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Nifty - Transgender - Tv - Diary Of A Bra Fetishist

From Fri Apr 26 01:39:59 1996
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~Subject: Diary of a Bra Fetishist 03/23/96
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The following is a true account of a session of
lovemaking with my girlfriend. The following
is also poorly written, all in all a piece of
junk and not worth your time and I know it,
so save your flames for the spammers.

Diary of a Bra Fetishist

March 23,1996

       I told Karen I would refill our wine
glasses, and then we'll go to bed. As I got up,
Karen said that she'd meet me in bed. I went to
fill the glasses, and paused a minute to allow her
to prepare, if she wished to prepare, in any way.

       I took the glasses and went upstairs to the
bedroom. Karen lay in bed, waiting. I put the
glasses on the nightstand, and leaned over to kiss
her, wrapping a hand over her wrist, letting her
know viscerally who was boss; who was dominant.
As we kissed, and as I pinned her arm to the bed,
she melted into submission, and moaned softly as
her submissive streak was thrilled. Karen has a
serious submissive streak and that, coupled by the
intensity of her love towards me allows me to
fully explore my fetishes.

       I stood up, and undressed. Karen was wearing
a tan underwire bra and purple panties. I knew
the bra well, it was a Bali underwire bra, size
40D, with a little bow at the front, and a back
hook. The cups had these little floral patterns
to reinforce its femininity. I lay beside her
and wrapped my arm around her shoulders, drawing
her close to me. I drew her head to my breast,
positioning her mouth to my nipple, and she began
to suckle. As she sucked, I began to fondle her
40D bra.

       She continued to suck, and I guided her hands
to my crotch. She began to stroke my cock,
intensifying my arousal.

       "Ask me if I want to wear women's
underwear" I said.

       "Do you want to women's underwear? Do you
want to wear my bra? Do you want to feel the bra
straps over your shoulders?" She knew the drill
well. I gently pushed her towards my crotch, and
she moved to take my cock into her mouth, but I
prevented her for the moment. I cupped her face
in my hands, positioning her mouth inches from my
cock, and she looked at me, lips parted, awaiting
my command. I love the moment just before she
takes my cock into her mouth, the moment where we
both know that she is going to suck my cock soon,
suck it like I want it sucked, for as long as I
wanted it sucked. I moved her head over my cock,
and watched as her lips encircled the tip.

       I put the palm of my hand over one of her
cheeks. "Suck on it. Suck on my cock," I
commanded. And she did. I could feel and see the
sucking motions, I could see her cheeks
alternately move inward from the pressure, then
relax as she literally sucked on my cock. "Let
me hear you suck on my cock," I said as I lay
back and closed my eyes. Karen knows how to suck
on a cock so that the noises are intensified, but
never ridiculously so. She makes sure that the
noises are there, and are obviously the noises of
a cock being fellated by a woman's mouth. I lay
back in exquisite pleasure, feeling and hearing
the sucking.

       I opened my eyes and looked at her, cock in
mouth. She was positioned perfectly to give me
excellent access to her bra, to the sides, back
hook, straps and hardware of her brassiere. As
she continued playing with my cock with her mouth,
lips and tongue, I fondled and played with her
bra, and the breasts encased in her bra. I have
always been incredibly fascinated by bras; how
they are made, what they represent, how they feel.
I hooked my fingers under the bra band in the
back, and ran them under the band, pulling the
band and the attached straps away from her body.
For several minutes as she sucked, I let my
fingers play with her bra straps, her strap
adjustments, and the back hooks of her bra. If
there was ever a woman who needed to wear a bra,
it was Karen. And we both knew that her bras were
my bras, and that whenever I wanted, she would
actually put this bra, any bra, on me. She knew I
was incredibly fetishistic towards women's
underwear, and would indulge my fetishes and
fantasies in any way I desired, she loved me that
much and is that submissive.

       I let her know that the sucking should end,
and that I wanted her in my arms. She moved up, I
wanted to kiss her, I wanted to kiss the lips that
had just moments ago so thoroughly sucked on my
cock. Our tongues played, my tongue tasting
faintly the pre-cum on her tongue. My lips,
kissing the lips of my wonderful cock sucker. I
reached for her wrist and pinned it to the bed; I
knew she loved to be taken; and she let out a
contented moan.

       I know that if our wonderful style of
lovemaking is to continue, I must make sure she is
satisfied. By now, she knows that if she fully
indulges my fantasies and fetishes, that I will
become so hot and so turned on that she will come
at least three times.

       It was time for her to come. As I kept her
arm pinned to the bed, I moved my other hand to
her crotch, and touched her vulva, her vulva
covered with the panty crotch. I began to rub her
off through her panties. In short order, she had
her first orgasm, I let go of her arm and we
embraced. After a moment, I moved her mouth to my
nipple, she began to suck and my fingers found her
bra again. I played with her bra for a moment,
and she took the initiative. I had trained her

       "Do you want to wear women's underwear? Do
you want to wear my bra? Do you want to wear a
bra... like a WOMAN? Do you want to wear a bra
and panties like a woman?" Oh yes, she knew the
key words I liked to hear. I had trained her
well; she knew I liked to be reminded verbally,
by a woman, that I was very much into dressing
'like a WOMAN'. I began to masturbate. She

       "Do you like to wear women's underwear? Do
you like to wear a bra and panties like a woman?
Do you like to wear a bra and panties like a REAL
woman? Do you want to wear MY bra and panties?"
My stroking picked up as she talked, and her one
hand cupped my balls as the other positioned
itself at the head of my cock, palm up, making it
clear that she was ready to catch my cum in her
hand and feed it to me if I so desired.

