My Wife Making Us a Thruple

By MultyAmory

Published on Feb 9, 2024



The morning my wife caught me fucking my secret boyfriend started like many others. I woke up an hour after her, and came out to the kitchen to eat some breakfast. Karen was busy washing dishes and straightening things up. She had on her robe, which was not cinched up with the belt. Her robe was just open as she stood there rinsing dishes for the dishwasher.

I called out to her,

"Good morning, honey!"

She looked up from the sink and then turned toward me wantonly showing me her strikingly smooth nude body. Her shapely titties were covered but her brown patch of tangly pubic hair showed all too clearly.

"Good morning, baby. Did you sleep well? I had the most wonderful dream about you."

With that she walked over to the breakfast table and stood right next to me.

"Tom," she said as she put her hand on my crotch, "I appreciate you"

"Uh, yeah, thanks. I appreciate you, too. What's your angle?"

"Angle?", she exclaimed.

"What angle could I possibly have other to make love to my husband?"

Then she bent down and undid my pants and fished my prick out and started sucking it.

It felt good. My cock grew under her helpful ministrations. She was sucking hard too. She didn't say anything except the slow slurping sounds of fellatio. I looked down, holding her head in my hands and she started to jack my cock with one hand while at the same time sucking up and down on my dick in motion with her hand. With her hand she worked my cock as well as I ever did with mine.

She pumped like a pro and soon had me ready to pop. She knew it too. She backed off my prick and just stared at its glistening glans as she wanked it up and down, getting me to give up my seed. And boy did I! It was the biggest orgasm I'd ever had, jetting streams of jizz clear up into her hair, onto her robe and on the floor and onto the table. My dick felt like dynamite and the chair I was sitting on rocked violently as I pushed it back from the table.

As I came she just oooed and awwed, cooing to my spurts, laughing with each one's action.

"My, my baby, you sure did enjoy that! Your body doesn't lie."

She beamed at me as she slowly squeezed the cum from my cock, bending her head down to lick up the last droplets.

"And now I'm going to take a shower and get ready for work. You're having Brandon over today, right? You boys have fun!"

And with that she left the kitchen, leaving me bewildered. Then I noticed my phone on the kitchen counter. Did she look at my phone? Did she read my conversation with Brandon?

About two hours later, I was making out with Brandon, my boyfriend, on the couch, our hands all over each other's bodies. Brandon was so hot, athletic build, dark blonde hair, cute face. We were both hard, our dicks rubbing against each other's bodies. I was aching to feel him, since it's been a few days since the last time we fucked.

Brandon's cock was a little longer than mine. Fat at the base, smaller at the top. Curved up to his tight stomach. My dick is just the same all the way down. My glans is bigger than the base and it points out more than up--when the horny tide's high, that is!

We hugged tightly, excited we're about to have sex. I pulled him on top of me. It felt so good. Our dicks were smearing pre-cum all over, straining with desire. His cock was so hard, so stiff, jabbing me in the belly. We kissed each other's chests and shoulders, and he breathed in my ear,

"I love you. I want you, all of you."

and I sighed and felt goosebumps all over my body,

"I love you, too, baby, take me, I'm yours"

I had to have him! My balls ached with a vengeance. We started to melt into one another there on the couch, legs and arms entwined.

He started squeezing me real hard at different places along my torso and arms and worked his way down to my legs where he held one of my thighs in both hands and pressed. It felt real good with all his squeezing and kissing. Almost in passing he put his mouth on the head of my cock and began to gently

suck it.

His mouth was hot, and I could feel the smooth wetness of his tongue tracing the rim of my glans. I just felt pleasure. Then he slid a hand up under me onto one of my ass cheeks and squeezed it real hard. I moaned. I felt my cock twitch, but I didn't want to cum in his mouth.

"I want to fuck you, baby. Move over." I said

He laid on top of me and we rolled over on the couch in an embrace, until he was under me. His butt looked so nice, perched up in the air at me. There was hair on it but not much and it was all light colored. I reached down and grabbed his legs and rubbed them all the way up to his ass. I reached under him and stroked his thick hard cock, milking it a little and then began to knead his warm balls and then his ass cheeks. I pulled his buttocks apart and bent my face down; he smelled nice, like sex, and I moved down to tongue his scrotum and traced a line up to his asshole. I was so horny I wasn't thinking about right and wrong and "normal." I instinctively put extra spit on my tongue and pushed in. I heard him moan a little as I worked past his sphincter ring and that made me push harder. He just tasted kind of salty.

