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Nifty - Transgender - Tv - Jenna - Jenna Gurl For Color

Date: Sat, 23 Jun 2007 08:29:11 -0700 (PDT)
From: Jenna Shannon <>
Subject: Jenna - Gurl for Color Part 1

Jenna - Gurl for Color

Part 1

By Jenna Shannon

My dear reader, hopefully some of you will remember me, for others please
take a few moments to peruse my earlier works. It has been quite some
time since I have had the pleasure of converting my delicious adventures
to print. Such is the life of a secret prissy gurl!

A little background...

I am a tall (over 6'), thin, flat tummied (aerobics have become a way of
life), well-groomed and sensitive professional man by day...but after the
sun sets (and other times when I am able) I transform myself into a sexy,
sissy nymph with a penchant for rather masculine companionship. I
suppose some would label me a "gay crossdresser" I have come to accept
the fact that I am truly a feminine sissy at heart.

Born and raised in Alabama it has not always been an easy journey, I am
grateful to be who I am today. A healthy, productive person who is truly
happy, complete and content with herself. I learned several years ago
the joys of being feminine and submissive while portraying the female
role in romantic settings, I will neither apologize for it nor diminish
my feelings of wholeness by ignoring it. Rather I embrace it!

As I have already indicated I am a male on the surface, but a girly-girl
at heart. I have amassed quite a substantial feminine wardrobe over the
years, and have toned and trimmed my body such that I am able to wear
trendy clothing that so many real girls take for granted. I own very few
pants or shorts, and greatly prefer skirts and dresses. Heels are the
footwear of choice, and my lingerie tends to be sexy, delicate and of
course feminine (not much cotton in my undies). I adore stockings and
merely tolerate pantyhose, pastels are favorite colors and flowery
perfumes surround me.

I have supplied this history so that you sweet reader may understand me
and develop a mental picture and emotional connection to me. So I hope
you are now intrigued...

On with the story you wench...

While I am no whore, I do consider myself something of an accomplished
slut. I have enjoyed many wonderful encounters and relationships;
however, it was not until November 2006 that my darkest fantasies came
true (pun intended). Being raised a white boy in Alabama makes it
somewhat difficult to come to terms with being a sissy and the desire to
pleasure men sexually. It is ten times more difficult to come to terms
with desiring to please and submit to black men, but it had always been a
fantasy of mine. The contrast in skin tones (I really like the darker
tones as compared to my pale skin) excites me terribly! Not to mention
the whole southern redneck thing, the notion that a little femmy sissy
like me could be superior to a black Adonis is preposterous!!!

So when I met Reggie online and he was interested in meeting someone like
me I was beside myself. He IM'd me while I was chatting with my sissy
friends in a chat room.

"Hey SLUT!" he said.

I quickly pulled up his information and saw that he only lived a couple
of hours away!

"Hello Sir! (w/downcast eyes)," I replied.


"Jenna Sir..."

"Jenna, what?"

"Jenna Shannon, Sir..."

"Sounds like a white Ho name!"

"Yes sir it is..."

And so began our torrid little affair. We chatted at length about our
likes and dislikes, how we viewed ourselves in relationships. Reggie
always leading me where he wanted me to go. What kind of clothes I like
or don't like...what music I listened to...what foods I preferred. In no
time he was changing me into what he desired. And all of this via IM's!!

After several weeks of online and phone chatting Reggie decided we needed
to meet. He instructed me to drive the two hours to his town and spend
Friday and Saturday nights with him. I could hardly believe my eyes and
readily agreed. I knew it was time to serve my black master. I was
instructed to check into a local motel Friday morning to transform myself
and to report to his house promptly at noon Friday.

The next few days were torture! I occupied my time with packing and
shopping to make sure everything was purrfect...I made the drive over on
Thursday night so that I could get a good nights rest and not be rushed
while preparing myself for my new boyfriend.

Friday morning I awoke to butterflies in my tummy and my little clitty
rock hard. I masturbated until I shot my usual thimble full of girly
juice and then licked my hand clean before beginning the transformation
that would forever change my life!

