By Haisam Jamal

Published on Apr 3, 2020



Sofie-Chapter One

"Heidi! Do you want a bottle of water?", I said as I got up off the sun chair.

"Sure, that would be great".

I walked to the sliding door and as I opened it, I saw Kim at the fridge. She had a bottle of white wine in her hand. She closed the fridge, turned around and said, "Hi Sofie, honey. Is Heidi out there with you?"

I walked over to Kim and gave her a kiss. On the lips, like we always do. Nothing sexual, just a quick hello kiss.

"I'm just getting some water for us". As I said this, I could feel someone approaching me from behind. I turned around and saw this luscious woman. She was so hot.

"That's Mina. Our neighbour from across the road. She wanted to meet you".

Mina was only a few feet away from me, and as I pulled out my hand to shake hers, she got closer. I took her hand and kissed her on the lips, the same way I had kissed Kim earlier.

"Nice to meet you Mina. I'm Sofie".

She smiled at me, and whilst holding my hand, twirled me around, eying me up and down.

"Why honey, you are just adorable", Mina said with a `I want to eat you look'. Mina continued, "Kim, isn't Sofie the most beautiful thing you have ever seen?"

"What about Heidi?" Kim replied.

"Oh Kim! Heidi is hot, but Sofie here is on another level. You know that?"

Kim came close and standing in between Mina and I whispered into Mina's ear, "You are right. Sofie is on another level, but don't tell Heidi I said that."

I was flattered by the compliments, but as far as I knew, Heidi was hot. Kim was hot, and Mina was extremely hot.

"Kim, are you and Mina going to come out and tan with us?"

As I said that, Heidi walked in wondering where her bottle of water was. She walked straight over to Mina and gave her a lingering kiss right on the lips. A kiss that said, `I've missed you'. They wanted to hug, but Heidi's entire naked body was fully oiled and didn't want to ruin Mina's summer dress.

Sorry, I forgot to tell you that Kim, Heidi and I always tan in the nude. This started exactly nine days ago.

I grew up on a big property in the north west of New South Wales. There was my dad and my mom. Our nearest neighbour was about ten kilometres away and the nearest school was two hundred kilometres away.

I never went to a school. Not a real school, that is. I was home schooled mostly by my mom and sometimes by my dad.

Every second Christmas since forever, my family would visit Aunt Kim' in Sydney. Aunt Kim', wasn't really my Aunt. She was my mom's best friend.

Kim and mom went to University together. They both studied Marketing. Then mom met dad, who was studying Agriculture, fell in love and when University was done, they moved to the house, I mean property, that we are still at today. "Aunt Kim', stayed in Sydney

I came along a year later.

When I turned fourteen, I got busier with school and horse riding, so my family and I never had time to go visit `Aunt Kim' in Sydney.

Now I am seventeen and school is finished. All my exams are done and all I need to do now, is wait for my results. I wanted to go to Sydney University to study medicine. My parent's and `Aunt Kim' also went there. I'm hoping that my exam results are good enough.

Four weeks after my exams have been completed, I get my results by email. I open the email and, `wow'. I can't believe it. Top one percent in the State. I will get into Sydney University, I thought to myself.

I tell mom and dad and they were so happy. I told them what I wanted to do; study medicine at Sydney University and they were happy. Like I said, they both went there and were hoping that I can go there too.

"You can stay with your `Aunt Kim", mom then said.

I hadn't thought about it before mum had said it. I was so happy.

"I'll call Kim right now", mum said as she got up to get the telephone.

She walks back into the kitchen where dad and I were sitting and says, "All set honey. Christmas here and New Year in Sydney".

A couple of days after Christmas I was on my way to Sydney. Wow', I thought to myself. This is going to be great'.

I arrive at Sydney Airport, get off the plane and walk into the terminal. There is my `Aunt Kim' waiting for me with the biggest smile I had ever seen. She grabs my hand and kisses me on the lips.

"Oh honey, it so good to see you again. You are so gorgeous". She then plants another kiss on my lips. This time a lingering one.

I had never been kissed on the lips before. Not by anyone, but I liked it. I hope Aunt Kim' would do it again', I thought to myself.

"It's so good to see you again Aunt Kim. I've missed you so much". I say. `Aunt Kim', squeezes my hand and say's, "You know that I am not really your Aunty. You are almost an adult now, so just call me Kim"

`I'm almost and adult now. Yeah, I turn eighteen in two months', I think to myself as I smile at Kim.

We go down to the baggage carousel where I retrieve my bags, place them on a trolley and a few minutes later we exit Sydney Airport.

As we get outside, I see a lady dressed in a black suit, white shirt and a black hat standing next to the rear doors of a black stretch limousine. As she sees Kim and I, she approaches and takes the trolley with my suitcases and places it near the boot of the limousine. She nods her head to Kim, walks to the rear passenger door and opens it. Kim motions for me to get in and follows me in the back seat.

