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Nifty - Transgender - Teen - Jamie

Date: Wed, 28 Oct 2009 19:48:58 -0600
From: James Johnson <>
Subject: TG - Jamie

Jamie, a queer girlie boy's tale. Pt.1
by: Jim Johnson (

Disclaimer: The contents are for artistic purposes only and do not condone
illegal activities. If you are under the age of majority it is unlawful
for you to read this story.

I grew up always liking girly things, and pretty much being more a girl
than the boy I was born to physically. Whenever my single Mom got made up
or did her nails I was right there wanting her to do me. I played with
Barbie's and dolls, and insisted on wearing panties and girl clothes. I
seldom let my mom get my hair cut, I loved the soft blonde curls that I had
and while Mom was concerned she never denied my desires.

At 11 she gave up even trying to get me to dress, act or play like a boy.
She changed schools and enrolled me as a girl, and I was allowed to dress
in the skirts I loved so much. At night I got frilly jammies and enjoyed
spending the evening laying in her bed watching TV snuggled next to her.

When I was 12 she lost her job and for months she looked for another
unsucessfully. With our money running out she began going out at night,
leaving me tucked in her bed. She started dressing in tight short skirts
and low cut tops exposing her ample cleavage. I thought she looked
fabulous but she never seemed overly happy, often returning home smelling
of tobacco smoke, booze and men's cologne.

Several months of this went by and my Mom stayed home one night because we
needed to talk. She explained that her new "job" was requiring too much of
her to take the care of me she should so I was going to have to go live
with my Aunt. I was scared and crying but she held me tight and said she
loved me. My aunt understood my need to be a girl and she had been a
teacher so could home school me, that way I didn't have to worry about
change rooms in gym class. In the end it all sounded good, I would only be
a couple hours away in a smaller city safe with my Aunt. Mom would visit
as often as she could and my Aunt needed some company.

At the end of grade 6 I moved with my Aunt Robyn. She had an older house
in an up and coming neighborhood, it was an old victorian 2 story. The
upstairs had been renovated into 2 large bedrooms with a spacious common
bathroom. The main floor was a large living room and kitchen tastefully
decorated. The basement was off limits, Aunt Robyn explaining that her
office and such was down there. My room was freshly painted in pinks and
pastel blues, a queen size bed with pink and white duvet in the middle, a
large screen TV and a desk with computer furnished the room.

I settled in and very much enjoyed the totally girly room, putting up
posters of Brittney and Lindsay. I had always loved dressing in shorts
skirts and tight tops like them and, my sexuality starting to unfold, felt
they were what I wanted to be, sexy!! I noticed Aunt RObyn also enjoyed
dressing very feminine, she always wore dresses or skirts and her cleavage,
while not vulgar, was always visible.

I had been there a week when my Aunt sat me down to talk to me.

"We need to set ground rules Jamie because I have a personal life, as will
you, and our privacy needs to be respected. Also, you will be expeected to
do your share of house work. Most of it I like to make fun so I get
dressed up in a maid's uniform and all." She giggled. "If you like I could
get you one too."

"That would be sweet Aunty, and it sounds like more fun than just
cleaning." I giggled back.

"Great!" She beamed. "On another note, I have a drink blend every morning
and I would think you would benefit from it as well."

"What is it?" I asked wondering if it was gross.

"Oh its something that us girls need every day, just a few powders blended
with heavy cream and orange juice, here I made you one try it." She smiled
handing me a thick orange drink.

WE drank the blends and it tasted like a creamsicle, very orangey but very
good. About half an hour later I got kind of lethargic and found Aunty in
a chair in the living room looking much the same.

"Oh good here you are, sit and put these on." She waved at the couch near
her and handed me some glasses and headphones. You're going to see some
flashing lights come on, but don't worry they'll help you relax. Then a
nice soothing voice urging you to rest."

I put them on, as did she, and lay back. Sure enough the lights started
and the taped voice began in the ear pieces urging me to relax. When I
awoke I felt fantastic, energized and ready for a great day. Aunty was
smiling at me as she took the glasses and earphones and placed them in a
box near her chair.

"That will be our morning routine hun, breakfast, drink, relaxation. At
your age your body is about to go through several changes and you are
becoming ore aware sexually as well." I blushed at that. "That's ok hun,
you can talk to me about sex anytime, and I am not shy about sharing
either." She smiled and hugged me. "also I have signed you up on a couple
sites about gender and girls like you on the internet. Don't tell anyone
your age or where you live ok? They're bookmarked in your favorites and
here's the passwords."