I drew a bubble bath with rose scented bath beads and soaked before
shaving my body clean. Once that was complete I patted myself dry,
rubbed cocoa butter lotion in and slipped into a lavender kimono. It was
time to make myself gorgeous!

I was feeling very sexy this morning and a little like I suppose a
teenaged girl going out with the captain of the football team for the
first time might feel. I had selected virginal white lingerie, always a
favorite when experiencing something new. First was a white garter belt
and white stockings, a shiver ran up my spine as I was rolling the
stockings up my creamy smooth legs. White satin boy shorts were next and
I tucked my tiny clitty back giving me a beautifully feminine
appearance. I pulled on a flirty little pink camo pleated skirt that
barely covered my cute ass. A Pink by VS cami tee completed the

Now for my makeup, I have been blessed with light beard growth so I am
able to get away with little makeup. A light foundation to even my skin
tones was first, and then I went to work on my eyes. Silver eye liner
was applied to my upper and lower lids to express my sassy, feminine
nature, next a silvery sparkle shadow was applied from my lash to brow,
and then a funky fuchsia was brushed into the crease. Finally, black
sparkly mascara was used to allow my eyes to dance, and I penciled in my
perfectly arched and thinned brows (thank god it is trendy for boys to
have pretty brows now). Soft pink blusher was swept onto my cheeks and
everything was set with powder. Lastly, I lined my lips with bubble gum
pink liner, and applied two coats of softer pink to my lips, finishing
with a clear lip-gloss to make them shine.

Then I grabbed my favorite chestnut wig (it almost matches perfectly my
natural color). It is mid-length and wavy and terribly gorgeous, I
teased it up and loved the completed look. I generally keep my toes
painted a pretty pale pink color so that was already done, but I did have
to do my finger nails. Acrylic extensions some buffing and filing and
several coats to match my toes and I was almost complete.

I slipped on a pair of 3.5" strappy patent pale pink heels and packed
everything for the drive to Reggie's. Two sets of big silver hoops for
my pierced ears, some rings, a silver bracelet and anklet and a silver
necklace with heart pendant, and made sure my navel had a heart pendant
as well and I was looking and feeling delicious. A few spritzes of
Beautiful by Estee Lauder in all the right places and it was time to go!

I opened the hotel door and stepped out into the beautiful November
sunshine (Alabama has fairly mild winters). I placed my bags into the
trunk of my car and slid behind the wheel. A few deep breaths to settle
those butterflies and away I went. It was a short drive to Reggie's
neighborhood and I took the time to call ahead and let him know I was on
my way.

"'Lo," he answered.

"Hey baby!" I replied.

"Sup, you better not be calling to tell me you are going to be late! I
don't like to be waiting."

"Oh no, darling! I am on my way and will be there in just a few
minutes. I am really looking forward to seeing you finally."

"Ok' me too. Come on then."

"Ok, hon! See you in a few!"

As I got closer to his house I realized he must live in a predominantly
black neighborhood. I got several stares from the young men hanging
about and realized how excited it made me to become a black mans bitch!

I pulled into Reggie's driveway and turned off the car. After a moment
to collect my thoughts, I checked my makeup, opened the door, grabbed my
purse and climbed from my car. I shut and locked the door, dropped the
keys in my purse and sashayed my way to his front door. Several people
stopped to watch me and I heard a couple of catcalls. I rang the bell
and waited...

After a few moments I rang the bell again, finally I sensed rather than
heard movement and the door was opened. Standing in the doorway was
6'7", 280 lbs of the darkest, sexiest man I had ever laid eyes on, I mean
he was even more gorgeous in person! He just stood there and looked at

Finally, I said, "Hello Reggie. I'm Jenna!"

He was standing there in an Addidas warm up suit with a very stern look
on his face. Then he smiled, opened his arms and said, "Hey, baby!"

I sighed, stepping forward slipping my arms around his neck, I breathed,
"I am so glad to finally be here..."

Reggie slid his hands down my sides and around to my ass. My skirt was
so short they found their way to my pantied bottom and pulled me closer.
I tilted my head upward and met his lips. Soft, full and powerful he
kissed me and I melted into him, as I felt his tongue probing I parted my
lips and allowed his tongue to invade me, willingly allowing my man the
access he required.

