Content Guidelines for the new Nifty

Where are the rest of the categories?

Briefly, some context; the new Nifty site includes a number of new and advanced features. In addition to the new interface, stories now include metadata like Author links, view counts, and custom reader controls.

To host these new features, the new site must be run on modern cloud infrastructure that imposes additional restrictions on the type of material that can be hosted.

Unfortunately, this means that stories that feature bestiality or characters younger than high-school age cannot be hosted on the new Nifty.

Some categories (like incest) contain a mix of characters above and below high-school age, making it difficult to effectively moderate these stories at scale. So while these categories are currently unavailable, we are working on solutions to bring back approved content for them soon.

Are these stories going away forever?

No. All stories will continue to be available on Classic Nifty for the indefinite future. If you'd like to read these stories, you can always access the classic archive by clicking here.

Can I continue to submit my stories?

You may continue to submit stories in the same way, following the submission guidelines documented here. They will be continue to be hosted on both the classic site (and the new site if they meet the new requirements mentioned above).

Please note that if any part of your story features bestiality, incest, or characters younger than high-school age, the story cannot be hosted on the new site. Thank you for your understanding.


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