Climber's Romance

By Blackthorn Lord

Published on Nov 18, 2023



Climber's Romance

The Climber’s Delight

The Climber’s Romance

By: Blackthorn Lord

Story codes: F/F. Lesbian romance. Sports/athletics.

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And possibly a brief little run-in with quite possibly one of the coolest and sexiest women I’ve ever met.

        I could tell she was female from her soft, gentle face and the confident feminine strides.  

Her smooth, pale, soft-looking skin wasn't the only thing that got my attention.

It was also that very soft, silky-smooth voice. Sweet but not unnatural or forced in any real way. I couldn’t hear what she said because I was pretty far up at this point.

My name is Lily Jones, and I was a professional rock climber as both indoor and outdoor champion. I preferred outdoor because you can get a feel for the real rocks and where to fit your hands into the grooves. I’ve only ever had to deal with a snake bite twice.

She spoke again. Covering her face with a hand, from the Sun’s light, she yelled, “I knew I’d find some pros here eventually! If I kept coming back I’d find someone amazing!”

She then turned to my brother, Craig, and she asked, casually flicking that long hair in the ponytail she wore, “I wanted to get a solid climb in, but my friends who were going to show up and boulder with me decided to drop out. I have a competition coming up soon for climbing and so I wanted to get ready and really try to test myself a bit before that competition as it’s my first.”

I was so shocked that she was talking to me, not just while in the middle of my climb, but also wanting to climb with us.

I, without thought, yelled down, “I’m just about there anyway. I’ve been working on this climb for a little over 20 minutes now!”

“Okay, don’t get gassed out though!” She called with surprising concern for a relative stranger.

“I know! I won’-” I started to respond, but then cut myself off when I missed my connecting rock by a few inches, and while able to catch myself I did slip and banged my elbow and knee into the rock wall. I bounced off it with a sharp “mmph” sound.

As soon as I started to focus on the rocks again and away from that perfectly toned, and insanely fit, ass that I could see even from up where I was. Trying to swallow my pride and the pain in my body.

I let out the most girly squeal as I started falling to the ground.

I guess I should at least explain what I looked like, and look like.

I was only 31 then, when that lady came into my climb and threw me for a loop.

 I have sandy-colored hair and naturally straight hair that I curl into waves. I am some Asian, Korean specifically, which does look a little out of place here in Colorado, but we are not completely minorities.

I’m only about 5’5 and about 118 lbs but I have biceps and lean muscles all around my legs and arms because of the workouts I do and the training I do. My body is not really fit to kill, it is more fit to climb walls and run long distances. I was lean, and muscular, but I have been told I am more feminine than most women with muscle.

. The first time he took me with him was a rather tough time in my life.

I was fat, unmotivated, and completely and totally depressed.

Our dad had just passed suddenly from colon cancer and while it was treatable, he didn’t want to fight it again. He let it take him that third fight because, according to him, he already accomplished all he had to accomplish. What with becoming a best-selling author of several mystery and thriller books, a few of which I secretly liked but never told him.

He also was a 10-year military man in the Navy SEAL, worked as a technician for his team, and then once he’d had enough in war, he decided to come back. After some time of not knowing what to do, what with a few kids, he, on a whim, decided to become a policeman.

He wound up doing an additional 20-year police officer job, which did wonders for his career in the authoring world.

All in all, he was extremely decorated in our town and our state, and he was missed when he was gone at only 67.

On a whim, I moved back in with my mother and my brother. It was on one random Tuesday that he asked me the question that would change it all for me.

He comes into my room, sits next to me, and asks, “Would you like to come with me and Jackie? To the wall? We’d like the company. Maybe you will like it.”

He stands there for a minute before he walks to the door.

He looks down for a moment before back at me and says, “You gotta fight this. I know you’re hurting even if you refuse to say it out loud. And that’s fine. At least find something to replace this darkness and use it for good.”

Without another word, and with reluctant acceptance, I nod at that.

I then say, shrugging, “I think I’ll come down. How hard can it be?”

I even twisted my ankle that first night badly.

I wound up going into the hospital for it.

Something about that, though.

