By Donny Mumford - Laureate Author

Published on Dec 15, 2023




While listening to Andy casually describing the unusual sex that he and his high school buddy, Manny Ortiz, engage in, at times with another classmate, Danny Sullivan, John's facial expression is one where he's half grinning in case Andy's joking and half a look of shock and awe in case he's serious.

Andy shrugs, "Yeah, Manny's one of a kind, and I can see you're interested, Darling. Don't get your hopes up too high, though. Last Monday, Manny was in the mood, and he fucked me really well for almost fifteen minutes, but he rarely feels like doing it two Mondays in a row. Come to think of it, though, when he sees you, hmm, this could be interesting. At the very least, he'll be impressed that I've got a boyfriend as spectacular as you."

"I don't know why he'd be surprised or impressed because of me; in my mind, you're the catch, not me. I need you as a great friend ten times more than you need me. I'm lucky to have you as a boyfriend."

"You are the sweetest guy in the world, Johnny. Thank you so much for that sweet sentiment."

John smiles, "Well, I like telling you that. Um, there is something I need to ask you, though. Was it okay for me to let the professor fuck me? I've been thinking about that and, well, was it alright?"

Andy shrugs, "Um, first of all, you don't need my approval. We're great friends and sex buddies, but we're not married or anything. I believe we do have a friendship kind of love for one another, which doesn't prevent either of us from fucking with someone else; it's okay. It's not great if we're fucking indiscriminately, but under the right circumstances, I think it's okay. That's my opinion, but I assume others may feel differently about it."

John says, "That's what I think too, and I'm intrigued mightily by your buddy Manny Ortiz. I wouldn't hesitate to join in with you, both of us getting fucked by Manny. That double fuck on our hands and knees, taking turns... whoopee, I could get into that. Oh, and what if that Danny boy showed up tonight? Would Manny do all three of us?"

Andy is groping himself, muttering, "Jesus Christ, I hadn't thought about Danny Sullivan showing up tonight." Then, "Hey, you haven't told me how my fucking compares to the professor's fucking."

Oh, boy! Needing time to think, John mumbles, "Let me get something to drink," and he gets a bottle of orange juice from the mini bar, sits in the armchair, and swallows some juice, thinking... 'I can't be honest! The professor's fuck was short but a much hotter fuck than Andy's hottest fuck.'

To skirt the subject, he says, "This juice hit the spot. And Goddamn, I like your new haircut, Andy. I should have gone to the barbershop you went to!"

Touching his head, Andy mumbles, "Oh, thanks! I'll get used to not having a ponytail, I suppose. Um, do you really think my hair looks okay?"

Not really... John thinks it's a too-long version of his haircut, looking like Andy needs a haircut. John can't say that, though. He lies, "I definitely think it looks great, Andy," nodding his head too enthusiastically, adding, "Yep, your haircut looks super, and for the record, the professor's name was Tom-um-something. His last name was a breakfast product, like toast. No, it was bacon. Professor Tom Bacon. Yeah, I think that's it."

Andy holds out his hand for the juice bottle. John gives it to him, and Andy swallows some juice, nods, and says, "This IS good orange juice! I don't care what the professor's name is, though. How good did he fuck you? That's what interests me."

"Oh, yeah, that... um, he was pretty good. His dick was almost exactly like yours. So, yeah, a great dick, but he wasn't as sexy as you. Maybe that was because he was kinda old. At least thirty-five or so. That would be my best guess."

Taking another swallow of orange juice, Andy hands the bottle back to John, mumbling, "Whaddaya talking about? Thirty-five isn't old. Anyway, you're saying he was pretty good at topping your ass, huh?"

"He was good but not nearly as good as you. That's what I'm trying to say."

John's looking into Andy's eyes, trying to convince him that his lie is true. Andy stares back, not so sure about that, then says, "Well, something in your manner makes me doubt you're being completely honest, but thanks. Do you wanna shower first?"

John jumps up, "Absolutely. My ass is so itchy. It never gets itchy when you fuck me. You do it properly!"

"Yeah, uh-huh. For one thing, you've never put on girlie panties right after I shot a load of cum up your ass. That's one big difference right there. The silky material of the panties can't deal with Professor Tom's creamy cum that's sucking the material up into your asshole."

"Yeah, something like that must have happened." John heads for the bathroom.

As John showers, Andy goes online and arranges for their flight to Wyoming.

Later, Andy's showering while John's getting dressed. He wears the second of three girlie panties, his shaved groin feeling smooth and clean. The silky material slides comfortably over his hairless crotch and buttocks. He murmurs to himself, "Feels good, and it's so sexy."

