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Nifty - Transgender - Young Friends - Sweeties

Date: Fri, 6 Mar 2009 11:35:44 -0800 (PST)
From: Fred Gingerman <>
Subject: "Sweeties" -- transgender -- young friends

by Gingerfred Man

Chapter One -- Secrets

When we were 13, my best friend Billy and I didn't have many secrets
from each other. That's why I felt extra guilty about keeping my biggest
secret from him.

Billy and I lived next door and had been friends all our lives. We were
born only one week apart (I'm older) and we shared just about our entire
histories. Our parents were great friends. Billy had an older sister. I was
an only child.

My big secret from Billy was that I was a panty boy.

A simpering, little, satin-and-lace, ribbons-and-bows, panty boy.

I was a latchkey kid from 3 to 6:30 every afternoon, which gave me the
run of the house. Most of my time I spent playing with Billy, but for at
least one hour each day, I was a panty princess.

It was so shameful and humiliating.

But I loved it.

And it was horribly exciting to me.

Billy had to go home at 5:30 every day, so I would go into my house and
race to my room. I had a stash of five pairs of Mom's discarded panties
tucked inside a little lock box that was a present for my 12th
birthday. Each day, I would take out a pair and hold them up to admire
them. Almost as if I were bowing to them. I held them by my thumbs at arms
length and quivered with excitement.

I always knew I had to move quickly, since Mom and Dad would be home in
less than an hour, but the experience had to be savored.

Some days, the panties would be a bit smelly, since the clean ones had
been cohabitating with a pair or two that had gotten several hot blasts of
my girlish excitement.

I wanted to wash out the panties each day, especially since I always
seemed to be cumming into them <blush>, but time was usually a big
factor. I didn't want to put really wet panties into the lockbox. So if I
had time, I would wash and dry them with Mom's hair dryer.

Even though the clock was running, I made a big deal out of getting
undressed. I stripped naked and made various, girlish poses in front of the
full-length mirror in my room. Hiding my peener until it became too
stiff. Pretending I had a real pussy. Cupping the scant flesh around my
nipples into pretend-titties.

I was so skinny! And body-hairless. And pink all over. And so hot to

I wasn't sure what I wanted or what I was in love with at that
point. The only things I was sure I loved were femininity and my girlish

I loved the moment of putting on the panties. I would gasp as I entered
the left leg hole with my pretty foot, pointing the toes as I imagined a
girl would. Then I would sigh with delight as I repeated the experience
with my right foot.

The trail of pleasure up my legs almost made me faint, as I eased the
little teasers over my calves, past my knees and onto my hairless
thighs. The only hair I had below my neck at that time was the few silky
wisps of pubic hair over my stiff, little four-inch, uncircumcised
jewel. As the panties reached the point just below my little pink bag of
pretty balls, I would pause to admire myself, yet again. I wasn't a girl,
and I wasn't exactly a boy. I was a panty boy and sexy as all get out.

My little pricklet would be stiff and pulsing. I loved watching the
wetness form at the tip. I would gasp for breath as I touched the head,
pulling back the thick sleeve of skin, then releasing it. I resolved not to
let myself cum until I did it into the panties, so I always stopped
"skinning and grinning." Two or three more skinnings and I knew I would be
squealing and cumming hard.

I would slide the panties up and over my stiff four-inches and feel the
deep thrill I always got when my goodies were encased in girlieness. How
was such pleasure possible? How could most boys live without it?

Most days I would then lie on my back and close my eyes. With my right
hand, I would rub my peener through my panties as I tickled my pink bag or
tweaked my nipples with my left hand.

I would imagine things. Strange things. Men, naked. Men kissing
me. Boys, some of whom I knew, holding me in their arms, pressing their
naked bodies against mine.

One boy's face was real and part of every session -- Billy's.

I always saved Billy's face for the part where I knew I was going to
cum. Did I love Billy or something? I didn't know. But I would imagine us
nude, kissing and hugging each other and then I would cum a bucket into my
panties. It was incredible. The pleasure. The joy.

I was such a little disgusting sissy panty-boy faggot. And very happy
about it.

Chapter Two -- Revelation

The weather was warm in early-May of my eighth-grade year. I looked
forward to summer, since Mom and Dad had told me they were going to "trust"
me to babysit myself that summer. Oh. I thought of the hours of panty
posing I would indulge in.

One lovely, early-May, after-school afternoon, Billy and I were hanging
out. Tossing a ball around. We were both wearing tshirts and shorts with
white socks and sneakers. I was wearing pink panties under my shorts. It
was a risk, but I adored the way they caressed my balls and my peeny.

I threw the ball too high one time and Billy chased it. He bent over to
pick it up and my eyes feasted on the sight of my friend's young bottom
stretching his shorts.

Then he leaned over just a little farther than he planned to. And
changed both of our lives forever.

There, before my leering gaze, was evidence of something I had never

I saw panties.

