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Nifty - Transgender - Teen - Morphite - Morphite 1

Date: 14 Dec 2000 17:55:35 -0800
From: Joan Banks <>
Subject: The Morphite (part 1)

The Morphite
By Joan Banks

       David Kilmer was an ordinary enough teenager. A little on the
quiet side, perhaps, but normal. Orphaned at 12, he spent most of his teen
years being passed from one foster home to the next. Never spending little
more than a year at one school tended to make him wary of becoming too
outgoing or close to his classmates.
       The choice of colleges depressed him. His grades were fine, better
than fine, in fact, but constantly changing transcripts left him with a
less than adequate application. SAT scores were one thing but most schools
also weighed grades heavily. It wasn't a choice of which college to
choose, but which college chose him.
       All this was on his mind on his walk home from school that day.
This was to be the last week at the Fergeson's house, but some fast talking
landed him in a local shelter for the duration of the school year. He
dreaded the shelter, having lived in one or another for a month here or
there. Sacrifices had to be made and usually he found himself making them.


       "Is that the one?" the woman asked, slowing the small car so as to
observe the walking youth. The woman was in her thirties, slight of build,
very attractive. She picked up the car phone as she asked.
       "That's him. A perfect candidate. David James Kilmer, 17, 5'7",
150 pounds. Loner, quiet, and in the perfect situation. He's it all
right." The man was approximately 6 years older than the woman,
distinguished, handsome. Together they looked like the perfect yuppie
couple. She dialed a number.
       "Bag him." she said and hung up the phone.
       A very complex chain of events took place. As the car came up
behind David, a nasty fight ensued across the street, drawing his
attention. As the car approached a young woman stepped from behind a fence
and placed a drug into the skin of his neck. As David passed out the last
thing he saw was headlights of the woman's car.


       "Well, Brian?" the woman asked as the man from the car stepped into
the room, removing his surgical mask.
       "We'll see, Ash. It went off without a hitch."
       "So everything is in place?"
       "The neural implant is in, but we have to be careful with him. We
have to implement it's use slowly, if he suddenly gets happy or sad or
angry or whatever, he may suspect something, so we have to use it
sparingly. The gene therapy, well, it's implemented. It's at a
controllable level, so he may not realize what hit him until it's much too
late. I'd better get changed before he wakes up. Time for phase two."

.................................. PHASE TWO

       David slowly came awake. He was in a hospital, he somehow realized
that. As he fully phased into wakefulness he realized he wasn't alone.
       "David?" the man asked "I'm Doctor Jerard. Do you know what day it
       "Tuesday?" his voice was scratchy.
       "Wednesday," the Doctor corrected "close enough, you've been out
for a day."
       "What happened?"
       "Car accident, you gave us quite a scare. Look into the light,
please." David took stock, well, at least all my parts are here.
       "Am I okay?"
       "You're just fine, although we would like to keep you here for some
       "Have you contacted my foster family, they should know.."
       "Everyone has been notified, but there are some people who would
like to see you."
       "The driver and her husband."
       "Sure, why not?"
       The Doctor left and within a few moments Ashley and Brian came into
the room. (Thrum!)As they entered David felt, very good. Instantly he
liked these people. He shouldn't, not now at least, but he couldn't really
help it.
       "David, I'm Brian Mills and this is my wife Ashley." the man held
his hand to David. David shook it. Ashley walked quickly over to his side
and apologized for the accident. She explained what they believed happened
and continued to apologize. Soon subject matter came to other things and
the subject of college came up. David explained his current predicament to
       "Well, if it's college you worried about, we can get you into
Meriweather, one of the best in this part of the country." Brian told
David. David realized that, it was first on his list.
       "Really, that's great!" suddenly he felt very tired. The Mills
excused themselves and David fell instantly asleep.
       "Well, the implant works, and we're well on the way to setting this
up. Wow, that little thing works great. Just think any mood, any emotion,
on demand, wow."
       "Pity it only lasts in the system for 6 years."


       David saw a lot of Brian and Ashley for the next 3 days. The
Fergeson's made their one visit, and explained to him that their time with
him was up, so good luck, good bye. Ashley was appalled upon hearing this
and insisted that David move in with them. Not having a better option, and
since he liked the Mills so much, he agreed.
       Upon arriving at the Mills Estate, David came to a conclusion.
       "You're rich." he almost said aloud. Brian insisted on carrying
David's one suitcase to his room. It was more of a suite than a room. A
four poster double bed with numerous pieces of bedroom furniture, a tall
dresser, a nightstand, rocking chair, a small desk and a vanity table. The
walls were a light brown wallpaper in a subtle flower, old world style.
Lace curtains were on the windows. David was about to ask about the room's
obvious femininity when (Thrum!) he was hit with a wave of nostalgia and
happiness, this place was home.
       "It's great." the boy replied, awestruck.
       "It's yours whenever you're here." Ashley spoke up. "Your bathroom
is through that door and the closet is over here." she walked to another
door in the room and opened the door to the walk in closet.
       "Bri, honey? I thought Marie had moved out. Her things are still
       "She did, she must have forgotten them."
       "Who's Marie?" David asked.
       "Ash's cousin, clothes horse. She probably left the clothes
because she didn't like them anymore or they were more than a month old."
Brian said as Ashley held out one of the dresses and held it up to herself.
       "It's a little young for me. If I were in my twenties again..."
       "I'd be a cradle robber." they all laughed.
       "David, do you mind if we leave this stuff here until she comes to
get them?"
       "Why not?" David said, still dumfounded by the room. Half of one
of the three walls of the walk in closet was filled with several dresses
and three suitcases. As he brushed one of the dresses, accidentally, he
felt a (Thrum!) small rush of pleasure. Ashley and Brian left David to
set up his room.
       They walked downstairs and into the wine cellar, finding the proper
catch, the wall swung back and exposed a hallway. At the end of the
hallway was a small but packed control room with several video monitors and
two technicians a man and a woman, in their early twenties.
       "Response?" Ashley asked.
       "We are administering a .5% pleasure response to the clothing, the
home mix response at a level of 10% upon entering the room and 3% when
entering the house. Plus the associated mixes when approached with either
of you or a combination. My recommendation is to keep it at that level for
two weeks followed by weaning to see how the emotions hold, with of course,
sporadic reinforcement."
       "Reduce room response by 2%." Ashley told the tech "Begin a cascade
of friendship 40% with my presence, and attraction cascade 2% for Brian. I
have to become a big sister and poor David has to let his Masculinity
weaken. Also, begin the food response."


       At dinner, the Mills put out a good spread. Salad, chicken and
vegetables were the highlight. Before dinner David was starved but he
found himself eating a healthy portion of salad with very little dressing,
one piece of chicken, and a few vegetables. After this small amount of
food he found himself so full he turned down dessert. After the meal Brian
retired to the library and David found himself doing the dishes with
Ashley. One thing led to another and soon they were having a water fight.
Screaming and laughing, Brian came into the room and both David and Ashley
ganged up on him. Brian became very miffed and left the room.
       "I'll be right back." Ashley said, following her husband out of the
room. A few minutes later, Ashley came back to the kitchen, where David
had nearly cleaned up, and led him back to the library. After taking a
seat next to Ashley, at Brian's request, Brain leaned on his desk and
started to speak.
       "David, we like you, we really do. We are very sorry about the
accident, and we are very glad you are alright. We've heard about your
situation and we would like to help. We'd like for you to become a member
of our family, we'd like to adopt you. We'd also like to send you to
college. We know this is sudden, so take your time to think about it."
       "I'm 17, right now." David replied "I thought I would never have a
family again. I don't know why I like you guys so much, more than I've
liked anyone in a long time. I don't see how I have much choice but to
say, yes." At that announcement Ashley leaned over and hugged him and gave
him a kiss on the cheek (Thrum!) he felt a closeness to her. He stood up
and actually hugged Brian as well. Brian gave a big bear hug (Thrum!)
which David enjoyed for a moment. There wasn't the same closeness with
Brian but there was something else...
       "The dish, the dish!" Ashley turned to David and Brian with a glass
bowl filled with little envelopes.
       "Whenever we consummate a deal with each other, we always draw out
of the dish. In each envelope is something you have to do. Mine, for
instance, is to do the dishes. Brian has to clean the library. There are
a bunch of things that we've divided up like that. Here, let Brian go
first." she held the bowl above her head and Brian reached into it. After
a good amount of time he finally retrieved a single envelope. Brian held
it for Ashley and soon, she too had an envelope. He held it for David, who
reached in and grabbed the first one he felt.
       "Brian, you have to clean the bathrooms from now on." Ashley read
his card.
       "David you have to (giggle) grow your hair long. and I, have to
       "Trade you." David said to Ashley. She laughed and said no.
       "How long does this last?" he asked.
       "Until both of us release you of it." she laughed again. They all


       "Wake up, sleepyhead!" Ashley burst into the room. She came in and
bounced on the foot of the bed. She was wearing a leotard with nylon
shorts and running shoes. Her hair was back in a ponytail.
       "Huh, what time is it?"
       "6:30, time to get up."
       "Do you punish all your new kids this way."
       "Just the cute and lazy ones. Do you like to run?" (Thrum!)
       "Sure, but I don't have shorts or running shoes."
       "What size shoe do you wear?"
       "8..." he replied.
       "8...10, I think we have something that will fit you, so get up!"
       "Turn around."
       "I don't want you to see me in my underwear."
       "Do you really feel that bad about my seeing you?"(Thrum!)
       "No, I guess not." and with that he got out of bed. "Where's
       "He's at work, back in a minute." she left and returned within a
few minutes. She handed him a pair of shoes, in the box, a pair of shorts,
and a sweatshirt. He put on the shorts, they nearly fell off him.
       "That's what I thought, try these on." the second pair fit
perfectly (Thrum!).
       "These shoes are size 10, they won't fit."
       "Try them on." he put on the short running socks and surprisingly,
the shoes fit (Thrum!). They were white Nike's with a light blue design on
them. He put on the sweatshirt. It had cutoff sleeves and torso and said
"Meriweather" on it.
       They ran around the edge of the estate. David was exhausted, but
Ashley slowed down for him. They went into the kitchen. Ashley cut a
grapefruit in half and offered half to David. Normally he despised
grapefruit, but he really enjoyed this and felt quite full afterwards.
They each went upstairs to shower. She poked her head in the door as he
was taking his.
       "DJ, you need a towel?"
       "Thanks Ash." DJ? he thought. Well I guess I can live with that.


       David finished the school year quietly. The few weeks he had left
were mostly the fun ones. He truly enjoyed his time with Ashley, they were
becoming very close friends. He enjoyed his times with Brian and Ashley as
well, feeling more like a family every day. The times with Brian alone
were the strange ones, David did not know his own feelings. The Summer was
an enjoyable one.


       "Status." Ashley asked the on duty tech.
       "Response to the clothing is at 1.5% pleasure. We are now on the
random reinforcement schedule for all, at home relationships as well as
with the room and house. We are up to 3% attraction to Brian and we are
beginning the dislike of crudities which will end at the college house,
which is complete and ready for move in. The case studies for the
roommates are complete and we have arranged for all to move in. The remote
equipment diagnostic checks 4.0."
       "Very well, the move in will be next week. Is the van ready?"
       "The van is, we will be ready."


       "DJ are you ready to look for a place?"
       "Quite a drive."
       "I think we can handle it."
       "Just you and me?"
       "Just us."
       "Tomorrow morning."
       "Great." DJ (as he liked to be called now), now had hair just
beyond the messy stage and was down to his collar. Great amounts of time
with a blow drier and mousse gave the desired style. He preferred the
women's running shoes that Ashley gave him over any pair of shoes he had
tried since. Just as long as no-one knew they were women's shoes.
       The van followed at a distance of at least a mile, watching on the
remote cam in Ashley's car. After the first three houses DJ was given a
slightly negative response. Then, with proximity to the desired house, the
pleasure increased infinitesimally. Ashley pointed out the "Room for Rent"
sign. As he looked at the house the pleasure input went up a percent.
       "This is it." he said. They went up and knocked on the door. A
blond girl, perhaps a year older and the same build as DJ answered.
       "Hi, I'm David Mills, everyone calls me DJ. I'm interested in the
       "I just put the sign up a minute ago, you are in luck. I'm Cathy."
she opened the screen door and let them in.
       "Oh, this is my Mom, Ashley Mills." they shook hands.
       "Mom, are you sure?" she looked wary.
       "Oh, well the room is this way." (Thrum!) 2% house response, 20%
Cathy/Friend response. The room just what he wanted. Fully furnished,
double bed, dresser, chair, vanity (why do those keep ending up in the
room?) and a walk in closet. (Thrum!).
       "I'll be honest with you, we only have two bathrooms and one of
those is Jack's, and you probably won't get the opportunity to use that
one. We have three girls, Jack, and whoever else moves in. We'll be glad
to have you."
       Ashley put up a false protest and David won over (ha) and the
signed the agreement within a few minutes.
       Back home, Ashley talked to her on duty tech.
       "How's the setup going?"
       "All relays work perfectly, all monitoring stations work perfectly.
Anywhere in that house that there is a smooth glass- like surface we can
monitor both video and audio. We are set up in the house next door where
we shouldn't be detected. The housemates are all in place and we are ready
to begin phase three."

...................... PHASE THREE

       After a tearful farewell, DJ was finally on the road. It was still
fully a month before school started, but he wanted to get settled.
Carrying the luggage up to his room, he noticed how heavy they seemed. A
load like this would never have worn him out before. Eventually all the
luggage was in the room and he was setting things up, carefully,
       "Jack left his stuff in the middle of his floor for months before
he finally unpacked. Hi, I'm Brenda." The girl at his door was about
5'7", brunette, with long gorgeous hair.
       "I'm DJ, I like to start from order."
       "I'm the same way, can I help?"
       "Thanks for the offer, but I think I've got it." he liked this
girl (Thrum!). "Where are you from?" he asked.
       "Springdale. This is my first year here, I'm a Freshman."
       "Me too, I'm from Jenowa, most recently. I moved around a lot."
they continued to talk as he unpacked.
       'Friend cascade/confidante 50%, engage'
       A door closed and a waft of odor came into the room.
       "Whew," DJ said.
       "That's Jack, back from football practice." A large man walked by
the door belching as he went by. DJ (Thrum!) was disgusted.
       "Jack, meeting tonight, Cathy says 6 o'clock." a non- commital
       "He thinks I'm in love with him just because he's a senior. He
stinks too much!" they both laughed.
       At 6 DJ met Pam the third female in the house, she was about 5'7".
Around 6:30, showed up.
       "Nice of you to make it, Jack." Cathy said sarcastically.
       "Let's make this fast, I'm hungry."
       "It's your turn to make dinner."
       "I'll order the pizza, who are you?" he eyed DJ.
       "DJ Mills, you got to be Jack."
       "Real Einstein here, Cathy."
       "It'd be nice if you would cook when it was your night."
       "You'll eat, don't nag." DJ did not like this guy. Jack picked up
the phone and ordered the pizza and asked what everyone wanted to drink.
All the girls wanted diet, and DJ made it 4.
       "Figures." Jack said.
       Cathy outlined the food arrangements and chore schedule. Cooking,
bathroom, dishes, laundry, living room, etc. Everyone had a chore each
day. When Jack left to get the Pizza at the door, Brenda leaned over and
told DJ that he rarely did any chores, and didn't do them well when he did.
All the girls laughed and DJ laughed along.
       DJ settled for one piece of Pizza and decided he was full. they
stayed up and watched TV that night.
       Waking up after one of the best nights sleep he has ever had, DJ
went into the bathroom. After sitting and relieving himself (he found
himself sitting more often now, even when it wasn't necessary), he stepped
in the shower. There was a knock on the door and Brenda came in.
       "Don't mind me, I just need to do my hair." she proceeded to her
curlers and went to work. She was wearing a robe, he noticed as he poked
his head out.
       "Oh." he said, thinking this would shock her.
       "Hi Deej, like I said, don't mind me." oddly enough, he wasn't
annoyed. He reached for his towel wrapped it around himself and stepped
out. The only problem was fighting for mirror space to fix his hair. His
hair was getting remarkably long, or at least he thought so. As they were
fighting for the mirror Pam came in and stepped in the shower. Brenda and
DJ talked as Pam showered.
       "Where are the washer and drier, I'm doing laundry today?" he
       "I'll show you. Have you done laundry before?" she looked
suspicious. Actually, Ashley gave him a full lesson in laundry.
       "Yes, actually."
       "We'll see." Pam laughed from the shower.
       "I've got to talk to Jack about sharing a bathroom."
       "Do we embarrass you?"
       "Actually, no. It's just that there are too many people in here."
       "You'll be back." both girls laughed. After getting dressed DJ
went to Jack's room and knocked. The door swung open. The overwhelming
smell knocked him back and it appearing something was growing out of Jack's
bathroom door. He closed the door to the room and decided it wasn't such a
great idea.
       "Told you." Brenda came up from behind.
       "I'll show you the laundry." she led him down the hall where each
person put a pile of laundry out. Jack, mercifully, put his in a trash
       "We have several sortings, the most important of which is not to do
Jacks with anyone elses." Dumping all the laundry into the basement they
proceeded to sort. DJ proved that he had an aptitude for laundry. Brenda
showed him the color code system they had for sorting. Sitting with a huge
pile of laundry DJ folded various garments and sorted according to owner.
       'Female clothing reaction up to 10%, increase 3% a week to a peak
of 30%'
       Brenda was quite impressed when he ironed the clothes that needed
it. He put each pile of clothes in front of each door, neatly folded and
hanging clothes hanging on each door. The girls were quite thankful, Jack
merly kicked his pile into the room. In payment for the help, DJ helped
Brenda make dinner.


       School started, as school does, DJ became a stealthy student. Any
instructor, if pressed probably would say that DJ was not in their class.
DJ and Brenda became fast friends, neither wanting it to become more. She
started running with him and he even went shopping with her. DJ became
more and more interested in the girls' clothes and he started noticing
subtle changes in his body. He no longer needed to shave, his beard simply
stopped growing, his chest ached strangely and his nipples were becoming
more sensitive, he was thinner than he had ever been, and he seldom if ever
had erections.
       One Saturday in October, he found himself alone in the house, the
girls were shopping at a distant mall (they had invited him, but he
refused), and Jack was playing an away game. He was finishing the laundry,
just folding up Brenda's panties. He held them out and brushed them against
his smooth face. Without thinking, he took off his pants and underwear and
put them on.
       'pleasure spike 10%!'
       He really enjoyed the panties and decided to try on a bra. Again
he took one of Brenda's. After fooling with clasp behind his back for
several minutes, he took his arms out of the straps, turned it around,
fastened it, and then put the straps back on. That felt good, too. He
stuffed the cups with panties and looked at himself in the mirror.
       'suppress disgust!'
       He thought he looked pretty good, but better after he tucked his
member between his legs. He tried on piece after piece, until finally he
was dressed in one of his favorite of Brenda's dresses. He went into her
room and tried on heels. Ouch. He found a pair of flats that he could get
into and looked at himself.
       "Wow." but he wanted more. He went to the bathroom and used
Brenda's curlers in his hair. That looks silly, he thought. He
experimented for hours until he got the look he liked. He tried on Brenda's
make-up. After much experimentation, he was happy with the look. He
looked at the clock, 5:30! The girls would be here any minute! He
stripped off the clothes as fast as he could, trying to put everything back
the way it was. Everything was back in place as he picked his own clothes
up off the living room floor. As the girls drove up, he caught his
reflection in the mirror, a pretty girl stared back. He forgot the hair
and make-up! He sprinted upstairs and jumped in the shower. He started
the water at the same time he heard the front door slam, and running up the
       "Sorry Deej, gotta go." Pam said as she burst in and frantically
sat on the toilet.
       "No problem." he said, aggressively scrubbing his face, making sure
his hair was wet. "Have a good time?"
       "Loads, you shoulda come."
       "Maybe next time."
       "Sure, we're trading in here." Cathy came in after flushing,
scalding DJ.
       "Hey Cath."
       "Hey Deej," she finished, warning him to stand clear. "Hey Bren!"
Brenda came in.
       "How many times do we have to tell you to unplug your hot rollers?"
       "I didn't even use them today, what are you talking about?"
       "Well, they're on."
       "But I didn't...hmmm"
       Brenda sat down.
       "Oh Deej, honey." she said in a sickly sweet voice after Cathy had
       "Yea, Hi Bren."
       "Have you been playing with my hot rollers?" she stood up and
stuck her head in the shower.
       "Bren! Jeez!"
       "And my make-up?? Get your left eye, you still have mascara
running down. Have you been wearing my clothes too?" He shut off the
water and grabbed a towel. had to think quick.
       "I thought it would be a Halloween costume." he said quietly.
       "A HALLOWEEN COSTUME?!? Hey girls, get in here!"
       "I thought you were my friend." he said, hurt.
       "I am your friend, and you are my best friend. I am going to help
you, along with Pam and Cath." the other girls came in. They smirked at
the poor boy in a towel with the three girls looking at him.
       "DJ wants to be a girl for Halloween, he's been practicing all day.
I think we should help him."
       "Sure!" Pam said quickly.
       "I'll get the makeover kit!" Cathy quickly agreed.
       "It's settled, DJ, dry off, put on your robe and come downstairs."
       "But nothing, do it!"
       "Young lady, you do what I tell you to do!"
       "Geez, Bren, okay." The girls all left. He did as he was told.