The boys eat dinner in the hotel's main restaurant. They're both looking good... Andy, with a nice grown-up guy's haircut instead of a frontiersman's ponytail, and John the best-looking person in the restaurant. Oh, hell, he's the best-looking person in Boston.

As they eat dinner, Andy tells John about their flight arrangements. "Amazingly, Johnny, there is a smallish airport in Cheyenne, Wyoming. It's small but services United, Delta, and American Airlines. It's a regional airport (CYS) two miles from the city's center, so convenient as a motherfucker for us. I've bought us one-way Business Class tickets that cost $694 each. That is wicked expensive, but it is what it is."

Nodding, John's like, "I don't care what it cost. This is all great news! What time is our flight?"

"Tomorrow morning, we fly out of Logan Airport at 7:40 am, one stop-over in Denver, and arrive in Cheyenne at 3:20 pm."

"Wow, that's a stupid long flight, but great job, Andy! I can't thank you enough for taking care of everything. When should we be at Logan?"

"Early! I've ordered a car service for six o'clock. It's a fifteen-minute drive to Logan from here."

"Gee, you did all that while I was in the shower? Did you also email this information to my attorney, Sara McCarty?"

Andy eats a fried shrimp, then says, "Yeah, it's all taken care of. Relax. She'll meet our flight and drive us to your house. Sara sent me a very nice email appreciating that I was very detailed with my information and update on you."

"Whaat? Um, what did you tell her? What kind of update?"

After finishing the last of his shrimp and rice, Andy shrugs, "I told her you still have amnesia and that I'm taking care of you and guiding you through your ups and downs. That's all. Well, I also outlined our day-to-day itinerary and how, as your nurse, I've been helping you with everything and doing things for you that you can't do, um, can't do yet."

John barely gets his napkin up as he snorts out a laugh, spitting chewed food into the napkin. Shaking his head, he says, "It's obvious you're worried my attorney will think you're robbing me or taking advantage somehow, so you're making yourself seem invaluable. Which, by the way, I think you are. But don't waste your time worrying about what the people who know me in Cheyenne might think you're up to. I KNOW I need you, which is all that matters. Fuck them..."

"Thanks, Darling, but I hate that people will think I'm doing something wrong, something disgusting. It's, um, disturbing..."

They finish dinner and return to their suite at ten minutes to seven. After peeing, washing up, and brushing their teeth, Andy says, "It's a twenty-minute walk to the bus terminal, or we could take a taxi."

"Let's walk, Andy. I need the exercise."

"Yeah, sure. Listen, even if Manny's not interested in fucking tonight, he always wants someone to suck him off. We'll share doing that, taking turns sucking his dick. It's like a game when Danny's there. You know, which one of us will be sucking Manny's dick when he climaxes. It's like musical chairs, sort of. When it's the night he wants to fuck, however, Manny makes sure he pulls his dick out of our mouths before he climaxes. Then it's a game of who's ass will get filled up with Manny's cum."

Going down on the elevator, John asks, "Is his dick bigger around than yours?"

Andy goes, "Maybe a little bigger, yeah. It's not an incredibly fat one, though. Really good penis, basically, but it's only like, um, two inches long."

John goes, "Whaaat?"

Andy grins, shrugging, "Um, the other thing you'll notice is how super clean he is. He wears a subtle but very nice cologne, some of which he puts on his nuts. They smell good while you're licking them. Yeah, he's a considerate motherfucker like that. A good guy, ya know? He's always been like that. Did I tell you what he'd sometimes bought me in the cafeteria at school?"

"Uh-huh, a small carton of milk, which, um... Anyway, I'm anxious to meet him. He's friendly, right?"

"Yeah, but quiet. He doesn't have a lot to say."

As they walk Boston streets, they smoke cigarettes and talk about the flight tomorrow and how they'll have time once they get through security to buy reading material for the long flight. John says, "I'm very nervous about tomorrow, Andy, so I'm glad we have this fun thing to do tonight. It'll get my mind off tomorrow."

"You should be excited about tomorrow, Darling, not nervous. You likely will lose the amnesia when you walk inside your house, remembering everything."

"Yeah, I've been thinking about that, and I'm wicked concerned about how I'll handle a recovered memory of my parents. I've got grieving in my future, and I will depend on you so much, Andy."

"I'll be there for you, Johnny. Did I tell you that I never knew my biological father?"

"No, but that's a shame."

"Uh-huh, and my mother was, um, not a wonderful person at all, but she had a hard life, so..."

They walk around the corner, and Andy points, saying, "There's Manny's hearse."

