By Donny Mumford - Laureate Author

Published on Jan 27, 2024




After the three gay young men have dinner at the Crossroads Restaurant, Andy pays for everyone using John Darling's credit card. Then, walking out of the restaurant, it's decided, mostly by Dickie, that he'll fuck Andy again tonight. Andy is all in on that because he and Dickie are hitting it off really well. That's okay with John, as he's content being left out of three-way sex and/or sex with toys.

Yeah, Andy is in his element, being Dickie's submissive bottom boy, and Dickie is doing a great job of being a dominant top, too. As for John, he's still disappointed with Dickie's partial fuck on his ass. He had this sense that he and Dickie shouldn't be doing sex together. Silly, perhaps, but John couldn't get that thought out of his mind.

Back at John's house, they go down to the finished basement bar, and Dickie says, "I'm going to put a cock ring on you, Salsbury, but we can't use the vibrating dildo because the batteries have run down. I'll need to replace the batteries for when Gary's here tomorrow during our lunch hour."

John goes, "Gary? Who...?"

Andy, unconcerned about whoever Gary is, mumbles, "I liked the dildo a lot, but, sure, okay, whatever you say, Dickie. Gee, I'm squirmy with anticipation for this fuck. You've got such an amazing penis, and you really, really know how to fuck with it. You're the best top I've ever had!"

"Uh-huh, I've heard that before, but thanks. Um, just so you know, nurse... I do not approve of brown-nosing, so watch that, okay?"

"Uh-huh, absolutely, Dickie. I'm sorry, but, um, I just wanted to compliment you... I wasn't brown-nosing."

Dickie, talking over Andy, says, "As for you, lisping John Darling, my best buddy ever, I'd be grateful for a bourbon and Coke drink and a smoke. It's so cool seeing and being with you again. I can hardly believe what you've been through, though."

John shrugs, mumbling, "Okay, Dickie, I'll make us all a drink. I've gotta say, it feels like old times with you bossing everybody around," and he gets three glasses out, then the bourbon and Cokes, adding, "You're as cool as ever, Dickie."

Dickie mutters, "Thanks, but I'm not into bossing you around like I used to because I'm so happy you're alright, and I want to take care that you stay alright! I just need to hurry things along with Salsbury and me right now because I get up before six o'clock in the morning five days a week so I can be at work by seven o'clock. It's a thirty-mile drive from Laramie to work. The new garage is only a few miles from here."

John asks, "Are you still living at home?"

"Yeah, but maybe I'll move in with you right here. As I said, the garage is only a few miles from here, and we could have like a frat house, you, Salsbury, and me. We can talk about that later."

Then, pointing at Andy, he says, "I want you to get undressed so I can put the cock ring on you while my boy, Johnny here, makes our drinks."

Nodding and grabbing his crotch, Andy takes a deep breath, and it catches as he contemplates Dickie living with John and him. Dickie's bossiness is making Andy's dick firm... what would it be like to have Dickie living with him? Holy shit... HOT, HOT, HOT!

Andy murmurs, "Sure, right away, Dickie," and he quickly takes off his clothes, then looks at Dickie, who says, "C'mon over here so I can put the cock ring on your nice-looking penis."

Naked as the day he came out of his mother's womb, Andy scurries over to where Dickie tossed his satchel of sex toys. Kneeling, Dickie muttered, "Can you push your junk out?" Andy pushes out his hips, and Dickie grabs hold of Andy's semi-hard dick and looks up, asking, "Do you always have half a boner in your pants?"

Shaking his head, chuckling, Andy says, "No, but you're the kind of dominant top that gets me sexually excited and aroused. I think you're awesome!"

Nodding, muttering, "Uh-huh," Dickie fishes around in the satchel, coming out with a ping-pong paddle. Casually holding it, he says, "Turn around." Andy frowns, looking nervous. "Go ahead, do what you're told," so Andy turns around, and Dickie gives him two hard whacks on his ass, "SLAP! SLAP!"

A loud yelp from Andy, "OW! OW!" his feet doing a short tap dance as both butt cheeks quiver and get bright red, the color quickly fading. Dickie mumbles, "Sorry about that, but what did I say a minute ago about brown-nosing?"

Reaching back, Andy rubs his smacked ass, saying, "Yeah, you don't like it. Sorry, Dickie."

