Inmate 73289 (Lesbian- Authoritarian)

By Flametop Fan

Published on Nov 19, 2023



Inmate 73289 (Lesbian- Authoritarian)

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Inmate 73289 sat on a rickety wooden chair in front of the Warden's desk. Everything she wore was standard prison issue, from the baggy orange jumpsuit to the soft slippers on her feet to the very unsoft handcuffs around her wrists.

Officer Garrick leaned against the wall, keeping an eye on the 30-something blonde. Her blue uniform clashed with the institutional yellow paint, and the polished nightstick on her belt gleamed under the fluorescent lighting.

Warden Vance entered the office bearing a manila folder. She wore a severe black suit, boots, no jewelry, and an irritated expression. She sat in the leather rolling chair and opened the folder, consulting the pages within. For several minutes, the loudest sounds in the office were the ticking of the clock and the pops of Officer Garrick's gum.

The warden finally looked up at the woman seated before her.

"Fighting again, Inmate 73289?"

"No," the woman grumbled.

"No, what?" Officer Garrick demanded.

"No, Warden," she said sarcastically.

The officer reached for her baton, but the warden's raised hand stopped her.

"I have Officer Garrick, here, and two other inmates that say otherwise. One of whom is in the infirmary." She sat back with a look of disappointment. "It's as if you don't want parole at all," she said. "Is that it? Are you that enamored with our company?"

The handcuffed blonde snorted. "Yeah, that's it. Can't get enough of this place. The food, the accommodations, the scenery. Five stars."

"Let's see how you like the scenery in Solitary," Officer Garrick snarled.

The warden shook her head. "73289 has been to Solitary before. I don't think it did her any good." She tapped her chin. "The Vault, I think."

"What the fuck is the Vault?" the prisoner asked.

A bag over her head was her only answer.

When the bag was removed, Inmate 73289 gasped in shock. She stood in the middle of a large, windowless room. Wooden and iron stands in all sorts of configurations were scattered about, bearing eyebolts and screws and thick leather cuffs. A dark cabinet loomed nearby, and suspicious reddish stains meandered towards a drain set in the concrete floor.

Officer Garrick smiled nastily at the prisoner as she clipped a large carabiner around the handcuff chain. The carabiner was attached to a thick cable running through a crank mounted on the wall, and the tall officer proceeded to hoist the prisoner's hands into the air.

The warden entered through the single door, closing and locking it behind her. She walked over to the bound woman.

"Do you know why you're here, 73289?" she asked.

"Let me guess, you need decorating tips. I can start by telling you that the feng shui in here really sucks."

The warden grabbed her chin. "Because you're a recalcitrant bitch who refuses to learn her place. Today, you will. Officer Garrick? If you please."

The officer grinned wickedly and stepped over to the cabinet. She opened one door slightly and reached inside, bringing out a large pair of scissors. She positioned herself behind the inmate.

"Hold still, love," she murmured in her ear. "We don't want you bleeding yet." She proceeded to cut away the jumpsuit, revealing plain prison-issue bra and panties.

The officer walked around the bound woman, reaching out to lightly drag the tip of the scissors across her skin, making her gasp and twist away. She snipped one shoulder strap, then the other. She stood in front of her and slowly slid the open scissors down into her cleavage, then cut the bra completely.

It fell to the floor, and the inmate's full breasts dropped a bit. Her nipples were dark and hard, and Officer Garrick pinched one roughly, making her hiss in pain. Two quick cuts, and the panties came off, too. The prisoner was a natural blonde, and her golden pubic hair had grown out from her last trim.

The officer went to stand beside the warden. "This one's prettier than the one from last week," she said.

"I wonder if she'll last as long."

"Only one way to find out. Shall we get started?"

"Oh yes," the warden said, reaching over to give the officer a deep, long kiss.

The inmate watched helplessly as the two women began stripping off their clothes. Officer Garrick wore a black latex body suit under her uniform. The shiny material emphasized her moderate breasts, long legs, and shapely ass.

Warden Vance had on a red leather underbust corset that pushed her tits up and forward. Her leather boots turned out to be thigh high, a detail hidden by the knee-length skirt she'd just dropped to the floor, and her panties were lace in a red to match the corset.

"Why don't you give our guest a dance while I set up the pillory?" she suggested to Officer Garrick.

"Lovely." The tall woman went back to the cabinet, exchanging the scissors for a long rod with two prongs on one end.

"What the fuck is AHHH!" the inmate shouted. Officer Garrick had stroked the rod across the back of her leg, delivering a sharp electric shock. The bound woman twisted and turned, trying to keep the grinning woman in view, but she was never fast enough to see where the next jolt was coming from. Her arms, ribs, breasts, and ass were throbbing, and when the officer began stroking her inner thighs with the prod, she cried out as she floundered helplessly in her chains.

