By Donny Mumford - Laureate Author

Published on Feb 10, 2024




Standing at the front stoop of John's Cheyenne house, Dickie wants to get reimbursed for the $130 he advanced for thirteen joints, one of which he and Gary shared to make sure of the weed's quality. Yeah, that's their excuse for smoking one on the way here.

The thing is, everybody is kind of ignoring Dickie's hints that someone needs to pay for the pot, but John is just teasing him. Fat Gary and John Darling exchange smirks at Dickie's distress, Gary's arm going across John's shoulder.

As long as Gary insists on wearing his pitch-black thick beard, there's very little about his appearance that anyone would call attractive, but that doesn't seem to matter very much to John. He's been having a debate with himself about being Gary's boyfriend or sticking with Andy. That's if he has a choice. Dickie is paying a lot of attention to Andy, so it's lucky for John that Gary is doing the same for him.

Gary asks John, "Is your friend with the joints going to share or what?"

John, who intends to pay back Dickie for the joint, speaks up, "Hey, what's the holdup? Let's pass around one of those primo joints."

Dickie frowns, "Yeah, well, wait a Goddamn minute here. Somebody owes me a hundred and thirty dollars? What the fuck?"

The four guys look at one another, shrugging and grinning like, 'What?' Pay how much?' Then John says to Dickie, "Relax! Bro, you know I'd never leave you holding the bag."

Dickie shrugs, "Aw, I knew that, Johnny. Thanks, buddy."

Reluctantly moving away from Gary's arm across his shoulders, John takes seven twenty dollar bills out of his pocket, holding them out to Dickie, "Seriously, keep the change, and we all thank you, Dickie."

Dickie says, "My pleasure," and puts the twenties in his pocket, then holds out a Ziplock bag with nine joints to John, who shakes his head and says, "They're Andy's."

As Dickie hands the Ziplock bag to Andy, Gary says, "Wait a second! Don't put the bag away. Let's get one of those babies lit..."

When John moves back tight against Gary's side, Gary's arm gives him an extra squeeze, "I've got to put some meat on your bones, boy," and then another squeeze.

Okay, Gary's acting as if John is already his boyfriend, 'It's official already?'

John smiles and murmurs, "Sure, okay, Gary."

What the hell? He's proud to be the chosen one by the undisputed leader in their group. The way Gary takes charge of a situation makes John's cock rock, and Gary holding John tightly against his fat body makes John feel like the most popular guy in the room.

Andy takes the bag of rolled joints, unzips it, and says, "Here, smell this awesome weed, Gary."

Gary mutters, "Hey! Don't stick it in my face like that, alright? It does smell like some good shit, though. The joint Dickie and I smoked was excellent. It's all good but expensive, so thanks Darling."

John nods, grinning.

Andy asks, "So, where should we smoke one of these bad boys?"

Wearing one of his Western shirts and tight jeans, Andy can't put the Ziplock bag on his person, so he takes a joint out, gives it to Dickie, and says, "I'll put the rest inside."

Gary takes the joint from Dickie, looks at it, then nods, muttering, "Nicely rolled joint like the first one. A gram of weed makes a helluva nice joint."

Giving the joint back to Dickie, he says, "Fire that fucker up, good buddy."

John can feel the strength in Gary's arm, and it makes him smile. Again, he's proud that the leader chose him to hang onto and be his boyfriend. Crazily, John kind of likes that Gary's fat because it shows that Gary doesn't give a shit what anybody thinks... he'll do what he wants. Yeah, John feels proud he's the boss's favorite. It's a first-time experience for him, and it's sort of intoxicating to feel so special.

As Dickie lights the joint, Gary's arm slides up John's back to go around the side of his neck, pulling John's head over. John feels his dick begin to get tight as Gary asks, "Hey, did you get the dildo charged, blondie?"

Oh, fuck, the dildo! John is aware he's oversexed, so grins to himself when he feels the beginnings of a boner in his pants as he says, "No, I didn't know how to do it, so Dickie charged it."

Gary tightens his arm around John's neck, saying, "Yeah? Well, that's good, but you need to know how, too. Dickie might not always be around."

"Oh, of course. He said he'd show me and that it's not hard to charge a dildo."

"Ah, are you being a smart-ass staying that?"

John shakes his head, "No, I swear I'm not. Um, I'm not sure, ah... are you just pretending I'm your boyfriend for tonight or, um?" Gary gives him a quizzical 'look,' and John adds, "Anyway, would it be alright if we skip using the sex toys on me this time? I don't really like sex toys. Sorry."

"No, it's not alright, so be sorry all you want, but we're using them, and I'm not pretending anything. You're fine with being my boyfriend, right? And as my boyfriend, you're getting the usual, which is a cock ring and a vibrating dildo." Gary smiles at John, asking, "Okay?"

John is so impressed with Gary's confidence. The way he's so confident about getting things his way while, at the same time, being nice about it, and he's serious about John being his boyfriend. Situations are happening so fast John can barely find the breath to say, "Okay, Gary," and then he gasped in another long, ragged inhale, with Gary glancing at him, "Are you sure you're okay? Take it easy, pretty boy. The dildo and cock ring are to make your experience better, not mine. The toys are for your benefit."

Still catching his breath, John nods, "Oh, uh-huh. I didn't know that."

Gary smiles, "God, you're cute. And, of course, I'm going to fuck you a little later, so be patient. Tell me again so I'm sure... you do want to be my boyfriend, right?"

"Oh, definitely. Gary, I'm honored."

Gary says, "No need to be honored. You're kind of special yourself, so I should be the one who's honored. Anyway, I told Dickie about how we're making this a permanent switch on the way over here. He's more than fine with it now that he's dominating your old boyfriend."

John frowns, trying to get it into his head that, as quickly as this happened, it is for real. He thought he was only going to be a temporary change of pace for Gary, but it's different now, though. Now, he really is the chosen one.

Gary says, "First things first, though. Before sex, I need a few tokes of that joint, which reminds me. Do you smoke pot? You know how to do it, right?"

His penis quivering in his girlie panties as John murmurs, "Yes, Gary. Of course, I know the right way to smoke grass"

Andy went inside the house to put the Ziplock bag on the kitchen counter, and when he came out again, Dickie hands Andy, who is the pot's apparent owner, the lit joint to take the honorary first toke off of it. Dickie says, "But wait, Andy. Ah, shouldn't we go around back before smoking this?"

Gary sarcastically says, "No! Hell, no. Let's smoke it here in the front yard where all the neighbors can watch us. I'm sure a nosey neighbor won't call the cops."