It made me realize how unfit I was.

No longer afraid of the pain that might come out of exercising.

Only, instead, having one goal in-mind, to become as good as my brother was at rock climbing and maybe, someday, make him proud. Maybe I could do something really inspiring, not for myself but for someone else.

I could make him realize how good I could be at something.

This woman I found myself enamored by wasn’t ripped like some of the CrossFit or bodybuilder types, but she was strong and had a very balanced body. Not at all like my more balanced-with-muscle type either.

Like me, but effortlessly more feminine than my softest lesbian look and style. She was built like a dancer.

That woman, who had struck up a conversation while I was on a rope and in the middle of an intense climb, was my weakness. She was my type personified.

Her body was insanely tight: her ass firm, her stomach perfect, her face beautifully symmetrical.

Even her voice I could faintly hear a bit of an accent from. I thought, still looking down at my hands, Somewhere European perhaps. Maybe somewhere in the Baltic?

I couldn’t help but keep my head buried in my hair, bloodied forearm and knee, as my brother repelled me down to the ground slowly.

Once back on the ground, the pain wasn’t nearly as bad as the embarrassment.

He came running over to me, helped me unhook everything, and gave me some disinfectant wipes for my bloodied arm and leg.

I realized then, as I was closer to her, why my brother was indeed also checking her out. Albeit a lot less subtly than he was trying to let-on.

He also must’ve noticed I checked her out not-so-subtly because he then winked at me and then turned to her before saying, “Well, sure. We’d love another climber with us, but we were almost finished for today. It’s just a tune-up for our own duo tournament coming up. It’s a big one.”

“Well, that’s fine. I only moved into town a few months ago, so I’m still trying to find the best climbs out here.”

“You are new, huh?” My brother asked her, seemingly way too interested in this younger lady. Then Craig explained, “I mean, I’ve done some small ones, but my sister here.”

He motioned to me with his hands in a large gesture, “She’s done single comp before, so she could give some insight into that.”  

Why’d you say that, idiot? I thought, as she looked at me with those light-colored blue eyes.

I just shrugged and smiled a little, trying to appear innocent, before saying, “I wouldn’t mind spotting if you feel you need it.”

She smirked back at me happily before explaining, “I’ve done tournaments before, all only indoor tournaments in casual settings. This will be the first real ranked tournament I’m in.”

My brother asked, then gave me some long-strip bandages to cover the cuts, “I’m just curious, what tournament will you be in?”

She nodded at that and said, “The Clear Creek singles and Doubles tournament.”

“No shit.” I blurted out. Then I covered my mouth and apologized but she just looked at me with amusement in her eyes.  

Then she explained, looking at the rock wall, with that accent coming through sometimes, “I only went pro last year. I did a bunch of indoor tournaments but this will be my first-ever outdoor tournament and I can’t help but think I’ll get bit by a snake or something.”

“I did singles comp for a little while, like my brother said, and I actually also had trouble sometimes with that fear, but I stuck to the indoor stuff mostly and only have done outdoor events in doubles.” I explained.

“I do single comp right now, but I’d like to get into doubles someday. So long as my partner, whoever it would wind up being, was wise and very talented.” She answered with a shrug.

“Soooo,” My brother said, drawing it out. “Would you like to try your hand at this?”

She nodded slightly and extended her hand to each of us, we introduced ourselves as Craig and Lily Jones, siblings. She then said, looking me in the eyes like a laser, “I am Elena Sweet.”

I looked at her surprised for a moment, a moment that she must’ve seen, since she pulled back from the shake and asked, somewhat annoyed, “What? Are you disappointed?”

I just shrugged and said, trying to calm her, “No, no. I just imagined it differently, what with your accent.”

She smirked then, losing the annoyed expression, before explaining, “It’s okay. I understand. You expected a really Baltic name, didn’t you?”

I shrugged again and looked to my brother, who I noticed was looking on in amusement at the situation. I snapped by slapping him on his chest swiftly and sharply, “Set her up on rope, bro.”

“See, here I thought that I’m the older brother.” He said, teasing me as he indeed got the rope.

