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Nifty - Transgender - Teen - Beverly The Teenage T Girl

Date: Sat, 6 Sep 2008 08:27:07 -0500
From: pensuwana lacrox <>
Subject: Beverly the teenager T girl

just another story from a lesbian who has no experiecnes with T girls,
although as an escort, I have had a very few, so the subject fascinates
me, hope you like this one. like all my stories she's a prue winner,
better than any man alive...teeheehee

Although we weren't a wealthy family, we were very well to do, they
couldn't have children so I am adopted, and as I got older my folks tried
to give me the things I showed an interest in, such as voice, musical
instruments, as well as dance, and martial arts, learning quickly and
going to matches, getting my Expert Rating in Aikido far too young, but
opting for music and dance because of their gracefulness and I really
hate to cause harm to any one. As I became even older, it was apparent I
was not going to be a large boy, possibly not even average, but little,
having reached 4-10 and weighing only 78 lbs, so as a result of that, and
me being rather smart, and skipped 2 grades both of which made me not
only 2-3 years younger then all the other kids, but my size caused me to
be pretty well left out of much of anything except I was in choir, in
which I sing alto standing next to Connie, which in it self is
embarrassing enough, but too high a voice for the boys glee club. No one
in my grade was my size, but taller, and heavier, and being so much
younger too so I have nearly no friends at school.

Next door is a sweet girl who is 2 years older than I, but has such a
nice way about her mom let me play with her when we were younger, and she
also took care of me when my folks went out of town, which they did often
on the week ends. As she got older she was pursuing boys, I thought and
me being shy and actually frightened of girls, we were together much
less. Their name is Joseph, she's Constance Ann, her mom, Helen, her dad
sorry to say, in prison for statutory rape, he choice poor Connie, and
for a few years she lived in dread fear knowing any night he'd come in to
her room and rape her more, but she is alright, & plays drums, piano,
violin, and guitar and all she could talk about is one day she's going to
put together a rock group.

our name, is Von Henningsburg, I'm Beverly Kimber, where in hell my folks
ever got that name is beyond me, for at least one of my names would have
been nice if it had been a boys name, mom is Louise, and daddy is Henry.
Connie and I started playing together when I was very young, as well as
her baby setting me and grew to be very close friends. Grade school
wasn't hard for me, I was still too young for any one to see that I
really am different, but by jr. high it changed as other boys started
seeing that I acted too much like a girl, and was actually a sissy who
never went out for sports, or stood up for myself, but walked or ran the
other way to avoid problems with other boys, I started realizing my
sexuality then, and day dreamed of not fucking girls, but having a neat
looking boy letting me suck his cock, and after a year went by and I
hadn't grown any taller my parents then saw I was really going to be a
small person, but then mom is only 5-4, daddy but 5-8, so me at 4-10 foot
isn't really such a different thing. What was, is my hair, facial
features, body build, voice pitch, with seems to be a high alto and
above, for I never went through a voice change as all boys do. Connie
always did excite me, she was a great looking girl, and one time when we
were talking she says, "There are so many things about you that are
feminine, it's silly that you are actually a boy."

"I know Connie and you are the only person who doesn't give me a bad time
over it, I really like you Connie, I just wish we could have something
more in common...but you probably like larger boys, more aggressive guys."

"Beverly, I don't like boys at all, after my father got done with me I
never want another man to touch me, you're the only male I ever have any
close contact with, and I would enjoy trying to become even closer to
you, for you are so feminine, I can't believe we wouldn't hit it off
nicely in a sexual relationship, but 1st honey you've got to be willing,
and as of now you're still a timid little girl, but very soon your needs
will over come your fears, then my sweet I'll be waiting for you, can I
kiss you Beverly." "Well...yes, oh fuck this is going to scare the shit
right out of me."

It was a sweet tender little kiss, that damn near causes me to come in my
pants. And since Connie saw my cock get hard, she puts her hand on my
cock and that did it, bang, and the front of my pants are creamed with my
own cum, as Connie says, "Holy shit, you're really hot, are you always
this close to coming."

"You're the first person I've ever been this close to, and you excite me
so much."

"I caused this let me help you clean it up some, so you can at least get
back in the house."

After we did our best getting back in the house where I could change was
a real trick.

While I thought I bordered on being a fairy , frightened of girls except
for Connie and too frightened and embarrassed to find a boy, I didn't
feel like a queen, but I wanted to be a real girl, so I played at it,
dressing in some of mom's old cloths, experimenting with her make up,
combing my hair to look more feminine, so by the time I'm entering high
school my greatest pleasure is dressing in mom's old cloths, putting her
make up on, studying her glamour magazines for better ways to look
sensuous, and leaning to smoke because I think it looks so sexy,
especially now since when my folks leave for a week end, I can be alone,
always making some weak excuse as to why I can't go with them, propping a
full length mirror up so I can watch my self, I jack off like crazy,
sucking on a banana, some times with a cucumber up my asshole, as little
by little I build special toys for myself, like a 8 inch rubber hose
attached to a board, that I set on and move up and down pretending I'm
being fucked in my ass, attaching another to a board and acting as if I'm
also sucking a cock, while I masturbate like a mad sex starved woman
being triple fucked. Sensuously smoking; learning to slowly exhale my
smoke so it sensuously clears my lips, and drifts up my face, all while,
frightened to death of ever actually having a real peter in my mouth.
Then when I'm ready to come, I curve my spin so much I can suck my own
cock and ejaculate between my lips, which gives me a hell of an orgasm on
top on my ejaculation. Then one week end I though mom and dad had gone
out of town so I really got into dressing as sexy as I knew how, and
since mom and I were so close in size, it was easy, after applying make
up, styling my hair I pretended to be a regular house wife, and cooked
myself a dinner, got some wine, and ate, after setting in the living room
the cloths finally having gotten me to mother fucking horny I couldn't
stand it, I started diddling myself, as I sensuously smoked a cigarette,
for some reason I started feeling like some one was watching me, so I got
up and started looking around, not finding any one I then went in my room
and really got into jacking off with my one dildo up my ass, moving my
pelvis so it would fuck me, then suddenly, mom is there leans over and
kisses my bright red lipstick covered lips a says, "Beverly you look
absolutely too irresistible for words." Umpteen things happened in my
mind at once, fear, being discovered, if dad was here too, what mom
really wanted to do to me, and excitement that I'd been forced out of the
closet, as I weakly ask, "Why are you here, I thought you went with dad."

"Never mind that now, let me look at you, stand up, and turn around for
me...oh darling, my god you do look so adorably a tiny, cute
little way."

The most embarrassing thing was pulling the dildo out of my ass as I
stood up, but mom didn't seem to even look at it, so then I ask, "You're
not discouraged that I am a cross dresser, and really want to be a girl
instead of a boy."

"Sweetie, your father and I have known you felt this way for some time
now, how many men have you been with."

"None, I'm too frightened to try."

"Tell you what let me redo your make up just a little there are a few
changes I'll make, see what you think...and also that bra, you need far
more padding, and up lift." After mom gets done with me, I look in a
mirror, and say, "Oh...mother you are so right, I do look much better now."

"Yes...if I do say so myself, you look, as I said, good enough to
say no one has ever fucked you yet...we really should do something to bring
you out."

"Mom...why are you doing this, we're son and mother, is this right."

"My precious little darling boy, I never want to see you hurt, and if I'm
the one who brings you out, I know at least you'll not be harmed be me."
"But you're a woman, not a man."

"Darling I watched you today, and heard you, with that kind of
imagination we can do this easily, now 1st a nice stiff drink and we'll
set talking for a time, I want you to tell me how long it took you to get
yourself looking so delicious."

As we had a cigarette and drink I tell mom, "I started playing around
with your old cloths a few years ago, my 1st attempts with make up were
terrible, I looked like a tramp and had an awful getting it right, but
now I see I did not even have it right then, I've never been satisfied
with my figure, no matter how hard to try, I just can't seem to look like
a real female."

"That's because you are so little, no real hips or breasts, your waist is
small enough, but to have a woman's figure you've got to have an ass and
tits...and we can fix that so easily, either with a padded body suite or
if you really want to look that way bad enough to always have them."
"What do you mean all the time."

"With all the new things they've come up with simple injections will give
you larger cheeks on your ass and fuller breasts, your ass is no problem,
for many men have large asses, if it were me, I'd have my breasts
enlarged to a small A cup, that way wearing loose shirts with a tight T
shirt under it will cause you to look fine in public, and with a good
push up, well padded bra, like a young girl when the occasion arises. And
if you like, whenever you are home, with only your father and I."

"You've really got me confused, why would you do these things for
me...especially since I am your son and not daughter."

"Nature has done a nasty thing to you, causing you to be so tiny, with
most of your characteristics leaning toward feminism, and as far as your
father and I are concerned if you choose to go all feminine we are behind
you all the way...even to the point of a complete sex change operation,
even though you are rather young to make that decision."

"Oh no I haven't even considered that, an actual sex change...gee
mom...well...I just don't know."

"You should, there's nothing as wonderfully satisfying as being fucked in
my cunt, coming in a close 2nd is my double dildo, where I can fuck
myself and some one else, but for this we need a man, and I know from
hearing you as you got yourself sexually aroused, so Henry will you
please come in here now darling."

My dad walks in over to me, and leans close and gives me the most
passionate and warm, open lip, tongue filled kiss I'd ever received, then
says, "Your mother's right, you are delicious enough to fuck, but I want
you relaxed, so let's go down stares, have a few drinks, possibly some
dancing, then I'll show you what you have to look forward to."

Later as daddy is holding me in his arms as we dance around the living
room his hand resting on the cheek of my ass, he suddenly kisses me
again, and I melt in his arms, swooning to his expertise and ask, "Please
make love to me Henry, I do need you so very much."

Damn if he doesn't actually pick me up and carry me to their bedroom,
where he and mom begin undressing me, so when I'm practically nude with
enough booze in me so I've lost my fears, we start kissing and fondling
each other's cocks, tits, and my ass, until mom and I are reversed, as
she is sucking my prick, I try my 1st tonguing of a woman's cunt and
clitoris, while daddy forcibly powers his cock deep in my ass, the
initial shock causes me to scream, muffled by mom's cunt, but he doesn't
let up but fucks my ass almost brutally, and mom, gets her 1st of several
mouth full of my cum, while I'm damn near drowning in her pussy juices,
what seemed hours later daddy ejaculates and gushing, pulsating stream of
semen in my ass, falls on me, mom yells because of the weight, and I'm
still crying and moaning, humping my ass up and down, wanting more of
daddy's cock fucking my ass. Shortly daddy rolls off me, gasping as he
weakly says, "Damn Beverly, you are a hell of a wild piece of ass
honey...Phyllis are you alright darling."

"Wet, from my breasts to the top of my head, but other wise god
Bev do you ever run out of sexual need...and orgasms after you run out of

While daddy lights us cigarettes, I reply, "Having the two people fucking
me that I am in love with the can I possibly not be overly

So daddy tells us, "Well girls, I need another drink, and let's set for a

Then as he pulls out, he says, "Beverly your ass is really red, did I
hurt you that much."

"I enjoy the pain it keeps me orgasmic that's why I asked you to
rake your teeth across my cock as you sucked it."

They look at me like I've just said something bad, then mom asks, "You
actually get more pleasure if you are in pain as you are sexually
stimulated, but how did you do it since we're the 1st others to literally
fuck you."

"Putting larger things up my ass, squeezing my balls, tying string around
my scrotum poking a very small darning needle in my cock, the more the
pain, the more I cry, the more my orgasms are so wonderfully fulfilling
and intense I damn near pass out from this wrong."

Daddy kisses me with a soft sweet long warm kiss, then says, "You know
then you are a masochist, and some people are sadists who prey on poor
pain loving cross dressers and woman like you, let us get the ones who
will fuck you, at least for now."

Later we finally get sleepy enough and we fall peacefully asleep in that
position, the next morning mom tells me, let's just see if you really
want this, you saw what I did to your face make yourself up and dress
accordingly, I'll have breakfast ready for you. After washing my face, I
put on a simple base, light shadow, lipstick and blush, dress in a shirt
style full skirt dress, nylons and 3 inch heels. As I walk into the
kitchen, mom seeing me says, "Well done, you look very nice, and you
haven't over done yourself at all, perhaps you are ready to try this."

So as we eat, I ask, "I some how have a feeling you're pushing me into
feminism is there a special reason for this."

"No darling I am not, but you do look so lovely as a girl...and your father
an I wanted so much for you to be a girl, then when we realized you were
leaning toward being feminine, which is really a dead end way of .life,
because...well who really wants to spend the rest of their lives being
fucked in their ass, and really darling aggressive gay men are real
asshole bastards that take pleasure in hurting little queens like you.
This is why we feel as we do, because your father and I would much rather
you become a female and live nice, even with a good man if you choose...or
woman, now darling here's the kicker, any doctor will want you to live as
a woman for at least a year before they'll do the surgery." "Mom, how can
I finish school as a girl when I'm not."

"My advise is to graduate, then start dressing and acting the part, next
fall we'll enroll you at Berkley as a female...or shit there you can dress
and act as you please, no one cares any more. But start dressing this way
during the time you are home now."

Then daddy tells me, "Beverly my little love, you finally come into your
reality...come here darling and give daddy a big kiss."

Wanting him so badly, I really lay a whopper on his lips, then mom kisses
him, saying, "Even over Beverly's lipstick you taste great honey, you're
back early, did it go well."

"Great, we got the contract, but I'm more interested in who I see here in
Beverly, so Phyllis, tell me." "Well 1st we'd better tell Beverly,
sweetheart we knew you were wearing my cloths when we left for week ends,
so we decided I'd stay to see how you looked and how you felt about your
sexuality and you were right Henry, she does want to live as a female
until we can have the surgery."

Then coming very close mom kisses my lips, as she says, "Don't you my

"Yes after hearing my alterative I'll never get close to one of those gay
men. But what about Connie, we have such a close and warm relationship."

"Have the two of you ever fucked."

"No but she kissed me once and I came in my pants."

"Well darling you may wish to be a female but the way you did me last
night, you may just be a woman loving women, which there's nothing wrong
with that either, so while we are gone a few week ends from now you can
easily stay with Helen and Connie. Also I'd better call Helen and have
her see you now, so she's not wondering when you go there dressed as a

"I'm going there dressed like this."

Daddy diddles my cock as he smiles and tells me, "Baby, if you want to
become looking and acting like a female you might at well begin now, of
course we think you've got the looking down very well. Now get yourself
looking too sensuous to pass by, then we'll call Helen and have her and
Connie come over to see you, so later, they comes in and at most at once,
Helen asks, "Phil who is this lovely young lady you've got here."

Mom smiles as she says, "Look closer Helen, see if you can't tell us."

So after looking me over good, she says, "No, I don't believe I know this
gorgeous young woman."

So I say, "Mrs. Hanson, it's me, Beverly."

"OH...MY... GOD, it is...Connie look at Beverly have you ever seen such an
adorable looking young woman."

Connie comes close, and kisses my lips sweetly, and then says, "I see I
awoke something the other day."

Then mom asks, "Henry and I are going to a fashion show in a week, may
Beverly stay with you two."

Helen replies, "Of course she can, we'd love to have her, wouldn't we

"Are you going completely into cross dressing Beverly."

"Not until School is out, I sure can't finish dressed like this."

So a few weeks later, as my folks were to be gone on a 4 day business
trip and had me staying at Connie's, more for Helen to make sure I didn't
wander around alone and at least had Connie for company, so while we were
sleeping in different rooms, of course, and her mom was out on a date, as
we talked, Connie, who has gotten to the point she teases me a lot about
my feminine names, either calling me Beverly baby, or Kimberly sweetie,
asks, "Kimberly darling...have you put any more thought into what we talked

"Yes, and I think I'm ready."

So she pulls me to her and kisses me so sexy, my peter starts getting
hard, as she gets even wilder with her kissing and starts diddling my
peter, puts my hand on her pussy, as she says, "Finger fuck me baby."
"Please Connie, you're scaring me."

"Well fuck, I know what'll relax you."

She lights a joint, takes a deep drag, hands it to me as she says,
"Inhale a few hits off this." I sheepishly reply, "You know I've never
smoked weed." "Double fuck, this is ending up being the hardest piece of
ass I've ever gone well as my 1st...ok this'll do it."

Connie sucks her mouth full of smoke, covers mine with hers as she holds
my nose forcing me to breath the smoke as she blows it in my mouth, after
a few of those, wow, do I ever feel strange, happy, relaxed, and easily
talked into anything, as Connie asks, "Are you going to do as I ask now,
or do I still have to force you."