They approach it head-on, walk to the back, and see Manny and Danny sitting in the hearse at the open door with their feet dangling off the back end, both drinking weak-ass lemonade. Andy gives them a big smile, saying, "The band is back together! Hi, Manny, hey Danny, you two are looking good as always."

Then, pointing at John, he says, "This is the coma patient I told you guys about. Meet John Darling of Cheyenne, Wyoming. Johnny, that's the legend, Manny Ortiz, and his super-cute companion is Danny Sullivan."

They bump fists. "Nice to meet you. How was it being in a coma?" asked Danny. And, yeah, he is a cute young-looking guy with shaggy, pale red hair about an inch long. It probably was a buzzcut two months ago and has all grown out the same length over his head. He's as tall as John... six feet tall and slim. He has a cute squeaky voice, too, saying, "Andy said you were pretty, John, but Omigod, you're, um, ah... beautiful. And you're gay! Damn, that's cool!"

John mumbles, lisping, "Thank, Danny, that's nice of you to say. You're wicked cute yourself."

Manny hasn't said anything, so Andy asks, "How's it going, Manny?"

Manny nods and finishes his weak-ass lemonade as Danny says, "I never thought you'd give up your ponytail, Andy, but I'm glad you did. I never liked that ugly ponytail."

Andy's like, "Well, look who's talking about bad hair! You get a buzzcut and ignore your ugly red hair for three months, so it always looks like shit!"

John lisps, "His hair doesn't look like shit. He's got pretty hair."

Danny grins, then slides off the tailgate. Standing next to John, smiling, he puts his arm across John's shoulders, saying, "If someone as good-looking as this good old boy says I've got pretty hair, he's gotta know what he's talking about."

Looking at Andy, he adds, "Darling and I are buddies already. Ain't we, John Darling? And what a perfect name for you," and he kisses John on the mouth."

Andy goes, "Heh-heh! Easy Danny!"

Manny does a long sigh, then takes out a crumbled pack of Salem menthol cigarettes, lights one, and sighs again but doesn't say anything. He's very strong-looking, deeply tanned, with a strong neck and muscular forearms. He's wearing a white polo shirt and baggy tan cargo shorts with what looks like slippers on his feet without socks, and his legs are hairless. Manny's face is chiseled and full of character, with a dimple on each cheek and one on his chin. He has longish, straight, brown hair with highlights, combed straight back. He's manly-looking, older-looking too, and sexy, except everything was in miniature. He was five feet tall and a hundred and ten pounds.

Sounding obsequious, Andy asks, "How you doing tonight, Manny?"

Manny looks over, stares, then mutters, "Andy..." and leaves it at that as he takes a drag off his Salem cigarette. Danny says, "Manny and I might see that new movie with Ryan Parker. Weren't we talking about seeing it, Manny?"

Blowing a smoke ring as he exhales mentholated smoke from his lungs, Manny looks over at Danny, stares at him as if he's not sure he knows him, and then mumbles, "You were talking about that," and he takes another drag off his cigarette.

Andy, trying to get things moving, says, "So, what are we doing tonight? Are you up for some sexy play, Manny? How about you, Danny?"

Danny goes, "Yeah, count me in. How about you, Ron Darling?"

John goes, "How could you forget my name already? I'm John, not Ron, and I do whatever my best friend wants. If Andy's ready for sex play with you guys, if you'll have me, I am too."

Andy beams as Manny slowly turns his head to look at John. He has a puzzled look on his face, so John nods at him, shrugs, and says, "That's right, Andy's my man, Manny. I do what I'm told. He's been an idol and savior to me since coming out of my coma."

Manny says, "You're fucking adorable," he looks at Andy, mumbling, "I'm happy for you, Andy."

Andy beams harder, then says, "Thank you, Manny..."

Manny is silent again. A minute of total silence goes by, making John uncomfortable. Finally, the silence becomes awkward for Andy, too, so he talks about his lost ponytail experience and how this was his first time at a barbershop in ten years. Manny's not participating, but the other three guys get into a heated discussion about haircuts nowadays and how they hate all the fade hairstyles because they look stupid, and it pisses them off that many dipshits get dumbass fade haircuts for the same reason they grew out their one-inch beards. They did it because everyone was doing it, and they didn't want to be different.

Andy's sitting on the tailgate with Manny, and Danny is now tightly against John, his arm hugging John's shoulders. They're pretty much the same size and fit together as they lean against the brick wall separating the parking lot from the sidewalk.

John hardly gives a thought to Danny's hugging his shoulders because Andy is always doing that. It feels normal, plus John likes it. He leans against Danny, grinning at him from time to time, and Danny feels free to kiss John whenever he wants, which is frequently because neither Andy nor John objected to the first kiss earlier.