Dickie mutters, "You don't think so?"

Rolling his eyes, Gary says, "Jesus, Dickie! I was being facetious. Of course, we should smoke it in the backyard. This shit is illegal in Wyoming."

Then quieter, Gary says to John, "C'mon, let's go to your backyard, blondie," and he chuckles, adding, "You have a look on your face like you don't know where you are."

'No, I'm good, Gary. This is my parents', um, I mean, my house. Let's go.

Yeah, let's do that," and Gary keeps his arm around John's waist as they walk down the driveway to the backyard. Whatever Gary wants, he'll find out that's exactly what he'll get from his new cooperative boyfriend, John Darling Junior. Andy and Gary follow their leader, Gary, grinning happily at one another. Everybody is happy...

Dickie Marshall isn't jealous at all that Gary's dumped him for John. Instead, he's glad he's been replaced because being Gary's boyfriend didn't come naturally to him. Now Dickie gets to be himself as a dominant top to Andy. He's always been the dominant boyfriend since his high school days, but Gary overrode his natural inclinations. Dickie's thrilled with this new development, though, and so is Andy, who was doing his best to fake being a dominant top for John Darling's benefit, but now he can again relax as a submissive boyfriend to redheaded Dickie.

As for John, for reasons he can't articulate, he already feels really good about fat Gary being his dominant boyfriend. So that makes it unanimous... Everybody is back in the relationship they belong in.

No, John isn't thrilled about his new boyfriend's appearance, but then, neither is Andy. Actually, John's not sure why he's attracted to a fat guy he hardly knows who's an inch shorter than him and who has a black beard and a black flattop haircut. Well, John hasn't had much time to analyze a reason for it.

On the other hand, when John glances at the side of Gary's bearded face, he again sees the handsomeness under all the black whiskers, so there's that. He slides the side of his boyish face against Gary's macho, mature one and quietly gasps. Gary mumbles, "It's Michael Jordan 23 cologne. I got a bottle from dear old mom for my birthday."

"What? Oh, that's what smells so good, huh? I didn't know Michael Jordon had his own cologne. Ah, so, um, you like me, don'cha, Gary?"

"Haha. Shit, you're a quick study figuring that out so fast... hahaha. Yeah, I really like you. You and I are going to be really good together, too, Darling. Sure, as I already said, I'll need to fatten you up a little, but we've got plenty of time for that, and there are some other changes you'll need to make as soon as I get around to insisting on them."

"What kind of changes? And I feel bad for Andy because he's been a wonderful boyfriend and best friend for me, and I'll feel terrible if he ends up unhappy."

"Oh, you two were boyfriends, huh? From now on, he'll need to settle for just being best friends with you; you're my boyfriend now. Anyway, don't worry about the changes, okay? He'll be fine with Dickie."

Frowning, John goes, "No offense, but you can't know that for sure, and you shouldn't assume my loyalty for a friend like Andy can be pushed to the side for convenience reasons. If he needs me, I'm going to be there for him. I, um..."

"Shh, calm down, pretty boy. Don't get all worked about something that hasn't happened."

John nods, "Well, yeah, you're right. I was just saying..."

Gary sounds serious, saying, "You're cute, but don't depend on your cuteness too much. It'll buy you a little leeway, but don't act or say too many dumb things. You know, you sound like a dopey teenager at times. Here's what it is: you're my boyfriend now, and you said you wanted that. So, when we get a lot more familiar with one another, we'll be exclusively each other's boyfriend. Your ex-boyfriend, nurse whatshisname, is an adult, as are we, and he can take care of himself. "

John's, staring at Gary, getting hypnotized by the voice.

Staring back at John, a nice expression on his face, Gary continues, "Here's another thing I want to explain to you. My boss, old man Marshall, Dickie's father, is looking to hire a flunky to work under me. Well, it's more like you'll be working under Dickie, who is under me. Oh, hell, and maybe Dickie will say you're to report to old Walt, who is under him. Hahaha, I've complicated this unnecessarily. Excuse me for laughing. You'll be under somebody. We'll leave it at that for now."

"Are you saying I should apply for this job as a 'flunky?'"

"Yes, that's exactly what I'm saying. As I said, Dickie's working under me now, but he's a licensed mechanic doing mechanic work on car engines, the same as me. Dickie's father is the owner/boss of his two auto repair garages, so he, um, runs everything. So, what he wants is for me to hire a flunky to help Walt change oil, change tires, fix flats, sweep up, hand us tools, run errands, and stuff like that. No one wants to do that for minimum wage, so I'm thinking I'll hire you for that job, and then I can keep my eye on you twenty-four/seven." Gary grins at that and pats John's shoulder, asking, "Okay?" He asked that as if it's obvious John would say, 'Yes, okay.'.

Not wanting to go into why a twenty-one-year-old non-college grad such as himself would have two million dollars invested in a Vanguard account and another million in his savings and checking accounts, John hesitates, answering Gary's question of, 'Okay?'.

Instead, he glances over and sees Andy standing on the porch, looking happy with Dickie. John feels great affection for Andy in his heart, but it's a best friend's love, and he would like a chance for an in-love kind of love. And, Goddamn, this guy, Gary... holy shit, he's something very different! Mysteriously hot and different in ways John's never experienced before.

Still, what Gary just said is ridiculous. They met eighteen hours ago, and Gary's already assuming John will work for him as a flunky. John does a phony, forced laugh and says, "Thanks for offering, but I'm not looking for a job. And I have these crazy mixed feelings about us; you and me, Gary. I think you're hot and all that, but I don't want to hurt Andy's feelings. I'm not ready to blow him off entirely as you've suggested"

Gary takes a deep breath, "I'm trying to be patient with you, Darling. You seriously intrigue me, but you can't be this thick. Don't you see your nurse is thrilled with my buddy, Dickie? For God's sake, be grateful you appeal to me so strongly, or you might have ended up being the odd one out."

John thought he had already accepted he was Gary's boyfriend, but he has second thoughts now because he doesn't want Andy hurt. What Gary said, though, is obviously true. Andy likes being a submissive bottom boy, and Dickie likes being the dominant top. So, yeah, Andy's happy, and John thinks, 'He's probably more than happy; he's relieved to pass my burden onto somebody else. Andy did so much for me, though. Wait a second here; maybe I'm the one who's hurt that he gave me up so easily. Oh, fuck, I don't know what to think...''

Then, there's the real but mysterious connection John feels for Gary. Looking Gary in the eyes, John finally mutters, "Of course, you're right, Gary, but um..."

Gary shakes his head, asking, "Jesus! What now, pretty boy?"

