Chapter

That night, after everyone was supposed to be in bed with the lights
out, Todd and I slipped out the window. Since we were on the first
floor, that was no big deal. We then darted across the campus, hiding
behind shadows and obstacles, out of the sight of roving eyes at the
faculty apartments. Gradually, we made our way to the girls dorm.
Todd and I ducked behind a row of hedges as one of the dorm mothers
passed by with a flashlight. Apparently they patrolled around the
dorms at night to look for misbehaving students like us. She didn't
seem to notice our presence, though, and quickly passed by. There were
tall evergreen trees right up next to part of the girls dorm, and soon
Todd began climbing one and beckoning me to follow. He came to a
darkened second floor window and lightly rapped on the glass. I heard
the window lock snap open and the window quickly rose to allow our

As I stepped inside the window was closed. I couldn't see anything in
the dark room, but I heard a girl's voice speak to Todd. "Why didn't
you wait for this?" she demanded.

"Why should I wait?" asked Todd, "You wanted to see me didn't you?"

"I didn't mean you. I meant your roommate," she said, "Why should a
freshman get to come over here before he's invited?"

Todd chuckled. "Because now I can keep him from turning me in for
anything." he said. My heart stopped. "Now you and I can insist he
came over to the girls dorm at night if he tries to tell on me for
anything. That's grounds for expulsion, pal." Todd directed his last
comment to me. My anxiety level was soaring. Todd had meant to set me
up all the time. Now if I told anyone about him, I would get expelled

"What should he have to tell on you about?" asked the girl.

"Other than anytime I might decide to whack him upside the head,
there's the other reason I brought him out tonight," said Todd, "It's
time to bring back hazing to the boys school, and this dude here will
be the first."

My tension remained unhealthily high while Todd and the girl changed
the subject and engaged in smalltalk for a while, catching up after
apparently not seeing each other all summer. I was beginning to think
Todd had forgotten all about his hazing threat, when his girlfriend
abruptly returned to the subject.

"What were you thinking of for a hazing?" asked the girl in a somewhat
sinister tone.

"Well, when I was a freshman, we had to swim a hundred laps in the pond
and then do pushups and sit-ups," Todd said. "And if any of us got too
tired to finish, the seniors beat us with paddles until we were black
and blue."

"That's the kind of hazing that got you boys in so much trouble in the
first place," said the girl.

"So what?" Todd exclaimed. "He can't tell anyone."

I couldn't bear it any longer. I finally whimpered, "I have a heart
condition. I can't do that or I could die!"

"Jeremy?" came another girl's voice from across the room. "It's me,

Julie! This was my sister's room! And Todd's girlfriend was her

"Shut up, Julie!" her roommate snapped. "You're not allowed to speak
without my permission! I'll see that you make up for that tomorrow!"

"How does she know Jeremy?" asked Todd.

"You may answer him," Julie's roommate said haughtily.

"He's my brother," came Julie's response

"Oh, wow!" said Todd. "You're that girl that Jeremy looks like.
That's Jeremy's twin sister. They look almost identical, but Jeremy
says they're not identical twins."

"Well obviously they're not identical twins if one's a girl and one's a
boy," chided Julie's roommate.

"No, they really do look alike," pursued Todd. "If the light was on
you'd see for yourself."

I heard some rummaging around across the room. "I'll settle this,"
said the roommate. "Julie, get down out of bed and come over by the
window." I heard Julie slide out of the top bunk and come over near us.
A flashlight clicked on, and soon it shined on my sister and me. The
glare of the flashlight kept me from seeing either Todd or Julie's
roommate, creating the eerie effect of their voices coming from behind
the light.

"They do look alike," said Julie's roommate.

"Told you," bragged Todd.

Julie seemed embarrassed as she stood before the light in a short
pale-peach colored nighty, the sheer material of which clung to her
developing curves rather tightly, with a dainty satin rose in the
center of the neckline emphasizing her developing breasts. I was also
embarrassed, though I stood in dark pants and a dark sweatshirt.

Todd and Linda, which I discovered was the name of Julie's roommate,
compared notes on our resemblance for a while, seeming to enjoy our
discomfort. Then Linda gasped as she stopped in the middle of her

"I have an idea," said Linda in a slow, menacing tone. "Let me do the
hazing of your roommate."

"What?!" Todd whined. "No way! I want to haze him. It'll be fun.
You have his sister to haze."

"You haven't heard my idea," Linda continued in the same ominous tone.
"I'm going to let him take his sister's place. They look so much
alike, no one would notice the difference. Jeremy will become Julie
while Julie becomes Jeremy."

My heart began beating savagely as I stood feeling exposed before the
bright light. I had always liked the way my sister looked. I had even
developed an appreciation of her clothes and frequently complimented
her appearance in various outfits, which most brothers never do. I
went so far sometimes as to help her select outfits for special
occasions. But I never felt the desire to be my sister. I was a boy
and she was a girl. I never thought about changing that basic rule of
our lives. Now someone was suggesting that very thing.

"C'mon, that won't work," said Todd. I felt relieved. Todd was
sticking up for me he didn't really think I looked like a girl. "Julie
doesn't look anything like a boy; Jeremy just looks like a girl!" So he
wasn't complimenting me. At least he wasn't going along with such an
ludicrous plan.

"Todd, trust me!" Linda exclaimed in a confident tone. "They look
alike, right?"

"Right," acceded Todd.

"Then let me show you how this will work," Linda said. "Okay, you two,
exchange clothes."

We were both blushing furiously and we lowered our heads while shaking
them in a mixture of denial and disbelief.

"You better agree Jeremy, or you'll get beat like you wouldn't
believe," Todd's voice jeered.

"And you too Julie, because your brother gets double punishments if you
don't go along," chimed in Linda. "Not to mention how long I may make
your hazing last. And you better avert your eyes, Todd. I don't want
you seeing Julie any more exposed than she is."

"What about you looking at Jeremy?" Todd complained.

"Oh alright," conceded Linda. "I'll turn off the flashlight." The
light snapped off. "Now move, you two!" she commanded.

I felt Julie reach over and squeeze my hand in support. I was
completely stunned. I didn't know which would be worse, getting beat
up or caving in to this insane command. And what about Julie? If this
plan went through she would end up living with Todd, a mean, brutish
senior boy, while she masqueraded as me. Julie made the decision for
me, since I was too flustered to decide. I heard her slip out of her
nighty and felt her press it into my hand. I quickly followed suit,
removing my sweatshirt, shoes, socks and finally my trousers which I
passed to Julie one after the other.

"I hope you gave him your panties, Julie," intruded her roommate's
voice from the dark as Todd laughed in approval. "It's
Fruit-of-the-Loom for you for a while. Your brother needs to be let in
on `Victoria's Secret'."

I soon heard my sister remove something else, and my heart sank as I
felt a particularly frilly undergarment pressed into my hand. I slowly
followed suit, passing her my jockey shorts. What followed next was
truly strange.

As I slipped my sister's nighty over my head and let it's light
satin-like material cascade down over my body, I felt a kind of joy I'd
never experienced before. The nighty felt good; but more than that.
On some level I actually felt thrilled to be wearing it, as if I was
fulfilling a secret dream. I hurriedly followed that by pulling on the
lacy panties, which gave me a similar feeling. Here I was, half
terrified, standing in the dark about to be revealed in a very feminine
nighty before a guy who wants to beat me up, as well as his girlfriend,
and yet part of me was elated.

My thoughts were abruptly interrupted as the light from the flashlight
once again glared upon us. "Wow!" said Todd. The room fell silent for
a moment. "This could really work," Todd's voice whispered. Then he
started chuckling darkly.

I looked over at Julie. She really did look like a boy. the baggy
sweatshirt showed no trace of her developing womanhood. Only her
longish hair made me realize I wasn't looking in a mirror, and like
Todd said, mine wasn't much shorter. Longer styles were "in" for guys
my age, even at exclusive boarding schools. My hair was in a collar
length page-boy style (the longest allowed for boys at Old Chapel)
while Julie's was almost shoulder length. She still looked boyish. It
was then that I realized why Julie always dressed and acted very
femininely. We looked so much alike that she probably would have been
embarrassed to be mistaken for her brother. I realized with a shock
that I probably looked just like the sister now!

"Even better than I thought," Linda laughed at our expense. "Without
any boobs Jeremy looks a little underdeveloped for a girl Julie's age,
but I can fix that with a padded bra. Julie isn't very big chested
anyway. He looks very much like a twelve year old girl. It won't take
much to make him look like a sweet fourteen year old."