Andy doesn't like it, but he doesn't want to cause a fuss by being jealous, complaining that Danny's overdoing his taking control of John, who seems way too contented with it as far as Andy's concerned. He can't think how to get off the hearse without looking foolish and perhaps hurting Manny's feelings, leaving him the only one on the hearse, so he grins and bares it. He thinks this could be a precursor for when John gets his memory back and remembers his old boyfriend or boyfriends, and Andy finds himself on the outside looking in.

Danny says, "Andy, your boy here melds into me. I could eat him up."

Andy forced a grin, muttering, "Yeah, he's huggable for sure."

Manny flicks his cigarette butt twenty feet toward a Dipsy Dumpster, missing it by inches. John says, "Wow, you almost flicked that right into the dumpster."

Danny goes, "Not bad for a midget."

John thinks the 'midget' reference is wicked rude, so he tries to cover it up by quickly asking, "How long have you been driving a hearse, Manny?"

Manny incongruously gives John a beautiful smile, which is so outside the norm for him that it surprises the hell out of Andy and Danny. Then, another surprise when Manny, in a pleasant conversational manner, says, "I've been driving it since graduating high school, Johnny. My uncle owns the Funeral Home. He and his wife inherited it from her mom's sister-in-law."

John goes, "Huh!" and Manny continues making eye contact with John, saying, "I'm not a midget, by the way, and I'm not offended that Danny said 'midget.' You may have worried about that, John Darling. I saw you winch when he said the word, but it's okay. Danny's a sweet kid but not very bright. Right, Danny?"

"Nope, I'm not very bright, but I got a high school diploma, so..."

Still making eye contact with John, Manny says, "As I said, I'm not a midget or a dwarf, which is the preferred designation. Preferred over midget, although some prefer 'little people.' As I said, I'm none of them. A dwarf is someone with a pituitary growth disorder. Dwarfs are four-foot-ten-inches or shorter. I'm five-foot-one-inch. My father is average size, while my mother, who passed away nine years ago, was almost six feet tall."

Again, unable to think of anything appropriate to say to all that, John again mutters, "Whaaat? Oh, uh-huh."

Then, no one says anything when Manny goes silent again, lighting another menthol cigarette. Again, uncomfortable with the silence, Andy, even though nobody asked him, begins telling Manny why he got his ponytail cut off, "You've always said it was cool, Manny. It's just that I'm taking care of John Darling now, which means blah, blah, blah..."

He tells Manny his rationalized reasons as his voice fades too low for Danny and John to hear. Danny squeezes John's shoulders, turning both their backs to the tailgate. Andy continues giving his reasons to Manny as Danny cranes his head around to look John in the face, quietly murmuring, "What are you doing tomorrow, Johnny? My days off work are Tuesdays and Wednesdays. I have a big badass motorcycle, and I could pick you up on it at your hotel. I'd take you for a ride up Mount Washington in New Hampshire. I know some private places we could, you know, um, if you wanted to, we could get naked. Um, you're definitely a bottom, ain'tcha?"

John nods, and Danny whispers, "I could tell you were because of how submissive you are, and I like that about you a lot! No offense, but I could tell you were a submissive bottom, and you want a guy to be dominant with you. I'm always the top, except with Manny, then he's always the top gun for Andy and me. Nobody is as cool as Manny."

He puts his other arm around John, both arms pulling John against him, face to face. Brushing his lips against John's, Danny murmurs, "I've no doubt you'll like how I fuck your cute ass. I never use rubbers, by the way... I keep it natural, bare skin to bare skin, except for using the tiniest bit of lubricant to put on your pussy. Then, I provide all the necessary muscle to bring pleasure rolling over you for as long as I want. I can get very dominant during a fuck, and I can tell that you love that... doncha, Johnny? What do you say, baby? "

"Oh, yeah, Danny, that sounds wicked cool, but I can't do it tomorrow. I'm going to Wyoming tomorrow."

"What? Wyoming?"

"Yeah, but, um, what you said a little while ago about me melding into your body, um, your body feels good. It really does. Andy's and my bodies are perfect together, too, though, so... Andy and I sleep in each other's arms like we're one organism. Don't we, Andy?"

Andy's like, 'What the fuck are you two talking about? What was that you said about an organism?"

Manny says, "I'm wondering if you boys wanna get fucked tonight or just talk until we're all in comas like the one John Darling was in? Andy brought this pretty boy, John Darling, and that has rejuvenated me. Danny and Andy, should we show John how we do things around here?"

Excitedly, Andy goes, "Damn, yeah! Hot shit!"