Just a quarter inch. But they were pink and they were girlie.

Oh my.

I tucked that wonderful little piece of data away, planning to figure
out its huge implications and do what needed to be done.

Billy didn't realize that he had been outed. We laughed and joked and
enjoyed each other's company as we always did.

During my "panty hour" that day, I thought only of Billy. And my panties
took an awful drenching.

The next day, when we got home from school, I invited Billy into the
house. I wasn't supposed to have anyone in when I was "latchkeyed," but
this was clearly worth the risk.

I said I had a new video game in my room, but when we got there, I had
another agenda.

"Where's the new game, Adam?" he asked me.

"I know a better game, Billy," I said. I was such a little tart. "It's
called, show your panties."

And I pulled my shorts down to reveal wispy, blue bikinis, filled with
my very excited popsy.

Billy looked as if he'd been smacked in the face. Then sweat formed on
his upper lip. He made a half-hearted attempt at denial.

"Adam, what are you doing?" he said.

"I'm showing my panties, Billy. Your turn."

Another half-attempt. "But, I don't...."

"I saw the band of your panties yesterday when you reached for the

He had one more chance at denial and took it. "That was just
yesterday. My Mom didn't do laundry, so she gave me a pair of Jenny's

Right. And I'm Marilyn Monroe. "OK. Then show me what you have on now
and I'll apologize."

Billy quivered. He was trapped.

"It's OK, Billy." I said. "I love panties. Show me yours."

Billy gulped.

Then he pulled his shorts down to his ankles.

Omigosh. I almost came right then.

He was beautiful below the waist. Hairless and girlish. Beautiful
thighs. And the cutest, prettiest, yellow, string bikini-panties, barely
restraining his stiff willie.

The air was thick with anticipation. What should we do? We were best
friends, standing facing each other in our tshirts, panties, sneakers and
socks. I took off my boyish shoes and socks and so, surprisingly, did

"I've been wearing panties for about a year," I said.

Billy blushed. "Six months for me. Aren't they wonderful?"

I nodded. Now I was on dangerous ground. "They make me feel girlish."

Would that statement send him screaming "Gay" and running from the room?

No. All he said was, "Me too."


"Do you rub yourself in your panties and make yourself cum?"

Billy began to brighten. "I do," he said. "I thought I was weird or
something. But you do it too?"

Back to dangerous ground. "Want to do that.....together?"

Billy blushed fiercely. I was worried that I had gone too far. But he
nodded and said, "OK."

I was very grateful that I didn't cum right then, though it almost

I got on my single bed and lay on my back. "Lie next to me, Billy."

He was always a bit docile. He lay next to me. In the close quarters,
our bodies touched. I felt as if my skin were on fire.

We only had on panties and tshirts, but it was more exciting than being

Billy was very excited and I was in a full dither.

I eased my panties down far enough to remove just my stiff cock. Billy
gasped when he saw it. So far so good. Then I pulled my teasers down a
little farther to reveal my girlish balls. I had Billy's full attention.

Since I had shown Billy mine, he showed me his.

It was the most beautiful, girliest little peeny in the world. Attached
to a pretty boy who was my best friend.

Life was good.

We were both very excited, but uncertain how to proceed. I acted first.

I licked my right hand, wetting the palm liberally. Then I held my
scalding cock in my hand and began to rub. Ohh that felt good. I peeked
over to see if Billy was watching. His pretty eyes were wide and fixed on
my goodies.

Billy surprised me by rubbing the sole of his bare left foot against the
top of my bare right foot. Then he wet his right hand and gripped his
foreskin with it. He pulled the thick hood off his pink mushroom and gasped


I was in a very agitated state. So was Billy.

Wordlessly, we pleasured ourselves as we enjoyed the sight of each
other's imminent ecstasy.

Billy scrunched his pretty face so cutely when he felt those little
warning pangs. Then he made a lovely squeal when the bigger pangs took him
closer to a sticky explosion.

I was in a similar state and began to rub my foot up and down Billy's
calf. Cumming next to my friend was a titillating prospect indeed.

Billy's breathing changed and then he made a little, girlish scream. Cum
leaped from his peehole in thick ropes, splattering his tshirt and
drenching his hand.

No one could view that glorious sight and hold his own sticky juice
inside him. My guts split and I arched my back, heaving out thick globs of
my best stuff.

I had never been happier in my life. And so many possibilities lay
before us.

Looking back on it, I wish we had kissed then. But we weren't
ready. Plus, neither of us knew the first thing about kissing. We did,
however, know a lot about stroking.

It's good to employ your strengths.

When I returned to my home planet, I took a liberty with Billy. He was
looking at me as if he was already half in love with me.

I reached over and held Billy's soft cock in my hand.

It throbbed.

He moaned.

It was nice.

I got acquainted with Billy's cock slowly, weighing it, rubbing it,
feeling all its lovely veins and ridges and different kinds of skin.

