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Nifty - Transgender - Highschool - White Boy In A Black School

Date: Sun, 6 Jul 2008 14:25:12 -0700
From: Wolf pomo <>
Subject: White Boy in a Black School (gay / interracial, m/M, MM/m)


This story is a work of fiction and contains
descriptions of explicit sexual acts of boy's
discovering their sexuality. It contains graphic
scenes of sex between an underage boy and adult
males... If this type of content offends you or you
are under the age of 18 do not read it.

Author's Note:

This story is the property of the author. It can be
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If it is illegal to read such material where you live or
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If you enjoy the story or if it evokes memories of
your own, please let me know. I am happy to write
stories from outlines.

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White Boy in a Black School

       When a sailor makes the navy a career his
family has to live with his decision. David's father
was a Chief Boatswain-mate Petty Officer. He had
spent his career billeted in the Naval Air. He had
been assigned to Nuclear Aircraft Carriers at all
times so he was always at sea or preparing for
deployment. His mother had full responsibility to
bring David up. David only saw his father on
weekends for three or four months before he was
deployed to some ocean or other.

       They had lived in every shitty community
located in places like Brooklyn, San Diego and
Oakland. Norfolk was just his father's last duty
station before he had to make up his mind to end his
enlistment at 25 years or go for 30 years.

       The only place his mother could afford to rent
an apartment was in the black community in Virginia.
When David enrolled in the local high school he was
greeted by the football coach with expectations of
getting him on the football team.

       David had played back in San Diego so he was
willing to come out for the team because he
suspected that if he made the team he would make
some friends.

       It was just a few days before the start of hell
week. (Hell week is the two weeks before school
starts where prospective football players are
conditioned) David was introduced to the janitor
that would assign him a locker and supply him with
the equipment he would need. The janitor was an old
black man with a gray scraggly beard on a pimpled
face. He warned David that the guys would make it
rough on him.

       David was about six-foot two and weighed at
least 245 pounds. He was a redhead with freckles.
He was the product of his Irish and Scots heritage.
He was used to having to prove himself where ever
they had to move to.

       The first day of practice he was greeted by
resentment. The other linemen resented a white boy
coming in and competing for a starting position on
the team. He had no problem keeping up with the
conditioning drills but when he had to execute
blocking assignments he was sabotaged by the other
linemen by deliberately stepping on his feet or failing
to block defensive lineman so they could blindside

       That ended when the line coach and head coach
told them if they didn't feel like working with the
white boy they could watch the games from the

       After practice the guy that had been last
years starting right tackle challenged David to meet
him behind a building off campus to decide who was
going to quit. David knew he had to accept or be
called chicken.

       When he got to the appointed place he found
that there were a half dozen of the team there. He
asked the big fat guy called Animal if he would have
to fight all of them at one time.

       Animal said, "I don't need any help. They just
want to watch you get your ass whipped."

       With that the guy swung on David. The guy
had to weigh more than 300 pounds. The guy's swing
was telegraphed so much that David slipped his head
aside so that the blow went harmlessly by his head.
He stepped inside the blow and drove his left fist
into the ponderous belly.

       Animal doubled over as air wish out of his
lungs. David followed the left with a right hook to
the guy's temple. The guy's eye glazed over and
David brought a left hook against the guy's right
temple closing both eyes. Animal was helpless.
David brought a right uppercut from the floor that
sent the fat man sprawling on his back.

       The guy's buddies were stunned because they
had never seen Animal loose a fight before. They
were not even sure how many times David had hit
him. Animal was too big to completely lose

       David placed his foot against Animals foot and
offered his hand to help him stand up. Animal
reached up with his fat fingers and grasped David's
hand as he was pulled to his feet. Animal said, "I will
turn in my uniform tomorrow."

David said, "There is no need. The coaches will
assign us to positions they think best. They can't
afford to lose a guy your size."

       They parted company respecting each other if
not friends. As the two weeks came to a close
everyone in school knew about the white boy that
had kicked Animals ass. They only had another week
before they would have to play their first non-league
game. The rest of the team was beginning to accept
the white boy. It was obvious that David was going
to be the starting right tackle. Animal was moved to
the center position. Animal didn't have to move that
much after he centered the football and he was too
big to be knocked over.