I saw her smile at this out of the corner of my eye, before I looked at her and asked, “But did I really offend you? If I did, then I apologize.”

She shrugged it off and said it was not a big deal. Something she got used to since she moved here three years ago.

I asked, with genuine curiosity on my face, “Where did you come from?”

She looked up at the rock wall I had just attempted and failed to fully climb for the 20th time. She answered, taking her time and looking still at the rock wall, “I am 27 now, and am originally from Belarus. Where we have a dictator for a ruler, who prefers to be called an “authoritarian” since he believes that makes it less harsh. Therefore less likely to be overthrown. It is even worse for those like us, how do you say…” She searched for the word for a moment, motioning with her hands between the two of us, before settling for, “lover of same-sex.”

I smirked and said, “We just say lesbian or gay here.”

I looked at her and saw sadness there. As well as some hidden anger and rage.

Something about that told me that she had something happen to where she no longer felt safe there.

So, I just simply asked, “What brought you to America? Or, should I not ask?”

She smirked sadly before saying, with a shake of her head, “I was not ever hurt, not myself anyway, if that’s what you’re alluding to, but I have been indirectly hurt and I have seen what the lack of action has allowed. I have seen friends who were true to themselves, who gave up trying to fight it, and who gave up caring about their home country because of the lack of protection. For many of us, we don’t even want to come out until we’re out of the country. He’s often said things, like that us lesbians aren’t intolerable but men of the same kind are still immoral. That enrages our community, yet we really cannot do anything about it.”

My brother chimed in, still working on securing the ropes on a final check, saying, “I imagine it would be difficult, especially with more European countries allowing same-sex marriages nowadays and then your own not accepting it. Italy and Korea are the same way, too.”

She smiled again happily before saying, “When I finally accepted myself, I told my father I no longer felt the want to live in that country. He asked why and I told him the truth. He did not scream and fight me. As he was an educator at my former vocation school, and had done research on those like us, he accepted it as a part of my nature. Hence my father once telling me, "дачка,” means daughter, “it is always wise to stay quiet about this. So long as you stay in this country, you will never be free to live how you’d like.’”

“I think I get it. I really do. I was born and raised in Oregon, which is generally a very accepting state, but not all Oregon people in my town liked me or my sexuality. I was pretty badly picked on for it. Until my brother found out and put a stop to it.”

She nodded happily again, saying, “You too have a strong bond. I can see that.”

I nodded, looking briefly over at Craig as he set up the rope, and said, “Yeah, we’ve had some rough times recently, but I think the competitions together have actually only made us stronger.”

She then looked at me once more, then explained, “I miss my siblings. I do not know if they miss me, since they never accepted me, but I do miss them often.”

“Do you still talk to your parents?” I heard my brother asking, over my shoulder, as he walked back to us with the ropes now off me and ready for Elena.

At that, Elena smiled and nodded, saying, “They are actually living with me until they find a person to purchase their house there in Belarus. They will be moving into Colorado Springs in a small house once their paperwork is finalized and their house is sold. I told them while I was training that they could go see around town and go see what it’s like.”

I nodded and said, “That’s awesome.”

Then, seeing me hesitating, she nodded and muttered, “Ask away, you might as well.”

 I just asked, “When did you come here?”

She nodded and shortly, waving those long thin arms around, said, “I came to America in 2016, but only for the year. Just to get settled. Then I came back in 2019 and haven’t been back there since. I knew the best chance to get life for myself here was to get out of there. So I did. And although I miss my family, I do not know if or when it will ever get better over there.”

Then, my brother asked, “Where did you live before this town? It’s not exactly on everyone’s radar except for climbing.”

I turned to him, despite my own want to know more about her, saying, “Not now. Not with a thousand questions.”

She nodded and just said, “I went to Chicago,” and then she looked down for a moment, eagerly watching Craig looping the harness around her waist and then she did a knot on the rope around the belay and carabiner, “but my village back home was much quieter and I didn’t like the loudness. So, I talked to a few people while in a tournament there, and settled here when I started training harder for outdoor climbing.”

Craig then joined in, nodding at that, before nodding to the equipment and saying, “So, you wanted to try and get a few climbs in.”