John shrugs, mumbling, "Nothing, Gary, and he puts both arms around Gary's large waist, John's arms not reaching all the way around; he hugs him the best that he can and says, "I must seem dumb to you, but it takes a while sometimes for me to see things logically. On the other hand, you should see me do the New York Times crossword puzzle."

"Crossword puzzle? What the fuck?"

Snickering, John says, "Never mind that. I think I'm seeing things properly now, Gary. I don't know what I've been thinking; it's just that..."

Gary says, "Can you try making sense, please."

"You make me feel wanted and special, Gary, and ah, I have a, I don't know, a thing for you... I'm attracted to you. You seem to know things before they happen, but what you said about Andy and I being best friends forever and that Andy deserves Dickie and appreciates him, well, you're right. Andy's sacrificed almost four months of his life looking out for me, and he deserves a break. I guess what I'm saying is, you're right about me being damn lucky you like me."

Gary looks at John, muttering, "You're finally making some sense. Good for you..."

John nods, "Thanks. As I said, I'm lucky because you've got a wild form of charisma or something that I find seriously attractive, and I find you to be so sexy my dick never gets soft around you. You make my bowels feel loose or something. You're, ooh, so masculine, and I really like it when you dominantly have your way with me. It's so fucking hot, and right now, my dick is so hard I'm afraid it's going to split open."

Laughing, Gary mumbles, "Do you exaggerate much?" Then the joint got passed to Dickie, and Gary's attention fixated on that joint.

John thinks it was cool of Gary to realize he was piling on ridiculous compliments, trying to be funny. John has his arms around Gary, who grins, "There you go, Darling. Hugging your new boyfriend. Feels different, doesn't it?"

John says, "It feels right..."

Gary says, "Great, Darling. Don't talk anymore, though."

Then, looking at John, he grins, "Yeah, hot shit, I remembered your name this time, pretty boy."

Ignoring that, John holds his breath because, now that he accepts that this is all really happening, he fully admits how much Gary excites him, and it feels as if he's about to blow a load in his panties... haha! He feels loose, as if there isn't a bone in his body except for that one. This is cool, and he fully leans against Gary, who has his arm around John's neck again. John hugs Gary's fat waist with both arms. The feeling of eminent climax drifts off, and John murmurs, "I feel good, Gary..."

Gary looks sternly at him, "SHH! Let's enjoy the pot."

Dickie inhales and passes the joint to Gary, who holds it to John's lips, saying, "This is potent shit, so just inhale a little this first tote would be my advice."."

John takes a small inhale off the joint, holds it in his lungs, and then exhales as Gary inhales off the joint, passes it to Andy, and then covers John's mouth with his mouth, exhaling his lungful of smoke into John's lungs. John does a gulping, staggering inhale and immediately feels like he's floating. It's as if he took back-to-back big drags off a powerful weed, which, basically, is what happened.

He hugs Gary for dear life, murmuring, "Hold me, Gary, I'm going to fly off... hold me down," both John's arms are now hugging around Gary's neck, their faces together, one pinkish/white and youthful, the other mostly black beard looking older.

Andy's dragging off the joint now, staring at John's arms around Gary. Then Andy's eyes opened wide as John's legs lifted up and went around Gary's ass, "Keep me on the ground, Gary."

Making a face, grinning, Gary effortlessly holds John with one arm, rubbing his back with the other. John's trying to crawl higher up Gary's body. Gary chuckles, mumbling, "That's why I said take a small tote because I planned to exhale into your pretty boy's mouth."

Exhaling marijuana smoke, passing the joint to Dickie, Andy mutters, "Johnny floating already. Did you smoke weed with him before this, Dickie?"

Dickie said, "Yeah, he can take it or leave it, but just now he got a double hit. Gary likes to do that to someone he wants. You might as well accept that John belongs to Gary Thomas now. At the height of Gary's and my relationship, he had me so crazy for him that I wanted to legally change my last name to Thomas. There's something cool about having two first names. Um, are you okay with this change, nurse, um, Andy? I sure hope you are!"

"I am, yes, Dickie. What Johnny needs is a firmer hand than mine, and Gary obviously has that. John isn't dumb so much as he has no common sense. He's book-smart, as shown by his acceptance to Duke University, but if Johnny can't study ahead for something, he can get lost. He so beautiful, though, he will always be found by somebody."

When it's Gary's third turn for the joint, John is standing, leaning against Gary, feeling foolish. He turns his head away, refusing to take a drag, so Gary takes one, holds it in his lungs, and then unexpectedly starts laughing as he's exhaling. Still laughing, he says, "You climbed me like a monkey!" John doesn't think it's so funny and doesn't say anything.

Andy and Dickie are chuckling as John is embarrassed, letting go of Gary, and then stumbles, just missing sitting on the deck chair he was aiming for, winding up on his ass on the floor. Three guys are in a pot-induced laugh-a-thon now as John looks around, then gets up, asking dizzily, "What's so funny?"

Gary passes the joint, smoked down to a roach by now, to Andy, then leans over to help John get to his feet, muttering, "I can't smoke that shit."

Andy burns his lips, taking a last drag off the roach. "Ow, dammit," as he drops the roach over the railing. Shaking his head, still snickering, he says, "That is some good shit, Dickie," and he and Dickie hug, then do a sloppy kiss. Dickie says, "Let's go inside, and I'll put an early evening fuck on your ass so we can have a second one later."

With their arms around the back of each other waist, Dickie picks up the sex toy satchel, and they start walking for the sliding glass doors to the kitchen. Gary rolls his eyes, then yells, "What the fuck, Marshall? Where do you think you're going? Get back here! I need Darling's dildo and cock ring."

Dickie goes back, dropping the satchel, saying, "I'll feel better if you take the ones you want, Gary." Then to Andy, Dickie says, "Listen, I'm going to want a damn good blowjob from you before I fuck you, ya hear?"

Andy, loving the dominant sound of that, mutters, "Yes, Dickie," and does some girlie swishy moves with his head, his wrist limp. He wants to give Dickie his best girlie submissive expression. Dickie mutters, "You're going to get it tonight, pussy. I'm gonna tighten your cock ring until your eyeballs are bulging." Andy rubs his junk, then hugs Dickie, who grins smugly.

John, sitting on the deck chair now, is blinking, trying to clear his head while watching Dickie and Andy hugging. Finally, he asks, "Are you guys gonna do it already? You just got here," then a non sequitur, "And I'm not smoking anymore of that shit!"

Andy asks, "Are you okay, Darling?" Pulling away from Dickie, Andy kneels in front of John, asking again, "Are you okay?"