Smiling, and actually laughing I say, "Lead on you beautiful
thing...whatever you want, I sure as shit will try to please you."

"Take off your PJs baby... now sweetie, let me show you the one thing that
gives me more pleasure then anything else...wait one mother fucking minute

Feeling my tits, she says, "Where did you get the hormones, to form
these, these aren't a males tits, they're women's, a very slender female
but holy fuck, Beverly you've got female tits."

"They started looking like that just last year, my nipples are kind of
big, and they are loose, aren't they."

Damn you sure are a girl, if ever I saw one. Now Get down between my
legs, if you feel around, you'll find my clitoris, a little knob like
thing that once you find it and diddle it, you'll know because it'll
drive me wild, flick that with your tongue, as you fuck my pussy with a
few fingers...if you do a good job, I may even jack you off."

Now too stoned to object, and even getting into this, Soon I am laying
between Connie's legs with my lips around her long black hair covered
pussy, tonguing her clitoris as I finger fuck her cunt, while Connie is
smoking another joint, blowing smoke in my face, and damn if as Connie
gets excited and having climax after climax, I don't ejaculate all over
her bed, and it was visible enough so she says, "You little bitch, you
came all over my fucking bed. Suck it out of the sheets."

" can I do that."

"Oh fuck we'll both suck it out."

When after with my cum all over our lips, Connie kisses me and smears my
cum all over my face. Then we shower and she diddles with me in there,
causing me to have an almost dry climax. for a few months every time
we're together after Connie gets me a little high on pot, she has me
tongue and finger fucking her pussy, but makes me wear a condom, so at
least when I come it isn't all over everything. Then one night, after
I've filled the condom Connie tells me, "Suck your cum out of the rubber
sweetie, I want to see if you like the taste...don't argue, do it or you
know what will happen."

Damn if it didn't taste good, and in my pot high, smiling I say, "It's
not as sweet as you but it isn't bad."

"Well that proves it, you're a mother fucking girl, and possibly a
lesbian too, like me." We spend the rest of the time together fucking
around like that, giving me confidence to want even more, but still my
longing is for my daddy or another man to fuck me. then something really
great happened, after wanting to form a rock band for years, Connie
actually got 2 other girls and they started playing in her basement, some
times Connie would let me come and listen to them, and over the next few
weeks their playing got real good, but no voice, as each one tried to
sing lead, none really could. One day at school during choir practice the
instructor asks me, "Beverly I want you to sing the verse solo, your alto
voice is just right for this, with the choir humming softly in the back
ground... And you've been doing this for a year now."

After I finished, she says, "What do you think people, let's do this
piece with John as Bass doing a verse Phillip, tenor doing one, Bev on
alto doing one also as all you girls back them up. As I walk out of
school that day, Connie, Fran and Harrington all three of the members of
the band stop me as Fran says, "Honey, you've got a hell of a great
voice...could we talk you into rehearsal with us tonight. You take that
semi- classical voice of yours and turn it into rock and roll and we've
got our group together."

"You want me as the lead singer in your group...Connie, do you agree with

The damn bitch walks close, kisses me, right there in front of god and
the kids as she says, "With your looks and voice, we'll be a hit wherever
we play, you're so mother fucking adorable, and little, the audience will
go nuts over you."

"Connie, you've always wanted an all girls band, where do I fit into
that." That's when Harrington says, "Girls in my car the rest of this is
kind of private, we'll take you home sweetie."

Feeling like a fairy, but with all the other guys wondering why a shrimp
like me rates 3 neat looking girls to ride with, I walk over to it and
get in, then as we drive, Connie tells me, "we all know you're more
female than male, you look so feminine naturally, and dressed as one of
us you'll pass as a girl...soooo...what do you if you have a
choice." " really wouldn't do this to me just for would.
We..." Fran then says, "Don't get apoplectic we don't know if you'll mix
with the rest of us, we don't have a gig, and before we do this, we'll
take you out to different places, with you dressed in drag to see if you
look as feminine as Connie seems to think you are. Please it
looks right now, we really need you, and Connie tells us you enjoy eating
pussy, so tonight you're going to eat us too, and I'm not proud, I'll
suck your little prick as you do me."

With time before Connie's mom gets home, as soon as we're in the
basement, Fran tells me, here me baby, and pull that little
pecker out so I can have some cream too."

"How do you expec..."

Harrington grabs me and forces me to the floor holds my arms, as she
says, "We all know you like to be pushed into doing this so here baby,
and Connie hold his legs...Fran here he is honey, and your dinner is hard
and stiff."

Finally freely giving in we have a hell of an oral sexual perverted great
time, especially after they force me to take a few hits off a joint, so
then after we go over a few numbers her mom comes down stares as she
asks, "Where did you ever find such a fabulous voice for your lead
singer...where d sh...Bev, was that dumb, of course it is, but does Bev fit into an all girl band."

Sheepishly Connie tells her, "Beverly has agreed to dress in drag and mom
looking at him don't you see a lot of femininity."

Helen shaking her head asks, "what does Louise have to say about her only
child, a boy, appearing in public pretending to be a girl...Bev you have
asked your mother haven't you."

"I really don't have to, she knows I dress in drag and when I'm home now
my parents encourage me to dress that way...they know my sexual preference
and want me to be pleased with my life."

" you've got to think of something better than that. Go home and
tell your parents and have Phyllis call me."

So home I go, and setting in the living room I say, "You know I went over
to Connie's to rehearse with also know Connie has put together
an all girl band, but has no lead, apparently every one, including our
music teacher believes I have an exultant alto voice..."

My dad speaks up, "So you're going to dress as a girl so you can be part
of Connie's band...well son, in looks you won't have any problem, but can
you act enough like one to pull it off in public after all you just
started dressing feminine a few weeks least you'll be with Connie,
and not some boys who might want to take unfair advantage of your

"Can you call Connie's mom so she'll relax about it."

"Poor Helen is thinking about the illegality of it are aware to
impersonate another sex is illegal but as far as I know only in public
for the purposes of seducing others, not you appearing on stage doing it.
So I'll phone Helen."

That taken care of we steamed ahead with our rehearsing. Then one day,
Fran tells me in school, "don't plan anything for this week end, we're
going to see what we can do in turning you into a vivacious looking
female then take you out to see if we've done it."

"I've got a better idea, come to my home later and see how you feel about
me then."

So after mom gets home I ask, "Mom will you do me so I look sensuously
too irresistible."

"What's the occasion."

"The girls want to be sure I look feminine enough."

"Well then we'll give them something to talk about, that's for sure."

By the time they come over I look so different, even I'm not sure I'm
looking at myself in the mirror. A mini dress that looks like it was
painted on me, make up to perfection, my hair beautifully done with a
side part, and bangs draping over my eyes past my eye brows, 5 inch
heels, and thigh high hose, the dress is so tight, my little tits stick
up and out of the top of it. So as I open the door, Fran, and Herrington
all ask, "May we see this really you...oh baby do you ever
look too fuckable for words...well are you ready."

Mom who was standing close says, "Connie I only know you, and have
trusted you with my little girl for some time now, if you tell me no men
near her, she can go with you."

"I won't lie to you, we're going to flirt like crazy, but Mrs. Von...we're
all men haters...if there is any sex at all it'll be between us."

"It's alright, mom Connie and I have made it before...we've been close
friends for so long I didn't think you'd be disappointed with me for
having sex with Connie."

There was almost a look of jealousy on mom's face as she says, "I've got
to hear more about this, all of you please come in, Henry darling will
you get us all a drink, please. Set girls tell me about why you are all
lesbians and at such an early age...except you, Connie I think I know

So Fran replies, "I'm Fran and when I was much younger a group of boys
raped me, terribly, I was only 8 years old, and after that I couldn't
even stand being in the same room with my father alone, fortunately for
me he was a bastard who my mother kicked out shortly after. My mom got a
woman lover who was so nice to me, and with my mother's consent made love
to me, I grew up loving her, and my mom, and no man has ever touchéd me
since those boys raped me."

Then Herrington tells mom, "As you see I'm rather large, well put
together but just a big girl, never liked boys, don't know why, was
introduced to lesbian sex when I was 10, by this great older woman who
was my parents house keeper...she was so sweet, and satisfying to me, why
look any further...since I'm bigger than the rest of us, and a hell of a
lot meaner, I can promise you, no one will touch our sweet Beverly,
besides being the best lead singer we could have ever found,
damn...Mrs...Von...she's so cute and's difficult for me to think of
her as really a male."

"Well," Replies mom, "It's only temporary after Beverly has lived as a
female for a year, which doctor ask, she'll become a full female, like
any of you, except she'll not have to put up with periods and
pregnancies. We've known for some time now Beverly was leaning toward
being gay, I will not let her live that kind of horror able life...Henry
and I have many gay men working with us, and they are without any doubt
in my mind the worse kind of person alive. The queens are foolishly too
over the top feminine, and the male counter parts are ruthless bullies,
the only ones we have ever seen who get alone well are queens living
together, liking what they do from one another...all oral sex, and when one
considers all the pleasurable things that can be done between two people
who are even just fond of each other, to only have oral sex as the union
between them, is in my mind weak."

"Wow," says Connie, "You sure do have strong feelings about this, Beverly
will really become a female, holy shit, that's great."

So we went out and soon were in this great cross dressing/gay/lesbian
club where we danced and drank all together too much and after staggering
out of there, in Herrington's car, Fran starts on me quickly, and before
long I'm between her legs kicking her pussy, so after she gets off
nicely, Connie has me do the same, and as I'm doing Fran she actually
sucks my prick, as I come several times, and her loving the taste of my
cum. The rest of the year goes by with us practicing numbers and getting
better, while at home every day I dress in very nice cloths, mom and I
went out and bought for me and put make up on, pretending to be a girl.
All of which had it's down side as well as up, for one thing the very
next day after mom and dad agreed to this, mom tells me, "Any daughter
with anything always help her mother in the house, so it's time you learn
house keeping, and cooking, so get into a simple dress, put on an apron
and watch me, and follow my lead."

So after I graduate, during the summer months, I'm their house keeper,
about a week into summer mom comes home early and seeing me working so
hard doing all she has given me to do, she says, "I think it's about time
for you to have breasts and a real females ass, let's go up stares and
get you ready to see Doc Williams, a personal friend of mine, I've told
him what I want done, he doesn't do changes just enhancements."

"Wow, already mom, it's only been a few months."

"Willy gave me an idea, if we push it, we may be able to get a doctor to
operate sooner, by making you more feminine now, by the time Willy is
done with you, the only thing you'll need done is that ugly, but so
suckably delicious thing that hangs between your legs removed."

I'm half excited and half frightened out of my wits as we walk in that
doctor's office, but as, `SHE', came in I seemed to relax easily, and
soon realized how sweet a woman she is, as Doc Williams tells me, "Well
my little Angel, when Phyllis gave me your sizes I did not think any one
so tiny could possibly do as adorably lovely as I now see you to be. 1st
some tests, then we'll get into the meat of why you are here." Later she
says, "You're only 16 and already enrolled at Berkley, in their fast
track program with a medical major...well I do like hearing that, we need
brilliant young women like you in this field."

Still later she tells mom, "Phil, we really should hold off on what you
want done, because my tests are coming up with strange yet, I
believe Beverly's height is locked into the battle that is going on
inside her little body between her male hormones and female hormones, so
let us 1st stop the male ones from causing any more trouble, and
stimulate the female ones, give it a few mpnths and see if my thoughts on
this are correct, for I believe you have more of a little lady here then
male...a month or so will tell me if I am right, now also Phyllis, I would
like very much to take some photos now, then and after I do whatever it
is I will indeed need to do to satisfy why you are here today."

So on our way home, mom tells me, "You do act very feminine with out
going over board about it, school must have been terrible for you
darling, because in your case according to Willy, you really are a
female, with only one addition...natures fuck up."

Later after dad gets home and hears it all he says, "None of this should
surprise us, we've known Beverly isn't a male all along...also here are the
papers from Berkley, the only change we must make is her sex...they're
going to wonder about us, we didn't know Beverly is really a female and
not a male...Beverly we haven't heard much from you, what are your feelings
about all this."

"I'm kind of in shock...I've always known I wasn't a boy, but my penis
continued to remind me differently, but when my breasts began becoming
larger last year, and as much as I wanted to have intercourse with a man,
certainly not in my rectum. But I did not have what is necessary to
satisfy my longings."

A week later we're back in Dr. William's office and she tells us, "Well
Beverly you darling little girl, that's exactly what you are, and have
been since birth...I've taken the liberty of scheduling you for lazar hour, we must get those male organs of yours off, for
under them is a complete set of female organs that are crying for air, to
simplify it, Phyllis if I may, I would like you join you."

2 hours later, I am bleeding something terrible, not from the surgery,
but my 1st period. With 4 doctors in the room they all agree that nothing
should be done to alter the way I'm built until we see what will
naturally happen, and it will start far sooner then we can imagine.

After I'm healed mom and daddy asks me, "Well darling how does it feel to
now know you are what you've always wanted to be, and actually were."

"I'm still-still in shock I think, it seems like a dream and I'll wake up
to find myself still trapped with that horror able prick hanging between
my legs."

So daddy leans closer and kisses my lips as he fondles my new virgin
pussy, and says, "No prick here baby, just a sweet virgin vagina, that is
no doubt hungry for a cock to be in it. So we've got something we'd like
you to consider, for years now your mother, Helen and I have been part of
a swingers group that meets once a month to trade partners, have three
some and even 4 people at once, but mostly just couples, pare off and
spend the night enjoying one another, another thing you never knew about
us is we're both bisexual, and enjoy others of our own sex, just as you
do and you are overly willing to express that, we'd like you to spend a
night with Helen and see if the two of you will hit it off well, then if
you wish to try, come with us to our next meeting, where your partner
will be drawn from a hat, and you'll be with him or her for the's a great way to mix and become used to swinging, it's safe, and
secure, with no problems, and all of the members are really very lovely

"Wow, this is something to get used to, the two of you doing that, gee,
how long have you been a part of it."

So mom tells me, "Another couple and us formed it when you were younger,
about 9 years old, we have 30 couples who belong, but all of us are
seldom there, possibly only 15-20 couples each time, and not the same
ones all the time." "What about Connie has she been given the opportunity
to join too." "Because of Connie's reluctance to allow a man to fuck her,
she is not interested...when would be a convenient evening for you and
Helen to go out."

"I won't be forced into anything I really don't want to do will I."

"Of course not darling but you made an impression on her the other night,
she's looking forward to fucking you...and Helen is a very lovely woman."

"Any night, that I don't have to be here the next morning to get your
breakfast ready for she also Bisexual."

"Very much so, and has no preference fully enjoying women as well as men,
both your father and I have been with Helen and she is fantastic in bed.
So this Fri night, I'll call and make sure she's free that night."

So Helen picks me up and we go to this Lesbian club where I'm surprised
to see she knows many of the women who are in there, there is just no way
of covering the fact that I am very young, so as we set having a
cigarette and drink this luscious, tall, black woman sets down, kisses
Helen and asks, "My sweetie, you're kind of robbing the cradle aren't
you...tell me my dear how old are you."

More scared then not, I meekly reply, "Setting in this club with a drink
in front of me, let's just say I'm old enough to be here."

Looking closely at me, she smiles as she says, "Not over 16 I dare say,
am I correct Helen darling."

"You are Rose, but isn't Beverly the most adorable little thing you've
ever seen."

"Very much so, tell me Beverly are you private property, or will you
consider spending an evening with me."

Sheepishly looking at Helen, with a puzzled look, so she replies,
"Beverly is very young and a virgin also, her parents determine who she
can go out with, the Von Henningsburg you know them from the club
meetings." "Oh god yes, and my little dove if you're anything like your
parents you are absolutely toooo good not to fuck at least once...with your
permission may I ask them."

As I look into her eyes, and over her large well proportioned body, I
reply, "Yes...I do believe I'll enjoy you."

Rose is over 6 foot, a very large woman, but not fat, large tits, maybe a
D cup or more, slender waist, broad hips, very long legs, large full
lips, long black wavy hair, and deep green eyes, and her perfume is
intoxicatingly sensuous as she herself is. After she walks away, Helen
tells me, "Rose is the queen pin around the bi group, her insatiable lust
seems to know no it with a man or woman, so if your folks consent
be careful or she'll fuck you blind, because her clitoris is large enough
to actually fuck your clitoris, and for you to suck on. An..."

"Helen I've heard enough, gee you've got to know how really frightened
all this is causing me to be...when can we leave."