       After they won the first game by a score of 14
to 7 David was invited to a party. He had to attend.
The party was a real beer bust. David stood out like
a sore thumb. He was dressed like a California
beach boy. He had on Levis, Nike cross trainers and
a Hawaiian flowered shirt. The black boys were
dressed in pointed toes shoes, dress slacks that
were pegged at the ankle. The shirts were silky and
only buttoned at the neck.

       The girls were dressed in tight fitting skirts
and those that were full breasted had on blouses
that showed off their tits. Some of them
straightened their hair and some dyed their hair
blonde or at least tried to make it blonde. The end
result was more of an orange color. Some braided
their hair in corn rows. Being the first white boy
some of them had ever been around socially they
flirted with him a little too much. It got under the
skin of some of the buys there. He was confronted
with warnings to keep his hand off by more than one

       David was being offered beer by everyone. He
didn't refuse any or a drag on a marijuana joint until
he was blind drunk.

       He hardly noticed that the party was braking
up. He thought was going to get to fuck one of
black girls that had been flirting with him all evening
but he was too drunk to have been able to do
anything had one of them had stayed behind. He
didn't even remember leaving the party. He just
found himself in a bed.

       During the night he felt someone fumbling with
his clothes. He was stoned enough not to care about
what was going on. He felt a warm mouth capture
his cock. It felt good and he reached down to place
his hand on top of the head. He felt short nappy
hair. That did not bother him because a number of
girls at the party had hair like that. He kept his
eyes closed and just enjoyed the feeling. When he
came in the mouth of his benefactor he appreciated
that they sucked his cock clean. He may have even
thanked them in his drunken stupor. He just relaxed
and returned to his snoring.

       As the room began to worm up as the sun
filtered through the window of the bedroom David
became aware that there were a couple of bodies
pressed against both sides of him. He slowly became
conscious he felt his bladder alerting him that he
needed to pee. As he sat up he assumed the brown
butt pressed against his hip was attached to a girl.

       When he sat up and rubbed his eyes he realized
that the body belonged to a guy. He looked at the
body of the one laying on his other side and it was
also a naked guy. His movement was waking them up.
He moved to the foot of the bed and headed for the
door to look for a bathroom. There were other guys
passed out all over the place. He had to step over
them to make his way to the bathroom.

       When he entered the bathroom there was a
guy sleeping in a few inches of water in the tub. He
could not bother with modesty and moved to the
toilet and just aimed his cock at the bowl and let go.
His head was throbbing and his mouth tasted like
someone had shit in it.

       When he was finished he shook his cock and
then looked in the medicine cabinet for a bottle of
aspirin and some toothpaste. He fumbled with the
childproof cap and poured a couple of tablets into
his hand and tossed them into his mouth. He bent
over and turned on the cold tap to get a mouth full
of water to swallow the tablets. Just bending over
sent blood rushing to his brain and the temples felt
like there were drums pounding in his ears. When he
returned the bottle to the cabinet he picked up a
tube of toothpaste and squeezed some onto his
finger and rubbed his teeth and tongue with the
minty tasting paste. He was just returned the rube
to the cabinet when her heard a voice say, "Hello
good looking why don't you come over here and give
us a taste."

       When David looked over his shoulder he saw
the guy in the tub giving him a big toothy white grin
through dark lips. David dismissed him as just a fag
and left the room on his way back to the bedroom to
look for his clothes so he could get dressed and go

       When he entered the bedroom the two guys
that had been on the bed with him were awake.
They motioned for him to approach. David asked,
"What happened last night?"

       One of the guys looked disappointed, "Don't you
remember me sucking your cock last night? I'm
hurt. I worked so hard to please you."

       David looked at him, "Was that you?"

       The guy held up his right hand with a limp
wrist, "Yours truly, Darrrrling. If you bring that
sweet ass over here I will do in again to remind you."

       David simply stated, "Where are my clothes
and I will be out of here in no time."

       The black queen looked at the other black guy
and said, "Mary our guest doesn't like us."