John shrugs, "That shit hit me like a freight train, Andy, but fortunately, the pot effect doesn't last too long, and I only had two drags, plus the one my macho man exhaled into my lungs. Oh fuck, that was so fucking dominant, though. Ya know? Geez, I could hardly believe it," and John grabs his crotch. Feeling that his panties are wet, he makes a face, muttering, 'Damn, um, how did...".

Standing, Andy rubs John's pretty blond hair, announcing, "He's fine. Darling's fine..." and goes back to Dickie, asking, "Ready?"

Dickie takes Andy's hand, and they go into the house through the sliding glass doors. Gary comes over to John, pulling a deck chair with him. On the deck chair are a cock ring and a dildo that will vibrate if you want it to. He says, "Take your pants off."

"Out here on the deck? It's kind of chilly, Gary."

Smiling, Gary says, "It'll be fine, pretty boy. Take your pants off."

John hesitates, looking at the sex toys, then mutters, "Okay, Gary," and pulls his cowboy boots off, gets up, and pulls his pants down, asking, "Gary, do I need to have both the cock ring and the dildo? Could you just do one this time?"

Gary mutters, "No, we'll use both," and he looks closer at the dildo, chuckling, "Oh, fuck, I got the big one, not the medium one I put in you at lunch. Oh, shit, my mistake. Wow, it's going to open you up wide enough for even my oversized boner... um, circumference-wise."

John got his precum-wet girlie silk underpants off, and he's holding them, saying, "I'm sorry, but why do I need both sex toys on at the same time?"

"Yeah, I could explain, but listen to me, Darling. Haven't you figured out where we all stand boyfriend-wise? Not to make too big a deal out of it, but I'm the dominant one between us, and you're supposed to do what you're told without questioning everything. Ya know that's how it is supposed to work."

Dropping his precum-wet girl's panties, John goes, "Yes, Gary, you're right again."

Gary's snickering, pointing at the panties, "Stuff like the girl's underwear, your imitation lisp, and swishy mannerisms are things that endear you to me if you can believe that. I hardly can, but it's true. I'm fascinated by you."

"Oh, seriously? That's so awesome! Thank you, you're awesome, Gary! Um, and yeah, I'm your boyfriend. I knew that you were in charge and that you really liked me. So, after thinking about all that, I need to stop doubting you, and I'm now super turned on realizing how lucky I am to be your boy. It's just that..."

"Shh! That's great! You've got it all perfectly realized, but don't talk anymore!"

Oh, okay, Gary..."

Gary nods, "Oh, that's good. Be quiet and bend over." John immediately does that because he's now become ridiculously turned on by fat Gary. John can't resist doing what Gary tells him, not that he's trying to resist, as his throbbing boner sticks straight out, drooling two drips of precum.

Squeezing lubricant on the fat dildo, Andy's saying, "So, am I the reason you've got that impressively hard boner drooling precum?" Are you anticipating a world-class sexual experience with me? I'm feeling the pressure to perform..."

Saying that with a grin, Gary casually twists the dildo into John's rectum as John mutters, "Yeah, and I find I can't resist doing what you say, although I'm not exactly sure why that is. I guess it's because you're so cool and confident and a little scary, which makes my testicles tingle constantly, and that makes me want to please you. It's so weird, but I've never met anyone remotely like you, Gary, and I mean that in mostly a very good way. Because he sort of saved my life after my coma, I was idolizing Andy, but now I know the difference, and you're like what a real idol should be. I didn't know that until I met you..."

"Oh, jeez, Darling! Don't idolize me. I'm not worthy of that. We'll be quiet now," and he keeps twisting in the big dildo, twisting, twisting the dildo inside John's ass, every turn opening John's anus wider, which starts hurting, and John loses most of his hard-on.

He's bending over further and further, his hands on the seat of the chair next to Gary's chair. Grunting, "Ow," he says, "You've got some magical power or something, Gary. Maybe you don't even know what it is, and maybe it only affects me, but..." He screams, "OW! Stop, that hurts!"

Gary doesn't even slow up, muttering, "Only two more turns." John bends over even more, trying to relieve some pressure in his anus, holding onto the chair to keep from falling forward on his face. Bending over doesn't help much.

Turning on the vibrator, Gary asks, "There, how's that feel, my boy?"

"It hurts so much I can't even stand."

Gary mutters, "Don't talk nonsense," and grips John's shoulder, pulling him upright. "There, that's good, although, um, I wouldn't sit yet if I were you. Give it a minute or two."

Nodding his head, John has a puzzled expression because, miraculously, he feels his ass quickly calming down and starting to feel good for once... then, really good! What the fuck?

Gary mutters, "Getting better, isn't it?"

"Uh-huh, I can't believe it." and John stands up straight. Gary says, "Turn around facing me so I can put your cock ring on, which I should have done a couple of minutes ago. You're getting hard again, though. This will work..."

John mumbles, "Gary, you're right again. This bigger dildo feels so much better than the smaller one yesterday. Jeez, it's starting to feel awesome. Now that I think back, I did notice it began feeling good at lunch, but this dildo feels even better; Omigod, haha, this is crazy-weird."

Facing Gary, John leans forward, supporting himself with a hand on each of Gary's shoulders, giggling and repeating, "Damn, that dildo feels good... Jesus... ooh, man, I'm getting another hardon..."

Gary, guiding the cock ring to John's quickly forming boner, mumbles, "Duh, of course, it's going to feel good now that your anus, which is extremely flexible, is used to the vibrating dildos I've been putting in there. Instead of whining, you could have just waited for your loose anus to adjust."

John's like, "Are you always right about everything?"


Sighing, John goes, "Oh, what a relief. I can't believe how good this is feeling. Yeah, you know everything, don't you, Gary? I have a feeling you'll be teaching me so much, and I love to learn stuff..."

Gary reaches around and smacks John's ass, muttering, "Knock off the babbling, please! If that satchel was here, I'd get the paddle out. Now stop it!"


Then, Gary, sliding the cock ring all way down John's boner, mutters, "Well, jeez, pretty boy, that's a beauty of a boner you've got pointing right at me. It's not that big, but I've never seen a harder boner than this one," then he squeezes John's balls through the ring, it squishes against the rock-hard boner. John holds his breath, then grunts, "Gary, ah, my balls, ahh, ow, ummm... OOOW!"

Ignoring John's pain, Gary nods and says, "They're okay; that's good. I've got both sex toys on you, and most people, most normal people, think wearing a cock ring feels good. It does, too, but I won't leave one on you for more than twenty minutes or so."