       What I was about to do, I am not proud of,
and I decided to blindfold her so to ease my
embarrassment. I found one of my cheaper ties and
used it as a blindfold, wrapping it twice around
her eyes. By now I have become quite good at
tying a tie as a blindfold and I tied it securely.
I then moved toward the middle of the bed, and
told her I wanted her on top. I love having her
on top and fucking, not so much because I like
being on my back when I fuck (like a woman) but
that it gives me perfect access to her bra and
breasts accompanied by tremendous stimulation.
She moved over me and inserted my cock, beginning
the fucking motions. I reached up with both
hands, and grasped the straps of her bra, playing
with it, letting my hands move down under the
underwires of the bra containing her immense
breasts. I observed one side of her bra for a
perfect view of a cup, a D cup fully filled with
her breast. As she continued fucking, I said,
"Ask me if I want to wear your bra". And she did.

       "Do you want to wear my bra? Do you want to
wear THIS bra, or do you want me to get up and
find another bra for you to wear?" I was in
heaven as her tremendous breasts encased in the
bra were inches from my face. I was aware as
never before about the nature of breasts, about
bras, and why women wear bras. And I wanted to, I
HAD to wear the bra she had on at that moment, the
bra she had shown me so well and demonstrated how
well it contained her mammaries. She continued:
"Do you want to feel the bra straps over your
shoulders? Will it help you to feel...
FEMININE?" I moaned audibly. She used the
word 'feminine', knowing from experience that it
was a key word to me, one which drove me wild, and
a word I never tired of hearing. I reached
around her back and played with the bra band, and
fingered the back hooks. I unhooked the bra and
holding the ends, one in each hand, extended them
away from her body. The hooks and eyes were in my
hands, the hooks and eyes that would soon meet
behind my back. I pulled the bra away from her
body, exposing her breasts. She reached for the
bra and I pulled it away, making it clear that I
didn't want to wear it... just yet. She continued
her fucking motions as I held the bra in all its
glory before my eyes. I then put the cups up to
her breasts again, nicely filling them, reminding
me how well the bra fulfilled its purpose of
managing a voluptuous woman's breasts. I removed
the bra from her breasts yet again, and put it in
her hands. With little trouble she maneuvered the
bra, preparing to put it on me. Once acclimated,
she reversed the bra and took my left hand,
placing it through a strap. Still fucking, I gave
her my other hand, which was soon in the opposite
strap, then the bra found its way up my arms and
to my chest. She pulled the bra by the sides
tightly over my breasts as she increased the rate
and vigor of her fucking motions. The bra was
halfway on; I could wait no longer and wanted it
fully on. I forcibly cast her off me and to my
side, then leaned forward. She knew what I
wanted. She knew that even though I was very able
to clasp a bra behind my back with some skill,
that I wanted HER to hook the bra.

       Slowly, deliciously, as I leaned forward with
her behind me she reached in front of me and
fingered the underwires of the bra I was to wear,
and pulled it down a bit, positioning it
perfectly. Then her fingers traversed the bra
band, finding the back hooks, pulling it taught,
and soon the first of the three pairs of hooks and
eyes found home. As she worked, I looked down at
my chest and at the bra across my chest and let
out a contended sigh. Before hooking the
remaining three hooks she moved her hands around the
bra band, lightly tugging it down, then to the
straps, repositioning one which had moved off my
shoulder, and making sure that the other was
perfectly placed. Then she resumed her work at
the hooks and eyes of the bra, hooking the second,
the third. She asked me, "Look at it, look at
your bra. Is it on properly?" I looked at the
bra crossing my chest, and at the straps over my
shoulders. As the strap adjustments were not up
front but in the back, sadly I could not observe
the adjusters. I continued slowly masturbating as
she felt my bra, moving it slightly now and again
as if to perfect the fit. It was perfectly
fitted, and time to continue.

       I lay back, and positioned Karen beside me.
I made it clear that I wanted to nurse her, and
moved her head towards my breast. She reached up
with one hand, pulled the top of the cup down and
began to suckle. As she did, I began to
masturbate with renewed vigor. I decided that
it was time to school her in another phrase, a
phrase she was to learn and use again without my
prodding. I said "Ask me if this bra is feminine
enough for me, or if I would like to wear a bra
with more lace."