       The other guy was an older man at least in his
forties. He was a physically fit guy with nappy hair
on his chest. When he rolled out of bed David got a
look at the size of his cock. That sure impressed
him the guys cock was limp but it hung down almost
to his knees. The scrotum was just as impressive.
David was staring at the guy's meat and did not even
think about moving as the guy approached him.

       The guy grabbed him by the arms and flung him
to the bed. He had a deep base voice as he said,
"What is the matter white boy, our queens are not
good enough for you?"

       David was at a loss for words. The burly man
climbed on top of him and held him down. He turned
his body over so that he was behind him with his arm
locked behind his back. No matter what David did
he was no match for the man holding him. That was
disappointing because David was strong enough to
bench press 400 pounds.

       David watched as the delicate looking black
queen knelt between his legs and started sucking his
cock. It did not take long before his cock was rock
hard and he was starting to cum in the guy's mouth.

       The big guy said, "I'm horny now. I want you to
give me a blowjob."

       David said, "Get fucked asshole. There is no
way I'm going to suck your cock."

       The man's smile was menacingly as he gave him
a golden toothed grin. "I'm going to enjoy this." He
moved his body out from under David's and before
David could resist he sat on his chest. The queen
had grabbed him by the ankles. David could have
kicked him across the room but he was trying to
free his wrists from the vice like grasp of the guy
sitting on his chest. He was sweating and his
freckled skin was turning red.

       The burly man bent over and kissed him on the
mouth. David felt the stubble of the guy's beard.
The man's face was so close he could feel the
moisture in his breath as he told David, "I'm going to
fuck your mouth and if you bite me in any way or
scrape my cock with your teeth I'm going to rip you
cock off of your body and feed it to you! Do you

       David was frightened by that time because he
suspected the guy could and would do it. He nodded
his head up and down a couple of times.

       The noise must have woken up the rest of the
house and naked guys came into the room to stand
around the bed to watch the white boy suck cock.
The guy moved up and knelt over David's shoulders
and lifted his own tool up and moved so that his nuts
were right over David's mouth.

       David had to lick the sack and suck on each nut
while the guy jacked off enough to get his cock
hard. When the guy was ready, he stuck the head
of his cock in David's mouth. The damned thing
would have done a pony proud. The scar where the
guy's foreskin had been cut off as a child was red
against the black cock. The scar would have
measured as long as some men's cocks.

       The crowd was standing around chanting.
"Suck it, suck it, suck it..."

       David gagged as the thing went down his
throat. He had never sucked cock before and he
thought he would suffocate. He gasped for air
every time the guy pulled his cock back far enough
for David to breathe. When the guy started to cum
he drove his cock down his throat. It was only when
the guy pulled his cock out that some of his cum was
squirted on his tongue so that he could taste it.
David could not describe the taste if he had to. All
he was aware of was how much his throat hurt.

       Guys started saying, "Let's fuck the white boy."
There was total agreement among the spectators.
David was rolled over onto his stomach and pulled
down the bed until he was draped over the edge.
Someone sat on his back to hold him down.

       David could not see what was going on. All he
could do was feel hands parting his pink ass and guys
spitting on his asshole before someone shoved his
cock up his ass. David lost count of the number of
guys that fucked him that morning. All he knew as
his asshole hurt and cum was dripping down his
scrotum. When he was finely allowed to stand up
cum was dripping down the inside of both legs. He
was stepping in puddles of wet cum his feet was
leaving behind as he headed for the bathroom to

       Guys were supporting him and they helped him
sit down. He was too tired to resist as guy stepped
forward to pee in his face and all over his body.

       When it was over and he tried to stand up he
could not manage it. The same queen that had
sucked his cock and another obvious queen came to
his aid and helped him to the tub where they drew a
warm bath for him to soak in. They cleaned him up
like he was a baby. They even perfumed him with
the same kind of cologne most of the black guys at
school used. It was a sweet smell that reminded
David of the deodorant tablet used in bathroom

       The queens got him dressed so that four of
them could get him in a car. They took him to a
restaurant for breakfast. All of the patrons and
staff thought the white boy had been out all night
parting with his black buddies. They were amused to
see the young white boy obviously suffering from a
hangover being nursed by his friends.