Reggie broke the kiss and motioned me inside, I inquired about my luggage
and he went to my car to retrieve it... such a gentleman! He returned
with my things showing me the lay of the land, or rather the places I
would get laid before the end of our time together, and deposited my
things in his room. The house was well kept and decorated in a decidedly
masculine manner, but appeared lived in and quite pleasant.

Reggie took me to his den, which was a basement room with leather
furniture, a bar and a high end home theater with a 60" HD TV. A
football game was on and he led me to the sofa, he told me to grab him a
beer and fix myself something before joining him. I grabbed a Budweiser
for him and a Zima for me and then sashayed over to the sofa. I sat
myself on his lap, thoroughly enjoying our size difference and snuggled
up to him.

I raised my bottle in a toast and proclaimed, "To a wonderful weekend,
together!" We clinked bottles and each took a drink.

I immediately began asking questions. What did he have planned for
weekend? Would we go out? And, so on. After a few moments Reggie
pushed me off his lap and said, "Damn, bitch! I am trying to watch this
game. Do you ever shutup?"

I stared at him with a surprised look on my and tears welled up in my
eyes, "I'm sorry..." I stammered.

He glared up at me and jeered, "Why don't you put that pretty little
mouth to better use?" Then he began rubbing his crotch.

I looked at him for a moment before slowly sinking to my knees before him
and with downcast eyes replied, "Yes sir..."

I was a little taken aback by his demeanor, but this is exactly what I
had been telling myself I wanted and needed. Reggie was wearing a
warm-up suit and his bulge was plainly visible. I placed my hands on the
insides of each thigh and slowly began rubbing. After a moment I stopped
and reached for my purse, I reached inside and removed my digital
camera. Sheepishly I asked Reggie to take a few photos periodically if
it wasn't too much trouble. Smiling at me he agreed.

I rubbed his bulge and gasped at the size of him. He moaned quietly and
continued to watch his game. Reaching up I hooked my pink tipped nails
in the waistband of his pants and pulled them down exposing his gorgeous
cock. Wrapping my fingers around him I let out a little shriek and said,
"My god, now thatĘs a Big Black Cock!"

"Yeah baby..." he moaned.

Lifting him up slightly, I leaned forward inhaling his scent and licked
his balls. Turning my eyes upward and looking into ReggieĘs, I slowly
licked up the underside of his shaft until the bulbous black head rested
on my tongue.

Reggie grinned down at me and whispered, "ThatĘs a good girl! Suck on
daddyĘs big dick!"

I ran my tongue through his piss slit and delicately kissed the head. I
had long ago learned I was a sissy and a slut, now I was ready to become
a black cock sissy slut and I was ready. Parting my pink glossy lips I
slowly accepted his cock into my mouth, swirling my tongue along the
underside of his shaft.

Reggie lifted my camera memorializing my submission to black cock
whispering, "Suck that black dick, sissy!"

I slowly swallowed him until his pubic hair tickled my nose. He snapped
several more photos of my lips stretched over his manhood. "You like
that don'cha, slut!"

"Oh god, yes!" I drooled as I slipped his cock from my hungry mouth.
"Black cock tastes sooo good! I want to taste it all!"

I alternated between licking and kissing his cock, to deep throating him
for the next twenty or thirty minutes. My face was smeared with a
mixture of precum and saliva, my lips were swollen and puffy and I was in
no hurry to end his pleasure or mine. I teased his heavy balls with my
nails whenever I slid his 10" beauty down my submissive sissy throat. My
own teensy clitty throbbed with desire, and I oozed gurly juice into my
panties. I had finally discovered my place, a submissive white sissy
faggot worshipping the true superior race!