       Karen said "Is this bra FEMININE enough for
you? Would you like to wear a bra with more
lace?" It was true, I preferred white bras with
lace, but yes, this bra was feminine enough for
me. I knew very well that it was HER bra that I
was wearing, and had played with it as she wore it
before me, and examined very well how the bra I
was wearing contained her 40D breasts to
perfection. I told her to ask me again,
reinforcing the phrase so she would not forget it.
She asked me again: "Is this bra feminine enough
for you? Do you want me to find a bra with more
lace for you to wear?" I was mad with lust, and
moved up to mount her. Soon I was inside her,
fucking her as I wore her bra. She reached up and
played with the bra straps, making me feel fully
the straps and the band of the bra as we fucked.
On her own initiative, she sultrily asked me, "Do
you want to wear my panties? Will that help you
feel feminine? Do you want to feel the panties
over your ass, while you wear my bra and fuck
me?" That did the trick, and I began fucking her
like a madman, like a jackhammer. In short order
she orgasmed, and I dismounted from my sex slave.

       As sexy and as feminine as her panties were,
I wanted to wear panties even sexier, even more
feminine. I knew the pair of panties I wanted to
wear, and I told her not to budge as I retrieved
them. The panties I was to wear are Bali hi-cut,
nylon, with lace detailing the front of the leg
openings. The elastic waist band has those little
loops, about eight to the inch or so, which I find
so delightfully feminine. I have worn those
panties before, and they feel wonderful over my
ass, over my pantied ass. They have a cotton
crotch inside, nylon on the outside, and I love
looking at myself in the mirror when I wear them,
observing the double-fabric panty crotch over my
ass; such a feminine look. These were the panties
I was to wear.

       After retrieving them, I went back to the bed
where my slave Karen awaited. I resumed the
nursing position, and she resumed her sucking.
Panties in hand, I ran them over her body, then
held them up, examining them, reaffirming how
feminine the panties were. I put the panties in
her hand, and told her to tease me with them. She
began by cupping my balls with the panties, then
running them over my body, and then over my face.
Then she showed me that she had learned a new
trick all on her own, and stuffed a little of the
panties in my mouth, then resumed massaging my
body with the nylon panties. She asked me, "Do
you want me to put these panties on you? Do you
want me to put these WOMEN'S PANTIES on you? Will
that make you feel so feminine?" I indicated
that yes, that would be a good idea.

       Still blindfolded, I knew it would not be
easy for her to panty me, so I helped her. "The
panties have a back label that goes on the
inside," I advised her. She leaned forward,
panties in hand, and began examining the panties
with her hands, finding the back tab, and
preparing to put them on me. I thoroughly enjoyed
watching her fondle the panties, knowing that she
was preparing to put women's panties on me.
Completing her acclimation, she leaned over to my
feet, then put one leg opening over my foot, then
the other. I continued masturbating as she slowly
pulled them up my thighs, my eyes observing in
lust and disbelief.

       "You're wondering when I'll pull them up,
when you will feel your balls and cock in these
panties," she said. The panties were almost up,
the double fabric crotch of the panties inches
from my balls, then she took the crotch and
pressed it against my balls, lightly massaging
them. Still prone, I raised my hips to allow her
to finish pantying me. With some regret, I let go
of my cock, for I wanted her to fully 'panty' me,
then she proceeded to pull the waistband up over
my hips. Adjusting the leg openings a bit, then
the front of the waistband she thought she was
through, but I could feel that the back of the
waistband was not as high as it should be, and I
kept my ass off the bed. She took the hint, and
reached behind me for the back of the waistband of
my panties, and pulled it up, then continued to
make sure that they were perfectly fitted. I was
then fully 'bra'd and pantied', wearing the two
main objects of my fetish for women's underwear.

       In the mood for another of my rhetorical
questions, I said, "Ask me if I like wearing a
bra and panties like a WOMAN." She did so,
perfectly reciting the phrase to the letter, then
I told her to ask me again, and she complied,
obedient slave that she is. Then she asked me if
I wanted to wear pantyhose, and wear a skirt while
she sucked on my cock. This drove me wild; we had
done this before, but I could wait no longer and
wanted to come.

       Karen resumed nursing from me, and cupped my
balls in one hand, and positioned her other hand,
palm open, on my stomach. This was an old trick
of mine; she was making it clear that she would
catch my cum in her hand if I so desired. And I
did so desire. I wanted to taste my own cum. As
I masturbated, I told her, "Ask me if I want to
taste cum like a woman."

       She asked me, "Do you want to taste cum like
a woman?" I told her to ask me again. "Do you
want to taste cum like a WOMAN, after her lover
has cum in her mouth? Will that make you feel
like a woman? Will that make you feel so
feminine, tasting cum like a woman, wearing a bra
and panties?" I was whacking furiously, I would
not last long, I knew. She continued sucking, and
I imagined that I was a nursing mother, suckling
my child as I stroked myself.

       In short order, I was on the verge, and she
knew it. She took her open palm, and positioned
it at the head of my cock, making a perfect vessel
for my semen. I came, spewing jets of hot cum in
her hand, and she caught most of it, waiting
patiently for the throbbing to subside. When it
did, she moved her hand to my mouth, turned her
palm towards my open mouth, and pressed it against
my lips. I licked her palm, cleaning her hand
completely, tasting the semen, then we then lay back
as I reveled in the afterglow.

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Nifty - Transgender - Tv - Diary Of A Bra Fetishist