       David was starting to feel a little better after
4 or 5 cups of coffee and a large breakfast. He was
capable of eating a lot of food and the way he had
been treated had made him hungry enough to not
only put away three eggs, ham, hashed potatoes and
two orders to pan cakes.

       When they left the restaurant they didn't take
him home. They took him back to the house. David
noticed that this house was not the one he had gone
to the night before. He must have been taken away
from the other party after he passed out last night.
He didn't recognize any of the guys. Most of them
were far too old to be high school students.

       The queen that had been helping him and his
friend made a quick change into girl's clothes. David
realized that he had been making out with them at
the party. He had thought they were girls. They
sure did look like girls. In fact, they looked better
as girls than they did as men. They would have put
most of the girls at school to shame.

       The crowd encouraged them and they put on
some dance music. The two of them wanted to
dance with David. The other guys encouraged David
to dance with them. The one that had given him the
blowjob cuddled up to him and told him that he could
call her Juliette. The way she was rubbing up
against him he got a hard-on right away.

       Juliette said, "Is that a gun in your pocket or
are you just glad to see me?" She grabbed his boner
through his pants. The five button Levi jeans were
opened and the black hand with painted fingernails
fished in the boxer shorts for the cock. By the time
the music ended Juliette was kneeling before him
sucking his cock.

       The day was spent lounging around and David
didn't even object when some of the men wanted to
fuck him again. He sucked a few cocks before they
told him that they would take him home. They
cleaned him up and drove him home.

       His mother was amused ay David's appearance.
She knew that he had been drinking with his new
friends. She could tell he was dehydrated from
drinking too much and suspected that he one hell of
a hangover. The smell of the cologne all over his
clothes and body caused her to suspect that he had
been fucking some of the high school black girls.
She allowed him to go to bed without question and
simply washed his clothes after he was asleep.

       When he got to school on Monday he wondered
if anyone knew what had happened to him. He
dreaded anyone approaching him with the accusation
that he had been fucking with guys. He tried to play
it cool and simply avoid any discussion with anyone.
There were a few girls that had been at the party
that were looking at him with hopeful eyes but he
thought they were accusing looks.

       When the last class was over he reported to
the gym and was instantly met by glad hands for the
way he had played on Friday. They were ushered
into the projection room to watch the film of the
game they had played. The coach was very
complementary of the way he had played and even
pointed out that when he had made a block he had
looked for another guy to block. During one point
the voice of the team wise guy was heard saying,
"The white boy has moves." There was applause
from the rest of the team. When they set up the
video to show videos of next week's appoint The
Animal leaned over and slapped him on the back with
his big paw.

       David was relieved that no one had mentioned
the party. They headed for the locker room and put
on their practice uniforms. That was when the right
guard that had the locker next to his leaned over
and asked, "What happened to you after the party?
I saw you leave with a sexy chick."

       David gave him a sheepish grin and said, "I was
too drunk to remember anything until the next day.
I don't know if I got any. I think she gave me a

       The guy was impressed that David must have
gotten laid by that sexy piece of ass. When
practice was over he got dressed in no particular
hurry and headed for the door. He was planning n
walking home but when he reached the street a car
pulled up next to the curb. He had to bend over to
see who was driving the car when the dark window on
the passenger side of the car rolled down. It was
that sexy queen dressed up in drag. "Hop in honey.
I will drive you home."

       David took a quick furtive glace around to see
if any of the other team members saw what was
going on. At least the three he saw were too far
away to get a good look. He opened the door and got
in. Juliette used the control on her side of the car
to roll up the window and lock the door. She pulled
away from the curb while she said, "I have been
thinking about my hulking football player all day
honey. I want to suck your sweet cock right now so
badly my mouth is watering."

       David said, "You can't keep coming around or
someone s going to figure out you not a girl."

       Juliette chuckled, "Honey no need to worry.
No one is going to know if I don't want them to know.
I have been living as a girl for years. I bet your
teammates thought you had scored the best looking
piece of ass there last Friday night."

       David was not going to admit that his
teammate had thought that.

