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Nifty - Transgender - Tv - Locker Room Panties - Locker Room Panties 2

Date: Tue, 29 Nov 2005 12:29:19 -0800 (PST)
From: kathy tonesh <>
Subject: Locker Room Panties 2 - The Pink Box

The next morning I awoke in Emily's arms, breathing in her fragrance,
feeling her hair against my cheek. As she slowly came awake we kissed and
held one another wordlessly for a very long time. I knew my life had
changed forever, but I could not know those changes would unfold.

Later that morning, after I had kissed Emily goodbye, I spent a few hours
at work and then went home early. Julie wasn't home yet, so I hid my
feminine things as usual and took a long shower. As I was toweling off my
newly smooth body, I heard the garage overhead door open indicating that
Julie was home a bit early too. Not wanting to flaunt my smoothness and
have to answer questions, I quickly slipped on boxers, jeans and a

"Hi sweetheart", Julie said brightly as she came into our bedroom,
smiling broadly.

She came over and gave me a long, warm kiss. I felt a wave of guilt wash
over me. I loved this woman. What had I done? I had been unforgivably
unfaithful to her. I held her close after stopped kissing.

Eventually she leaned back, looked into my eyes and said, "Well,
well! My baby must have really missed me last night"! Then she smiled
warmly, gave me another peck on the cheek and began to change from her
stylish business suit.

As I sat on the edge of the bed and watched, Julie removed and hung up
her jacket, then her skirt. She turned around and smiled as she saw me
watching her. She slowly unbuttoned and removed her silk blouse as our
eyes remained locked.

Standing there in her bra, panties, stockings and heels she said, "We
should make love darling, don't you agree?"

Wordlessly I rose and removed my T-shirt, jeans and shorts. I walked
toward her, naked and feeling my desire for her grow. We held one another
and kissed deeply, passionately for a long time.

Julie broke the kiss and whispered in my ear as she held me, "Sweetie,
why don't you slip on a pair of the sexy panties you've acquired over
the years. I know you like to wear them, but I've never actually seen
you in them".

I was shocked. Of course she knew about the panties. After all, over the
years she had laundered them, had seen the collection grow and even
allowed me to keep some of hers after I had "borrowed" them. But until
this point, she had never once mentioned them. So, I didn't know what to
make of her unexpected request

Recovering my balance somewhat, I mumbled, "ah...Sure honey." And
without making eye contact, I went to my dresser drawer and pulled out a
pair of plain white, nylon panties and began to slide them on.

Julie smiled lovingly and said, "No, no Jim sweetie. I'd really like
you to wear those pink satin ones with the lace trim. Do you mind"?

Blushing slightly, I replied, "Of course not sweetie". I removed the
plain panties and slid on the very sexy pink ones. As I did, I
immediately became more aroused and Julie observed this with a curious,
but affectionate expression on her face.

She came to me again, we embraced and kissed and she lowered her gentle
fingers to my panty-covered ass and began to caress and squeeze it. My
cock grew inside my panties and, feeling this pressure against her
panties, Julie moved one hand between us and caressed me there. I moaned
softly and held her even more tightly.
Again she whispered in my ear and said, "Jim darling, I bought you some
other feminine things you might like to wear. They're in a pink box on
my side of the walk-in closet. Why don't you get them sweetie"?

I froze.

She knew.

How much did she know?

Where would this lead?

Julie sensed my tension and whispered, "Don't worry Jim, everything
will be fine", and she kissed my cheek softly.

Stunned, confused and inexplicably excited, I went to the closet and
rummaged around there until I found the pink box. When I emerged back
into the bedroom, Julie was not there and I began to worry. Where had she
gone? Was this pink box simply a goodbye gift?

But my heart was racing a I wondered what might be in the box. My
thoughts left Julie as I opened the pink cardboard box. The first thing I
noticed was the lovely feminine fragrance as I removed the top of the
box. I removed a layer of tissue paper and began to examine the
contents. Inside I discovered beautiful lingerie including several sexy
and lovely bra and panty sets, camisoles, slips and stockings. In
addition, there was the loveliest matching white silk nightgown and
robe. Both were short, just above the knee. The beautiful lingerie took
my breath away as I touched it and felt it against my cheek.

Then it struck me! My wife had bought these for me! How much did she know
about my dressing? Was she simply holding in her anger, waiting for me to
be most vulnerable? Did she know about Emily? How could she?