"And Julie will need a haircut," ventured Todd.

"Yes," Linda agreed. "I'll take care of that right now."

The flashlight turned to a dresser from which a feminine hand withdrew
a pair of scissors. Soon the light focused on Julie. "Take the
flashlight," Linda ordered, handing it to Todd. The light focused on
Julie's head as Linda began cutting her hair to my collar length. She
paused, and then trimmed it a little further. "Just in case someone
remembers that her hair is supposed to be longer than his," she
justified. Now I had the longer hair between the two of us.

As she had cut Julie's hair, the light occasionally offered glimpses of
Linda. She was a gorgeous older girl with dark hair tied back in a
ponytail. She was wearing nothing but a red satin nightshirt which
barely covered her below the waist. Her legs were long and smooth, and
her toenails were painted deep red as well. Her face looked beautiful,
but she always seemed to smirk. I guessed she was about 5'10'', and
could have been a model. This was going to be my roommate for the next
- who knows how long? How was I going to control myself? I supposed
Linda herself would see to that, since she had already commented that I
looked like a twelve year old girl. I guess my earlier atheleticism
hadn't mattered. My manly development was behind schedule, which fit
Linda's purposes just fine. My 5'6'', 96 lb. frame wasn't anything
Linda couldn't physically handle. It was also the reason Todd's
threats worried me so much. A guy his size could annihilate me without
working up a sweat.

Linda stepped back and gestured toward my sister, "May I present Jeremy
Robbins." Todd laughed as Julie stood there stoically. I was sure she
must be humilliated inside. Then the light swung around to me. "Okay,
young lady," smirked Linda. "Before you go to bed you'd better shave
those hairy legs. I don't want my roommate to be slovenly in her

I was once again stunned. Todd whooped so loud laughing at that, that
Linda had to cover his mouth and "shush" him. But they both soon
recovered, and I was presented with a package of "Daisy" disposable
razors and marched off to the bathroom (lucklily each room in the dorm
had its own). My now boyish sister was shoved in with me to show me
how to shave, as the door was closed behind us. Linda said she and
Todd had some plotting to do about the details of our hazing, and by
the time they were finished I'd better have smooth legs. "Or else!"
added Todd with a menacing stare.

3. Chapter

"Well now what?" I whispered to my sister as the door was closed.

"Now we'd better do what they say," Julie whispered back. "That Todd
really seems to want an excuse to beat you silly. And you know how mom
and dad would feel if you were expelled."

"You can't honestly expect me to shave my legs and pretend to be a girl
until they get tired of their game,'" I retorted. I was actually
trembling with a mixture of fear, humiliation, and secret excitement at
the very idea. But I simply couldn't go through with it.

"Look Jer," explained my sister, as she held my hand and tried to
comfort me. "I know this isn't pleasant for you. It isn't a fun
thought for me either, but I think we'd better do it. Those two are
really serious about their threats now, but after a few days the
novelty will wear off. I know Linda won't want to share her room with
a boy for very long, and she certainly won't want her boyfriend living
with another girl."

That made sense. Much of the fun in tormenting us would dissipate as
the reality set in. And as much as that brute Todd must love the
thought of sharing a room with my sister, he wouldn't like the idea of
any boy, even a wimpy freshman, living so intimitely with his gorgeous
girlfriend. If Julie could put up with Todd, I supposed I could put up
with being a girl for a while. I nodded my consent meekly to my

"Besides, you really do look like me," she said. "You could just have
fun for the next few days escaping from Todd's torment's and exploring
a new side of life. No one will guess for a second that you're
anything but a girl."

I found my sister's comments both comforting and disturbing. While I
was grateful for her bright outlook on the next few days, and my
confidence was boosted that I would "pass" as a girl, I really didn't
like the thought that a simple change in clothes was all it took to
change my gender.

But I soon put my doubts aside as my sister showed me how to shave my
legs. I wasn't even shaving my face yet, and here I was wielding my
first razor in perfect simulation of a maturing young lady. My sister
seemed strange as she explained how to avoid knicking myself and how to
get the closest shave. With a start, I realized that she was acting
and sounding exactly like me! My normally ultra-feminine sister
looked, talked and acted like a boy! I pointed this out to her.

"Well," she explained, squirming a bit uncomfortably. "I figured that
I'd better start practicing right away if I was going to convincingly
pass as you. You'd probably better do the same and act like me."

Though I realized she was right, I was extremely uncomfortable with the
thought. It was enough that I was shaving my legs while clad in a soft
peach colored nighty, but now I had to act the part of an extremely
dainty girl as well? And convincingly at that?

"I don't even know how to begin," I told my sister.

"Let's finish your legs and I'll give you some pointers," her oddly
masculanized voice offered.

As soon as my legs were shaven, Julie handed me some baby oil to rub on
them. "This will help keep your legs soft," she informed me.
"Besides, you'll like the way it feels." She was right! The baby oil
made my legs, which were already as smooth as any girl's, feel
absolutely luxurious!

I had trouble hiding my pleasure, and Julie noticed. "That's good!"
she encouraged me. "Enjoy the soft and pretty side of life to the
hilt! It will make the time you spend as me much more pleasant as well
as believable. I've always made a point to 'enjoy being a girl.' I'm
glad you're finding at least a little joy in it too."

"I'm not enjoying this!" I protested unconvincingly. Julie just nodded
and smiled.

"Now it's time for some quick pointers, though I'm sure Linda will have
some for you too," Julie began. "First of all, the way you walk is far
too boyish. Take shorter steps, and walk on the balls of your feet
instead of the heels."

The bathroom was fairly large so I gave her advice a try. "Good!" she
complimented. "You walk like you've always been the girl twin!" I
actually enjoyed that compliment. "But you need to put a little more
sway into your hips. I know you've secretly watched some of my
friends' behinds as they wiggled past you in the hallway at our old
school. That's what you need to do."

I blushed at being discovered having "girl-watched" by Julie, but I
followed her advice. In a couple tries she complimented the wiggle in
my walk. "Boy's would find that quite a turn on," she said. "Luckily
for you you'll be spending all your time around girls."

I was thankful for that too, having caught glimpses of my new walk in
the full length mirror in the wall. I was too embarrassed to admit it,
but Todd and Linda were right. I looked like a girl, now with smooth
legs and a girlish walk to emphasize the point. Having always
considered my sister to be pretty, it was hard to deny that I too made
a pretty girl. My sister didn't dwell on this obviously uncomfortable
subject for me, however. She wanted to quickly fill me with advice
before our two roommates opened the door and whisked us off into our
new roles.

I was advised on how to speak like my sister. It wasn't very
difficult. Her voice was a bit softer and slightly higher pitched, but
not far different from my own. I very quickly picked up how to speak
in a way almost identical to Julie. Her compliments this time were
more genuinely amazed. "I didn't think you'd be able to pick that up
so quickly. I figured you'd need a few days to work into it all the
way. You sound like you could fool our parents into thinking you were
me in a conversation. Maybe it's easy because we're twins."

"But Julie, you know we're not identical twins," I countered, hardly
noticing that I was using my new voice.

Julie just shrugged and went on to coach me in other things. For at
least two hours we were left alone, far longer than we expected. The
anxiety of our situation kept us from feeling the effects of the late
hour. I was informed how to act "ladylike" in classroom situations;
how girls talked to each other when they first met; what to talk about
with other girls (including clothes, makeup and boys); what to wear in
different situations; and other girls' knowledge. I was also advised
how to avoid setting off Linda's short temper, and how to even please
her (something I could never do with my own roommate).

I managed to get in a few pointers about how boys behaved, but Julie
seemed to already know most of it. "I'm usually pretty observant," she
explained, "And I've been studying boys for a while."

Julie blushed as I gave her a strange look. "It's not like your
girl-watching!" she said, obviously flustered. "I'm just curious about
things, and I sometimes watch people to see how they act."

"It's okay," I said, "I was just curious myself about how you knew so
much about being a boy."

"Well, to tell you the truth," she confided, "I noticed years ago that
you and I looked a lot alike, except for our clothes and our hair. I
didn't want to be mistaken for a boy, so I studied how you acted and
just tried to be more feminine than that. No offense, but you're not
the most typical brother around, so I soon compared the way you acted
to other boys to make sure I would always seem undoubtedly girlish.
Now it's paying off for me in my masqerading as a boy, but I'm afraid
I've become so much more feminine than you, you'll have to really doll
it up."