Elena simply smiled at him and nodded.

He explained, while picking up the rope and giving it to me, “I won’t be assisting since I want to go down and get the majority of my stuff away, since I’m done for the night, but you will be in very good hands. You two can keep going.”

With that, and with one last wink at me, he walked off and down the hill. It was still well over 75 degrees and sunny. So, it was hot but still climbable weather.

 The equipment that was cinched was still in place and was still very solid.
“Belay?” I asked.

She looked back at me with a blank look, then back to the wall. I couldn’t see her face but if I could I’m sure I would’ve been creaming myself because I was so hot for her.

She looked to be mentally mapping where to go with the climb.

I asked, “Are you okay? Do you not want to do this right now?”

She shook her head and shushed me, saying, “I just realized we will most likely be competing in the same tournament in this park in a few weeks. Thankfully, we are not against each other.”

“Wait,” I said. I stepped closer to her, asking, “What do you mean? I thought you were mapping the route out?”

She sighed deeply and almost in annoyance that I wasn’t getting it, then turned toward me, “I had this wall mapped out two weeks ago and only actually got halfway before cramping up and having to come down, luckily now it seems it is perfect weather to attempt this climb again. Even if I wasn’t giving you my number, which I am by the way, we would still be able to see each other.”

She then flippantly remarked, “It seems as if we’re meant to be close to each other.”

She had a look of calmness, but also intensity.

Once she seemed to have it mapped out, something nearly every climber did, she then said, “Belay on.”

“Belay on, confirmed.”

“Good, I’m ready.” She said, with calmness. One final tug on the belay and harness and she got onto the wall.

For the next ten or so minutes, all was silent.

I saw her muscular arms, her lean, long legs and feet, and her long fingers gracefully moving from rock to rock, testing one and then the other.

This rock wall wasn’t that bad, it was mainly up-and-down, but it had some jutting parts and had some odd angled rocks. There was one section I kept getting squeezed by, but something began to occur to me as I watched her lithe, lean dancer-body flow up that rock face. A thought came to my mind. Almost an epiphany moment, but something a little more subtle.

I thought, Damn, Elena is a legit climber. A fuckin’ badass climber! Holy shit, she might be better than me!

She finally, after minutes of silence and my silent, in-awe watching, called down, “I see what you’re saying about this wall!”

She moved again, slowly working her way up, almost a full 15 meters ahead of where I was on the climb. She then said, again calling from above, “It’s not that difficult, or that intense, but it is testing my endurance for sure!”

I thought to try to motivate her, as she was already up further than me, “You have this! You’re already up more than me! I’ve got you!”

She just nodded and said, yelling down, “You’re right! I got this! I know!”

With that, and a little bit of more concentration and maneuvering, she nailed it.

She got to the top and looked back down at me.

She smiled and called out, “I finally got it! Three tries in two weeks and I got it completed!”

 I could tell she seemed happy with the climb, but I was mad at myself.

“I wish I had thought of doing the route you did!” I yelled up.

She shrugged before saying, gently coming back down with obvious satisfaction on her face, “Maybe you’re just having an off-day!”

Although the whole rock face was only about 250 meters, and was only a slightly above average outdoor climb, it was still fairly difficult.

 I hadn’t completely finished it yet and this lady came on the first day and did my climb in a better strategy than I did.

When she finally came back down, I could only go and give her a quick hug. She very quickly accepted it and it was then I also realized something else about her, she was not nearly as petite as she seemed. She was indeed built very lithe and tightly toned.

After separating, I gave her a high five and she laughed.

After a minute of discussing the route she took versus mine, I asked, “So, where did you really learn to climb?”

She shrugged and said, “Remember how I said my dad accepted me for who I am, and that he loved me, but he wanted me to be out of that country before I really came out?”

I nodded, curious to see where this would lead.

She explained, while taking her hair out of its bun and then retying it, “I always liked fitness and I was a dancer for many years in my youth. I was a dancer and a gymnast, actually. I was in the U12s for my country in gymnastics.”

I was shocked and it showed when she chuckled at my facial reaction.