I heard the door to the garage close and a few seconds later Julie
appeared, still in her lingerie, but also wearing a sheer black gown. The
filmy, gossamer gown drew my attention immediately and I was struck by
how sexy Julie looked. But then, I finally noticed that she was carrying
a small duffle bag in her left hand.

Julie still had a sweet smile on her face when she asked me, "Do you
like the things I bought for you Jim?" Before I could answer, she asked,
"I'm sorry darling. Do you have a feminine name that you'd prefer that
I use"? After all of our years together I could tell that she was being
sincere and not mean-spirited.

So, averting her eyes, I answered softly, "Kathy".

Sensing my discomfort, Julie came close to where I was sitting on the bed
and pulled my face to her stomach and stroked my hair and said, "It's
all right darling, I understand". Without a word I wrapped my arms
around her waist and held her tight. We continued like that for several

Finally, Julie pulled back and looked down, into my eyes and said, "Well
Kathy, don't you want to try on some of the pretty things I got for

I smiled into her eyes and replied, "I can't wait to try them on
sweetheart". I stood, kissed her on the cheek quickly, grabbed my pink
box of lovely things and went to the full length mirror near Julie's
dressing table.

As I was removing an ivory satin and lace bra and panty set from the box,
I noticed that Julie was next to me holding the small duffle bag. Looking
at me intently she handed me the duffle and said, "I think you'll need
some of these things as well Kathy".

I opened the bag, looked inside and was shocked to see my wig, silicone
breast forms, strappy heels and various items of makeup. Again my mind
began to race. Clearly Julie had found my hidden stash of feminine
things. And clearly, as well, she had known about them (and me!) for at
least a week or two; long enough to purchase all of the items in the
"pink box". What else did she know?

A moment ago I was feeling at peace with the fact that Julie had sensed
that I loved to dress as a woman. At that point, I believed that she had
developed such a conclusion simply because of my open fascination with
panties. Life, I had thought, was good.
That was before it became clear that she knew much more than that. She
knew I had not just panties, but everything else necessary to dress as a
woman. Moreover, she obviously had found my wide assortment of lingerie,
cosmetics, skirts, blouses, dresses and shoes. What did she think
now? Was I now about to feel her wrath?

Again Julie sensed my tension and nervousness and said, "Take your time
getting dressed darling. I'm anxious to see you at your best Kathy. And
if you need any other cosmetics or fragrances, feel free to use mine
sweetie". With that, she kissed me softly on the cheek and turned to
leave the bedroom. On her way out she said, "I'll be in the living
room, by the fire waiting for you with a nicely chilled chardonnay

By now my head was spinning with a mixture of fear and sexual
anticipation. Finally, I calmed down and carefully went about one of my
most favorite activities: making myself as feminine as I could. First I
bathed and shaved my legs (although the really didn't require it, I
wanted to be perfectly smooth). Then I shaved my face to remove the
afternoon stubble that was barely appearing. I then attached my dark red
fingernails and went about dressing in the new lingerie Julie had bought
for me. I chose one of the bra and panty sets from the Pink Box and the
items were exquisite creations of white satin and lace. The felt
wonderful as I put them on and inserted the breast forms. Then I dropped
a white silk camisole over my shoulder. The lingerie all fit me
perfectly. Of course they would! Julie knew exactly what sizes to get. I
slid on nude thigh hi stockings over my smooth legs and my excitement
grew. Finally, I slipped on white strappy heels and a short white satin
robe that also came from the Pink Box.
At this point, I carefully applied my makeup, wig and fragrance. I chose
Julie's Passion perfume and applied it in all of the right places.

Satisfied with my appearance I strode confidently into the living room
where Julie awaited.

Julie, sitting in the comfortable sofa, turned as I entered and she
stared at me for several long seconds before saying, "You look so lovely
Kathy. I am surprised and, I must say, very attracted to you".

As I walked toward the sofa she rose and we embraced. A long loving soft
kiss ensued. We gently nuzzled one another's necks and shoulders and I
kissed her eyes and she mine. It was soft and feminine and so exciting.
Soon our kisses and our embrace became more intense and passionate.

After several minutes, Julie looked into my eyes and said, "Let's relax
with some wine darling".

I lowered myself to the sofa in my best feminine fashion and saw a smile
of acknowledgement cross Julie's face. She handed me a glass of
chardonnay and as we clinked our glasses together she said, "To my new
sexy girl friend".