It took about half an hour to get to Kim's house from the Airport. As we got to the driveway, I looked up and didn't see anything familiar. "Do you like our new house?" Kim asked.

`Our house', I thought and then said, "Yes. It looks really nice".

The driver lady gets out of the car and walks to Kim's door, opens it and holds her hand out. Kim grabs her hand as she gets out of the car. I slide along to the door and the driver does the same with me. Kim and I then go to the front door, followed by the driver with my suitcases.

What do you think?", Kim say's to me, as she opens the front door. We walk in and I say, "Wow, this house is huge! And it is nice. I have never been in a house this big". I look around and think to myself, this house is like one of those houses that you see in those fancy magazine's'.

The driver lady starts to take the bags up the stairs and then Kim turns to me and says, "Would you like a drink honey?'

"Yes, that would be great". I reply.

"Wine or water, honey?" Kim says.

I smile at her and say' "Water is fine for now. Maybe some wine, later".

She walks over and hands me a bottle of water and then walks over to the sliding door that leads out to the back yard. "Heidi honey! Can you come in please, I have a present for you" Kim say's?

I think to myself, `Present. I didn't realise I was going to be someone's present'. A few seconds later, I see Heidi for the first time. She is completely naked, and she looked so hot.

Long blonde hair, almost white. Slim face, with a beautiful button nose. Small perky breast, and small nipples. She had an athletic young woman's body, with developing hips. Long legs and the perfect tan. I also noticed that she was completely shaven with a small bulge just above her vagina.

I would later find out that Heidi was twenty year's old. She was from Finland and she had been staying with Kim for the past two years. Heidi was also studying at Sydney University. She was studying to become an Engineer.

I thought, `This is the beginning of my new life'. I didn't know at the time what was going to happen, but I loved it.

Heidi walked up to me, grabbed both my hands and without saying a word, gave me a big hug, followed by a peck on the lips, followed by another peck on each cheek and then a lingering kiss on my lips again. `I'm going to love this new life of mine', I thought to myself.

Heidi's whole body was covered in tanning oil and now my clothes were covered in the tanning oil. But I didn't care. There was this young, beautiful woman standing in front of me smiling. Her present', I thought to myself. By the way she is looking at me, I think she likes her present a lot'.

Heidi finally says, "It is so nice to meet you. I was so happy when Kim told me you were coming to stay with us."

Heidi gives me another kiss on my lips and then Kim comes over and does the same. Both nice sweet kisses.

"Okay, let's go upstairs, so you can check the rest of the house out". Says Kim.

Kim went first, then Heidi followed by me. I slowly walked behind Heidi, admiring her sexy body. I had never felt this way about anyone. I just stared at the perfect round butt in front of me and wondered if mine looked the same. I just wanted to grab it and squeeze it and do so much more....

We got to the top of the stairs, me still following Kim and Heidi as we walked into an empty room. "This will be you room Sofie". Kim said.

I looked around and thought to myself, `this room is half the size of my parent's house'. It was huge. The room was empty except for my two suit cases.

Kim continued, "Your bed won't be coming till after the New Year, because of the short notice that your mom had given me. But you can keep your clothes in here for now".

Kim walked out the door to another room, as Heidi and I followed, and said, "This is my room. You can either sleep with me or you can sleep with Heidi till your bed arrives".

The bed in Kim's room was huge. I had never seen a bed that big before. I have always slept on a single bed.

"So, do you like my King size bed"? Kim asks.

"Yes, I do. I love it". I reply, wondering if my bed was going to be that big.

"I'm going to have a quick shower and go downstairs and work on my tan". Kim says as Heidi grabs me to show me her room.

"Okay", I say.

We walk into Heidi's room and her bed is the same size as Kim's. Wow', I thought to myself. Hopefully my bed is going to be that big'.

"Do you like my room?" Heidi asks.

"I love it". I reply.

"Good. I guess you can sleep with me then, till your bed arrives. Well get undressed so we can go down and start working on your tan". She says.

My tan needed working on. I didn't have a tan except on my face and the lower part of my legs.

I started taking my clothes off and as I finally get undressed Heid yells out, "Oh my God. What's with that?" with her sultry Nordic accent, pointing at my hairy bush.

I reply, "I don't know. It just started growing and growing. I didn't know you can shave it off".

I knew about shaving, because I have shaved my legs and my armpits before, but I didn't know you shave down there.

At that point, Kim walks into Heidi's room, naked.

Kim is hot, hot, hot. She is 5'8 and she had the most perfect round breasts you would ever see, topped with round long bullet-like nipples. I didn't know anything about measurements at the time, but Kim's breast are 38D, I would later find out. A few years ago, Kim noticed that her breasts were starting to sag, so she decided to do something about it. Kim called it a `Boob Job'. As far as I was concerned it worked out perfectly.

