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Nifty - Transgender - She Male - Shemales Slave

Date: Fri, 23 Oct 2009 09:53:26 -0700 (PDT)
From: John Nail <>
Subject: I am a Shemale's Slave Transgender/Shemale

Any transgender ladies who like this story can comment at

I live here to serve a shemale and I know the role. I am not a sissy
dresser or anything like that and she is not rough on me but whenever she
wants to fuck me or wants me to suck her cock I do it and if she wants to
watch her shemale friends pleasure themselves on me I let them do it.

I have been living with her since I was six when my parents died in a car
accident and since she was my godmother so to speak she became my legal

Nothing happened until I was 12 and I walked into the bathroom and she got
up from the toilet and she was pulling up her panties. I was about to walk
out but I saw her cock and it was about 7".

I said," I didn't think girls had cocks."

Instead of quickly pulling up her panties she lowered the toilet lid and
sat down.

She said," Most girls don't but there are girls like me who were born as
boys but really are girls in boy's bodies. Do you understand?"

I said," I think so."

I was drawn to her cock and I started touching it.

She said," Go ahead explore it. There are men who loves girls like us.."

I bent foward and started sucking it and she leaned back and moaned.

I loved the taste of it and I kept sucking it and I felt her cock buck in
my mouth and than felt and tasted her cum for the first time.

She said," How do you like that? Now don't tell anybody about this some
people won't understand."

I nodded and said," I understand."

She said," Now, if you want to you can sleep with me and I think we can
pleasure each other. As you know you can't neglect your studies."

I said," OK."

Well, we went through our normal Saturday routine, going through town and
going to the park and Saturday evening I was sitting beside her watching

I said," I want to sleep with you naked tonight and find out what girls
like you like to do with boys like me."

She said," Hmmmm, Now I do I have one condition."

I said," What is that?"

She said," If we do this I want you to remember your body and mouth will be
mine and from now on when you come home you will stay naked. I have
girlfriends who come over who are like me and if they want you to suck
their cocks or they want to pleasure themselves on your body you will let

I said," I will do that."

She said," Good now let's go to bed I think you will like this."

We went into the bedroom and she stripped naked and after I stripped naked
she laid me down on the bed and lubed my crack. I felt pressure as she
pushed her cock inside my opening. It hurt but I didn't resist and she
kept pushing until I felt her balls on my cheeks.

She whispered," I am going to plant my seed inside you."

She laid there as my ass adjusted to the intrusion than she pulled 3/4s the
way out and than shoved it back in. She fucked me for an hour and I was
loving the feeling of her cock. Than all of a sudden I felt her cock buck
and than she flooded me with her seed.

She said as her cock was softening," Your life has changed now."

I felt my lids get heavy and than I fell asleep with Jodie spooning me
knowing I am now hers.

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Nifty - Transgender - She Male - Shemales Slave