Billy whimpered with pleasure, but didn't touch my girlish jewel. I lay
on my side to gain better access to his lovestick. He shuddered as I rubbed
and tickled and felt him up.

He was so beautiful. A perfect panty boy.

He was hard again very quickly and mumbling things like, "So
nice. Mmmm. Why did we wait so long?"

Good question.

I did the things to Billy's popsy that I loved done to mine. Thank
goodness, he loved those little secret tickles and caresses too. So much
that his chest was heaving and he was begging me, saying, "Faster, Adam!
Faster, please."

All wonderful things end wonderfully and Billy's pretty balls gave him
all he needed for a second creamy cum. A big one. All over my hand. And my

Billy's eyes were closed, so he didn't see me lick his sissy goo off my
fingers. It was delicious!

I was in love.

Billy may have been as well. He was very eager to survey my pubic jewels
with his warm fingers. He rolled me onto my back and held my shaft in his
angelic hand. I was already hard and very hot, so when he began to rub his
thumb around and through the goo on my cockhead, I was already near a messy

Billy lifted his hand, kissed his fingers, then returned them to my
cock. That and his words, "You're so pretty, Adam. Prettier than any girl
in our class," did the job for me. I gasped, grunted and spurted the
biggest, messiest, most ecstatic cum of my life all over my friend's hand
and arm.

I wanted to kiss him so badly. But time was an issue. And I didn't want
to lose Billy because of excessive gayness. So we got up and got dressed,
shyly avoiding each other's eyes. When he was fully dressed, Billy walked
up to me, kissed me lightly on the lips and said, "I love you, Adam."

Then he went home.

Yes, it was a good day.

Chapter Three -- Love

I'm not sure what love is, but I'm pretty sure it was what Billy and I
had for each other those days.

I know what you're thinking -- that we were gay. We weren't. I knew some
gay guys and we were different. We were simpering, whimpering, little panty
boys and we loved each other. But we weren't gay; I knew we weren't. We
were something else. More like girls than boys. Girls in love.

The night Billy and I discovered each other, I had a very close call.

Mom and Dad and I were having dinner (roast chicken, mashed potatoes,
gravy, stuffing, broccoli cheese casserole). I love my Mom and Dad. She's a
lawyer, he's a police lieutenant. But I was a teenager. Thirteen for
goodness sakes. I was sullen and bored around my parents. It was mandatory!

That night, I was so happy that I forgot to act sullen and bored. I
answered in complete sentences. I smiled. I even asked them about their

"Everything all right, Adam?" Mom asked.

"Uh, sure, Mom." Geez. I would have to conceal my happiness a little
more in the future.

But I couldn't. I started being nicer to everyone in my life. Even those
boys at school who call boys like me and Billy faggots because we're
smaller and prettier than they are.

Over the next week, the relationship between Billy and me changed a
lot. We were always friends, but now we were lovers too. We met for an hour
every school day to stroke each other's willies and cum all over our
panties. That was all we did. We were taking it slowly.

We took chances at school. We wrote each other lovey little notes with
hearts and feelings and stuff. We mouthed "I love you" whenever we passed
in the halls. It was scary, but so beautiful.

Billy said his parents and 16-year-old sister Jenny had noticed the
change too. Try though he might, he couldn't be sullen and bored any
more. We were disgraces to teenagerhood.

A week after our first mutual stroking, Billy took some initiative. He
came to my room at about 4 p.m., 90 minutes before his come-home time, and
he had lipstick.

Red lipstick. Stolen from Jenny.

Slutty, red lipstick.

I couldn't wait to try it on.

We stripped to our tshirts and panties as usual. Then we giggled in
anticipation of putting the lipstick on. Billy went first. He seemed to
know what he was doing, so I watched him carefully.

When he was finished, I looked at my girlish lover with new awe. His
mouth was full and red and kissable. I wanted him. He wanted me.

But first I pouted my lips and put my first lipstick on them.

It was wonderful. My panties were full as I looked at my pretty face,
adorned with the beginnings of cosmetics.

Billy gasped. He was impressed with me too.

I set the lipstick down, turned from the mirror to face Billy, and
beheld his beauty.

My heart melted.

Billy whimpered loudly, then leaned forward and kissed my red lips with
his own.



Arms around each other.

Not really knowing what kissing was all about. Mouths closed, then open
a little.

Nature assisting our love education.

We kissed some more.

Billy put his hand into my panties and rubbed my willie as we kissed.

I was red hot. Flaming with excitement.


My orgasm slammed into me without warning. I moaned with ecstasy as I
spurted my sticky cream all over Billy's soft hand, soaking my panties.

Then I kissed him some more.

I broke the kiss.

"Lift your arms," I said thickly, through my incinerating sexual

Billy did, docilely. I pulled his tshirt up and over his head, then off.