It wasn’t due to not thinking she could’ve been that good, that much was obvious by the climb she just did, but her saying dancer AND gymnast. That was more impressive.

A quick thought came as to how she’d look nude on my bed, how toned she might look, but as quick as it came and as quick as I visualized it, I stopped myself. Not going down that right now. Nope. That’s more trouble than I’d like to think about.

“Well, how did your dad take it when you told him you… are?” I asked, leaving the question and answer up to her.

“He actually took it really well.” She stated, thinking thoughtfully.

She stood tall, and explained with her shoulders in good posture, “He, at first, was shocked as any would be, but he took it well. And on my birthday, while we were in Bulgaria on vacation, he told me that as a way to show me he still cared for me even if my siblings didn’t, and took me to a newly established rock climbing spot up in the mountains.”

I just shook my head at that in silent disbelief, and I thought my family was weird.

I then shook myself and said, “That was kind of him. And that means it was in his way of showing you he loves you and supports you.”

She nodded at my observation, and then I asked, obvious nervousness creeping in my voice, “This may sound out-of-nowhere, but you mind if I get your phone number? Maybe, like my brother suggested, we could get together and work to tweak each other's climbing. Help a fellow female climber out?”

She looked at me and then stepped closer.

She poked my stomach with a finger, saying, “You sure you just want to be friends?”

I sputtered out something completely un-sexy and she thankfully saved me from my own bumbling ways and simply said she was kidding, but then said, “Not about the friend thing, though. I really do want a climbing friend. I do like the idea of a fellow gay friend. I don’t really have many here. I broke up with my girlfriend just four months ago and all her friends were mine. Some have stayed in contact, others haven’t.”

I shrugged and said, “Sure, that’s how it usually works with breakups. Well, at least you’ve got a new friend in me. I’ve got three friends. My mom, my dog Neo, and my brother.”

She looked at me curiously and then after asking her what it was, she explained, “I never took you for the nerdy type. Or the dog-lover type.”

I just shrugged and said, “Yeah, well, you’ll come to learn a lot about me if you stick around.”

She smirked back at me, saying, “Touché.”

She looked at her own watch, and that prompted me to read my own, 6:30.

Damn, I thought shocked, I thought Craig would’ve been done cleaning up and getting back over here.  I sent him a quick text saying where he was and what he was doing for so long. He quickly replied “Thought you two could use some alone time.”

Then a few seconds later he typed “Don’t forget to cool down before coming back to the car. I did. ”

“Well, my bro, Craig.” I explained, trying not to sound angry even though I failed, “He just left me high and dry here, so I have to cool down before meeting him. Don’t worry, I have spray and I have a flashlight.”

I then turned to face her fully again and said, hesitating, “So, this will seem like it’s random and weird and coming from nowhere. And I apologize in advance if you think it rude. But my brother, Craig, will be retiring soon from competition. After this last big one, actually. I keep thinking, Who can I rely on? Could I trust anyone to get serious points like Craig? No, there is no one. So, I started thinking about early retirement from competitions. And now here you are, this angel came from nowhere.  ”

She looked back up at me from her watch, thinking about something and then saying, “Well, it would be fun, but I also don’t like to play for second place. In anything.”

I just shook my head and said, “I never said you had to commit to this. Just think about it. But I didn’t come in second place. We were pretty much robbed.”

She smirked and asked, “Really?”

She continued, explaining with a sassy tone, “Cause that’s not what your brother said to me when he whispered in my ear that you were still salty because you lost this big tournament in doubles.”

I looked at her, gritting my teeth, and said, “Why do you think we’re out here in this hot Sun busting our asses?!”

She shook her head and said, “I could tell you have extremely good technique, but you don’t really have any flow. You can’t just use muscle and technique to hold up. It won’t work on the higher-scoring runs. Clear Creek Canyon will be punishing you. All of us. Luckily, I’ve climbed it once and I know my competition area well. I suggest we go there next week and do a few run-throughs.”