Just as Julie finished talking the door swung open to reveal Todd and
Linda glaring triumphantly at us, their virtual prisoners.

Linda spoke first. "Well, Julie, I think it's time you got back to
bed. Your brother's visit is over."

Julie and I looked at each other in confusion. Did this mean they had
decided not to go through with their plan? It must have been just a
prank, or a joke. I could live with the smooth legs until the hair
grew back, and Julie's hair could be restyled to look feminine again.
I was just glad they weren't going to continue with the cruel switch.

"I'll just exchange clothes back with Jeremy," Julie offered cheerily.

"Shut up, Jeremy, you geek!" Todd ordered. Except he wasn't speaking
to me; he was speaking to Julie!

"Yes Jeremy," agreed Linda. "No one spoke to you. I just told your
sweet looking sister to get back into bed. She's already in her pretty
nighty. You need to go back with Todd and put on your pajamas."

I quickly recognized that the plan was still on, and already beginning!
I wasn't going to be addressed as Jeremy anymore; I would be called
Julie! And my sister (whom I would now have to call my brother, I
supposed) would be called by my name.

"Come on, you naughty girl!" Linda demanded while looking straight at
me. "I'm your roommate. Don't make me have to act like your

"But...," I protested feebly, again frozen into inaction by my shock.

Linda strode forward, grabbed me by the wrist and yanked me forward
through the door. WHACK! She gave me a hard spank on the behind as she
marched me to the bed. "Don't disobey your senior roommate again,
little girl!" she dictated. "Now climb into your bunk!"

"Hey, Jeremy, your sister has sexy legs!" Todd called in a piecing
whisper across the room.

I turned toward him only to blush furiously when I saw him lustfully
exploring my legs with his smirking eyes. I scurried up the ladder
into the bunk bed, and promptly hid my hairless legs beneath the

Todd kissed Linda goodbye, and within moments he and my "brother" were
out the window. Linda closed and locked it behind them.

"Sweet dreams, little princess," she mocked as she climbed into her own

I drifted off into a disturbed slumber, wondering if I would awaken to
find that this was all a dream.

4. Chapter

The next morning I awoke to the sound of an alarm clock, which buzzed
for only a few seconds before I heard a SLAP which ended it. Much to
my dismay, I found myself in the same nighty and panties that I had
hoped would be part of a bad dream. I saw Linda groggily climb out of
her bottom bunk. Even in the morning, she looked lovely.
Unfortunately, the reaction provoked in my maleness from seeing such a
sexy girl first thing in the morning was somewhat embarrassing.
Fortunately, I was beneath the heavy covers.

"Rise and shine, little lady," came Linda's voice while her back was
still turned. "You've got a busy day ahead of you."

She turned and strode back to the bed, rubbing the sleep from her eyes.
Before I saw what she was doing, she threw back the covers from my bed.
Exposed before her eyes was my girlish body having a very male
reaction. I turned bright red and tried to turn away.

"Oh, no you don't!" she said mockingly as she turned me back towards
her. "It's time for my cute little roommate to get up. It won't
embarrass me to see your dainty body trying to look male. In your
nighty and panties it's hardly noticeable. Now get out of bed!"

I hurriedly obeyed, climbing down the ladder in record time. But as
soon as I reached the floor I realized that I had no idea what to do
next. I didn't know what I was supposed to do today, or what to wear,
or where to find "my" clothes, or anything. I stood there confused for
a second, as Linda began picking out her clothes for the day.

She noticed my lack of activity and snapped at me, "What are you just
standing there for? Go take your shower!"

I wandered toward the bathroom door slowly.

"Just a minute," Linda said, freezing me. She handed me a bar of
"Dove" soap, and a bottle of some fancy salon shampoo. "Use these to
wash, and wrap the big towel around you when you're finished. Then
come straight out. We have to hurry this morning."

I nodded mutely as I accepted the items and walked into the bathroom.

The shower felt good, though my silky legs felt wierd. The "Dove" and
special shampoo were far more perfumed than the soap and shampoo I
usually used. I smelled very effeminate as I stepped out of the
shower. I dried off and wrapped the big towel around me, as instructed
(it was pink of course). With a jolt I discovered that I had
unconsciously wrapped the towel around my chest rather than my waist -
just like a girl! Even though I had nothing upstairs to hide, I had
reflexively emmulated a female mannerism. I hoped this wasn't
affecting my mind!

With no small amount of trepidation, I opened the door and walked out
of the bathroom clad in only a pink towel.

"Well, you're looking cheerful today," commented Linda. I realized she
was right. In my nervousness I had started to smile slightly.

"I'm just nervous," I said in my best immitation of Julie's voice.

"My God," she said. "If I hadn't seen your little 'display' when I
pulled down the covers this morning, I'd almost think you and your twin
switched back while I was asleep."

I blushed, both because of the comment about my "display" and because
of the further mention of my natural femininity.

"Even your blushing is so cute and girlish!" she exclaimed, deepening
my abashment. I was relieved, however, that she didn't seem nearly as
mean spirited as she had last night. Her comments seemed genuine,
rather than manufactured to humiliate me. She simply stared for a
minute, shaking her head slightly, as if in disbelief. "You really
should have been born a girl. This seems so natural to you.

"Anyway, come over here and I'll get you ready," she said in a slightly
sterner tone. "I'll help you today, but I expect you to learn this in
one lesson. If you don't look presentable on your own after that,
it'll be more punishment than just wearing skirts!"

She left her threat dangling as she lead me over to her bed. Laid out
across the bed was a Chapel Hill girl's uniform.

"This morning is the last session of freshmen orientation, so you'll be
wearing your uniform," clarified Linda. "But before you put that on,
take this."

She handed me a lacy white bra. Sitting in the cups were small fake
silicon breasts. I meekly accepted the bra and breast forms.

"Oh, don't pout!" she said. "All girls your age have some development
in their chest. You'll need these or everyone will suspect that you're
a boy. You're just lucky I have such realistic forms. Chalk that up
to me trying to date high school boys while I was in the sixth grade.

"I'm going to take my shower now, but be dressed when I come out," she
said as she walked into the bathroom.

As soon as she closed the door behind her, I was seized with the desire
to escape. I realized immediately that I couldn't! All my clothes
were across campus. If I tried to get to them, I had my choice of
either running outside in a towel, or putting on my sister's clothes.
In either case, there was no way I could simply waltz into my dorm and
get to my room without being stopped. In a towel, I'd be stopped
before I could even leave this dorm. And in the clothes before me, I
figured the best that could happen would be that they would chastise me
a for being a miscreant young lady, trying to visit the boys.

Left without alternatives, I began to put on the uniform. The bra and
panties were first, both lacy and white. I filled the bra with the
very realistic breast forms, thankful for them as Linda had predicted.
Then I put on the white blouse (which buttoned the opposite way of
boys' shirts) and plaid skirt. After checking in the mirror to see
that the blouse was properly tucked in and the skirt was smoothed, I
put on the white knee socks. They had a subtle floral pattern up one
side that I'd never noticed before. Next, I tied the green satin
ribbon in a bow around the neck. I followed that by slipping into the
brown penny-loafers and short blue jacket.

As I examined my appearence in the mirror, I surprised myself. Looking
back out at me was a prim and proper young lady ready to start classes
at her exclusive boarding school. No hint of the boy beneath the skirt
was visible. What the mirror relfected was all-girl. The scary
resemblence to my sister last night was nothing compared to what I now

Since my hair was a little messy, I picked up a brush and began to fix
it. Soon I had even that affirming my new young womanhood.

"Very attractive," Linda commented from behind, as she observed me. I
jumped from startlement. I was so entraced by my task that I hadn't
heard her leave the bathroom.

"Thank you," I responded quietly.

"I think it could use a little something else though," she observed.
She studied me intently, but while so detached, for a few moments I
felt like a department store mannequin.

"Sit in this chair," she directed, as she pulled one out from in front
of a desk.