Billy stood before me in only his blue, bikini panties. His form was
that of and angel. Slim and smooth. Warm, inviting skin. Peener pushing

I sat on the end of my bed and held my arms up. My lover removed my
tshirt and I blushed at my near-nakedness. I had on the pink, wispy things
I had worn that first day.

I lay on my back, held my arms open, and Billy lay on top of me.

More delicious kissing followed as we rubbed nearly naked
bodies. Billy's nipples were as erect as his cock. He had not cum yet and I
resolved to change that right away.

I rolled Billy onto his back, then I reached into his panties. He arched
his back when I did so. He needed to cum.

I rubbed and cuddled his privates as I broke our sweet kiss. In the porn
I had read, girls liked their titties sucked. Billy didn't have titties,
but his pretty nipples were hard as cocks.

I scrunched down a little and kissed Billy's right nipple. Oh, he liked
that. He gave the cutest little whimper. When I licked it, Billy
gasped. When I sucked it, he squealed and came hard all over my hand.


Our bodies had all these secrets that we didn't even know ourselves. I
was very eager to discover them all.

Billy's chest was heaving throughout his cum, then he said, "Oh, I love
you," and took me into his arms.

We kissed hotly. Oh, I was so hard again.

I reached into the back of Billy's panties and felt his luscious
bottom. It was hairless and smooth. Pink and perfectly plump. Seconds
later, Billy's panties were off. So were mine.

We were naked together for the first time. Hot and totally
bothered. Kissing and fondling. Unsure of what to do next, but adoring
every second of our torrid little sissy love affair.

We kissed face to face, rubbing our wet, hard cocks together. Billy
opened his mouth and I entered it with my tongue.

Our first French kiss. Licking. Sucking tongues. Pleasuring each
other. Omigosh. We were cumming again. At the same time. All over each
other. Whimpering. Squealing. Like the little sissy "faggots" we were.

And we couldn't be happier.

Goodness knows how far we would have gone that day. But time was our
enemy. We cleaned up, but very naughtily tasted each other's cum off our
fingers. Doing that openly for the first time. So sexy. Kissing naked one
last time and then, gosh, cumming again.

It was a day I'll never forget.

Chapter Four -- Discovery

If my parents didn't figure things out that night, they never would. I
was so happy that I practically invited them to go out for ice cream or
something. Imagine the humiliation for a teenager of being seen in a public
place with his parents.

They didn't ask many questions, since civility in a teenager is a
fragile thing. If you see it, enjoy it.

They really were good people. When Dad was a police patrolman, I
remember that he worked a rotating shift, so without a scorecard, you never
knew when he would be home. Now that he was promoted, he worked a schedule
like other Dads. Mom was a beautiful, feminine lady. My idol in a lot of
ways. She dressed like a real woman (skirts, stockings, heels), yet stood
tall in a law firm with a strong old-boy net.

They seemed to be really in love and very physical with each other. That
was no surprise since they were both gorgeous. Especially Dad. He was tall
and slim, but very muscular. And movie-star handsome.

I wondered two things about Dad. First, why was I such a small, sissyish
boy when he was a mega-hunk. Second, would I ever meet a man like him to
love me and make me his wife someday.

Yes, I know. I haven't talked much about men, real men, and me. But I
wanted that. Very much. I wanted to be a nice, Daddy-type man's sissy
darling. Then his wife and the mother of his children. I wasn't sure how
that would happen, but I was 13 -- anything was possible.

Meanwhile, I had Billy. Sweet, delicious, make-me-cum-by-looking-at-me

And that was enough for me then.

A few days later as our afternoon, panty-love session began, Billy said
he had a surprise for me.

It must have been small, I thought, because he wasn't carrying anything.

But he reached into his pocket and produced an incredible treasure --
two pairs of sheer, black stockings to grace our legs for the first time.

I couldn't wait.

We put our lipstick on, then kissed a lot, as we did every day. We
didn't cum though. We wanted to do that in our stockings.

I trembled as I rolled mine into a doughnut and slipped it over my right

Billy was smiling, though my kissy assault had wounded his lipstick.

He was so brave, borrowing stuff from his Mom and Jenny like that.

And so cute. I was watching his left leg transform in the stocking as I
oohed and aahed through the sensuous feast of rolling on my first silky

How can such pleasure be possible?

I wanted to wear stockings every moment for the rest of my life. My
femininity had already quadrupled and my left leg was still bare.

They were good times.

I slid the other stocking on and, for the first moment in weeks, I
forgot about Billy completely. Even though he was cute as a button, hot for
me, and wearing only stockings and panties.

I couldn't get over how great I looked. I turned this way and that, as I
studied myself in the full-length mirror. I could do it, I thought. I could
pass as a girl. Walk around in public. Have men look at me, then go home
and stroke their cocks dreaming about me. I loved the way my legs looked in
those stockings. I had great legs. How would I look in big heels? I
wondered if Billy would bring heels.

Oh, yeah. Billy.