I felt so excited that I sensed I might come soon so I raised up and reached down for the Vaseline aloe lotion. I sat up, shook the green plastic bottle down and squeezed the lotion onto my hand and rubbed my dick with it and put the rest to his asshole. He laughed and said it was cold. I said I was sorry but that it would get warm soon!

I leaned my whole body down and guided my prick to him and slowly pressed into him. He told me to go slow. I waited and took my time. After about a minute I was in enough to start moving back out and he moaned again. Then I went back into him and started pumping in and out with a steady slow motion. I could've fucked like this forever. I leaned down to his neck, kissing him and went up to his ear and licked it and nibbled it. He turned his head back to try to kiss me. His eyes were closed and he humped sexily into me a little bit. Brandon grunted,

"Your cock is so hard and and it feels so good. Go faster, harder! Come on. Yeah!"

I kept fucking him good and steady, feeling him tighten down on me, driving me nuts. I was getting close to cumming. He was so tight.

Brandon was jacking himself and saying "Yeh, yeh," over and over in this low groan, and I'm way into it, building to a climax. We're both sweating and grunting and pumping when my wife Karen entered the living room.

We didn't even hear her coming, until she exclaimed

"Jesus, Tom! You're really giving it to him!"

Karen was slightly shorter than me, brunette, with a curvy figure and luscious breasts. Brandon was embarrassed, he didn't know what was going on. He looked away from Karen, burying his face in the couch cushion. I didn't want him crushed under me, so I slowly extricated myself from Brandon, leaving him with his exposed ass and me with this very raging erection. I thought she'd be mad. But her face was inscrutable.

I got up, buck naked, faced my wife with my bobbing hard-on, slick from lube, and said,

"Look Karen. I can explain. We were just messing around and one thing led to another..."

Karen stepped over and sat on the couch right next to Brandon! What was she doing? Brandon started to get up but she reached her hands down. She put one hand on his ass and hurried her other hand underneath him. She was groping for his fat prick! I couldn't believe it. My own wife! I yelled,


"Don't worry honey. I'm sure Brandon doesn't mind, do you Brandon?"

"Uh, I. W-WWHAT THE," he faltered as she must have found his dick and squeezed on it. He just groaned a little and breathed real hard. Then I saw that she was starting to massage his asshole with her other hand!

"Looks like my Tommy's been busy here Brandon. Why you are positively receptive to my touch." And with that she slipped two fingers into Brandon and he just closed his eyes. She worked her fingers in and out of him and he just laid there helpless and accepting.


She said, a strange look on her face,

"I never knew you had such desires and lusts. That you were that kind of man. I don't remember when I last saw you this excited."

She looked back at Brandon, her hands were making slick wet sounds, her fingers going in and out of Brandon's ass, her other hand going up and down his shaft. Brandon's eyes were closed, he completely surrendered to her touch.

"You fucked another man, Tom. You were unfaithful. I'm not just going to drop this one. You should have sex with your wife."

Brandon moaned, his cock twitching in Karen's hand.

"Does it feel good Brandon to have something in your asshole? You darling beautiful slut. I'll show you what real pleasure is."

"Brandon is quite attractive, Tom. I'd like to see what he tastes like. Experience what you did when you fucked him. Maybe then you'll remember marriage is about shared experiences. You selfish, dirty, whore. Fucking this beautiful boy without me."

Brandon was writhing on the couch.

I couldn't believe what was happening. Brandon was going for it. And my own wife! I couldn't just stand there and do nothing.

I went over to where she was seated massaging Brandon and began to hug her. I started unzipping her dress and unsnapping her bra.

I started to work her top down, and Brandon all of a sudden made a loud grunt and stiffened his whole body. Karen made him cum!

"That's better. See? You can cum with me as well, not just my husband."

She knelt down off the couch and reached over to kiss Brandon. He reciprocated.

What was I to do? I was horny; still hard, incredibly enough, and my boyfriend had just come all over the couch thanks to my wife yanking on him and friggin' his asshole. I wanted to get off and have fun so I moved toward Karen who had gone back to palming Brandon's ass and back, and I took her dress down to her waist and removed her bra. She helped me as I worked the bra straps down her arms.

Her breasts were nice to see: full and swaying, with her light pinkish brown nipples sticking out. I reached from behind her with both arms and fondled and held her breasts, rubbing a thumb around each erect nipple. Then I reached down to her dress and started to wriggle it down off her. She obliged. She raised up some from her kneeling position by the couch while fondling and caressing Brandon's butt and back the whole time.