Dropping the paddle in the satchel, Dickie roughly pushes Andy's cock, no longer a half-boner, through the cock ring, then does the same with Andy's testicles. Andy groans, "Ahh!" when Dickie squeezes his nuts so they'll fit through the small opening.

Standing up, Dickie says, "Okay, good, let's have our drink and a smoke."

John's grinning, slowly shaking his head, saying with a slight lisping accent, "Dickie, you've gotten a lot tougher over the past year. I feel bad for laughing, Andy, but Dickie seemed oblivious to your pain when he was getting your cock and balls through the cock ring. That's sick, haha."

Dickie makes a face, muttering, "I care about Andy's pain. I did it carefully, but we're running out of time in our lunch hour."

Grinning, John passes a bourbon and Coke to Andy, who's standing slightly bent forward in an effort to relieve some of the unpleasant pressure on his nuts. John sincerely says, "Seriously, I'm sorry for laughing, Andy, no offense, but Dickie's cluelessness struck me funny, ya know?"

Taking the drink, Andy murmurs, "That's okay. I get off on shit like this. I'm surprised you don't want to experience it again, Johnny. It was, um... well, I better not say more. I almost gave Dickie another compliment, haha, but I don't dare because that paddle definitely has my attention."

Dickie says, "Please be quiet," then, grinning, he asks, "Um, what's your name again?"

"Andy Salsbury."

Nodding at that, Dickie mutters, "Oh, yeah, I remember now," then to John, "Darling, would you please put another shot of bourbon in my drink." Then back to Andy, "You're a good obedient submissive pussy, Salsbury. I think my man, Gary Thomas, will like you, and Johnny, too. Now that you both fessed up you're gay, I can finally introduce Gary to you guys."

Even after all this, John's still finding it hard to believe Dickie's a dominant gay guy.

Dickie tries his drink after getting the extra bourbon and says, "The drink is perfect. Thanks, buddy. And I hope you're not going to be a deadbeat by skipping lunch here tomorrow. I want Gary to meet you."

John lights a cigarette, mumbling, "I've never been a deadbeat, Dickie! That hurt my feelings," and he steps close to Andy, who, slightly bending forward, hugs him with both arms, quietly saying, "Shh, don't get upset Darling."

John holds his cigarette away from them as Andy tells Dickie, "He's still overly emotional, so his feelings get hurt easily. It's normal, as he's only been over his amnesia a couple of days."

Nodding, Dickie musses John's hair, grinning and saying nicely, "God, I'd forgotten how incredibly good-looking you are, buddy! Um, but, ah, I mean, I'm sorry, Johnny. You've never been a deadbeat. I shouldn't have said that."

A couple of tears roll down John's face as he leaves Andy's arms to lean against Dickie, who, looking surprised, awkwardly puts his arms around him. John murmurs, "That's okay, Dickie. I'm still too damn sensitive, but I'm getting better. Aren't I, Andy?"

"Yes, you've made amazing progress the past few days, Darling. Amazing progress!"

The guys are done hugging John for now, so he sits on a bar stool as Andy and Dickie light cigarettes. John mumbles, "There's an ashtray under the bar."

Dickie gets it and plops it on the bar, then takes a deep inhale, grinning at John, "Are you okay, buddy?" John nods, and Dickie pats the back of John's hand on the bar; exhaling and saying, "So, Salsbury, what's the final word... do you want to get fucked at lunch tomorrow?"

Andy looks at John with a questioning expression, and John says, "I can't even make my own decisions, Andy, never mind deciding things for you."

"Well, is it okay with you if I join Dickie and his friend for lunch and, um, whatever we decide to do, um...?"

"Yes, it's alright... we can have lunch here. I don't remember ever meeting fat Gary, but I kind of remember Kenny Thomas, who was fat too. He was in our graduating class." Looking at Dickie, he asks, "Is Kenny still as fat as he was senior year?"

"I don't know. He joined the Army." Then he asks Dickie, "Did you notice if Kenny lost weight?"

Shrugging, "He probably had to lose weight in the Army. I only know about his hairy ass from going skinny dipping with the Thomas brothers the summer after junior year. As for Gary, he and I have been fucking, on and off, since he was eighteen, over five years now. We've been fairly close boyfriends for six or seven months, although we're not like fucking every day or anything like that. He's fat, but there is something about him that I can't put my finger on, but it's seriously interesting to me. I think Gary's sexy-hot, fat or not."

