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Nifty - Transgender - She Male - What Is Your Name

Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2012 07:02:43 -0700 (PDT)
From: The Kestrel Kid <>
Subject: What is your name?

"What is your name?"
April 2012

shemale, TM, TTm, anal, oral, rimming, first time

Notes: Not for underaged people. Hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed
writing it.


He couldn't believe his luck. He was only on his second drink and he was
talking it up to this tall goddess of a woman. tall dark and gorgeous with
a long mane of black hair cascading down her back. she had a foriegn accent
he couldn't quite place and a habit of brushing up against him with her
breasts. not a small man, she still stood over him in her heels.

he mentioned his luck to the bartended as he got another round, but the
bartended bantered back with a smile "are you picking her up or is she
picking you up?"

he was letting this sink in when she told hom "drink up. lets go have fun
at my place.'

"ok..." he said suprised by her forward nature.

as thhey walked out she asked "you don't mind if my roommate is there? she
didn't feel like comming out tonite. plus she is really into 'watching' if
you know what i mean. i think you'll really like her."

"sure, sounds fine..." he said as his voice trailed off, not sure what he
stumbled into.

as they got outside the bar he realized he didn't even know who this
beautiful woman was.

"what is your name?" he asked.

"naomi" she replied softly.

"beautiful name, naomi" he said.

"thank you" she smiled.

As they walked around the block to her place, he was thinking this
over. She is inviting me back for a three way? am i getting set up or is
this just my lucky day?

"We're here" she said as they entered a high-end condo building. this put
him at ease. they took a keyed elevator to her apartment. she shared the
top floor with another apartment, absolutely gorgeous place with amazing
views out into the city. he was soaking it in when he noticed her roommate
was there. a lovely, petite asian girl with big eyes and a soft smile.

"look what i found, sasha?" she said

"you do have good taste naomi." sasha replied. then turning her attention
to him, sensing his unease she said "don't worry we don't bite. Now, lets
get naked and smoke some weed."

the girls striped down to their bra and panties, so he left his boxers on
as they passed a joint around. sufficiently buzzed, naomi leaned over to
him and made the first pass, planting a big wet open-mouth kiss on his

"oh yeah, lets get this party started!" said sasha, providing a little
play-by-play. "look naomi, he is getting hard already. you do know how to
pick 'em. he has such a nice booty. god, i can't wait to fuck the shit out
of him. "

wow, was sasha forward he thought. he and naomi were intertwined in a long,
deep kiss, with hands groping his crotch and her breast. his boxers and her
bra were history.

in between their deep kisses naomi said to him in a deep throaty voice
"blow me"

"what?" he replied quizzically, not sure he heard her right.

"i said blow me bitch" naomi repeated more forcefully. "get down on your
knees and suck my dick"

"wow" he thought, she is letting her domme side out. she must want her
pussy licked something bad.

she gave him a firm push down on his shoulders, easing him down, fully
naked, to his knees. she grabbed the back of his head and forced it into
her pantied crotch. he enjoyed her scent as she gyrated her hips against
his face, but something didn't feel right up against his nose and
lips. just as he was thinking "what the ..." she pulled her panties down
and her big black cock flopped down across his face.

"uh, i, uh didn't ..." he stammerred.

"shut up bitch and suck some dick" naomi said.

"but i'm not gay, i don't suck cock. i didn't know you were .... you had
... a dick" he blubberred.

"don't worry, a lot of straight guys suck cock, isn't that right sasha"
naomi said as she traced around his face with her growing member.

"don't worry straight boy. it's not gay. she is a girl who happens to have
a cock. she not a guy, right?" sasha replied.

his mouth had opened up slightly when she said this and naomi took the
opportunity to shove her semi hard cock into his mouth. "uhg" was all he
could muster. he enjoyed the feel and taste of her supper soft cock skin on
his lips and tounge immediately.

"yes, straight guys are the best." sasha said as she watch his head bobbing
in and out of naomi's crotch.

"WATCH, the teeth!" naomi said looking down on her boy.

"sorry," he said, now trying his best to get her hard. He didn't know why,
but for some reason he really wanted to please her right now. he took in
deeper and deeper amounts of her large cock as he had seen girls do to
him. he gagged and kept going, his eyes watering with each gag. the more
cock he took down his throat, the harder he was getting.

naomi pull out and sat him down on the couch. she stood on the cushions and
straddled his face, feeding him her cock. "that's right bitch. suck my
cock. suck my cock like you were born to do, you fucking whore." as she
talked it made him harder as well. he then felt sasha fondling his balls,
stroking his cock, then sucking his cock. taking his whole cock in her
mouth in one gulp! he never had a girlfriend do that before.