The delicious little creampuff on his back on my bed. His pretty peeny
out of his panties. Sticking straight up and dripping heavily. Lips red and
pouting. Legs spread and inviting.

I overcame my narcissism and decided that it was time to take another
big step.

I was going to suck Billy's cock.

I had to.

We hadn't done that yet, but it was time.

I'm only human. And it looked so tasty.

I had no idea how to suck a cock. But enthusiasm counts for something,
doesn't it?

I was pretty sure he would like whatever I did with my mouth and his

I walked over to Billy, leaned over to kiss him and stroked his exposed

"You're so beautiful," I said.

He moaned.

It was time to take it up a notch

I grabbed his hips and positioned him in a more favorable position for
my plans.

He was near the end of the bed. I knelt.

For the first time in my life, I kissed a cock. And was thrilled at the
delighted reaction I got from Billy. It was a cock I was about to suck, but
its owner was completely girlish.

I held Billy's little jewel in my hand and kissed it all over. He gasped
so sweetly and began to pant loudly.

I pulled his panties down a bit farther to expose his nutty little
bag. I smelled the little spheres' full flavor, then kissed them all over
as I had Billy's pricklet.

Billy was a happy panty boy. His lipsticked lips parted as he threw his
head back. He pointed his pretty toes and squealed loudly.

He loved getting his cock sucked. I loved sucking it. What could be

I slurped and kissed and sucked, cuddling his bag with my hand. He put
both hands on my head and pushed it down further on his cock. I gagged a
little, but it was pure pleasure.

My lipstick was smeared over his stiff, wet, little popsy.

"Oh, Adam," my lover whimpered. "I adore you!" Then he arched his back,
caught his breath heavily, and orgasmed hard. His nipples erected as he
pumped about a pint of his sticky, girlish goo into my willing mouth.

I had never had so much cum in my mouth, and some spilled onto my
cheeks. It was delicious. And Billy was in paradise.

So was I.

I loved being a panty boy.

I knew I would never be a real man. I didn't want to be. I wanted to be
a swishy little cocksucking pussy boy. Billy's lover. And adored by men.

Anything seemed possible to me at that point in my life. And you know
what? It was.

Even better, Billy was about to pay me back.

Billy had me on my back. He was on his knees and had my panties
down. The little scamp was attacking me! He was licking my balls! Then he
was sucking them. I was wriggling in some fear that he might chew something
he shouldn't.

But he was ardent, yet sensible. All he was destroying was our

Billy had never sucked a cock before, but his instincts were very
well-directed. He knew the sensitive parts. He knew what my sounds of
pleasure meant. And I was making lots of them.

Having my cock sucked was fantastic! Having it sucked by the panty boy I
loved was the best moment of my life.

Billy was a little simpering sissy boy too, but I loved him.

And when I came in his mouth and he swallowed my cum, I felt totally
emasculated and completely in love.

And we had only been lovers for a couple of weeks.

Chapter Five -- Deeper Love

The next few days were glorious. Every day, Billy and I wore only our
lipstick and stockings as we kissed and licked and sucked and loved each
other for a glorious hour every glorious day. We learned the delights of
the sixty-nine, but always saved that for last.

I remember spending much of the other 23 hours each day daydreaming (or
nightdreaming) about making hot, pantied love. And not just with Billy.

I guess it was trampy, but I had a crush on Mr. Sheehan, Billy's Dad.

Mr. Sheehan was my English teacher. And he was a hunk. It was a good
thing that I sat in the back row in his class. If not, everyone would have
noticed that I was mooning over him.

I wasn't interested in boys my age. They were so immature. I knew they
couldn't appreciate the sweet pleasures of a panty boy. They would have
said Billy and I were "gay." Which we were not.

We were sissies. Feminine treasures with pretty little cocks and
balls. Eager to spill our sticky juice in honor of our men.

Mr. Sheehan wanted me. I was sure of it. The way he looked at me. The
way he spoke to me. I was right, wasn't I?

Anyway, that was secondary to the eighth-grade trip, where, oh joy,
Billy and I would be rooming together. Overnight. In the same room. Alone.

Oh my.

No hurried kisses to avoid discovery. Only intense, continuous pleasure.

Sleep could come later. Years later.

Billy and I made our plans for the trip. We would each bring a
"borrowed" nightie, pair of silky stockings and several pairs of
panties. After the usual childish folderol that our classmates engaged in
(which we would have to abide for appearances' sake) we would enjoy about
ten hours of sissy bliss.

After all the grabass and posturing of our immature classmates, we raced
to our room in a high state of excitement. My little popsy had been stiff
since breakfast and Billy's had been poking itself in my direction all day.

But then he was mine.

Somewhere along the line, Dad had bought Mom a black babydoll that
weighed about four ounces and covered almost nothing. My guess was that she
had almost never worn it and wouldn't notice if it were gone. Billy was in
the bathroom getting dressed as I slipped the little delight over my
head. My pink bottom was showing under the hem, as was my peener and my
little bag. The material was so sheer that my nipples and waist were
clearly visible.