I spent almost an hour on my stockinged knees between this god's thighs
before he finally showed signs of rewarding me and succumbing to my oral
ministrations. I was lapping at his balls and stroking him like a bitch
in heat when he told me to get ready. Licking up the underside of his
glistening black cock, I positioned the tip of my tongue just under the
head turning my glee filled eyes to his I am certain I brought to mind a
pretty little sissy poodle worshipping her Master! I felt the monster in
my grasp throb as the first jet of his black essence shot into my mouth.
Blast after blast of warm, thick, gooey cum landed on my tongue, but I
wasn't ready to swallow him yet. Reggie came and came until it oozed
over my swollen lower lip and slid down my chin. Once he was spent I
leaned back a cummy string hung from the slit in his magnificent tool to
my sissy lip and he smiled.

"Show me slut!" he ordered.

I obediently opened my mouth wide and proudly displayed my delicious

"Now swallow me, bitch!" he barked.

I let his load slip down my throat slowly, savoring his taste. Using my
fingers to scoop his cum from chin onto my tongue. "Mmmmmm, tasty!" as I
smacked my lips with delight.

"You liked that, huh?" he cajoled.

"I LOVED IT!" I exclaimed.

"Now you are my Sissy KKK Princess!" He teased.

Grinning up at my Black Adonis I squealed in my best Scarlett O'Hara,
"Now that I've had BLACK, I will NEVER go back!!!"

"That's right you little sissy slut!" said Reggie then stood and pulled
up his pants. "Get up and get us another drink!"

I hurried to the fridge and returned with another beer for my man. Then
asked if I could go freshen up. Permission granted I grabbed my purse
and scampered to the powder room. Sliding my panties down my thighs I
sat down and peed like a good gurl, then wiped my little clitty. Tucking
myself back in I pulled my panties back into place instantly being
reminded of the gooey, gurly mess I had made while submitting to my first
black cock. Next I freshened my make-up, re-applying my pink lipstick
and lip-gloss and finally another spritz of Beautiful.

Exiting the powder room I got myself another Zima and returned to the
couch. Reggie looked up at me and patted his lap. I planted my sexy
little bottom in his lap and lay my head on his massive shoulder.

After a few moments I whispered, "Thank you, Reggie..."

Rubbing his thumb across one of my hardened nipples causing me to moan,
Reggie replied, "S'okay baby! I know you needed it. Daddy always knows
what you need."

Sighing I wrapped my arms around his neck and lightly kissed his cheek,
then closed my eyes.

Apparently all the excitement had worn me out; I awoke to Reggie's tongue
tickling my right ear.

"Wake up, sweetness," cooed my darling man, "I need to eat something."

"Me too, baby!" I purred. "What did you have in mind?" As I ground my
tight sissy pussy against his hardening rod.

Laughing Reggie admonished, "Not yet, sweetness. I need some real food."

Standing he told me to freshen up; we were going out for an early dinner
to a neighborhood bar. Shocked I grabbed my purse headed to the bedroom,
as he closed the bathroom door Reggie told me to put on my tits and that
he had the perfect shirt for me to wear to for the evening.

I was standing in front of his bedroom mirror with a white bra that
matched my lingerie and my C cup falsies touching up my makeup when
Reggie came out of the bathroom dripping wet with a towel wrapped around
his waist. His glistening black body instantly made me horny!

"You are such a sexy man, baby." I told him.

"And you are such a sweet and sexy sissy girl, I am really glad you came
to visit this weekend," he replied.

"Thank you, baby!" I squealed as I wrapped my arms around his neck and
kissed him.

"Here's the shirt I got you, it will be perfect for tonight," and he
handed me a small gift bag.

I opened the bag and saw a pale pink tee shirt, matching perfectly the
pink camo skirt I was wearing. I pulled the little tee out and held it
in front of me; 'Ghetto Princess' was emblazoned across the front.
Slipping it over my head, I looked at my reflection in the mirror and

"So appropriate, baby," I told Reggie. "And it will show off my titties
and tummy to boot!"

"Thought you would like it," replied Reggie.

We got into Reggie's Escalade and headed out. I felt so sexy ridin'
around town with this sexy man in such a sexy ride. We pulled into the
parking lot of nearby neighborhood bar/grill. There were lots of people
standing around, and I began to get nervous. Reggie reassured me that
everything would be fine, everyone knew him and besides he told me, "You
look HOT as shit!!!"