I looked down at Kim's flat, almost muscular stomach and noticed that she had a thin strip of hair just above the opening of her pussy.

"What's wrong?" Kim says, looking at Heidi.

Heidi just pointed to my bush. "Well, you are going to have to do something about that. Make sure you do a good job. I will be inspecting your work very closely when you finish". Kim says to Heidi as she walked out of the room.

Heidi smiled and replied, "I will. You don't need to worry about that. As Kim continued to walk away.

As Kim started to walk away, Heidi said, "Kim, can you come back just for a second?"

Kim returned and said, looking at Heidi, "Yes honey".

Heidi stood up next to Kim, looked at me and said, "What kind of style were you after today Madam? Do you prefer the slick look (pointing at her pussy) or the manicured look (as she played with Kim's little runway)"?

"I don't know. Can I feel yours and then Kim's to see which one I will like?" I asked, nervously, not knowing what the answer would be, but hoping, that they both said, `yes'. I didn't have to wait long.

"Sure". Kim says. She grabs my hand and starts rubbing her tuft of hair with it. I had a sensation between my legs. I didn't know what it was. I thought I felt that I had peed a little. I then felt my nipples harden. It was like they were going to explode. My lips went dry and my heart started beating, quicker and quicker. This is what I asked for and I'm getting it. All I can do was stare at Kim's beautiful pussy and enjoy it, like it will be the first and last time I can. I was in a daze. A minute later when I realised what I was doing and enjoyed it, I relaxed. `I love this', I thought to myself. Why haven't I done this before.

As I wake up out of my slumber, I feel Kim slide my hand down a little further and now I could feel her stiff clit on my fingers. She looked like she had a tiny penis. I have never looked at my clit before. I wouldn't have been able to see mine anyway with all that bush that I have. After touching a clit for the first time, I knew that I wanted to touch mine sometime soon and touch Kim' every opportunity I get. I just loved the way it felt on my fingers. It was soft and hard at the same time. I just loved it. I loved it a lot.

Just as I was enjoying touching Kim's clit, she released my hand over to Heidi. `Oh, Kim, I want to keep touching you', I thought to myself. Feeling a little bit of pee coming out of me again.

Then it entered my mind that I might be touching Heidi's clit soon too and my anger and frustration subsided.

Heidi just smiled at me, as I smiled back and started rubbing my hand over her pussy. I felt her hard clit too, but it wasn't as big as Kim's. She kept rubbing my hand a little bit longer and I finally said. "Kim. Can I feel yours again"? Even though I was enjoying the feel of Heidi's clit, I felt the urge to touch Kim's again.

Kim smiled at me and said, "You can feel it anytime you want honey. You don't have to ask me in future. Okay"?

After playing with Kim's little tuft of hair again; slightly touching her soft, but hard clit as before, I said, looking at Heidi, "I think I will go with the manicured look today, thank you madam. I can always change it if I feel I won't like it".

With that, Kim turned around and started walking towards the staircase. "Make sure you do a good job", she says once again to Heidi.

I looked at Kim and noticed her round, athletic, muscular butt for the first time. Heidi has a great little round butt, but wow. Kim's is better.

As I was staring at Kim's beautiful behind, Heidi grabbed me and pulled me into her bathroom. It was huge. A shower that could fit four people and a bathtub to match. There was also enough room to fit in a small flat couch.

Heidi lay me on the couch and said, "Spread your legs", which I did.

She went to a cabinet and came back with small battery powered clippers, some shaving cream and a razor. She looked at my wide-open legs and said with a smile, "I can't wait to see what is hidden under that bush".

`Me either', I thought to myself.

Heidi then started to clip away at my bush, being careful not to hurt me. Every now and then, I could feel her fingers touch my clit and at one time even dip slightly into my wet pussy. It felt amazing. I just lay back with my legs up and my eyes closed enjoying this special treatment.

Soon after, Heidi started applying some shaving cream all around my pussy. A little bit entered my pussy so Heidi decided she would remove it. I didn't mind. Not one bit.

I have never been so horny in my life. I just lay back, hoping that I could have this sensation forever.

After about ten minutes, Heidi yells out, "Finished. And I must admit that the treasure I found under that bush was worth it". I looked up and she was smiling and staring into my pussy. I grabbed her and bought her down to me and kissed her, slipping a bit of my tongue into her mouth and then let her go.

She looked at me and said, "That was just a part payment, right?"

"Yes", I replied.

"I thought so, because I haven't finished yet".

She grabbed me and said, "Shower time".

We went in the shower. Made sure the water was the right temperature and Heidi started to apply some cream where she had shaved me. It felt so good. Two fingers either side of my labia. Up and down, up and down. A finger or two on my clit and then again either side of my labia. I swear I could feel something dripping out of my pussy, but I just thought it was the water from the shower.