Danny, his arms still around John, rubs his nose with John's nose, then gives him a sloppy kiss, his tongue all over John's tongue. Then, after six or seven seconds, his lips come off John's. There was some sucking of tongues, so when their mouths parted, they made a smacking sound. Danny said, "Count us in!"

Then he whispers in John's ear, "When we're in the hearse, get on your hands and knees next to me, okay? I'll take care of you."

John nods, "Okay, Danny. Sorry about Mount Washington. I'll ask Andy if we can come back and visit. I've grown fond of Boston."

Danny grips John's chin, saying, "You don't ask him; you tell him!"

Andy calls to Danny and John, mostly to Danny, "C'mon! Let's go, you two. We don't want Manny changing his mind."

Holding out his arm, Andy grabs John's hand, saying, "C'mon, Danny, let go of him." Then, "Johnny, do what you're told and hop up on the tailgate," and he pulls John up with him, leaving Danny the only one still standing outside in the parking lot. Then Danny climbs in as Manny says, "Close the door, Danny."

They're all bending over except Manny, who clicks on a small overhead light when Danny closes the door.

Holding hands with Andy, John grins at him, whispering, "This is exciting," and he leans against Andy as Danny frowns, then nods for John to come to him. John pretends he didn't see that.

Manny says, "Take your clothes off, guys. This will be my first time doing three pussy boy's bottoms. It's a challenge."

They bump into one another, getting undressed, giggling like excited little girls. John drops his girlie panties, then lisps, "This is the first time I've ever done anything with four guys. Um, I mean, I don't remember ever doing..."

Andy says, "Sure, we understand, John... your amnesia, but no more talking, please. Let Manny do the talking for us."

Danny's staring at John's shaved groin, then mutters, "That's wicked sexy-looking, John, and the panties... Holy shit. Whoa!"

John smiles, "It was mostly Andy's idea. Um, the shaved pubes, I mean. I was the one who wanted the girlie panties."

Then he looks over and frowns when he sees Manny's cock. He immediately averts his eyes, not wanting to get caught staring at it. It's just like Andy said... a two-inch-long penis that has, at the very least, a two-inch diameter fat penis that looks even fatter because it's so short. John thought Andy was being funny.

Manny, the only one who can totally stand upright in the hearse, is pulling on his penis, saying, "Danny's right... cool underpants, John. Can I wear them after I'm done fucking you? You can wear mine."

"Sure, okay, Manny, but Andy and I are leaving for Wyoming tomorrow, so I won't be able to return your underpants unless we..."

Andy goes, "Shh, Johnny!"

Manny mumbles, "No, that's alright, Andy." Then to John, who, like Danny and Andy, is on his hands and knees looking at Manny standing there in front of them like their teacher or instructor or something, "You don't need to return them, John. We'll swap underpants and leave it at that."

Used to being told what to do, John says, "Yes, Manny."

In a row on their hands and knees, Danny, John, and Andy watch Manny Ortiz, who is holding his short penis that's soft and fleshy, holding it out for Danny, who slurps the entire thing into his mouth. Manny's fingers are in Danny's pale red hair, Danny making wet slurping sounds for about a minute, sucking on Manny's dick. When Manny moves his hips back slightly, his penis comes out of Danny's mouth, and it is now a hard two-and-a-quarter-inch boner. It got a little longer... and fatter, too.

Danny's saliva is dripping off the shiny wet hard penis when Manny humps his hips, pushing his cock into John's open mouth. It's more of a mouthful than John expected, so he gags a little, then adjust the position of his head and is able to suck off Danny's saliva, then cover the hard-as-a-rock penis with his saliva. Manny's pulling John's hair, grunting as sensations coming off his penis have grown significantly. Watching his dick moving inside John's mouth, his gorgeous face arouses Manny exceedingly. He humps his hips a dozen times, sliding that fat boner back and forth on John's tongue, then out comes Manny's boner, him mumbling, "I almost shot off my climax."

He steps back, breathing deeply, then says, "Whew, you can come around any time you want, John Darling. You looked so fucking cute with my fat cock choking you."

"Oh, thanks for the compliment, Manny."

Before John can say more, Andy catches his eye and shakes his head, meaning... that's enough. Manny takes another deep breath, then mutters, "Three at the same time, though, might be one too many," then, he says, "Danny, do the lubricant while Andy sucks my dick. Lube your ass, then the other two."

Danny walks on his hands and knees past Manny to a shelf, picks up something, then walks back the same way and unscrews the cap on a tube, puts the cap between his lips, and squeezes the tube, getting a big glob of lubricant on his finger. He reaches behind his ass. John, his eyes wide open, watches Danny's finger rubbing the lube on his asshole's lips, then pushing his finger inside his own rectum up to the third knuckle, in and out, in and out, John's cock getting hard from watching Danny's finger going in and out of his own asshole. Then, more lube, and Danny does it again, gasping quietly as he shudders.