       "This may be too much for him." the male tech told his associate.
       "I doubt it. What is the friendship scale"
       "Pam is 20 %, Cathy is 25%, and Brenda is 38%."
       "I think they'll just have fun with it. Keep pleasure at the norm.
Center more on the female interaction."


       The girls were waiting downstairs.
       "Panties?" Cathy offered a pair of hers. He put them on. The
girls noticed the lack of erection.
       "Okay, he's not a pervert. Bra?" he put the bra on the way he had
practiced. The girls stuffed it for him and intructed him on how to put
pantyhose on. After the slip, they picked out a dress for him. It was one
of Pam's.
       "Her coloring is closer to yours" Brenda explained. The choice was
much better than his, he liked it better already. The girls got to work on
his hair. They said they wished it was longer but actually put it in a
very attractive style. Brenda approached with tweezers.
       "What are those for?"
       "Eyebrows, we have to thin them out a bit."
       "I don't think so."
       "We could put you in the car and drop you off somewhere?"
       "Go ahead." They plucked his eyebrows into a cleaner line, nothing
too dramatic. He decided (Thrum!) he liked it better that way. They
started on his make-up. It went on quickly and expertly and turned out
much better than he would have dreamed. They put clip on earrings and a
necklace on him and let him look.
       "Wow! You guys are good." the girls were shocked as well.
       "No one will think it's a costume."
       "Can I take it off now."
       "No, we aren't done yet." They took his hands and began filing.
He had been letting his fingernails grow longer than he used to (Thrum!).
They shaped them into a nice shape, buffed them smooth and painted a light
beige polish on them. Pam had some flats that were too big for her in her
closet, which she brought down for DJ. They were a little tight, but did
       "Now can I take this off?"
       "NO!" they all said in unison.
       "Let your nails dry." Brenda giggled.
       "You're very pretty." Pam told him.
       "Let's show her off!" Cathy suggested.
       "No way!" he screamed. Brenda snapped off a picture.
       "Just for a drive?"
       "No." he said.
       "Get him girls." Cathy said. They triple teamed him and somehow
got him into the car. Halfway to the car, he stopped struggling, realizing
he drawing more attention to himself.
       "Get into the car correctly." Brenda chided. They instructed him
on how to get into a car in a skirt. To not make them mad, he did.
       Cathy drove to a nearby drive-in restaurant. DJ practically
whispered an order, diet coke and fries. The girl didn't even give DJ a
second look in the dark car. All the girls laughed on the way home,
especially when some passing guys whistled at them. DJ was beet red, even
through the make-up.
       Once home they allowed him to return to his normal clothes, after a
few more pictures, with instructions to let his nails grow that week.
Halloween was Friday.
       Brenda came into his room that night.
       "Deej?" she whispered.
       "Yea Bren, I'm not asleep."
       "Sorry we picked on you so bad. But we did it in fun."
       "I know."
       "You still are my best friend, you know."
       "You too."
       "I just wanted to let you know, you're my best friend, no matter
       "Thanks, I needed that."
       "Good night Bren."
       Friday came quickly and the girls set to work on DJ. They insisted
he shave his legs and armpits. Up to the knee at least. DJ had noticed
that his body hair was thinning considerably. They redid his make-up,
hair, and nails. After getting dressed, Cathy doused him with a
considerable amount of Perfume.
       "That smells good, what is it?"
       "Obsession. Try not to be a tease, okay? You're going to break
some hearts tonight." Brenda handed him a purse, she explained she had
transfered his wallet over to the wallet in the purse.
       'constant pleasure level 38%, dampen inhibitions 20%'
       "Your holding it all wrong." Brenda instructed him on the proper
way to carry a purse. "We have to get in costume now."
       DJ waited downstairs while the rest of the house got ready.
       Jack came in, saw DJ.
       "Faggot." he said as he trudged upstairs. Trick or treaters came
to the door, DJ answered.
       "Lady, why aren't you wearing a costume?" DJ laughed. The girls
came down Pam as a Cat, Cathy as a Ballerina, and Brenda in a suit.
       "I borrowed it from you." she said "Fair's, fair." laughter.
       The party went pretty well, most of the time, people thought DJ was
a girl. Only those few people who knew him, knew different. DJ danced
with Brenda for a while. He even fooled one guy for a while and danced
with him. Afterwards the costume was forgotten and things returned to
       Throughout the year Jack was a constant reminder of how disgusting
men could be. DJ chose to spend most of his time with the girls. By the
end of his Freshman year DJ was inwardly worried about his body. He had
lost 20 pounds, a lot of muscle, the definition of his muscles was covered
by a layer of fat that would not go away, his nipples were growing in
diameter and it appeared his chest was growing. His genitals also appeared
to be shrinking.


       "Status." Ashley asked her tech.
       "Very successful year, Ma'am. The neural implant is being used
roughly 20% of the amount we used it originally. Patterns seem to be
holding. We only sporatically reinforce. The subject is wearing women's
clothes at every opportunity and is beginning to feel more comfortable in
them. As for the medical aspect..." he gestured to Brian.
       "DJ is only at the 15% point. The hormonal levels have begun a
dramatic shift so we should see several indications of secondary sexual
characteristics. Breasts are begining to enlarge as is the fat content.
Muscle tissue is being absorbed. Hair growth patterns are consistent with
a 13 year old female. We can expect the following over the Summer:
Dramatic expansion of breast tissue, not readily explainable, pelvic
enlargement (which could be quite painful), changing voice (first stage),
and body hair growth consistent with a 17 year old, rapidly catching up to
chronological age sometime in October." Brian extrapolated.
       "This is going to be a sensitive time. Try to maintain curiousity
without panic about the changing body. I will take him to Dr. Jerard, who
will assure nothing can be done. Start rewarding female speech patterns,
and up our confidant level 15%. Brian, I'm afraid he's going to find you
much more attractive +10%."

................. Year Two

       There is nothing like the feeling of coming home. DJ thought as he
drove through the gate. Ashley and Brian were waiting at the door for him.
He hugged Ashley first.
       "Mom, good to be home."
       "Welcome home dear."
       "Dad.." they hugged. DJ was enjoying these hugs more and more.
       "Get his bags, Brian. I need to talk my child."
       "So DJ, how are things going?"(Thrum!)
       "I think I need to see a Doctor, Ash."
       "What's wrong?" he took off his shirt to show.
       "What?" she asked. He grabbed his left breast and jiggled it.
       "I'm growing breasts."
       "Ridiculous, you just need to lose some weight."
       "Look at it! I've lost 25 pounds in the last year!"
       "Please don't raise your voice, honey. I'll get an appointment for
Dr. Jerard. I'm sure it's nothing to worry about."
       "Okay, thanks. I'm sorry I got upset." he shook his hair which
was now well between his shoulders. He really enjoyed doing that! He went
upstairs to take a shower.
       Walking in his room, Brian had put the suitcases on the bed. DJ
moved them into the closet and opened one to get clothes to change into.
In the closet he noticed, off to one side, covering half of one wall of the
closet, were the clothes Marie had left. He really appreciated them now.
The dresses were wonderful. He opened the suitcases she had left. All
filled with lovely clothes from lingerie to leotards to jeans. It was
wonderful. He had to try one on. He pulled out a pair of panties and a
bra and put them on. The bra was nearly filled by his breasts. He tucked
his small penis between his legs. He picked out a tan dress, drop-waisted
with a full skirt, a sweetheart neckline and drawstrings on the sides. He
pulled it over his head and tightened the sides. Pulling his hair free of
the back and pulling it back into a ponytail, he looked in the full length
       "Wow." he said aloud. There was a knock on the door.
       "Just a minute." he said trying to pull the dress off, having
problems with the strings finally getting it off. He threw on his robe
over the bra and panties and threw the dress on the floor.
       "Come in." Brian walked in, with one last suitcase.
       "Thanks Dad." and he walked up and kissed him. Why did I do that?
       "Your welcome, honey." he patted DJ's back, trying not to notice
the bra strap.
       "Listen, honey, I'm not going to be here a lot for the Summer, I
have a lot of conferences to go to. So it will be just you and Ash for the
most part. Sorry."
       "Me too, I was looking forward to this Summer."
       "See you in a while. Enjoy your shower."
       "Thanks, Dad." DJ walked into the bathroom and stripped off the
robe, bra, and panties, leaving them on the floor. While washing his hair
he felt the rubber band, still in his hair. Brian saw the ponytail! Why
did I kiss him? I am so confused.
       Knock, knock. Ashley walked in the bathroom.
       "I thought you might need a clean towel."
       "Thanks Ash." finishing in the shower, he shaved his legs, as had
become his habit after the Halloween party. Brenda knew about this, but
didn't make a big deal out of it. After his armpits were done, he rinsed
and got out to dry off. Then he realized, the bra and panties were on top
of the robe! The robe was tight under the towel rack, there was no way to
miss them. Pretend nothing happened, he told himself. He dried off and
took the clothes back into the closet. There he found and his own
suitcases unpacked and the dress rehung. He put on his clothes before
going downstairs.
       "Hi honey, want to help make dinner?" Ashley asked.
       "Sure, what do you want me to do?"
       "Toss the salad, I'll put the steaks on." and he helped his mother
prepare dinner. No mention was made that evening of the ponytail, the
underwear, or the dress. DJ hoped it was all forgotten and fell fast
       "C'mon sleepyhead, we running or what?" DJ missed the runs with
Ashley, although he did enjoy the ones with Brenda as well. He jumped out
of bed and put on his running shorts and Nike's. He wore one of his
favorite T-shirts. They were quickly out the door.
       "How are your shoes holding up, Deej?" almost everyone had taken to
calling him Deej.
       "They feel a little loose, I think I might need a new pair."
       "We'll pick them up later this morning, we're seeing the Doctor
after breakfast."
       "Great, race you home."
       "I don't kno..." and she sprinted off, leaving him far behind.
After a small breakfast they both went up to shower. When DJ got out he
found a pair of jeans on the bed and a sweatshirt. He put the jeans on,
they were snug but not too tight and they didn't baloon out at the waist
like his other pants. He looked in the mirror, you couldn't even tell he
was a male anymore. His rear was even getting rounder, firm, but rounder.
They were very comfortable. It was a white sweatshirt with a generic
"Meriweather" on it. He put on his shoes and went downstairs.
       "That looks cute." Ashley said "Ready to go?"
       "Thanks for the jeans, Ash. They're really comfortable."
       "Don't mention it."
       The Doctor told DJ that it was a slight hormone imbalance and it
should alleviate itself. Ashley was pleased with that response.
       Ashley took DJ to the mall, into one of the more prestigious
department stores. She walked straight to the women's shoe department and
picked up a Nike running shoe and a nice leather pump.
       "Sit down, dear." Ashley told DJ.
       "But Momma..." Momma, he thought to himself.
       Ashley got the attention of a salesman and beconed him over.
       "My daughter here is in desperate need of shoes, lots of shoes,
could you help us?"
       "Definitely Ma'am." DJ wanted to run, but something made him sit
there and smile. "What size?"
       "Why don't you fit her?" Ashley interupted. The man sat on his
little bench and held the sizing machine for DJ to put his foot into.
       "8 regular, an easy size." DJ just smiled at him. As he left
Ashley sat beside her confused son.
       "Relax and enjoy it, dear. If you get over the shock of my
knowing, I am sure you will enjoy yourself. Now enjoy the attention,
daughter." the man returned with several boxes of shoes. The running
shoes were easy, they fit with the first pair. The pumps, however, were
another story. DJ put on the little nylon sock and attempted to walk in
the shoes, and nearly fell on his face. He had only experience with flats,
before. After a bit of practice, he realized that these were truly a
tortuous device, but they did look nice. They left that department with
nearly 10 pairs of shoes, which they left at a package check. Next she
took her son over to the lingerie.
       "We need a fitting, please." the older woman took Ashley and DJ
into a back room where she had him take off his sweatshirt. After various
measurements, she produced a bra for DJ. The cups supported his small
breasts and they seemed even larger. The padded bra Ashley insisted on
made the breasts unmistakable. At Ashley's prodding he left that one on.
They bought several bras, numerous panties (of which he also wore a pair),
slips and camisole's, and several nighties and a light blue robe.
       "We're late." Ashley told DJ, ruching the confused young man back
to the package check where a handsome young man insisted on helping them
back to the car. DJ smiled and let him.
       "Mother, what are we late for?"
       "Take care of that mop of yours." she touseled his hair.
       "You're kidding, right?"
       "I don't think so." she sang. They arrived at the beauty salon
minutes later. A pretty woman met them at the door.
       "Ashley! it's been ages. Where have you been keeping yourself.
And who is this?"
       "This is my daughter, DJ. Time to get rid of the tomboy image."
DJ squirmed a little at that.
       "With such beautiful hair, I don't see why not?"
       "We're late, Andrea, sorry." Ashley pushed through the door.
       "Bitch." she said under her breath. A European man greeted them
warmly and immediately started lifting and playing with DJ's hair.
       "You have never had your hair styled before, no?"
       "No." his voice came out a rasp.
       "What shall we do?" he looked at DJ. Ashley interrupted.
       "I brought a picture." she reached into her purse and handed it to
him. "Full makeover."
       "But this is so basic, so simple."
       "Isn't my daughter beautiful enough to pull off something simple."
       "But she deserves so much more..."
       "The picture, Renee'"
       "As you wish." DJ was whisked into a confusing world of facials,
manicures, pedicures, shampoo girls, hair stylists, and makeup artists.
Two hours later he left tired, but beautiful.
       "How could you do this to me?"
       "Do what?" Ashley asked. "You're the one who came home in a bra and
panties, ponytail. It looked to me as if you wanted this. I just
accommodated you. Don't worry about Brian, he'll be gone for two months,
it'll be just us girls."
       "I'm not a girl."
       "Tell that to anyone around you, they'll think you're crazy. You
are beautiful, honey. We'll let you back into your normal life before
Brian gets back." DJ started to cry.
       "You'll run your make-up, honey and we have an awful lot of places
to go." she handed him a hankie. He dabbed his tears without running the
make-up. He actually did have some experience with makeup, but it had never
turned out this good before. Back at the mall, they continued in the same
store. They bought dresses and jeans and even a swimsuit, stockings and
hair accessories. Ashley had DJ change into a dress and pumps. He walked
in a rather silly way for a while, until he got the hang of it.
       "Okay, that's the end of my shopping for you, now you pick out
things for yourself." DJ reluctantly walked into the mall, picking up
confidence with each step(Thrum!). He carried the purse at his side, like
Brenda taught him. Ashley followed him into a popular store for young
adults. Sorting through the tops in his size, a pretty salesgirl came up
to him.
       "Can I help you?" she asked.
       "No, thank you." DJ said politely. The girl stared at his face.
       "Don't I know you?" she asked. DJ then realized that he had gone
to school with this girl. He actually had a crush on her at one time.
       "I don't think so." DJ turned to the rack.
       "Where did you go to school?" what school did this girl go to? He
had to pick another.
       "Jefferson, it's not around here."
       "Okay, but you really do look familiar." the girl walked away,
looking back from time to time. He found a top he liked and walked up to
the counter. Ashley paid for the top and they left quickly. DJ swore he
heard the name "Kilmer" and laughing back in the store.
       "Can we go now?"
       "One more stop." she led him into a jewelry store and picked out a
set of diamond stud earrings. DJ found himself sitting on a stool with a
peircing gun up to his ear. He yelped as they shot it in, and bit his lip
as they shot the other.
       "Thank you, Ash." he said, about the earrings. His ears stung with
the foreign objects. Still, strangely, he was feeling good, feminine.