Up until today, here in Kim's house, with Heidi looking after her `present', I had never dreamt of doing the things that I have done or the things that I want to. I am feeling something that I have never felt before and I don't want it to end.

I think more about the liquid that I thought had come out of me and I think to myself, did I just have my first orgasm'? Or did I have my first orgasm before when I touched Kim's clit'? I have touched my pussy before. Hundreds of times, but only to wipe it after I peed. I think I have had an orgasm before, but I am not sure. Did I just have an orgasm', I thought to myself. I don't know.

At that point Heidi yells out, "finished", once again.

We each grab a towel and start drying off. When we are done Heidi looks at me and says, "One last thing I have to do to make sure".

She folds her towel a couple of times and lays it on the floor and kneels on it. She then says, "Now the lick test. To make sure I did a good job, I need to lick where I shaved you. If I can't feel any small hairs on my tongue, then it means that I have done a perfect job. Can you come closer and open your legs for me?

I do as I am told, and then Heidi begins to lick my lower belly either side of my newly manicured bush. Then onto either side of my labia and then my treasure. She licks my clit and a tiny bit of liquid comes out. Again. That felt so good.

I think I was in a bit of a dream, before I looked down at Heidi who was getting the last bit of my liquid in her mouth. "Wow Sofie. That was so fucking hot. You taste so fucking good. I've never made a girl squirt before". All I could do was smile at her.

Then I thought to myself, `Squirt? What is that'? As I am woken up from another dream.

"Let's go and see Kim for your final inspection, before your final payment", Heidi says in a playful, sexy tone, while she grabs my hand.

We walk together holding hands, down the stairs and out the sliding doors where Kim was laying in the sun. She was laying on her back and all I could see were those amazing round breasts. On top of those amazing breasts now lay inch long nipples. I couldn't stop staring at her breasts and wondered to myself what it would be like to take one of those nipples in my mouth. This has so far been one of the best days in my entire life. What is going to happen next', I wonder. I then thought to myself, what am I going to notice about Kim next time I look at her? It seems like every time I see her; I notice something different about her.

We walk over to Kim and she sits up in her sun chair and looks at us. I walk over to her and spread my legs. She smiles, without saying a word. As Heidi did earlier, Kim starts licking my lower belly either side of my newly manicured bush. Then onto either side of my labia and then, like Heidi before she licks my clit. The only thing different was that Kim had slid her middle finger into my pussy and this time, it wasn't a tiny `squirt'. It was a gush. My legs were shaking, and I could feel Heidi's breasts on my back and her hands on my hips, while she tried to steady me. I don't know what heaven would be like, but I was in heaven now.

Kim pulled her finger out my pussy and tried to drink up all my juices but was unable to as I saw some slip down her breasts. At that moment, I noticed something new about Kim.

As she pulled me down to sit next to her with Heidi's assistance, she started wiping my juices off her breasts. As she stuck her fingers in her mouth, I noticed she had a tattoo under each of her breasts, where the scar from her surgery was. Cindy' with a small red love heart on either side of the word Cindy'. I didn't say anything, but I thought to myself, `Cindy. That's moms name. I know Kim and mom are best friends. Is that my mom Cindy? Or a different Cindy'?

Once Kim had cleaned my squirt off her breasts and stomach, she looked at me and said, "honey that was amazing. You have no idea how good you taste". She then gave me a short but sensual kiss on my lips and tasted myself for the first time. I liked it.

A minute later, when I regained my sense, I decided that I didn't like the way I tasted. I loved it.

"So how did I do Kim", I heard Heidi ask.

"You did great, as usual honey". Heidi was sitting on the other side of Kim and they both kissed. This was a totally different kiss. It was a passionate kiss, that only lovers share. I just looked at them and smiled. `I love my new life', I thought again to myself.

After about a minute Heidi and Kim parted lips and they both looked at me. "Are you feeling better now honey", Kim asked. "Yes", I replied.

"Okay, we have one more hour of tanning. Then we are all going out on a date tonight. A dinner date that is".

"Gina's" asked Heidi, eagerly, with a smile on her face. "Yes", Kim answered. Heidi looked at me and said, "you are going to love it there".

Heidi and I then got off Kim's sun bed. I went and laid on the one to the right of Kim and Heidi lay on the one to the left of Kim. I slowly fell asleep enjoying the afternoon sun, dreaming about today and dreaming about tonight.

I woke up from my slumber to the sound of Kim, saying, "Okay my honey's, let's go and get ready".

We all got up and this time I followed Kim up the stairs. As we were halfway up, Kim stopped suddenly. `Wow', I thought and grabbed her perfect round butt and stuck my nose in it, accidently of course. Not! She turned around and said, "Sorry honey. I thought there was a stain on the carpet". I looked at her and said, "It's okay".