"Sure Aunty, no problem." I smiled a bit excited. I had never seen, let
alone talk to another girl like me. I had begun masturbating a couple
months before and often wondered what it would be like to touch another

She left for work and I to the computer to check the sites out. There were
4 sites, one was a chat site dedicated to transgendered and the others were
picture sites in the same vein. I slowly browsed the pictures of the
she-males, I adored their feminine bodies and features and their cocks even
more. Some were body shaved, some with pubes all lovely. My own pubes had
just started to sprout and other than a little nest right at the base of my
cock I was smooth. I examined my pits closely and noticed a couple hairs
there as well, puberty was setting in. I had read many of the articles
within the sites and had totally lost track of time when I heard Aunty come
home. I dashed out of my room still in my satin jammies and met her.

"Oh my," she said as I turned the corner, "a little girl can not go about
with her jammies all tented out."

I froze and looked down, my penis was indeed pushing out the satin fabric
of my bottoms. she sat in a chair and motined me to come to her. I stood
in front of her and she turned me around and pulled my bottoms down and me
tight between her nyloned legs.

"Now let Aunty take care of that for you hun." She cooed into my ear as
she grasped my still pre-pubescent sized cock and began to stroke it in her
firm, warm hands. "Such a nice girlie-boy, so feminine and such a nice
little cock, just perfect." Her breath hot in my ear as I quickly
approached orgasm. Her stroking increased as she felt my body tense and my
balls pull up. Quickly I shot large streams of slippery cum out and across
the floor, her chin resting on my shoulder as she watched it. "Lick it up
hun, never let cum go to waste." She commanded as she licked her hand of
the drops left there.

I had never tasted it before and as soon as I licked the first gob from the
floor I knew I liked it. Its salty nature made me want more and I soon had
the floor clean while Aunty smiled and nodded I had done good. Licking the
cum had made me feel more a girly boy than ever and I loved the feeling.
After that moment if I masturbated I always came into my hand and licked it

The next month was rather uneventful, other than I felt my body beginning
to change bit by bit. Aunty had bought me new thong panites of a tight
lycra that held my penis from bulging even hard, she had also showed me how
to tuck it up between my legs to make sure. My nipples had become very
puffy and bulged off my chest in large puffed brown billows. My cock had
also grown from 4 inches hard to almost 7 and laying in bed I could make
the hooded monster come out from hiding by just rubbing my tender puffy

Summer had flown by with many changes to my young body and psyche. I had
been on the internet chatting with other 'gurls' as they called themselves
of all ages, most wanted to be women permanently but not me. I liked my
curvier, feminine body for sure but also liked I had a penis. The sexual
possibilities of being able to fuck and get fucked, suck and get sucked
excited me. I was very happy with my body and my burgening sexuality. At
12 I had become quite mature and very self aware. I felt there was
something in wearing those glasses and the tape that played during it
helped me in that regard.

My body had filled out quickly over the 2 months with my Aunt, my puffy
nipples had grown to a nice b-cup with large dark nipples, my hips had
spread and my ass become rounder and fuller. My pubic patch had filled in
much more with dark curly hairs and my underarms also sported darker
thicker hairs. Because of this I sat and talked to my Aunt late in August.

"Aunty, it seems I have hit puberty, and you've helped me so much with
clothes and make-up I was hoping.." I trailed off.

"Yes hun." She smiled as she answered.

"Would you, well, show me how to shave?"

"You're face ins't growing a beard hun, nor will it." She answered slyly.

"Uh no, not my faqce its fine, nice and smooth." I smiled rubbing my face.
"It's my underarms, legs and uh..."

"Go ahead hun tell me what else." By now she was grinning widely.

"My pubes!" I blurted out red faced.

She smiled and said, "Go run the shower and get naked, its time you learned
a few things about me as well, go ahead, get!"

I went upstairs and turned on the shower, it was a very large shower easily
fitting us both. I was beside myself with excitement but had no idea the
shock I was also about to receive. I was down to my panties when Aunty
walked in.

"such a lovely girl." Commented Aunty as her hands rubbed my back. "You
are developing nicely indeed, better than I did at your age." She added
her hands now caressing my soft breasts. He pinched a nipple lightly and
made me gasp and close my eyes. I heard her soft giggle and opened them to
see her radiant smile.