       DJ found himself getting extremely hungry, and told Ashley so.
       "We're going to eat right now, dear." Several minutes later DJ
found a door being opened for him. He joined Ashley on the way into a very
posh club. The Maitre'D seated them immediately, DJ sat down before the
waiter could hold a chair for him. This caused one waiter to rush over and
help him scoot the chair in. It was very unsettling. Instantly a young
waiter came up to the table and spoke.
       "Would the ladies have anything before they are ready to order?"
       "Tea, please." Ashley said.
       "Yes, tea would be nice." DJ said, getting used to talking in a
more feminine voice.
       "Very well." he said, staring at DJ.
       "Why was he staring at me, like that? Does he know? Is this just
some big joke?"
       "He was enamoured by your beauty, my dear. Enjoy it."
       DJ found himself blushing at the compliment. Very quickly the
waiter came back with two glasses of Ice tea. Once again his eyes were
locked with DJs'.
       "Are you ready to order?" he asked DJ.
       "Half a club sandwich, please." Ashley looked at DJ.
       "I'll have half a club as well." he smiled at the waiter. He
nearly stumbled backwards.
       "I could enjoy this." DJ said as the waiter left. Ashley watched
DJ closely as he ate.
       "Small bites dear."
       "I thought I was taking small bites!" most of the way through the
sandwich and DJ made an announcement.
       "I don't believe this. I have to go to the bathroom."
       "Do you want me to come with you?"
       "No, I guess I'll be fine."
       "I'll come with you." The two left the table and went towards the
ladies room. I don't believe I'm doing this. Was all DJ could think. The
inside was a lavish affair, a couch a large mirror, perfectly clean. He
walked to the nearest stall and sat (as he always did now). A few moments
later he reemerged, feeling much better about himself. Sitting on the
couch for a moment, he removed the heels and massaged his aching feet. As
Ashley emerged from her stall, DJ rose and proceeded to the mirror.
Pulling a compact out of his purse he removed a lip brush and began the
repair of his lipstick. I don't believe I am doing this.
       Upon their return to the table, DJ found a single rose above his
       "You have an admirer."
       "I'm not very hungry anymore. Can we go home now, Ash? Please?"
there was genuine concern in her eyes.
       "Sure honey, not a problem." Ashley signaled for the waiter, who
was watching them. He approached quickly.
       "Yes Ma'am?"
       "We're done with our meal. Could you bring us the check please?"
       "Certainly Mrs. Mills, I trust everything was alright?"
       "It certainly was, Stephen. My daughter isn't feeling well."
       "Your daughter, I wasn't aware..."
       "That's alright, Stephen, my daughter Debra, DJ, Stephen."
       "Everyone calls me DJ." he held out his hand. Stephen took his
hand, gently.
       "A pleasure, I hope you feel better. Not to worry, Mrs. Mills.
Lunch is on me."
       "Thank you Stephen but that isn't necessary."
       "The pleasure is mine for being able to serve two such lovely
women." DJ started to blush. Taking the rose from the table, Stephen
handed it to DJ. DJ took it, blushing harder than ever, and proceeded
quickly to the door. Ashley followed quickly but turned around to give
Stephen a knowing nod.
       In the car, on the way home, DJ said.
       "I'm not feeling too well." he was looking pale. Ashley stepped on
the accelerator.
       "You've been through a lot today, sweetheart." Pulling up at the
house 15 minutes later, she took DJ straight up to his bedroom. Took him
in the bathroom and had him wash the makeup off. He took off the clothes
and laid them on a chair and fell into bed in just a pair of panties.
Ashley slipped a cotton nighty over his head and tucked him in.
       "Sleep well, my dear." and kissed him on the forehead. She
literally ran down to the control room.
       "What the hell is going on?!"
       "Neural overload combined with low blood sugar. We have to bring
the net down for several hours, maybe a day. Give his system a day to
       "We can't risk a full day without new support. Not now!"
       "We don't have much choice. Another day like today will kill him!"
       "Fine, let him sleep. We can still make her, I mean him, sleep
can't we?"
       "First we have to get that blood sugar level up. A grapefruit and
half of half a sandwich will not keep someone alive. Especially someone
going through a transformation like that."
       "Fine, so be it."
       Ashley ran up to his room with a bowl of ice cream. Shaking DJ
awake, she fed nearly half the bowl, upon which he fell blissfully asleep.
       He slept fitfully, dreaming without artificial inputs. The
emotions were not pure, thinking the whole thing a nightmare, he awoke, one
day and a half later, before Ashley came in the room. He stood up, looked
at his hands. His fingernails were still expertly manicured and relatively
long. His toes were pedicured in the same subtle shade. He felt his ears
and scraped off the bits of crusted blood on the back of his earrings.
Looking in the mirror, he saw himself, a vision of loveliness, brows waxed
thinner than he ever had them, hair obviously slept on but still
recognizably female. He wore a short cotton nighty and satin panties. He
sat on the floor.
       "What has happened to me?" his voice was scratchy, like from a sore
throat. She'll want to run. He looked though his dresser for his running
shorts, sure enough, they were there. Pulling out drawer after drawer,
none of the things were his. Some of the socks, a few t-shirts, maybe, but
the rest was panties and bras and nylons and leotards and swimsuits. He
looked at the vanity, it was covered with cosmetics. The closet was filled
only with the wardrobe left by Marie and the things he dreamt they had
bought. He went back to the bed and lay down on his face and punched the
pillow a few times.
       'happiness and determination 10%. take it easy.'
       DJ got up and faced the mirror. Brushing his hair back he pulled
it into a ponytail and held it in place with a cloth covered elastic band.
He selected out of the drawer: cotton panties, a sport bra, leotard and
running shorts. Putting the clothing on, he started to feel more alive.
Putting on his running shoes he ran down to Ashley's room. Bursting in, he
jumped on the bed.
       "Wake up, sleepyhead! Time to run!"
       "Leave me alone. I've got the flu you had."
       "I had the flu?"
       "You don't remember? Wow, it is bad. Can you take care of things
       "What do you need Momma?"
       "Just let me sleep for a while.
       Go for your run. I'll be okay until then."
       "I'll be back in a little while." DJ left to go on his run.
Instead of going around the inside of the grounds, he ran out the gate and
down the road for two miles. He was stared at, but started to realize that
they were good stares. They thought he was beautiful. He was very tired
as he came into the kitchen. He ate a small breakfast, adding a little jam
on toast to the normal morning menu. Walking upstairs, he poked his head
in to see how Ashley was doing. She was fast asleep.
       This was all her idea and I want to make her feel better. He
rummaged through the closet and found a good around the house blouse and
skirt. He took a quick shower and got dressed. He did light makeup and
spent quite a while getting his hair close to the way it was the other day.
He turned the earrings and cleaned his lobes with alcohol, like he was
told. Checking himself in the mirror, he felt he looked like a pretty
nineteen year old girl. He waited in Ashley's room for her to wake up.
Grabbing a book off the nightstand, he began to read.
       'Book 19-23-R begin the automatic sequence. The sensor finally
gets its real test. On one monitor, there was a slight glow around the
book DJ was reading, the glow changed with each page turn. With each
change in glow the gauges marking each emotive response subtly shifted. As
the computer got the idea of his reading speed the responses became more
specific. We can do more personality alterations in three hours with a
book than with a whole month of reinforcement.'
       This is a really good book, DJ thought to himself. I could never
stand trashy romance novels before, but this is great. He felt himself
identifying with the heroine, loving what she loved, getting angry when she
did, completely understanding her point of view. When he was done with the
book, he set it down. Ashley was staring at him, with an eyebrow raised.
       "I admit it, I liked it. Can I get you anything?"
       "Coming right up." DJ left and returned with a pitcher of ice water
and a glass as well as a straw.
       "There you are, Momma." his voice was still a rasp.
       "You smell nice, Deej." DJ smiled.
       "Obsession, do you like it?"
       "I just said I did, silly." she drank her water, smiling.
       "Can I borrow some more of these books, Ash?"
       "Sure, just put them back when you're done."
       "Thanks." and he kissed her on the cheek. "Can I get you anything
       "No, but you can answer your phone messages. Messages for someone
named Debra."
       "Really?" DJ was suprised by the happiness in his own voice.
       "Yes, really. Now go get him, and leave me to die in peace." Ashley
smiled as she shooed her 'daughter' out of the room. DJ went down to the
phone in the library, found the message from Stephen and dialed. What am I
doing? He thought for a moment. But the thrill and romance of the novel was
still fresh in his blood. He pictured himself as the beautiful, confidant,
       "Hi, Stephen?" he rasped "This is DJ Mills, Debra? You called?"
       "Wow, you're not kidding. This isn't some kind of joke, is it?
What happened to your voice?"
       "It's not a joke and I seem to have lost my voice. You called,
remember? Why?"
       "Well, uh...hmmm, I was wondering if you would like to go out
       "Sure, when?" what am I doing?
       "How about tomorrow night, I'll take you to dinner and a movie?"
       "Sounds fun, do you know where I live?"
       "Sure do, my folks know your folks, we used to go to your place all
the time."
       "Sounds great, listen, I need to get out of here for a while, I've
been pretty sick. maybe we could go get a burger or something? Lunch?"
       "I'll be there in half an hour."
       "Better make it an hour, I need time."
       "No problem."
       "Bye bye." DJ said and hung up. He ran upstairs to see Ashley.
       "Ash, I've got a date!"
       "With whom?"

       "Stephen who?"
       "You know, I don't know his last name, but he was our waiter the
other day. Will you be okay?"
       "You're leaving now?"
       "We're just going for a burger."
       "Be careful, dear."
       "I will, but I'll never get ready in time." he took one of the
romance novels off the shelf and flitted out of the room.
       He changed into the brown dress that belonged to Marie that he wore
the day he came home. Tying the strings to be equal on both sides was
difficult, especially with long fingernails. He grabbed an appropriate
purse and waited downstairs. As he waited he began the new noveland became
entranced with romance again. Stephen showed up quickly and DJ met him at
the door.

       "You look great." Stephen said.
       "Not so bad yourself." DJ replied and meant it. Stephen was very
       '"Where is the remote hidden?
        "Her necklace."'
       "Where would you like to eat?"
       "I really don't know. Whatever you like." they were sitting in the
car, which hadn't gone anywhere yet.
       "Do they train girls to say that? How about Red Robin?"
       "Great." the car sped off.
       "So where do you go to school?"
       "Meriweather, you?"
       "State, major in Computer Science."
       "I don't have a major yet. I'll be a sophomore, you?"
       "Junior. How come I haven't seen you before? And when did Brian
and Ashley have a kid?"
       "They adopted me last year, I've been at school."
       "Kinda strange."
       "You're telling me." DJ giggled. Stephen started talking about
himself. What he was doing, going to do, ever did. DJ just smiled and
tried not to look bored. To be honest they would not have been friends in
High School. Over the meal, he kept commenting on how pretty DJ was, and
how hard it was to find a nice girl. DJ blushed for most of the meal. DJ
found him attractive, Stephen was muscular, with clean good looks, and he
appeared to be a very nice guy. DJ only finished about half of his burger,
and had insisted on paying. Stephen put up an admirable fight, but DJ
eventually won claiming to be the instigator of the date. After the meal
they went to the beach where they walked, and talked. Eventually they were
holding hands, walking.
       "Wow, look at the time!" Stephen said "I'm going to be late!" it
was already 5:30, Stephen had to be at work, in uniform, by 7:00. They
sprinted back to the car and he raced to get DJ home. Although in a hurry,
he still rushed out of the car opened DJs' door and walked DJ to the front
door. DJ meant to just give him peck on the cheek, but the kiss landed
square on Stephen's lips, and stayed there.
       "Pleasure level up to 60%, new peak limit."
       After a moment they broke.
       "See you tomorrow." he said, walking back to the car.
       "Bye..." DJ said, wistfully, then turned and went inside.
       Ahsley was waiting in the library. A stern look on her face.
       "Where have you been?"
       "Out with Steve..." DJ spun and landed gracefully on the sofa next
to his mother. Ashley was wearing an old robe, cotton pajamas, and her
hair held back in a ponytail. She sipped at a mug of tea.
       "How are you doing?" DJ asked. Ashley smiled.
       "Much better, but I would like to know when you are planning on
being home."
       "I am 19!"
       "It's just a courtesy. I would appreciate it. Now how was your
       "Heavenly." He proceeded to tell Ashley about the afternoon.
       "You Kissed him?!"
       "It was beautiful..."
       "I do hope you're not planning on going much farther with him."
       "How far do you think I can go?" just then it struck DJ. He'd been
out on a date with a man, and liked it! He started to cry.
       "Am I gay, Momma?" he hugged Ashley.
       "Well...I don't think so. You were thinking as a woman so I would
say no, you are not gay." somehow, the statement made sense.
       "Can I get you anything?"
       "Not right now."
       "I'm going to get changed. I'll be back in a minute." DJ ran
upstairs and changed into jeans and a t-shirt. He still felt just as much
a girl, his bra showing through the material of the shirt. He put on his
leather keds, with cute little bobby socks.
       "Do you feel like eating, Momma?" DJ asked.
       "I could eat something. You are very pretty, you know."
       "That's what Stephen said." DJ blushed again. Ashley was almost
done with her 'flu'. The next day, it was time for more activity.
Tonight, however, we work on nurturing instincts. How well does DJ take
care of others. DJ did well, making a dinner, cleaning the house, taking
care of Ashley. Around 9, the chores were done and DJ and Ashley started
watching TV. At 9:30 DJ made a comment to Ashley, and noticed that his
voice was clearing up. It was not the same anymore, there was a subtle
change in timbre, the voice was slightly higher.
       "You know what would make me feel better, Deej? A facial."
       "I'll go get you one."
       "It'll be fun, go put on a nightie, we'll have a slumber party."
DJ trudged upstairs. he washed the makeup off his face and changed into a
lovely long nightgown that they had bought. He wore his robe over it,
downstairs. Ashley sat on the floor, next to the coffee table which was
covered with many things.
       "Pull your hair back." he did as he was told, securing his hair
back with a clip. Ashley slathered the mud-like substance on his face, DJ
did the same for her.
       "This has to dry for twenty minutes." Just then, the doorbell
rang. I must look terrible, DJ thought. Looking through the peephole, DJ
saw it was Steve.
       "Hi." DJ said through the door.
       "Can I come in?"
       "I'm not sure you want to."
       "Sure I do."
       "Promise you won't laugh."
       "Promise." DJ opened the door, feeling ridiculous in a frilly
nightgown, a robe and a face covered with mud. Steve looked as if he were
about to snicker, but suppressed it.
       "Hi..." his voice trailed off.
       "What's up?" she asked.
       "Listen, about tomorrow night..."
       "You're not going to stand me up are you?" there was a bit of panic
in her voice.
       "Your voice is better.."
       "Yes, now about tomorrow night?"
       "Would you mind if we went with some other people? I forgot I
promised a group of friends that I'd go over to their house tomorrow
       "I don't want to impose..."
       "You wouldn't be! They are all dying to meet you! Please?"
       "I don't know..."
       "Pretty please?"

       "Oh all right, you win. What time? What sould I wear? Who will be
       "5:30, casual, Bill, Brad, Sue, Cathy, Barb, Jim, you and me." DJ
smiled and the mud cracked.
       "I'd like to kiss you goodbye, but..." she gestured to her face.
       "I'll be careful..." he gently grasped the back of her head and
gave the lightest peck on the lips. She shook just the slightest bit.
       "Well, I should get inside."
       "Goodnight, Deb." she turned around and closed the door and
watched him through the peephole until he went away. Afterwhich DJ sighed
as he walked back to the library.
       "Ah, young love." Ashley said as he came in. DJ sat next to his
mother where she was waiting with cucumber slices to cover his eyes.

       "Lean back and relax." Ashley said as she put slices over her own
eyes. Ashley started going into the story of how she met Brian, about her
first time with a man. DJ didn't have much to say but he enjoyed the
       The next morning, DJ awoke refreshed. Floating out of bed she
started to lay out her running gear. Ashley came in, all smiles.
       "Today, we swim." and went to the drawer and pulled out DJ's one
piece swimsuit. It was purple and black and had a slight frill around the
bottom edge, which hid the remainder of DJ's masculinity. DJ put on the
suit and followed her mother down to the pool. They swam laps for a while
but soon they were laying in the warm morning sun.
       "Why don't you change into your bikini, and bring some tea?"
       "Yes Mother."
       "We're going to a bridal shower this afternoon and a wedding
tomorrow, so try to think of something nice to wear."
       "Sure..." she said as she was leaving.
       The bikini was smaller than she remembered. The cups of the top
seemed a bit fuller than when she tried it on in the store. Tucking her
manhood into its place, she walked downstairs, got the tea, and returned to
the pool. She felt very self conscious, and felt as if she were naked. DJ
lay on the lounge chair.
       "Momma, I think my breasts are getting larger."
       "Again, well I guess we can go in for another fitting. Try one of
Marie's bras, if those are too small, you can try one of mine."
       "Thank you Momma." DJ ached all over, chest, pelvis, crotch.
After a sleep in the sun, she started to notice it less.
       "Time to get up, dear. Before we burn." They went inside. DJ
showered, shaved, and got dressed. She decided on a light Summer dress,
with a little white jacket, low white pumps with a matching purse. It was
an extremely feminine outfit.
       "I have to be back before 5:30, mother. Stephen is picking me up."
       "We'll try, but Stephen might have to wait."
       The bridal shower was a fun affair. The bride (Julie Jacobsen) was
a year older than DJ. He found the afternoon to be quite a lot like his
time in the house with just the girls. The party broke up around 4:30.
Ashley did not seem to be rushing home. They reached the house at 5.
Ashley waited downstairs while DJ got ready.
       "Ash, could I borrow this sweater of Brian's?"
       "Sure, just put it back when you're done with it." Ashley went to
answer the door.
       "Hello, Stephen. Won't you come in?"
       "Hello Mrs. Mills, is Deb ready?" Deb? she thought, perfect.
       "She'll be down in a minute. Let's talk..."
       DJ came down the stairs, more confidant in her beauty than she ever
was. She wore an oversized sweater of Brians and a full white, cotton
skirt, with white flats. Steve stood up as she came in the room.
       "You look beautiful." DJ blushed.
       "I love it when you blush."
       "You have a good time tonight, dear. Stephen, be good."
       "Sure will, Ashley. I'll take good care of your girl." As soon as
the door was closed, they became attached at the lips, passionately kissing
and hugging. DJ felt Steve's manhood rise and noted how he felt against
her breasts. Time to cool this off. She broke.
       "Let's get going."
       "We're meeting everyone at Denny's."
       "How chic." she laughed "Do you think they'll like me?"
       "I like you, of course they'll like you."
       Stephen held the door for DJ going into Denny's. Inside, a group
was waving wildly at Stephen. They walked over to the group.
       "You must be Deb." one girl said.
       "Everyone calls me DJ." DJ acknowledged.
       "This is Bill, Sue, Barb, Brad, Cathy, and Jim."
       "Like she'll remember." Barb said. Sue, who spoke before, had her
sit down next to her, and Stephen sat on the other side of DJ.
       "So tell us all about yourself, and how you captured our little
Stevie." Sue asked. The girls all leaned in and began an interrogation on
DJ. The guys lapsed into their own conversations. DJ was feeling right at
home with the girls. Steve put his arm around her and leaned in towards
the girls.
       "Enough with the third degree already. Does she pass?"
       "Was this a test?" DJ asked.
       "We're just a little protective of our Steve." Brad, Bill, and Jim
were sneaking glances at DJ.
       "You look so familiar, Deb." Sue said. "Where did you go to
       "I went all over, I barely spent a year at any one school."
       "I knew a guy like that once, back at Roosevelt. Nice guy, but
real shy. So how did you get over it?"
       "I didn't know I had."
       "What was his name, Barb. You liked him, didn't you?"
       "Was that David you're talking about? He was cute. I knew he
liked me but he never had the guts to ask me out. You ever know someone
like that, Deb?"
       "Oh, I've seen that happen a couple times."
       "I bet. He disappeared that last month of school. Never figured
out what happened."
       "So what are we doing tonight?" DJ tried to change the subject.
       "Game night." Steve said "We're all going to Sue's house to play
games." the conversation lulled eventually, the party finishing the
nachos. The group broke up and took separate cars to Sue's.
       In one car Barb and Sue were talking.
       "She seems nice enough."
       "Something about her, though."
       "She could be real fat under that sweater."
       "That's probably it."
       "You want to invite her on a mall trip?"
       "Well if Little Steve is in love with her, we better include her."
       At Sue's it was unseasonably warm. Sue claimed the heat was stuck
on. Barb and Sue watched DJ start to sweat. They were both wearing shorts
and summer tops. Finally DJ gave into what they wanted.
       "Sue do you have a top I could borrow. This sweater is too much."
       "Sure, Deb. C'mon in to my room." The other two girls followed
them into the bedroom. Sue laid a light cotton shirt on the bed.
       "How's that?"
       "Thank you, it'll be great." DJ took Brian's sweater off and the
girls were taken back by DJ's slim figure. A little flat in the chest,
maybe a little boyish, but cute. The top fit just fine, and she looked
great. They returned to the party. After several games of trivial pursuit
and others, it was nearly 11. Steve asked DJ if she was ready to go. DJ
saw the look in his eye and said yes. Sue walked them to the door.
       "Can I borrow this for tonight?"
       "Sure, if you'll go shopping with us, day after tomorrow."
       "We all have to go to a wedding tomorrow."
       "Me too, a girl I don't even know, Julie Jacobsen."
       "We're all helping out for Julie, maybe we'll see you there."
       "I'll be there." and with that, Steve took DJ outside. Steve
drove for a little while, and found a nice place to pull over.
       "Steve, before we start this, I just want you to know I'm saving
myself for marriage."
       "Well, I'll have you know, I am too."
       "Really, then kiss me, you fool." They made out for several hours.
DJ learned a few things. She really liked kissing Stephen, her nipples
were VERY ticklish, she was very ticklish. Eventually, Steve drove her
home, his arm around her.
       "When can I see you again?" he asked.
       DJ thought through the events of the week.
       "How about next Friday?"
       "Will you come to the Club?"
       "We'll see. Bye bye, honey."
       "Later, beautiful." DJ floated inside and tiptoed into her
bedroom. He said I was beautiful, was the last thing she said before
falling asleep.
       Ashley burst into the room at 7:30.
       "Wake up, sleepyhead. It's an aerobics morning!"
       "Morning Ash."
       "You look happy."
       "He said I was beautiful."
       "And you are, do you need him to say it to know it?"
       "Yes, right now, I do."
       "Well, anyway, it's aerobics morning. So put on tights and a
leotard and your aerobics shoes and lets get to it!" DJ complied, realizing
that she always did what her mother said. The two were soon downstairs in
front of the big screen TV sweating.
       "We have a couple hours before the wedding, do you want to learn to
braid hair?"
       "I'd love it!" Ashley came up and hugged her.
       "You make me very happy. I've always wanted a daughter."
       "You make me happy too, Momma. For some reason, I really enjoy
being a girl." they spent the morning braiding each other's hair, and
talking about boys. Soon they went upstairs and each got ready for the
       The wedding was beautiful. A young man in a tux escorted DJ to a
pew. During the ceremony, which was the most beautiful thing she had ever
seen (Thrum!), DJ was so happy for the couple she found herself tearing up.
Ashley, tearing up herself, handed a tissue to DJ. Looking around, women
were dabbing their eyes, while the men looked on impassionately. How could
they be so callous? DJ cried some more.
       At the reception, the girls from the night before were helping with
refreshments and doing various other jobs. DJ talked with them when she
got the chance. She even danced a little when she was asked, and she was
asked a lot. Most she turned down, not knowing how to dance. But
occasionally she got up enough nerve to try. She got embarrassed a few
times but for the most part, she enjoyed it.
       Throughout the Summer there were shopping trips with the girls,
with whom she became quite close. Two or three times a week she would go
out with Steve, or the gang. Ashley continued parading DJ around to
various social functions. DJ was having the time of her life.