"this was fucking hot" he thought.

he continued to suck more and more cock, deeper and deeper. gaging as he
went. his eyes completely tearing up. "that's right bitch, gag on my
cock. you're just a perfect bottom bitch for me and my girl sasha." naomi

he then felt sasha lift his legs high in the air and her tounge attack his
asshole. Wow! it was the best thing he had ever felt. sasha continued to
rim him and finally came up for air "boy, do you have a sweet tight pussy,
don't you boy." she said.

"we are going to enjoy tapping that, aren't we sasha?" namoi
replied. "bitch, we are going to tag team you and fuck that tight little
pussy of yours"

he was a little exhausted when naomi got off him and he let her get him up
and bend him over the arm of the sofa, his legs on the floor, his face in
the cushions and his ass high in the air. he never felt so exposed in his
life. he didn't know why he let them have their way with him, except that
so far this was the best sex he'd ever had, and he hadn't even seen any
pussy. at that point it wasn't a suprise to see sasha's cock in his
face. he knew what she wanted without being told. he started sucking
her. she was smaller than naomi's monster dick, but still bigger then his
average 7" cock.

"that's right boy. get me hard so i can fuck that tight little pussy of
yours." sasha said.

as he sucked sasha, naomi was fingering his wet ass and stroking his
cock. naomi rubbed his prostate with such strong deep pressure, he thought
he would come right there, even when she wasn't stroking his cock. he had
had women finger his ass in the past, rubbing his g-spot, but it was
nothing like this. he could tell the way she fingered him, she wanted to
fuck him, and fuck him hard. the thought of that both scared and excited

"but i though you said it wasn't gay to suck cock?" he said sheepishly.

"don't worry, this is not gay" sasha said and she moved behind him, lubing
up his ass and her cock, preparing to mount his virgin ass. "a lot of
straight guys take up the ass"

"uh, ok" he said as he felt the head of her cock push inside him.

"ugh" he growned as the pain shot from his anal intruder.

"don't worry, baby" sasha said soothingly "it'll start to feel great in no
time" she stroked his back as she slowly pushed her self all the way inside

"ugh. oh, oh that hurts, stop" he said in vain.

"don't worry, baby" sasha continued between erotic gasps
"it. will. feel. great. soon" then she started to fuck him. in and
out. slowly. she kept gasping between pumps.

"oh, ah" she grabbed his hips for leverage and started to really pump his

by this time the pain was a distant memory and each pump of her cock rubbed
against his g-spot making him moan like a girl.

"that right girl, fuck his tight little pussy" naomi smiled.

"tight is right, i think i'm gonna cum" sasha replied. "oh, oh, oh
yesssssssss" she yelled as she came deep inside him.

"that's it, breed his faggot ass. let him know who's boss. got that bitch?"
naomi said as she leaned down and looked him in the eye.

his eyes could barely meet hers, as he let her words sink in. sasha pulled
out with a plop and he felt her cum drip out of his pussy and down the
inside of his thigh, wait did he just think that's his ass was his pussy?

"wait, did you just call me a faggot" he asked naomi.

"well lets see," naomi said as she walked around to take sasha's place at
the entrance to his no-longer-virgin ass. "you've been sucking cock and
getting fucked in the ass for the last hour, isn't that what little faggots
do? hmm?" and with that she impaled her large tool inside of him.

dispite being drilled by sasha, naomi's cock was so much bigger it made his
gasp. but naomi wasn't listening to his feeble protests. she just started
going at it with longer deeper strokes than sasha.

"that's right bitch, take my cock. take all of it. balls
deep. slap-slap-slap. balls on balls slapping. you are mine. my bitch. this
is my pussy i am fucking. give it to me. take it, take it like the bitch
you are" naomi said in the dirtiest monolouge he ever heard as their hips
and balls banged together and she continued to fuck him like ten-dollar

he was moaning uncontrollably now. completely lost in this fucking. a
fucking of a lifetime. in this one night he was changed forever. he would
need to fucked like this for the rest of his life. images of tits and pussy
flashed in his eyes, but what he really needed, he realized in that
instance was to be taken and fucked like a bitch in heat.

" oh i'm cuming bitch, i'm cuming" naomi said. as she said that he felt
sasha's mouth wrapped around his cock and he blew his load down her throat.

after naomi dismounted him, he rolled over and was met with a deep kiss
from sasha as she passed his cum from her mouth to his. he had cum so hard
he was seeing stars.

as he regained his composure naomi had returned with a bunch of cold beer,
they all sipped in silence for a while.

"that was amazing" he said to the girls.

"so....... it's not so bad having 'gay-sex' is it?" naomi asked him with a

"no, its kind of great actually" he said.

"don't worry, i can still be your girlfriend" sasha said sweetly "you can
take me around and hang with all your straight friends and then I can take
you home and fuck you silly.' she joked.

"ahmen to that." he said.

they laughed and joked and all agreed that they had to do this again
sometime soon.

eventually naomi turned and looked at him quizzically.

"I forgot to ask, what is your name?"

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Nifty - Transgender - She Male - What Is Your Name