I was overwhelmed with her reaction and nearly began to cry. As we sat
there and chatted quietly, she treated me as "Kathy" and asked me all
about my history of dressing. She was curious and non-judgmental and
said that she had done some reading on the internet about the subject,
thought she understood and was not upset. Julie told me that she had
discovered my feminine things several weeks earlier and was at first
confused but then had concluded that it was not surprising given my
history of wearing panties. Julie was she said, a bit hurt by the
secrecy but the more she had considered this, she understood the reasons.

We chatted a bit longer, sipping our wine and giggling occasionally about
various unimportant things.

I could not have been happier and I touched her cheek and said, "Thank
you darling. I love you so much". We kissed again, a long loving kiss
and her hands roamed over my silky robe and lingerie. I was becoming
very aroused and then she said, "Let's go to bed Kathy and make love".

She took my hand and we walked to the bedroom. We stood at the foot of
the bed and she untied my satin robe and slid it off my shoulders,
letting it drop to the floor. She looked carefully at me again and
whispered, "You really are lovely Kathy". The Julie slid off her filmy
black robe and we stood, both of us in or lingerie and embraced again.
My hands went to her panties, caressed them and pulled her tight to me as
we kissed. My hardness pressed through my panties to hers and she
caressed my panties in the same way.

We fell into the bed where became entwined in a passionate embrace,
kissing, caressing every part of one another's bodies. I whispered into
her ear, "Julie, I want to make love to you as a woman. My penis will
be my clitoris and I want to make you climax the way a woman would,
without using my penis. Is that OK with you darling"?
Julie replied, "Of course Kathy, that's exactly what I want and what I
expect from my new girlfriend".

Without speaking, I moved my red lips to her bra, kissed it and then
unhooked it and slid it off her shoulders. I began to worship her
breasts with my kisses and touches, sucking her nipples gently at first,
just the way she liked it, and then pulling on them with my lips. I felt
her excitement growing as was mine. I slowly kissed my way down her body
and began to kiss her panties which we now warm and damp. She groaned as
my tongue slid under the edge of her panties and briefly touched her
pussy lips.

I slid her panties off, pressed them to my face, closed my eyes and
breathed in her fragrance as she watched. Moving between her legs, I
began to kiss her toes then calves and finally the bare area about the
tops of her stockings.

She caressed my hair and hoarsely whispered, "Eat my pussy Kathy.
Please darling, eat me now".

I kissed and licked her pussy lips as she moaned in delight. Then my
tongue moved inside her and I felt her quiver. My tongue danced around
her clitoris, licking, then sucking, feeling her arousal growing and
growing as I made love gently to her beautiful pussy.

Julie, pressed my head tighter to her pussy and began to moan and move
her hips as my mouth continued to devour her. Finally, she moaned
hoarsely, "Kathy! I'm cumming!.....Oooooohhh!". I felt her juices
rush to my lips as her body shuddered in a glorious orgasm.

I lay quietly for several minutes with my mouth against her warm, wet
pussy. I didn't move or touch her clitoris at this point because I knew
that it was very sensitive immediately after an orgasm and touching it
further would not be enjoyable for her.

Eventually Julie regained her breath and whispered, "Come up her and
kiss my lips Kathy. Hold me tight sweetheart".

I complied, softly kissing her and holding her. As she calmed down Julie
looked at me and said, "I've never experienced an orgasm like that
before sweetheart. Somehow you change as my feminine lover. It's a
wonderful, gentle, very sensual change". And then she kissed me again.

Then she smiled and said, "I have one favor to ask of you Kathy".

"What's that darling? You know I'll do anything for you".

Julie reached under the bed and brought out a large, but not too large,
dildo. I was astounded. She said, "I like the fullness of a cock
inside me right after I orgasm without one. Since, as you said, you
wanted to feel completely feminine and not use your penis to satisfy me,
would you mind sliding this into my pussy".

Nearly speechless, I managed to mumble, "Of course I don't mind

I started to take it from her but she pulled it back and said, "Wait,
let me lubricate this a little with my mouth". She started to move it
toward her lips and then said, "Would you like to help me warm it up and
moisten it, my sweet girl friend"?

Stunned, but eager to comply, I said, "I'd love to Julie".

Then Julie slid the dildo into her mouth, sucked and licked for a bit and
then moved it to my lips. I slid my red lips over it and closed my eyes
as she moved it slowly in and out. When I opened my eyes I saw her
smiling that lovely smile. Then we both licked the length of the dildo
simultaneously from opposite sides while looking deeply into one
another's eyes.