       "The subject has taken on a complete female persona, once again the
reinforcement schedule is 20% since beginning of phase and 5% for the
previous phase. Medical?"
       "The secondary sexual characteristics are at 85%, judging from the
subjects family tree, there will still be more breast growth. The subject
is slightly larger than a B cup, projections have that going to a C or
larger within the next 4 months. The bone structure is thinning as
required although her foot will stay at a size 8. Genitalia, though small
and nearly insignificant now, will not reach the final phase until next
year. Her voice is now unmistakably female. Most of the painful
transformations are done for the time being, recommendations?"
       "Return the subject to the same environment as last June. She will
see how much she wants to be a woman and we want that type of force. Of
course while she is here, she will be a female. Brian will meet his
daughter, and Debra, her father."
       "This may cause serious psychological effects."
       "I know, we have to risk it."


       "Debby, honey, I have something to tell you."
       "Yes Momma?"
       "Brian is coming home tomorrow."
       "Oh, does that mean..."
       "You have to be a boy again." DJ thought for a moment.
       "You know, Momma, that may not be such a good idea."
       "The agreement was until Brian got back."
       "I know but look what we've done. I am well known in your social
circles as your daughter, if I suddenly get a sex change, what will people
       "I hadn't thought of that...hmmm."
       "And what about Steve, how do you think he'll react? He'd probably
kill me. I don't want to hurt him. And my friends, what about Sue, Barb,
and Cathy? I've seen them half naked, I could get arrested."
       "You have a point, dear. Well, you can't go back to school as a
girl, now can you?"
       "I'll let you in on something. Brian told me you were wearing a
bra and ponytail. I don't think he'll be surprised."
       "Really? Then I can stay like this?"
       "It's really up to Brian, but probably."
       Brian was to arrive on a 8 AM flight and DJ and Ashley wanted to
look there best. DJ tried to dress in such a way as to enhance her new
feminine attributes. Ashley was the first to greet him as he stepped off
the plane. She kissed him full on the mouth and whispered something in his
ear. He set down his suitcase and walked slowly to DJ. He eyed her up and
down. DJ was shaking.
       "Hi Daddy..." her voice trailed off. Suddenly he smiled and picked
her up in a big bear hug.
       "How's my little girl?" DJ started crying, sobbing on his
shoulder. He set her down, a finger under the chin raising her head up.
       "Don't cry honey."
       "Oh Daddy!" and she too, kissed him full on the lips.
       "Let's go home."


       "So, DJ, how do you like your new life?" Brian asked.
       "It's wonderful, Daddy. I feel truly alive." they were sittling
alone in the library.
       "I saw you in the airport and I knew I could not keep you from
being like this. You are beautiful, darlin'"
       "But I have to go back for school, Ash says."
       "I'm sure she's thought about it. So tell me everything that's
       "Well, the day you left Ash took me to the Doctor..."
       "I want to have a talk with Stephen."
       "Why Daddy."
       "It's something a father has to do. Now, as long as you are in
this house your name will be..."
       "Debra Jean Mills."
       "Fine, now you're going to need some documentation."
       "Have you been driving?"
       "Show me your license." she left and got her purse.
       "Here it is." she handed it to him.
       "Just as I thought." The license picture was feminine enough but
the name clearly read David Mills, Male.
       "I'll fix this, darlin' now why don't you help your mother with
       "Oh Dad."
       The last month of Summer was blissful, they went on vacation and
had a general good time. The last week was the worst. First DJ had to say
goodbye to Stephen. It was tearful, and each promised to write. The girls
all went to different schools, but DJ knew they would be close friends.
The last day, he had packed all his clothes. His jeans no longer fit, so
he had no choice but to take the women's jeans. He had many baggy sweaters
and several shirts and things from his female wardrobe. In one suitcase he
packed a skirt and blouse, lingerie and all the accessories and jewelry he
wanted. He took his earrings out, it had been sufficient amount of time
for the holes to heal. Each night he was planning on putting the studs
back in, to keep them from closing up.
       The girls greeted him when he drove up. He didn't feel great. His
male underwear felt bulky and the two tight t-shirts he wore to suppress
his chest were uncomfortable. He hugged each girl in turn. The girls
looked at each other, but said nothing.
       He walked in with Brenda, each of them carrying a suitcase.
       "How was your Summer?" he asked.
       "Europe was wonderful, did you get my postcards?"
       "Sure did."
       "Do you have a cold? You voice sounds different."
       "Maybe a small one." The stench upstairs was gone.
       "Ah, Jack's gone."
       "Cathy moved into his room. Seniors priority."
       "I thought I would get my own bathroom."
       "You wish. You're just stuck in the little girls room with the
rest of us. Oh, the new girl is moving in today as well, Cathy called a
meeting." He put the feminine suitcase in the closet and proceeded to
unpack the other bags while Brenda sat on the bed and talked. It sure was
good to be home.
       "You cut your hair."
       "Yeah, like it?"
       "It's okay, nothing my hot rollers couldn't fix." they both
       "You look real good, Bren. It's great to see you."
       "So, any Summer romance, Deej?" DJ blushed, thinking of Steve.
       "Just one, you?"
       "Trevor was on the tour with the same group. What a hunk! We hit
it off right away. but back to the boring men here."
       "I didn't mean you, silly! But it's not like we could ever be that
way anyway. We share a bathroom, for God's sake."
       "I would never want to risk my friendship with you, Bren. You know
I love you."
       "I love you too, sweetums. How about that medical problem of yours,
everything turn out okay?"
       "You don't want to know..."
       "Sure I do!" DJ took off the sweatshirt then one t-shirt, then the
other. His 36 C chest was fully exposed.
       "Wow, nice hooters!"
       "Thanks." he said putting the shirts back on, then the sweater.
       "Well don't worry about us. We'll all stand with you."
       "I know that. School is going to be fun though."
       "Just don't aim 'em at anyone. You want a sports bra for our

       "Already got one."
       "Why are your eyebrows so thin?"
       "I always kept 'em thin, you know that! I just went overboard one
       "Might want to let 'em grow back. Make you look a little too
pretty, if you know what I mean."
       "Maybe you're right." a girl walked by the door, one that DJ did
not know walked by the door. She was a cute perky young thing. After a
moment an older man came by, carrying suitcases.
       "Over here, Daddy." they heard her voice, followed by a loud thud.
The two came back towards DJ's room. The girl knocked on the door and
       "Hi, I'm Amy." a cough from behind "and this is my Dad."
       "I'm Brenda and this is DJ. Welcome."
       "I'll leave you ladies alone now." the father said and left.
Brenda and DJ burst out in laughter. Amy looked confused.
       Brenda whispered in Amy's ear.
       "No way!" Amy said, staring at DJ.
       "I can imagine what Bren, just said. If she said what I think she
said it's probably true."
       "But your hair, your voice, your breasts!"
       "My hair is long by choice, I can't change my voice, and I can't do
anything about these."
       "My folks will freak!"
       "Then don't tell them."
       "Listen, DJ has lived here for over a year, you haven't. I think
you are the one who will be looking for a place to live a week before
school starts. There is nothing wrong with DJ. So don't freak, okay?"
       "If you put it that way."
       "It's nice to meet you Amy. I'm sure we can discuss this after
your folks leave."
       "If you say so." and with that, Amy left to say goodbye to her
       "I thought this system hid my breasts!"
       "Apparently not."
       That night they had their organizational meeting. They ordered a
pizza in honor of Jack. Amy wondered about the bathroom arrangements.
They explained the system.
       "But how can I be in the bathroom with a boy in it?"
       "You'll get used to it." Cathy said.
       "Don't think of DJ as a boy. He's just one of us. You can trust
       "We'll see."
       The next morning it was fairly typical. Brenda and DJ went for
their run. DJ wore his sports bra, which minimized the pain of bouncing
breasts. After the run, DJ had first shot at the shower. After his
shower, he wrapped the large towel around his breasts and proceeded to do
his hair at the mirror. Brenda came in and started her shower. Amy came
in next and stepped in the shower before noticing who was in the room.
       "You can actually shower with a boy in the room?" she asked from
the shower. Brenda laughed.
       "You are, so what's the problem?"
       "What?" she finally looked at the people at the mirror. Brenda and
       "I still don't think you're a boy."
       "Then you shouldn't have a problem."
       "He's a boy alright." Brenda commented, laughing. DJ flushed red.
       "You mean you've seen his..."
       "Yup, not a pretty sight. It's a pretty interesting story I tell
you sometime."
       "Don't you dare!" DJ was miffed.
       "Well I can only do this if I think you are a girl. Even if it's
not true, humor me, okay?"
       "Why certainly, sister." DJ said in very feminine tones. And with
that, Amy turned off the water, opened the curtain to the shower and then
reached for her towel. DJ got an eyeful, and shrugged it off. My breasts
are nicer, he thought to himself. And he finished his hair. Pam came in
as DJ left.
       "Hi Deej."
       "How's it going, Pam? Going running with us tomorrow?"
       "Have I ever?" DJ laughed a girlish laugh as he walked down the
       "Bren, what's with Deej? He seems more femme this year."
       "I think he had a rough Summer. Don't worry, I'll get it out of
him." Brenda said as she left.
       "Bren, could you help me with this?" DJ called as he heard Brenda
go by. She opened the door and came in.
       "With what?" she looked. DJ had an Ace bandage draped around
       "You can help me get this around my silly body." she held an end
and helped him secure his ample breasts. In about a minute they were
nearly unnoticable. Under the sweater the bandage was hidden.
       "Gee, that's comfortable."
       "Why not get a mastectomy?"
       "I thought about it, I hate surgery." in fact he cringed in pain
if he passed the word in the dictionary.
       "Aren't those girl's jeans."
       "No, they're mine." he pulled the jeans up and put on his short
socks and leather keds.
       "Not quite right, maybe if you pulled your hair up and put it in a
baseball cap." she fiddled with DJ's hair. Seeing the holes in his
ears. "Maybe not. Why did you pierce your ears?"
       "I thought it would be cool."
       "We need to talk."
       "I'm late for class, can we talk tonight?"
       "Sure, friends forever?"
       "Friends forever, babe!" they did their elaborate handshake.
       DJ drew more than a few stares at school. He no longer was the
invisible student. After tucking his long hair into his sweater, less and
less people watched him. That night, after dinner, Brenda went into DJ's
       "So talk, Deej. Do you think just because your body is a little
messed up, you have to be like a girl?"
       "That's not it."
       "Then what, you're not going gay, are you?"
       "No, I like my hair long, I really enjoy it. My mother had my ears
pierced and the holes still have to be open when I visit, and jeans cut for
a female figure fit a lot better than anything else."
       "I don't think you're being straight with me. Today I did you a
       "I set you up on a date."
       "You did what?"
       "You haven't had a date since I've known you, so you are going to
prove yourself and take this wonderful friend of mine on a date."
       "Who is she?"
       "Angela Frank, she nice, good looking, and a swell person."
       "I don't know why I let you do these things to me?"
       "It must be love."
       "Better be."
       DJ met Angela the Thursday before the date. Angela looked at
Brenda as if she were crazy. DJ said in his most masculine (which wasn't
very much) tone.
       "It's nice to meet you." he held out his hand. His fingernails
were cut very short, at Brenda's insistence.
       "Where would you like to go on our date? Would dinner and a movie
       "That'd be nice." Angela appeared very shy, but very good looking.
DJ found himself comparing himself to her. Angela was several inches
shorter then him.
       DJ thought the date itself was a success. He picked her up and was
very patient as she got ready. He was the perfect gentleman (actually he
was trying to emulate the way Steve treated him). He said the proper
things, letting her talk about herself for a while, and , when he felt the
time was right, he kissed her. She kissed back with the ferocity of a
lioness. She placed his hand on her breast. He kneaded it the way he
enjoyed to be kneaded. He touched sensitive areas all around her body,
where he liked to be touched. Before things went too far, he stopped.
       "I have too much respect for you, to do any more." Of course they
kissed more, but he refused to cross that line.
       Brenda was waiting when he got home.
       "How was your date?" she asked.
       "I had a good time. Good kisser."
       "Aren't you going to ask me how my date went?"
       "I was so preoccupied, how was your date?"
       "Dreamy. He may be the one."
       "Really, how do you know." DJ was stripping off his shirt, Brenda
helped with the bandage.
       "It was something about his kiss. You had to be there."
       "What kind of kiss was it?"
       "It was kind of a ... this!" Brenda grabbed DJ's face
and planted a long sensual kiss on him. DJ's nipples expanded and
       "I'm sorry, honey. Did I wake up the man in you?"
       "That's a terrible thing to say. I am a man." he lowered his
pants and undershorts and exposed himself to her.
       She nearly laughed in his face. His member was small and short,
barely a stub. He pulled his pants up.
       "Why are we fighting?"
       "I had a bad date." Brenda said. "I wanted to take it out on
       "Come here, sit down." he sat on the bed. He put his arm around
       "What's wrong?"
       "You won't tell me anything?!"
       "What do you want to know?"
       "What happened to you?"
       "I really don't know. Okay I like having my ears pierced, it makes
me feel special, I don't know why I don't date. I don't feel like it." he
hugged her.
       "Bren, you are my best friend in the world." he leaned over and
kissed her, she kissed back. Brenda's hand came up and cupped a breast.
       "Is it getting hot in here?" she took off her top and bra. He
cupped a breast and kissed it , she kissed his. They spent an hour
sensually exploring each other's bodies. No matter how hard she tried, he
would not get an erection. After holding each other for a long time,
Brenda decided to go back to her own room.
       "I love you, Deej."

       "I love you too, Bren."