"I'm more then ready, I just wanted you to see how the other half plays."
In her car as we drive home she pulls me close to her, and since I'm so
little drops her hand around my shoulders resting it on my one breast,
which are already starting to grow much larger. Once at Helen's home,
coming in I see Connie reading, so Helen asks, "Connie darling after I've
satisfied my hunger for Beverly would you like to join us for the rest of
the night."

"For a short time, because Beverly and I are long time lovers, and I also
do enjoy her very much."

"I'll call you when we're ready for you, Connie, come my precious little
pet, I have to taste you."

With just enough Booze in me, and my excitement, plus knowing my folks
really want me to like Helen, I'm about as nervous as I can possibly be
as she seductively undresses me, and gently lays me on her bed,
smothering my body with wet open mouth kisses and sloppy wet licks, and
is soon laying on top of me, her clitoris rubbing against mine creating
instant orgasms that radiate through my body causing me to audibly ,moan
and cry out, "Ooohhh...Helen, please...please..."

"Yes darling, Helen will satisfy you."

After I have so many orgasms I feel faint she reveres us and feeds me her
now really sloppy, slippery, vaginal fluid dripping wet cunt as she
tongue fucks my cunt, and finger fucks my ass, driving me into ecstatic
euphoria, lost in delirium and lustful passion I am still crying, my
tears of sheer joy running down my face and dripping on her pussy making
it even more sloppy wet than it is, until after over an hour of this a
bone jarring orgasm too pleasant to name, poor Helen screams as she
pushes me off her body pleading for me to stop before she passes out,
which brought Connie in and seeing her mother exhausted and
hyperventilating lays next to me, as she says, "Feel my crotch baby, I'm
going to fuck us until we drop."

Sliding it deep in my cunt, she turns her double plunging dildo on and we
begin going wildly insane to it's movements deep inside us. Shortly with
both of us too weak to turn it off we're almost having convulsions as
poor weakened Connie actually passes out, and Helen having fallen asleep
from over exhaustion, so franticly I work to dislodge it from Connie and
myself, I manage to pull the plug out of the wall, and fall peacefully
asleep myself. It seemed like over night, I'm standing in the dean's
office as he reads over my transcripts, after looking up at me says, "As
I read this, is there anything you're not interested in, have taken, and
passed with a perfect score, plus as I now also have read, made medical
history by being the 1st actual born asexual ever, now having that taken
care of you are now as you no doubt knew you always have been a young
lady...but tell me my dear do you honestly expect to finish per med in 2
years ...and med school in a year & a half." "I am going to do my very best
sir, to accomplish that."

"Why is it so important to you to try for the impossible."

"Now is the time Dean Jones, for my hormones haven't started causing me
to want any sexual contact with any one, hopefully by the time they do my
hardest studying will be past...besides, look at me, who would really want
to date a tiny girl like me."

"I'll let experience answer that one, but do not be surprised when you
are bombarded with offers."

So I dive into the schedule I've set for myself, from 7 AM to 7 PM,
carrying a semester and a half in one. I actually have to get a cart to
carry all my books from one class room to the next, and on through the
days not a few weeks into this during lunch this nice looking young man,
really older boy, sets beside me and asks, "You're Beverly Von
Henningsburg aren't you."

"That's right."

"I've been wanting to meet you ever since I 1st hear about you, genius, 1st
actual asexual person born in the US, and now totally female, which you
most assuredly are...and most adorably lovely also, I'm Chuck Wilson, only
16 and also pre med, but not on the program you are, not me, it damn near
killed me just getting through school so fast...tell me what is it like
knowing you probably know everything worth knowing, or can learn it in

"Scary as hell, I'm so deep in my thoughts most of the time I wonder what
I'm missing all the time...these geniuses who are so arrogant about their
brilliance are full of shit up to their pointed ears, they, like me are
the most insecure people on earth."

"Then why do you push yourself so."

"In my case it's boredom...if I'm not under the gun all the time, I feel as
though I'm wasting my time doing nothing."

"Do you ever just do nothing, like relaxing, and possibly if so would you
like to do some of it with me."

"Yes, Chuck I'd like that very much, I'm in 3Z dorm just ask for me, but
only on Sunday, that's my day to try doing nothing importa...oh...shit...that's
not what I meant to say...but...we..."

"Don't let that bother you, I know what you meant...see you Sunday then,
maybe 10, AM. We'll have a picnic...if you enjoy them."

"Sounds delightful, see you then."

At 10 he's here, and we drive out in the country to a county park next to
a lake, where after getting everything set we set down and are eating, so
Chuck asks me, "Do you mind talking about yourself."

"Do you, because if you ask me things about myself, I'll also have to
know them about you."

"Fair enough, tell me how you knew you were really a girl under what was

"Everything about me, I wanted male company, but hated the thought of
having it be a gay man or boy, I dressed in female clothing and felt
natural, wore make up and felt normal, enjoyed house work, and not yard
work, cooking, cleaning, washing, even ironing...even my body told me
something was wrong, my breasts were larger and softer then boys. Then to
my happy surprise my parents saw all this also, and that's when I started
becoming who I'd always known I am."

"If everything I see is you, you have a sweet little body...and lovely full
lips, may I kiss you Beverly."

"Now just wait, now it's my turn, you're 16, and graduated with honors
from an advanced course in high school, having taken pre med courses
also, tell me how much teasing you received during that time, the brainy
kid on the block."

"Probably not as bad as you've had to endure, but for me it was so awful
I just never thought I'd be able to stand it, since I didn't go out for
sports, and was always studying all what used to be my friends stop
wanting me around..."

Then Chuck pulls out a package of cigarettes and asks, "I don't suppose
you smoke do you."

"Yes, and probably too much, so may I have one, please."

After we're lit, he continues, "The only girls who would have anything to
do with me were the prunes who never even kissed...damn smoke
like an've been smoking a long time."

"A little over a year, but my mom taught me, so I wouldn't look stupid
like so many young girls do...Chuck...have you ever had sex."

Coughing on his last drag, he hesitantly replies, "You sure get right to
the point don't you...well my dad who I live with, my mom left him when I
was 10, upon realizing I'd never been with a girl, got me a date with one
of his women during the summer...she was 38, and scared the shit right out
of know...or maybe you don't, have you ever had
you couldn't have, you've only been a girl for a few months now."

"Not since I have been a female, but before, while I was dressing as one,
this girl next door seduced me and we had oral sex often, she is a
lesbian, and 3 years older than I...I gave oral sex to her, while she
diddled me...Chuck you can kiss me now if you still want."

"1st I must tell you, my penis went soft while I was with that older
woman, I was so scared it just went limp, so all I did was give her oral
sex, while she diddled me...we've got a lot in common that way...we're still
virgins aren't we."

Right then I knew poor Chuck would not get in my pants, not with his
prick anyway, but possibly I can get some sweet oral sex out of him, and
mother fuck am I ever over due for some hot sex of any kind, so right in
the middle of slowly exhaling smoke from my lips, I pull him to my face
and give poor weak Chuck the kiss of his young life, grabbing his hand
and putting it on my now really sloppy dripping wet cunt, then say,
"Tongue my clitoris, Chuck honey, and I'll give you a hell of a mother
fucking lot more then diddling your cock...I'll suck your fucking balls out
the end of it."

Covering ourselves with a blanket, we begin necking up a storm, soon his
cock is between my finger, as my pussy is around his fingers. And I say,
"Please baby, do me...come on honey, my pussy won't bite."

As soon as I get his cock between my lips he ejaculates, and as he starts
to pull away, I hold him down saying, "Hay...what about me, if you ever
want to see me again you'll satisfy me Chuck honey...that woman taught you
better than this."

"Ok...but can't I fuck you Beverly."

"We'll see, now satisfy my needs honey, finger fuck my cunt, as you
tongue my clitoris, and don't dare try to tell me you don't know how."
After I have only one weak orgasm, fuck, less than I do when I
masturbate, I tell Chuck, "You never pleased that woman did you." "What
do you mean pleased, she got me off, with her hand, and she seemed

"Take me back to my dorm, you ever tell any one about this fuck up and
I'll spread it around you must be a mother fucking fairy to not know any
more than you do about fucking."

"Oh...god not that again, in high school that's what the other guys accused
me of, because I was so scared of girls."

"Well just keep your mouth shut and nothing will be said."

I never saw Chuck after that day, except for slight glimpses on campus,
he avoided me like a plague, and I went back to masturbating, then one
evening late as I was studying and half dreaming of some one carrying me
away in a sensuous state of euphoria, Patty my room mate walks in and
asks, "This is going to be a long shot, but can you handle having oral
sex with another female...oh fuck...forget it, of course you can''ve
never even had any kind of sex have you're far too young."
"Patty, you must be able to read minds, I have been setting here, half
praying for you to ask, not knowing if you were even a lesbian but you
are so damn sweet and adorable...oh...and yes...and not just once."

"Are you les, too."

"No...I just like sex in whatever form it may come to me...only a woman can
truly give another woman a tongue and finger job that will fulfill and
totally satisfy just don't have the sensitivity."

"Let me lock the door, get undressed baby, and hang on to the bed posts,
because I do enjoy a sweet little clean pussy like I know yours is."

After we drive one another totally out of our minds, and are laying there
smoking she asks, "Are all geniuses as talented sexually as you...damn
honey, you are really good, no great, at tonguing pussy."

"I had a wonderfully fulfilling teacher, who saw to it, I do it
right...Patty have you ever been fucked by a male."

"To mother fucking many times and every one was a quick ejaculation,
leaving me high and bout you."

"Nope, still wondering if I should even try them...all I've got to go by is
my dad, who completely satisfied my mom every night, I know because I
used to watch them...masturbating like I know there are men who

"The problem is how many men did your mother go through to find him..."
Exhaling her lungs full of smoke as she tells me, "I'm from a small town
and every guy who fucked me, lasted almost long enough for me to get
close, but I no cigar, and after I'd tried a dozen or more, I gave up and
continued masturbating, until I got here, and usually had all the fucking
I need, but lately...well I don't know if it's me, or my girl friends have
all found lovers, but I've been so mother fucking hard up, it hurt."

"If it's you, they're too hard to please, so fuck them I say, because you
thrill the piss out of me Patty."

"Damn you are a rough taking young cunt...what in hell did you ever start
to be so pleasing."

"Not that long ago, but for a while I had 3 girls who I used to get
together with for regular orgies, and I'm just a quick study, but mostly
I feel anything worth doing is worth doing to ones absolute best
ability." "Listen honey, it's getting late, can we sleep together, I do
love this cute little body of yours."

The next morning as we're getting ready for class, Patty reminds me,
"Remember honey, I'm rooming with you to keep you from what we've started
last night, so not a word."

With my tough schedule, and Patty having to work we see one another for
any length of time only a couple nights a week, on Fri and Sun nights,
but during the 1st day after we fucked, this guy walks over to me in the
lunch room and sets down and asks, "It took me forever to find out who
you are, can you go out with me...I know you're young and all but I promise
I'll be nice to you."

"No, I'm sorry but neither my parent nor the school will let me date, if
you have looked in on who I am then you also know how young I am, and at
16 I'm just far too young to be interested in men."

The following Fri evening after Patty and I have satisfied our needs for
one another's bodies, I tell her, "I've been here a half semester and
never was hit on until after I find who I want."

"You're passing up dates for me."

"Why not, aren't we kind of going together...or at least fucking together."
"This is my 3rd year here, and no one has ever considered me to be their
only you really like me that much."

"Yes, but let me tell you why, before, when I lived at home, and my mom
knew I was fucking around with Connie the girl who lived next door,
although she did please me, she was so rough, and when Fran and
Herrington joined her, in fucking me, they weren't as gentle and
pleasingly giving as you are...if I had more time and money, I'd help you
financially so we can be together far more."

"God but you are so mother fucking adorable...come to mama sweetie so I can
have more of you, some time later Patty asks me, "Please forgive me
honey, but I got nosey and found your dildo, so you can take one in this
darling little pussy of yours, can we really fuck, I have a double dildo,
we can take turns strapping it on and fucking the other...sweetie what's

"When I do it to myself it drives me totally almost scares me
to think of you really fucking my cunt."

"Just remember when a man is on the other end of a prick in you, he is
out of the picture once he gets has rocks off, but with me, I'll fuck you
until you can't walk if you wish."

My little orgasm that struck like a bolt of lightening, and shock the
bed, tells her it all, as Patty says, "Holy fuck you really need it bad
don't you kid."

Shaking my head yes, we begin by making out, diddling one another,
tonguing each other's cunts, and finally she drives it deep and fucks the
living piss out of me, as I go through umpteen orgasms, screaming,
crying, moaning, yelling,, humping my ass up and down to Patty's every
plunge, as I become weaker and weaker, until I hesitantly say,
"Please...Patty...if you want any...I'm ready to pass out."

She pulls it out and softly kisses my lips, roaming her hand across my
tiny body, as she says, "Relax honey, Patty will not harm you...but you did
enjoy me didn't you."

"Yes...but we'll have to wait until I recover before I can fuck you."

"Take all the time you want love, during the time I was fucking you, you
became so insanely wild, and were bucking so much you actually caused the
dildo to fuck me also, giving me so many orgasms I'm about half dead

As Christmas vacation came, I ask Patty, "Where will you be during

"Here, this is the busiest time of year where I work."

"Please stay at my home during vacation, we will not have a sneak around
then and can go out whenever you're not working."

"What will your parents say about you having a lesbian lover."

"I'll call right now, you listen in and hear for yourself."

On my cell I say, "Mom remember the girl I told you about who has been my
keeper and lover since I've been here, can she spend vacation with us."

Certainly darling, if Patty has been a help to you we welcome her here."
So that did it and to my home we went as vacation started, we really
didn't live that far away. Possibly only 50 miles, but too far for me to
travel back and forth, mom and dad came for us, and when my dad sees
Patty, he remarks, "My god Beverly you told us she is gorgeous, but
Patty, you are too lovely for words, a gorgeous tall, dark, raven haired
Nubian beauty...where do you work."

"Sakes 5th Ave, cosmetics if you could not tell for I always feel
I've gone over board with my make up."

Then mom says, "I see though you've done wonders helping Beverly with
hers, darling you again as always look too good to not kiss..."

A whopper of a kiss right on my lips, brings a look of surprise to
Patty's face as she says, "Beverly you were right, it must have been
wonderful being raised by such loving parents."

By now we driving home and daddy asks her, "Bev. Tells us you're majoring
in nursing and going into your last year."

"Finally after 6 years of part and full time, I'm only 3 semesters away
from my degree."

Later as we're all setting having a drink and cigarette, daddy asks
Patty, "This is a bit forward, but how emotionally deeply involved with
Beverly are you."

" really put it out there...well if there was a way I could continue
to be with her after this year, I'd do it, but Beverly will be in med
school, a different campus, next to the one we're in, but you know the

Mom then tells her, "We've never asked Bev. To want either male or female
companionship although neither Henry or myself like to be termed either
straight, bi, or les and gay, we both have experimented with it all, Bev.
knows this so how can we say one or the other. My fear has always been
she would be terribly hurt, either physically or emotionally by some damn
useless fucking man...but just seldom do I concern myself about a woman
lover, for generally when two women get together, they either last, or
part friends."

Daddy then asks her, "If we could arrange it would you continue living
with our precious little Beverly."

"I'd be so pleased and happy if you some how can, for I've never received
so much responsiveness from another person in my life...but how is it you
are doing this...has Beverly talked about me this much."

Mom then tells her, "hasn't Bev. told you, I can't believe she hasn't."

So Patty asks me, "You've told me many time you love you really and
this much."

We have been setting on the couch next to one another, so I lean closer
and kiss her lips, as I reply, "It's even more than that Patricia...I've
become so deeply in love with you, I do not want to think of ever losing

Then like mom and daddy aren't even there, Patty kisses me and says, "In
the time we've been together I've seen this young tiny girl act with the
emotions of a far older woman, my sweet darling love, I've felt the same,
but have been frightened to tell you for fear of scaring you away from

Then remembering we're not alone, Patty tells them, "Although I did say
tiny, Beverly has been growing all year so far, tell then honey."

"Well gee, mom, daddy you buy my cloths, and have replace them 2 times
now, I'm 4-11, weigh, 79 lbs, and my breasts are up to a nice full B cup,
and my tail matches them...Dr. Williams was right, I wonder how much larger
I'll get."

Daddy replies, "Considering your mother's sizes, and I'm no atlas myself,
you probably will not get any taller than 5 or 5-2, but between the
hormone treatments and natural growth, having been held back so long, who
knows how large your breasts may become."

Later in my room Patty asks, "It doesn't bother you to talk about your
past...I've never brought it up because I thought it would."