John wiggles his ass and humps his hips, mumbling, "Oh, now that my nuts are in, I begrudgingly need to admit these toys feel better than they did at lunch. As I said, you've been right all along, Gary, my master, and I'm going to believe what you tell me from now on. You're much more experienced than Andy or Brian."

"Whose Brian?"

"Oh, he's nobody. Jeez, I'm feeling sexy, Gary. These fucking sex toys rock! At lunchtime, I was surprised they were starting to be sexy-feeling, and now, almost from the start, I feel sexy as hell with my cock and balls in a cock ring, and that vibrating dildo makes me want to sing or dance or something. I'm getting super itchy to feel your hard cock inside me."

"That's great, but again, I need to tell you to stop talking! I've never met anyone who can babble on and on and on the way you can."

John stops talking but hugs Gary's neck, kissing his bearded face, the beard feeling like fine wires as he squeezes his arms tightly around Gary's neck, "Ooh, please fuck me, Gary."

Pulling John's arms from around his neck, Gary holds John's hand, pulling him through the sliding glass doors to the kitchen, saying, "Not right now, pretty boy. I want a beer and a cigarette. What I'd really like is another go at one of those joints. Sharing it four-way didn't cut it for me, but I'm not rude, so I didn't say anything. You and I sharing one now would be perfect."

John has no choice except to tag along as Gary pulls him downstairs to the basement bar. Gary, letting go of John's hand, says, "Get us a couple of beers and a cigarette."

He sits on the sofa while John does what he's told, the vibrating dildo and tight cock ring making doing simple tasks complicated. He needs to walk extremely bowlegged, hunched over a bit. Even so, with a smoking Marlboro between his lips and a can of Bud in each hand, John carefully sits next to Gary. RIGHT next to him, so close their sides are touching, skinny against fatty.

Taking the cigarette from John's lips, Gary grins, saying, "You make it obvious how much you adore being with me. I like that in a boyfriend of mine, but then, who wouldn't? So, thanks..."

"I'm not sure if you're being facetious or not, but I do adore being with you, for real! Well, I probably wouldn't say the word adore. I'd say 'thrilled' to be with you."

He puts his can of beer on the lamp table, leaning hard against Gary, wrapping his arms around Gary's arm, adding, "So, yes, you're right, I do adore being with you. With this vibration in my ass, Gary, I'm afraid I might climax any minute."

"Trust me, pretty boy. You won't cum before I fuck you. Two or three minutes from now. Feels awesome, right?"

Nodding, John mumbles, "Oh, yeah. It's so cool being the leader's chosen one. What submissive gay bottom boy in the world wouldn't love it? I don't even pretend not to love it now that I know it's all true. Hell, me trying to be cool or something is a waste of time, Gary, because you're so cool I get shivers just looking at you."

"Ha-ha, you've got it bad for me, huh? I don't believe most of it, but it's fun hearing it. I knew you and I would work out spectacularly because you didn't flinch the first time we hugged. Many guys are turned off by fat people. Not to mention bearded fat people."

Still hugging Gary's arm, John says, "I'm not... just the opposite. I'm not saying I'm crazy about your beard or you being, um, overweight. It's just that you've got so many other positives from my viewpoint. Your charisma, for one. It's off the charts, plus I'm not blind. I can see how good-looking you are under that hideous black beard."

Taking a long pull off the beer can, then burping, Gary says, "It's cute the way you snuck in a couple of insults along with the compliments. You can get away with that now, this early in our developing relationship, but a month from now, you'll have a sore ass after saying shit like that to me. During our first months together, you'll learn what angers me and what doesn't."

John thinks about that, rubbing his itchy nose against Gary's arm that he's still hugging. Finally, he says, "Okay, I'll watch what I say. I apologize for the insults, although I thought I mostly said compliments."

Gary pulls his arm away from John's grasp, saying, "Drink your beer," then he puts the cigarette between John's lips. John inhales as he picks up his can of beer, muttering, "Yes, Gary."

Gary and John smoke and drink beer without talking for two minutes. Finally, John says, "You're like no one I've ever known, Gary!" Snickering, he puts his arms around Gary's arm again, asking, "Can you feel the sofa's cushion we're on vibrating? My vibrating ass is causing that."

Giving John a cool stare, Gary says, "You're so obviously horny for me. Don't you know how to pretend to be cool with everything? I mean, I like it, but it's so unusual for someone, our age especially, who can be so open about your feelings."

John's like, "What? Oh, yeah, why be a phony? I can't help it if you're an extremely cool and sexy guy. Omigod, the vibrator doesn't make the wait for you to fuck me any easier."

Standing and again pulling his arm free of John's arms, Gary says, "I need to pee."

John's eyes light up even more than they're already lit up, "Pee? Can I come, too?"

Gary chuckles, "I'm not going to sneak away, pretty boy. You'll get your hard fucking, I promise."

Getting up, John goes, "No, I know that, but I need to pee too."

John follows Gary into the basement's half bath, not bothering to close the door. Gary, unzipping his fly, asked, "Where do you suppose Andy and my old boyfriend, Dickie, got to?"

This is the first thought of them John's had since they disappeared through the sliding glass doors to the kitchen. He frowns, muttering, "Andy and Dickie? Ah, maybe they're in one of the bedrooms." Pulling his fly down, he adds," Hey, speaking of a bedroom, Gary, would you please spend the night with me?"

Gary goes, "What? Is that a joke? Of course, we're spending the night. Tomorrow night, too."

Nodding, John looks at Gary, then says, "Oh good!" and then he says, "This is just a silly fetish I have," and puts his hand in Gary's pee stream, being careful not to splatter urine on Gary, who mutters, "Oh, fuck! Holy shit, ain't that something!"

John's dick managed to tighten up a little more, which is close to a miracle because it was already one of the world's hardest boners. John lowers his head, so Gary's urine now splatters off John's hand onto his face. Gary laughs and says, "You're full of surprises! Lunchtime, I noticed the girl's panties you wear and the way, when you feel like it, you can be almost as swishy and lisping as your ex-boyfriend, and now I learn you've got a urine fetish. What else do ya got?"

John, enormously aroused now, fumbles with the cock ring to get his still-very-hard cock pointing at the toilet bowl, then strokes his cock as best he can, mostly massaging the head. Gary's piss is drooling off John's hand and onto his scrotum; John moans and shoots off into the toilet, shaking.

As he climaxed, he made a shrill girlie squeal. Then, with a concentrated expression on his face, his precious penis does double duty and starts pissing. John quickly aims his dick at the water.