       "Wake up sleepyhead!" DJ jumped on the end of Brenda's bed. "Time
for our run!"
       "You are so sadistic. Okay, boobs, let's run." Brenda bounded out
of bed and got dressed in front of him.
       "You're just jealous. Naah!"
       "I'm surprised you don't fall over, you're so topheavy!"
       "Let's go, babe." and with that they left. No mention was made of
the night before but somehow he felt as if he were somehow closer to Brenda
now. They fought like girlfriends, and he liked that.
       The school was given Thanksgiving week off. DJ left the Sunday
before. He made no attempt to hide his breasts and in his suitcase he
carried various things he would need for his transformation back to
womanhood. Safely away from Meriweather, he stopped the car. He pulled
his hair back with a hairband and inserted his favorite dangly earrings.
He wore a bra that day as well as panties. A slight application of makeup,
a dash of perfume and he was ready for home.
       Arriving at home, a kiss for Brian and a hug and a kiss for Ashley
and then Ashley drug him out of the house to the beauty salon.
       "Hello, Renee'. I'd just like it cleaned up a bit."
       "What do you do when you are away from me, my dear?"
       "I'm just a shambles without you." again DJ fell into the old
habit of the salon, facials, pedicures, manicures, but DJ had a lot more to
say about it now, she was a woman with experience. She left feeling
properly pampered.
       "We are having my parents over this Thanksgiving, dear. So you
need to make a good impression."
       "Can I see Steve this week?"
       "If you can find the time. Let's get you into some better
clothes." upon arrival at home they ran upstairs and picked out a nice
dress. As she was changing, the doorbell rang.
       "That's them. Come down as fast as you can."
       "Bye Momma." DJ was walking out the door, fastening a necklace
around her neck. A woman in her fifties, immaculately dressed came walking
determinately up to DJ.
       "You must be Debra Jean." she held her arms open. Ashley followed
on the staircase.
       "You have to be Grandma Hargess."
       "Evelyn, dear. Grandma is a dirty word. Give us a hug." DJ hugged
the woman and turned to give a kiss. The woman faked her out making a
kissing sound next to her cheek.
       "Let's have a look at you." she stood back and motioned for DJ to
turn around "Too much makeup, those earrings are all wrong for that outfit,
and those heels will never do! Come on, where is your closet." a
gentleman followed with Ashley and Brian into DJ's room. Evelyn rummaged
through the jewelry box, into her shoes.
       "Don't slouch, dear. Put these on." She offered earrings and a
different pair of pumps. DJ complied.
       "This wardrobe is pitiful and the jewelry selection pathetic. We
will have to do something about that. Ashley, dear, why do you keep my
grand daughter in tatters?"
       "Well, mother..."
       "No excuses, we must shop!"
       "Hold on a minute, dear. Give the girl a chance to breathe! Do
you have a hug for your old Grand dad?"
       DJ walked up to the older man and gave him a big kiss and hug. The
old man squeezed and laughed. Evelyn grabbed DJ's hand and walked her off.
       "Come along Debra, there's not much time. Ashley, come along."
       "Yes Mother." The three women left in a flurry of jackets and
       "So how is that cradle-robber?"
       "Brian is just fine, mother. He isn't that much older than me."
       "Nearly a decade, that's quite a bit."
       "Six years mother, hardly a decade."
       "Now Debra, there is a perfectly wonderful Medical Student that you
must meet. He will be at our home when you visit for Christmas."
       "Mother!" Ashley interjected.
       "Ashley, do not interrupt your Mother."
       "Evelyn, I don't want to seem ungrateful, but..."
       "But nothing, he is from a good family and you will meet him, case
closed. You are a lovely girl but you don't know about these things."
       "Yes Evelyn." DJ was smirking, inside. I think your Med student
could be in for a shock.
       At the first store, Evelyn was a terror. Treating people like
garbage, giving sales people nervous breakdowns, in sort, having a
wonderful time. By the time they left, Evelyn's large car was packed
nearly to capacity with packages. Evelyn drove on. The next stop was in
the very expensive part of town. Evelyn insisted that they stop at a
specific dress shop. Inside, they knew Evelyn by name. Evelyn told them
what was wanted and they proceeded to measure and fit poor DJ, till she was
completely exhausted. The jewelry store was the last place that Ashley
would allow them to go, or so she insisted. Evelyn reluctantly agreed and
DJ was not given a vote. Evelyn decided that emeralds brought out DJ's
eyes more and so she was showered with emerald earrings and necklaces and
bracelets. DJ was feeling spoiled rotten.
       Brian was made to unload the car when they arrived home. He and
Frank had made a simple, but wonderful smelling barbeque which was laying
on the table.
       "I do hope you don't expect us to eat that?!" Evelyn. Frank and
Brian looked crestfallen.
       "We are going out to dinner."
       "Just a minute, Evelyn!" Brian spoke up.
       "Brian..." Ashley pleaded.
       "Wear a suit, and not one of those cheap ones!" Brian fumed but
complied. DJ was told to change into one of her new dresses and told
specifically what jewelry to wear. Partially out of a sense of obligation,
DJ complied.
       DJ felt marvelous, being a girl again. She felt free of the
masquerade she had been putting herself through. At dinner, Evelyn talked
about her plans for Debra's life (she refused to even say DJ), about the
lavish Christmas party which must not be skipped this year. She heard
endless things about Michael's family, and Michael. She also heard about
Ashley's sister and nephews who were in their mid teens. Stories about the
flighty Marie were circulated. DJ ate very little of the meal, fascinated
by the stories of family she had never knew she had, before.
       Upon arriving home, there was a message from Steve, and one from
Barb. It was already 9:30, the phone rang. It was Barb, again. Only she
and Cathy were back so far for Thanksgiving. It was decided that they
would get together the next day.
       After the morning run, DJ got dressed in jeans and a sweater and
went downstairs for breakfast.
       "Where are you going?" Brian asked.
       "Over to Barb's for a while."
       "Right now? Honey could you delay a couple hours?"
       "It's important, honey."
       "Okay, Pop, for you, anything."
       "And where are you going, dressed like that?" Evelyn said as she
came in the room.
       "Out with Daddy."
       "That's indecent. Go put on a dress immediately."
       "Grandm...Evelyn, I wear clothes like this all the time."
       "What if someone should see you?"
       "Let them see me. Ready, Daddy?" and with that, they left.
       "I'm proud of you for sticking up to your Grandmother."
       "There was no point to it."
       "Regardless, not many people get away with that."
       "What can she do?"
       "Not write you up in the will."
       "Big deal, I like her, it seems she's trying to plan my life,
beyond my ability. She already is on me about a husband. I don't think
that would work."
       "Don't let her get under your skin, aren't you interested in where
we are going?"
       "Doesn't matter, as long as I get some time with you."
       "Not too much quality time. We've barely had any time together
alone, ever. Anyway we're going to the DMV."
       "Get you some ID."
       "How will we manage that?"
       "Don't ask." he pulled into the lot of the DMV. Once inside he
got the attention of a woman behind the counter, who at once came foreward.
       "This is my daughter, the one who lost her Driver's license? Here
is her paperwork, birth certificate, and Social Security Card, and adoption
papers." DJ was dumfounded.
       "Right this way, dear." the lady smiled and took a thumbprint and
her picture.
       "That's it." she had them sit down and wait while the card was
being made by the computer.
       "Mills, Debra Mills." DJ came up and got the card. It retained
her old license number but now read Debra Jean, instead of David James and
it clearly said Female.
       "Thanks, Daddy, now I can drive a little easier. I was always
scared of being pulled over." in the car he handed her a small package.
In the package were credit cards, all in the name of Debra, a library card,
even an ATM card. He handed over the Social Security card. It maintained
the old number but read Debra Jean. DJ was overwhelmed.
       "Thank you, Daddy. I love you."
       "I love you too, sweetheart." DJ quickly changed over the ID in
her purse.
       "Those cards are in your name. I'll pay on them for now, but
someday you'll have to take them over. Don't go too crazy."
       "I won't."
       DJ went straight to her car upon getting home, not wanting to face
Evelyn, besides, she was late for Barb's. She sped to her friend's house.
       "Hi." the two girls screamed and hugged. After a brief dicussion,
and apology, the two decided it would be best to break in the cards. After
arriving at the mall, however, DJ could not hink of anything to buy but one
miniskirt (her first) and a pair of shoes. That night DJ had arranged to
see Steve.
       Steve arrived at the house and was greeted by Evelyn and Frank, who
gave him the third degree. DJ came down and rescued him.
       "Is that what you are wearing?" Evelyn asked. DJ wore a sweater
and skirt set.
       "I think it looks great."
       "No one asked YOU."
       "Yes, this is what I am wearing, and if Steve likes it, that is all
that is important." she left on his arm.
       "It was a pleasure to meet you, Ma'am, sir."
       "How bad were they?" DJ asked as they got outside.
       "I can deal with it. I don't think I passed as a marriage
prospect." he helf the car door for her.
       "I met her yesterday and she already has my life planned. She wants
me to be Mrs. Dr. Michael Something-or-other. She seems harmless enough,
though. Spoils me rotten."
       "Poor little rich girl?"
       "Am I that bad?"
       "Nah, just don't become one, okay?"
       "You got it, bub." They talked about the school year so far and
about where the group of friends had been. Steve started talking about his
love life...
       "What? You went out with another girl. How could you?" DJ
started crying, feeling betrayed.
       "We never agreed not to see other people, did we? I still care
about you, Deb..."
       "And you went out anyway?"
       "It's not that serious.."
       "Oh, so it's just a casual betrayal of everything we meant to each
       "It's not like that."
       "What exactly is it like, mister? This had better be real good!"
       "I can't talk to you like this."
       "Then you better just take me home!"
       "Sure..." on the way home, DJ fumed. Steve tried to apologize,
but DJ would not listen.
       "Don't call me!" she let herself out and slammed the door. Running
up the stairs inside, she ignored the family in the den. She flung herself
on the bed, crying.
       Ashley came in a few minutes later.
       "All men are dirt."
       "Not all men, dear." DJ sobbed on Ashley's shoulder.
       "Did you agree not to see other people, dear?"
       "You're siding with him, aren't you?"
       "Of course not, dear." Ashley thought it better to let it go.
       "I knew that hoodlum was up to no good!" Evelyn said from the door.
       "He's not a hoodlum!" a fight ensued and DJ actually ended up
defending Steve.
       "You need some ice cream." Ashley said.
       "Hot fudge." DJ could not remember the last time she had hot fudge.
       "I need to make a call, first." Ashley and Evelyn left.
       "Hi, Steve. I'm sorry I blew up like that. I still want to be
friends. You probably won't want to ever talk to me ever agian the way I
treated you tonight. Forgive me? You can call me if you want..." she hung
up on the answering machine. DJ went downstairs for ice cream, and
everything seemed a little better.
       Tuesday was the last shopping for Thanksgiving. Evelyn refused to
go to the market, complaining that they should have servants for that. DJ
and Ashley went alone. DJ was a good cook but nowhere near the level of
Ashley. She felt a Thanksgiving dinner was definitely out of reach.
Parking the car by the back door.
       "Where did we go wrong with you, Ashley dear. Why do you let him
make you do this menial labor. Cooking, for God's sake!"
       "Brian does not make me do this, I enjoy it. This year I am going
to teach my daughter to do it!" Evelyn left in a tizzy. After Ashley and
DJ had some time together Evelyn came back in.
       "Let me have some time with my Granddaughter. We must find a dress
for the Christmas party!"
       "It's up to her."
       "You've got me for the rest of the day, Evelyn." Evelyn took DJ to
an extremely exclusive store in the city, which was about an hour away. DJ
and Evelyn were given a private fashion show. Evelyn did most of the
choosing as she had the other day, but this time she gave DJ some input as
well. After the fashions were picked, DJ tried on some and finally a gown
was chosen. The man who owned the store, who seemed to be a bit swishy
told DJ to strip down to underwear and take her bra off. DJ was a bit
hesitant at this request, she refused, however, to take her half- slip off,
for fear that her manhood would be detected. The man shrugged and began
       "Full outfit?" he asked Evelyn.
       "Of course."
       "Can I put my clothes back on, now?"
       "The girl is shy, you do not embarrass me, my lovely. Go, get
dressed." On the way out Evelyn was reminded that a fitting would be
needed, maybe a few. The two had an elegant meal alone and that night,
they returned home.
       "You have a wonderful figure dear." Evelyn told DJ.
       "Thank you." was all she could think to say.
       "You're quite welcome. I did not like the way you stood up to me
       "I know."
       "You have spirit. I used to stand up to my Grandmother too,
something your mother never learned. We're a lot alike, my dear Debra.
Don't lose that spirit."
       "Thank you, Evelyn."
       "Oh, you can call me Grandmother. You know you are the only
Granddaughter I have, we shall have much to do."
       On Wednesday the preparations for the Thursday's dinner had to be
made. Ashley and DJ worked hard in the kitchen that day. DJ's manicure
was ruined, and she endeavored to fix it herself that night. After many
false starts she finally got them to a decent level.
       Thursday was very busy. DJ never remembered a Thanksgiving with so
much work. Evelyn sat in the kitchen and complained for the need of
servants and how domestic Ashley had become, while DJ and Ashley worked.
DJ found herself proud of the meal, like it was a major accomplishment.
All the men did was watch TV and eat it.
       On Friday all the girls from the group got together. Sue was a bit
mad at DJ for how she treated Stephen but after copious apologies, she
seemed to get over it. Then Cathy has her big announcement.
       "I'm getting married." she practically screamed when pressed about
her big secret. She asked all three girls to be bridesmaids, including DJ.
The wedding was going to be that Summer, and the girls were all a flutter
with talk about it. After that talk ranged the whole spectrum from
politics to child birth.
       On Saturday, DJ drove back to school. It was somewhat an awkward
situation. On Evelyn's insistence DJ wore a skirt and blouse, you never
know who may see you. Once out of town, DJ had to go to a rest stop and
wash all of her makeup off, change into jeans and sweatshirt in the car and
try to put on a masculine facade. It was truly feeling like a facade now,
the feminine was overpowering the masculine. A little downtrodden over the
situation, DJ continued on to school. In his gym bag the clothes, ID, and
the life he wanted to have.
       Brenda met him at the house.
       "You smell nice."
       "Grandma's perfume, sticks to everything." DJ could not even smell
it! DJ ran his bags up to his room. Looking at his hands he noticed that
he still had long, manicured nails. Quickly he went to the bathroom and
used the fingernail polish remover and cut his nails short. He would have
to take care of the toenails later. He prayed Brenda didn't notice.
       For the next month or so, studies were the problem. DJ found his
writing was getting much more flowery. On nights when he had the house
alone, he would put on a skirt and blouse and do his homework, getting much
better at hiding this. He began to wear panties every day, washing them
only on his wash day. He longed for the weekends when he had to go home
and get a fitting. The gown was beautiful, it snugged his waist very
snuggly and he was dieting to get it even smaller.
       "My folks are coming to dinner tonight, DJ. Could you do me a huge
       "What's that?"
       "Could you not bind your breasts tonight and try to act like a
       "I don't know, what's in it for me?"
       "I'll be real nice."
       "Oh, that's motivating."
       "You owe me."
       "Yes I do." DJ put his stud earrings in and wore a bra under his
sweater. He tried to pretend like he didn't enjoy it.
       "How do you girls defend yourselves, without a man around." DJ
tried to look annoyed for the sake of the other girls.
       "We do just fine." Cathy said.
       "I think you should take some self defense courses."
       "We'll consider it." the rest of the evening was spent defending
the right of the girls to live in the house. DJ gave up, feigning
       Brenda came in, a while later.
       "You were very convincing."
       "Thanks, I try."
       "We haven't talked much lately, how's life going, boobs?"
       "It's alright, tits. How about yours."
       "Bobby is really nice, you'll have to meet him."
       "I'd like that, maybe after finals." Finals were beginning the
next week.
       "That'd be nice, I want my best friend to approve of my man."
       "He better treat you right."

       "He does, and how!" she watched as he took the bra off, under his
       "You do that like someone who knows what she's doing."
       "Lay off."
       "You got it. Good night, Deej."
       "Night Bren." they hugged goodnight.
       Finals came and went and the house emptied for the holidays. DJ
never did get a chance to meet Bobby. DJ changed easily into her female
persona, slipping on a bra, a little makeup, and a brush and hairspray all
accomplished in the car made the transformation a success. Once home, the
transformation was complete, completely changed into feminine attire.
       As soon as DJ left the college house, the phone rang. Brenda
answered it.
       "Hello, may I speak with Debra?"
       "There's no one by that name here."
       "Oh, I know I have the right number, I believe she's called by her
initials, DJ. This is her Grandmother."
       "Oh really? This is DJ's best friend, Brenda..."


       "She is responding as a girl in almost every situation with minimal
reinforecement. There was that incident with the housemate but there have
been no recurrences. She is actively pursuing the female persona,
rejecting the male. Her roommates are definitely suspecting something and
should respond favorably. Reinforcement schedule is down to 3% and we are
seeing no major deviations. Medical?"
       "The secondary sexual characteristics are complete. The subject's
voice is in the high alto, low soprano range. Glands are producing female
hormones at a stabilized rate. The subjects testicles will soon be
retracted into the the body and should be undergoing the metamorphosis to
ovaries. This process will be painful but brief. The penis will continue
to shrink and the opening should begin an expansion in size. We are
expecting vaginal formation within six to eight months and ovulation within
a year. Her pelvis has expanded to an acceptable amount for childbirth and
bone attrition has halted. She is in remarkable physical condition, and
physically should pull through this fine. Dr. Mills has done an excelent
job in the genetic transformation. Any test would show the subject to be
your natural daughter."
       "We may see some problem with some of the paperwork. The school
registrar problem has been solved, they are ready to alter the transcripts
and the DMV is ready to drop the male name altogether. Your Mother phoned
the house and Brenda now knows or has inferred most of the story while not
revealing anything to your mother."
       "Excelent, let's begin the next phase."


       DJ had a wonderful vacation, feeling free to be herself. She did
not tell Ashley about the physical changes in her body. Ashley might only
do something to stop them from happening. This had to stop eventually,
didn't it? They couldn't try to leave her as woman while in this body. DJ
decided that after she was out of college she would try for a sex change.
She was probably a prime candidate.
       The week before Christmas was spent with Evelyn. DJ was busy with
all the things Grandmother had planned. Horseback riding, dancing lessons,
talks of ettiquet, all crammed into a week. DJ was living for the
Christmas party on Christmas Eve.
       The estate was even larger than Brian and Ashley's, and the
servants! They had a servant for everything. Debra had to fight to take a
bath without having someone there to dry her, eventually the maid had to
leave due to DJ's badgering.
       DJ slithered into the gown for the party. She had spent the day
being pampered by the most expensive salon in town on Christmas Eve. The
undergarments were fit specifically to her tiny frame, accentuating her
bustline and tiny waist. The gown hugged every curve and after the shoes,
gloves, and jewelry, Debra Jean Mills was ready to break hearts.
       She stood next to her Grandmother when most of the guests arrived.
When the dancing began, the first dance went to Brian and the next to
Frank. All eyes were on her. A photographer took snapshots of all in
attendance. After one dance with a particularly nice young man, Evelyn was
standing behind her, with a young man.
       "Debra, this is Michael Williams, the young man I told you about."
       "It's a pleasure." she held her hand up in greeting.
       "The pleasure is all mine." he took the hand and kissed it. Evelyn
left, feigning a need somewhere else.
       "Grandmother hasn't stopped talking about you for months."
       "My mother has been pestering me. She's over there, pretending not
to look." he gestured with his head.
       "The one standing with my Grandmother."
       "Probably," he turned "definitely. We better get them off our
backs. Would you care to dance?"
       "I would love to." he led her out onto the dance floor.
       "Evelyn said you were beautiful..."
       "And that you were handsome..."(Thrum!)Debra found herself
overwhelmed for attraction for this man. She stumbled a bit.
       "Would you like to go for a walk?"
       "I would love to sit somewhere. These shoes are killing me!" They
walked outside where they could get some privacy. Debra got cold and he
removed his jacket and put it around her shoulders. They talked for hours,
and everything he said seemed wonderful.
       "Can I see you again, sometime?"
       "I would like that."
       "I'm going to school only a little ways from Meriweather, maybe I
could visit you?"
       "That may be a little awkward, maybe I could visit you?"
       "That would be nice. Are you busy New Years Eve?"
       "No, I don't have any plans."
       "My parent's are throwing a big party, would you like to come?"
       "I would love that."
       After the party was over, DJ went up to Evelyn.
       "I hate to admit it, but you were right. He is wonderful."
       "And I'm spending New Years Eve with him."
       "Splendid! See, Ashley, your mother isn't all bad."
       "I'm going to bed, good night." she kissed all of her family
before floating upstairs.