He helped me out and we entered the bar, even though it was still
afternoon, the place was pretty dark. There were several people at the
bar and shooting pool, everyone stopped what they were doing and watched
as I was led to a booth in the back. I tried my best to look sexy and
alluring as I strutted across the place.

Reggie settled into the booth and I joined him. With his arm wrapped
around me I felt like the Queen of the Ball (not just a Queen). A
waitress came over and took our drink order, another beer for him and a
glass of white wine for me. Our drinks came and we ordered dinner, a big
steak for my sexy man and a salad for myself (remember I had already had
a thick and juicy tube steak with Reggie's special hollandaise

We chatted while we waited for our food, and the other patrons kept
staring at us. I was convinced that I had been read, but Reggie assured
me it was because they were not used to seeing him with such beautiful
white girls and some of the people were not appreciative of a white girl
moving in on one their guys. He told me not to worry though; nobody
would mess with me because they would not want to upset him.

We enjoyed our meal and several more drinks and then I needed to use the
little girlĘs room. I begged Reggie to leave so I could use his
bathroom, but he told me to quit being such a pansy (haha) and use the
ladies room at the bar. Pouting I grabbed my purse and headed to the
ladies room. I slipped into a stall, hiked my skirt up and slid my
panties to me knees, squatting over the toilet I did my business and
white my teensy clitty dry, tucked everything back into place, pulled my
panties back up and smoothed out my little miniskirt and exited the

At the mirror I checked my makeup and touched up my lipstick and
lip-gloss to keep my luscious DSL's looking their best. As I was
finishing I overheard two women discussing me.

"Who does that TRAMP think she is?" one commented to the other.

The second responded, "Bitch needs to date her own..."

If only they knew I was dating my own in a manner of speaking, I thought
to myself.

"Girl, you said it. Why do white girls always want to date black men?"
added the first, "Guess they believe that about a black man's dick being
bigger!" And they both laughed.

I checked my reflection one last time, slipped my purse strap over my
shoulder and pulled the bathroom door open to face my defamers. Both
ladies turned towards me as I strut from the Ladies Room (it would be a
shame to see either of these bitches go in there later), glancing towards
them I smiled, letting them know I had heard their conversation I sweetly
offered in my best southern falsetto.

"Why, of course ladies. I just adore Reggie's Big Black Dick slidin'
inside me!" Gushing with sissy pride I strode back to my man.

"Come on Reggie," I said, "I feel as if I have overstayed my welcome."

Reggie stood, placed some money on the table, took my arm in his and
escorted me from the establishment. For my part, I sashayed my sweet
little ass right alongside of him.

Of course Reggie had to know everything on the ride home. He was
laughing so hard when I finished I thought he might wreck. We pulled
into Reggie's driveway and came around and opened my door (such the
gentleman), taking my hand he eased me from my seat and scooped me into
his arms, causing me to squeal like a love struck schoolgirl. He cupped
my ass in his hands causing me to wrap my legs around him. Foreheads
touching he looked me in the eyes and told me I was the most beautiful
creature in the bar tonight.

My face lit up with glee and I snaked my tongue across his lips,
"! Take me inside and make me your girl!" I cooed.

He ran his finger along the crack of my boypussy and replied, "You will
be in heaven before you know it!"

I rode him into his house like this, kissing him whenever possible. He
carried me to our bedroom where he gently set me down. Standing on my
tippy toes I kissed Reggie's sweet lips, then teasingly bit his lower lip
and giggled. I was so ready for this experience, to have such a
masculine, sexy, BLACK cock inside me for the first time and to allow HIM
to be the first MAN to cum inside my sweet sissy pussy ......mmmmmmmmm

I gently pushed myself away and raked my nails down his chest and
stomach. Tugging his t-shirt upwards I began to undress my gorgeous
lover. Once I had his upper body freed I kissed his neck working my way
down his chest to his nipples, Reggie moaned with desire as my deft
tongue danced its way over his taught little buds. I continued kissing
my way down until I was on my knees licking and kissing my way down his
happy trail.