I shook my head and then said, sadly remembering my weaknesses, “But I am working on it. It’s always about the grind and making progress a little at a time on different climbs. Sure, you made that look easy, and I’ve been having a tough time getting up the winding part of it, but even you’re not the best. To get to where we want to be, in competition and just overall, we have to be able to take the easy climbs as hard ones.”

She responded, gently poking my stomach again, “Like I said, you do have an arsenal, but also are a bit lopsided, I think we could work on some stuff.”

She turned back to me and said, “Also, I’m sure you’re going to do amazing. I’ve seen you climb before. And I’ve obviously noticed how you look at my body, but while I’m in the middle of my season,” she winked at me, as I was about to sip on my water, and turned away while throwing her bag on, “I don’t do sex.”

As if reading my mind perfectly, before leaving, she turned once more, saying, “Also, Lily Jones… I work hard at everything.”

I sputtered on my sip of that drink and she just giggled at me.

The echoes of that wafting over me like a soft song.

I then just yelled out, “Neither do I, Elena. Neither do I!”

She giggled once more before she was off and out of sight.

I indeed cooled down with the calm 2-mile jog back to the parking lot where the car was.

I decided I would keep her number.

Also kept her voice, her face, how her body felt when against mine, and everything about her stored in my mind.

It was at once an obsession, completely unhealthy, and also a love I had never known could be so raw and real right off the bat.

Something told me about her statement from before, about us possibly being destined to meet, being more true than I liked to admit.


(sexy stuff coming up soon here)

I fell back on the bed with a moan, Elena following me close. She pressed her lips to mine and we kissed. It wasn’t soft like our first few, more gentle and soft, kisses. No, this was a deeper, more passionate kiss. Filled with wanting and needing each other.

She laid on top of me with her curvy body. I could feel her curves and muscles through the short shorts and tank top she wore.

I felt her warm, soft body grind into me.

“Fuck, I need these clothes off you.” She whispered to me, as she gently nibbled on my ear. Fuck, she knows my weaknesses!  

 She felt so warm and soft. Her body was pale, but smooth like silk.

She felt so warm and comfortable. I felt nothing like that incredibly safe with her.

This was something I’d never felt before.

We swiftly, without needing to talk, knew what we each needed. We took our time, exploring each other's bodies really for the first time.


Without hesitation but still with care and emotions.

Everything about that woman made me swoon. The way she moaned and gasped as I pressed into her. The way she talked into my ear and softly nibbled at my neck. Sending me into a moaning, quivering mess of my own.

I managed to grip at her shirt and that was enough for her to know what I wanted.

I pulled the shirt up and off her. Her arms stretched up to help.

Then we both worked at getting her short shorts off. They slid off and were pushed to the floor without care.

We were both too hot for each other to care about where our clothes landed.

 I went back to her lush lips once more, feeling the give and softness of them. The sweet, subtle taste of the wine we had just hours before.

I worked to take off her bra and once finished went to take off her undies. They were an off-beige color that matched the bra. Not so different from my own but only my bra was not a sexy bra but a sports bra and my panties were not really panties at all. Instead mine were more like boy shorts but more stretchy and sexier. They hugged my hips and legs tightly.

 I fell right back into her embrace once we had both taken our underwear off.  I kissed down the nape of her neck, her moans following me all the way down until I got to her chest.

She was slim and lean in all ways including her breasts. They weren’t the biggest I’d seen, or felt, but they weren’t small either.

Somewhere between a C-cup and D-cup, I figured.

 They were beautifully well proportioned and not at all sagging.

Mine were starting to sag a little bit.

I suddenly threw my head back as she put her knee between my thighs and I called out her name as I grinded my crotch with her knee.

As I fixed myself to grinding on her toned leg for a minute, I also thought about asking her something.

I looked up at her, now from between her breasts as I licked my way from one soft tit to the other, eliciting all I wanted from her explosive want for me.

She noticed I was looking at her, even as we were trapped in lust and pleasure, and asked, “What? What is it?”

“It’s nothing really.” I responded, even while knowing her response would be of worry.

“I know it’s something on your mind. You can tell me. You’ve kissed me, and now we’re naked together for the first time and you’re thinking.”