Dickie gets them talking about how dumb he and Dickie were being best friends for years and years but not knowing they both were gay. Then John talks about his roommate Brian and how Brian convinced him to blow him, which started them off on a sex-filled two years together, including last summer for a month here in Cheyenne.

Then John said, "Ya know, in retrospect, I think I fell so quickly for you, Andy because your body and blond hair are almost a duplicate of Brian's. You're about five-foot-eight-inches with beautiful blond hair, but then it didn't take long to realize what a wonderful person in every way you were for real, and we became loving friends... didn't we?"

Andy says, "Yep, and you are the best thing that's ever happened to me, Darling, no joke!" John gets emotional again, tears rolling down his face, but it's not a boohooing crying jag.

Both are sitting on bar stools, Andy leaning over to hug and rock John while Dickie frowns, getting a little annoyed because, best friend or not, the emotional craziness and the roller coaster ride of emotions is over the top. Enough is enough, you know?

Dickie doesn't mention it, though. Instead, he tells Andy, "Finish your drink. I'll give you a fast fucking, then Dickie and I have got to get back to work."

Nodding, Andy says excitedly, "My balls have gone numb in this cock ring, but, um, how do you want me, Dickie? Standing, or on my knees, or what?"

"Put your hands on the edge of the bar, move your feet back, and spread your legs." As Andy does that, Dickie mutters to John, "Would you make me feel way good, Johnny, by sucking my cock? It'll get hard fast, and I'll roll on a condom."

Immediately getting off the bar stool, John hesitates, then mumbles, "Ya know, I blew Brian probably a hundred times, swallowing at least a pint of his cum, so I know how to do oral sex, except don't you feel, um, funny or something when you and I are doing this sex stuff?"

Dickie tells him, "A hundred cum shots won't be nearly a pint, but I know what you mean about feeling funny about doing sex together. Go ahead, though, and maybe we'll get used to doing it together."


"Pick up my dick. Never mind all the other chatter."

John slides to his knees, and soon it's, "Slurp, slurp, slurp." Dickie's fat cock feels big in his mouth, so it's mostly tongue action on the head. John does an okay quick blowjob for Dickie, his dick getting hard quickly. Then, as Dickie rolls on a condom, John, still on his knees, says, "To get used to doing it, maybe I could blow you three guys tomorrow at lunch. Not all the way; just until you all get your hard-ons, ya know?"

Andy watched the blowjob, his eyes shining and his balls coming back to life and aching again, swelled to ballon size. Dickie smacks Andy's ass with his hand and says, "That's a good idea, Darling. You can suck on our cocks at lunch, but for now, um, not to be too bossy with you, but why don't you sit back up on the stool? I'm going to fuck your nurse hard, and there could be some splatter."

Wow, Dickie wasn't kidding. He forced his oversized boner up Andy's ass, ignoring the scream, a scream that quickly turned into deep moaning sounds of intense pleasure coming from Andy's throat. Dickie likes hearing that and begins spanking Andy's ass as he's fucking him... fucking him fast and hard.

After alternating fucking and spanking Andy for only four minutes, Andy's second climax of the night came roaring up on him. In his incredibly aroused state of mind, he whined at the weird pleasure through the fifteen seconds of his climax, which consisted of an extremely thin string of cum squeezing out the tiny opening the cock ring allowed.

Andy's whine was annoying to Dickie, who rolled his eyes, listening to, "Ah, ah, ah," for the full fifteen seconds until Andy's balls ran dry. Dickie continued fucking wildly for another eight or nine minutes, Andy's body flopping around before Dickie's reluctant second climax exploded. Making a long breathy, "Eeeiiii," cry, Dickie's body shuddered so strongly his cock pulled out of Andy's ass, cum splattering on Andy's buttocks... his asshole so wide open both of Andy's hands went back there to feel it.

Stumbling back a couple of steps, Dickie's eight hundred Huck Finn freckles seemingly moving around on his face, he yelled, "Whoa, wow!! That was randomly awesome. Great pussy on you, nurse!"

Andy's looking with concern at his balloon balls and swollen sausage cock that looks short because it's so swollen. Glancing at Dickie, Andy mutters, "Thanks for the compliment about my pussy. It's tight because I don't get fucked very often."