Looking up at Reggie I playfully bite the front of his pants as my hands
slithered there way to his belt buckle. I slowly unbuckled his belt,
unsnapped his pants and eased down his zipper as I gazed up at him
giggling and teasing his manhood with my chin. I hooked my fingers over
the waist of his pants and slid them down his muscular thighs freeing my

I slipped my tongue under his heavy balls and licked my way to the head
of his glorious tool, running my tongue through the slit to get a taste
of his precum before kissing the engorged head. Wrapping the fingers of
my right hand around the shaft I leaned back and stared into Reggie's
eyes with a look of total and complete serenity on my face. There stood
my Adonis in all his glory!

Leaning forward I lifted his cock, my eyes never leaving his, and took
his balls into my mouth. Alternately sucking and licking I had him
moaning with pleasure. Licking up the shaft to the head again, eyes
still locked, I took him into my mouth, feeling him slide across my
tongue, until my nose was nestled in his bush. Reggie reached down and
pushed my hair behind my ears and said, "Such a good little girl." He
later told me my face lit up and he thought he felt a purring sensation.
I worked on his cock for a few more minutes then slipped him from between
my lips with a loud, POP!

Standing before him I whispered, "I need to be fucked, baby..." and bit
my lower lip in my best 'little girl please' pose.

I pulled the little tee shirt Reggie had bought me over my head, unzipped
my mini and let it fall to the floor. Nothing between me and this man
but some flimsy lingerie. I asked if it would be okay that I not wear my
bra and breast forms, so he would have access to my sensitive nipples
while he made me his woman. Reggie readily agreed.

I turned and crawled onto the bed, waggling my cute ass to tease him. He
reached out and playfully spanked me causing a soft moan to escape my
lips. Rollin to my back I propped myself up on my elbows, knees raised
but together, heels flat on the bed and let him know I was ready!

Reggie walked to the edge of the bed, placed his hands on my knees and
smiled. Gently he pushed my legs open, leaning forward he slid his hands
up my legs tickling my inner thighs with his thumbs until he lightly
kissed and licked my navel, taking my breath away. Reaching up he
slipped his fingers into the waistband of my panties and slid them down
my legs and tossed them to the side.

There we were boy and girl, black and white, man and teensy
little cockette shaved and pink was standing at attention (barely 1"
long), Reggie commented that it was no wonder I dressed and acted like a
girl, I certainly wasn't much of a man. I nodded my agreement.

Laying there naked beneath this gorgeous man, ready and willing to submit
myself body. mind and spirit to his sexual desires I wondered to
myself...what would my friends and family think if they could see me now?

Reggie lifted and spread my legs to gain access to my pink rosebud.
Leaning down and kissing his way down my inner thighs I squirmed with
lust. I could feel his hot breath on my boypussy and moaned as I felt
him lick my crack. He tenderly pulled my cheeks apart and ran his tongue
into my opening..."Yeah baby, lick my pussy! Make me wet!" I moaned.
Reggie spent the next twenty minutes licking and eating my sweet hole,
when he finally finished I was so ready for his cock to be inside me!

I raised up and took his monster prick in my hands to bring him back to
his full glory. I looked up at my man with a crazed look of lust and
desire, moaning and whimpering like a bitch in a heat. Taking him back
in my mouth my head bobbed up and down, my hands working my saliva the
length of him. Reaching to the night stand I grabbed a bottle of lube
and squeezed some into my palm and worked it onto his cock to prepare
him, rolling over I poured some onto my crack and worked it into my
quivering rosebud.

Reggie knelt on the edge of the bed and pointed his Big Black Cock
towards my tight white ass and asked if I was ready. In response I
grabbed his thick black snake and guided him to my waiting sissy pussy.
I felt the head at my opening; relaxing my sphincter I bit my lower lip
while he applied pressure. Meeting some resistance he pushed harder
until my pussy accepted him and I moaned with desire. He allowed me a
moment to adjust to his invasion, and then slowly slid himself inside me
until his heavy balls rested against my bottom.