I sat, noticing Linda's sleek body clad in a light yellow towel as mine
had been a moment before. I tried hard not to stare, but it didn't
seem to matter as Linda became absorbed in toying with my hair. She
removed a few hairspray bottles, brushes, a curling iron and a scissors
before she really set to work. I had no view of the proceedings, but I
felt the scissors snip away a few selected hairs and the curling iron
roll others into curls, as Linda snipped, shaped and sprayed my hair
into the style she wanted. After about fifteen intense minutes, during
which not a word was spoken, Linda presented me with a hand held

For the umpteenth time in the past twelve hours, I was amazed to see a
lovely feminine creature staring back at me through the glass. Linda
was some kind of amateur hair-styling genius. I hadn't realized I had
so much hair. As a boy, I had simply combed it flat, brushing over
only to keep it out of my eyes. Linda had shaped that same hair into a
beautiful head of blonde curls, looking totally feminine. I had never
noticed how much hair can change a girl's appearence before. The
simple style I had brushed it into was attractive, but definitely made
me look more "tomboyish" (though still unlike a real boy!). This style
had me looking like I couldn't be "boyish" if I tried! I probably
would be one of the most dainty and feminine girls in my class!

"You don't have to master the hair-styling in one lesson, but I'll
expect you to learn soon," said Linda. "Everything else looks perfect!
You don't need any help there. Just a little make-up."

She took out some blush, and lipstick and quickly applied both to my
face. "subtle colors for school," she explained. "Any look too
'painted' will get you in trouble with the dean. But this will help
complete your adorable transformation into a pretty young lady."

She handed me a gold necklace with a tiny cross pendant, which I
recognized as belonging to my sister, along with a gold bracelet and
pearl friendship ring. I put them on, and they fit perfectly.

"Now you're ready for the public," remarked Linda.

"Now?" I asked worriedly, trying to think up any excuse to stay in the

"Of course, now," she responded. "Orientation starts in the conference
hall on the first floor in ten minutes."

"Aren't you coming?" I asked in a panicky voice.

"Don't be silly, doll, I'm a senior," she said. "What do I need with

"But this won't work! I don't know where to go or what to say or
anything!" I continued frantically.

"Relax," Linda said smoothly. "You look like a girl. I've seen your
walk, and it's even more feminine than most girls. You even talk like
a girl. As long as you keep that straight, you'll just look like
another lost freshman." She giggled. "Or freshperson, I should say."

She gave me directions to the conference hall and scooted me out the
door. "Have a nice day, Julie," she called so everyone down the hall
could hear. "Hurry back when your lecture is finished."

5. Chapter

I found myself walking down the corridor among many other freshman
girls. Most were whispering quietly to each other in small groups. A
few seemed to be avoiding company, though they looked like they wanted
to join. I figured those must be still under hazing by their
roommates, like Julie... like me. I followed their lead and proceeded
down quietly, trying to look pleasant without breaking silence. No one
seemed to pay any attention to me. I obviously wasn't getting "read"
as a boy.

We filed into the conference hall and took our seats. There were about
fifty of us, and just enough chairs so that none remained vacant. I
smoothed my skirt beneath me before I sat, as I had seen my sister do
hundreds of times. The whispers had stopped as we entered the room,
and I easily spotted why. A very severe looking older woman with a
scowl on her face stood at the front of the room glaring in general at
all the girls as we filled the room. She didn't seem like the sort to
take kindly to disorder, particularly talking, in her classroom. As
the last seat was filled she walked up to the podium and began

She told us she would like to welcome us all into the Chapel Hill
Academy, and that she was certain we were the right sort of girls to
uphold their high standards of excellence. She continued on about how
over the past week she hoped we had become comfortable with our new
surroundings and that she and the other faculty members were always
willing to assist us girls in the adjustment from home to boarding
school. She then lectured us about the level of excellence the school
had achieved, the school's history and our expected role as students.
The lecture was quite boring and I was beginning to tune it out when
the speaker caught my interest.

"I know some of you are still participating in the 'initiation' period
with your senior roommates," she said. "However, after our lecture
today we are planning a brief freshmen social, in which you will all be
expected to socialize. The girls you see around you will be your
classmates and friends for the next four years. We, the faculty,
therefore require you all to break any vows of silence at least during
this social period." She smiled at us, though it seemed an unnatural
expression for her. "And we have a further surprise arranged for you
this evening, but you'll learn about that in the general school
assembly this afternoon."

With that we were dismissed from the conference hall and led into the
cafeteria, where fruit punch and cookies were being served. I tried to
keep to myself as conversations started breaking out, but as we filed
through the line for some punch I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned
to discover a girl about my height with long red hair who introduced
herself. "Hi, my name's Jenny," she said extending her hand.

"Mine's Julie," I said shyly as I clasped her hand and shook it gently.
I was really nervous, as I did my best to remember all my sister's
pointers from the night before.

"I noticed you a few days ago in the hallway," she said. "You've
already changed your hair."

"Uh-huh," I nodded, realizing she really was mistaking me for my

"It's very pretty," she offered kindly.

"Thank you," I replied, hoping she would get bored talking to me and go

"Let's get some punch and sit together," she insisted.

In spite of myself I agreed. She seemed like a genuinely friendly
person. I would just have to do my best to keep up my act so she
didn't discover my secret.

We soon sat off to the side of the room sipping punch together. She
explained that she lived in the room next to mine, so she had seen me
all week long. She said that her roommate still had her under hazing,
so she couldn't speak to me until now. She asked where I was from, and
I told her. She asked if I had any brothers or sisters, and I almost
said I had two sisters, but caught myself and claimed a brother and a
sister instead.

Soon we were chatting away like two girlfriends who've known each other
forever. Even though I completely forgot all of my sister's advice
about conversations, I didn't slip up even once. When the topic
shifted to clothes I described the various outfits I had seen my sister
pick out recently, claiming them as my own purchases. When she asked
if I had a boyfriend, I blushed and said no. She just replied, "Me
neither," and changed the subject.

Time flew by and soon a bell rang. "What's that for?" I asked Jenny.

"The general assembly, silly," answered Jenny. "Come on, let's sit
together for it."

Instead of the conference hall, this was held in an auditorium. All
the girls, freshmen through seniors, attended, as well as all the
faculty. We sat together by class, and I saw Linda across the
auditorium with the seniors. I saw her pointing to me and whispering
to her friends who laughed cruelly. I began to panic as I was sure she
had exposed my true identity to them.

I was soon brought around by a distinguished looking elder man who
approached the microphone and beckoned us to be silent. He introduced
himself as Dr. Kurtly, principal of both Chapel Hill and Old Chapel.
He proceeded to give another long, dull lecture, most of which I barely
heard. I was too busy planning how I was going to hide my bare legs
from the other guys until the hair grew back, as well as other
necessities of my readjustment to male life.

I was once again roused at the end by the "surprise" mentioned in the
previous lecture, though I had already forgotten the mention of it.

Dr. Kurtly said he had decided that this was a special year, being the
100th anniversary of the school's founding. He said he had been trying
to think of something we could do to commemorate the occasion. "Then I
thought to myself," he said, "How would I go about celebrating such an
occasion if I was a student? The answer was simple. I'd throw a
party. So tonight, the young ladies of Chapel Hill will be escorted to
a school wide party by our fine young men at Old Chapel."

The auditorium erupted in clapping, cheering and excited chattering.
Jenny grabbed my arm beside me and beemed a smile my way. "Now we'll
have a chance to find boyfriends!" she exclaimed.

Dr. Kurtly quieted down the auditorium to announce that the party
would begin at seven o'clock, and that it would be a formal dinner and
dance. Our escorts would be assigned by the faculty from the boys of
our corresponding class at Old Chapel. We were encouraged to begin
preparing right away because our escorts would meet us in the lobby
promptly at seven. It was now noon.

As we were dismissed, my mood was one of confused fright. I absolutely
could not be "escorted" to a formal dinner and dance by a boy. What's
more this boy would be a classmate of mine for the next four years.
How could I ever be his friend as a male knowing that he had once been
my date?

"Aren't you excited about the dance?" Jenny asked enthusiastically.

I nodded and smiled in a totally unconvincing manner. I tried to
change the subject. "Did you see my roommate and her friends laughing
at me in the auditorium? I wonder what they were saying about me."

"Oh, they were just poking fun about your freshman hazing," Jenny
explained. "But starting tomorrow your hazing is over. School rules
say it can't continue into actual class days."

WHEW! I thought to myself how relieved it felt to know that this jaunt
into femininity would br over tomorrow. After the dance I'd get to
switch places with my sister again and return to my normal life. My
hazing was rough, but at least it was brief. I was still disturbed
about the imminent dance, however, and Jenny picked up on it.

"What's the matter," she asked. "You do have something special to wear
tonight don't you?"

Recovering quickly, I picked up on this to avoid her further suspicion.
"I just don't know what would look right," I complained.