"No not really because I only had a few years of being considered a boy,
and that only because of that thing that was between my legs, the real
outstanding thing was that under here I am, a perfectly normal young
lady, complete with periods and all."

"No wonder you're such a well adjusted young woman, with parents as
understanding as they are, and both fashion designers...that's another
thing I never thought about, no wonder your clothing all looks designer
label they are."

"That's mom's doing she's part of the House of Fashion in Paris France,
US dept, of course. Just last year daddy got Sakes as an account, for off
the rack dresses etc, for women...Patty...if we continue loving one another,
after school can we work together."

"I'd like that baby, come here to me darling, I've hungered for you all

After a while deep within Patty's arms and as I'm laying on top of her,
feeling our new electric double dildo plunging into and out of my cunt at
a nice slow rate of entry and exit driving me bonkers, looking into
Patty's deep dark eyes, and seeing so much love for me there, I begin
crying softly, as I ask, "You're so wonderfully giving to me, do I please
you even half as much darling."

"You're my wife, lover, daughter and my all my precious little
doll...although I hide it, I do cry over my terribly hurtful love for
you...only because we have so little time together, I'm African/American,
you're white, you're going into medicine, where that can be a problem,
I'm so much older than you, and my precious little baby, at your age, you
very well can change your mind about loving me as you do, later on...all of
this frightens me so."

"I may be young in years but not in my emotional being, and as far the
difference in our race...if there was any problem we would have heard
about it from my parents...age, 11 years, when I'm 20, you'll be 31,
perfect for husband and wife...two lover, or even a lesbian couple, as much
as I detest that word."

The next morning at breakfast, after daddy has left, mom asks, "Patty, I
want to make you an offer...not a hand out but a loan, how much will it
take for you, to cut back to fewer days working and be with Beverly more,
I know you work evenings so the two f you see one another only on week
ends now."

"I couldn't possibly except what you are offering, it would not be
right...would it..."

Mom comes close to Patty, leans even closer and kisses her lips, a soft,
warm, long, tender kiss, and says, "It should be obvious to you, our
daughter means everything to us, since you two are in love as deeply as
you have proven to Henry and I you are, we want you to be together much
more than you are now, we will fully fund the rest of your education to
make that a reality, it will be several things for both of you, your
grades will be better, as will Beverly's, because you both will be more
rested, and happier...and most of all you'll have a better opportunity to
further your love for one another, please Patricia, it is what Henry and
I so dearly want you to present there is $500,000 in escrow, for
Beverly's education, and she has a full scholarship, all the way through
med school, when you're not there she has no way of going anywhere, with
you constantly near, Beverly can, because you can drive."

"I have to remind you, I am black, and Beverly very white, how will this
go over at the university."

"You cannot make me believe you have any prodigious against whites...why do
you even bring this up, we have nothing but deep love for you, skin color
is no criteria when true love is concerned...our daughter is a wonderful
judge of ones character, she loves you dearly, so do we, and you love
her...and in time will learn to love us."

Suddenly Patty bursts out crying and through her tears, she says, "I've
had to claw my way through life so far, no one has ever given me a
break...until now...yes Phyllis, and I promise you, Beverly will be happier
than she's ever been...Beverly darling have you also told them about my much of this is your doing my precious."

Mom then tells her, "In my work I know many people, Beverly has never
mentioned this to me...oh...yes, and this has already been cleared with Dean

Crying, laughing, kissing mom over and over right on her lips, Patty
tells us, "I've been set up haven't I."

So that night the 4 of us go out for dinner and dancing at, what else but
a mixed club, where women can dance together, holding one another close
and not be looked at as different. The rest of vacation is great, by the
end of it, Patty no longer works at Sakes, and we are room mates in the
dorm, in no time her grades shoot up, as mine become even higher, causing
me to become valedictorian of the graduating pre med class that year, I
was introduced by Dean Jones, "This year it is my honor to have Miss
Beverly Von Henningsburg who has done the impossible, and finished pre
med school in 2 years, although she has the summer to finish, we welcome
her as this years student speaker." My speech centered around us having
just completed the easy part of going into the medical field, next it
becomes harder, after that a test of endurance, and after that the real
test of weather we choose the right profession or not, can we be the ones
who will truly make a difference in the world of medicine, or will we
just get along with the status quo...for myself, I intend to make waves,
rock boats, and upset older, possible wiser Doctors who are now, just
rolling with a waves...there fore I challenge us all to make that big
difference. Although I brought the place into an uproar especially among
the other students, some of the teachers were offended. During the summer
when Patty is out of school we go to mom's studio, where after being
shown in mom says, "Patricia, I want you to look at these designs, pick
some and I'll have them made especially for you."

After we get a tour of the whole place, as we drive to where we're going
to have dinner, Patty asks me, "I feel like I've been adopted by very
wealthy people, and I'm being spoiled to a better way of precious
little bundle of joy, how long have you been talking to your parents
about me." "Other than the conversations you've heard, I told them I'll
never lose you, never, I will not ever let you leave me, and I'll do
whatever it takes to see to that, all you need do is tell me if I ever
disappoint you in any way, or even not be your everything, fulfill you
every desire, satisfy your every need, please your every wanton lust."

"Let's not go to dinner, I want you all to myself the rest of the evening
and night, we'll feast on one another's vaginal fluids, drinking in our
love, eating each others nipples...not actually of course, but you have the

"Then you'll let me set at your feet, between your legs, my lips open
around your ever so delicious long black hair covered cunt...and drink in
all the pleasing juices that you produce as you orgasm...feed me well
tonight my darling and I'll reward you with so many wildly exciting
climaxes you'll pass out from exhaustion...that is unless I do 1st." the
rest of that year went by so quickly I was amazed at how soon Patty is an
RN, and working at Shan's teaching hospital in San Francisco, and I was
an intern there. Now comes a difficult part, working under know it all
nurses and arrogant doctors who are rolling with the flow, and if you
cross them, one might as well just quit. Not a month after we started
there as we leave together one evening late, one of those asshole doctors
stops us as he says, "Beverly in my office...there's something you fucked
up on today and we must go over it...nurse Stevenson I'll see to it Beverly
gets home. You may leave now."

But Patty saw something in his eyes I had no way of knowing what it was
and stayed, waiting for us to finish. In his office he 1st says, "1st
off, Beverly you couldn't fuck up if your life depended on it, you are
absolutely the most brilliant, aggressive, and knowledgeable intern we've
ever had, and probably will ever sweetheart, I just wanted you
alone for a time." He so quickly I didn't have a chance to resist, grabs
me, kisses me roughly, instantly has his hand under my skirt, and feeling
my cunt, forcing me back, laying down on the couch, again faster than I
can believe his pants are down and he's lower himself on me, as I'm
screaming Dr. Smith...don't you dare fuck me...oh please god help" as his cock enters my pussy, I scream as if I'm being murdered,
suddenly the door bursts open and in runs my sweet Patty, grabs him and
throws him across the office, but he quickly gets back up and charges
her, but meets my foot in his nuts 1st, doubling over in pain, I slap his
ears, knee him again in his nuts, as I ask, "Patty call the police, Dr.
Smith, I'll see you in jail for attempted rape. By now the hall is full
of nurses and night emergency doctors, so after Patty calls the police,
she asks, "One of you Doctors; will you examine Dr. Von Henningsburg for
attempted rape by Dr. Smith, and will some one hold him here.' Rape is
hard enough to get a conviction on, attempted rape, even harder as we
discover, although he losers his job, and has this against him, after a
far too short trial he's free, having threatened me after he was free,
Patty tells me, "That son of a bitch is a vindictive bastard baby...we'll
never be rid of him as long as he's free...I never got the chance to tell
you before but, holy fuck you can handle yourself very well, you sure
stopped him." "No Patty if I'd been on guard, I would have, but feeling
his cock entering my cunt, his weight on me, my arms being did this ever happen to me."

"Let me hold you darling...we'll think of something tomorrow, tonight let
me give you pleasure and sweetness."

After weeks almost every time we go out he's close enough for us to see
him, looking dirty and now even meaner, until one evening Patty tells me,
"We've got to put him out of commission and I know a way, if you feel
strong enough to be bait. Let's go out, in a bar where I know a few
people I'll leave you alone and he'll make his move, when he does some
men, for a price, will jump him and beat him so badly he'll not even know
his name after that."

"Patty, my precious darling I want to kill him...I have to see him dead,
under my foot, dead."

"Actually I have been thinking the same thing, the injunction hasn't
helped because he stays just far enough away, so let's plan a picnic, way
out where we know we'll be alone, there, I'll have to go to the car for
something you'll be armed with pepper stray, when he comes at you, give
it to him, I'll be very close, and I'll hold him while you do whatever
you wish to him."

"My god I never thought I'd be doing this...I've won so many trophy's when
I was far younger by kicking the shit out of opponents during matches...and
now I'm planning the death of a man...I know let's go there before we do
it, and dig a deep grave, I do not want him found." But fate had a better
idea, one night as I'm leaving the hospital, Patty home too sick to work,
being escorted by a security guard, the damn fool rushes the police man,
grabs me, and has hit me a few times, wanting to beat me to death, when
the half awake policeman fires him gun, killing ex-Dr. Smith, not wanting
to really kill him but as he fired Smith moved and got it through the
back, and right through his heart, as good as it also was several other
security men near and witnessed the whole thing. The guard who killed him
had a broken arm and leg, so he couldn't get up to stop him and fired to
cause him to possibly stop, instead...poor asshole, mother fucker Dr. Smith
lay there dead. The guard came out a hero, and I had a fractured jaw, and
2 broken ribs. In the hospital as mom, daddy and Patty are there, I can't
really talk but writing what I ant to say, daddy tells me, "Well darling
do you still feel you're in the right profession."

"Yes, but after my internship I'm opening my own practice...I'm not working
around those assholes any longer than I have to."

"What will you go into."

"GP, heart, and children's practice, but 1st I have this damn hospital to
contend with."

Later after I can speak properly, in the administrator's office he tells
me, "Dr. Von Henningsburg you'll never know how terribly sorry we all are
for what happened to you, it's strange that a young Dr. would do such a
dastardly thing to one of his interns but I do want to offer you a
position on our staff after you've finished your internship, now...for
you'll be an exultant children's Dr. especially since you are so young
yourself...and as I hear you want to open a private may want
to reconsider that because of your age...and to be truthful we do not have
a good Children's Dr. here at all."

"Thank you Mr. Conover, I will most assuredly be honored to be a part of
the staff here, as long as I'm not working under any one else...and
possibly I can work my way into surgery also, so I can not only examine,
diagnose and if necessary do the surgery that may be needed."

"That has never been done, it may take some doing on your part to become
a surgeon as well as a children's PG also."

"Children, adult GP, and heart specialists Mr. Conover."

"Well after looking over your past records in pre med and med school, and
hearing what all the doctors have to say about you, possibly a new page
in the books is about to be written."

So later that evening I tell Patty, "Will it hurt you if I change my mind
and stay here, also having you as my nurse, answering only to me." "Wow,
baby what changed your mind so fast."

"Getting what I want most, to be able to not only examine but operate if
it's needed, so I do not have to rely on assholes to do my operations.
Conover brought up something I've thought about but wasn't sure it
mattered that much, I'm still under age, and will not be for another 5
years, I do need to build credibility and here is the perfect place, my
internship will last until I'm 18...I wonder...well let's put our plans on
hold until then to see how I feel about it...all of this dependant on you
of course."

"Why will you rely on my judgment on this, it's your practice... But you
never told me where were you thinking of opening a practice."

"In the underprivileged people of Frisco, primarily where they do not
have a good GP, or the ones they do have are too proud to treat them
properly... and I can guess which way you'd rather we go, but who is going
to come to us for treatment with me so young."

"We'll put write ups on the walls of the waiting room about your special
awards and accomplishments, advertise in the news papers of you not only
being the youngest, but most brilliant in med school and here at
Shan's...think about it sweetheart, he's not concerned about whether you'll
make it in a private practice at your age, he wants the prestige of
having you on staff...and I'll be there to help you and to reassure the
patience's of your abilities, Hospitals will jump at the chance for you
to have privileges in their places. Your parents will be paid off by the
time you are finished with your internship, we'll pool our resources and
make this work, find and purchase a large home there, turn the down
stares in to an office, and we'll live on the 2nd floor."

A few days later in one of my group practical on the job training times,
5 of us were in this patience's room diagnosing his problems, the Dr. in
charge, asked me, and after I gave him my conclusions , he tells me and
the rest of us, "Exultant, and how did you arrive at this."

"The insidious thing about this illness is we miss diagnosing it, put the
patient on medications, that further his problem, when in fact he should
be home, with his family, for contentment and happiness, a feeling of
well being is actually the best medicine he can have, the unfortunate
thing about medicine is we become so proud of our abilities we over look
the bodies abilities to heal itself at times, it takes an extraordinary
doctor to recognize when and when not, which unfortunately only time and
experience can give him or her." "Please continue Dr. Von, your opinions
interest me as well as the rest of us."

"The only thing that needs adding is we look down on the old country Dr.
saying he is out of touch with modern medicine when actually he probably
knows far more than we do about simple, sometimes natural, or herbal ways
of doing what we fight for answers to."

Wow, did I ever blow his mind, and later I'm in the administrator's
office, with him and a few other Drs. As they ask, "You really did not
mean to say modern medicine is not the answer to what we face, but old
country Drs. Are...where, may we ask, would you be now if it were not for
modern medicine...possibly still caught between being a male and a female."
"What a terribly hurtful thing to bring up now of all times, when I was
simply stating an opinion on what I've witnessed. I do believe we have an
open mind and can differentiate between these two."

"But Dr. you were making those statements in front of interns, who are
still making their own decisions based on the knowledge they acquire
here, and not to knowledgeable experienced in of medicine."

Now really pissed, I look at Dr. Hampton as I say, "Remember Bob, you
asked me to continue, if you did not either want to hear what I had to
say, or knew you'd disagree, why did you ask me to continue, Drs. The
fault here is not mine, Bob was clearly in charge and could have stopped
me at any point...I'm taking this to the board, for I feel as though I have
just been falsely accused by a kangaroo court and condemned if you'll excuse me, I have important matters to attend

They were yelling at me as I walked out, but by the time I got home, I'd
began crying because it was all a bluff, so Patty tells me, "No baby, do
not back down, call their bluff go to the board and see who they back in
this, because really darling it is a little matter in the eyes of others,
I know you're interested in the principle of the thing you're so up in
the air about, but that is enough to make your point stick."

"Again you prove how much I do need you in my life from now on, so please
tell me i..."

"My precious can I ever leave you, you work harder to please my
every sexual, emotional, and well...fuck baby...just everything I want in
life is in you, please baby, stop being so insecure, especially about me,
don't you think that if I really thought about it, my fear of losing you
would be even greater, you've got everything you need for life, brains, a
fabulous job, great wonderful parents, and a real future ahead of you,
but you see love, I know you love me and will never leave me, so have
faith darling we are meant for one another."

So a few days later I go before the board and explain this really stupid
thing that has every one upset, and holy shit, they agree with me, fine
the Dr. who gave me a bad time, give the administrator an ass chewing,
and made me head intern and start buttering me up in hopes I'll stay on
here, but even during this time Patty and I find the house we need and
begin remodeling the inside, so when the time comes we can move in and
open our practice. Then for whatever reason time just seems to stand
still for me, then Patty has vacation time coming so I take off and we go
to the Colorado Mts, Aspen for skiing , or really in our case, learning
to ski, we probably look strange to others, Patty 5-11, a large woman,
179 lbs, even larger breasts, and hips, but a tight waist, and me only
5-1, 108 lbs, but built fabulously, as they told us, my breasts did grow,
to now a bouncing b cup, talk about top heavy, and to give me an older
look permanent make up, so we're setting in the lounge one evening and
these 2 guys come over, and one asks, "Mind if we join you."

Patty smiles as she replies, "No not at all , please do, I'm Patty and
this is Beverly."

"We've been watching you, and you to look like you'd be a lot of fun,
let's go into town and there's a wild place where we can dance and get to
know one another better."

"Your company would be nice, but if you're thinking of anything beyond
that you should know we are a couple, have been for 5 years and

Then the one setting next to me comes closer, sticks a gun in my side and
says, "We know who you two are...and you little lady will be us one hell of
a mother fucking ransom so get up slowly and walk beside me, or your
nigger girl friend gets it."

" god...please do not harm Patty...we'll go with you quietly."