It was perfect. I also liberated a pair of Mom's sheer, black
stockings. Just rolling them on made me "on the verge." I hoped Billy would

Panties or no? I decided against them. A little sluttier was good.

Lipstick and blush prettied me up too. I wished I knew all that stuff
women did with their eyes, but there was time to learn all that.

I looked in the mirror at sissy perfection. Hot sissy on the hoof. Hot
to trot.

What if a boy from the class knocked and asked to see one of us? Oh, the
humiliation! What if we brought him in and let him look at our beauty?
Would he want to do things with us? Probably. But we weren't interested in

The bathroom door flung open and the second prettiest sissy in the world
stepped out. Arrayed in flowing pink. A nightie of intense femininity,
which promised infinite, sissy delights. His pink-stockinged legs were even
more beautiful because he was wearing three-inch, pink, stiletto
sandals. And he was holding a black pair for me!

Omigosh! My first heels!

Billy looked divine in his. It toned his legs and pushed his bottom
out. If that was an invitation, I accepted.

I tried mine on. I giggled as I struggled to stand, then clopped to the
mirror. Once I got my balance, I fell in love with my femininity all over

Enough self-love. It was time to spread it around.

We faced each other in our big heels. Kissing slowly and
gloriously. Holding each other. Rubbing pricklets through our
nighties. Feeling the girliest we had ever felt.

Billy and I had resolved that we would use our evening to explore new
ground -- our pretty bottoms.

We had felt each other's pink globes, but had not even touched our most
sensitive spots yet. Even our own.

Billy lay on his back and spread his legs for me. I got on my knees and
nuzzled his privates. Then I went for the gold.

I straddled Billy's shoulders, facing his pretty feet. Slowly, I lowered
my bottom onto his mouth.

Billy knew what I wanted and, thank goodness, he wanted it too. Billy
kissed and licked the inner, warmest parts of my bottom. I squealed. Then
he kissed my little "pussy" hole.

Erotic electricity shot through my body.

I was unprepared for the intensity of pleasure from my lover's ardent
anal adoration.

Spontaneously and helplessly, I began to ejaculate.

Aware that a scream would have drawn 36, 8th-Grade boys and their nine
teachers to our room, I stifled what would have been a vocal aria worthy of

Billy's pretty nightie was soaked with my cum already and the night was

Even so, Billy kept licking me lustily. He liked eating sissy pussy and
I was eager for my opportunity with him.

I recovered my senses a bit and leaned forward to take Billy's cock into
my mouth as he licked my tiny hole.

Billy and I gave each other a spectacular, oral profession of our love.

Billy was so excited by what he was doing to me (and my girlish beauty,
of course) that he couldn't hold his sticky cream in for very long. I got a
delicious mouthful, which I swallowed with a skill I had developed over the
past, few, wonderful weeks.

He was still licking me back there, the angel. But then he stopped.


But wait.

Billy moved me off his face and onto my back. He kissed me with the
mouth that had just been inside my bottom. He was yummy.

Then he took me to the stars.

Still kissing me, Billy eased his middle finger into my tight little



Intense pleasure.

And another messy load of girlish juice.

Billy put another finger into my wet, stretched hole. Unnnnhhhhh. So

I never knew my little hole would be so much fun for me and a <blush>
"visitor" like Billy. I felt so stupid too. Until then I was feeling bad
that I didn't have a pussy. It seemed I did. And a really good one.

Billy wasn't the submissive little pansy of a few days ago. He was
leading me down the path to full sissihood. Boldly. And I was hustling to
keep up.

I was so hot from all the kissing and from being <blush> "fingered,"
that I almost didn't notice that Billy, submissive little Billy, had me on
my right side. He was behind me and had his right hand around my right hip
and was skinning me so sweetly. Three fingers of Billy's left hand were
moving in and out of my sissypussy. Making me so hot.

Then he took the fingers out! Rats

But then his fingers went back in. Yay! But they felt different. And
Billy was making strange noises. And his left hand, the one in my bottom,
was on my shoulder. So what was pushing in and out of my



Billy was fucking me.

I never thought. I didn't know.

It was incredible.

For me and Billy.

Billy was squealing in a way I had never heard from him before. He was
having a wonderful time. And so was I. I was in my girlie nightie and
girlie stockings, being fucked in my sissypussy by my best friend and
fellow little sissy lover.

And I had nine cummy hours before me.

It was a great night.

Chapter Six -- Sharing Our Dreams

Later that night, I had the opportunity to dip my peeny into Billy's
delicious pootie and we viewed the gates of heaven several more times.

It seemed so awful the next morning when we had to butch up and go back
to the stinking world we were stuck in. <Sigh>

It became more and more difficult to spend 23 hours a day as a boy.

Billy and I felt like girls. We looked like girls. We wanted to be

What kind of world was it that didn't allow us to be girls?