Staring at this unusual sight, Gary goes, "Holy fuck! Okay, that's something I've never seen before. Now, I'm getting a hardon."

Finished pissing, Gary's washing his hands in the sink, adding, "Darling, I want to see you really washing those hands of yours and your face!"

John's dreamy, still feeling all kinds of sizzling buzzing pleasure on his dick and all around his groin, making him quietly moan, then murmur, "Yes, okay, I will, Gary."

Gary watches John conscientiously washing his hands and face twice, then John holds them up for inspection, asking, "Okay, Daddy?"

Rolling his eyes, Gary nods, "Yeah, okay, and I'll be your daddy when I think I need to be. That was the most amazing thing I've seen in, fuck forever. Now that you've entertained me, get me another beer and another cigarette."

"Can I have one, too?"

Shaking his head slowly, "Yes, of course! You don't need to ask me shit like that."

John gets two beers, and they settle back on the couch. They're sharing a cigarette and drinking from their fresh cans of beer even though John's first can is still almost full. Gary says, "So, you have a urine fetish, huh? Man, that was a trip to watch!"

"Uh-huh, do you mind that I have that fetish?"

"Mind? No, I don't mind. I can have some fun with that. Have you ever been naked in the bathtub and have guys pee on you?"

"Well, sure, of course."

Nodding his head, Gary sarcastically mutters, "Of course!" Then, "Well, as I've said before, you look like an adorable choir boy, all innocent and stupid, but in actuality, you're a dangerous sex slut."

"I'm not dangerous! Why do you say I'm dangerous?"

Gary laughs, "You don't mind being called a sex slut, but you won't put up with being called dangerous?"

Putting his beer can down, John wraps his arms around Andy's arm again, asking, "How come you don't want to make out with me?"

"I'm afraid to, that's why. I'm not fond of doing that with guys, but with you, I'm afraid if I started making out with you, I wouldn't be able to control myself and inadvertently injure you. I've had my share of guys, almost anyone I've wanted, but none as pretty and girl-like as you. Not even close. You need a lot more work, but I'm quite pleased with how you've come around to my way of thinking thus far."

"Please don't be angry, but that's another thing that hurts my feelings. Yes, I lisp and act swishy, doing it on purpose imitating Andy because it's fun, but I'm not girlish, um, whatever you said."

"Yes, you are! I like that you are, but talk back to me and contradict me like you just did one more time, and what do you think will happen?"

"You'll paddle my ass with your ping-pong paddle."

"It's Dickie's paddle, but I've got one too, and you will be paddled."

John again hugs Gary's arm with both of his, "I know I'll be paddle if I'm bad, but I don't intend to be bad. Do you mind if I ask how old you are?"

Gary reaches over and massages John's cock-ring-enclosed still-hard cock, and John lifts his hips, fully exposing himself to Gary. John quietly moaned, "Ooh, aah, ooh, Gary, that feels good."

Still doing short strokes on John's cock-ring-cock, Gary mutters, "I'm twenty-four years old, five-foot-nine inches tall, weighing in a hundred and ninety pounds, I make a thousand dollars a week, and I have a special new boyfriend, you. What else do you want to know?"

Breathing deeply, his hands now lightly gripping the wrist of Andy's arm with the hand that's massaging his cock, John's moaning again, "Ah, ah... um. Omigod, I liked that, but, um, don't get mad, but I need you to fuck me."

Gary murmurs, "Of course, you cute motherfucker." Standing, Gary says, "Stretch out as much as you can, lying on your side with your ass facing me."

John lies on his side, away from Gary, exposing his dildo-plugged ass. Gary pushes the button, cutting off the vibration, and unscrews the dildo, dropping it on the floor. Now he easily lifts skinny John, lying him on his back on the couch, and says, "Get your legs out of the way, pretty boy."

John's heart is hammering like a hummingbird's heart, his anticipation way the fuck up there as he nods and pulls back his legs, getting an arm around each one to pull them back further, which lifts his asshole up. Gary looks John in the eyes for ten seconds as John quivers, feeling strangely afraid but at the same time knowing there is no reason to be afraid.

Pushing John's left leg back some more raises his ass even more. Standing next to the sofa, Gary gives John's ass a smack, but not to hurt him. John goes, "Ow," and one of his hands goes to feel his buttock as Gary makes a face like, 'Really? That didn't hurt you...' as he's dropping his pants, grinning and shaking his head slightly.

Then, he takes his time getting his boots off, then, one leg at a time, he pulls his jeans the rest of the way off, still staring into John's eyes with John staring back, panting now, precum again rolling down the shaft of his boner.

Gary gets on the sofa at John's ass. On his knees, he shuffles up between John's legs and places the head of his four-inch inhumanely wide boner against John's already wide-open anus. The dildo did its job, which is why Gary uses dildos. With a grunt, he pushes his very, very fat boner into John's ass, with John screeching, "OOOWW!!" Imagine how loud he'd scream if the dildo hadn't opened him up this wide.

Gary has gotten used to hearing a scream over the years, so he ignored the screaming, pushing in the entire four-and-a-quarter-inches of his boned-up penis, which is the very maximum length his boner, almost painfully, can reach. Nobody has ever aroused Gary to the degree John does, not that Gary wants John to know that.

John is mostly just trying to stay out of trouble while being mysteriously turned on by Gary. He's sexually turned on to the degree that nobody has ever turned John on before, and John can't say what it is about Gary that's doing all this, turning him on.

Gary, unconcerned about that, makes a low animal sound as he thrusts that shortish boner back and forth inside John's super-stretched asshole, "Slap, slap, slap," Gary's fat belly flops up and down, smacking off John's skinny butt cheeks, his cologne coming off his body in pleasant waves as John's eyes close. He's soon making soft murmurs of intense pleasure while trying to hump his hips back at Gary's thrusts.

It's a miracle, but John lasts past the two-minute mark, helped immeasurably by the earlier fetish climax he had.

"Slap, slap, slap," breaking Dickie's mundane two-minute record. John feels he's right on the verge of climaxing but somehow stays at the tipping point for three, four, then five insanely intense minutes of ecstasy. At some point, without consciously thinking he's going to do it, his legs moved to encircle Gary's waist, the roll of fat significant enough that John's ankles can't meet to cross in back.

"Oh, Gary, Gary, Gary! Ahhh,... I'm gonna, I'm gonna," and then, with Fourth of July fireworks exploding in his head, John squeals like a cat whose tail Gary just stepped on. John's climax is a hard, thin stream of cum squeezing past the cock ring for ten or twelve seconds, John humping off the couch the entire time while he was reaching up to get his hands behind Gary's neck.