We continued up the stairs and Kim went straight to her bedroom and Heidi and I went into hers. We brushed our teeth and then hopped into the shower together. Heidi started washing me. The front first and then the back. Nothing too frisky. Just a little bit of fun. I loved having her hands on me, first when she was shaving me and now whilst she was washing me. Every now and then she would pay extra attention to my nipples and she would pay extra attention to my pussy and more importantly, my clit. The best part of the shower was when she decided to make sure that my butt hole was clean. She `had' to insert a finger in there she said, to make sure, and when she did, I was in heaven again. When she was happy with the service, she had provided me; not for the first time today, she said "Okay, your turn to do me".

I did everything that she had done to me and I can tell she loved it, just as much as I loved doing it. We finished our shower and started to towel off.

Heidi then walked over to her walk-in closet and said to me, "Well honey, which dress would you like to wear tonight on our first date"? She must have had over fifty dresses in that closet. I looked at her and said, "Surprise me".

I went and sat on her bed (our bed) and finished drying myself off. About five minutes later she came in with two dresses. A white one and a blue one. She laid them on the bed next to me and went to her Tall Boy. She opened the top drawer and after a few seconds I saw that she had two pairs of underwear in her hand. She walked over to me and said, in her Nordic, sultry accent, "I would like to see you in the white dress tonight, honey. Is that okay with you"? She then kissed me. This time it was the same kiss that she had given Kim earlier when we were by the pool. A kiss that only lovers would share. After a few minutes she broke away from me and said, handing me the smallest panties I have ever seen in my life, `Do you think these will do"?

I grabbed the panties from her and looked at them. All they consisted of was a string at the back and a small triangle at the front. They would barely cover a woman's pussy, I thought to myself.

I looked at Heidi and said, "I don't feel like wearing panties tonight honey. Is that okay? I just love the way I feel down there after removing that bush". She smiled at me and kissed me again. Just a short kiss this time.

"Okay, we better get dressed". Heidi said as she got up.

Heidi had selected a pair of blue panties for herself. The same style as the white ones she had selected for me. She put the panties on, and they looked amazing. But just as I thought, they barely covered her pussy. But they sure looked great.

I picked up the white dress she had selected for me and it felt so nice. Now Heidi is about a couple of inches shorter than me. I am the same height as Kim, 5'8. Heidi is 5'6. My boobs are a little bigger than hers. I'm a 36C and she is a 34C. Everything else is the same.

I put the dress on and ask Heidi to pull the zipper from behind. I look in the mirror and like what I see. I can see that Heidi likes it too, as she stands behind me, looking at me in the mirror. She grabs me around the waist and kisses me on my neck. Fuck that felt good.

Heidi turned around and put her dress on and asked me to zip it for her. Her dress was made of a lace material and was see through in some sections. I know now why she was wearing panties. You could clearly see them through the thin fabric of her dress. She looked at me and said, "what do you think honey? Do you like what you see?" I looked at her image in the mirror and just nodded. Fuck she looked hot.

"Oh, I forgot our heels", Heidi said, as she started walking over to her walk-in closet.

I looked at myself in the mirror and liked what I saw. My boobs had stuck out over the top of my dress just a little. I liked that because it made my boobs feel and look bigger than they were. The bottom of the dress sat high up on my thighs, only a few inches from the opening of my newly shaven pussy. I decided that this dress is a very naughty dress. I had been naughty all day, so far, and I loved it.

As I was admiring myself in the mirror, I noticed Heidi walking back in wearing matching blue high heels. They had to be at least six inches long. She was walking like it was the most natural thing in the world. Perfect, not a missed step. In her hands were a pair of white high heels. I then noticed that I could clearly see Heidi's hardened nipples through the front of her dress. What a fucking turn-on.

I then thought to myself as she came over, `I have seen her naked for the whole day, kissed her, touched her, let her touch me and watched her being touched by Kim. But watching her, in that blue dress with her tiny erect nipples jutting out just a that was...heaven. Again.

Heidi handed me the shoes and they fit perfectly. I stand up and she say's "make up?" I nod my head from side to side, indicating no. "Good. I don't really like wearing make-up either.

We leave Heidi's room and as we reach the stairs, Heidi yells out, "Kim were ready. We will wait for you down-stairs". The reply comes, `Okay honey".

Heidi and I waited at the bottom of the stairs. Within a minute Kim appeared. We both looked at her. Mesmerized. Kim is a Goddess. Yes, a modern-day Goddess. She just looked stunning.

She was wearing a light pink jumpsuit and even from the bottom of the stairs you could see her protruding nipple's proudly on display. The front of the jumpsuit covered the front of her breasts, and nothing else. It suited her perfectly. Not too tight and not too loose. She was perfect. She was wearing matching pink heels, about four inches high. Just like mine. `Good I thought. We will all be the same height tonight'.