"Thank you Aunty." I smiled back.

"well," she began, "guess it is time to show you my body then." She
slipped off her top and unclasped the front closing bra letting it fall to
the floor. Her breasts were full and despite her 45 years, sagged very
little. They were also pierced and amazingly seductive and I reached out
to touch them. "Its ok" she purred, "go ahead, touch them." I did so and
loved the look of them against her dark nipples, and mostly how they made
her nipples always seem erect with the bar and balls at each end.

"Oh I'm sorry Aunty." I apologised as she had gasped at my touch.

"Oh no dear, its not that," she smiled, "it's that it felt good, like when
I touched yours. Now slip off those panties." Silpped them off and my cock
had sprung free, very erect with the foreskin being pulled back from the
head. She now stood before me in just a pair of black panties, and my gaze
naturally went there and saw a bulge at the bottom between her legs.

She kept her legs very close together and worked the satin down between her
legs. She stood up and showed her smooth shaven pube area that looked a
bit stretched...just like mine when I tucked my cock up. she smiled and
spread her legs, her cock fell down and began to rise almost immediately.
I stood there in amazement, totally dumbfounded, how could I not have

"See sugar? That's the main reason your Mom wanted you to live with me, I
am like you, a she-male in all its meaning." She had took me into her
arms, our cocks rubbing another, our breasts mashed into each other. "I
had to wait to tell you until you started to respond to the program I had
begun your first day." I nodded some as she spoke. "But for now lets get
you shaved."

Taking me by the hand we got into the shower together. She took the
shaving her cream and sprayed it itno my hands and I rubbed it under my
arms first. I took the razor and Aunty talked me through my first pit
shave, I was quite happy with the results and smiled as we both ran our
fingers over the smoothness. Next she had me do my legs, lathering them
and gliding the razor from knee to ankle in equal smooth strokes. Now was
time for my pubes, first she took some scissors and trimmed the hairs as
short as she could. Then I applied the cream and rubbed it all over before
taking up the razor. Doing herself she showed me how to hold my penis out
of the way and get it as smooth as possible with careful strokes which I

Finally we were both smooth and clean, our hair washed as well and we got
out and towled dry. She led me by the hand to the living room after we had
brushed our hair and we sat down on the couch together, still naked. Our
cocks seemed a stark contrast to the femminine curves and beauty of our
bodies as they jutted out obscenely from us both. At first I found it hard
to concentrate on her words but our nakedness soon became just a part of
us, natural, as did our erections.

"Firstly hun, the drink we both have?"

"Yes." I nodded.

"It's actually a hormone drink, see our hormones are off some, and without
the drink our bodies would be confused and more middle of the road between
man and woman. The hormones make sure our body takes on female
characteristics and still allows that bit of maleness to fully function.
It's a fine balancing act but you have responded wonderfully."

Glancing down at hers, then my, body she was right. We both looked female,
curvy natural breasts, indented waists, full wide hips. "Well I am glad it
is working because this truly feels like who am meant to be."

She hugged me then let me sit back again. "It is who we are meant to be,
the perfect sexual creatures able to have men or women or both and please
them. Which brings me to the glasses and tapes." She continued only
pausing for breath. "You see, they are hypnosis tapes, not designed to
alter anything but to allow your mind to function clearly and without
inhibition. Its one reason you have been able to accept it so easily. The
other part in the tapes, and you will be moving into this area now, is
about sex. You see there are many aspects, types and variations of sex,
the tapes help me, and soon you, to be open and willing to experiment. It
will, over time, help you enjoy any type of sex, kink or perversity that
pleases anyone."

"Is that why I like cum so much, because the tapes say to?" I asked.

"Oh no," she laughed, "that's all you sweety, you're own desires. You
haven't even heard a sex tape yet. I think, like me, you are a natural
slut." She laughed and I joined her. "Now let's get these hard ons taken
care of and begin our day."

She had me lay back and spread my legs, her legs over mine also spread.
Our heads rested on the arms of the couch and we could see each other as we
took hold of our cocks. I watched closely as she masturbated with one
hand, the other pulling her pierced nipples ferociously. I took my own
cock and worked the foreskin up and down the head with increasing tempo, I
too began to tweak my nipples and the harder I pinched and pulled the
better it felt in my cock.

