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Nifty - Transgender - Teen - Uncle Jims Little Girl - Uncle Jims Little Girl 3

Date: Fri, 5 Jun 2009 14:56:29 +0000 (GMT)
Subject: Uncle Jims Little Girl Part 3

It was early morning, and I awoke to feel something pressing against my
bottom. Oh, it was Uncles stiff cock. I looked at the clock, 5.30am, and
Uncles arm slid around me, pulling me over, onto my back. "Good morning
darling" he whispered, and placed his lips on mine before I could relpy.

After a bit of wriggling, Uncle managed to get on top of me, but still
keeping the kiss going. The feel of his tongue in my mouth was so lovely,
making me feel so feminine and submissive. I put my arms around his neck
and pulled him to me, lifting my legs and wrapping them around his
bottom. I had no panties on, I didn't know where they were and didn't care,
because I could feel his helmet searching and finding my bottom cleavage,
and then easing to and fro until it found my "Boy-Pussy"

Between kisses I heard myself pleading "Make love to me Uncle...Please",
passing him the KY to hurry things along. He raised himself up, and I
watched as he spread the jelly all over his cock, and then easing his hand
between us, I felt the cold jelly around my little boy-hole. "Oh Uncle" I
skrieked, as his finger slowly penetrated me and moved in and out several
times. He lowered himself onto me again, my legs still around his bottom,
but this time, as his helmet touched my boy-hole, he gave me a manly push,
and after one or two attempts, the pain returned, as his helmet opened me
up. Again, the pain subsided once he was inside me, and I felt him slowly
ease his heavenly cock fully in. With my arms around his neck, we started
kissing again, with me feeling the wonder of his cock being wiggled about
inside me, letting me know where it was. Then the thrusts began.

Slowly at first, half out, then fully in, but building to almost fully out,
and then very firmly back in, soon making loud slapping noises against my
bottom cheeks. My boy-pussy felt wide open as Uncles thrusts built up. As
the kisses stopped, Uncle grabbed my ankles, pulled my legs wide apart, and
pushed them over my head slightly. Oh, for the first time Uncle was fucking
me properly. Looking up at him, I could see he was enjoying it, eyes
closed, in full thrust. I looked down between us and could just see his
curly hairs as he pulled it out, and then feel that heavenly, feminine
feeling as he drove his beautiful stiff penis deep inside my body, stopping
only when his hips slapped into my bottom cheeks.

I was being rocked back into the pillow by the power of his thrusts, my
head banging against the headboard in the end.

For a few short moments, I was in heaven, a "Complete Woman", lying on my
back while my boyfriends cock is being thrust fully up inside me. I hear
myself moaning and sighing and shouting "Fuck me, fuck me". All to soon I
feel the big thrusts, 4 or 5 of them and Uncle moaning loudly and saying
"I'm cuming, I'm cuming, oh, oh, oh. I feel the big thrusts and the
delivery of cum, knowing I am filling up with his lovely creamy semen. He
slips back ontop of me and we kiss and kiss with his cock still inside
me. As it subsides and slips out of me, he whispers "I'll go for a shower,
you make the tea" "Yes Uncle"

Fifteen minutes later we are sitting downstairs sipping tea. Luckily I
found my panties and put them on, because I can feel a growing dampness as
some of Uncles cum ouzed from my boy-hole and soaked into the gusset.

Later we went out shopping for dinner. Uncle said he'd cook it, I'd serve
it, then eat with him and his guest, then clear away and wash up. All
feminine things so I was happy. All afternoon, Uncle was cooking, and by
5.00 I was told to bath and change for our guest.

Uncle had laid out the clothes I was to wear. I agreed with his choice of
black bra, panties and stockings, with tartan pleated mini-skirt, white
transparent blouse and sling-back shoes. Uncle came up to have a look, and
decided to do my hair. It was quite long, so he gave me a center parting
with two "Bunches", one each side with frilly elastic grips. To finish it
off, a little lipstick and eye-shadow. I looked in Uncles full-length
mirror, wow, what a sexy looking thing I was.

The door bell went and Uncle went down to answer it. "Come on in" I heard
him say, then some muffled conversation from the lounge. "Come down and
meet our dinner guest" I heard him shout up the stairs. I started down as
sexily as I could, and swished into the lounge to see a younger guy in his
thirties maybe, sitting on the sofa dressed in white shorts, white vest and
plimsoles. I felt Uncles arm around my waist. "You get to know Bill while I
change, " "Yes Uncle" I whispered, lifting my head so that he could kiss
me. I wasn't disappointed, his lips found mine, his tongue eased into my
mouth, as his hand slid up my leg to carress my bottom cheeks. All this in
front of a stranger. As our kiss ended, Uncle said "Sorry about this Bill,
but my niece does like to be kissed and cuddled."