She slowly walked down the stairs, ever so elegantly and just before she got to bottom step, did a full twirl and said, "How do I look, my honey's"?

You could see Kim's whole back. That beautiful back. You could also see, that like me, she wasn't wearing any underwear. The only thing Kim had on besides her jump suit and her heels, was some bronze lipstick and matching eye shadow. That was all this Goddess needed.

When Kim finally reached the bottom step she said, "My honey's you look absolutely gorgeous. I could eat you both right now". She then grabbed my hand and twirled me to see every part of my body. "No panties honey. Just like me. I like it". I think I just had another mini orgasm. Yes. A little bit of juice ran down my leg.

I lifted my dress and wiped it with my hand and put it my mouth. Both Heidi and Kim were looking at me when Kim said, "Honey, when we get home tonight, I am going to make sure that you have a proper one of those". Kim, then wiped the remaining juices that had come out of my pussy with her fingers and then put the same fingers into Heidi's eager awaiting mouth. "Thank you honey", was all Heidi could say, as she smiled at me approvingly.

I pulled my dress down and we all started walking out the door. The limousine from earlier today was still in the driveway. And like before the lady driver was standing by the opened rear passenger door. This time, Heidi went in first, followed by me and then Kim. The lady driver closed the door as Kim got in and went into the driver's seat. We were off a minute later.

It wasn't long before we arrived at Gina's. Our driver parked right outside the front of the restaurant. The place didn't even look like a restaurant. It looked like an old house. The back door to the limousine was opened and we all filed out. Kim, me and then Heidi.

Heidi opened the door to the house, I guess, restaurant and I was pleasantly surprised. It looked and felt like it was a restaurant.

We walked in and I could see this pretty older lady at the front counter. As she saw us walk in her face lit up and said, "Hi Kim, honey. Good to see you again". She walked from behind the counter and gave Kim a nice little kiss on the lips, as she massaged Kim's butt with left hand.

They separated and Kim grabbed my hand said, "Honey this Gina, the Manager of the restaurant". I looked up at Gina and smiled.

Gina had a Mediterranean look about her. I thought that she may be Greek or maybe Italian. She had big, soft brown eyes. I liked her eye's', I thought to myself. They are very welcoming eye's'. Just like Kim she had light bronze lipstick and matching eye shadow. I would say she was about the same age as Kim. I said to myself, `Gina is a natural beauty. Yes, she is!'

She was wearing a tight-fitting black dress made of a lace material, like Heidi's dress. I noticed that she did not have a bra on and could clearly see her erect nipple's jutting out like bullets through her dress. The dress was short and barely covered her pussy. She had a pair of black heels on. Four inches and as she stood next to Kim, I noticed a slight height advantage in Kim's favour. Maybe a couple of inches.

"Gina, this is my best friend's daughter, Sofie", Kim said. Gina then bent down and gave me a gentle kiss on the lips and decided to grab my butt with her left hand. I didn't mind at all. I am enjoying this new-found attention very much.

As I moved away, Gina moved over to Heidi, gave her a big hug and said, "Hi baby, so good to see you again", and swiftly stuck her tongue into Heidi's mouth as they shared the sweet embrace of two lovers.

At that point I noticed that Gina wasn't wearing any underwear, the thick folds of her labia visible for anyone to see. I also noticed that the lips of her pussy, lay low. I wondered, `is her pussy the same as Kim's? Does she have a big clit too'? That would be nice.

After everything that has happened today, I decided to be brave and as Gina and Heidi continued to kiss, I decided to see for myself, if Gina's pussy was the same as Kim's and slid my hand between her thighs till I could feel her erect clit on my middle finger. It felt so nice.

Gina didn't even flinch. I think she may have even spread her legs a little wider for me to get a better feel. After a few seconds, I pulled my hand away, satisfied that I found out what I need to know about Gina for now.

I noticed that Gina had both her hands around Heidi's butt, and I can tell by Heidi's reaction, that she was loving it.

Gina released her grip on Heidi and looked up at Kim and said, "Your table is ready", and we followed Gina as she led us through another door to our table, where we were seated. Not a single mention of my hand touching her.

The restaurant wasn't very big, but every seat was taken, as far as I could see. As we were taken to our table, I noticed a long black flat sofa in the middle. `I wonder what that is for', I thought.

Our table was right by the window, overlooking the ocean. Kim motioned for me to sit in the chair facing the glass window, as she sat to my left. Heidi sat to my right, facing Kim. Kim then said, "Since it is your first time here and especially because it is our first date, I wanted you to have the best seat in the house". That was so sweet. My first date. I smiled looking at Kim and then at Heidi.