Still, Billy and I had our deep love, physical, emotional and spiritual,
and that's something few people of any gender experience. That made us
happy. And Billy and I were so young that we were convinced that there was
a place for us in the world as girls. But we would need allies.

Billy and I stole time together whenever we could find it. If we had
spent too much time in my house, we would have been discovered. So, when we
could, we sneaked off to the woods near our homes for some talk and
cuddling. We would find a secluded, woody spot and strip to the panties we
always wore.

Kissing, fondling, cuddling, sucking, licking and cumming. It was a
delicious way to spend some hours during that wonderful summer.

Our shorts and shirts were always nearby if we needed to get them back
on if someone was approaching. But it never happened.

We had time that summer to talk too. And we discovered some odd

For example, this late June conversation.

Billy: Adam, you know I love you

Me: <Kiss> I know, Baby.

Billy: I have to tell you something that may make you angry at me.

Me: Never! <Kiss>

Billy: I'm serious. [He was]

Me: Uh-oh. What is it? Do you have another boyfriend? [I didn't believe
it for a moment.]

Billy: Well, not really.....but.

Me: [Oh, crap! My heart sank.] What?

Billy: I'll always love you! Always! <Kiss with lots of
tongue. Passionate embrace.]

Me: [Relieved a bit.] But?

Billy: <Blush> I think I need a man.

Me: <Shock and awe> <More relief> Is that all? Of course you do. You're
a sissy. We need men. I want one too.

Billy: <Tears in eyes> I know, Sweetie, but I want a certain man.

Me: <Warily> Who?

Billy: <Blush> <Timidly> Your Daddy! <Tears> <Head against my chest,

Me: <Omigosh!> It's OK, Sweetheart. I understand. I do. It's OK. I want
your Daddy too. I think about him a lot. He's very sexy.

Billy: <Stops sobbing> You do? He is? Yeah, I guess. Wow! Now what? For
us I mean?

Me: I plan to keep loving you forever. And get your Daddy to fall in
love with me too.

Billy: Good plan. But it needs a little depth. <Smile>

Me: <On my back, cranking my legs up to expose my pussy.> I think better
with you inside me.

Billy: Me too. <Lust in the dust>

Chapter Seven -- Seduction

It took some doing, but Billy and I developed a plan that would only
work if two men were secretly boiling inside for not only sissies, but each
for one particular sissy.

Each Dad would have to have looked at the boy who was his next-door
neighbor and picture him in panties and frillies. To be embarrassed by his
"appetites," but be unable to suppress them.

Billy and I figured our odds were pretty good.

Certainly better than if we didn't try. After all, your chances of
winning the lottery increase dramatically when you buy a ticket.

Our Dads told us a lot of stuff about what we should do and shouldn't
do. We listened, sort of, but a recurring theme was service to others. The
Dads had always done a lot of volunteer work, some of it together. We used
that fact to great advantage.

Billy and I were able to convince the Dads that, two weeks before we
began high school, we should do a road trip to a nearby town where a group
was building homes for the underprivileged. It would just be the Dads and
"sons" and we would have to stay overnight at a motel.

Whew! That was the easy part. The Dads loved the fact that we were
taking an interest in something beyond those long walks they saw us take
into the woods all the time, so they agreed.

It was kind of fun doing that carpentry work, although it wasn't very
sissyish. <That part came that night when we went to the motel.>

I remember one moment that day when I almost creamed my panties. Billy
was on the ladder above me and I could see up his shorts. I could see his
panties and some little hairs sticking out from their sides. That Billy is
so sexy. I wanted to drag him off to the woods and kiss him
senseless. <Sigh>

Billy and I were mega horny when we got to our rooms that night and if
things worked the way we had carefully planned them, we would have all the
cock and cum we wanted for the rest of our lives.

Dad and I went to our room. Billy and Mr. Sheehan went to theirs a few
rooms away.

According to our plan, we boys showered first.

I dried myself quickly (patting, not rubbing) then, as Dad went in to
use the bathroom and shower, I slipped on clean shorts and a tshirt,
grabbed my pre-packed "operational kit" and silently left the room.

I was relieved to meet Billy in the hallway. So far so good. I gave
Billy a brief kiss -- not even any tongue -- then ran to the Sheehan's room
and in through the propped-open door.

I heard the shower running. Check. I quickly stripped off my tshirt and
shorts, slid black stockings up my luscious legs, put my black babydoll
over my head, put on my red lipstick and brushed my boyish hair. Then I
propped up a couple of pillows and lay on the bed, watching the bathroom

The water stopped. I began to tremble. Our whole future depended on how
Billy's Dad acted when he saw me and my Dad acted when he saw Billy.

Despite all the tension, my tiny doodle was sticking out of the bottom
of my short babydoll. I was horny. I hadn't cum all day, after all.

I drew my breath and tried to look sexy for Mr. Sheehan.

I waited.