She panted as she recovered, sweat running down her face and chest.

"Ready over here," the warden called from behind her. Officer Garrick lowered the prisoner's arms, and she was too dazed to resist as the women locked her into a wooden frame on a large platform. She was bent forward, her head and hands secured on a post by two boards with holes cut for her wrists and neck. Her ankles had been cuffed to two posts rising up from the back end of the platform, keeping her legs spread apart.

She was facing the cabinet, so saw Warden Vance pull out a strap-on and buckle it on. The officer got a big jar of lube out and attended to the warden's dildo as the warden retrieved a long leather belt. They kissed again and walked back over.

The warden moved from her line of sight, so the prisoner watched as Officer Garrick knelt in front of her, debating loudly about which hole the warden was going to fuck first.

CRACK! The thick leather belt smacked across 73289's ass. A hot burst was quickly followed by swelling pain, and she cried out again. The warden continued to lash her sporadically, until the pain settled into a steady heat that made her pussy start to tingle.

She felt the warden's hands on her hips, and the big dildo she wore slowly slipped inside her, filling her quivering cunt and making her pant with the mingled pleasure and pain.

Officer Garrick grabbed her breasts roughly, squeezing and smacking them, making them sway. A set of weighted nipple clamps were on the floor in front of the platform, and the latex-clad woman attached them to the inmate's hard nipples, flicking them with her long nails to make them chime like little bells. She laughed delightedly.

Despite the abuse, 73289 felt an orgasm building, all of the conflicting sensations building up to an overwhelming pressure. Just before she succumbed, the warden withdrew the big latex cock and Officer Garrick stepped back. They let her sit on the edge until the looming release subsided.

"You haven't earned a reward, inmate," Warden Vance said. "Not by a long shot. Officer Garrick, however, has."

The prisoner was released from the pillory, but her freedom only lasted the length of time it took to move her to another bizarre piece of furniture. The two women locked her in a box, with only her head sticking out at the top. A seat was positioned where her head emerged, and Officer Garrick climbed into it. She grasped a zipper in the crotch of her suit and pulled. The black latex parted to reveal her bald pussy and pale skin. She scooted her hips forward, sealing her labia against the inmate's mouth. She smelled of sweat and musk.

"Eat me, bitch," she commanded, placing her hand on the back of the blonde's head.

73289 tongued the vicious woman's cunt, lapping up her slick sweetness and flicking across her hard clit. Officer Garrick rode her face hard, crying out as her orgasms cascaded through her. The inmate's face was soaked when she finally moved off of it.

Another contraption, another new indignity. 73289 was on her back, wrists locked behind her head, ankles cuffed to a spreader bar that pressed her knees to her chest. Her ass and pussy were horribly exposed, available for whatever sick plans the two women had in mind.

This time it was the warden that rode her face, her thick labia rubbing up and down the inmate's mouth and nose as Officer Garrick stuck a lubed finger deep inside her asshole. Her other hand teased the blonde cunt with a vibrator, moving it away whenever the inmate seemed close to an orgasm.

"Please," she whispered. "Please."

"What was that, inmate?" Warden Vance demanded.

"Please let me cum. I'm sorry. I won't be a problem anymore. Please."

"Do you believe her, Officer Garrick?"

"You know, I think I do," the tall woman responded. "I think we're looking at real rehabilitation here."

"Then I leave it in your capable hands."

"Oh I'm not going to use my hands," the officer said. She knelt down and began slowly licking the inmate's soaking cunt, moving down to tease her pink asshole, then back again. It didn't take very long before Inmate 73289 was shaking hard and crying out as the long-delayed orgasm crashed through her.

The echoes of her ecstasy faded, the silence suddenly broken by the sound of Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline."

"Oh, that's my daughter calling," 73289 said. The officer and the warden hit the quick-release knots, and the latex-clad woman helped the inmate sit up as Warden Vance brought a cell phone over and handed it to formerly-bound woman.

"Hey, sweetheart," the blonde said. She looked at the time. "About thirty minutes. No, you can't go to Heather's. Because it's a school night. Maybe this weekend. I'll talk to her mother. How about I stop by Great Wall and pick up some dumplings? Yes, and some egg drop soup, too, you brat." She smiled. "Okay. See you soon. Kiss." She hung up and stretched.

"This was everything Victoria said it was and more," she said. "You ladies are excellent."

"You're not too bad yourself," "Warden Vance" said. "That was some fantastic improvisation. If you ever want to change careers, the door is open."

"Absolutely," "Officer Garrick" agreed. "I'd love to see what you do with the CEO/secretary scenario."

"I'll keep it in mind," the blonde said, laughing. "In the meantime, I need to pay you and get going. I have a child that's getting hangry."

"The dressing room is right this way," the tall brunette said.

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