After a few minutes Julie handed the dildo to me and said, "Please slide
it into my pussy now that it's warm and wet Kathy, all the way".

I eagerly complied and watched her eyes half closed as I did so. A soft
moan let me know that this satisfied her immensely.

We embraced as she enjoyed the fullness in her pussy.

We held one another for a long time and eventually she said, "It's time
for me to satisfy my sweet girlfriend".

Julie rolled me on my back and kissed and caressed me everywhere. With
closed eyes I simply drank in her loving touches. She kissed lips, my
neck, my shoulders, my lace and satin bra, and my soaked panties and then
slowly removed them.
She lightly stroked my stocking covered legs and kissed the insides of my
smooth thighs above the stockings. The she slowly licked the underside
of my slippery hard cock. I was nearly becoming dizzy with pleasure as
she held it in one hand and then slid her lips over the head of my cock.

Without saying a word, Julie retrieved the dildo and a jar of lubricant
she had under the bed. While I watched, dumbfounded, she leisurely lubed
the dildo and then she raised my legs as began to lube my girlie pussy.
I gasped in pleasure as she penetrated me with first one and then a
second finger.

She looked at me as said, "I think my girlfriend needs to feel full when
she orgasms as well".

That said, she gently, but firmly pressed the dildo until it popped
easily into me. I wondered if she took note of the relative ease with
which the dildo slid in. If she did, she didn't react.

With the dildo filling me nicely, she resumed sucking my cock in the most
exquisite way, far better than she ever had before. She moved the dildo
in and out slowly as she sucked me, until eventually her thrusts moved
the dildo inside me up to the hilt. I squirmed and moaned at the
pleasure being given by her mouth, her lips, her tongue and the dildo in
her hand, building toward an enormous climax.

I caressed and stroked her hair as she moved up and down on my cock and
in and out with the dildo and soon came with enormous power. She
continued to suck me until all of my cum was pulled into her mouth and
then she moved up my body to kiss me deeply, leaving the dildo in place
inside my girlie pussy.

"You like the taste and the warmth of your cum, don't you Kathy", she
said as we lay together.

I nodded and she held me tight.

We both slept for a bit, exhausted girlfriend lovers.

When she kissed me awake, I noticed that the dildo was gone.

Julie propped herself on one elbow and said, "You've had a secret from
me darling and I am so glad we have it out in the open".

I nodded and said, "Me too sweetheart", knowing that I had yet another,
even larger secret.

Then she said, "Well, I must admit to something that you did not know

Although the day had been fully of surprises and enormous change in our
relationship, I couldn't imagine yet another change.

"What is it Julie", I mumbled, not knowing whether to fear or eagerly
greet her answer.

She said, "Well, it's just a little trick I pulled on you darling. I
noticed that you would wear panties to work on Tuesdays and Thursdays,
but not on the days you worked out. So, last week I put a pair of white
panties in your gym bag on Monday just to see what happened. Of course
you never said anything, but I noticed that you took a pair of sexy blue
panties to the gym on Wednesday. I noticed them in your laundry
Wednesday evening and they seemed to have a few spots on them as well.
So, I assume that things worked out well".

Oh my god, I thought. This is it. This is where it all bows up. I
didn't know how to respond.

As always, Julie read me perfectly and kissed me softly and said, "It's
all right baby, I understand. I know that dressing as a woman pulls you
in many different directions. Your sensitivity is one of your most
endearing qualities".

She went on to say, "You don't need to tell me if you don't want to,
but I just think our relationship is strong enough to deal with the
truth. I'd say that we've proved that pretty well today, wouldn't

No longer speechless and strengthened by her affection for me, I agreed.
I slowly described everything that had happened at the gym, the date I
made with Emily as well as every detail of our sexual encounter.

Julie listened intently and I was having trouble reading her, but I told
her everything.

When I finished she said, "Thank you for being honest with me
sweetheart. Do you plan to see Emily again"?

I hesitated. This could be the end of my marriage.

Julie took charge and said, "I have an idea. Why don't you invite
Emily for dinner on Friday. Both of you should dress for dinner and it
will be just us three girls. What do you say to that Kathy"?

The answer was easy.

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Nifty - Transgender - Tv - Locker Room Panties - Locker Room Panties 2