"I'm cumming!" She wailed and I opened my eyes to watch her explode thick
gobs of precious white cum across her belly up to her chin. I spun on the
couch, getting between her legs and lapped the cream up, her words about
never waisting cum ringing in my ears. She held me head and ran her
fingers in my hair as I lapped her clean, finishing at her face where she
took mine and kissed me. Her hand wrapped around my cock and made me stand
as she took my hardness into her mouth, It took only a few seconds for me
to explode and fill her mouth with my own cream. We kissed more while I
straddled her lap, our cocks ow softened from their explosions.

After several minutes we got up, dressed and started our day, a normal
Saturday other than the happenings of earlier that morning. The next day I
began my new tape sessions. I was now almost 13 and my natural hormones
were driving me wild sexually and I was masturbating at least 3 times a
day. Aunty actually scheduled a break in my studies to allow my raging
hormonal lust to be subdued quietly in front of some pornographic scene on
my computer. Besides the usual required scholastic endeavours she also
taught me a daily sex-ed class. Unlike most school curriculum this was
actually sex education.

It started out simply enough, basic man-woman, woman-woman, man-man and of
course she-male and one or both other sexes. After 4 months of classroom
instruction I was aching to get to some real action. The tapes had opened
my mind to all sorts of sex acts and I researched them on my own at night,
Aunty having supplied paid sites to me for my interests. My fantasies often
had Aunty as the central character as I hadn't met too many other people

On a snowy Saturday afternoon Aunty started into a bottle of wine while I
was watching TV. after a couple glasses she asked if I wanted some and of
course I said yes, never having tasted alcohol yet. The red wine went down
very smoothly with just a bit of after taste which I enjoyed. I was on my
second, she on her 4th and we were both giggling and snuggling in front of
the roaring fire.

"Mmm itss hot." Aunty giggled as she slurred the s. "I think we need to
take thesse topsh off." She lifted the sweater over her head, her unbound
breasts falling into place aqs she lowered her arms. Her breasts were
magnificent firm orbs, topped with chocolate brown nipples the size of a
silver dollar, through each of them was a single silver hoop crossed with a
silver bar bell vertically, no wonder her nipples were so noticeable. But
why hadn't I noticed them before? "Ahh you like the rings hun?"

"Yes Aunty but I never saw them before. Are they new?"

"Oh lord no sweety." She said pulling my face inches from her lovely
breasts. "I took them out to shower with you, didn't want too much too soon

"I think they look fantastic Aunty, stunning and erotic." I added smiling
up at her as my hands moved to her piercings.

"Mmm go ahead sweety, you can touch them." She said closing her eyes and
licking her lips.

I ran my small fingers over her protruding nipples lightly touching the
ends, her gasp as she pushed her breasts out told me she liked it. The
wine made me face flush, or was it that I was touching her breasts? My
penis stirred and pushed against the fabric of my panties, tightening them
uncomfortably. I moved one hand down her soft belly and across her skirt,
finding her bare thigh I moved my hand under the hem. Without forethought
I leaned my face in and took one of the erotic nipples into my mouth like I
had seen in so many pictures and videos.

"Oh baby, my sweet niece, mm suck Aunty's titties baby." She cooed as she
entangled her fingers in my long hair and pulled me to her.

I took more of her nipple into my dripping mouth and suckled it, my tongue
swirling around the nipple, letting the ring rise and fall. I got bolder
with my hand under her skirt and stroked her bulging silk covered cock. I
ran my hand over the silk sheathed erection and between her legs taking the
head and gripping it firmly.

"Oh fuck, you little vixen, mm god yes." Aunty panted as she lifted my
face to hers using my hair as leverage.

Her grip on my hair was firm and unyielding as she mashed her lips to mine,
her tongue entering my mouth for my first deep kiss. Her free hand found
my left nipple and squeezed it making the dark nipple pop up between her
fingers. The pain/pleasure mix made me grip her cock harder and we both
moaned into each others mouths.

"Oh god Aunty," I moaned as we embraced tightly, "that felt amazing."

She responded by taking the nipple between her thumb and forefinger and
tightening it. The pinch hurt at first and I cried in pain, but as she
twisted and pulled it taught I began to moan in painful extasy. I pulled
her panty hem aside and unleashed her throbbing uncut cock and it flew to

"You little slut!!" Yelled Aunty, and before I knew what happened I was
face down across her lap.