"Julie," she reprimanded, "what are friends for? I'll help you pick
out something to wear. And if you don't see anything of your own you
like, you can borrow something of mine! We're about the same size."

I inwardly groaned at the mess I had just created. Now Jenny wanted me
to try on dress after dress in front of her, maybe even dresses that
weren't my sister's! Even if I could keep up my disguise under those
circumstances, the result would probably be that Jenny would put me in
a gorgeous dress to help me attract lots of male attention. We were
boyfriend hunting after all.

I couldn't turn her down without sounding suspect, though, so I agreed
and thanked her for her generous offer. She suggested that we go right
up to my room and begin, so we started up immediately.

Soon we were plowing through my sister's closet, attempting to pick out
the perfect outfit for tonight. I soon discovered that my sister
really hadn't brought anything that looked right for a formal dance.
My comment to that effect was more perfect than I knew. Jenny had me
try on different dresses anyway, usually with a comment like, "Oh!
This one's adorable! Try this on!" or, "This isn't really right for
tonight's dance, but try it on anyway. It'll make you look sexy!"

I tried on a dozen different dresses, some so short and tight I was
sure my cover was blown. But each time I emerged from the bathroom in
a new dress, Jenny complimented the way it looked. I found myself
telling her which stores some of the dresses had come from, since I had
helped my sister pick some of them out. By the last dress, I was truly
enjoying myself and we were getting into a deep discussion about what
clothing styles were "hot" this fall.

Suddenly, Linda came in. She saw me wearing a hot pink mini-dress of
Julie's and smiled cruelly. "Oh, honey, that's a great look for you,"
she exclaimed in mock appreciation. "That really shows off your legs
nicely. The boys will drool all over you!"

Jenny missed the sarcasm in her tone and followed up on it. "Your
roommate is right," she said. "Legs are a real turn on for most guys.
I've got a formal mini that will look dynamite on you! It will be
perfect for tonight! I'll go get it!"

She ran out of the room, closing the door behind her. I was left with

"Well, well, well," she began. "Looks like you'll be getting more
lessons in womanhood than you imagined."

I tried not to blush. I just nodded and said, "At least it will be
over tonight."

"What will be over tonight, precious?" she asked sarcastically. Her
"precious" comment made me very aware of how girlish I looked in the
pink mini-dress.

"Jenny told me about the school rule. Hazing has to end by the first
day of classes," I explained, though I was sure she already knew what I
meant. "That means my hazing is over with by tomorrow. So tonight
I'll get to return to the boys' dorm."

A look of exaggerated surprise appeared upon Linda's face. "Whatever
do you mean about going to the boys' dorm? That's no way for a young
girl like you to celebrate the end of her hazing! I don't care how
well you get along with the boys tonight, you will not accompany one of
them back to their room, and that is final!"

"But Linda," I protested, flustered. "I'm not a girl."

A smirk appeared on Linda's face as she retorted, "You're not a woman
yet, young lady! When you're a full grown woman you can sleep with any
man you choose, but not while you're such an innocent child. When your
hazing ends maybe you can play dress-up with your new little friend
some more."

I blushed once more. Linda wouldn't allow me to end my real hazing,
which was masquerading as my sister. She was only ending the hazing
all the other girls had gone through. I was still trapped in the
charade of being a girl until Linda tired of it; and she didn't seem
tired yet. Now she was compounding my protests into making me feel
more like a willful, boy-crazy girl than an imprisoned boy.

Just then, Jenny knocked and came in. "Ta-Da!" she cried as she held
forth an obscenely short virgin white dress. It was a strapless
design, decorated with an intricate pearl pattern and a large white bow
just below the bare back. The tiers of lace at the bottom did little
to hide the fact that it was even shorter than the mini-dress I was
wearing now. It was positively gorgeous!

"I have some long white lace gloves and a handbag that will match
perfectly," Jenny offered. "I noticed you have a pair of white heels
of just the right shade."

"Jenny, it's beautiful, but I couldn't...," I tried to object, but
Jenny cut me off.

"Now don't argue," she said. "My mother buys me more formal dresses
than I'll ever get a chance to wear. You just let me borrow some of
your things sometime, and we'll call it even."

"My, you'll look radiant in that Julie!" Linda said. "I'll even help
you redo your hair to complete the look."

"So it's settled!" Jenny announced. "I can't wait to see you in this
dress tonight! I'll run the gloves and handbag by later. Right now
I've got to run. My parents are supposed to call at three, and it's
almost three now. Bye!" And Jenny rushed out the door. I closed it
behind her.

"Now, Julie, my dear," Linda announced in her commanding tone, "you
have a little time before you have to prepare for the big night, so
take this basket of laundry downstairs to the laundrette. I want
everything washed, pressed and folded neatly by 4:30."

To my chagrin, I accepted the basket and headed out into the hallway
once again, this time in a pink mini-dress. I made it to the
laundrette just fine, though I was forced to take only short girlish
steps, for fear my mini-dress would expose my panties. I hurriedly
completed my chore, avoiding converstion with the few other girls doing
their laundry, and rushed back up to my room.

6. Chapter

Linda was waiting for me when I got back. With her typical superior
tone, she greeted me by saying, "Hurry up, Julie doll, we need to make
sure you look just perfect for your date tonight."

I was told to shower and come out in a towel again. I hurriedly
obeyed. I needed Linda's help to get through tonight. The last thing
I needed was to get her mad at me by disagreeing.

When I came out of the bathroom, wrapped in my fluffy pink towel, I
found another surprise waiting for me. Linda held forth one of the
laciest and sexiest teddies I had ever imagined, complete with garters
and stockings. "Since this is such a special night for you, I thought
we'd liven up your undergarments a little," she said. "Besides," she
added with a giggle, "Who knows where tonight may lead. Your new
boyfriend might like teddies."

Rather than argue, I just accepted the teddy and smiled. I really was
taken by the absolute femininity of its design. From the virgin white
satin and lace material to the sexiness of the garter, there was no
doubt that this teddy was meant for the most dainty and demure girls.

Linda politely turned her back instructing me to immeditely put on the
sexy underthings. Tucking the only remaining sign of my masculinity
firmly between my legs, I removed the towel and slipped into the lacy
teddy. The material was softer than anything I had ever worn before,
and it fit so tightly that my "baby-fat" was forced into a more
feminine shape in my hips and my chest. I smoothed the white stockings
up my legs, secretly rejoicing at how soft and silky they felt. After
I had the garters secure, Linda handed me a baby pink satin dressing
gown. Slipping my "falsies" into place and allowing the satiny
dressing gown to preserve what remained of my modesty, I let Linda know
I was ready. She instructed me to sit in the same chair in which she
had doctored my appearance this morning.

If this morning's job was genius, then what Linda did this afernoon
surpassed genius. As curlers set my hair, she set about making up my
face. The understated look appropriate for school was thrown out the
window in favor of a no holds barred heart-breaker look. Applying
base, heavier blush, a few shades of eyeshadow, mascara, and bright red
lipstick, my face was transformed into one impossible to describe as
even remotely boyish. Even my eyebrows were plucked and shaped into a
feminine appearence, something even my sister never did.

When the curlers came out of my hair, Linda set that into an even more
strikingly feminine set of blonde ringlets than she had this morning,
with a few curls seductively hanging clear down to my left eye. A
large white bow was added in back, proving that my hair was indeed
longer than I had realized.

A knock came from the door and Linda quickly answered it. Jenny rushed
in carrying a white handbag and long white lace gloves. "Sorry it took
so long to bring these over," she said. Then she caught sight of me
sitting in my dressing gown with my hair and makeup ready for tonight.
"Wow!" she exclaimed. "I don't know if I want to be anywhere near you

"Why not?" I asked, oddly disturbed that my new friend might not stay
near me during the dance.

"Because you're going to steal the attention of every guy there!" she
bubbled. "You'll end up with fifty new boyfriends and I won't have

"Oh, that's not true," I said. "Linda did a great job helping me, but
I'm not that different from this afternoon."

"You certainly are!" Jenny insisted. "Trust me. Tonight every guys'
eyes will be following you."

"She's right, Julie," goaded Linda. "I saw your class at the assembly,
and there's no doubt you'll be one of the sexiest freshmen girls at the
dance. I'll bet your dinner date will try to keep the other boys away
so he can have you to himself."

"Speaking of the dance, I've got to run and get ready!" Jenny cried, as
she rushed out the door. "See you tonight, Julie!" she yelled as the
door closed behind her.