As Uncle left the room, Bill said "I've heard all about you from your
Uncle, come and sit next to me and we'll have a chat" I daintilly sat my
bottom next to Bill, smoothing out my short skirt around me. "Do you feel
feminine all the time?" Bill asked. "Yes, I feel very girlie and completely
normal when I'm dressed up. All I want is to look and act ultra-feminine
when I'm alone or when I'm with a a man" I whispered. Bills arm slid around
my waist. "When you're with a man, do you want to be treated as a woman,
and do things to him like a woman?" "Yes Bill, tonight I am your waitress,
and later, maybe more" I sighed.

Bill turned towards me and I felt his lips touch mine. As his tongue
entered my mouth, I let my hand fall into his lap, where I felt his growing
erection. I responded to his kisses and played with his cock. Suddenly I
heard "That's enough of that you two, get some beers for Bill and I"

I got up and went into the kitchen, returning with beers and crisps, then
back to the kitchen to start serving dinner. Ten minutes later we were all
sitting down to dinner, chatting normally. Later, I washed up as they sat
in the lounge watching some porno dvds. When I went back to the lounge,
Bill and Uncle were sitting on the sofa, with a space in the middle. "Come
and sit between us" Uncle said. Again I daintilly sat between them,
smoothed out my skirt and looked at the screen. A shemale was being kissed,
then going down an a man and sucking his cock beautifully. "Why don't we
all have an early night" said Uncle. "Go upstairs and change into your
nightie with stockings and suspenders, we'll be up in a moment" I leant
over and kissed Bill, then Uncle, and went upstairs.

It didn't take long to undress, take my bra and panties off and slip into
the tiny nightie.

I got into bed and pulled the duvet up to my chin. Uncle and Bill came up
after a few moments and they stood each side of the king size bed and began
to undress. Bill was out of his clothes very quickiy and was soon in bed
with me, arm slidding under my neck, pulling my to him and kissing me. As
the kiss broke, I looked around. Uncle was in his y-fronts, setting up a
vidoe camera, but soon the pants were off and he was in bed behind me. I
turned back to Bill and started kissing him again, sliding my hand down
under the duvet to find his cock. Oh lovely, It was semi-hard, and I soon
began to wank it. I could feel Uncle messing about behind me. I looked
around, he was setting up a microphone, and taking the duvet right off the
bed. On the big tv screen, I could see what the camers was seeing, me
kissing Bill and wanking his cock, with Uncle laying on his back, playing
with himself. "Why dont you suck Bills cock?" Uncle asked. "Yes Uncle" I
sighed and lowered my head over Bills tummy towards his cock.

As I carried on wanking him, I eased my lips over Bills helmet. Oh it was
lovely, and I began to bob my head and wank at the same time. I looked up
and saw Uncle with a small hand-held video camera, getting a close-up of my
oral-work. I continued until Bill asked me to stop for a while. I turned
around, kissed Uncle and then went down on his cock. Oh, it was like an old
friend, I'd sucked him off so many times. Again the little video was all
around me. I bobbed my head like an old slut, then felt something new. Bill
was wanking me off, and then, oh, he began to suck me off. Oh lovely. Uncle
and I looked down at Bill, then we kissed as I wanked Uncles cock. All too
soon I knew I was about to cum. I sat up, gripped Bills head and thrust my
cock fully into his mouth. Three or four big thrusts and I started to spurt
my boy-cum into Bills mouth. Oh heaven.

Bill sat up, showed the cum to the camera, then pulled me to him for a
kiss, oh I began to swallow my own cum.

They laid me on my side, and I felt the familiar cold jelly around my
boy-hole. They decided who was going to have what hole and Uncle won my
boy-hole, leaving Bill to have my mouth. Uncle slid in behind me and I soon
felt his helmet touch my little entrance. As Bill lifted my top leg to give
the camera a good view, Uncle began to push. I could feel Bills hand
pulling my cheeks apart, then, Oh the pain again, then heaven as Uncle
eased it fully inside me. Bill remained down there, watching, as Uncle
began to slowly thrust. I slid my hand down beween us and felt Uncles shaft
as it went in and out of my little boy-hole.

Bill got himself into a sort of 69 position, so that he could watch Uncle
fucking my bottom, and presenting his own cock for me to suck. I took hold
of it and beagn to wank it. Clear juices were ouzing out as I took it in my
mouth. Uncle was now thrusting like a man, making very loud slapping sounds
as his hips hit my bottom, sending me forward at each thrust. I opened my
eyes. Bill had the little camera, taking close-ups of my boy-hole, so full
of heavenly cock, with my balls wobbling with each thrust. Then he broght
it down to my face, another close up of my lips bobbing up sand down on
Bills cock.

Uncle told Bill he was about to cum. I could feel the thrusts building,
then Oh, Oh, Oh, Uncle was cuming inside me. Within seconds Bills cock
began to twitch, then the big thrusts, then Oh heaven, a new mans cum in my
mouth. Bill pulled his cock out of my mouth, so I could see all the cum
around his helmet

Uncle got up to take a shower, while Bill began to load the video into the
computer. I just laid back and felt so lucky to have had 2 men

Bill says he will have my boy-hole in the morning

End of Part three

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Nifty - Transgender - Teen - Uncle Jims Little Girl - Uncle Jims Little Girl 3