"I'm..I'm sorry Aunty, I didn't know..I just wanted to feel you." I begged

"And you will, but first you need to learn some fucking manners little
girl." She pulled off my thong leaving me bareassed with my hard on raging.
Her scolding did nothing to alleviate the feelings I had but instead made
them stronger.

"Slut!!" She screamed as her hand met my small as cheeks firmly. "Whore!!"
as she struck again. She was spaniking me but softly at first, calling me
filthy names with each slap. The spanking grew in intensity as did my
carnal desire. "Bitch, slut, whore, filthy cunt, cum licker." Just a few
things she called me as the spanks increased, tears were streaming down my
face but my ass lifted to meet each blow and stinging slap.

"Yes Aunty, yes. mm fuck it hurts so good Aunty!!" I wailed in between ass

"Enough!" She bellowed and slid me to the floor. "Wait there you little
girly boy, on your hands and knees like the little whore you are!!"

She rose and left the room, I stayed on all fours, panting and ass stinging
waiting her return. My B cup girly breasts hung below me as did my fully
engorged girly cock, my skirt limply hanging below my waist exposing my
curvy girly ass. When she returned she took pictures of me there all the
while her own short skirt fully tented out as her mature breasts sagged
under their own weight. She showed me the pictures while I remained like a
scolded pup on the floor. The close ups of my young, tender ass showed it
bright red with small bruise spots, my ball sac shrunken up and tightly
cupping 2 small orbs easily noticeable.

"Now my little slut, you're going to learn to suck cock like only a girly
boy can, with attention and devotion." She sated as she stripped and sat
on the couch, legs apart and cock proudly erect. She was uncircumsized and
just the pee hole of her spongy head showed above the foreskin taughtly
stretched around it. I moved in between her smooth legs and admired, close
up, the smooth shaved pubic area and balls below her thick, and only, piece
of manhood.

"First," she began, "take the base in the circle between your thumb and
first finger, this lets your hand rest and gently squeeze the balls and
your other hand free to touch." I gripped the base of her cock as
instructed and leaned forward, mouth open. "Easy you greedy little girl,
not so fast, its a phallus, an object of ardent adulation not an fucking
ice cream cone. Now kiss it, softly show it that you love it, that you
want it, kiss the head and all up and down the shaft."

Kissing it with my lips, letting my tongue gently teast the skin I did as
told and in doing so it did become the object of my desire. I lovingly
kissed and rubbed it over my face, feeling it, tracing the veins from base
to tip with my tongue. I rubbed the clear jism that leaked from the pee
hole over my lips and tasted its saltyness. The more I just devoted my
total consciousness to it the more erotic it became for me and for her.

"Mmm thats good baby, yes such a good little cock worshipper." She cooed
between breaths. "Now darling girl, with your free hand gently pull back
the foreskin and expose the head. Mm yes hun thats it, slow and gentle,
admire that head love it. Now use your tongue and lick all around the base
of the head, mm, get at whatever's there hun, dried piss and jizz, the
treasures of an uncut cock."

Slowly I licked all around the helmet sucking bits of jizz and pee that
accumulate in an unwashed foreskin. The strong tastes slowly subsided as I
made it squeeky clean, licking at the pulled back skin and over the head.

"Now that its all clean and shiny, now slowly take it into your mouth, let
your tongue guide it to the back of your throat." Her commands now laced
with lust and desire for her cock to be devoured. Remembering the videos
and pictures I forced it deep into my throat, a small wretch ripped my
bowels but quickly subsided as I pulled back. Unsatisfied I took it again
deep into my virgin throat, this time further, no gag and with my eyes
closed I began to bob up and down further each stroke.

"Mmm oh yes my natural little cock sucker, greedy little cock whore." She
moaned, her hands entwined in my hair urging my uninhibited gorging of her

Her cock filled my mouth and spit ran from the corners as I took it deep
then back to just the head. I could taste more and more of her cum
building as it began to leak in larger quantities. This only encouraged me
to suck her more, I wanted my mouth filled with the salty, creamy blasts of
her orgasm, hoping they were as plentiful as my own.

"Fuck yes you little fucking whore!" Screamed Aunty. The first shot hit
the back of my throat as her head was buried deep, the rush made me jolt up
a bit but she only came out to the base of the head. The next shot
splattered the roof of my mouth and coated my tongue, the next and next
filling my mouth even as I tried to swallow. "Ohhhh fucckkkk yesssss!"
Came her husky voice as her carnal lust fuelled her spasms. She had filled
my mouth and it leaked down the shaft of her thick cock and as she subsided
I let it free to lick up the spills. She spasmed once more as her cock
freed itself from my wet, gooey mouth and shot a final jet across my
forehead and hair.