Finally, the bathroom door opened. Steam emerged, then Mr. Sheehan
wearing a towel around his waist.

He was gorgeous!!!! Hairy and manly!!!!! And I hadn't even seen the best

He wasn't wearing his glasses, so he didn't really get what was before
him until he put them on.

Then he staggered back in shock and awe!

I was scared he might punch me or something. Or call me mean names (I
hate those). Or get Dad to ground me for life.

Instead, he just stared and said, "Adam? What......?"

Somehow, I managed to speak. "I'm a sissy, Mr. Sheehan. Billy is
too. We've been lovers for months. But we need men. Sissies need men."

The man was catatonic. Was that good?

The catalyst for returning him to earth was the sharp ring of the room's

I wasn't picking it up. I was getting ready to protect myself if he was
going to smack me.

Mr. Sheehan considered it a welcome diversion. Here was his



"Here too.


"I know.

"I know.

"I agree.



If I was ever going to pee myself, that was the moment.

My eyes were on Mr. Sheehan.

He didn't speak.

But he did drop his towel.

What a sight.

And what a victory for sissyhood.

"That was your Dad, Adam."

Duh! I knew it wasn't the Department of Homeland Security.

"He made some good points."

The beautiful man sat on the bed next to me and began skinning my

Oh, joy!

He said, "Your Dad said if a boy's a sissy, no one's going to change

Dad was wise.

Then he said, "Your Dad and I agreed that if we fucked your little
bottoms all night long, we would regret it."

Not good for our side. But why was he taking me to paradise with his
hand then?

"But we also agreed that if we didn't fuck your little bottoms all night
long, we would regret it a lot more and for a much longer time. So I guess
we will."

And then he kissed me!

My first, hairy, muscular, handsome man. Holding me as he would a
woman. Kissing me and worshipping my mouth with his tongue as he skinned me
as only a man would know how to do properly.

Was it any wonder that I was soon screaming and cumming for the first of
many times that cummy, landmark night?

He was totally naked and very naughty. Right after I evacuated my last
blissful spurt, he licked every drop of goo off me, then sucked me to
another cockstand. Then he moved into a 69 position where I could get
acquainted with my enormous, erect date for the evening as he satisfied his
lifelong curiosity about sucking a girlish cock. He was a good
cocksucker. I was better. I had him spewing and moaning in minutes. It was
thick and creamy, with an entirely different bouquet and taste from Billy's
cum. "Fantastic" was the word I would use. Mr. Sheehan was very pleased
with all my girlish noises when I gave him the mouthful of sticky sissy
cream that all real men want and need.

We must have spent about an hour kissing and fondling after that. All
over each other's bodies. He was a very bold lover. He kissed my nipples
until I spurted gooies. Then he made a long meal out of my pussy until I
came once again in an agony of delight.

He was big and hard again and I knew I was going to be fucked the way
every sissy needs it. Under a rampant, merciless man. Nothing would stop
Mr. Sheehan from filling my miniscule hole with his weapon of mass

Bring it on.

Billy's cock felt like a finger to me in my bottom, but Mr. Sheehan's
cock was like a redwood. I almost chickened out, only to be drummed out of
sissy society forever (after an appropriate mark was placed on my
forehead}. Real sissies, after all, like big cocks in their pretty bottoms.

And this was a big one.

I was on my stomach spread-eagled out and pinned to the bed by a
superior body. He had made me wet and was using his fingers to stretch my
insides. His fingers were bigger than Billy's cock and he had three of them
in me! It was a wonder I didn't cum right then. When he felt I had a
fighting chance to live through the assault, he put his apple-sized,
blunt-object cockhead against my slightly stretched hole and pushed.

Oh, yes. There are stars beyond our galaxy. I counted them all as that
foreign object was repatriated on my soil. I took it all, ladies and
gentlemen and squealed sissily for more.

No applause, please. I was born to the task. A sissy's ass was meant for
cock. And the pleasure it brings sissy and lover.


Destiny. My destiny. And a rollicking good time was had by us
both. Mr. Sheehan told me it was the best fuck of his life. Then improved
on that three times later that glorious night.

Chapter Eight -- Resolution

So what now? I don't know, really.

In the three weeks since our big night, we've had eight joint,
father-son outings, all of which ended up in hotel rooms. Mr. Sheehan can't
keep his hands off me <giggle> and Dad is the same with Billy.

They've both sworn to get us hormones and have us live full-time as
girls. The moms may be an obstacle, but I don't think so. They're pretty
sensible and there's really no choice. Billy and I are going to be girls.

If the Dads don't help us as they promised, the loss of our pussies
would be too much for them to bear.

They'll do what we want. No doubt. Pussy is the ultimate weapon.

Billy and I are still very much in love and even when we marry and
become wives and mothers, I know we'll still have lots of time for each
other. Friend time and sex time.

Now all we need is some girl names for us. Any ideas?

Please tell me what you think at

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