He gets behind John, and two seconds later, John goes, "Ah!" as Danny's finger goes up his ass, then pulls back and rubs his prostate. John's squirming makes Danny smack John's ass hard, murmuring, "Don't move," and his finger pushes more lube up John's rectum. Now the wet sucking sounds from Andy's mouth stops because Manny pulled his hard boner from Andy's mouth.

Manny's boner is sticking straight out, fatter than ever, and now two and a half inches long. John stares at its hardness as he tightens the muscles in his rectum, then relaxes them, then tightens them again, his cock already a five-inch steel shaft.

Danny finishes by lubing Andy's ass, and as he does that, he murmurs, "We're good to go, Manny." His finger comes out, and Danny wipes it on the rough carpeted floor of the hearse.

John feels Danny walking behind him on his hands and knees. Danny faces forward, his side now against John's side, then he's straining, pushing his ass up for Manny, so John does it too. Manny says, "Relax, give me a moment, boys. That third blowjob almost got me. Heh-heh."

The guys lower their asses, then Danny moves his head next to John's, whispering, "No one knows who will get Manny's huge cum load? He'll fuck each of us for about a minute in a round-robin. A minute in my ass, then a minute in yours, and then Andy gets it, then back to me, and so on. It's all so fucking hot, Ronny!"

Andy bumps John's side, "Shh!" and John hasn't said a word. He wanted to ask Danny if he had a mental block about the name John... Danny called him Ronny this time.

Not liking the chatter, Manny yelled, "Knock it off. Eyes to the front! All of you!" Three heads poked out stiffly. Manny walked behind Danny, who was again straining to get his ass pushed up for Manny to mount. Like Danny, John pushed his ass up, straining his eyes to his left as far as possible to see who Manny was going to fuck first. With a short screech from Danny, his body lunged forward as Manny's fat-headed boner hit Danny's asshole.

Danny moans, sounding like a cow needing to be milked as his asshole's lips spread apart, and apart, and apart, then a groan, "Ah, ooowww, fuuuuck!" from Danny as Manny's body moved two and a half inches forward, his boner going that far up Danny's ass, spreading Danny's bowels significantly.

John hears a slippery sound as Manny's bottle-wide boner is forced itself back and forth inside Danny's over-lubricated asshole. Manny's thrusting began immediately, full two and a half inches of boner in and back, in and back, in and back, slapping his crotch against Danny's wickedly cute buttocks, "Slap, slap, slap, slap," Danny moaning, "Oh, oh, oh, oh..." his body lunging forward and back, over and over for about a minute.

With his eyes way over to the left, John sees Danny's sweet-looking six-inch boner sticking straight out, barely moving. There's a long string of precum drooling from the piss slit that jiggles off and drops to the floor. Manny pulls his fat, hard cock out and slaps Danny's butt cheeks, "Smack, smack, smack!"

Danny shudders, moaning, "Ahhh, ooh, feels so good..." and reaches over to cover John's left hand with his right hand, whispering, "Don't be scared. Danny's head comes even closer to John's and adds in a whispery voice, "It's amazing. You'll love it..."

John's quivering with anticipation, both fear and eagerness, sweat on his upper lip and forehead. He hears movement behind him, then a hard whack on his ass that stings like a motherfucker, then again, 'SMACK!" that hurts more than the palm of a hand. Then John hears a ping pong paddle clatters to the floor, Manny muttering, 'Fuck it..." Right away, John feels the bottom of a thirty-two-ounce Coke bottle pushing against his anus.

It's not the bottom of a Coke bottle, though. It's the broad, blunted head of Manny's stupid-looking, short boner. Fortunately for John, Andy's fucked his ass regularly with his relatively fat boner, loosening John's anus a little, but this is wider, and it starts hurting as if it's ripping his asshole. His anus spreads slowly until John screeches out a girlie, "Ooow, it hurts!"

Andy goes, "Shh! You're embarrassing me," so John scrunches his face, dealing with the pain, letting a series of whimpering sounds escape, "Eu, eu, eu," like a big baby. Then he goes, "Ahh!" when the big cock slides incredibly tightly inside his rectum, and, as he did with Danny, Manny begins thrusting immediately, his body smacking against buttocks, "Slap, slap, slap."

Constant moving pressure on John's prostate gland from the swollen, rounded head of Manny's sick boner, the head even larger than the shaft, and it rolls back and forth on that gland with every thrust and pull-back. John's frozen facial expression is like he can't believe what he's feeling. There are so many sizzling vibrations of intense pleasure coming off his prostate that he knows he's going to climax any second now, and then he does after only twenty seconds of thrusting.