Grabbing the camera she made me open my mouth before swallowing it all and
show off the load inside, then pictures of my cum splattered face and chin.
While my breasts and cock had begun to flourish in puberty, my build and
face otherwise was that of childish innocence. My round cherub face
splattered with cum, my pink tongue coated in opaque white goo showed a
lustful child sated by cum.

"Never waste cum darling." She whispered as she licked her own cum streaks
from my face. "Now it's your turn to shoot your precious load sweet girl.
Stand here, in front of Aunty, and masturbate that lovely piece of she-cock
until it explodes all over Aunty's tits."

"But Aunty," I began as I stood in front of her obediently, "would you suck
me? Please?" I begged and whined like a spoiled girl.

"Absolutely not! You little fucking bitch!" She grabbed me by both arms.
"Until you learn to fully please and get your pleasure from that you can
not even ask to be pleasured any other way. One step at a time, first you
learn to please and take care of a cock properly, then, and only then, will
you be able to appreciate being pleased yourself. Now jerk that she-cock
and cum for Aunty you little slut!!"

Chastised by her words and my face flaiming red with embarrasment I took up
my 6 inch she-cock and began to stroke it. As I did so I closed my eyes
and felt the humiliation of 'performing' in front of my Aunt fully, how I
had just been on my knees lovingly sucking her cock and finding total
satisfaction in it. Her words echoing in my ears as I felt my tight ball
sac tighten more as I moved my foreskin back and forth over my spongy cock
head, precum leaking and easing the movements.

Aunty reached a hand between my legs and slowed my jerking with her other
hand. I opened my eyes to see her lubing a finger then feeling between my
round child ass cheeks. She msiled up at me as she held me stroking hand
still and pushed her lubed finger into my tight anus. She slipped it in
easily enough and probed and when I jerked she had found her spot, my

"That spot on you is like a g-spot in a woman, filled with lust firing
nerve ends that fuel a your desires for fucking, feels good doesn't it."

"Mmm oh yes Aunty, it doesssss." I moaned as I involuntarily rocked on her
finger urging it to rub that soft button of lust.

"You're going to be a bigger slut than me." She laughed and released my
hand. I began stroking in furvent lust now as she massaged my prostate,
even forcing in a second finger to my tight hole and my enjoyment.

My orgasm rocked me with violent spasms and almost fell over, but Aunty
caught me and held me while I shot on her. I opened my eyes slightly and
saw large, thick jets of cum splash across her chest and slowly meander
down her cleavage. I was grunting and shooting jet after jet for several
seconds before I stood there almost exhausted from the effort. She took
her fingers from my ass and licked the end of my cock.

"Never waste cum darling." her constant reminder. She helped me kneel and
stuck her stinky fingers into my mouth. "Love that ass to mouth taste
darling, for you must clean a cock after its been in you whether you're
clean back there or not."

I sucked her foul fingers clean, only the desire to please her making me do
so at first. Soon the rush of humiliation added to my desires and it
tasted good, too good. She pulled her fingers from my hungry mouth and
pulled my face to her breasts. The cum was still thick between her large
tits and I licked it form top to bottom and savored each bit as I cleaned
her of my thick white goo. My cum had made its way in a long slippery
trail to her belly button, which I tongued out and removed every trace of
cum. I felt her cock already hard again against my b cup titties.

"You want to me to fuck you don't you little girl?" She said as much as

"Yes Aunty....I do...yes...take me."

"It will hurt."

"I don't care, I want it," pleading now, "need it, need YOU to take my
virginity. Please Aunty." I begged as I ran her cock across my hard dark

"Such a sweet young thing Jamie, such smooth soft skin, round young firm
breasts, smooth hairless pubes, your hard cock so eager, mm your cum tastes
sweet as you darling Jamie. I'm going to lube your tight virgin asshole
baby, you're going to love it honey, such soft curves of your cheeks. On
your knees sweet girl, lift that smooth, curvy ass into the air for Aunty."