Taking off the condom, then holding it out to John, "Please do me a big favor and flush this for me, Darling. Thanks..." Then, to Andy, sounding sincere, "Too bad about you not getting fucked much, nurse, um..." already forgetting Andy's name, finishing with, "Um, but that works well for me because that's one tight pussy for me to fuck."

Andy's beaming as Dickie says, "Hey, you know what? It will impress Gary if you demonstrate your excellent submissive nature. And, you know, I'd bet my left nut that Gary will end up fucking Darling, probably with sex toys."

John goes, "What?" Dickie shrugs, "That's my prediction, Johnny. Meanwhile, I'll be giving your nurse another thrilling sex-toy fuck."

John goes into the half bath to flush the condom. He comes back, and Dickie asks, "What do you think about my prediction, Johnny? Gary will fuck you so you won't be left out. What do you say?"

As Andy's making a face concentrating on carefully taking the cock ring off, John asks, "Should I do that, Andy?"

The ring comes off with Andy squealing, then he's gawking at his swollen genitals, finally sighing with relief, then mutters, "Um, what was that, Johnny? I mean, don't make me decide for you. I've never met this guy, Gary. What kind of a guy is this Gary Thomas person Dickie?"

Dickie has his satchel packed up, "Gary is very dominant, and his dick is as wide as mine, so you're in for a special treat if he's fucking you."

Picking up the satchel, he adds, "It's obvious you two can't decide anything for yourselves. That's okay, though; here's what will happen tomorrow. Fat Gary will fuck Darling, and I'll do you again, nurse; both with the sex toys. As I said, Gary is very dominant, and I've pretty much copied a lot of what he does. Um, well, you'll see."

Andy says, "There it is, then. It sounds good to me... okay, Johnny?"

"Yeah, I guess, but I don't want any toys involved. And I've never had a fat sex buddy before, so..."

Dickie says, "How many times do I need to say tell you, my best friend ever? Give the sex toys a fair chance! Okay?"

John mutters, "No! I don't want to use them, Dickie!"

"Yeah? Well, you won't need to, then! I've got to get going. Um, so you're not surprised... Gary's fat with a beard, and he's older than us, so you'll need to do what Gary tells you, Darling. He has a temper, so... well, just do what he says, Okay?"

"Uh-huh. Ah, we'll meet here, but where will we eat lunch?"

The three of them go upstairs to the kitchen, Dickie saying, "My old man's garage is only eight minutes from here, and I always take at least an hour for lunch, and Gary is my boss, so obviously, if we take longer than an hour, no problem. Gary and I will decide what we'll do about lunch when we get here at about five after twelve."

Andy and John, having fallen completely under Dickie's dominance by now, nod their heads, agreeing with everything except John using sex toys. Outside, Dickie throws the satchel in the truck of his Monte Carlo and says, "I'm out of condoms, so you boys buy some for tomorrow. For now, give me a kiss goodbye, Darkling. I'm so happy you're gay. I can't even begin to tell you..." John steps on Andy's foot in his anxiousness to get to Dickie.

They have a brotherly quick kiss, after which Dickie says, "It's fabulous having you back in town, Darling... absolutely fabulous! I love you, bro, and I kind of like your lisp. It's almost as cute as you. Heh heh, I'm thinking that it'd be cool if Gary learned how to lisp to remind me of you when you're not around." Then he looks at Andy, smirking and saying, "Or maybe you'll remind me of Johnny with your lisping, Salsbury."

Andy grins, "How about my kiss goodbye?" Dickie nods for Andy to come to him, and they do a kiss involving their tongues.

Andy gasps, then Dickie gets in the driver's seat, fires up the engine, waves, and then smirks as he backs his car up and drives off. John says, "He's still so fucking cool! Omigod, I can't even believe it!"

Andy mutters, "I need to agree with you, and I say that even though he treats me like shit. But, then, I can't get enough of confident hot-shit young guys like Dickie. They can get me to do just about anything. That kiss with him gave me a boner..."

They have more drinks and smoke cigarettes for almost two hours, talking about Dickie and getting horned up. Three-quarters drunk, they make out while sitting on bar stools; then, without any discussion, they get off the stool, pulling their pants down. John drops to his knees and sucks Andy's six-inch dick until it's good and hard. There's precum drooling out of it when Andy shoves it up John's ass, which still has lube from Dickie's condom. Andy fucks John wildly, both guys moaning, "Ahh, ahh, ahh..." and both climaxing at the same time with rolling thunder in both their heads.