       Juliette said, "I don't want to argue with you
about the subject. I will be a good girl and only pick
you up where and when you want me. She pulled a
business card from her bodice and handed it to
David. It smelled of her perfume and indentified
her as Juliette Brown Exotic dancer and there was a
cell-phone number on it.

       Juliette asked David, "Would you like me to
give you a blow-job honey?"

       David blushed, "Sure."

       Juliette made a right turn at the next corner
and sped up as she drove the boy in the opposite
direction of his home. As she drove the small sports
car down the street she reached over with her right
hand and rubbed the front of Davis's jeans. She
said, "I just love white bread honey and you have
such a nice tool for mama to suck on. I hope you
don't hold what the others did against me."

       David asked, 'Who was that big asshole that
rapped me?"

       Juliette said softly, 'That was my manager. He
does like to get some of my action."

       David, though for a moment before saying, "I
never saw a cock that large before."

       Juliette laughed, "Nothing but the best for
Mama, honey. I do think Morgan made an impression
on you. Would you like to have a party with him

       David felt his sphincter pucker. He was afraid
to tell her the truth. "Maybe another time."

       Juliette looked at the side of his face and then
focused on the road. She drove them to a
condominium with underground parking. She led the
teenager to the elevator and pressed the second
floor button. She was getting out her keys as she
led him to the door to her apartment. When they
entered David took in the place quickly. The place
looked like a hooker's crib. The place was painted in
shades of lavender. The carpet was purple. The
furniture was white leather. The glass coffee table
was on a strong base chrome steel and the top was
thick laminated smoky glass.

       Juliette asked him if he would like a drink.
David was not about to get drunk again. "Just a
glass of ice tea if you please for me, I'm in training."

       Juliette smiled as she gave him a wet kiss on
the cheek. She headed for the kitchenette and
returned with two tall iced glasses of tea. She
handed him one as she curled up one leg and sat on
it. She did that deliberate to show off her legs
covered by dark nylons.

       They hardly spoke while they drank their tea.
Eventually Juliette sat her sweating glass down on a
cork coaster that had the name of a nightclub on it.
She took David's glass away from him and sat his
glass on another coaster that had another
nightclub's name on it. She took hold of his face
with her hands and kissed him.

       The kiss was very erotic and she sucked on his
tongue until he stuck it in her mouth. She was
running her hands all over his hard body. She
unbuttoned his shirt to expose his square chest
covered with freckles. There was no hair on his
chest. She bent over and sucked on his nipples.
While she pulled at the top of his jeans she lifted
her head and whispered, "I just love strong, young,
white boys. I just wish I had found you when you
were about ten."

       David felt his cock straining at the tight
fitting jeans. Juliette got them open and saw his
white boxer shorts. The fly was open and she saw
the pink meat and red pubic hair. She unsnapped the
shorts and bent over to suck his cock. While she
was sucking she struggled to pull his jeans and
shorts out from under his ass.

       David was running his own hand over the back
of Juliette. The breasts looked like a young woman's
and David knew they had to be falsies because he
had seen her flat chest before. He wondered how
she hid her cock so well. It turned out she used
some theatrical glue to paste her cock between the
cheeks of her ass. Her cock may not have been very
big around but it was sure long enough to reach the
back of David's throat.

       Juliette kept her nylons and high heels on. She
just left sexier that way. She sucked David until he
rewarded her with a mouth full of cum. They
lounged around until David could get another hard-
on. Juliette lay on top of the glass coffee table so
that David could see everything. She lifted one leg
and reached between her legs to guide his cock into
her asshole. David fucked her until he came again.
She told him she had to get to work so they cleaned
up and she drove him to his front door.

       His mother saw the sexy looking girl that
dropped him off. All she said, "Be careful honey."
You're too young to have a family and a mixed
marriage is hard to make work. He told her not to
worry. He was not going to have a family in the near
future. That was all that was said.