"Well, now that you're the envy of the other girls, it sounds like
you're about ready for tonight," said Linda. "Now I have to hurry and
get ready. Leave your dress off until we're about ready to go. You
don't want to get it wrinkled."

With that, Linda closed herself into the bathroom to prepare herself.
I was left on my own with about two hours left until the dreaded
dinner-dance. I sat in my dressing gown reading the girls magazine
"Sassy." Fortunately for me, it was full of articles about how to act
around boys, including one on how to say "NO" to unwelcome sexual
advances. That might come in handy tonight, if I was really as
striking in my appearance as Jenny and Linda claimed.

Linda emerged from the bathroom in a short blue bathrobe and proceeded
to prepare herself for the evening. After her makeup and hair were
finished, she took out a sequined red dress, then proceeded to select
her shoes, and accessories to go with it. As she picked out some ruby
stud earings, she turned to me with a smile.

"A girl your age would be very conspicuous with no earings, wouldn't
you agree?" she asked insidiously. My heart sank, but my head had to
nod in agreement. Linda smiled as she quickly numbed my earlobes with
ice and pierced them. When I next saw myself in the mirror I was
wearing diamond stud earings. If anyone noticed my pierced ears after
my sister and I switched back, I'd have some explaining to do. Lots of
boys my age had a single pireced ear, but I knew none this side of
George Michael with both pierced.

Linda instructed me to get dressed, and we both quickly slipped into
our seductive dresses. I also put on my 3" heeled shoes and long lace
gloves. Linda picked out a few thin bracelets and a diamond pendant
necklace for me to wear as well. My handbag was filled with lipstick,
blush and a powder puff, as well as some kleenex and a few other items.

As I prepared myself to walk out the door, I heard Linda call, "Julie!"
very sharply. I whirled around just in time to find myself blinded by
the flash of a camera. "That's just so you'll always have something to
remember this night by," she said. I wasn't sure I cared to remember
this night, but I didn't say so.

Moments later Linda and I were walking down the hall. We were joined
by some other girls, all spectacularly dressed, as we made our way to
the front hall. I noticed, somewhat sheepishly, that Jenny and Linda
were right. I was one of the prettiest "girls" in my class. Most of
my classmates were good-looking, but my small size and dainty features
(not to mention my blonde hair) made my appearence especially

Soon an older dorm matron had us seperate according to class and line
up alphabetically. Luckily Jenny's last name was "Roberts" so we stood
next to one another. She looked fantastic too. She wore a metallic
emerald green T-length gown, with a very low bust line. She wore
matching emerald earings, necklace and braclets. Her hair was done up
in a pretty french braid, and her makeup was as striking as my own. If
I could have attended the dance as a boy, I'd have tried to dance with
her. As it was, I found that to be highly unlikely.

The severe looking teacher from this afternoon quieted the room and
announced that our escorts would soon be arriving. We would dine in
the banquet hall and dance immediately afterward. We were to behave as
proper young ladies at all times. There was to be no lascivious
behavior at any time. There would be faculty members chaperoning and
watching out for any untoward conduct.

With that she finished her speech. A different teacher came in to
announce that the boys were here. My nerves had one more chance to
tense before we began filing out of the dorm, toward the frightening
experience of my first "date."

7. Chapter

We filed through the doorway, and as we did we were met by a line of
boys, dressed in formal jackets and ties. They each presented their
"dates" with corsages provided by the school, no doubt), and then
escorted the girls toward the banquet hall, as the girls took hold of
their escort's arm.

As I came towards the point where I would meet my escort, I saw Julie,
looking perfectly masculine, standing in the boys' line. I did a quick
count and discovered than Jenny would be escorted by her. I looked
forward to an opportunity to try to get my sister alone this evening
and discover how her day had gone as "Jeremy.".

My own escort turned out to be a tall, good looking boy named Michael.
He was at least six inches taller than me, and already looked quite
adult, though we were about the same age. His hair was dark brown, and
I could tell from his "shadow" that he already shaved regularly.

He presented me with my corsage and politely introduced himself. I
thanked him and introduced myself as "Julie Robbins." Immitating what
I'd seen all the other girls do, I took his arm and let him escort me
to the banquet hall. His large masculine build made me feel even more
dainty and feminine. The scent of his cologne mingled with my own
flowery perfume, further emphasizing this difference.

Throughout dinner Michael was a perfect gentleman, while I did my best
to be a perfect lady. Other than the few times I caught him staring at
my legs, there was nothing lude about his manner. This was a huge
relief to me, since I knew a good number of the boys in the freshman
class were very boastful of their sexual conquests of girls. I managed
to make polite small talk with him while trying to listen in on my
sister and Jenny doing the same nearby. I couldn't tell much other
than the fact that my sister was passing as a boy with little trouble.

After the dinner Michael asked me to dance. This was not supposed to
be a "couples" evening; we had only been partnered for the dinner. I
was free to dance with whomever I wanted to, or no one at all. I felt
a bit guilty, though, since Michael had been so nice during dinner.
Knowing firsthand how dejected guys can feel when turned down for a
dance, I accepted. I had hardly ever danced as a boy, and never as a
girl, but I decided to give it my best shot.

The band was playing fast fifties' rock and roll, and I think I did
well dancing the girl's part to the songs. I was really enjoying
myself, so I let Michael have a few more dances with me. The music
switched to more modern rock, and before I knew it, a slow dance came
up. All over the floor dance partners moved closer. Michael looked
into my eyes and smiled as he asked me for another dance. I must have
been blushing furiously, but I nodded yes. Soon I was being led across
the dance floor with my arms wrapped around Michael's neck and his
around my waist.

When the song was over Michael gave me a big hug and thanked me. I was
surprised by this, so I asked what it was for.

"For making my night fantastic," he said.

I blushed again, really feeling flattered by his compliment. I was at
a loss for words. Luckliy, I felt a tap on my shoulder at that time.
I turned to see my sister, arm in arm with Jenny.

"May I have the next dance?" Julie asked in a masculine way. If I
didn't know better I'd swear it was really me standing there in a
jacket and tie.

"Sure," I giggled, in a way more girlishly than I'd intended.

"Michael, I'm going to dance with my brother for a little while, okay?
We have some catching up to do."

I felt silly asking permission to dance with someone else, but I didn't
want to hurt Michael's feeliings. He smiled and nodded.

"I'll be around if you want to dance again later," he said as he walked
away. Jenny winked at me, as if to say, "Nice going," as she walked
away too.

Julie took me by the waist and I put my arms around her neck. I
wondered if it felt as funny to her as it did to me, but soon we were
dancing just as I had with Michael a moment ago (though with more
distance between us).

Keeping our voices low, we began to compare experiences. I told mine
first, after which Julie complimented me on my appearance tonight.
"You look even better than I would!" she praised.

Then I heard her story. Apparently, as soon as she returned to the
boy's dorm with Todd, she had "layed down the law." She let Todd know
there would be no "peep shows" and no unwelcome grabbing. Otherwise
she would tell the dean and principal and let us all suffer the
consequences. Todd agreed, with a littlle grumbling. The next
morning, when Todd tried to bully Julie around as he had me, Julie blew
up at him, repeating her threat from the previous night and telling him
off about his bullying attitude. Todd had left her alone after that,
except for occasional comments asking how she thought her "sister" was
doing. We guessed Todd was "more bark than bite."

The rest of Julie's day, she filled with making friends. Unlike
myself, Julie had no heart condition and was able to join in a soccer
game that afternoon. Though far from the best, she was pretty good
compared to the other freshmen boys. She figured her ballet lessons
had given her better coordination and stamina than many of them. That
overcame the word-of-mouth condemnation by Todd, so the boys accepted
Julie as "an alright guy."

No one suspected her charade all day either. In fact, she admitted,
she actually enjoyed herself immensely. "It may sound odd, but I've
never experienced the boy side of life before, and I really like it,"
she explained.

"I'm not sure you know what you're doing with Michael, though," she
cautioned. "He looked like he was falling for you. When we change
back, I'd prefer to choose my own boyfriend."

"I know," I apologized. "I don't exactly know how it happened. We
didn't talk about much during dinner, but since he was so polite I felt
like I had to dance with him a little. Then time kind of slipped away,
and the slow dance came up."

"Listen sis'," Julie said with a wink, "When a girl looks as attractive
as you do tonight, a guy doesn't need much encouragement to think you
like him. Just dance around with other guys tonight. Don't seem too
interested in any one in particular."