       Christmas morning was an interesting affair. The servants had
breakfast ready and then left to their own families. DJ wore a comfortable
skirt and blouse, following the lead of Ashley.
       Eventually Kirsten, Ashley's sister, showed up, with husband and
two teenage boys in tow. Met them all and was very gracious. She got
along especially well with her new cousins Jim and Ray, they were 14 and 18
and were shocked to see a girl like DJ.
       They opened presents in turn. DJ got lavish presents from her
parents and Grandparents, a beautiful Emerald necklace and bracelet, and
more clothes than she knew what to do with. Kirsten's family gave her a
nice set of earrings. Brian received a watch from Ashley, some clothing
from Frank and Evelyn, and a gold tieclasp from DJ. All in all, DJ had a
good time. Jim and Ray felt a little short changed, with all the extra
gifts showered on DJ. Evelyn pish poshed and said she only had one
Granddaughter and she would act as she pleased.
       "Hear that, Jimmy. Next year wear a dress!" that comment shocked
DJ, who suddenly had it strike home that she was just that, a boy in a
dress. She left the room, crying. Ray followed her into the game room.
       "Don't let it bother you, Debby. Grandma and Mom don't get along
too well, sometimes they just get mean. I don't feel offended that you got
more. Heck this is your first Christmas with the family, we've had Grandma
       "That's nice of you to say, but..."
       "But nothing. Heck, I'm proud to have a cousin as pretty as you.
Have you won any beauty contests or anything?" the feelings went away.
       "That's one of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me. I'm
proud to have a cousin as handsome and sweet as you." she gave him a
cousinly peck on the cheek. He seemed shocked.
       "Sorry, did I embarrass you? I get over-affectionate sometimes.
How about a game of pool, I'll rack 'em up." she did so.
       "You're okay, Debby. A little schizo, but okay." they spent the
rest of the morning until lunch, playing pool.
       The 26th was promised to Cathy, so DJ made the trek home that
morning. The girls were getting together to help with wedding plans and to
get to see each other again. DJ couldn't help but to relay the story about
       "A Doctor. My Mom would kill to find me a Doctor."
       "He's not a Doctor yet, he has another year to go, then residency."
       "A doctor and a hunk, some girls get all the luck."
       "Some do." looking at Cathy, still looking in a Bride magazine.
       New Years Eve was a night to remember. Debra drank champagne for
the first time in her life and danced until midnight. When the clock
chimed, Michael and Debra looked at each other.
       "You're supposed to kiss someone..." his voice trailed off as he
leaned towards her.
       "Yes, but who..." she tilted her head.
       "I don't know, I think you're supposed to kiss someone you like..."
he leaned closer their lips almost touching.
       "Do you want to kiss anyone in partic..." their lips met and
fireworks went off in DJ's head. The kiss took one minute, but in DJ's
mind it was a moment and forever.
       "Wow!" they said together.
       "That was incredible." he said.
       "Could you do it again?" and they locked. They parted with the
promise to see each other again.
       School started on the 6th and DJ dreaded the change back more than
ever. It was hard to explain the low number of Christmas presents, DJ
could not bring the female things with him. He did, however bring more of
his female wardrobe, to be secreted away in his closet. His hot rollers,
cosmetics and accessories taking up more and more of his closet space.
       Brenda acted a bit strangely at first, but soon realized her friend
was still the same person. Besides, she had a plan.
       "Deej, you have the whole house to yourself today. I'm going to
Palmdale with Bobby and the girls are going to Rockford falls on a shopping
trip and won't be back until about 9 tonight. I should be back before 11.
Have fun."
       "Maybe I can meet this Bobby when he comes to get you?"
       "Sorry, I'm driving. I'll see if I can get him here tomorrow
before our date. See ya!" she left.
       As soon as her car was gone, DJ rushed upstairs. I've been waiting
too long! He rummaged through his stash of clothes and picked a nice
sweater and skirt. He did his hair, his nails, makeup, perfume, and his
favorite pair of earrings. A pair of flats and he was ready to start his
chores. He started a load of laundry, vacuumed the living room and was
just cooking up some soup for lunch...
       "Bobby, this is DJ." DJ jumped.
       "I'm sorry did I scare you?" there was a mischeivious look in
Brenda's eye.
       "No." DJ was very nervous now. Bobby held out his hand.
       "It's a pleasure to meet you, at last. Brenda's told me so much
about you."
       "Pleasure to meet you." DJ shook his hand.
       "Bobby, honey, do you want to wait in the living room while we whip
up soemthing to eat?"
       "Certainly, can I help?"
       "No, just let the womenfolk do the women's work." Bobby left the
room. Brenda closed the door behind him.
       "Cute outfit, Debra."
       "Okay, I'm busted. Now can we let this slide?"
       "Oh, I think we can work something out..." just then the kitchen
door opened and Cathy, Pam, and Amy, came in. Amy looked a little shocked,
Cathy and Pam just giggled. Soon they all joined in.
       "Girls, meet Debra."
       "A little late for Halloween, isn't it Deej?" Cathy asked.
       "I think she's pretty." Amy spoke up.
       "Whose clothes?" Pam asked.
       "They're mine. I've been meaning to talk to you guys about this,
       "You don't think we knew it was going to happen eventually? What
do you take us for?"
       "I just want to..."
       "DJ Mills don't you dare tell another lie! Who wants to see DJ at
a Christmas ball?" Brenda pulled a photo out of her purse. It was the
posed picture with DJ and Michael.
       "Who's the hunk?" Amy asked, they all stared at her.
       "DJ always was a girl to me! I couldn't handle it, remember?"
       "I have company, girls. I want Debra to get acquainted with Bobby.
Could you all fix up lunch?"
       "Sure, no problem." Brenda led DJ into the living room. I want
you two to get to know each other.
       DJ talked as herself again and Bobby was charmed.
       "Maybe DJ and Eddie could double date with us tomorrow? You want to
set Eddie up? I know DJ isn't doing anything, right Deej?" she gave a
glaring eye.
       "Right, nothing at all."
       "It's settled then, as soon as Eddie agrees." Bobby got up and
called Eddie. Most of the converstion was in whispers, but DJ heard an
occasional "you won't be sorry". Eddie agreed.
       After lunch Brenda talked to Bobby.
       "Bobby, can we put our date off until another day? I just
remembered that it's Debra's birthday and we all promised to take her
       "No problem." he kissed Debra goodbye "See you tomorrow, DJ."
       "See you then." DJ replied. The girls all came in the room.
       "Let's go shopping, birthday girl."
       "How did you get that picture?"
       "Never mind that, do you need a purse?"
       "No thanks, I have my own."
       "What else do you have?" Pam asked "Show us."
       DJ led them upstairs to her room and proceeded to show all of her
feminine things.
       "Wow, can I borrow these earrings sometime."
       "This isn't just a passing fancy, is it?"
       "This skirt is cute, maybe you can wear it for your date?"
       DJ was feeling embarrassed. He felt his world was crumbling around
him. Next, they would probably kick her out of the house. For right now,
it was best to do as they said. DJ grabbed her purse and followed them out
the door.
       "Don't you need to transfer your wallet over."
       "Just let it rest, Bren. Please?"
       "Let's see..." Brenda grabbed the purse and looked inside.
       "God, it's as messy as my purse." she grabbed the wallet.
       "Jackpot! You even have a fake Driver's license and look at
this. Credit! I guess you're taking us shopping!" handing the purse back,
DJ was led out to the car.
       At the mall, the girls tried to embarrass DJ, to no avail. DJ had
decided to let her female persona take over. The girls soon got over the
novelty of the situation and shopped. In a lingerie department there was a
man dressed as a woman trying to get help from a sales lady. The girls all
giggled. DJ was mortified.
       "Do I look like that?" she asked.
       "No way, hon. You couldn't look that much like a guy if you tried,
and we know, you tried!" Cathy commented. DJ bought clothes and dinner for
everyone. Brenda picked out a wonderful outfit for the date the following
night. It was more in line with what the other girls on campus wore.
       "You're not going to tell on me, are you Bren?"
       "How many times do I have to tell you. I am your best friend and I
always will be! I couldn't tell on you. I just wish you could have been
honest with me."
       "I'm sorry Bren. I didn't know how you'd react."
       "You should have trusted me, silly!"
       "Hey DJ, is this what you were doing when Brenda caught you before
that Halloween?"
       "It wasn't quite the same, but yeah."
       "And we made you..."
       "Uh huh."
       "Cool. Mall's about to close, we better go home." the girls drove
home. That night, they had DJ dress in one of her nighties and they had a
slumber party, downstairs. DJ fell asleep, happy.
       DJ wanted to dress in normal men's clothes for the next day. She
was feeling like the situation was getting awkward. The girls would hear
nothing of that, having her dress in female attire.
       "You weren't wearing much men's clothing before. So chill, babe."
Pam brought down DJ's jeans, female cut levi's, panties, bra, women's socks
and keds and a nice, but feminine, top. She informed DJ that that was
going to be the dress for the day after she got ready.
       The girls all watched as DJ went through her morning routine, doing
hair and makeup in a way that only comes with experience. At this point,
the girls dispersed, to do their morning chores. After a fun day (after
chores, of course), they told Debra, to get ready for her date. They had
picked a miniskirt for the excursion. DJ complained that she would be
cold. They told her to let Eddie keep her warm, such was the price of
beauty. Brenda wore jeans and a sweater. Eddie and Bobby showed up a
couple minutes late. Eddie was very large, 6'2" and 200 pounds of muscle.
He reminded DJ of Jack, Eddie was cute enough, but there was something
about him...

       During dinner, Eddie was polite enough, just a couple eating habits
that were disgusting. During the movie, Eddie moved slowly at first.
First he held her hand, then put his arm around her. By the time the movie
was in the second hour, a hand was lightly touching her breast. She
grabbed the hand and moved it away. The hand tried to walk up her thigh,
she slapped it with an emphatic "No!". After the movie, Brenda and Bobby
wanted to walk alone, this left DJ with the octopus. He tried to kiss her.
       DJ had never been more disgusted in her life. Eddie held both her
arms and forced his lips on hers. DJ struggled but there was no apparent
effect. All the strength DJ once possesed, was gone. She tried to scream
as his hand started lifting up her skirt, his mouth was still locked on
her. She did the only thing she could think of, she kneed his balls and
ran, screaming. Running in heels was a hard thing to do and he caught her
easily. She screamed "Rape!" and he held her mouth with his hand.
       "You know you want me!" his hand went for the skirt again. Bobby
ran from around a corner, quickly followed by Brenda. Bobby was a football
player as well and he decked Eddie.
       "I think the girl said no!"
       "She came on to me, man. Then when I get excited she pulls this
act. What a fuckin' bitch!"
       "That's a lie!" Brenda was holding DJ, who was crying.
       "Bobby, you better take us home." they left Eddie to fend for
himself. Brenda and Bobby led a shaking, bruised DJ into the house.
       "What happened?"
       "He tried to rape me!"
       "That could have been interesting." Cathy said, starting to laugh.
The laughter got contagious, Bobby not understanding.
       "I'd better take care of her." Brenda told Bobby "I'll see you
later." Bobby left at that, apologizing.
       "It wasn't you, Bobby. You saved me!" DJ said as Brenda led her
       "What's wrong Deej? Is something broken?"
       "Not where this hurts, he didn't even touch me there, luckily."
her gonads hurt.
       "Maybe a bath would feel good. You take your clothes off and I'll
run it for you."
       "Don't leave me, Bren!"
       "I won't, I'm right here." Brenda helped her friend get undressed
and led her, naked to the bathroom.
       "A nice bubblebath." Brenda ran the tub and put the bubble bath
in. As DJ got into the tub, Brenda noticed something.
       "This may be the wrong time to say this, but you don't look like a
       "No kidding."
       "I mean at all, look!" DJ looked down, her penis, now barely a
stub, was covered by soft female pubic hair. Her testicles were a small
bump behind her penis, covered with a loose bag of skin, her scrotum. DJ
reached down and touched the testicles.
       "Ow! That's what hurts alright." They were jammed halfway
attached, seemingly, to her crotch.
       "It hurts!"
       "What's happening."
       "They're disappearing!"
       "Get into the hot bath, it may help." DJ lowered her self into the
hot bubbly water. The hot water relaxed the muscles of her lower body and
the pain partially subsided.
       "Whose idea was the miniskirt, anyway?" DJ smiled a sickly smile.
       "I don't remember."
       "I nearly froze my tits off out there!" DJ slid deeper into the
water. Pam knocked and came into the room.
       "Deej, how're you feeling, honey?"
       "A little shaken up. I'll be okay. I never realized how powerless
I could be."
       "I know, you never know what kind of creep you'll end up with."
       "No more blind dates for me. Starting tomorrow, I start weight
       "Just be quiet and relax a while." Brenda occasionaly heated up
the bathwater. After about an hour, DJ got out of the tub. Brenda helped
her dry off and led her back to her room. Brenda turned back the bed and
put out a pair of cotton panties and a flannel nightgown.
       "No more, I'll wear men's clothes. This doesn't happen to men."
       "No honey, put these on..."
       "No, I can't..."
       "You have to, you're not a man anymore."
       "I hurt, Bren..."
       "I know, let me help you." she lifted the gown over her friends
head. DJ slipped the panties on. Brenda turned to leave the room.
       "Don't leave me, Bren!" her voice sounded desperate.
       "I'm here!"
       "I need to be held." Brenda lay down on the bed and held her
weeping friend.
       DJ woke up early on Sunday and got out of bed. She didn't feel
like running. She stumbled into the bathroom and sat down to pee. The pee
nearly flushed out of her system. After finishing, she stood up and
examined herself. The scrotum was just a loose flap of skin and the
testicles had completely retracted into the body. The tiny penis was
extremely small but the opening seemed larger than it was before. She
pulled on the panties and proceeded on her day's chores. She didn't even
bother to change out of the nightgown for the entire day. The girls were
supportive but left her to herself. When Bobby came over to see Brenda, DJ
left and put a robe on.
       "Deb, the ethics council will press charges, if you want them to."

       "I don't know." that would mean appearing as a person who didn't
exist in front of the council. DJ planned to go back to being a man for
the first day of school, Monday.
       "The council meets Wednesday, if you're interested. I'll make sure
you are heard."
       "Thanks Bobby, I'll think about it."
       After they left Bobby turned to Brenda.
       "She's in pretty bad shape."
       "She was nearly raped, by your roommate."
       "Ex roommate, thank you. He's moving out today. They're even
talking about kicking him off the team, if Deb presses it with the
       "You're wonderful, you know."
       "I'm an asshole. I trusted a jerk to go out with your best friend.
I think DJ is great, I thought Eddie would be better."
       DJ moped around the house and got her books ready for the first day
of the Semester, Psychology, English, and Music were the first classes that
she would take. Correction, he would take. DJ didn't eat much and fell
asleep in the same clothes worn all day.
       "Wake up, wake up. It's time for our run!" Brenda pounced on the
       "Okay, okay, give me a minute." DJ dressed in nylon running
shorts, sweats, sport bra and her purple highlighted Nike's. The run was a
relief, a chance to let things get back to normal. Upon arriving home
things were different. All the girls were in the living room, when
normally they would be asleep. DJ shrugged it off and proceeded to the
shower. Stepping out naked as Brenda came in the room. What point was
there in hiding anymore? The girls all came in, Brenda shut off the water.
       "DJ, we have a surprise for you." Cathy spoke "You are going to
wear a dress to school today."
       "I couldn't..."
       "You will. You will find all of your male clothes out of your
closet and dresser. Do your hair and makeup and come down dressed for
       "You can't make me!"
       "We can break your lease. I don't want to do that, but I will if I
have to. You have to testify against Eddie, and for that you must be a
student. Since you can't testify as David, you will be Debra." DJ saw the
logic in this. She wanted Eddie to suffer, to feel helpless.
       "I'll do it." they all cheered. Brenda finished her shower while
DJ did her hair and left to get ready. Sure enough, all the male clothing
was gone from the room, leaving her sparse supply of female clothes. She
chose an outfit and quickly got ready. Downstairs, Cathy had Breakfast
       "You need a different bookbag." she offered her own, a flashy neon
style, a far cry from DJ's own dingy backpack. DJ, Brenda, and Pam walked
to campus together, with a promise to meet for lunch. DJ received stares,
but she ignored them. There was no question in her mind that people saw
her as a woman. In English, there was the first problem.
       "Mills, David Mills." DJ froze and formulated a plan.
       "Here," she said in an annoyed voice.
       "Debra. The computer has been screwing that up for a year now."
The instructor seemed amused, but satisfied, he penciled in her name.
After the lecture in Psych, she met Brenda. Pam, and Cathy for lunch.
       "I've got a problem. I'm registered under David. My student ID
says David. I blamed it on a computer glitch, but I don't know how to
handle it any further."
       "Let's go to the registrar." Cathy said "I know someone there."
After the meal, the two went to the Administrative building. In a mass of
humanity, Cathy finally got hold of her friend.
       "Sandy, this is DJ, one of the girls I live with."
       "What can I do, hurry, this place is crazy."
       "The computer screwed up my registration, it has me under David
instead of Debra."
       "Can you show me some ID?"
       "Sure." DJ handed a Drivers license, Social Security card and the
male student ID. Sandy punched the Student ID into the computer.
       "This is you all right." she tapped a few keys.
       "All fixed, you're a girl again. Your transcripts all read Debra
Jean Mills, is that correct?"
       "Yes it is, thank you."
       "Wait for them to call your name for the ID card." Several minutes
later they called her name and the two girls left.
       "I guess it's permanent now."
       "Welcome sister." DJ had to rush to gt to her music class. It was
a choir class and it was a mess. The instructor had each person come down,
one at a time and sing an audition.
       "David Mills."
       "Debra." she explained the story.
       "What range, dear?"
       "Excuse me?"
       "Soprano, Alto, what are you?"
       "I have no idea." the instructor gave a quick range test and the
real audition began. The notes came out beautifully. It turned out she
had a real aptitude for this. There were many girls in the Alto section
that DJ talked with and liked. One of the Basses lived in the same
direction as well as a couple of the girls, they walked home together as a
group. Amy met DJ at the door.
       "I hear it's permanent, I'm glad." she hugged DJ.
       "I'm glad too."
       "Brenda left this form for you to fill out." it was a statement
concerning the other night.
       "Deb, phone." Cathy yelled from the other room. She picked it up.
       "Hello?" breathing...
       "Hello?" breathing... she waited a few more seconds.
       "Hello, I'm hanging up."
       "I'm watching you." a harsh whispered voice. DJ slammed the phone
down. It rang again.
       "Hello?" nothing...
       "Hello? This is not funny..." Slam! Ring, ring.
       "Don't answer it again..." Cathy picked it up and slammed it down.
Ring, ring!. Cathy turned the ringer off.
       "I'll be right back." she left out the back door. Eventually DJ
picked it up again, hoarse laughter. She slammed it down. Switching the
ringer, she found it ringing again. Cathy came back.
       "There's a trace on it." Cathy said and picked it up.
       "Hello?" breathing.
       "I'm going to get you, bitch!"
       "Wow, you can't even breathe. Are you Darth Vader?" Slam!
       RING! RING! She switched it off once again. The girls ignored the
phone, pointedly. Going about their homework. DJ and Brenda went through
each other's closets to see what could be borrowed.
       Knock, knock, knock! Cathy answered the door. It was the police.
       "Hello Ma'am, could we speak with all the members of the house,
please?" Cathy called the girls downstairs.
       "Good evening, ladies. You were the ones who called about the
telephone calls. We found the perp, one Edward Griswald. Do any of you
know him?
       "I do, officer." DJ spoke up "The calls were for me."
       "He should have stopped calling, I don't know what else we can do
       "Could we have a copy of that report?"
       "Certainly, if you'd like to come down to the station tomorrow, I'd
be glad to give you a copy."
       "I'll be down in the afternoon."
       "He threatened me officer, can't you do anything more?"
       "I'm afraid not, Miss. If there is anymore trouble, let me know."
       "Thank you officer."
       Later that night a car squealed by, blaring its horn. Inside a man
yelled "I'll get you, bitch." the car sped off before anyone saw who it
was. DJ shook in her bed, unable to sleep.
       She got up the next morning with bags under her eyes. DJ went a
little heavier on the makeup than normal to compensate.
       Debra showed the revised information to her English teacher, who
seemed satisfied, he offered her a seat in the front row. At times it
seemed as if he were teaching the class only to her. At lunch Debra and DJ
went to the Student Union building and turned in their statements. The
girl who took the statements read them and glared at DJ.
       "Are you sure you want to turn this in?"
       "Whatever you want..." the girl shrugged and put them in a pile.
       The hearing tried to be a solemn affair, the council of 4 men and 4
women read the statements and called DJ to the stand: DJ:
       "I went on a double date with Bobby and Brenda, they set me up with
Eddie. He was nice enough at first but pretty quickly he tried to grope
me. I made it very clear I wasn't interested. After the movie Bren and
Bobby wanted some time alone. I was stuck with Eddie alone in the park.
He pinned my arms and started kissing me, I tried to fight him, but I
wasn't strong enough. He started to grope at my breasts and started to
push my skirt up. I kneed him and tried to run away. He caught me pretty
quickly. I screamed "Rape!" as loud as I could and he covered my mouth with
his hand and tried to get under my skirt again. Then Bobby and Brenda came
back and Bobby took care of Eddie."
       "What were you wearing?"
       "A skirt and sweater."
       "How short was the skirt?"