I just shrugged from below and came back up, asking, “I’ve had several girlfriends, too many to really care about counting now that I have you, but have you ever felt this way about another woman? Before me?”

She, looking at me carefully, raised herself up in all her naked glory, saying, “No. I have not… felt quite this way… I’ve often been quite a pillow princess before, but now I feel I wish to know all about your body.”

That right there was enough for me, for the time being, and to know that I wasn’t the only one feeling these different, raw feelings for the first time was special.

“If it at all gets uncomfortable, for any reason, tell me?” I asked, needing more than wanting to know that she felt as safe with me as I did with her.

She nodded and said, kissing me briefly, “You know me well enough to know that I would’ve already spoken up by now.”

I, without further pause, and feeling myself grow completely soaked down below, gave her one last lingering kiss on the mouth.

Then I said, as I punctuated each word while kissing my way south to where she needed me, “You… are… so… sexy, honey. I need to taste you…”

I finally got down to where I wanted and spread her legs softly, gently nudging them. I finally saw what I’d wanted to for so long and gently spread her lips apart.

She pleaded with me, moaning as I spread her open, “Please, Lily. Ple-please. HHOoo”

She ended that with a moan as I licked her firmly. Now becoming increasingly aware of my own need for her mouth on me, as she thrashed around.

Head back and legs squeezing firmly on my head from the sides. Huh, so. This is what Heaven feels like.

I knew it was going to be extremely hot to feel her mouth on my pussy, but that could wait. I have to focus and take my time loving her. I’ll show her I am the best and the only thing she'll ever need.

“Uh, urgh. Please, yes. Right there!” She screamed out at that last flick of my tongue on her clit. I finally got around to her clit, and sucked it firmly.

I loved the visceral bodily reactions I got from her form as she flipped around and silently pleaded for me to finish her.

I acquiesced with her by gently putting the first one finger, and then testing her tightness for a few seconds, putting the second one in her. She was a super soaker and had my fingers and mouth soaked, pulled into her wet, hot heat. Her hand on the back of my head as she steadied me and tried to steady herself.

She wasn’t going to find that. I doubled-down on her and sat up a bit on my knees. I knew this would work better if she was spread more out. So, I did that with my fingers. I found her wet and needy for my tongue and fingers.

Pretty pussy, just like I thought, as I stared up at her gorgeous and lithe, toned frame sitting over me.

I knew I must be in Heaven at that moment. Nothing could compare to the reactions she gave me and my tongue as I flicked her little bean and began fingering her much harder.

Not brutal thrusts like she’d give to me later on with my favorite strapon, but much easier in some ways as she was a super soaker. Her pussy, in a matter of moments, along with her stiffening up in my arms, had soaked my hand and the sheet it dripped onto.

After pulling out, with only a soft whimper following her moans, I moved back up and suddenly energized she practically leapt onto me and said, “I’m more excited to fuck you than you ever probably thought.”

“You’ll kill me with this enthusiasm of yours, miss.” I said, teasingly.

She quickly sniffed me and then sucked me in her mouth gently, but firmly.

Making me react in a way I hadn’t with others in a long time.

“OHH, FUCK” I exclaimed, as her sucking grew more demanding.

 "Yes, give me more!" Demanding more of my body to be at her mercy.

Of course I gave myself over to her. Fully. Trusting in her easily with the way she used my body.

With one last squeal, I shouted her name.

I squealed again when I felt her push two fingers inside my tight cavern. She began sawing in and out as she bit my clit firmly.

That was the one that set me off for the last time.

I felt myself gush on her mouth and face, and then, body still spasming, she pulled those long, thin fingers out of me with a short grunt and then came back up the bed. She kissed her way up to me as she came back up and finally laid a kiss onto my lips. We kissed like that, softly and soothingly, for a few minutes more.

We were about the same height, but I was a little more muscular and weighed more than her and so we easily fit like a glove.

I took a few calming breaths, feeling the sweat now drying our bodies, and cooling us down and we each fell into a calm, quiet sleep.

Arm in arm.

Bodies intertwined.

I knew this was the one for me.

She was the only one I'd ever need.

And I'd show her I was her one and only that she'd ever need.

The End.


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