"Alright," I agreed, "I'll do that."

The last slow song was over and the music became fast again. We were
joined by Jenny and a few other girls and boys I didn't know. We all
began dancing and having a good time. When I next noticed, Julie was

I danced with a few other guys that night, taking Julie's advice. Two
of them tried to "feel me up" during slow dances, but I blocked their
moves and avoided them for the rest of the night. I became accustomed
to being stared at, however. Some guys made "eyes" at me, and some
gave me a visual "undressing" that felt creepy, but overall I got by

Toward the end of the evening I joined Jenny on a trip to the ladies
room. I had become so relaxed in my role that this didn't bother me at
all. As we fixed our makeup in the mirror together, Jenny began asking
about my evening.

"That guy you had dinner with sure was cute," she remarked.

"I guess so," I replied, trying to sound uninterested.

"Why haven't you danced with him since the beginning of the evening?"
she asked. "You looked like you were enjoying his company."

"I was," I admitted, hoping she didn't see me blush. "But I wanted to
meet more people before I settled on just one."

I hoped my excuse sounded believable. It must have, because Jenny just
laughed and said, "I wish I was that confident that I could find a

I laughed too, and we let the subject drop.

The funny thing was, she wasn't half wrong. With all the male
attention I had attracted tonight, I was having trouble leaving the
dance without a boyfriend. I didn't know exactly what I was doing, but
whatever it was it obviously turned the guys on, and I didn't have a
clue how to stop doing it!

As we returned to the dance an announcement was made over the speakers
that the next song would be the last. There were a lot of groans from
the students, who had clearly enjoyed themselves very much, but they
generally went along with it. Everyone tried to couple up with their
favorite dance partner of the evening.

Suddenly there was a tap on my shoulder. I turned to find Michael
standing there with a sheepish smile on his face. "May I have the last
dance?" he asked.

I hadn't seen him coming, or I would have taken my sister's advice and
avoided him. But I couldn't bring myself to turn him down to his face.
Out of all the boys I had danced with tonight, he really had been the
nicest. I accepted, and he took my hand and led me to the dance floor.

The song was very romantic and slow. All over the floor boys pulled
their partners closer. Michael was no exception. Soon we were dancing
very closely. Michael put his face right up next to mine and closed
his eyes as we danced. I was very taken by the romance of the moment,
and let myself be led around the dance floor like that.

Soon the song was over. I was beginning to pull away, expecting to
wish Michael goodbye, when he pulled me very tightly to him and kissed
me on the lips. I was paralyzed with shock, which caused my lips to
seemingly yield willingly to his. After what seemed to be a long time,
but was probably only a couple of seconds, Michael pulled away.

"See you soon," he said as he walked away toward where the freshmen
boys gathered.

I shuddered as I walked toward the freshmen girls gathering. This
dance had been a more feminine experience than I had planned on, and I
had not only passed. I had somehow also managed to acquire a very
handsome boyfriend and had my first kiss from him! I worried that this
charade was becoming too natural to me, and that I was frighteningly
comfortable in the female role.

8. Chapter

The next few weeks(!) passed quickly. I was spared the possible
complications of Michael's affection by the rigid segregation of boys
and girls, fully enforced after the dance. I quickly came to think of
Chapel Hill as my school, and Old Chapel as the boys school. As if I
didn't belong there!

Linda cooled off her full time teasing, only occasionally making snide
comments to keep me from becoming too comfortable in my masquerade.
Since her teasing was always at its worst whenever I brought up the
subject of switching places back with my sister, I soon learned not to
mention it at all. I did wonder, though, if Linda had any plans at all
for an end to her game.

I was just becoming totally accustomed to living as a girl when I had a
real shock! Our older sister, Teri, came down from college to visit
one weekend, unannounced. I blustered my way through a girlish hug to
greet her, wondering whether she'd be able to see through my disguise.

"Let's go out for some girl-talk over lunch," she suggested.

"What about Jeremy?" I asked.

"I'll drop in on him later," she said. "Right now I just want some
time with my little sister."

So off we went to lunch. Teri obtained permission to take me off
campus with her, and I soon found myself strolling around the downtown
of a strange city in feminine finery. This was the first time I'd gone
off school grounds as a girl, and the experience was strangely
pleasant. Around campus I always knew that someone (namely Linda) was
watching me very closely, threatening to "blow the whistle" on my
identity. Here I was free to uninhibitedly enjoy the feel of my skirt
against my nylon covered legs. I could freely exchange flirtatious
glances with passing young men. I could let myself really delight in
window shopping the ladies apparel shops; and even a lingerie display!

To my sister this was just her carefree little sister Julie, who had
always enjoyed being a girl. To me it was a chance to take Julie's
advice to take pleasure in femininity as a way of relieving the stress
of being a "fake" girl. As a result we both had a wonderful time as
sisters out on the town, and I soon realized that even my own family
couldn't see through my disguise!

We eventually found ourselves dining at an upscale sidewalk cafe,
enjoying salads and tea. Teri asked me about school, and since I had
been filling in for Julie almost from the beginning I was able to tell
her all about "Julie's" experiences at Chapel Hill; obviously leaving
some selected parts (like the "switch") unmentioned. She talked for
awhile about her final year in college, and then talk turned to our
parents. That's when Teri dropped a "bomb" into the conversation.

"I was talking to mom about you and Jeremy just yesterday," Teri
explained, "and she said to tell you that you both had a physical that
was overdue. Your school nurse apparently just noticed it in the
school records." I froze inside. "Mom said she'll pick you both up
next weekend and take you to a doctor she knows in town. She wanted an
excuse to visit anyway."

Terrific! I had one week to get Linda to allow my sister and I to
switch back! And I severely doubted it would be an easy task. The
only times she really became difficult to live with anymore were the
times when I'd bring up this very subject. And to top it all off I had
a strange reluctance to change back. I had many girl friends at Chapel
Hill, and no friends at all back at Old Chapel. True these were
girl-to-girl friendships, instead of what most boys think of as
girlfriends, but I didn't want to give them up.

But it went beyond even that. I was finally realizing why my sister
had always loved being a girl so much. There was something
indescribable about it that I truly loved, and that I didn't want to
surrender. But I knew it would have to end. A physical by a doctor
would be an impossible situation in which to maintain our "secret."

For the remainder of lunch with Teri, I was somewhat distracted. In
the car, on her way to take me back to Chapel Hill, she asked me about

"I'm just tired from our day," I offered, but I wondered if I might
confide in her. It would be nice to have someone to talk to about all
that had happened to me. Teri was always very understanding. I
decided to try. Odds were, she'd here about it after the upcoming
physical anyway.

"Actually, Teri," I began, "there is something bothering me. And it's
really important, but I don't know if I should tell you."

"It doesn't matter what it is, Julie," she said in her best
'understanding' tone. "You can always talk to me. That's what sisters
are for."

I took a deep breath. Should I, or shouldn't I? I plunged ahead before
I talked myself out of it. I told her everything, from the night Todd
and I sneaked into Julie's room, to the dance, to the present.

At first she looked shocked. Then skeptical. Then I saw she was
becoming convinced. She said nothing as I emptied my soul to her,
other than supportive encouragement. When I was finished she leaned
over (she had parked the car at a public park as I spoke) and gave me a
hug. "I didn't believe you at first," she said. "You don't look or
act anything like the Jeremy I remember, and even as you spoke I
couldn't picture you as a boy. But I've known you both all your lives,
and I know when you're telling the truth."

I was relieved. She wasn't horrified, or angry at me. She wasn't
shouting or threatening to tell our parents. She was just being
sensitive and loving. I cried a little as I thanked her for being so

After a while, when she had let it all sink in, she asked, "Jeremy, do
you like being a girl?"

I was taken aback by the question, but I was too emotionally drained to
avoid the truth. I nodded my head.

"That's okay," she assured me. "It's good that you have gained
something from all of this. Do you plan to stay this way?"

"No!" I cried. "I'm a male! I admit I've enjoyed this somewhat, but
it's not right!"

Teri calmed me down, and agreed not to pursue that subject anymore.
But something about the way she said it didn't convince me. My mind
was probably just playing tricks from being so stressed. After all,
hadn't Teri been perfectly understanding so far? Teri assured me that
she would help take care of the potential problems stemming from the
upcoming physical. Though she didn't explain how, I trusted her and my
fears about it ebbed.