       The rest of the week was just school, practice,
studying and home. The game on Friday was the last
preseason game. The school they played was from
another league and a larger school. Their school had
about 3,000 students and the team they played that
week had close to 12, 000 students. Their bench
looked like a college team. David and his team were
apprehensive about their chances of winning. Before
the game started the coach told them, "They can
only put 11 men on the field at one time. As long as
you play your game and make fewer mistakes you can

       The game got nasty when they started clipping
and punching them when they made contact. The
refs didn't see anything. The coach had to tell them
not to punch back because the refs would see the
retaliation. David dropped back for pass blocking
and when the defensive end came across the line he
drove his helmet into the guy's knee. The guy went
down grasping his knee in pain. The other bench was
crying foul but again the refs didn't see anything.
The guy had to be helped off the field. When the
replacement came in David made like he was going
down field without touching him and then drove his
knee between the guy's legs. He trapped his leg and
rolled into him taking him down and as he rolled over
his body he deliberately brought his elbow down on
the guy's throat. Even if he didn't make contact
with the guy's nuts his elbow made sure he could not
breathe. The guy struggled to stay in the game but
was totally ineffective the rest of the night. They
just ran off right tackle the rest of the night
picking up 5 yards at a time. The game was no
contest and the team felt like they could go
undefeated the rest of the season.

       David went with his teammates to a party to
celebrate. He necked with a few of the horny girls.
He even felt them up and masturbated a couple. He
knew that he could have fucked some of them but
his cock was hard for a different black ass. He split
from the party early. As soon as he was on the
street he called Juliette. She answered her cell
phone and gushed about how excited she was that
they had won but she was working until 2 a.m. She
told him that if he wanted to party to stay where he
was and she would send a car to pick him up.

       It was no more than ten minutes before a black
limousine pulled up to the curb and Juliette's
manager got out of the driver's side and asked, "You
must be David. Juliette told me to pick you up and
show you a good time."

       David was reluctant to get in a car with the
guy that had raped him. The guy acted like he didn't
remember doing it to him. He eventually got into the
car and they headed to the nightclub where Juliette
was working. They entered off stage so that the
patrons could not see him and he watched Juliette
do her strip show. The drunks were shouting
encouragement for her to take it off. Most of them
knew that he was not a girl but there were some men
that had no idea she was a man. When she turned
her back to them and shook her sexy butt at them
they hooped and hollered until she turned around to
face them. She had on opera gloves and she covered
her chest with one arm and the other hand covered
her crotch. The new guys in the audience were
shocked when she dropped the arm covering her
chest and they saw the flat chest. When Juliette
reached between her legs and pulled out the cock
and scrotum the place went quiet for a second
before the place erupted in applause as Juliette
jacked-off in front of them. The guy that looked
the most embarrassed sitting at one of the front
tables got showered with Juliette's white cum.

       When she came off stage she kissed David and
gave his cock a little pat. She turned to her
manager and said take us home as soon as I get
something on. She just used a towel to dry her
sweating body and stepped into her sexy panties
after pulling her cock back between her legs. She
gathered up her discarded costume and put it in a
locker in the communal dressing room. The other
drag queens all had something to say about her new
boyfriend. As she wrapped a dress around her body
and used a sash cord to tie it closed. The last thing
she did was take a cigarette from a pack on the
dressing table and lit it with a match before she
slipped her arm through David's arm and let them to
the exit door.

       Her manager drove them home and came
upstairs with them. When they got out of the limo
she flipped her cigarette butt in the direction of a
drain as she practically dragged David into the
elevator along with the manager.

       David was getting nervous. Juliette said,
"Morgan, you can't rape David as she kissed David's
chin unless he want you to, honey. Then she kissed
the big black manager on the cheek too. All the big
guy did was grunt.

       She set about getting David naked and played
with his cock and balls before she turned her
attention to Morgan. She undressed him too.

       David was impressed because he looked even
larger than before. The guy had to eight at least
325 pounds and there was hardly any fat on him.
That black cock looked even longer that before.
Juliette was soon sitting while she was kissing him.
She flopped on her back and lifted her legs to so
avis her nasty hole. She had Morgan bring her some
KY so she could grease up her asshole and David's
cock. When she was ready she pulled him by the
cock until his cock was pressed against her asshole.
David shoved his hip forward and watched as his
white cock disappeared into the black hole.