       "Why is that important?"
       "Please answer the question. The defendant claims you wanted to
have sex with him."
       "That's ridiculous." Cathy smirked in the back of the room.
       "The skirt was above the knee."
       "How far above the knee?"
       "I don't know!"
       "You mean it was a miniskirt?"
       "Did you make any advances towards Eddie?"
       "No, I thought he was disgusting! Who's on trial here?"
       "Well, you seem to have Eddie on trial." Eddie was sitting in the
front row, looking very clean and neat, in a suit. He was surrounded by
several of his football player friends.
       "Do you belong to any women's right groups?"
       "Do you date a lot?"
       "No." this put the questioner off.
       "A beautiful girl like yourself. You would have this council
believe that you do not date?"
       "I don't date often."
       "How many people have you dated?"
       "Including your 'client' three."
       "I find that hard to believe. Are you sexually active?"
       "NO!" the women and some of the men in the chamber were getting
visibly angry.
       "If you are going to call me a liar, then you had better back that
up!" DJ was losing her cool.
       "Have you ever been out with Bill Cohen?"
       "I don't even know Bill Cohen." one of the football players stood
       "Baby, how could you say that?"
       "Who are you?"
       "We will get to that. Now why were you wearing that skimpy skirt?"
       "It was not a skimpy skirt and I wore it to look nice."
       "To impress this poor man with your feminine charms."
       "No, I just like to look nice! The skirt was suggested by my
housemates, it's not even mine!"
       "Thank you, that will be all."
       "Cross examine?"
       "Debra, did you want to have sex with Eddie?"
       "He was dirty, crude, rude, and disgusting." this got laughs from
the room.
       "Were the clothes you were wearing provocative?"
       "I don't think so."
       "Have you ever made love?"
       "No, never." this drew smirks from the football team.
       "No further questions." Cathy: "DJ came home with Brenda and Bobby,
she was pretty shaken up. She's a good kid. We supported her and got her
cleaned up and into bed. Monday night we started getting phone calls. The
caller called up and asked for Debra. She was in the kitchen so I called
her. She asked who it was a few times and hung up. it rang again, she
answered it, same story. I answered it next and a male voice on the other
end said "I'm going to get you, bitch." I hung up. Whoever it was, kept
       "Did you do anything about this?"
       "I went next door and called the Police. They traced the call and
said it was Eddie. I have a copy of the Police report." Eddie's defense
looked at him, Eddie nodded and shrugged.
       "Someone has been yelling the same thing over and over again
outside our house late at night. It has us all pretty shaken up."
       "Thank you."
       "Cathy, do you know what happened on that date?"
       "I know what I was told."
       "By Miss Mills."
       "How do you know that these calls were from Edward? Isn't it
possible that he was trying to call Debra to make peace?"
       "That's not what the Police said. He called 25 times! Each time
we got a phone call that night and listened it was the same obscene phone
       "No further questions." Brenda "I knew DJ was not having a good
time, but I thought she could take care of herself. She told him "No" in
the movie, I figured that he would behave himself. Afterwards when Bobby I
were alone we heard someone scream "Rape" and we ran back to find Bobby
with his hand over her mouth and his hand lifting up her skirt. Bobby hit
him and we left him there. We went home and comforted DJ."
       "Did you ask Eddie for his side of the story?"
       "No, but it was pretty obvious..."
       "Did you?"
       "Don't you have good reason to lie about these events?"
       "If Eddie gets suspended from the team, won't Bobby get played more
       "I don't know."
       "Aren't you trying to defend your friends reputation?"
       "Yes...well...I'm not lying!"
       "We're sure. Cross examine?"
       "Brenda, what do you know about Bobby's status on the football
       "I know he's on it."
       "We're there any bruises on DJ?"
       "Plenty, just look at her arms." DJ took off her jacket and her
upper arms were a bruised mess, there were gasps.
       "Thank you." Bobby "Friday, I met Debra. Breanda suggested that we
fix her up and double date, I called Eddie, who was my roommate. He
agreed. He was really rude that night, I saw him putting the moves on DJ,
who wanted nothing to do with it. During the movie, I figured it was their
own affair. When we heard her yell and ran back, it was pretty obvious
that she was not in a position she wanted to be in. I decked Eddie and we
left. That night I kicked Eddie out of the apartment, since it was my
       "Do you get much play on the football team?"
       "If Eddie gets suspended, will you get played more?"
       "You play the same position do you not?"
       "Why do you lie? This roster clearly shows that you both play the
same position."
       "I quit the team this morning. I asked the coach to keep it quiet.
I never asked anyone to lie. After the guys found out that I was going to
tell the truth they haven't stopped bugging me. It's not worth it, it's
only a game." the football team looked confused and angry.
       "Wimp." one said.
       "Will your girlfriend dump you if you show her story as a fraud?"
       "Her story isn't a fraud so I don't think that is a valid
       "How was Debra dressed?"
       "Like she said sweater and skirt, she looked nice."
       "Were you attracted to her."
       "She looked attractive but I am only attracted to one girl right
now." Brenda blushed.
       "Would you do anything for her?"
       "Would you lie?"
       "Not when I'm sworn in like this."
       "You just said you would do anything."
       "I misspoke, I would do almost anything."
       "I have no further questions. Cross examine?"
       "No questions." Eddie "Bobby called me up and told me he would set
me up with this really hot babe. I didn't want to at first but he insisted
that I would not be disappointed. I talked to Bill about her and he said
he'd been with her but she was some kind of psycho. I dicounted that,
which was a mistake, and went anyway. She was wearing a real sexy short
miniskirt and nice high heels. I was quite overcome. In the movie she was
leaning on me and snuggling real close, rubbing herself on me, if you know
what I mean. We started making out outside, and she freaked, started
yelling rape and stuff. I thought she was freaking out and so I covered
her mouth so she wouldn't embarrass her self. Bobby came up from behind
and hit me with a stick or something. Next thing I knew they were all
       "When you say Bill had been with her, what do you mean?"
       "He did her, had sex."
       "During the movie it was claimed that she said "No" to you. What
was that all about?"
       "I bought her a popcorn. She wasn't eating much of it so I reached
in the bag. She didn't want me to."
       "Why would Bobby lie?"
       "He's wanted me out of the apartment for weeks, we haven't been
getting along. i think he's trying to get in good with his girlfriend."
       "Thank you. Cross examine?"
       "Where did the bruises come from?"
       "I don't know, I didn't do it."
       "Did you or did you not do $500 worth of damage to that apartment."
       "Did you make those phone calls?"
       "I just called her up to try to make peace. Then the cops show up
and yell at me saying they're going to file a report."
       "Where did you get that bruise on your chin?"
       "No further questions." Bill
       "My name is Bill Cohen, I'm here to talk about when I went out with
Debra over there. I met her at a Frat party. She was pretty drunk,
throwing herself all over guys. Well I got her out of there to try and
sober her up. We started going out after that, she was some kind of nympho
or something. We did it all the time."
       "Bill, do you know why she would say she didn't know you?"
       "She was some kind of psycho. After a while she got real
obsessive, Fatal Attraction, you know? I broke it off. She's probably
embarrassed about the whole thing."
       "You would say she was sexually active?"
       "You bet!" DJ was incensed. How could they get away with such a
blatant lie.
       "No further questions. Cross?"
       "Bill, when did you say you met Debra?"
       "At a Frat party?"
       "What date?"
       "November 20 something."
       "What Frat?"
       "Sigma Chi Epsilon or something like that."
       "How often did you supposedly have sex and for how long." this drew
laughs from the football team.
       "Every day for about a month."
       "Did she ever have a period?"
       "Well, uh, she must have."
       "At that time of the month?"
       "You don't remember. Where does she live?"
       "On Melrose, I don't remember the exact address."
       "That's okay, how many roommates does she have?"
       "Four, Amy, Brenda, Catherine, and Pamela."
       "Can you point them out?" he pointed to Brenda, Cathy, and two
other girls.
       "Will Debra's roommates raise their hands." Bill acted as if he
missed a major point on a test.
       "Does Debra have any birth marks?"
       "I don't know."
       "Come on, you had sex with her every day for a month, you never
noticed any birthmarks?"
       "No she doesn't have any."
       "Debra, do you have any birthmarks?" Debra pointed to a group of
freckles in a circle on her arm.
       "Do they have a recliner in the house?"
       "No." he was guessing.
       "Wrong! Why are you lying?"
       "I'm not, I just don't remember!" he was getting mad.
       "Isn't it true that you were told to tell these stories by your
       "Why can't you answer any question right? By the way, according to
their schedule Sigma Chi Epsilon did not have any parties in November, they
were on probation."
       "You sneaky bitch!" he rose. Bobby rose as well as did a few other
football players, to stop him.
       The council deliberated for about an hour. Finally they came up
with a verdict of guilty for Eddie, which would result in suspension from
the team for two months. Any further aggressions towards DJ would add a
month and a recommendation to the Dean for expulsion.
       After the "trial" was over, DJ became much better known on
campus. No one seemed to remember a male going by the same name. In the
choir she was given a solo, and her grades seemed to take care of
       That weekend DJ and Brenda went home to get DJ's clothes. Brian
and Ashley acted surprised to see them but instantly liked Brenda. They
eached pulled Debra aside and talked to her. The story was given and
Ashley especially, seemed proud. Brenda was astonished at the lavishness
of DJ's wardrobe as well as how extensive. Most of the fancier things were
left at home, Brenda helped to pick out appropriate outfits for their
       DJ starting visiting Michael at school and he visited her
occasionally. Their times together were close and enjoyable, even though
they had not so much as kissed until the his second visit. The girls
became the closest of friends, even closer than before, and DJ was happy.


       "Emotionally, we are reinforcing previous behavior at 1%
essentially, nil. We still give a pleasure spike for the presence of
Michael. We are ready to start the nurturing emotions, and the need for a
family. Also, we are letting more reality into the situation, sheilding
her less. We no longer make clothing a response item, making it much more
natural. Medical?"
       "On superficial inspection, Debra is Female. The penis has
disappeared and the testicles retracted while at a bad time, successfully.
On appearance, she has a vagina, clitoris, labia. The Vagina, however, is
only 1 inch deep. We are not expecting full maturation for another two
months. Lubrication is happening at irregular times but the psych team is
working on that. I suggest a full gynecological exam in two month's time.
Menstruation will not begin for another four and a half months. You may
want to have that talk with her soon. We anticipate full transformation to
have taken place by October, when she should become regular."
       "All paperwork now labels Debra as female. No one appears to
remember DJ as a male, thinking she was just a tomboy. It appears as if
the transformation, for my part, is done."
       "Very well, I do want you to keep school going smoothly for her. I
want the nurturing responses soon, the wedding might be a good point for
that. Michael seems perfect, make sure it stays that way. Let's arrange
for their first sexual encounter to be this Summer, shall we? The most we
can do is to make it perfect for them, isn't it?"
       During March, Debra went to Evelyn's house for Easter. The
vacation was for a full week and she went there without even going home.
DJ spent that week doing the things she enjoyed over Christmas, horseback
riding, swimming, even some lessons in grace and ettiquet. She enjoyed the
shopping with Evelyn, especially for her Easter dress and bonnet. Evelyn
did not believe her when she said she never had one before. The dress was
a light green satin with lots of lace with a lovely white had. She
puchased new white shoes, gloves, and purse for the occasion. Evelyn gave
her a string of pearls that had belonged to her Grandmother. She wore
emerald earrings. She felt like a princess in the outfit.
       Jim and Ray showed up on Wednesday, much to Evelyn's annoyance,
Frank had invited them. DJ spent a lot of time with them, especially Ray,
while Jim spent more time with Frank.
       Ray and DJ were becoming buddies. They swam together, rode
together, and had long talks. Ray was very interested in the female
perspective of things, it turned out he was quite shy. DJ was reminded of
herself as a teenage boy. Ray was so much like her.
       "You're real pretty, you know that?" Ray told her once.
       "I'm not that pretty."
       "Yes, yes you are. You know you're looking more like your Mom
every time I see you?"
       "You think Ashley is pretty?"
       "Gosh yes. You know she won beauty pageants when she was younger?"
       "Really? So did my real mother." DJ had just remembered that, and
was a little sad to think of what her real mother would think of her little
boy now.
       "You ever been in one?"
       "No, you're just being silly."
       "Whatever, want to play some pool?"
       On Easter, DJ went to church with her family. Her parents,
Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles and cousins were all there. Ray escorted
her into the church, which was the first she had been in for a while. Ray
seemed so proud to be seen with her. They lived nearby so this was their
church as well. His confidence and popularity went up dramatically because
of that.
       At first DJ felt she should take off her hat in church. None of
the other women were doing so, so she kept it on. Their place was towards
the front of the church, obviously a place of honor. Evelyn introduced
Debra to many people before entering the sanctuary. DJ followed Ray's cues
on how to act, stand and sing at the service.
       The family remained after the service for a little while. Ray
abandoned DJ in favor of his friends, with whom he was doing very well.
The young girls of the church eyed DJ with wonderment and then looked at
Ray. They gathered in a group, obviously eyeing him with more than passing
interest. DJ tried to be gracious with the older women that Evelyn
introduced her to. After some time Ashley got her for a few minutes for
herself. They talked like old friends. On his way out the door, Ray
stopped by.
       "Thanks cuz, you really helped me out there."
       "Just act like I told you. They are people, you know."
       "Sure, thanks again."
       "Anytime." she bussed his cheek.
       "Why do you keep doing that?" he tried to act embarrassed.
       "You're just so darn cute!"
       "Oh, so I have competition now, do I?" there was a deep, faamiliar,
and definitely handsome voice behind her. She spun easliy, smiling.
       "Michael!" she hugged him "I missed you!"
       "I missed you too, sugar." she looked deep at his eyes.
       "Momma," DJ said "can we be excused?"
       "Talk to my mother."
       Evelyn wanted to manipulate all of their time together, introducing
the couple to her friends. After some subtle and not- so-subtle hints, she
finally told them they could leave.
       "But be back for the party!" she fit in as they left.
       "You are the most heavenly beautiful girl in the world!" he told
her in the car.
       "Flattery will get you everywhere."
       "I'm sorry I missed church. I drove around for an hour before I
could come here and tell you what I had to tell you." he pulled the car to
the side of the road.
       "What is it?"
       "I've never told anyone this before..." DJ knew what was coming,
and was giddy with excitement.
       " you! There I said it, don't hate me, please or think I'm
too forward, I can't help it. There I've ruined it, now we'll never make
it, what a stupid..." she kissed him to shut him up. She stopped and held
her head back to look at him.
       "I have ruined it, haven't I? I'm just so stupid.." she kissed him
again, harder. When they stopped, he opened his mouth to speak again, she
held a single finger against his lips.
       "Shhh. Calm down, it's okay, just relax."
       "You're not listening." her voice was calm.
       "I love you, too."
       "But only as a friend, right?"
       "Much more than just a friend. Much, much more."
       "Then I'm not making a fool of myself."
       "I didn't say that. But I like it when you make a fool of yourself
for me, I love it." they kissed again and DJ felt closer to this man than
with anyone else ever before.
       They drove down to a local park and walked. In the distance, cute
children had an Easter Egg hunt. DJ felt empty inside, suddenly knowing
what she wanted to be, and knowing it would never happen. I'm just a
medical fluke, she thought, no one has ever really changed sexes. When she
looked back in his eyes, the thought was forgotten, all that mattered was
       They went to the party but DJ did not remember most of it. Most of
the family had figured something had happened between them, but none would
talk about it openly...
       In May, DJ had her fitting for the dress for Cathy's wedding and
helped with as many preparations as possible.
       At school there was a tearful farewell as Cathy graduated. She
would continue to live in the house until she found a job. They promised
to keep in touch.
       The first part of the Summer was hectic. A million things had to
be done for the wedding. DJ found herself a little jealous of Cathy. DJ
was also a little apprehensive about the gynecological exam. Her vagina
was deep now, slightly past a finger. About the right depth, according to
Brenda, who was stunned at the transformation. It was Brenda who
recommended the exam. DJ had Ashley, with whom she had finally confided
the transformation, to see her Doctor.
       Ashley went with DJ to the Doctor. They both went to the
receptionist together. The young woman greeted Ashley warmly and greeted
DJ. Ashley completed forms while DJ read through magazines in the waiting
area. She soon gave up on the magazines and just sat, nervously. Ashley
told her to relax and continued with the forms. After a few minutes, the
girl opened a door.
       "Debra? This way please." she led DJ down into an examining room.
The nurse came in a few moments later. The nurse was a woman in her
forties, with a kind face. She handed a pink gown to DJ.
       "Please undress and put this on, I'll be back in a minute."
       DJ stripped down to bra and panties and put the robe on with the
ties in the back. The nurse came back.
       "Panties too, dear." DJ gave up the garment and sat on the table.
The Doctor came in. He was a man in his early thirties, handsome, and he
tried to make DJ feel at ease. He asked a few questions about her,
followed by some more deeply personal ones.
       "How old are you?"
       "And you haven't ever menstruated."
       "Well. get into the stirrups." he pulled on the contraptions at the
foot of the bed.
       "Excuse me?"
       "You did want a full exam, did you not." DJ stared at the two foot
holders, designed to spread her legs apart in an almost obscene way.
       "It's alright dear." the nurse said. "All women are nervous about
their first one." Reluctantly, DJ put her legs in the stirrups. The nurse
stayed to one side, draping a sheet over DJ's legs, her gaze was to show
that the Doctor wasn't doing anything he shouldn't. DJ felt cold and naked
as this strange man stared into a cavity that she hadn't even had but for a
few months. The Doctor finished his preliminary inspection.
       "Hymen is intact, adult pubic hair, the cavity seems almost
juvenille." he grabbed an instrument off the table, coated it with some
       "Now this may feel a bit cold." it was agony and humiliation. DJ
felt him entering her with the foreign instrument. The nurse held her
       "Just relax." he said.
       "You've got to be kidding." he took another instrument and DJ felt
a scraping inside her. It was a strange feeling. Soon he withdrew the
       "You can get dressed now." he left the room.
       DJ pulled her clothes on, feeling cold, alone, violated. The nurse
came back and led DJ to the Doctor's office. Inside Ashley was already
       "You requested your mother be here?"
       "Yes." Ashley held DJ's hand as she sat down.
       "Debra, you appear to be a healthy young woman. All except for the
fact that you haven't begun your period. Inside you appear to be very
young, about like a twelve year old. You appear to be a healthy
prepubescent. Your ovaries and uterus are very healthy. Outwardly, you
appear to be a very healthy adult."
       "I think your inside just has not yet caught up with your outside.
I'd like to see you in six months.
       If there has been no change by that time, we may want to start a
hormone therapy."
       Ashley and DJ got up, thanked the Doctor, and left.
       "Did you hear that, Momma? I have overies and a womb! I might
have babies someday! How can that be?"
       "From what you've told me, I think that you've wanted to be a woman
so badly that you're body is trying to help."
       "Have you noticed that we look so much alike?"
       "People have mentioned it, yes. I'm flattered that anyone thinks
so, you are so pretty, my baby."
       "Oh Momma."
       "If this is all true, then we should have a little talk." Ashley
drove home and brought DJ into her own bathroom. Inside, she got several
things out of various cabinets. She explained tampons, pads, douches and
various other things. She gave a few for her to take back into her own
       That night, DJ called Brenda and explained the horror of the doctor
call. She wanted to call Michael, but had promised not to call him during
his finals. Besides she didn't think he could possibly understand, being a
man. Later that evening, the girls came over to plan the Bridal shower.
Barb was the Maid of Honor, so the main plans fell on her.
       Ashley had given permission to have it at their house and so all
the girls piled into DJ's room and gabbed and through around ideas and
delegated responsibility. DJ got the relatively easy job of refreshments
while others had things like entertainment and the who to invite. This was
for the girls, the younger ones, not the real up front party, which the
mother's and grandmothers would attend. The girl's party would be later,
after the first broke up. Ashley knew this, being younger than most
mother's of twenty year olds, being a mere fifteen years older.
       The formal bridal shower was fun, silly games, cute and homey
presents. It went on for a reasonable amount of time and then it broke up.
The girls left to Barb's house until the last guest left. At that time, DJ
held Cathy behind and called the girls back. Ashley left to join Brian for
a night on the town.
       The party was a little wild. Racy lingerie was given, a wild time
when the male stripper showed up. DJ screeched with the rest of
them. Altogether, it was a successful party. Debra glowed with happiness
for her friend, but was inwardly a bit jealous of her.
       The week that followed, DJ helped Cathy and the girls as much as
possible. On Friday there was a rehearsal, DJ met the groomsman that she
was to be paired with. He was one of the grooms brothers, and he seemed
infatuated with her. He seemed to think that since he walked out with DJ,
that they were somehow fated to spend the rest of their time together. He
gave much more attention than was wanted. DJ didn't want to hurt his
feelings but did her best to avoid him. At the rehearsal dinner, he sat at
the table with her. He was very much a nerd.
       Michael went to the wedding and sat with Ashley and Brian. He was
done with finals and just arrived home that morning. DJ didn't have any
time to spend with him, being so busy with the wedding.
       DJ was dressed in her bridesmaid dress,trying to help Cathy get
ready. Cathy had her makeup and hair done that morning and DJ and Barb's
job was to help with the dress. Cathy was in all white lingerie, except
for a mint green garter on each leg. Barb and DJ lifted the dress over her
head, being careful not to mess up her face or hair. They helped with the
small pearl buttons and straightened the dress around her. The train took
some more help and then then veil. Cathy looked beautiful, DJ was both
happy and jealous.
       Cathy beamed as she walked down the aisle with her father. DJ
fought the urge to cry with happiness as best she could, and succeeded in
only welling up with a few tears.
       The reception was incredibly busy, and DJ had only a few moments to
spend with Michael. The most time she had was when the groom's sister
asked DJ to watch her three-year-old. DJ and Michael enjoyed themselves
watching the fun child. After a little while, the mother came back, and
apologized for the trouble.
       Michael was wonderful with the child. He played with him and was
funny and gentle. DJ loved him more and more with every minute. After
taking care of the usual wedding business, Cathy and her husband left and
the party soon broke up. All the attendants stayed and cleaned, and
Michael helped. Afterwards they all wanted to go somewhere. DJ and
Michael refused, preferring to be alone. DJ changed into jeans and a top
and they left.
       "You know, I don't think I've ever seen you wear pants before."
       "I think you're right." she said "How do you like it?"
       "You'd look great in a burlap sack."
       "Ooh, I have to try that."
       "Where are we going?" she asked. He drove the sportscar up the
winding roads around the city.
       "Trust me." they talked aobut his school, and finals. He had two
more years of medical school to go and then his residency. They talked
about her school. Some people had been treated her badly as they had
thought she made up the story about Eddie, other people knew Eddie or just
knew better. He pulled off the road and got out of the car. He quickly
came around and opened her door. He laid his jacket on the hood of the car
for her to sit on. There before them was their small city, the river
running through it.
       "It's beautiful..." she said.