We drove back to Chapel Hill. I thanked Teri several times and we
hugged goodbye. It was only on reflection that I realized that the
whole time I was with Teri I had talked and moved like Julie - even as
I told her I was really Jeremy! No wonder she had been skeptical at
first. It shook me up a bit that even as I confessed my true sex, my
whole manner still belied it.

9. Chapter

The day of the dreaded physical arrived, and I looked forward to it
with dismay. I should be seeing this as a day of liberation and
release from my forced feminization. But I couldn't lie to myself
anymore. I had loved being a girl. I felt more at home in a skirt and
blouse than I ever had in a jacket and tie. Nevertheless, I resolved
not to let my true feelings show. I would return to life as a boy with
as much resolve as I could muster. At least I'd always have my
memories of living as Julie.

I was surprised when my sister Teri, rather than my mom showed up to
take me to my physical. Apparently, she had managed to find a way to
protect our identities!

We both drove over to the boys school to pick up my twin "brother."
Teri wouldn't explain her solution to our problem until we were both in
the car.

Soon, the boarding school behind us, Teri explained, "I told mom that
I'd be happy to take you to your physicals, and bring you home for the
rest of the weekend so she'd still get to see you. Problem solved."
She laughed as the obvious worry faded from both our faces. Her simple
solution had escaped both of us academic "geniuses," and we had spent
an entire week worrying over nothing.

We drove to a secluded country park, and exchanged clothes in the
vacated public restroom. Soon I was Jeremy again, and Julie was Julie.
We smiled nervously at one another and exited to the park.

Teri burst out laughing when she saw us. We joined her, though our
laughter was more of the nervous variety. "My little brother looks
like a pansy, and his twin sister is far too butch to look good in a

We looked at each other and had to agree. I now made a terrible
looking boy, and she was equally unconvincing as a girl! We'd come so
far in our new roles in recent weeks!

"Don't worry!" comforted Teri. "I can help you out." As she brushed
and toyed with my long hair, trying to make it look masculine, she
explained, "The doctor I'm taking you to is a friend of mine. I think
it would make it easier if I explained the actual situation. I promise
she won't tell a soul."

Julie and I were both dead against the idea! The embarrassment this
would cause would be too intense! "Well then, how will you explain
your shaven legs, Jeremy? Or your hairy legs Julie?" We hadn't thought
of that. "And your hair is not going to look very masculine Jeremy,"
she continued, her attempts at straightening becoming frustrated.
"Both of your mannerisms are now instinctively those of your opposite
sex. And there's something more too."

We were beginning to see the necessity of letting the doctor in on our
secret, but her last point made us really convinced. "Soon," she
continued, "you'll both be developing your secondary sexual attributes.
How well could you keep up your masquerade if you began growing a beard
Jeremy, or your breasts continue developing Julie? Or when your voice
changes, Jer, and yours doesn't Jules? Doctor Thompson might have a
way of delaying these developments."

"The other alternative is that I could take your roommates aside and
lay down the law, setting things straight again, even bringing in the
principal and dean if need be," Teri offered.

"No!" Julie and I both asserted at once. While I was glad to see that
Julie was no more excited than me at the prospect of switching back, it
was also pretty troubling to know that we had both come to prefer life
as the opposite gender. At least for the time being.

Teri smiled and nodded, that same knowing look on her face that I
remembered from my conversation with her a week ago, when I revealed
our secret.

Our minds made up, we decided to exchange clothes once again. If the
doctor was going to learn our secret anyway, there was no need to try
to hide it. Though it never occured to us at the time, it should have
been the most troubling point of all. We were so comfortable living as
the opposite gender that we were worried that we couldn't "pass" as our
true sex!

The relief that I felt (and no doubt Julie shared) when we switched
back to the clothes we had left school in was the most concrete sign we
had that this hazing game was not a game anymore. As I slipped into
the car, smoothing my skirt beneath me as I sat, I let out a sigh of
relief, noticing that my "brother" did the same as he plopped into the
back seat carelessly. Teri smiled, but said nothing.

We reached the doctor's office and were immediately lead into a back
examining room. "Dr. Thompson will be in momentarily," the nurse said
as she left.

Teri saw the increasing tension in our faces as we waited, knowing that
a complete stranger was about to know that we were two "gender benders"
rather than what we appeared to be.

"Relax," Teri said in an attempt to calm us. "Sue Thompson is a
wonderfully understanding person. She won't think anything nasty about
you when she learns your secret."

And we soon learned that this was true. Dr. Thompson walked in and
warmly greeted Teri with a hug, saying hello to us as well. "Now what
was it you wanted to talk about before we started the physicals?" she

Teri explained our situation in a very sympathetic light, as Dr.
Thompson listened patietly and attentively. She glanced at both of us
occasionally as Teri spoke, smiling kindly, rather than mockingly as I
had feared.

"Well, that is quite a story," the doctor commented as Teri finished.
"I must say that you both a very attractive and convincing appearance.
But I'll need to know a little more about you both as soon as your
physicals are finished. Since you'd probably be uncomfortable
undressing for my nurse, I'll conduct both of your physicals by

The physicals were routine, and the doctor made us both feel relaxed
and comfortable. As promised, no nurses or others discovered our
secret. After looking at our previous medical records, she happily
informed me that my heart condition was getting much better, and
advised I should see a heart specialist soon to reduce my medication.
Other than this, we were both in perfect health. Now came the hard

"Julie and Jeremy," the doctor began, speaking to us after we had
dressed, as we all sat in her private office. "I must have your
complete trust and honesty if I am to help you with your unique
situation. As your sister suspected, you are both beginning to develop
your secondary sexual characteristics. Julie's breasts will continue
to develop, her hips will widen, etc. All this will make it difficult
for you to continue to make a convincing boy, Julie. Jeremy, your
problem will be even more severe. Your development is a little behind
schedule, and is likely to come upon you very quickly when it happens.
Your voice will crack frequently, in a most un- ladylike fashion. Your
facial hair will darken and grow. You'll grow hair on your chest and
the hair over your whole body will grow to very unfeminine levels.
You'll probably grow dramatically in height at a time when nearly all
the girls your age have finished growing. In short, it will very soon
become impossible for the two of you to continue as you have been."

We were both silent, but our disappointment and sadness at this kind of
"death sentence" was apparent. We didn't bother to hide it.

The doctor continued, "Now there are only two solutions to this
problem, but both require you to be completely truthful with yourselves
and with me. Do you think you can do that?"

"Yes," we responded as one.

"Good," Dr. Thompson said. "Now here are your options. Your first,
is the most obvious. Change back to your original selves. Jeremy must
go back to being a boy, and Julie must go back to being a girl. If you
have any doubts at all about continuing your role reversal on a more
permanent basis, you MUST do this."

She paused, to let this sink in, but we were hardly in a reflective
mood and anxiously awaited option number two.

"The other option," she continued, "is to begin some kind of hormone
therapy which will allow this to continue. Please understand the
long-term consequences of this option. If this begins, it will be very
difficult and expensive to reverse, and will be impossible to ever
completely erase."

She continued to fill in the details of option number two. She
proposed that we begin hormone therapy to chemically change our bodies
to the gender we now only pretended to be. This would cause our bodies
to develop the secondary traits of the appropriate sex. I would grow
breasts, wide hips, and develop the voice of an adult female. Julie
would grow a beard and other body hair, would grow taller and develop a
deep voice. She would also probably have to undergo cosmetic surgery
to remove her already existing breast development.

It was only the final catch that broke me out of my firm resolve to go
ahead with this. "And you will, of course, have to explain this to
your parents and get their consent."

My face fell at this last shock. How could I ever tell mom and dad
that their only son wanted to be a girl? I looked over at Julie, and
she looked completely confused and uncertain. I figured we had a lot
to talk about before making our decision.

Dr. Thompson understood our confusion, and told us that we didn't have
to decide this second. In fact, she encouraged us to go home and talk
this over with our family. "But," she said, "if you don't decide to go
ahead with the second option before the weekend is over, you should not
hesitate in changing back to your original gender. If need be, have
your parents go to the school and insist that you change roommates!
Your masquerade won't survive the school year if puberty hits soon.
Please call me this weekend as soon as you've made your decision."

With that, we left the office. The drive toward home was entirely
silent. Even Teri didn't try to bring us out of our introspection.
How would we decide to resolve this? How could we tell mom and dad?
How would they respond when we did?

Before we knew it, we were pulling into the driveway of our home.
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