As we're walking toward the door, I stomp my heel on his foot, kick him
in the nuts, smash the other in his face, he falls and the gun fires as
he does, the place goes wild, with people screaming and running the other
way. I'm so little and fast, in a serious of moves I have them both on
the floor, as the security men come in and grab them, then I look and see
Patty laying in a pool of blood rush to her, check her pulse, where she
`s shot, rip my skirt off and wrap it tightly, an ambulance gets here and
takes us to the nearest hospital, 40 miles away, but before we get there,
Patty dies. The medic tells me, "Miss, there was nothing you could have
done, she was shot through the heart."

Bursting out screaming I grab him as I ask, "please sir...hold me dearest love...gone from me already...hold me tighter please, tell
me again I could not have saved Patty."

As he does, he asks, "Who may I call to take care of you."

"Please write this down, Henry Von Henningsburg...Frisco, 506 986 4040...he's
my father...until they get here may I have somewhere to stay with some one
with me...I haven't been alone since I ...I've never been alone."

"I'm sure we can find some one to take care of you until they arrive."
Once Patty is at the hospital morgue Fran, the medic, asks me, "My shift
is over, come home with me I'll leave word for your parents so when they
get here. Fran lives in a cute little home out side of town, there after
we're more or less settled, she asks, "She was your lover, how long were
you together."

"5 glorious years, I am on the last of my internship in Frisco, we were
going to open a practice together, Patty would have been my nurse."

"Von Henningsburg...of course now I know who you do you know what
you'll do now."

"As terrible as it may sound, with my insecurity, crawl into a hole, and
cry for the next year...I was always afraid for what ever reason I'd lose
her...and cried so many times after Patty was asleep, thinking about just
this horror truth...Fran this is a selfish thing to ask, but
please hold me tight, and if you will let me sleep close to you...Patty and
I have been sleeping together since I was 13, and the idea of being alone
terrifies me."

"Sweetheart think of it is way, if you of all people couldn't save her,
no one could have, possibly if you'd been in your hospital...but even that
would have been a miracle."

"When I was in Med School I always thought I'd be doing Miracles after I
was in it looks like two of my dreams were killed tonight...and
this all happened because those men wanted to kidnap me...poor Patty had to
die because of me."

"Oh no you don't I will not let you start making this your fault. Now let
me get us a drink and maybe even perhaps a special cigarette, which just
may cause you to relax and feel better."

Then her phone rings and it's my parents answering service, they've gone
to an unknown location for a week of rest, as soon as I hear that, again
I burst out crying screaming for some one to care for me in this black
hour of mine. After a time Fran has me calmed down again and gives me a
drink saying, "that's straight scotch, so be caref...honey, can you handle
your whiskey that well."

"I don't know or care, if it can get me feeling better, may I have
another." "Here's something even better, it's weed, have you ever smoked
marijuana before."

"Not in a lot of years, but now is a good time to pick the habit up
again. It wasn't long before I am indeed relaxed and feeling much better,
so Fran asks, "Do you think you can sleep now."

"If I can feel your nude body next to mine I know I can, or don't you
like women."

"It just so happens I love women, certainly not men, so alright baby,
you've got it."

Of course this is designed for fucking, so as we lay there cuddled close,
she sneaks in a light kiss, followed by a longer one, and pressing
harder, an even longer one, as Fran asks, "Let me make love to you baby,
I know I'll never please you as your lover did, but you are so adorably
sweet and lovely, I'll do anything you ask to sati..."

My lips cut her talking off, as we begin fondling one another's breasts,
and working down to one pussy's, soon reversed and tonguing clitorises,
and finger fucking each other's cunts, until she screams ad pleads,
"Enough baby...I can't take any more."

"Do me more Fran honey, please drive me to delirium and euphoria." Soon
after that I've had all I can handle also, so as we continue laying
close, she asks, "Stay her with me, until your parents come back and get
here, I'll take off work and be with you night and day."

"Only if I can pay you for time lost...and why are you being so nice, when
this could be just a rebound thing with me."

"Possibly, but if I help you through this, and you are grateful
enough...maybe you can still open your practice, and I can be your
practical nurse...I am licensed."

"It's right in the middle of the underprivileged section of Frisco, where
the blacks and Spanish live, do you really want to work in that kind of
area." "Sweetie, I'm a mixture of Black, Spanish, and native American,
how much more underprivileged can one person come from."

"Fran they named you wrong, you are an Angel to me."

"Angela is my middle name baby...Francis Angela White Feather...and you are
too adorable to not fuck."

"Wait Fran why did you put it that way, adorable to fuck." "Because it's
true, you are so sweet, even the juice from you vagina is've
never been fucked by a man have you."

"1st, my mom told me that, the 1st time she ever saw me dressed real
nice, and no, nor will any man ever fuck me...I'll kill him 1st, or he'll
kill me. My 1st year as an intern this bastard tried, Patty and I fought
him off, and he lost his position because of it, hounded me after, until
he attacked me again and was shot by a security guard. Other then him a
young boy once took me out, and as much as I wanted to, all we did was
oral sex, he was too scared to fuck me any way, all my encounters have
been with other women, but then only 5 with you...and 3 of them were
orgies between members of a musical group I was part of...reasonably
speaking I've lived a rather sheltered life, during the years I could
have been getting into all kinds of trouble, Patty was with me, keeping
me close."

"I'm willing to take her place, as much as I can, possibly maybe you'll
even grow to like me close to as much as you did her."

"Fran you really don't know me this well, so please excuse my sounding
unappreciative but why are you being so nice to me."

"Truthfully, I'm in a dead end job here, with no opportunities for
advancement or pay increase. You need a nurse, I need a way out of this
wealthy man's town, and baby...I can grow to love you very much...for you are
so adorably sweet and lovely, your responses to my fucking you are far
better than any one I've been with in years, and I'm only 23...only because
of you, I have dozens of wildly pleasurable climaxes as were fucking,
then add what you were doing to me, and holy shit baby, you are simply
too wonderfully satisfying to pass up...but I can't say I've only had a few
lovers, I've had too many, and every one hurt me on one way or another,
physically, or emotionally, until I gave up looking for a dominant lover
and just wanted some one to love me."

"I'll love you Fran, I'll smoother you with my love, for I have so very
much of it, so very, very much of it..."

The next day I was to Patty's burial by contacting my parents attorney,
and having him handle it, Fran took off work for a week and we 1st went
driving around this winter paradise, and I soon learned what Fran meant
by a wealthy man's town, my god every one seemed loaded with cash and was
buying almost whatever they saw they wanted, so I ask her, "How did you
ever get here, where did you go to college."

"Free Indian School of America...given this job upon graduation...2 years
ago. My father is a Cree native American, my mother a black Spanish
woman, so I was raised on a reservation given schooling because the white
man certainly doesn't want his Indian brothers to think he doesn't care
for them."

"You have a lot of bitterness, please don't take it out on me."

"How could I you treat me as if I were the same as you."

"No Fran darling I treat you as I wish to be treated, and as far as you
being the same as me, no my precious, you are tall and graceful,
beautiful and lovely, I'm just an insecure young tiny person who needs
loving badly, you saw that, and responded to my needs, there fore you are
even better than I, because in my selfishness, I wasn't thinking about
you, just my loss."

Earlier than I thought mom and daddy came to get me, and ended up getting
us, it was kind of sticky because as mom and daddy walks in to where I am
staying, daddy asks, "Beverly who is this woman."

"My savior daddy, if it hadn't been for Fran I don't know what I would
have done to myself...Fran is the medic who picked Patty and I up from the
club house, after the kidnapping attempt...Patty had been shot through the
heart, there was nothing I could do, but as hard as I tried to blame
myself Fran my sweet savior, stopped me...she's a practical nurse, and will
help me open my practice."

So then mom asks, "Darling what do you know about Fran, sorry Francis but
we are very protective of our little girl...and even with that when you
needed us most...we were no where to be found."

"And Fran took off work, to be with me night and day. Has been my
constant source of strength during a time when I'd rather you had done
what I had to do...daddy Fran treats me so very nice, and without her...well
gee...I really don't know what I would have done, please just listen to
her...Fran tell them the things you told me about yourself."

"I understand your concern, and if you wish I'll just back off and let
Beverly leave without me...but if you are interested here is where I lived
until I was 18, an Indian reservation in Colorado, from there to here the
Free Indian School of America in Denver, they gave me this job and I've
been here since, you should check all this out, to relieve your minds...and
yes I have a selfish motive, to get out of this dead end job and use the
education I have in nursing. I can appreciate how you must have felt when
you 1st saw me, so soon after...but believe me, my motives toward Beverly
were honorable, and I'm not coming into this relationship a pulpier, I
have a large insurance policy, and a savings account, I'm not asking for
anything except a chance to prove myself in nursing, which is what I
thought I'd be doing here, instead of taking heart patients to the

Fran was nice enough to not refer to the night of terror for me. So daddy
tells her, "As you must know, Beverly has a month to go at the hospital,
then we begin the opening of her private practice, the office/home is
ready to move into, which now I believe would be a good time for you both
to do that, and if you ;like during this time, Francis you can start
putting the office the way you know it should be...may I ask what you are
making a month here and what you expect from Beverly." "$1200, and I
wouldn't expect any more, at least until we have built up the practice,
and I have proven my worth..." "Beverly what do you think." "$1600 plus
room and board...only $1000 of it taxable, and to be free of this wealthy
man's town, my god daddy you should see these people here, they spend
money like it's free."

So we leave, after we `re back Fran and I go to the house and look it
over, seeing the examining rooms, X-ray room, checking the equipment, the
security system, then up stares to our living area, where she says, "this
is really great, did your folks give you this."

"they wanted to but I will pay them back, for I feel if as an MD, I
cannot make it on my own, them I'd better work for my mother...or daddy,
they own women's designer fashion houses, mom's is part of The House of
Fashion in Paris...Mousier Florence Coachella owner, operator, and head

"You mean all those gorgeous gowns I've hungered for in stores in Aspen
are your mother's, they must be wealthy..."

"Well you're right on that account, the house I was raised in is a
mausoleum compared to most."

"Bev...this isn't a nice thing to ask, but why are you setting up a
practice here among the poor, when you could be in a fashionable area,
with your back ground."

"What kind of Doctors did you have on the reservation."

"Native American who were educated by the white man, and owed their souls
to them for getting the education, with an older almost retired white
Doctor over them...I see already, you really are that giving toward others
less fortunate than yourself."

"I can afford to be, I have the resources, intelligence, and will to
help. What more is needed."

"Patty must have worshipped you for your giving spirit."

"Actually I worshiped her for loving me as she have the same
heart as Patty did, you also are a very gentle loving person who I will
fall deeply in love with, possibly very quickly. All I ask is no secrets
and if you ever want out of our relationship, just tell me, I will never
try to keep you against your will...even if it pains me terribly to see
you leave me." "All this dependence after only a few days, why are you so
insecure Beverly."

"Until I was 13 I as you know was considered a boy, and had that
miserable ugly thing hanging between my legs...never knowing if or when
some one would realize who I really was. Then the miracle and now I am a
fully functional female, complete with all it's troubles too, but how
long it will take me to recover fully from those early years, I don't
know, you see Fran the girls who were fucking me, did it when I was still
carrying that prick around with me, they never forced me to fuck them,
because I was so feminine and enjoyed tonguing their pussy's, but it was
still there. And under it, all the time was my sweet, adorable little
pussy, which I dearly do love to look at still."

"And no man has ever fucked you, aren't you curious."

"Here my precious let me show you why not...see this, an electric, double
plunging dildo, fucks us both, either you strap it on or me, lay, as
people do when they are fucking and enjoy the ride...the only real problem
is I become so deliriously euphoric, I damn near pass out before I get it
turned off, and according to everything I've been told, men can't go the
distance, depending on how young they are, or how hot we've gotten them
before they start fucking us, they'll ejaculate, and quit...while this
little darling doesn't know the meaning of the word quit...Patty got it for
us on my 16th birthday, before that we were actually moving to fuck the what's to be curious about, we've got it all right here."

"Do you do everything to it's fullest."

Coming very close I pull her to me, kissing her madly as I say, "My
precious darling Fran, if it's worth doing it's worth doing the very best
one can...want to go lustfully insane tonight."

"Oh my god are you ever going to be fantastic to fuck."

Much later as we're laying close having a cigarette, kissing between
exhaling the smoke in one another's faces, she tells me, "I started being
raped at the reservation when I was 8 years old, no pleasure just hurtful
agony and pain, after I was in school, the older girls raped me,
constantly, forcing me to do unspeakable things, in Aspen the women
guests who realized I leaned toward lesbianism treated me almost the
same, forcing me to eat them and giving me nothing in return, my only
pleasure has been masturbation, then this so very frightened little
girl...granted a genius, but still frightened terribly came into my life,
Beverly, I'll never hurt you darling, but I will love you with a jealous
love that will demand me to be your only lover."

After my internship ended the administrator tells me, "Please do consider
this, if for any reason you ever wish to come back here, you'll be
excepted with open arms...good luck Doctor Beverly Von Henningsburg we wish
you all our best."

We opened a week later giving free physical exams, and diagnoses, and our
patient load became larger than we ever thought in such a short time,
every one within walking distance came to me, children, the elderly,
pregnant women, gruff men, black, Spanish, Native American, poor whites,
so that within 3 months I had to hire more help, a receptionist, billing
person, Physicians assistant, and Francis started night school working
for her MD, within a month a couple asked us over for dinner, they have 3
children who I treat, plus them, giving them a family discount. A black
Spanish family, very poor, he works in a foundry and is a large very
strong man, at dinner he asks us, "Right after we heard about you opening
your office here, I did some checking on you, Dr. Bev. And why are you
down here with us poor people when you come from such a wealthy back

"Fran asked me that right after we 1st came here, so I'll tell you the
same thing I told her, 1st, who else do you have close, and who cares
enough if you can afford a Dr, or not, also I do hate snobs, I was raised
by parents who could be as they pleased, but are down to earth and
regular people, they taught me to be the same. If I was working for the
money, I'd become a designer like my mother, and father, and since I'll
never marry a man, or have children, I can afford to be more giving to

Then Louise asks, "You two are lovers aren't you, a lesbian couple
working together, does it work well for you to work so close."

"Louise honey, we do not consider ourselves that terrible word, were
young women lovers, and we can't get enough togetherness, in this short
time Fran and I have commented ourselves to one another for life."
"Well," Says Joe, "Both of you are fine looking women who any man would
want for himself...but enough of this, my son, will he have to have his
tonsils out soon."

"They really do not have to be removed any more, through treatment, they
can be neutralized, the harm they're doing stopped and he'll be fine...the
medical profession has conned people into believing certain things must
be done at different times in a child's life when in fact by treating the
problem it can be taken care of, unlike most medical people I believe in
common sense, herbal remedies, natures garden, and most of all letting
the human body have a chance to heal it self. You do know I am a licensed
surgeon also don't you, since nature has been so kind as to give me all
this intelligence, I have put it to use, and I'm a specialist in
cardiology, surgery, children's medicine, as well as a GP, all of that
only meaning I'll be gone several times a year to keep up to it all
during medical seminars, unfortunately the only real way to become a
skilled surgeon is to do it and often, but I'm making arrangements in
every hospital I belong to, to accompany other surgeons when they
operate, to keep myself as skilled as possible."

Then Louise asks, "Are you really only 18."

"Yes, going on 48."

So back home Fran asks me, "Did you see the confidence they have in you,
I was watching as you told the different areas you've studied, they are
really happy over you being here, I'll be happier after my have my MD and
can be of more help to you."

"As soon as you enter your last year I'm going to start construction on a
medical and surgical center next door. Fran my precious you are going to
reap the rewards of plans that were made years ago, we may never get
rich, but we'll help so very many people who until we came here, had
little hope of having this kind of help...what do I hear...some one is
knocking on the office door."

Down stares, we find a man who has been shot, letting him in he pulls a
gun as he says, "No police, you don't call any one, patch me up and help
me out of here."

"In here lay on this table...oh my god here."

I grab the gun from him as I say, "You've come here for help, if you hold
us at gun point, you might as well kill us because we will not help you,
now damn it lay've been shot 3 times, and honey you're in Fran hold this here while I look in here...sir, you'll have to
be given an anesthesia."

"No I will not pass out, now just do it."

As he really screams in pain, before he passes out, I work on stopping
the bleeding and fix the bullet holes, dig one out of his chest where
it's too close to his heart, and after hours we're done, I inject him so
he'll not awake before morning and we go to bed, Fran asks me, "Bev, he's
one of the mob's men...why aren't you calling the police."

