Tricky treat

By Tim Tim

Published on Nov 19, 2023



My friend Ben and I went out for a few drinks one Halloween. We went to a favorite bar. we weren't in costume, but about half of the people were. We saw two women sitting at a table, one dressed as a cat, the other as a vampire. Ben headed straight for their table, and began chatting up the vampire lady. Trying to a good wingman, I sat beside the catgirl. Granted, it wasn't bright in there, but I did think she was cute. Her costume was not as revealing as her friend, who was displaying a lot of cleavage. Mikki was the one I was sitting by, and Holly was the one Ben was eyeing. After a few drinks, Holly invited us to their apartment. Holly got Ben's car, and I got in a car with Mikki.

We parked and got out. Ben and Holly took their time. They were making out in the car for a few minutes, so Mikki and i waited on them. I went for kiss. Mikki seemed startled, even a little nervous, but didn't protest. I kissed her again, with tongue this time. She stiffened more, but then started to relax. She unlocked the door and we went inside. Ben and Holly joined us in a few minutes. Holly rolled a joint, while Mikki poured some wine. We talked some, got more buzzed, and then Holly stood up, took Ben by the hand, and led him to a bedroom, closing the door. Mikki and I kissed. I put her hand on my bulge. She seemed nervous, but began massaging it. As I got hard, she warmed to the task. I caressed her thigh, but anytime my hand strayed too high, she would nudge it away. When I felt her chest, I could tell she was definitely wearing a padded bra, but I didn't care. I asked if we should go in the other room. She hesitated, but I pleaded, andn we left the couch for the other bedroom.

The second bedroom was neat, like it was rarely used. It made me wondrr if Mikki and Holly slept in the same bedroom. Maybe they were lovers. That thought aroused me even more. We sat on the bed and kissed. I opened my jeans and took out my cock. "Come on, feel it, Mikki."

She stroked my hard-on. She was very good at it; obviously she'd jacked a dick more than once. We made out while she manipulated my penis, but she still fended off my exploring hands.

"Suck it, Mikki." She looked very uncomfortable. "Come on, just kiss it, then." Mikki took a breath and lowered her head. Lips pursed, she pecked the glans of my dick. I put my hand on the back of her head, gently. "Kiss it again....please. Kiss it like you mean it." She kissed it again, and relaxed her lips somewhat. A few more kisses and then her tongue crept out. I felt her tongue tease my tip. I groaned. "Oh baby, take it in your mouth!" After more coaxing, she opened her mouth and put it over my cock. She seemed very inexperienced at sucking cock, but still, it felt good. She sucked a while, then stopped because her jaw was tired. i kissed her, tasting my cock on her mouth. I groped her ass. We made out some more and she went back to jerking my cock. I dug my fingers into a tight butt cheek.

"Let's fuck," I whispered.

"N-no! I can't!" she protested.

i shot my hand up her thigh and this she wasn't quick enough to stop me. I felt a lump that could only be a male package.

Mikki looked scared. "It was Holly's idea to dress me up as a girl for Halloween. I didn't expect the rest of this to happen. My name is Michael, and Holly is my wife. can let go of my dick..."

I had not released it, and actually had been fondling it while he talked. I replied, "Well, my buddy is fucking your wife right now, you make a cute girl, and besides that, I'm bi."

She let me slide down her pants and panties. We stroked each other, while I told her how cute and sexy she was. I pushed my pinky finger in her ass. Mikki gasped a little, and tensed up, but she soon relaxed.

"I wish it was my dick in there," I said.

"I'm still not sure about this," she told me.

There was a bottle of lotion on the nightstand. I put some on my finger and fingered her snug hole. She moaned. I put lotion on my prick, and then but the nozzle in Mikki's anus and squirted some. I rolled her on her back, put her legs on my shoulders, and put my tip against her pucker. I pressed it in. Mikki winced, but accepted it. She started to moan as we screwed. I pumped until I came. I pulled out and took Mikki's cock in my mouth. I sucked until I was rewarded with a load of cum.

We dressed. I gave Mikki my phone number. "Feel free to call me!" We stepped into the living room. Ben and Holly were back on the couch. We kissed our respective partners goodbye, and left. Ben told me Holly was a great lay, and asked about Mikki.

"Man, you wouldn't believe!" I smiled.


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