       David was moaning while he fucked Juliette's
ass. He forgot about Morgan watching what was
going on. Juliette's hands were clawing his back with
the painted nails. She crocked one finger to beckon
Morgan to approach. When he was behind David
Juliette grasped that long tool and rubbed it up and
down David's sweating butt cheeks.

       When David felt the knob rubbing his asshole
he could not believe how horny he felt. He begged
Morgan to make the itching go away.

       Morgan obliged by using the KY to grease
himself up and then using his greasy fingers to ream
David's asshole. When Morgan shoved his cock into
David's ass, David could not believe how much cum
squirted up Juliette's ass. Morgan held onto his hips
and fucked him for a long time before he squirted
his cum into him.

       Juliette kissed his face and assured him that it
was alright for him to enjoy being fucked as long as
he gave her his cum too.

       His mother knew about the results of the game
and knew he would be celebrating with his buddies.
She did not expect him home. When the limo pulled
up in front of the house and he got out of the car
after kissing the girl she opened the door and invited
David to bring in his friend. There was nothing to do
but invite Juliette in to meet his mother. Juliette
got out of the car and took his arm and walked
proudly up the walk to greet the woman.

       As soon as his mother took Juliette's hand she
knew this was not a teenager from school. She
looked at least 30-years old. She offered them
coffee and she talked to them for awhile. When
David excused himself to go pee his mother leaned
over and asked, "What do you see in my son? You
look far too sophisticated to be dating a teenager."

       Juliette said, "I just love your son honey."

       "I thought that David was fooling around with
a girl from school. I was going to warn you about
what could happen, but now I feel foolish about even
talking about the subject. I assume the two of you
have been having sex and you know how to prevent
any unwanted pregnancy?"

       Juliette chuckled. "You don't have to worry
about that my dear."

       David's mother assumed, by her response, like
it was out of the question because she was infertile
for some reason. It would have been indelicate to
ask. She had no idea that she was talking to a drag
queen. She felt relieved that her son was being
introduced to sex by an experienced woman. She
figured at some point the woman would tired of her
son and move on. She cushioned Juliette not to
break her son's heart when she was ready to move on
to a new relationship. Juliette kissed her and
assured her that David would be a better man for
knowing her.

       When she left David's mother was pleased with
her son for being so sexy. She invited him to bring
Juliette home for dinner some time. He was a little
amused as he wondered what she would think if she
ever saw Juliette's cock.

       The season was very successful that year.
They won their league and went on to the state
finals. They did well but lost in the semifinal game.
The team was still local heroes. The colleges were
lining up to court the seniors to sign letters of
intent to go to their school.

       David talked it over with Juliette and William.
He could have stayed at a local college but he was
offered a great deal to go to the University of
Miami. They have a great football program and he
would fit in with a team dominated by black players.

       When he arrived on campus all of the other
guys and girls figured he was black because he was
coming from a school that was almost all black by
reputation. Some even figured he must have some
black in his blood even if he looked so white. He did
associate with the black teammates all of the time.
He went to parties with them and even dated some
of the black girls. He was always the perfect
gentleman on dates. He didn't force himself on them
at all. He deliberately dated the most religious girls
because he didn't want to have to give them excuses
for not trying to get in their panties.

       There were times when Juliette and Morgan
would come down and spend a weekend with him.
When they did it was one big fuck fest. David loved
it when Morgan fucked him while forcing his own
cock into Juliette's ass. There was talk about him
becoming a pro football player until his junior year
when a defensive lineman from Florida State
deliberately smashed his knee, effectively ending his
football days.

       David became Juliette's manager. He had
blossomed at Miami to a 335 pound offensive
lineman. He struggled to keep his weight under 275
after that. His father had retired from the Navy
and become a drunk. He had been one all along but
had never been around long enough to become
obnoxious. His mother had divorced his father and
visited David in Florida. She was there long enough
to find out that Juliette was not a girl. She
reconciled herself to not having grandchildren. She
became best friends with Juliette and even accepted
that David had to have sex with other men that
would fuck him in the ass while he was fucking

       She even got a sexual thrill out of watching her
son and Juliette having sex with a third party
fucking David.

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