"Do we really know that, or did he shoot himself as he cleaned his
gun...we're dealing with the forgotten in Frisco, and the unwanted...possibly
he belongs to one of those groups, so I will not turn him in...all are
righteous to me until proven other wise."

The next morning being Sun we go down and he's slowly waking up, looks
over at me as he weakly asks, "Am I going to be alright."

"Yes, but you'll have to lay still for a few days."

"Why didn't you call the police."

"How did you manage to shoot yourself as you were cleaning this cannon of
an god this is a 16 shot 9 mm...are you thinking of going to

"Forcing a smile he replies, "They told me you are a regular
person...thanks Doc."

"Is there any one I should call so they know you're alright."

As he tries to move, I stop him as I say, "No you, cannot make the call,
tell me the number, I'll call...what's your name."

"Vito're calling Carlos Giovanni."

I call, a man answers, so I tell him, "A Mr. Vito Giovanni is here in my
office, badly shot, he cannot be moved for a week or more, I'm Dr. Von,
and you can come here and see him if you want."

"Let me talk to him."

"That is not possible, if you want to talk to him come here, he's under
my care and I will not let anything happen to him."

" god...ok...I'll be right there."

Soon a large Black Lincoln limo pulls up out side, a man gets out of the
front, looks around, as another gets out opens the back door, and this
must be Carlos Giovanni, so he walks to the front door as I open it,
looking me up ad down he tells me, "Take me to my son."

"No excitement, for he can still die from that accident."

Back to staring at me he asks, :what Accident."

"One of the shells that entered his body was just close to his heart, if
I hadn't hurried, he'd be gone...oh the accident, shooting himself while
cleaning his automatic, of course, how else could he have been shot."
"Oh...that...yes...of course now where is he."

"In here, but I spent half of last night saving his life, I will not
leave him alone with you so you can excite him and start the bleeding
over again." "Only you, and whatever you hear, you didn't understand."

"I really have no interest in your business, just his life, so let's go
in." once in He walks over to Vito and asks, "This Doc...she ok..."

"Yes pop...she's great."

"Ok, did you finish the work."

"All 5 parts, and we will not have any more trouble from them, but pop,
she's right, I know I can't be moved...I got it 3 times, and all in my
body." "Ok, I'll leave Tony here to guard you, just in case...Doc out
side...that must have been had 3 belly must know what you're
doing, keep him safe and I'll reward you."

"No reward is necessary, what about this Tony...why must he be here." "You
know everything else, why not this."

"Ok, in this room only, I have patience coming in tomorrow, he can lock
this door from the inside, as long as you know you can trust him."

"With my son's life, him only...except apparently you."

And he leaves, Tony tells me, "The boss is kind of touchy about Vito, he
is his only son."

"tell me what you like to eat, we'll have to fix it here so as to not
arouse suspicion from the local deli."

"Why are you so know who we are."

"I choose to be here, and promised myself I'd help whoever needed it.
Therefore how can I in good conscience do other wise."

"If you get me the stuff I'll make our dinners, breakfast, coffee and
bread, that's all, I'll be in with Vito."

It seemed strange to me but the police never came by, after Vito could be
moved, even if it's only in a wheel chair, Carlos comes to get him and
says, "You're ok, Doc, we'll send people to you, if we need your help."
"Only if their lives are not to be blamed on me if they don't make it, I
will not be intimidated to by you, or any one."

"Feisty little girl aren't you, well because of what you did for Vito,
I'll let it go, but don't push it, you're building a medical center for
the area, here, a small donation."

And they're gone, I put it in my pocket until later, and then as Fran and
I are having a smoke after hours, I look to see what he gave me, "Holy
shit," I all but shout, "Fran look at this...there must be a million
dollars here." "It's dirty money Beverly, and I want nothing to do with
it...I'm sorry honey but this is where we part, I cannot handle you helping
that horror able man...I will not turn you in but I must get away from you,
if you're going to do this kind of medical work."

"Would you feel better if it were a congressman, who is in reality
dirtier then they are...but do what you feel you must, for all are created
equal in my mind unless they prove themselves differently."

So after only 3 months Fran leaves me, for whatever reason I'm not sad
over her going, possibly because I had my doubts about her really wanting
this kind of practice to work in. what I didn't know, or ever found out,
was Vito had seen her reactions to him and as soon as she was clear of my
home, she was picked up, raped several times and murdered, buried deep
never to be found. Months later, with my practice going stronger then
ever, the medical building built and the inside now being put together,
on a Sunday, a knock brings Vito to my door, as I open it, I say, "Oh
good you've completely recovered, please do come in. up here Vito is my
apartment...may I get you a drink, cigar...what ever." "Doc, I had to come
and see you. I've got to know why you were so friendly to me, when you
knew what had happened."

Exhaling cigarette smoke from my lips as I reply, "I took an oath to save
lives whenever I could, were you any different than any other patient of
mine who needed my help, besides I think you're a damn good looking man,
and Vito honey good men are hard to find."

"You're coming on to me aren't you."

" I sound as though I am, my god, honey, I've never been with a man,
not in my life...yet, and men frighten me."

"You're 19 now are you, living here alone, it's not right for you to not
have some one close to you, since your girl friend left because of me, I
feel responsible that you are alone."

"Please's been hard enough...and I am so mother fucking lonely it

"I've done some checking on you, lived with a gorgeous black women for 5
years and lost her to a kidnapper, who shot her by mistake as you alone
were kicking the fuck out of them, with this last one only a few months
before I fucked up your relationship with her, that's been 3 months ago
and you haven't gone out need a night out Beverly, let me take
you out, I promise no pushing you to do anything you don't want."

"How do you know so much about my private life."

"Ever since that week I spent here healing, and you taking care of me,
I've had some one watching over you, this is a rough area, and I am going
to make sure nothing more happens to you...actually my pop told me to do
this, not that I wouldn't have anyway, he thinks you're tops too, and
really we very seldom need a doctor unless you'd be our personal
physician...old Doc Phillips has finally retired, he's just too old to be
of any value to us." "Is that Charles Phillips."

"You know him."

"Oh yes, he was one of my teachers in med school, a rough man to deal
with, I barely got through his class with an A average, how long was he
your Doctor."

"He delivered me...we always take good care of our own, like your mother
and father, both of them are legit fronts for us...what could be better
than fashion houses, for money laundering...I was at the hospital when you
were born Beverly. Pop has been personal friends with them since long
before you were born."

"Vito...willingly I've never even been kissed by a man and as I told you,
men in general frighten me...but for some strange reason, yes, I'd enjoy an
evening with you, after all I not only held your life in my hands, I
literally held your heart there also, you were very badly shot, and if
I'd not known what I was doing you would not be here now."

"I know pop took me to Doc Phillips after we left here, told him and
showed him what had happened to'll never imagine what he told
us...even without knowing who patched me up, he tell us that only one
person he knows could saved my life, Dr. Beverly Von Henningsburg."

"Well that old son of a bitch he never gave me any indication he know
ledged my abilities...I'll be honored to be your Doctor and your father,
Carlos as well."

"Since you are closed week ends let me get you, Sat evening we'll have
dinner, and go from there."

"Vito since you were there when I was born, the..."

"it's past history now honey, you should let it lie."

"I wish I could, I still have feelings of insecurity because of that
miserable beginning...something I've always wondered, why didn't the police
never stop here asking about you."

"We own enough of them that pop saw to it they wouldn't bother you...since
then you've lived more under our protection then you ever have, and honey
we've watched you all your life, except for what happened in Aspen, and
for his failure he no longer works with us...that was the last thing we
ever wanted to happen to you, so ok...Fir evening 8 pm, I'll be here, dress
nice for me honey."

Then Vito is gone and again I have to sleep alone. Fri evening he calls
on me, coming to the door and as he sees me, he says, "Holy mother god baby...I never would have believed you can look this
irresistibly thing for sure no one will mistake you for a
teenage ready."

We drive to this very nice club and inside he knows every one, then I
realize it's his father's club, when one man asks, "Vito is the boss
coming in tonight."

"I wouldn't be surprised, so be honey what do you think of pop's

"Very nice, this is really a very lovely place."

"Wait until you taste the food pop makes sure we have only the very best.
After we're done, setting having a cigarette and after dinner drink he
asks, "So tell me how have you managed to never have spent any time in
the company of a man until tonight." I was rather preoccupied getting
through school and being loved by a black gorgeous woman."

"And never wondered if you're missing anything by not dating men." "That
is the strange thing about you...I knew Fran would leave me after you
appeared on my door step and I realized what I was dealing with...was it
the thrill of knowing you are who you are, or that I held your life in my
hands, either way as Fran was telling me she's walking out on me, for the
1st time in my young life, looking forward to being alone, didn't
frighten me...and now that you are setting beside me, my excitement is
bursting it's seams. You're the only person so far I have operated on
alone, without another Doctor looking over my shoulder. While Fran stood
there scared to death of you, I had to be my own assistant and do it all.
Everything I did, I'd never done before, and here you are healthy, and
wanting me...Vito...I'm not frightened any more...damn this is so
bazaar...but...we've really got to be going."

"You look to me like an Angel, so irresistibly delicious. Yes let's get
out of here and somewhere so we can explore this deeper." As we get up
Carlos comes in and asks, "Dr. Von...well Vito you finally got the guts to
go after, I will not hear of you two leaving just yet, stay,
because I have a few important matters to discuss with you Vito, Dr.
please join us in my private office."

In there he sets behind his desk while Vito and I set across from him,
Carlos lights a large cigar, takes a few puffs from it, then says, "the
O'Banyans are on the move again, we didn't stop their march to control
the east's not your fault, and this time it'll be war, we'll wipe
them out this time, but you're not going once is enough to all but lose
my only son. So he..."

"I speak up, "Sir, if I may, please explain to me what you're trying to
do, I may be of some help."

Vito looks at me puzzled as he says, "No baby, you're in this deep enough
as it is."

"Let the little lady speak, it's simple, we are going to murder and whole
mother fucking bunch of tell me Doc, how in the name of holy fuck
can you be of help."

"As a decoy, and leave something behind that will render them useless."
Vito then all but yells, "Beverly are you insane, how in god's name can
you want to be a par..."

Carlos puts his hand on Vito's shoulder as he asks, "No boy, let her you said she's in too deep to back out now as it is so let me
hear what the Doc has to say, continue." "Why risk lives especially if
you don't have to...Vito you said it yourself, I don't look anything like
that young family Doctor, so get me a willing woman who can get close to
one of their people, hopefully a nice looking one, and I'll plant
something in her that will spread though out all of them, causing them to
become...well to put it mildly...rather useless, then there is no war, no
one gets hurt, and you'll have accomplished what I need to."

Carlos shakes his head as he says, "For fucks sake cunt, spit it out,
what in hell are you talking about."

"A yet unknown virus that spreads quickly, and as I said renders them

"You still aren't making any sense to me...if it's unknown where will you
get it."

"Create it in my lab, I am a Doctor, and a damn good chemist."

"You puzzle me Doc. Why are you doing this for me."

"I'm not sure...but as long as I am let's do it."

"We don't have a lot of time, so how long will this take, I'll get a
broad to do that. so how is it spread."

"Any body fluid passed from one to the other, the carrier will not get
it, and can be cured after, but any one she kisses, or fucks, will have
an almost instant reaction."

Then Carlos gets very serious looking as he tells me, "'re
talking a big step into my family, before we do this, I'll have to have
you take the oath...after if you ever betray me you'll die, a slow
terrifying death...are you so sure you want to do this."

"From what Vito told me earlier my parents are made members of your
family, you are old friends of theirs so why am I any different."

"Damn bitch, you have an evil streak running through you...ok. Do it, but
make it fast."

"Can we leave now pop."

"Ya..but treat her good, or you'll answer to me."

In the car as we drive off, Vito again asks, "Why are you really doing
this, especially when you can set out side the family, have all the
advantages of it and not become so involved."

"No I'm not outside it as you put it, after saving your life, and
becoming knowledgeable of your actions, I have been in it right up to my
neck." "And what a pretty little neck it is want me to fuck you
tonight, don't you Beverly."

Instantly my breathing comes short with near gasps as I inhale it, and I
hesitantly reply, as the tears build up in the corner of my eyes, "Please
do not ask this...haven't I convinced you of my submission to your desires
over my body...even as totally frightened as I am...please Vito may we go to
my home, where I may feel more relaxed."

After we're inside, and setting having a cigarette, Vito a cigar, he
tells me, "This is a new experience for me, a virgin who is scared to
death of me, and still wants me to fuck her."

Our faces inches apart, as the smoke drifts from my lips, slowly covering
my face as it drifts up, I reply, "This is the one thing I've always
promised myself would never happen to me, so please my precious, fuck me
before I feel any differently."

Our lips lightly touch, as he presses harder on them, his hands start
roaming my tiny body, resting 1st on y one breast, as he lightly fondles
it I become euphorically delirious and without knowing it, place my hand
on his bulging cock, lightly rubbing it, open his pants, and slide down
off the couch, kiss the end of it, lick it from it's tip to the base,
even his balls, then softly suck it deep down my throat, all the way,
until I feel his pubic hair tickling my face, a long gasp from Vito,
brings him more alive as he lightly moves his pelvis causing his
delightfully feeling cock to effortlessly slide back and forth over my
lips, until; soon he asks, "I'm ready to come baby, do you want it

Not responding but continuing to lightly suck on it gives him my reply,
and shortly my mouth is filled with a pulsating rush of gushing cum as it
sprays into my mouth creating a powerfully bone jarring orgasm that
stiffened my body, dislodging his prick from my lips, causing me to fall
into his crotch with my face buried in his pubic hair, as a low moan
slowly comes from my lips, I weakly try to coherently say,
" and fascinate my imagination..."

Wrapping my fingers around his cock, I then say, "As you fuck me...please
my darling, don't hurry...I want this gorgeous prick of yours deep inside
me for a very, very long time."

"After that blow...I only hope I can satisfy you...oh god I meant to sa..." "No
honey, you said it right...I just blew you, and were you ever
sink it deep honey, and leave it there."

"Wait a mother fucking minute, how is it you are so fucking willing,
having never been fucked before."

"By a man darling, but by this a few million times."

I pull out my trusty double dildo, and turn it on as I tell Vito, "this
little darling has fucked me more times the a street whore gets fucked
during her life time...but are so far much better,
there's no comparing."

So Vito slides up on top of me, and realizes I'm so little he's too tall
for this, turns us over and he slips his prick deep up my cunt, and holds
me tight, saying, "just lay still baby, let our breathing do the rest."
"Ooohhh...mother are right...I've been missing a world
of pleasure...or is it just with you, I feel so helpless and overly
willing...submissive and lost in desire and lustfulness..."

"Shhhhh... baby...just enjoy the ride...I sure as a fuck am."

Much later as we are still in this glorious position, with his cock
easily sliding back and forth ever so slowly deep up my now dripping,
sloppy wet cunt, with poor Vito having a hell of a rough time holding
himself back from rolling us over and fucking the royal piss out of me,
until he can't wait, does it, and I experience the raw, wildly roughed
masculine, forcefulness of a man who is so hot he can no long contain
himself, having been driven to this point by me, all during which I
willingly yield to his desires and passion and he then begins plunging it
even faster and deeper causing me some pain, but delightfully so, until
with a loud shout, he ejaculates a pulsating, gushing stream on creamy
cum deep in my cunt, and as silly as it seems I feel his sperm swimming
to find an egg to fertilize, as poor pooped Vito falls on me damn near
crushing me with his weight, gasping and panting terribly, so I push him
off, managing to get a breath in before his lips cover mine again,
pulling back I tell Vito, "Honey if I don't get in the bathroom fast,
we're going to get wet..."

"Hurry back I'm not done with you yet."

>From the bathroom suddenly I hear, "well that was a sweet little piece of
ass for you before you die you mother fucking murderer my son was one of
the ones you killed, here you bas..." I come out of the bathroom in a
flying drop kick, which knocks the gun from his hand, it fires into the
air, as he quickly gets up to meet a few dozen blows from both my hands
in his face, a kick to his nuts, a clap over his ears, and I straight
hand finger jab to his throat, collapsing his wind pipe, cutting off his
breathing, and he slowly suffocates to death, with a look of death in my
eyes, I quickly look around, seeing no others, I ask, "You alright baby."
Vito swallows hard, gets up, walks to me, holds me close, kissing my lips
and says, "My god you are quick...he never had a chance against you." "I am
rather tiny to get hit, one good jab by him and I'd be out for the
count...son of a bitch...look...damn I just pissed all over the floor...the
mother fucker could have waited until I least I pissed on
him...well you're a expert here, what in hell do we do now."