I stared straight out the window and could see the waves crashing on the shore. `How ironic', I thought. All I have had today so far were these most wonderful waves crashing between my legs. I want this day to be like every other day from now on.

As I was in my daydream like state, I heard, "Hi my name is Demi and I will be your waitress for tonight". The voice was soft and heavenly. I need to look up and see who this person was.

As I looked up, she placed a metallic wine cooler with two bottles of white wine on a stand. She took one bottle out and started pouring wine, first into Kim's glass, Heidi's and then mine. `Wow, I have never had wine before. A few of my dad's beers, but not wine.

She was tall, slim and looked like she was from some country in Africa. I looked down and noticed that she had six-inch heels on. Black. She had the same style dress that Gina had on. And yes, I could see her nipples, erect, pushing at the front of her dress, pleading to be released. She had nice round boobs. Perfectly round boobs and her nipples although were thin, they were just perfect as Kim's and Gina's. `I wonder if she is wearing underwear, I thought to myself'. She had an athletic, but slim body, with small hips. I figured she was eighteen, maybe nineteen, but not over twenty.

I didn't have to wait long to see if she was wearing underwear or not. As she bent down to kiss Kim hello on the lips, as is customary; at least today it has been, she had moved her body so her luscious small, pert and round butt was looking me straight in the eyes.

I wanted to feel her pussy and fondle her clit, as I did with Gina, but the kiss she had planted on Kim wasn't long enough. She straightened her up almost right away.

She turned and faced me and gave me the same short kiss, that she had given Kim. I was starting to think that this minx; surely a future Amazon is a bit shy.

I changed my mind very quickly as she bent down to kiss Heidi. Again, with her butt staring me in the face. This was a different kind of kiss. This time, Demi took her time and I got the chance to do, what I wanted to do, just a few seconds earlier. I put my hand between her legs and placed it on her wet, juicy pussy, slipping my middle finger into her wet sex. I played with her for about ten seconds and removed my hand and inserted my finger into my mouth. I thought to myself, `dessert before dinner? I have never done that before!' Yeah! I am loving life right now.

Demi straightened up and turned to me and said, "Thank you Hon, that was nice", and walked away. I turned and had a look at that butt of hers again. `Nice', was the first thing that I could think of.

As I looked around the restaurant properly for the first time, I noticed that all the customers were women. All shapes and sizes. Some slim, some muscular, big boobs, small boobs, from what I could see. They were all kinds of ages as well. Some my age, some Kim's age and some even older and everything in between. All different nationalities too.

I also noticed that there were three other girls dressed the same as Gina and Demi, so I assumed that they were staff as well. Two of the girls; probably ladies, were full figured like Gina. The other girl had the same figure as Demi. She was pale and looked like she may be Northern European, like Heidi.

Just as Kim, Heidi and I started sipping our wine, Demi arrived at our table. A plate of oysters, a plate of the biggest prawns I had ever seen and a green salad. She had all three plates in her hands and placed them down gently on our table. `That's impressive', I thought to myself.

"Enjoy', she said looking at the three of us and walked off, back towards where I thought the kitchen might be.

After we had finished our entrée and sat back in our chairs to enjoy the wine, Demi rushed over and grabbed our plates. "How was that ladies?", she asked. Kim replied, "Fabulous as usual, honey".

Demi took the plates away and shortly afterwards returned with three more plates of food. A pasta salad with a light pesto sauce, a salmon and tuna sashimi and a plate that contained an assortment of sushi. "There you go ladies, enjoy", Demi said as she walked away, once again to where I thought the kitchen might be.

Once I had enough, I excused myself and went to the bathroom. I open the door to this massive room and the first thing I saw was a smaller version of the flat black couch in the centre of the restaurant against the wall on my right. A Vanity with five sinks next to the couch and another black couch on the other side of the vanity.

On the left side, there were six toilets a metre apart from each other and further along on the same side, what appeared to be a large open shower at the far end. One big room and no door to be found. Nice', I thought. Very nice'.

I walked over to the first toilet and pulled up my dress and started to pee. It felt so good. As I finished, I decide to clean my pussy with my fingers. Once I had cleaned my pussy, I put my fingers in my mouth and tasted my pee for the first time. I have tried a lot of different things today already. I liked the taste of my pee, so I decided from now one that is what I'll be doing. No more toilet paper, just my fingers.

As I was thinking that, a little bit of squirt came out my pussy as I had another mini orgasm. Fuck', I thought to myself. Tonight, I am going to have a proper one as soon as I get home'.

I quickly cleaned up my squirt and started to place my fingers in my mouth when Heidi walked in. "Enjoying yourself, are you? Good". She bent down to give me a kiss on the lips as I got up. I pulled my dress down and I heard her say, "See you soon".

I then went back into the restaurant and sat in my chair. "I love the bathroom here. It is amazing". I said to Kim. She replied, "I love it in there too, honey. Some of my best times have been spent in that bathroom. Maybe one day you will have a great experience in there too".