His brain is bathed in red, white, and blue colors as shivers of pleasure streak all over him. Gary humps hard against John's buttocks knocking John against the back of the couch, and it's Gary making a long keening sound now as he unloads a strong cum load inside John's bowels, John moaning, "I felt that.."

John, both his arms around Gary's neck, pulled Gary's head next to his as both guys shook a little, then, "Aaahhh," Gary shoots off again, groaning, "Omigod, that was the best!" Deep breathing from both, and then Gary snarls, "Let go of my neck!"

John takes his arms away, scared at the snarled command. Gary stands, roughly pulling his cock out of John's ass. It made a sound coming out like a cork coming out of a wine bottle, and John yelled, "Hey!"

Gary didn't like losing control, but he had never been this turned on before and he didn't like the loss of control he felt. He grabs John's ankles, holding them in one strong hand, pulling John's legs up, and then smacks John's ass a few times. Almost immediately, however, he realized how stupid and uncalled for this is. Letting go of John's ankles, he mumbles, "Just kidding, you were really good."

John murmurs, "Thanks, but I don't mind you spanking me. If I hadn't just blasted off for the second time in an hour, I'd probably spring a boner getting spanked by you."

Gary pulls John up off the couch, saying sternly, "My cum is drooling out of your dumb ass. Use your brain... get a towel to sit on, or you'll ruin the couch. Go ahead!"

John jogs into the half bath, comes out with a hand towel he folds in half, puts on a couch cushion, and asks, "Can I sit on that?"

Gary nods, and he sits next to the cushion. John sits too and immediately leans against fat Gary, wrapping Gary's arm in both of his for the tenth time tonight. He does that because it's a part of Gary that he can get his arms all the way around, and he likes hugging a part of him, as he did all the time with Andy. Looking at Gary's roll of fat around his stomach, John asks, "Have you always been this fat?"

Gary picks up his beer can and drains the last drops, looking pissed off. John meekly says, "I still have almost a full can, Gary."

"Good for you. Go get me a cold beer and bring your Goddamn cigarettes over here, and no, I wasn't fat as an infant."

"Well, there are chubby babies, ya know?"

Gary gives him an angry look, so John hops up, "Okay, I'm doing what I'm told, grumpy!"

"Watch that fresh mouth of yours!"

Forcing himself to smile, a little afraid of a real spanking, John comes back with his pack of cigarettes, his lighter, and a cold can of beer for Gary, saying, "Yes, Daddy, I'll watch my fresh mouth."

Another angry look from Gary and John says, "Seriously, I'm sorry. Don't be mad, please. We just had an amazing..."

Gary tries to be angry, but instead, he can't help grinning and then muttering, "Yeah, we certainly did, but one of these days, you are going to get it, pretty boy!"

Both have their shirt on, but they're naked other than that. John starts fooling with the cock ring. His dick is soft enough to get it out of the ring, except his balls are in the way. Without saying anything, Gary shows him how to do it and then drops the cock ring on the coffee table.

Smiling, John cuddles against Gary, wrapping up Gary's arm, saying, "Thanks, Daddy." Gary takes a cigarette from the box and lights it using his free hand, not pulling his other arm away from John. Then, looking at the can of beer with the flip-top tab, he says, "How am I supposed to open that with one hand?"

Letting go of Gary's arm, John flipped the tab, handed the open can to Gary, then hugged Gary's arm with both of his again, grinning and staring at Gary's fat bearded face, murmuring, "You just gifted me the best fuck I've ever had, Daddy."

Gary drinks some beer and says, "Don't call me that when anyone else is around. I don't want my boyfriend," then he looks into John's eyes, "My boyfriend, being you, to look like a geek calling me Daddy in front of others."

John lies his head on Gary's shoulder, sighs, and murmurs, "I won't call you Daddy except when we're alone. I like calling you that. Calling you that and almost meaning it in some way is another thing about you that makes my dick hard."

"Okay, but don't talk for a while. Just be quiet. I've never cared for constant chatter."

Gary wants to think about something. He's mystified about his feelings for John Darling. In his other relationships, like his last one with Dickie, it was totally a one-way street... his way. Dickie never questioned anything; just did what Gary wanted. Now Gary's trying to establish that same thing with Darling, and, on the surface, Darling seems to fall in line, but somehow it doesn't feel that way. It feels like Darling is only giving lip service to knuckling under Gary's dominant manner but then ending up grinning and making light of, um, whatever. Darling may be too cute and too likable for Gary to get him totally under his control.

Meanwhile, it isn't long before John does what he usually does when he wants more attention from his 'man.' Grinning, he lifts a leg over both of Gary's legs and sits on Gary's lap facing him. Gary looks startled as John puts both arms around Gary's neck, then kisses him on the mouth with a very sloppy kiss. Gary's shortish beard is rough against John's baby face, but John rubs his cheek against it anyway.

Gary mutters, "Get off me. If you drool cum from your ass on my leg, I'll..." but there's nothing behind the words. He didn't sound like he even meant it, so John grinned and kissed him again, feeling Gary's short but enormously fat penis stirring under his ass.

Gary takes in a deep breath, shows a determined expression, and grabs John's biceps, lifting him in the air. Gary stands dragging John with him, then controls his anger, saying through clenched teeth, "When I said get off me, you needed to do that. You need to learn to do what I say. This is the last time I'm overlooking, um, whatever. Now, put your pants and boots on."

They both start getting dressed, with John sensing this is not a good time to goof around, so he drops his eyes, looks serious, and murmurs, "I'm sorry." Gary has a bad temper and shakes John like he's a ragdoll, John dropping the jeans he had in his hand. Then, afraid he'll do something that hurts John, he drops him on the couch and picks up his beer, mumbling, "This isn't working the way it should."

They quickly finish putting on their pants and boots, and then Gary goes upstairs to the kitchen. John hurries right behind him, saying, "Please, Gary. Don't go... I'm sorry. I've learned how to listen to you. Please, I want you to stay."

Halfway up the stairs, Gary is furious with himself and with John for something he doesn't understand. He turns and snarls, "It's not what you want! Don't you understand what matters is always going to be what I want?"

Turning abruptly to the front, Gary finishes going upstairs, realizing what an idiotic thing that was to say, and in the kitchen, he was hoping Dickie and Andy would be there to be a buffer for this awkwardness because he doesn't want to leave. He's painting himself in a corner, though. He can't lose face all of a sudden, saying... Okay, I'll stay.