       "Nothing I've ever found is more beautiful than you..." he reached
down and kissed her.
       "You know you are the one who got me through finals. I wanted to
make you proud. I missed you so much."
       "I am so proud of you, Michael. I love you..." the kissed and made
out for the lights of the city.
       On the drive back down, DJ was excited and frustrated. She wanted
to make love with Michael, but something inside wanted her to wait until
       "Honey, I thought you might like to go to Hawaii with me..."
       "I'd love to. When do we leave..."
       "and my family."
       "I would love to. When?" she understood what he had said.
       "Next Friday."
       "You want to go to Hawaii with him?!?" Brian was very close to
       "I am an adult, Brian."
       "You are not an adult. In this state a girl had to be twenty-one
to be considered an adult."
       "But...but..." she tried to think of a defense. I'm not a girl,
no, that wouldn't work. I'll leave the state, no, she couldn't do that.
She did the only thing she could think of, cry and run to her room. Brian
quickly followed.
       "Darlin', can I come in?"
       "Go away." she sobbed into her pillow.
       "We love each other!" she sobbed. Brian opened the door and found
her face down in bed.
       "You didn't even wait to find out that his parents are coming!"
       "You love him?"
       "More than anything!"
       "And he loves you?"
       "Yes." she sat up and sniffled. He handed her a handkerchief, she
blew her nose.
       "You haven't been my little girl for too long, I just don't want to
lose you already."
       "You'll never lose me, Daddy. I love you." they hugged for a
       "You can go." she hugged fiercly.
       The week was now a hectic one. First she had to cancel her time
with Grandmother. Evelyn was deeply offended when she cancelled but was
consoled when she learned it was with Michael. Barb and DJ shopped for two
straight days, getting swimsuits and new dresses and outfits for the
vacation. At the end she had only four suitcases and two garment bags, not
including her make up case and carry-on.
       Celia, Michaels mother, was polite but not warm towards DJ. She
scowled at the amount of luggage she had, even though she had much more for
herself. Throughout the flight, as she and Michael held hands, she scowled
back occasionally, only to turn forward as she was noticed.
       The driver pulled up to the large building. DJ got out when a man
in a white suit opened her door.
       "Is this the hotel?"
       "No silly, it's our house."
       "Wow, you are rich." he led her inside, laughing. Inside, they met
the servants. Stan, Michaels father, greeted them warmly. This man would
not let DJ enter a room without a hug.
       "Good to see everyone made it." he said to the man who greeted
them. Celia started issuing orders.
       "Our bags go to our rooms. Debra will be in the green room."
       "Mother!" Michael was annoyed.
       "Dear, that's way off in the far wing. She'll be all alone out
there." DJ was shocked, this woman really hated her.
       "I'll not have them...together." this began a small argument
between Celia, Stan, and Michael.
       "If I've done something to offend you I am truly sorry." DJ started
"I can't think of anything. It's obvious I am not wanted in your house. I
think it's sad that you don't trust your own son. Michael, show me to the
green room." DJ picked up two of her bags. Michael picked up three and
led her down a hallway.
       "Michael, stop doing the servants work."
       "Bye, Mother.."
       "MICHAEL! Come back here this instant!"
       "No." he led her off.
       "That little tramp." Celia told Stan as the young couple rounded a
corner "She has some sort of spell on my baby."
       "He loves her." Stan said "He even stood up to you!"
       "She's turned him into a servant!"
       "I think she's the one."
       "I'll put a stop to that!"
       "I know, dear..."
       Michael put the bags down in the hallway and opened a door. The
room was beautiful, with antique furnishings done in wonderful taste.
       "Here it is, the blue room."
       "Your mother said the green room."
       "You'll like this much better."
       "Please show me the green room." he led her down the hall and
opened a door. The room was spartan in furnishings, bed, dresser,
nightstand. It was done in early drab. DJ put her suitcases on the bed
and started unpacking.
       "What? Your mother said the green room. If I have to stay in the
servants quarters, so be it. I'll make due." she was nearly in tears.
       "Why does she hate me?"
       "She's afraid of losing me. She's already lost me, though. Only
one woman has my heart." he held her and comforted her.
       "There's a pool just around the corner and we'll go to the beach
soon. This is our vacation, mother can't ruin that."
       "You stood up for me..."
       "Of course." there was a knock on the door. An older man in a
white suit said.
       "Dinner will be in 20 minutes."
       "Thank you, Jeffrey. We'll be there."
       "I'll get ready." DJ said. "I'll see you there, unless you want to
walk me there?"
       "I'll be back in 15 minutes." he said, they kissed and he left. DJ
wore a nice dress and tried to look presentable. Michael came back and
escorted her to dinner. Stan was wonderful and funny while Celia scowled.
       "Thank you for the beautiful room, Celia." Celia looked up.
       "You are in the GREEN room, aren't you?"
       "Yes, it's wonderful."
       "Humph." the rest of the meal was eaten in silence. That night
Michael took her on a small tour of the island at night. Not wanting to
leave her alone that night, Michael moved into a sililarly sparse room in
the same wing.
       Michael and DJ ate breakfast alone. The servants mentioned that
Celia and Stan would be out. Michael decided to take DJ to the club. The
club was a very exclusive beach club, which he promised she would like. He
had DJ prepare a beach bag and they climbed in the car and were off.
       The guard seemed to be doing his job too well. He wasn't about to
let DJ in the gate, she wasn't a member. Michael explained that she was
his guest. It took Michael going well above the guards head to finally get
her in. Inside, he directed her to a changing room while he went to
another. DJ put on the small blue bikini, a white coverup, and sandals and
went outside. She felt truly naked as the people looked at her. The pool
at home with Ashley was one thing but this was totally different. Michael
came from around the corner.
       "Hey beautiful." he put his arm around her. Michael wore white
swimming trunks and nothing else. He led her to a couple deck chairs.
Sitting her down, he graciously offered to apply sun screen, which she
accepted. She did her own front, arms, and legs but the back of her legs
and back were all his. His hands felt wonderful on her back. It rapidly
turned into a back massage.
       "Thank you, Doctor." she cooed. She was noticing his body for what
seemed like the first time. He was relatively well muscled, with only
light hair on his chest. He looked really good.
       "My turn, handsome." she arose and applied the lotion on her hands.
Just then, a bevy of beautiful, young girls came up and started screeching
and pawing at Michael, saying his name. He seemed to enjoy it for a moment
and then realized DJ was still there. He detached them and sent them away.
They pouted and left, seductively.
       "What was that?" she asked him.
       "I have no idea, I don't even know who they were." he said
       "If you don't want to tell me, that's okay..." she wiped off her
hands and went to sit down.
       "I really don't know." she pouted for a moment and then got up to
do his lotion again. The seductiveness left a little. She quietly applied
the lotion. Girls passed by and said hello to Michael.
       "I don't know them!" he pleaded.
       "Then why?..." they looked at each other and realized.
       "Celia/Mother." they said simultaneously.
       "Will you excuse me for a moment, my love?"
       "Why does she hate me? She liked me last Christmas."
       "She didn't think it would last, last Christmas. I'll be back..."
       DJ basked in the sun, waiting for his return. As soon as Michael
left, a series of well-muscled, tan men starting walking by. Eventually
some started talking...
       Michael found Celia hiding in the clubhouse, trying to look
disinterested in the scene below her vantage point, the spot where DJ and
Michael were sitting.
       "Mother, what is the big deal?"
       "Whatever do you mean, darling child?"
       "Sending those girls by. Trying to cause a problem between DJ and
       "Whyever would I do such a thing? DJ is such a lovely girl. She
appears to be so popular." she gazed out the window and gestured to the
beach. DJ was surrounded by three muscled beach-studs.
       "It won't work, mother."
       "I still don't know whta you're talking about, but I'd have some
words with that lovely girl, if I were you." at that, Michael left.
       DJ felt as if there were something wrong. Why should she get all
this attention suddenly? In the fashion of a true paranoic, she tried to
leave gracefully. The guys did not want her to leave. They had her boxed
in and wouldn't budge. She tried to push her way through but her frail
body was not a match for them.
       "I think the lady wants to go, gentlemen."
       "And who are you?" one turned and glared at Michael. He towered
over the med student. DJ found this opportunity to attempt an escape. One
behind her grabbed her arms, she kicked and struggled.
       "Michael..." she didn't know what to expect of him, he was horribly
outclassed. Michael took a step towards her and the one who faced him
tried to lay one into his face. Michael easily sidestepped the blow and
let go an incapacitating blow to his lower back. Another tried and he
punched this one so hard in the face that he fell over backwards. The last
let go of DJ and luged towards Michael. DJ took this opportunity to grab
him in the testicles and pull, something she learned from Amy who took a
self defense course. Number three was on the ground moaning. After a
moment of tension she threw herself at Michael.
       "My hero!"
       "Not so bad, yourself, babe." they gathered their things and left
the club.
       "Mother is pleading innocent." he told her.
       "I felt so helpless. Would your mother really try to have me
       "I don't think so, I think they just took it way too far."
       Michael gave DJ a day tour of the island. They calmed down after a
while and Michael enjoyed leading his little tourist around.


       "They have been in Hawaii for seven days. As you know we have no
remotes or implant control. If she wears the proper jewelry we have
certain access to events. Mostly we are dealing with investigators. You
know about the fight, they are even closer since then. Celia truly hates
Debra, no telling why. Every engineered ploy seems to be backfiring. They
rarely see each other, except for an occasional meal, and rarely ever
speak. They have had several opportunities for intercourse, and she is
physically capable, but we have no way of knowing. The investigators have
noticed no odd behavior from her, so we have to assume the reinforcement is
holding without support."


       "Celia, we have to talk."
       "I'd love to, dear, but I'm busy right now."
       "Why do you hate me?"
       "My, paranoid, aren't we?" Celia continued to get ready for
whatever event she was going to.
       "Cut the bullshit, what have I done to you?"
       "That language! What a filthy mouth you have!"
       "I have tried to be nice, polite, and put up with your petty
attitude, but you are tearing poor Michael apart. I won't have you do that
to him."
       "I'm not doing anything, you're the one causing the problem.
Everything was just fine before you got here. Why don't you just leave?"
       "And Michael?"
       "Michael will do what is right, he's had a hundred little tramps
before you, probably have a hundred more."
       "And you got rid of all of them, right?" DJ did not believe this
story, but decided to ride it through.
       "Damn right, I did. Michael is stupid, he needs protecting from
little gold diggers like you. All you want is his money."
       "And that's all any of us wanted, right?"
       "What else?"
       "I fell in love with your son, I don't care about his money. If
that was all I wanted, don't you think I'd make pursuing him a fulltime
career? I'm getting a degree, in early childhood education, does that
sound like I'm after money? Is that all you can think about? What about
       "Nice talk, but it still doesn't change my mind."
       "I know I'm not welcome in your house, I just wanted to give it one
more chance. I'll be gone tonight." Celia puffed up.
       "That's real big of you, now that I caught you dead to rights."
Michael stepped from behind the open door.
       "You've got it all wrong, mother. We'll be out of here tonight."
Celia was flabbergasted.
       "But Mikey, baby, I didn't mean..."
       "You meant every word you said. You've chased every girl I ever
liked out of your house and my life. Now you've tried to do it to the woman
I love. C'mon Deej." they left the room and started walking back to their
own wing.
       "You'll never get a penny from me! Backstabber! I'm only guilty
of loving you, protecting you!" he ignored her as they walked away. DJ saw
a tear forming in his eye.
       That night they stayed at an expensive resort hotel, in separate
rooms. Their plane tickets were not until the next day. They walked on
the beach with normal people and took in a show. During their walk, they
       "How will you finish medical school?"
       "You think I need my mother's money? My Grandmother left me more
money than we could ever spend."
       "Well, um, I wanted to wait for a more romantic time." he turned to
       "It doesn't get more romantic than this. Moonlit beach with the
one you love..." Michael dug in his pocket for a moment, held her hand and
dropped to one knee.
       "Debra, I have always loved you, from the moment I first saw you.
You are beautiful, kind, funny, stubborn, and the best person I know..." DJ
felt about ready to faint. "You are the love of my life, my motivation, my
reason for being. I could never imagine my life without you." he opened
the small box and presented it to her. Inside was a huge diamond
ring. "Will you marry me?" she stood almost in shock. Events flashed
before her eyes, she remembered flashes of her young life as a boy and her
parents, there was a pang of guilt at not telling Michael the whole truth.
She looked into his eyes and tears welled up in hers.
       "All my life, I've been looking for something to make me seem
worthwhile. Now I realize I needed someone. I have never doubted my love
for you and I never will. Yes, I'll marry you, and I'll make you the
happiest man in the world."
       They spent the night talking about plans for the future and about
each other. They planned to put the wedding off until both had graduated.
Late that night, DJ called Brenda and told her the news. DJ asked Brenda
to be Maid of Honor which she gladly accepted.
       They took their time getting home, spending every moment possible
together. Two days later, Michael drove DJ to her house.
       "Where have you been?" Brian was furious most of his rage was
focused at Michael.
       "I left a message..." DJ's voice trailed off.
       "Oh, I got your message. 'Be home in a couple days.' some message.
We were worried sick!"
       "I'm sorry, Daddy." DJ was truly sorry. After some talking, Brian
calmed down and Ashley came into the room. Ashley repeated the performance
and soon they were all talking like adults.
       "What's that?" Ashley said, grabbing DJ's hand. DJ beamed.
       "Do you like it?" DJ's face lit up.
       "You know only wedding rings go on this finger?" Ash asked
       "Yes..." Ashley screamed and hugged DJ. She broke and hugged
Michael. Brian stood back for a moment, quietly.
       "How could...but..."
       "Get a grip, honey." Ash said "Our baby is engaged."
       A smile crossed his lips, a small smile. He shook Michael's hand.
       "Welcome to the family, Mike."
       "How did your parents react?" Ashley asked. DJ and Michael looked
at each other.
       "They don't really know, yet." Michael said.
       "But you were with them."
       "We had a bit of a falling out, I don't think things will be the
same for a while." they told the story of the week. After some serious
talk, Michael left. He was heading to his parents estate, to collect his
personal belongings. After a night in a hotel, he would go back to his
college town and get an apartment.
       DJ went upstairs to change for bed. Brian and Ashley seemed to
approve, that was wonderful.
       "Do you believe that story?" Brian asked.
       "Most of it, we knew something happened and that DJ and Celia
didn't get along but this is far beyond what we expected."
       "Do you think it's out of spite?"
       "She was off reinforcement for a week and she accepted at the end
of that time. I think it might be real."
       "She's too young."
       "You've really accepted her as our daughter, haven't you?"
       "Technically, she is, you know."
       "I know..."
       "The genetic matter that we used to change her into what she's
becoming is ours. An amalgam of both of us."
       "She's more and more like us every day."
       "We've finally got a child, we can't even tell her."
       "Unless we can come up with a whopper of a story."
       "It's getting hard to believe that the stunning creature upstairs
was once genetically male."
       "It's wonderful, Brian. She getting lovelier every day. Can we
hurry up and finish the process?"
       "I could introduce a larger sample into her system, we could finish
it up in a month but the shock to her system may kill her. Do you know how
many this process has killed?"
       "Then let's let it ride."
       "I want to finish the gynecological process. A simple hormone
treatment should finish it."
       "Any danger?"
       "There is danger in any process. But we can keep it to a minimum.
I could give her the pills in her food. She'll start a period within two
weeks. After that, she'll stabilize within two months."
       "I think that would be great." so now, after their run in the
morning, Ash gave DJ some "vitamins" with her juice. DJ's emotions flared
wildly with the change in hormonal balance. The implant was able to combat
some of this but, under Ashley's orders, the implant was left unused at
least 30% of her waking time. The process of genetic engineering that had
made her what she was had taken a terrible toll on her system. Ashley was
determined to fill her life with as real as experiences as she could
       After four days, Ashley returned DJ to normal vitamin pills,
without the hormones, as Brian had said. DJ continued on for the next two
weeks as a normal girl would, being lazy, spending time with friends,
seeing Michael as much as possible.
       DJ woke earlier than normal that morning, something was wrong.
Laying in bed for a few moments, she decided to get up and go to the
bathroom. Upon sitting down, she noticed the spots of blood in her
panties. She panicked for a moment and decided that it had finally
happened, she was a woman in the fullest sense, now. She cried for a
moment, she wasn't sure why. Then, very matter-of-factly, took a pad from
under the sink and put it in her panties as Ashley had shown her. She
returned to bed and lay awake waiting for Ashley.
       Right on time, she bounded into the room. DJ lay on the bed,
beaming with a little happiness. She felt as if a great weight had been
lifted. She was no longer a freak, half-woman and half-man. She was all
woman now.
       "You look like a cat that just swallowed a canary." Ashley said.
DJ explained. Ashley pounced on the bed and hugged DJ.
       "Welcome, my dear. We must celebrate!"
       They decided to forgo their normal workout. they each showered and
got dressed. DJ decided to wear a heavier skirt and a comfortable pair of
flats. They went to a celebration breakfast at the club. After returning
home, DJ noticed the flow had picked up considerable and decided to put in
a tampon. After a few moments, she had inserted it sucessfully. She
stocked her purse with the necessary supplies. She went about her day,
content that she was finally what she appeared to be.
       After a few days, her period stopped and Ashley took her back to
the doctor. The doctor proclaimed her a normal girl for her age. Summer
was a blissful time with much time at the beach, with friends, and
especially with Michael. Her cycle fluctuated wildly at first but by the
end of the Summer appeared to be settling down to a semi-normal routine.
Michael and DJ tried to maintain a good relationship with Celia and Stan.
Stan was amicable but Celia remained a bit aloof. Michael remained at his


       "Debra is now fully female in every psychological criteria. We
have attempted to have her first sexual encounter but she seems to have
strong feelings against it. She is extremely attracted to her fiance' and
there is quite a struggle going on internally. The 30% cap on the implant
is not enough to let us override this. I show her to be a heterosexual
female. I believe this lack of willingness to be an early moral judgement
imposed by her original parents. It could be dangerous to override such
deep-seated morals. I believe she will give in within the next six months,
however. The plan for the next three months is as follows: We have a young
freshman male moving into the house. This will be a testing period for our
subject. The young man is a transvestite. He should be able to hold off
for a while but we will arrange for him to get caught. This will be a test
of the new personality of DJ. There will be dating temptation. This is a
testing period of the new personality and how well it will hold. We are
holding to a 3% peak limit on a 20% time scale. We will reduce this to
2%/15% for the Winter quarter and 1%/5% for the Spring. All use except
emergency will be discontinued at the end of school. Medical?
       "Debra is completely a biological female. No test could prove
otherwise. Her cycle is almost stabilized and should steady out within two
months. Her hymen is no longer intact due to her active regimen. What
remains is the changing of her structure to the new genetic pattern. She
is already your child, we are fine-tuning that. We expect more facial
feature changes and perhaps even a shift of basic coloring. The resulting
amalgam of your ancestry as well as that of Brian and also of her original
parents should leave her a stunning creature. The resultant features will
be thus:"
       The lab tech went to a computer terminal and punched up a program.
DJ's face flashed up on the screen. At least it resembled DJ's face, there
was a fine shift at the cheekbones and eyes, the hairline slightly
different and the eyes a deeper shade of green. The tech punched a few
keys. The screen went blank and up popped an image of David Kilmer, 17
year old male. The image hardly looked like the DJ of today, a rougher
jawline, hazel eyes, slight beardline, a handsome young man. After a few
seconds, the image shifted slightly, becoming more the beautiful young
lady, the image continued it's metamorphosis until it reached the original
       "That's incredible." Ashley said.
       "Watch this..." the tech punched up a few more images. A full nude
body picture this time. Starting with an image a a healthy teenage boy and
ending with the ravishing beauty that would stop a truck.
       "The process should end in two months as well. Then we will test
the volitility of the new pattern."
       "The find of the new roommate was a bit difficult but is
accomplished. Also we are introducing a neighbor with children that will
need babysitting occasionally. There is no longer a trace of her male
persona, that we can locate. She is going to enter a beauty contest this
       "Thank you all for a job well done. The hard part is behind us and
now we can enjoy what we have created."

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