I was moaning at her touch, eager for her entry into my ass which I knew
felt so wonderful. I got on my knees, head bowed, ass stuck into the air
as I felt her finger explore my tight hole. I relaxed, eager for her, a
second finger expanding my hole, small shoots of anal pain ripping making
me jerk my ass as a third finger entered.

"It's Ok sweet girl, all girls feel that sharp pain as they are opened, but
Aunty has a special inhaler for you that will make you feel so much
better." She gave me a large brown bottle to hold. "Now take the cap off
and inhale deeply, it smells bad but hold your breath and put the cap back
on then exhale. That's it sweet Jamie, making you feel better is it?"

"Oh god YESSS Aunty." My face and shoulders exploded in a rush of warmth,
my head swirled and my asshole seemed to loosen even more as I felt her
stretch it with both hands now. "MMmmmmm fuckkkk." I moaned into the

"Aunty will take care fo you baby, inhale whenever you like hun, it won't
hurt you and make you feel so slutty and ready for hard cock. You want
hard cock don't you?"

"Yes Aunty oh yes cock, cock I want cock, want to be fucked,want to be a
slutty sissy girl for cock." I rambled and inhaled again.

"Good girl, good sissy slut you love cock and cum, you will want it even
more now." She moved between my legs and I felt her pressing her fat
sheathed cock head against my rectum.

Slowly she pressed her hips forward and I felt my well lubed asshole expand
as she entered me for the first time. Her girth seemed even alrger than
when she used her fingers but another inhale and the heat shivered through
my body as my desire escalated and I pushed back slightly. "Oh yes Aunty
fucckk meeeeee, make me your sissy slut whore cock slave." Her hands
gripped my hips as she hilted her long, thick cock into me, her pleasure at
fucking her neice audible in her moans.

"So sweet Jamie, your tight young ass is incredible around Aunty's cock, oh
god I never knew young ass would feel so good. It 's so wrong, so
perverted, the most perverted thing I've ever done." she grabbed hold of
my hair, pullingmy head back as she began to slowly pull herself out and
take up a slow rythym in and out. Each repeating thrust enhancing the
fullness I felt in my bowels, rubbing my prostate and making my cock ooze
its clear precum into a wet spot under me.

I had let the bottle drop on the bed as pure animal instincts overtook us
both into a frenzy of flesh driven lust. Her thruast more powerful as she
ripped into my now non-virgin ass. Her thighs bumped mine as she held
herself with one hand and gripped me by the hair with the other.

"Little whore, take it, you sweet bitch!" She yelled as her cock
repeatedly withdrew and plunged into me.

"Fuck your whore Aunty, fuck her hard, harder!" I begged in response, the
feeling of being used for her pleasure bursting inside me.

She knelt straight up, letting go of my hair and I longed for her to grab
it and wrench my head with it. Instead she began to slap my ass, harder
and harder with each forward thrust. Like wild dogs in heat we were locked
together, involuntarily i thrust back at her, urging her cock to ram me
harder. I felt her breasts on my back swaying with each punishing stroke
as her hands came around to mine.

"I'm going to cum Aunty, oh god I can feel it exploding." And I squeeled
loudly as my orgasm began to envelope me.

Just as I was about to release she grabbed both my nipples and pulled and
twisted them painfully like she was ripping them off. The pain shot
through me and only added to the intensity of my orgasm and I cried out as
thick gobs of ejaculate shot from my pulsating cock. My own orgasm caused
my ass muscles to tighten and squeeze the deliscious cock buried in my ass
and Aunty hilted herself and shot repeatedly deep inside me. Each powerful
jet felt against the lining of my bowels.

As she finished she pulled out with a satisfied plop from my ass and
grabbed my hair, pulling me around to face her deflating cock.

"Clean me slut! Waste no cum." I grabbed her cock and pulled back the
foreskin and careful licked it all around the head and the sheath.
Removing every trace of cum and bowel stuck to it, traced the veins as the
reduced themselves and cleaned the shaft to the balls and back to the head.
I ensured that she was cleaner than before she entered me, grateful to be
allowed the honor of cleaning her. The heady mix of cum and bowel tastier
than anything I had ever encountered and I licked my lips to savor its
flavor. My own cum had covered the sheets but I licked as much as I could
of it with Aunty's approval of being a good slut.

"Oh my little sissy girl, so sweet, yoe ar emine forever now." Cooed Aunty
as she held me to her generous busom.

"Yes Aunty, your girl, your slut." I breathed happily as we fell asleep.
content in us and who I am.

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