"You work on that virus, I'll get this piece of shit case
you're wondering this is O'Banyon, and Carlos will want to let it out a 5
foot 108 lb woman killed him...and with her bare hands...and honey, this
bastard is over 6 feet and weighs close to 300lbs...damn wait until pop
hears this."

Doing what I had to do is easy, testing it...well another thing, but my lab
rats provide me with what I need, and by morning I have it. Carlos and
several of his men arrive even sooner, look at O'Banyon, listen to what
Vito tells him, actually lays a whopper of a kiss on my lips, saying, "If
Vito hadn't seen it, I'd never believe it possible, but if I had any're witnesses, Doc, repeat after me, I Beverly Von
Henningsburg will obey every order from my godfather Carlos Giovanni, or
submit to being killed on the spot." Pulling out a knife he cuts our
hands and clasps them together saying, we are now family the interests of
our family comes before all baby, you're been made, so have you
anything to say."

"If I may my godfather, a bit of humor, tonight I murdered a man, was
laid by your son, and made by you...busy night."

"Well since talking about that doesn't bother you, how was your 1st piece
of male ass."

"It felt like more, I do need much more of Vito, just to make sure it is
all I remember it to be."

"And for murdering a man."

"That was self defense it was either him or court in the land could
call that murder...and you know, I rather enjoyed killing the filthy mother
fucking pig fucker...the only other thing about it, is that I'm so fucking
horny now...Vito fuck me more."

Every one totally cracks up and Carlos says, "Vito I think you've got a
tiger by the tail...see if you can tame her...let's go guys, the lady wants
to be alone with my son."

So then I say, "Carlos, honey what you need I'll have by morning."

"Good girl, let's go guys."

After they're done, Vito says, "Are you that good or just lucky this
time." Very lucky his back was to me, also, yes, I feel I'm that good, I
certainly hope so after all the effort I've put into wanting to be, a lot
of private study in ways to paralyze, immobilize and/or kill a person
with one well placed blow, or finger pressure point, I'm small, extremely
fast, and have never lost a match, there's no difference between fighting
for fun, and fighting for ones life, just the amount of pressure and
force in the blow, this was a breeze compared to matches where I had to
hold back, here I just let loose. Your dad was nice, he never even
mentioned the pool of piss on the floor...let me clean it up, and after
where were we."

So later, Vito tells me, "We were laying with you on top and my prick
deep in you cunt, I was fondling your tits, and you were swooning."

I rub my twat, as I say, "You must be right, I'd dripping wet down here,
lay down baby, so I can set on it."

As we are slowly fucking one another, I ask, "I've always wanted to try a
cigar, there's something so sensuously inspiring about all that beautiful
billowing white smoke drifting from my lips, may we share one."

"This I've got to see, sure baby, go for it." After a few deep drags and
exhaling the smoke, watching it slowly drifting from my lips, up my face,
and on, I tell Vito, "Wow, the feeling of the feeling of this large cigar
between my lips is great...and they actually taste better then
cigarettes...getting used to the taste of the tobacco wrapped around them
is difficult, but other wise, whenever I can't have your sweet, lovely
cock between my lips, I can smoke these...and honey with your cock sliding
back and forth inside me... holy mother fuck what a rush."

"And you look so fucking seductive smoking that cigar, do you think you
can smoke one in public."

"If I'm with can do damn near whatever you wish from me...or
even possibly more."

"You keep distracting me, I get close, and you cause me to lose it...are
you doing this on purpose."

"No baby...please don't be angry with me, but yes, for I do love the
continued feeling of you inside me."

"I've got just the thing for you, I'll bring them by we'll go get
them together, I forgot, we've got all week end to way or
another, I'm going to get the best of you...I'm sorry honey, but I've got
to cum, so."

He rolls us over so I'm under him and pounds my tiny body, hammering it
terribly, brutally fucking the dog shit out of me until he ejaculates
another gusher, and rolls off. After a time Vito lights himself a cigar
and as we're laying close, swapping kisses, cigar smoke, spit, and sweet
talking, I ask, "Vito what do you actually do for your father."

"I've done it all, 1st nickel and dine thief, building up to grand thief,
a contract killer, soldier, Lt, and now he's teaching me to take his
place, if we can swing it."

"How many men have you killed."

"Baby we don't talk about killings like this, so casually."

"Well gee, it seems I should know, especially if you want to continue
fucking me regularly."

"My adorably sweet wife was killed accidentally when some killers came
after me, sound familiar...she was my life, and no one has filled her
place, until possibly now, with you...oh...10, but over 17 years...and yes, I
do want to continue not just fucking you, but having you be mine...only
mine, baby."

"You don't have to sound so threatening you certainly don't see a line of
men coming after me, and with my limited variety behind me, and you the
only man to fuck me, I'm not about to cross you, nor am I interested in
looking, I've found who I want...what did you mean if you can swing it."

"Although the godfather has a say in who will follow him, his is not the
last word, we've got many under bosses who are all waiting to take over
when pop retires...or is retired, so I have to become an under boss 1st,
run the best area, and make the most money, only then will I be voted in,
if pop tried any other way, we'd have a war on our hands."

"So after this O'Banyon mob is no longer, the one who eliminates them
will be a hero."

"Pop is handling that."

"Ya as I heard, but only because he's afraid of losing you, talk him into
giving it to you, nothing will happen to you, they won't be any problem
after they're infected with my virus, you'll be the hero, take their
area, and if you'll let me we'll make a lot of money...oh...yes...where is
their area."

"We're right in the middle of it, this whole east side is theirs."

"Even better than they'll come here for, are they ever in
for a surprise when they do."

All this time I've been diddling his prick, and it's gotten nice and hard
again, so I ask, "Vito...look needs me again...may I suck it honey,
let me get between your legs, so you can watch me." "you must be a nympho
to keep wanting a prick between either your legs or lips, ever been
fucked in the ass."

"No...and I really don't want to be...that can't be a pleasant feeling can

"Well it is really if you think of yourself as enough of a slut or not,
to have your ass fucked, your cunt diddled, and the back of your neck
bitten lightly."

"Ooohhh...just you saying that caused my pussy to jump...the horror able,
painful, hurtfulness of it, plus my cunt diddled, and I love it when you
bit me...will you call me filthy names as you do."

"Holy mother fucker you are a hell of a daring and game little cunt
aren't you."

"'s just that we're talking about something you apparently will get
a lot of pleasure doing to me...and can do whatever makes you
happy to me...damn Vito...I've done it again...I've fallen in love...all some one
has to do is be nice to me and I fall in love with them."

"Then we will not push it honey, for I need you deeply in love with only
me, so we'll just make sure you are also very pleased with everything I
do to you."

"For me darling...for me. Now give me my lunch."

"Do it honey, suck me dry. Until your jaw is so tired you can't keep your
lips apart any longer."

We fell peacefully asleep with Vito's wondrous cock deep between my lips.
The next day Vito tells me during breakfast, "Today I'm going to get you
something that will pacify this constant hunger you have for a prick in
your cunt, baby."

"Now what are you planning to do to me."

"Oh, no, you'll just have to wait and see sweetie...have you ever thought
about body jewelry."

"Oh boy here it comes, you mean like I used to see on porno web sites the
girls had rings in their nipples, navel, vaginal lips...nose,
that I can see, for it would feel great to you, except how does one eat
with rings in their tongue." "and around your pussy lips, that will feel
good too, well baby ready to become more like a low life slut, and my
special and only woman." "Forget the slut part, your only woman that I
can be excited about."

1st we go to a Chinese shop where Vito gets something in a well decorated
box, back in his car, he says, "spread your legs baby."

"Vito I may be a nympho, but honey we're in the middle of the street. We
really shouldn't fuck right here."

"No you silly bitch now spread them."

"Ok...ok my god, don't get so apoplectic." Vito moves my panties aside, and
pushes two globes up my cunt, which crates a hell on an orgasm in me, so
then he says, " now move your ass around some...tell me what you feel." As
I do my eyes almost pop, as I say, :holy fuck they move by themselves,
what are they." "inside each one is a counter weight that has room to
move, which causes the globe to move inside you, which should keep you
horny as a mother fucking whore all the time, sloppy wet, and ready for
me to fuck."

"This wouldn't be your way to eliminate having to give me some foreplay
to get me ready for you to fuck would it." "fuck no baby, I enjoy working
you up to being ready for me to fuck you. Now for some body jewelry."
After as we're driving back to my home, I ask, "this isn't nearly as
difficult as I thought it would be, in fact, it rather helps the globes
you put up my cunt, to keep me orgiastic as a mother fucker."

"You are really something else, a genius, MD, surgeon, children's Doctor
and you cuss like a drunken sailor." "as you know when I was younger I
was part of an all girl rock group, well they talked like this so much I
just kind of fell into it, one good apple doesn't make the bad ones
good." "what happened to the girls you knew then." "I wish I knew because
they taught me a lot about sex and how to enjoy it, especially Connie my
next door neighbor...but wait...let me call my folks and see you
mind baby."

So on my cell I hear mom tell me, "Helen and Connie are still living next
door, Connie has been performing at the Cellars in the
everything alright with you darling, we haven't heard from you in days."
"it's a long story mom, but you and daddy should get a charge out of it
when you hear about it, we'll come by tomorrow...oh...wait...Vito baby, can we
do that."

"Sure honey, I haven't seen Phyllis in some time may not like
hearing this but pop used to fuck her pretty regularly."

"And you, have you fucked my mother also."

"Do you really want to hear all this."

"Well fuck baby, you just told me, where was my father during these

"Well he was out of town...really honey you mother is a sweet lady, don't
feel angry at her for this."

"I'm not, I just wonder how much of what you experienced from her...caused
you to come after me." "well fuck honey why not, Phyllis is one hell of a
fabulous mother fucking piece of ass, and cock sucker, so I knew you'd be
as good, or better, and now since I've experienced you...honey you surpass
her so much there is no comparing the two of you."

"As if you could tell me anything else now that you've caused me to fall
in love with you, but fuck it, I really don't care, I will not be
intimidated by my mother, even though I've always envied her, for her
beauty, having daddy as a lover, and being so great a designer, it just
surprises me she also enjoyed being fucked by the two of you at once, did
you ever fuck her in the ass."

"Honey please let's change the subject, I really hate talking about past
women I've fucked when I'm with you, especially when it's your mother
we're talking about."

"I have to wonder if daddy ever knew."

"This line of conversation is over honey, choose another damn
it, I mean it."

"Well then if you have no other plans, let's go to the Cellars tonight,
Connie and her group play there, and I'd love to hear them."

"That I can go for."

"Then let me dress in a sensuous evening gown so I can not only show off,
but show off you."

As we set at a table close to the stage, soon Connie and her group comes
out, introduces every one and begins playing, as much as I do not think
she can see out into the audience she stops at the end of a number, and
tells the ones here, "a lot of years ago when we were only praying for a
break and practicing daily, this very young girl was our lead singer, for
the 1st time in years, I see her out there in the audience...Beverly may I
impose on you to join us in the next number...come on sweetie, with your
voice I know you can still belt out rock and roll." So I ask Vito, "Would
it embarrass you if I do."

"Fuck no honey, possibly we can use you in one of our clubs for a stand

On stage after a few hugs and kisses we do exactly that, after on their
break, and at our table I tell them, Fran, Connie, Herrington this is my
very special love, Vito Giovanni, Vito my former group. Shortly after,
Herrington asks, " two people could possibly have that name,
you're part of the Giovanni family aren't you."

"I believe that is obvious, why do you ask."

"I'm just surprised to see straight shooting Beverly with some one like

"Some one like me, what do you mean by referring to me in that way. I
jump in with, "She only means how did I ever manage to fascinate some one
as important as you."

"You keep out of this Beverly, for god's sake he's a mobster...what in the
fuck is wrong with you."

"Well Herrington you just brought me back into your quizzing my
lover...Vito darling, I do believe we have nothing in common with these
women, let's leave, please." Vito looks long and hard at Herrington as he
tells her, "You just managed to make a powerful enemy , so don't pride
yourself with feeling secure, Beverly honey, you're right. Let's leave."
Then Connie asks me, "Come by and see me at home soon can you Bev. I've
missed you."

"Vito may I please."

"Sure honey, as long as I am with you."

Connie really looks annoyed at what he said, as we leave. In the car as
we drive back to my place, Vito tells me, "People know better then to
anger me, especially in Public...that bitch needs an attitude
adjustment...and you honestly enjoyed her also."

"No not really but she is part of the group, so back then I had to put up
with her insensitive manor of speaking but not now. Please don't harm her
because Connie needs her for the group."

"She showed no respect for you, or me...honey you've got to get used to
having people bow and scrap under you, so a simple change in her thinking
is in order, but only because it is your wish she'll come into no real
harm." The week end over I return to my work as GP, for this area, soon a
man comes in suffering terribly from some virus he doesn't even know
where he get it. So I tell him, "this is only contracted by intercourse,
so you have to tell me know you've slept with so I can find and cure her
as I'm now doing you, this shot will cause you to be sleepy, for a time,
but it also will cure you, so by patient with it." I inject him with more
of the virus; he even more weak stumbles out of my office. Over the next
few days I get a bunch of men with the same symptoms, treat them the same
way, and in a day I call Vito and tell; him, "you can take the O'Banyon
mob now, and have little or no resistance. The next week end on a Fri,
Vito comes to see me, not having seen him all week, he asks, "Can you
leave early we've got celebrating to do."

"I can guess why, please come up to my apartment while I dress."

Up there Vito asks, "Baby, listen, before we go let me see Your pierces
around your pussy, are they healed enough for me to knock off a piece
before we go out."

"As many pieces of my ass as you wish darling and yes, I do hope you'll
enjoy them as much as I have."

"How's your tongue too."

"My but aren't we greedy tonight, here you horny fucker, give it to me
between my lips and I'll show you." After Vito drops his load between my
lips, he fucks the living piss out of me, and in the shower he tells me,
lean partly over, I want to drill your sweet, tender ass while it's nice
and wet." "please be gently darling it's been years since my dildo has
been in there."

"I'll slide it in nice and slow, I certainly don't want to harm this
lovely little asshole of yours. As it is slowly driven in my ass, I
lightly scream in pain so Vito asks, "You want me to stop."

" shove it in's
...terribly...pleasing now, fuck my ass baby, fuck it hard."

We end up on our knees by the time he ejaculates another gusher up my
ass. I'm so totally shot to fuck, he picks me up and carries me to my bed
asking, "I was too rough on you wasn't I."

"Just hold me for a while...I wasn't as ready for that as I thought..."

Tears still running down my face as I lay there trying to be brave, I
say, "It really hurt me Vito...I'm sorry darling, I'll do better next time,
I promise...I could tell how much you liked fucking me ass by the way you
responded to doing it, so I'll work it good and be better next time."

"I know you will baby, for you really wish to please my every desire on
your body, and your ass is so mother fucking tight, I love fucking you
there...later tonight I'll alternate between your cunt and ass as I fuck
you, it'll be easier for you, now's that."

"Thank you darling that will be much nicer."

As we walk into the place Vito takes me, I see Carlos, and lot's on other
men. All with much younger women, I could tell weren't their wives, by
the way they were hanging on to the arms of the men, so I ask Vito,
"These women they weren't wives are they."

"Fuck no baby, we just bring our cunts to these parties."

"Oh...well I guess I fit that position now don't I...want me to hang on you
honey, like they are."

"No baby for you aren't my cunt, you're my future wife."

"You'll marry me and then bring some cunt to these parties, no my pet,
not me, we'll be lovers but I will not marry you, or any one, I have far
too much to do in my life to be tired to any one."

"You know I'll have to find myself a wife, do you want to by my cunt

"If that is another term for lover yes, much better than your wife, who
will soon be left at home tending the kids, which I never intend on
having, while you are out whoring around with another woman."

Well fuck, if Vito isn't smiling, as he says, "Good, because I never want
you pregnant and blowing up like a balloon, let the wife that is given me
do that."

Now very pleased with Vito I tell him, but not understanding him, I ask,
"The wife that is given to you, what does that mean."

"Experience here in America has proven to us, women from Sicily makes the
best wives, they don't question their men, and are raised in families
where the man has also a cunt away from the family, one who will
willingly take it in the ass and suck him this is your final word
on it."

"Wow, after hearing that, you bet your sweet ass it is."

Then Carlos comes over to asks, "Well when can I expect the wedding." SO
Vito tells him, "Beverly prefers being my cunt, instead of wife...she's too
independent to be a Sicilian's wife any way pop...she'll make a far better

"I told you that before you went after Beverly, she's her mother's
daughter, just like her, so what will you want to have now, possibly a
nice ignorant Sicilian woman like I told you to marry."