At that point Heidi returned and sat down and within a minute Demi returned. "Would anyone of you ladies like some dessert?"

Kim looked up at her and said, "No thank you, honey". Demi looked at me and I said, "No thanks. I'm fine". She looks at Heidi, who had this massive smile on her face and Heidi says, "I would love some dessert". Demi replied, "I will be right back", and started clearing the table.

Demi came back this time totally naked. No dress and no heels. She had a thin strip of hair just above her beautiful engorged clit and she looked delectable. Not one ounce of extra fat on this future Amazon. She was perfect. She walked over to Heidi and grabbed her hand to lift her from her chair. "This way madam", Demi said.

She took Heidi over to the black couch in the middle of the restaurant, let go of her hand and laid down on her back with her legs wide open. I got up and turned my chair around so I can get a better look. Dummy', I thought to myself. That could be me having dessert instead of Heidi. Now I know what that couch is for.

As I was trying to get a closer look at Demi's pussy, Heidi walked in the way. She stood there obviously admiring Demi's body and slowly took her dress off and flung it behind her close to my feet, without turning around and looking where it had landed.

She paused a minute, to place her hand down the front of her panties. Is she playing with herself', I thought. I love this bitch. Heidi. She is such a dirty bitch. She then began to pull her panties down. Slowly, seductively. Little by little, then she would stop. Just near the top of her jeans now. Stop. Bending over, at her calves. A finger appears at her pussy. Heidi is a true showgirl and she is loving this. This I knew for sure. Finally, she bends over and lowers her panties to the floor. She steps out of them, left foot first, the right foot and flings them near my feet where her dress still lay. She has done this before' I think. `Yes, she has'.

At that point I noticed everyone in the restaurant looking at Heidi. And Demi, of course. Then I thought to myself, dummy'. Of course, they are looking. That is why they are all here'.

Heidi got down on her knees and grabbed Demi's right foot and started licking her heel, then the arch, ever so slowly working her way up to her toes. She took care to make sure each toe got its fair share of, `loving and attention'.

She lifted Demi's right leg straight up in the air and started licking the back of her ankles, then her calf, working her way up with precision to her thigh and finally to her butt.

Next, just a little to the right of her pussy and then the front of the thigh, knees, shin and down to the ankles again. Slow.

Heidi then did the same to the other leg. At the same speed.

She then got up and placed her pussy right on top of Demi's face and started to grind it. She must have been so horny, because she let out a huge moan, gyrated her hips and there. I could see her body shaking and I knew she had just had an orgasm. Even though she did, or I thought she did, she kept grinding her pussy into Demi's face for about another minute before she collapsed on top of her, burying her face into that sweet delicious looking pussy, that Demi possessed.

Heidi grabbed Demi's round protruding clit in her mouth and just sucked and nibbled at it; with what seemed no energy at all. Heidi was spent. She just lay there, sucking and nibbling on Demi's pussy like she was in autopilot.

I don't know what Demi was doing to Heidi, but in about two minutes, I noticed Heidi's body harden. She let out a shriek, that you could have heard a kilometre away. Heidi the lay on top of Demi for another minute, before sliding to the left side of Demi and lay on her back, breathing heavily.

Demi got up and whispered something in Heidi's ear, kissed her on her lips and walked away. I just sat there looking at my Heidi. `Wow, what an orgasm. I need to have me some of that Demi! Heidi is totally fucked'.

After about five minutes, Kim motioned to Gina, and without a word spoken, Gina appeared to know what to do.

A minute later, our driver and Gina, were helping Heidi up from the couch. Naked, except for her heels. "Can you grab Heidi's clothes please honey!", Kim says. And I do so as I follow, our driver and Gina who were on either side of Heidi, followed closely by Kim.

Our limousine was where we had left it earlier in the night and both rear passenger doors were opened. Our driver and Gina helped Heidi into one side, whilst Kim and I went to the other side. As we got in the car, I thought, `I haven't even called mum and dad to tell them I had arrived'. That was the first time I had thought of them all day.

Ten minutes later we were home. On the way home I thought to myself, `I definitely want some of that Demi and I can't wait'! By the time we arrived at home, Heidi had recovered a little and didn't need any help getting out of the car. Even so, I walked close to her to make sure she would be fine.

We go in the house, up the stairs and into Heidi's room, as Kim goes to her room. I help Heidi on to her bed, take her heels off and check once again that she is okay. "I'm fine. Thank you honey"! she says to me.

I take off my dress, heels and toss them on the floor next to Heidi's. I bend over her, kiss her softly on her lips and say, `My turn. I am going to sleep with Kim tonight!'

Heidi mumbled something to me, but I didn't pay her much attention.

This is my time now.

THE END (Chapter One)

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