John scurries around in front of Gary, holding out his arms like a crossing guard, "Please, give me another chance, Gary," and without realizing it, he has tears running down his cheeks again. This is something so out of Gary's range of experiences it shocks his system, and he stops, stares, then mutters, "You're crying?" saying that like it's the most incredulous thing he's ever seen.

John's wiping at his eyes, mumbling, "Oh, please ignore that. It's a leftover emotional thing from my coma and amnesia. Listen, if you'll give me another chance, Gary, I won't let you down. I know now not to goof around, and I'm sorry I didn't know that. You know everything, and I don't know anything. Please..."

Holy shit, that was like a get-out-of-jail-free card. Without losing face, in fact, making him appear magnanimous, Gary nodded as if he was thinking about it, then held up one finger, saying, "One more chance to prove you know how to be a good submissive boyfriend. Your cuteness and good looks can't bail you out anymore."

John knows not to smile because that could be misinterpreted as being frivolous or flip, so he looks solemn and murmurs, "Thank you, Gary. I'm going to be the best submissive boyfriend you've ever had."

"Fair enough, pretty boy, although I doubt that very much. Let's get some fresh air outside."

John gets right next to Gary, "Sure," and Gary puts his arm across John's shoulders, giving John a 'look'; then outside, he says, "It's getting chilly, but not bad for the middle of September, huh?"

John takes a deep breath and says, "Yep, pretty good for this time of year."

They stand against the railing, Gary's arm staying possessively across John's slender shoulders, both young men looking at the moon over the mountains, taking the spectacular view for granted, having lived in Wyoming all their lives.

John knows not to interrupt Gary's silence. Instead, he's marveling at how urgent he'd been when convincing Gary to give him another chance. Earlier tonight, he was poo-pooing the very idea as ludicrous that in this short of time, he and Gary could be serious boyfriends. Not after knowing one another for less than twenty-four hours. He was wrong about that, though, and Gary was right.

Feeling Gary's fat body against his slim one, seeing Gary's black beard and black flattop in his mind, he frowned, thinking again, 'Why am I enamored to the degree I am for this fat twenty-four-year-old guy? I mean, Jesus, the way I panicked at the thought of him not spending the night with me... what was that all about?'

Leaning harder against Gary, John takes a big chance to break the silence, "Thank you for giving me another chance, Gary."

"SHH! Don't talk."

John gulps and realizes more than ever that whatever is attracting him to Gary is very powerful because Gary's like his hero now. Trying to catch his breath, John gasped quietly, then looked over at Gary's face to see if his gasp annoyed him. John's body began feeling too stiff, but he didn't want to move for fear of seeming annoying. As hard as he tried not to move, the more he needed to move the littlest bit to prove he still could.

When he thought his body was so stiff, he'd break when he moved; Gary saved him from breaking, moving, looking around, then saying, "Where the hell are Dickie and Andy? I want another one of those joints to help us get to sleep."

Relaxing now that Gary's actually confirmed he's spending the night with him, John quietly sighs and softly says, "I know where Andy put the Ziplock bag. Do you want me to get a joint for us?"

"Gee, you must be smart figuring that out all by yourself, Darling. Yes, I would like very much if you'd get us one of the joints you paid for and then gave away to Andy... your old boyfriend."

Looking serious, John said, "And now I'm trying my best to be good enough to be your boyfriend. Um, can I ask something, Gary, please?"

"Don't save, please, every two Goddamn minutes. I'll assume you mean, please, so you don't need to say it in every sentence, okay? And, of course, you can ask me something."

Not sure how Gary wants him to respond to that, John nods and says, "Um, how, ah, I mean, you and I are definitely boyfriends, only knowing one another for twenty-four hours, so I wonder, is this all usual for you, I mean? Did your other boyfriends, ah, did you know them longer, or...?"

Gary's arm goes from John's shoulders to around John's neck, pulling John's head over so he can kiss the side of his forehead, his beard covering the side of John's head after the kiss. "No, pretty boy, I've never had a boyfriend before who I only knew for a day, but you and I had an instant mutual attraction even though you took longer than me to accept that fact. I recognized it immediately."

John, feeling safer, snuggled into Gary's side the way he always did it with Andy and murmured, "You make it hard for me to breathe sometimes because you're so impressive, so, um, you're my perfect dominant boyfriend. And earlier, I wasn't excited about you putting on the cock ring and a vibrating dildo. Now, though, I can hardly wait for you to do it again because I want to please you so badly my heart pounds fast from merely thinking about it."

"Yeah, well, maybe I'll feel like doing it again tonight. First, we need some weed." Surprising himself because he doesn't do a lot of kissing, he kisses John's head again and murmurs, "You're doing good Darling. You're making a great comeback so far, pretty boy... my pretty boy, right?"

"Yes, Gary. I'm proud to be your boy."

"Good. Keep it up! Go get the joint and another beer for me."

"Um, another beer? Are you sure? This will be your sixth tonight. I don't want you to feel bad tomorrow if ah..."

Gary takes a deep breath, then tries to be calm, saying, "You simply can't do that, Darling. You can't question me, and I know it's not because you're afraid I'll be hungover tomorrow, either. It's because you're afraid I'll be too drunk to fuck you again tonight. Isn't that right, and don't lie to me."

John drops his eyes, looking away.

"Isn't that the truth, Darling?"

"Um, well, I don't want you to be hung over either."

Gary can't help but chuckle as he shakes his head, not sure what to do with John Darling. He says. "Go ahead and do what you're told."

John, feeling relief, goes in through the sliding glass doors and sees Dickie and Andy, arm in arm, coming downstairs. Andy says, "Yo, Darling! We fell asleep! Stupid, huh?"

Dickie says, "Yeah, Johnny, your ex-boyfriend here, Nurse Salsbury, is an awesome submissive bottom boy. Would you mind if we, Andy and I, were a, um, well if we're boyfriends for a month or so? Gary will probably want you to, ah, be his boy for a while."

Andy goes, "NO! Goddammit, Dickie. That's not the right way to go about this!"

To John, he says, "I'm wicked sorry, Johnny! Dammit, I was supposed to talk to you about this and go forward only if you wanted to do it."

Dickie looks goofy, muttering, "Sorry, but Darling, but how about it? You and I have been buddies for years and never fucked, so... So, we won't miss fucking for a month or so, then I'll do both of you again if you want."

John goes, "I, um.." and Gary comes into the kitchen and says, "Be quiet, pretty boy. Yes, Dickie, pretty boy, and I are happy to go along with your proposal, probably for a lot longer than a month. Enough said about that matter! Now, let's get two of those joints and get a good high before going to bed."

Wow, it looks like some more good times ahead tonight...

To be continued...

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