I poked my prick into her back and tugged at her panties. The panties came off over Karen's beautiful round ass as she raised up to help me and she wasn't flinching at my dick rubbing on her back. As I took her panties off to throw them behind me she reached around with one hand and grabbed me. She pulled me by my cock over in front of her next to Brandon and slowly started to jack me off. She slapped Brandon lightly on the ass too and told him to turn over so she could jack him too.

As she jacked both our cocks she went on about how good they looked and how big and hard they were and how gorgeous we both looked. Our cocks were leaking and straining. We were ready to erupt. She was flailing away on them too. Her grip was so tight on my fuck stick I thought I'd burst, like I couldn't catch my breath. She then went down on Brandon, pulling on my cock still and pumping on his. She slurped on his prick and licked it, spilling saliva onto his balls. She raised up to say,

"I want you both to cum at the same time! I want all your cum. I want to see your geysers."

With that Brandon started to come again! And then I did too. We shot cum all over her. It was so lewd.

I landed a big stream on her arm and shoulder. Brandon popped her between the titties with a couple of blasts. Our cocks sprayed all over at once. We just groaned and grunted and Karen kept pulling our dicks faster, saying,

"Yes, yes, oh yes, come on! Do it! Give up that cum! Let me see you shoot boys!"

Brandon kept groaning

"Oww, fuck, FUCK, FUCK,"

and I just stood there trembling, experiencing the release and grunting real loud too.

Karen kept milking our meat while licking the last drops off of us. It felt great being licked and pulled on for my last bit of cum. Karen was doing me like I was some anonymous guy she picked up at the wharf or something. Brandon was having a good time and I didn't want this to end. Then Karen said,

"I want more of you boys. You're young and full of cum."

So she kept jacking and sucking us and we didn't complain. We were soon both hard again and Karen lay down on the floor and told Brandon to lick her pussy. I wanted to lick her too, to see. As Karen was laying there and Brandon moved down to fuck her I thought I'd go ahead and fuck Brandon, so I got the lotion, rubbed some on my prick and reached down to spread Brandon's cheeks.

Right before I did that though he started moving up my wife. He was going to fuck her! She wasn't saying anything, just looking at us in this dreamy, lascivious way. Then she reached down to grab his dick as he crawled between her legs and guided it into her.

I got hot watching Brandon fuck Karen. He started pumping her and she started grunting and urging him, saying,

"Do me baby, that's so good. Your cock fills me up. It's so nice, so fat and stiff. OOO-ooo. Oh, oh, you're so hard, pump me, pump me baby, fuck that hole!"

I couldn't just stand around watching. I walked over and reached down to Brandon's ass, pried his cheeks apart and rubbed his anus with the remaining lotion on my hand. I placed the head of my penis up against his asshole and moved against him, trying to match in time his humping up and down on Karen. I had never been so horny in my entire life! I eased in to him, feeling the tight ring of his anus give way to my burning cock, and as I got the beat of his fuck rhythm he moaned real loud when my prick plunged all the way into him. He yelled out,

"Oh GAWD, that's so fucking good! Tom, don't stop whatever you do! This is unfucking believable, man, fucking your wife and getting fucked by you!"

Karen was rocking with us too with her knees up and her feet rubbing up against me on either side of my ass. This three way fuck was awesome. Karen said,

"Easy does it boys. Do the fucking slow and deep."

Brandon was raised off of Karen onto his knees, partly supporting my weight. With both of us laying on her we would have crushed the breath out of her if we didn't brace some of our weight off her.

Karen was kind of cheering us all on, saying

"That's it darlings. Just give it up, get into it. Stick those hard long cocks in all the

way! Fuck your whore real good. Make the juices flow. Ooooo, that's it, uh, uh, I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum, OH, Ohhh, OH, yeah!"

Karen was wild and I was so close to cumming myself I couldn't think of anything but driving my dick into Brandon's ass. His asshole was so tight and smooth. Brandon kept driving and thrusting into her and back into me on the out-strokes. As soon as Karen started yelling

"OH, Ohhh, OH,"

I felt Brandon's ass pulse and his body stiffen. He arched back against me and the pressure on my cock was enormous. This was his third come of the afternoon and the idea of him giving it to my wife, my naked beautiful wife, with me inside him at the same time drove me wild! I couldn't hold back any longer. I released a torrent of jizz into his bowels. My cock bursting seed into Brandon, smashing my pelvis into his butt and giving force to his thrusts into my wife's pussy.

We all collapsed, rolling off each other, and laid there quietly for a minute before Karen chuckled.

"Well, that was one for the books I do believe. You two studs are keepers."

POLYAMORY IS WRONG! It is either Multiamory or Polyphilia, but mixing Greek and Latin Roots? WRONG!

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