My eyes rolled back into my head and my breath caught as I nearly fainted
from the incredible pleasure he was giving me. Reggie's was the largest
cock I had ever experienced, and the only one to ever be in me bare and
the combination was a bit overwhelming. I wrapped my long, slender legs
around him as tears spilled from my pretty blue eyes and ran down my
face. Reggie froze afraid he had hurt me in some way, I placed my hands
on the side of his face and pulled him to me, as our lips met I whimpered
and a rush of air escaped me. I assured Reggie that my tears were from
joy and not pain until he finally began to slowly fuck in and out of me.

Once Reggie knew I was okay (and let me tell you I was wonderful!) he
began to fuck me in earnest. The lube had done its work and he was
sliding in and out of my boypussy with ease. The sensation of having a
cock of that size in me was the most amazing experience of my sweet sissy
life. I felt whole and complete for the first time in my life, and knew
that one day I wanted someone like Reggie to be my husband.

Reggie would speed up and slow down to prevent himself from cumming, and
he told me I was the sweetest piece of ass he could ever remember.

I beamed with pride each time Reggie slid his big cock into my sissy
hole. I was so excited and pleased that a worthless little white sissy
like me was able to provide pleasure to a man like him.

Reggie continued to pump his massive cock into me for the next forty-five
minutes or so, each thrust more enjoyable than the previous. It felt so
good having him inside me, and I told him so and thanked him profusely.
Reggie told me what a sweet gurl I was, that I was his princess and
promised to fulfill my dream of having my man fill with his cream. To me
that is the ultimate submission, to allow your lover to shoot his essence
inside you!

I reached down to his balls and ran my nails over them eliciting a moan
from Reggie. I felt his cock swell inside me and knew that I would soon
be a real woman! His breathing became heavier and his thrusts were
harder, faster and deeper...then I felt it! The monstrous cock lodged
deep within my feminine bottom swelled to gargantuan proportions, Reggie
moaned loudly and his breath caught, then I felt his seed spew forth
coating my insides. It felt as if someone had turned on a warm faucet
inside me, the feelings that coursed through my body are utterly
indescribable, but I knew then that I was truly a woman and I squealed
with delight! Reggie pumped me full of his semen for what seemed like
hours and I wrapped my legs around him and held him to me tightly, then
another new experience occurred for me. I felt it growing in the deepest
parts of my being, my asspussy twitched and pulsed and then my entire
body began to convulse. It felt as if someone had attached small
electrodes to every inch of me and was pulsing electricity through teeny clitty erupted and oozed my sissy juice coating my cute
little thatch of pubes. I had just experienced my first orgasm as a
woman, and it was divine!!!

As our passion subsided I looked into Reggie's smiling eyes with my own
tear filled eyes and whispered, "Thank You!"

Reggie smiled down at me and tenderly responded, "Your welcome, baby!
That was absolutely incredible!"

I shuddered as I relived in my mind the enormous tide of emotions that
cascaded my psyche as his cock erupted and filled my pussy-ass with
seed. I imagined millions of little sperms swimming inside me looking
for an egg to fertilize and realized for the first time how far I had
come. I could no longer and would no longer pretend to be a girl, from
now on I would have to act at being a boy!

As we relaxed Reggie's cock slid out of me and I instantly felt empty.
He rolled off of me and collapsed on his back fully sated. I rolled my
hips up and pulled my knees up to my chest; having been prepared I
reached to the nightstand and removed a tampon from my purse. I slipped
it inside my bottom to prevent that precious spunk from escaping; I
wanted to absorb Reggie's essence over a long period of time.

Once that was complete I ran to the bathroom and got a warm rag, bringing
it back to he bed I gently washed my lovers cock. Climbing back into the
bed I rolled towards Reggie and laid myself into the crook of his arm,
throwing my leg across his and slid my hand down and fondled him.

"Baby, that was such a wonderful experience," I cooed.

Reggie was already nodding off to sleep and mumbled something about being
glad to have made me happy. I leaned up and gently kissed his lips and
told him goodnight.

I hope you have enjoyed the first installment of my story almost as much
as I enjoyed being fucked by such a sexy man. Keep watch for the rest of
this exciting and sex filled weekend!!! As always comments are welcomed,
please submit to!

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