John, sounding like two or three little girls screaming at the top of their lungs in an ear-piercing, high-pitched scream as if a mouse is running up one of the little girl's legs, blows his load of cum out his cement boner, leaving him sweating and wishing for more. Manny mutters, "Jesus, you're not ready to deal with this level of four-way sex," and pulls his cock out to shuffle over and get behind Andy.

John, his throat sore after that screeching scream, has chills running all over him, but he feels like a dork, feels he let Andy down while humiliating himself.

Danny, feeling bad for John, squeezes John's hand, leaning over to whisper, "That's exactly what happened to me the first time, Johnny. It's a combination of things we hadn't previously experienced. It's all of us naked boys scrunched together in this small space, hormones exploding and testosterone so thick in here you can taste it, and then that faint smell of ass on Manny's super-fat cock fucking us mostly right on our prostate gland. It's a crushing amount of stimulation all at once. It's toxic in the most perfect way ever!! I love it, don't you?"

John kisses the side of Danny's face, "You remembered my name! Ah, and yes, it was awesome. I had a climax that a Marvel comic book superhero would be proud of."

They listen to Andy's grunting, "Umpt, umpt, ooh," as it's his turn to take it up the ass from Manny. Andy lasted the whole minute of, "Slap, slap, slap," and then John hears Manny shuffling behind him on his way back to Danny, who goes, "Ahhh," when Manny slides his wide hard boner into Danny's opened-up asshole. "Slap, slap, slap," and then, shuffling past John, disappointing him tremendously, Manny's fucking Andy again.

John is upset to be so unfairly excluded he sheds a few tears that nobody sees, then gets himself under control, realizing climaxing after being fucked for only twenty seconds disqualifies him from getting more from Manny. Boo-hoo!

Manny's back fucking Andy when he, Manny, makes a gasping sound and fires his load up Andy's ass. Danny says, "Shit, I could tell he almost blew off inside me. C'mon, Johnny, would you finish me off? I'm almost there."

"What? Oh, um, yeah, sure." His cock was already hard enough for fucking because the sounds and smells of male-on-male sex surrounded him. He rustles around to get behind Danny, then slides his boner up Danny's wide-open ass and sighs, "Oooh, ummm, this feels so good."

It's not tight at all, of course, but it feels good to John because he's had no topping opportunities in his life, so any stimulation on his pecker will feel fantastic. He's giving Danny a mild ride, but Danny doesn't need much and blows a pretty decent climax onto the floor of the hearse, smearing into John's cum load and maybe twenty or more other cum shots since the boys graduated high school five months ago, which was when Manny got the job driving this hearse.

So, Danny, Manny, and John have all had climaxes, which leaves the odd man out, Andy, who has a load of Manny's cum up his ass, as well as a load of his cum in his nuts. The boys joke around that they can't help Andy out as he cries about having blue balls. Then Danny takes pity on Andy and fucks a damn good cum load out of him. Andy's cum shimmers along creamily on top of Danny's load of cum on the floor of the hearse.

Everyone is happy, talking, and feeling good, bumping into one another as they get dressed. Manny puts on John's girlie panties, and John pulls on Manny's jockey-style underpants, noticing a shit stain at the droopy bottom, plus a precum stain in front. He wonders what happened to Andy's claim that Manny was super clean.

As Manny opens the back door, fresh air floods inside, eliminating the smell of ass and sex in the hearse, while John wonders how many days Manny's worn these underpants and what happened to the cologne Andy said Manny put on his nuts.

Oh well, he pulled Manny's underpants on snugly, feeling a boner developing. Outside, the boys smoke cigarettes and bitch about the fact that no one thought to bring a case of beer as now John is pulling at his crotch 'cause the underpants are two sizes too small. Well, what the fuck did he expect, knowing Manny only weighs a hundred pounds or so?

Finally, there are hugs and kisses all around, saying goodbye with John promising that Andy and he will return for a visit as soon as they get everything settled in Wyoming. Danny's and John's goodbye kiss was basically a one-minute make out, both boys springing new boners.

Waving, Andy takes John's hand and, more or less, pulls him away from Danny, saying to John, "That's something you'll remember for some time, I'll bet."

"Yes, I will. Oh, my goodness, Danny was wonderful. We're exactly the same size. Did you notice that, Andy?"

Andy yanks on John's arm, muttering, "I was referring to all of us doing that four-way sex-a-thon, not just cute Danny. I can see that you'll melt into a puddle of submissiveness around a cute guy. I'm sorry I'm not cuter for you, Darling."