"Ya...I guess so pop."

"I'll send for a sweet innocent young one for you, so Beverly since
you've chosen to be Vito's cunt instead of wife, expect me over some
evening for my share of this tight little ass Vito has told me so much

As he squeezes a cheek of my ass. I pull away as I say, "Now wait a
minute, I didn't hire in to be community property. Remember you two, you
have asked me to be your Doctor also, does that automatically mean I'm
the family whore, I'll be happy being Vito's whore, but no Carlos, not
yours too."

Damn the look in Carlos's eyes, if looks could kill. Then he quietly
tells Vito, "Get her out of here, and teach her who she belongs to, and
after, bring her to me."

Vito drags me out to the car, slaps my face so hard I burst out crying,
then he grabs me by my shoulders and with his face inches away from mine
says, "Your godfather gave you an order in there, you are nothing more
than a whore in the Giovanni family, and he's going to fuck you whenever
he wishes, understand."

Quicker than he can react I pull his gun out of his shoulder holster
point it at my head, as I say, "I'm also the doc who saved your life, and
the martial artist who did also, so if that's all I've become, fuck you
all and good bye."

Just as the gun firers Vito pushes it away from my head." The bullet
going through the window and into the house and scaring the shit out of
every one there, Carlos, along with others run out here, and he asks,
"That the fuck happened." I'm setting there cold, stone faced, as Vito
answers, "I told Beverly she was our whore, she grabbed my gun and tried
to kill herself, saying she's a doctor who we have asked to be our
personal doc, and if all she's become is the family whore. Fuck us, and
she pulled the trigger. I managed to knock it away from her head before
it fired."

Then Carlos says, "All of you back in the house...move over honey, let's go
for a drive, Vito're right, honey, I was wrong,
you are my family doctor, and I have no right to treat you like a common saved my son's life twice, and will probably mine some day
too...can you forgive me honey...Beverly..."

Suddenly I scream and faint. as I awake, Vito, Carlos and a doctor and
nurse are standing around my bed, and the doc, who I see is Doc.
Phillips, says, "Young lady I didn't educate you to become run down this're way under weight, and anemic...damn Beverly how can you
expect to take my place if you do not take care of yourself. Vito is
going to be here with you, and I want you in this bed until tomorrow at
least...and Carlos, show more respect for this girl, she's a damn genius,
who knows more than I ever learned."

After he leaves, Carlos says, "Again...forgive me, all I could see as I
looked at you was Phyllis, and remembered how much I love her." Weakly I
reply, "I had no right to say what I did Godfather, I am the one who has
been out of your office as my godfather you have the right to
fuck me whenever you so wish...I will submit to you."

"Shhh, honey, let's not talk of that now, Vito take good care of her,
I've got things I must do now."

He leans over and kisses my lips lightly and leaves. Vito tells me, "I've
never seen this before, pop backing down...then what you told him about his
right to fuck you, that was a stroke of genius, not just because you're
right, but that after giving him hell about it to back down too...but baby,
I've got a problem, I don't want any other woman besides you."

"Let me make it simple for you, if you ever want any children and a home
you'd better find another one, because I'm just not the marrying kind,
and certainly not the child bearing kind."

"Let's just leave that for now, because you're in no condition to
determine things like this, I want you healthy now, nothing else matters,
I'm staying here with you, until Dr Phillips gives you the ok to return
to work."

Late the next day Dr. Phillips comes in and looks me over and tells Vito,
"Take Beverly for a vacation at your lodge, at least a week, put 10 lbs
on her at least, 20 would be better, complete rest, no god damn fucking
Vito, do you hear me, and you, you little bitch, I don't want to have to
be called out of retirement again, take these pills daily, 6 - 3 times a
day." So up to up state NY we go to a beautiful mountain lodge the family
uses for meetings and vacations, so setting out on the porch talking to
Vito, I ask, "Darling what about the O'Banyon area, isn't it yours now."
"Sure is, thanks to you, pop is handling the last minute change over, oh,
and another thing, your folks are due here later today, I called them,
was your father ever happy to know you and I are together."

"Wow, that's a surprise, but of course since we met my life has been full
of surprises, you and Carlos both having fuck my mom, and both daddy and
mom working as fronts for the Giovanni family...oh what about my practice,
is it closed." "no baby your nurse practioner is doing what she can, now
get off that, I will not have you being concerned about what you now have
no control over."

"Ok, then let's talk more about me being your whore verses your wife."
"Never use that word to describe yourself again, or damn you, I slap you
so hard you'll not wake up until next week, and I've been putting some
thought into that, how about a sera get mother to carry our children, and
nannies to care for them, and we'll never marry if that's what you want."
"You'll do all this just for me."

"I'm making a damn fool of myself over you, but you've really gotten to
me, even pop thinks I've lost it over you...look here comes your folks

After daddy and mom are up with us, mom asks, "Vito how did you ever get
Beverly to agree falling in love with you."

"It wasn't like that Phyllis, after Beverly saved my life, I fell for
her, it took pop weeks to talk me into going there to see if she had any
feelings for me."

So daddy asks, "Then we can assume Beverly you now have felt the real
thing, and according to your mother Vito is a wonderfully satisfying
lover also, he takes after Carlos in that way."

Trying my best to hide my surprise, I say, "I jokingly tease Vito telling
him the reason he came after me was because of his relationship with

So Vito then says, "You are your mother's daughter."

We talked late into the night and then went to bed, the next morning, us
having been there almost a week, Carlos drove up along with 3 of his men,
and once inside he tells Vito, "Well that's the last of the O'Banyon mob,
a few got away but no one important, so Vito now you've got one of the
riches areas in the family...and Bev you look much better, Phyllis, as
always the beauty you've always been, is this bum of a husband of yours
taking care of his homework."

Almost laughing mom replies, "Oh, yes, Carlos, if he misses I remind

So daddy fires back, "Misses, it's you who turns me down, not me turning
you down."

Then Vito softly tells me, "I think I know where this is going, let's go
to bed baby." So we excused ourselves and went up to bed, once there I
ask, "Where is it going."

"Pop used to have a torrid love affair with your mother, then she met
your father and left pop, although they never really broke it off
completely, and whenever he can he fucks her, and that's what he going to
do tonight."

"What about my dad."

"He'll either watch or Phyllis will suck him off while pop fucks her,
then he'll go into another bedroom and leave them alone, but enough about
them, I need you bad baby, let's mix it up." A little later we hear mom,
" devil, fuck me baby, Henry get your prick over here."

So I ask Vito, "Why are my parents so open about this."

"Are you kidding every month both of them fuck some one else, it's that
stupid club they formed."

Then later it got quiet and we went to sleep. Later we're suddenly woke
up by the front door being crashed open and gun fire, Vito, tells me,
"Stay here, whoever they are they're after pop." He grabs 2, 16 shot 9 mm
and runs out, and I follow him, as a roaring gun battle erupts and Vito
is hit several times, and like a wild banshee I jump from the up stares
hall, and cave in the chest of one with my feet hitting him straight on,
roll, come up and kill another by collapsing his wind pipe, pick up the
machine gun he had and stray the room, killing 5 others, dash to Vito,
he's still breathing but hurt badly, by now every one is here. As I
scream for a knife, a lighter, rubber hose, and cloth, mom faints at the
sight of all the blood, Carlos helps me, daddy takes care of mom,
Carlos's men go out side to make sure this is all of them, and 2 hours
later Vito is stable, but badly shot, so I tell Carlos, "We must get Vito
to my office where I can finish this, I will not lose him."

By late the next day, we realize the truth, poor Vito was hit in the spin
and is paralyzed from the neck down, and unless I can remove the bullets,
he'll die, but in trying to do that he may also die, now unconscious, I
ask Carlos, "No one has ever done what I want to try, what is you
choice." Poor saddened Carlos hugs me as he says, "If any one can you
can, do what you must."

So getting Carlos and my dad to assist me I go for removing the bullets,
much later it's done and Vito is stable, but nowhere near out of danger,
so setting next to him, Carlos holds me tightly as he tells me, "You're
an angel Beverly, absolutely heaven sent, if Vito pulls through this, I
have only one favor to ask, have a child by him, a grandson from you will
be unstoppable, do it whatever way you can."

Kneeling before him, I put my head in his lap, kiss his hand as I say,
"that can be done now, only thing we'll have to have a surrogate mother,
I'm too small to carry a baby to term."

"Do what you must, all will be provided, and my wife will raise the boy."
So I extract sperm from Vito and artificially impregnate myself, while
Carlos finds us a woman in the family to carry it, the transfer made,
Vito goes to a family owned convalescent home and I try to get back to my
practice, which very shortly proves to be something I can not longer do,
with my precious love wanting to die because he now is so useless, but in
the proud Sicilian arrogance Carlos told the Doc there to unhook Vito's
life support and let him die, then he came to my home and after I get us
a drink he tells me, "You know Vito can't live like this, it isn't right
to keep him alive artificially, so I've done the right thing, he's gone
Beverly, now get on with your life, I'm speaking to you as the
grandfather of your child, a friend, and hopefully some day even more."

For whatever reason I had no tears, and said, "Thank you Carlos, I
couldn't bring myself to do it, but you are right. I did something with
Vito I'd promised myself I'd never do, and now he's gone..."bursting out
crying, I lay my head on his lap as I continue, "and I'm so horribly
alone...I have no one and do not even know where to fine some one to love

"If you will let me Beverly I will love you the best I can, remembering,
I'm much older then you." "You honestly will, even knowing I'm still
deeply in love with Vito."

"Close your eyes my sweet, and pretend."

"I shall try to be as responsive and exciting as my mom is to you."

He carefully undresses me and begins caressing my body, slowly working
down to my pussy where after lightly fingering it, and undressing
himself, he rolls us over so I'm on top as he lowers me on to his
gorgeous prick, then leaves all movement to me, until he becomes so
excited and rolls us back and plunges in and out of me driving me totally
insane, as I scream and cry yelling for more, as on and on he goes, never
slowing or hesitating until with a mighty grunt Carlos floods my cunt,
smoothing my lips with his, I hold him tight with my legs and arms
wrapped around him, sobbing my eyes our, crying, and wailing over how
fantastic he is. Slowly we recover, Carlos lights a cigar, and is
surprised when I ask for one, so as we're laying there smoking he tells
me, "I've wanted you for months, and now that I've fucked you, will you
be my woman for our meetings, and any one calling you a cunt, I'll kill
the bastard."

"Of course, I think my responsiveness to you told you how I feel about

"Phyllis has been replaced, and by the most lovely and irresistible woman
I've ever fucked, and where did you ever learn to like cigars."

"Vito, once I tried one, they're so much more enjoyable than cigarettes,
why fuck with them...holy shit look at the time, you killer you, you just
fucked me for 3 hours, and hot damn do I ever feel refreshed, renewed,
and back in love."

"I won't restrict your sexual activities as long as they're women,
because I will not be able to keep you satisfied...I just don't have that
much free time."

"If you're as dynamic every time as you are tonight, I'll not need any
one else, I'll just rely on my trusty Jack Hammer between you coming
over." "I said no men." "Jack isn't a man, here darling look and see."
"my god what is that." "it's a double plunging dildo, 6 speeds and
literally fucks me blind...Carlos, please be careful, I couldn't bare it if
I lose you too." "What happened at the lodge was a fluke, generally no
one gets near me, like right now there are 6 men either in the house or
outside watching over my safety so never fear for me, I'm going to retire
from this job."

A few days later I go see mom and daddy, and as we set talking daddy
asks, "Carlos called us yesterday and told us you are now his woman, you
must be something very special to replace Phyllis."

"That's why I came over, mom, have I offended you by doing this."

"Not at all darling, it never has been fair to your father, but Carlos
had us where he wanted us and I couldn't turn him down, you apparently
rate very high with him for you are the 1st woman he has ever referred to
as his woman, all the rest of us were his cunts, as much as I always
hated that word." "May I know how he had a hold on you two."

"Carlos bankrolled our businesses, and uses us to laundry money, if it
weren't for him, we'd be working for whoever else instead of ourselves,
you have a unique position with Carlos, so far you've given him
everything and taken nothing in return, try to keep it that way, because
once he gets his hooks in you, he's a mean vicious tyrant who loves
harming people for his own pleasure...a real sadist."

I didn't reply to that because he'd never shown me that side of him, and
I doubt if he ever will, Carlos is a well built healthy man of 54 and
very handsome, married to a very plain looking Sicilian woman of 56,
given to him by his uncle in Sicily she's perfect for what he needs,
takes care of the house and doesn't question his where about at all and
she never goes anywhere with him, that position is now mine, it was 3
weeks before I see Carlos, and my dildo was complaining terribly because
of being over worked. It was the middle of my work day, with the waiting
room full of patients so when my receptionist tells me, "Bev, Carlos is
in your office." I run in there and damn near knock him down kissing his
lips, and saying, "Oh, darling I've missed you so very much."

"Me too baby, god you look good to me, how soon can you get out of here."

"Today...darling I've got a waiting room full."

"Either way, I'll be back at 7 we're going to a dinner the governor has
asked me to, and I need you with me."

"I'll be ready. Some how."

When Carlos picks me up he says, " what a transformation, you sure don't
look anything like a young gorgeous, some flowers for you,
except in a dress like this where do I put them."

"On my waist darling, it is rather bare on top isn't it." "you look so
unbelievably lovely, I have to wonder if you're real."

"I'm very real, and so orgasmic I do pray we get through the evening
without me raping you."

Once there, I need not have been concerned about that, because every
important person in the state is here, and the governor stands and says,
"Although many of you have preconceived notions about what kind of man
Carlos Giovanni is, it's my privilege to tell you that he has graciously
agreed to not only clean up the lower east side of Frisco, but to build
housing for those who live there, a real humanitarian ladies and
gentlemen, Mr. Giovanni please tell us your motivation for this wonder."
Carlos gets up there and tells them, "I was born and raised on the lower
east side, where no one goes unless they live there, and slum landlords
drain their tenants dry, then one day I met the lovely young Doctor who
is here with me tonight, who after graduating at the top of her class,
and getting through pre-med and med school in 4 years, instead of
following her background, which is a wealthy family, opens an office in
what some of us know as Hells Kitchen, to help the needy, I helped fund
Dr. Von Henningsburg's clinic, and now I'm going to follow through,
giving those people a better chance." And every one clapped and went wild
over his idea. After I am bombarded by people who wanted to hear from me
why I did what I did, instead of opening an office in a better part of
town. So on our way to my home Carlos asks, "Ok, doll get those lips of
yours around my cock, and suck me off before we get there, tonight we're
going to break my record for how long I can fuck you none stop."

"Damn you Carlos, I just came in my pants, and it's going to soak through
on to your car seat, give me something to set on."

"Later that'll be my prick,. But here." So shortly he ejaculates so much
more than I expected, and as I pulled my lips off his cock, I ask,
"you're been saving tonight for me haven't you."

"You bet your sweet mother fucking ass baby, we're going to smoke cigars,
drink scotch and fuck the rest of the night, by morning I want to hear
you slush as you walk from all the cum you've had injected into you."

"Just try to hold it and cum between my lips each time darling, for I
haven't tasted you yet."

I don't know when Carlos left, I'd passed out from exhaustion,
hyperventilation, and fatigue, but when I did, I felt like the world was
mine, and Carlos was it's king, because he pleasured me by fucking my
every orifice, and ejaculating between my lips every time, of course it
wasn't always perfectly executed and as I awoke I realized I was laying
in sticky cum, with it in my hair, all over my face, and I wondered how
Carlos faired through all this mess. After I finally get it all cleaned
up, mom and daddy shows up, just wanting to visit, and mom tells me,
"Beverly darling we worry about you living here alone, in this terrible
area, are you sure you're safe."

"Carlos sees to it that I am, look out this window...see that car, watch."

I wave, and the man in the car waves back, so I motion for him to come
in, and he tells some one else and comes to the door, where I let him in
and say, "Victor, my parents are wondering if I'm safe here by myself,
would you tell them."

"Well folks, there are 4 of us watching the Doc day and night, after all
the godfather's personal Doctor has to be kept safe so if he needs her,
besides...well you know. I'd like to tell you, you raised a wonderful young
woman here, she's tops with us, now if you don't mind let me look through
the house." So after Victor leaves daddy asks, "How's Carlos treating

"Like I'm a queen, my every wish is taken care of, he's really a precious
darling man, of course I'll never say that in public, it would wreck his
image as a tough, mean minded no nonsense sort of gangster...oops, man."
As they laugh, I know the king is in his castle, and I am his princess...

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