He's fishing for reassurance of John's affection and gets a boatload of bullshit from John instead. "Omigod, he can't compare with you, Andy. Danny had a crush on me, and I didn't want to hurt his feelings. That's all I'm saying. His ass, oh man, when I fucked him, it was like nothing. Nothing can compare to you fucking me. When Manny was fucking all of us, all I could think of was how much better it is when it's you're fucking me."

Squinting his eyes, not believing most of that, Andy mutters, "Oh, c'mon, Darling! Do you mean to tell me you didn't think Manny was the coolest and the hottest?"

They walk back to the hotel hand in hand, John still downplaying how high and excited he is about tonight's sex with three guys but mostly high and excited about Danny. Even so, he says excitedly, "Jesus, I climaxed after only twenty seconds, and yet it was still the hottest climax ever because there were four of us! Four sexy, hot, young, naked studs crammed together. Danny explained it to me."

Andy's telling himself he better toughen up and expect more of this kind of thing in Wyoming when Darling gets his memory back. Obviously, John is attracted to cute guys, and Andy isn't cute. He's average-looking, not cute. Hell, there aren't a lot of cute guys in the world, but Danny happened to be one, and John was falling all over himself about Danny, and the same for Danny falling all over himself about cuter-than-shit John Darling.

Being totally disingenuous, Andy says, "You and Danny Sullivan make a sweet couple. Too bad I didn't introduce you to him earlier, but as you said, we'll be back to visit."

John's like, "Oh! I'm so happy you said that, Andy! Wow, you are my idol for any number of reasons, and this is just one more! That was so magnanimous of you! You're my number one man of all time, but it would be wicked good fun going on a date with Danny. He told me he'd dominate my ass like nobody else can. Ouu, I got chills, and he's so fucking cute, too... don't you think?"

"Oh, yeah. Before I met you, I thought Danny Sullivan was the cutest guy I'd ever seen, and that includes all the boys I'd seen going from first to twelfth grades. He's more perfect for you than I am. I know that."

John stops walking, "Whaaaat? Don't say that, Andy! Please, you'll get me crying if you say things like that!"

And he's not kidding as tears are rolling down his cheeks.

Andy was fishing for compliments and overdid it. John's still unstable emotionally and probably will remain so until he regains his prior life by recovering his memory, and probably for some time after that. He needs professional counseling, a physiatrist, or somebody like that.

Andy hugs John, "I'm sorry, Johnny. I'm jealous, saying untrue crap. I need to act like the professional nurse you've hired, not some love-sick teenage girl with a crush on, um, whoever... some geeky rapper or, um..."

"No, that's alright, Andy. I was going on and on about Danny Sullivan when I should be going on and on about you. Definitely you, you're the best thing that's ever happened to me."

They console one another, and later, in their hotel suite, they do everything they need to do in the bathroom and then get in bed naked. After rolling on a condom, Andy fucked John slowly for ten minutes, finishing with hard and fast thrusting that caused John to squeal like six or seven piglets vying for mother's teats as he was climaxing like a Supernova going off, shuddering and sputtering, "Ahh, ooh, Andy, you're the best..."

Andy nodded, thinking... 'I need to be aggressive tomorrow with these hicks in Wyoming!'

Then, to John, "Well, that's good to hear again! Try to remember that when you see a cute guy who hasn't done a fucking thing for you while I've done everything for you, including quitting a job I loved."

John's got tissues wiping at his big cum load on the sheets, muttering, "I'm sorry about going overboard gushing about how cute Danny was. You're my man, Andy. I know that."

Andy says, "Here, go flush this condom, then get right back here. I need to be sterner with you, and I'm going to be."

"Yes, Andy..."

Nodding to himself that he's turning over a new leaf, getting more demanding of John, he gets out of bed and packs and supervises John, packing his suitcase and Andy's duffle bag, and now they're ready for the car service early tomorrow morning.

After using the bathroom, Andy sets his laptop alarm clock for five-thirty, and then he and John get in bed with the lights out. John's hugging and half on top of Andy's smaller body, murmuring, "You're not mad at me, are you, Andy?"

Having second thoughts about being able to pull off a tougher act with John, Andy says, "No, I'm not mad. I was jealous, I guess. Um, do you want me to be tougher on you? Would you like that?"

"Yeah, sure. I like being submissive, but I don't think you can be any tougher. You're too nice."

That's what I think, too. Go to sleep."

"Yes, Andy."

They drift off to sleep, dreaming about what might happen in Cheyenne, Wyoming, where John was born and raised for close to twenty-two years now.

To be continued...

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