"Do it some more, Andy," so Andy fumbles his softening cock back inside John's rectum and slowly pulls and pushes until his cock is rock hard again, then, "Slap, slap, slap," and "Ah, ah, ah," for almost ten minutes before John makes a squeaky sound and a slimy mixture plop out of his iron cock. John's shaking and shivering at the sizzling sensations... goosebumps all over his body.

Andy's got his arms around John's belly, continuing to wildly thrust his cock for another two minutes, John's body limp in Andy's arms. Andy's climax finally shoots a watery substance into John's bowels; feeling so good streaking from Andy's dick, he squeals as if his balls were being squeezed by pliers. Done squealing, Andy lets go of John and sits on the floor, "Oh, yeah... that was good!"

John sits on the floor next to him, Andy muttering, "I think I'm drunk."

John stretched out on the floor, the back of his head in Andy's lap, "I enjoyed your fucking, Andy, better than Dickie's. Isn't that surprising?"

Rubbing through John's short hair, he asks, "Are you really going to Dickie's barber to get a flattop haircut, Johnny?"

"It's not just Dickie's barber, Andy. Randy's Barbershop is where he and I have gotten haircuts since we were little kids. Almost every guy in Cheyenne goes to Randy's."

Lightly pulling on John's bangs, Andy mumbles, "Whatever."

"Dickie and me as best friends; we were like brothers, Andy. You've never had a best friend until me, and we've only been best friends for a couple of months. Dickie and I have been best friends for most of our lives. So, I can't get over that I didn't like him fucking me."

Andy yanks on John's hair. "OW! Goddammit, Andy," and Andy says, "I'm wicked jealous of him and you, but he turns me on like wildfire. He's, um...."

John sits up, and they hold onto each other; they stand, John murmuring, "Well, I just told you that I like you fucking me more than Dickie, right? So, don't be jealous," and he put his arms around him.

Andy said, "Oh, great. Now you're comforting me, and I'm the fucking nurse who is supposed to be aiding and comforting you, John Darling."

John keeps his arms around Andy as they go upstairs, and, turning out the basement lights, continuing upstairs to the bathroom, John murmuring, "It's fun pretending I'm taking care of you for a change, Andy."

"God! It feels good for me, too. I love you, bro..."

In the bathroom, John hits the light switch, mumbling, "You know what? Here's a secret, Andy: I expected I'd feel more love for my lifelong best friend, Dickie, but I didn't. It's you who I feel a special love for. You, whom I've only known for a couple of months. How can that be?"

Andy's grinning, not moving away from John, who still has his arms around him. Andy, feeling awkward from hearing that, avoids it by muttering, "Whom? Did you just say 'whom'... haha,?

John snickers, "I must be drunk if I'm saying shit like...whom," and he drops his arms, and they look into each other's eyes, both getting tears in their eyes. John said, "I'm so lucky you were there for me, Andy. We're not lovers, but we'll always be best friends."

Grinning now, Andy murmurs, "Why am I tearing up? I'm the lucky one getting to take care of you, Darling. Christ, I'm scared at how much I'd miss you if we didn't stay friends. You and Dickie have such a long history together; I'm relieved he hasn't taken you from me... so far. And there's still Brian Whatshisname I need to worry about."

John sighs, "I'm so tired, Andy," and he lies against Andy, who says, "C'mon, wash your face and hands and brush your teeth. C'mon, Johnny, do what you're told!"

"Oh, okay, but first, I need to take the biggest piss of my life." They both piss as John looks at Andy with pleading eyes. Andy makes a face, then says, "Go ahead if you must," and John cuts off his piss stream, kneels on the bathroom floor, and leans his head over to get his tongue in Andy's piss stream. Some of the piss splatters on Andy's legs and John's face, but he had his eyes closed, so no harm. Anyway, most of the piss slides off John's tongue on its way to the toilet water. Then John moves his face into the pee stream, piss splattering all over the place now; John's mouth opens to get some of it he can swallow.

It's over in less than ten seconds, John with a boner sticking straight out. Andy doesn't say anything as John quickly wets a washcloth to clean Andy's legs and then the rim of the toilet. Andy's drying his legs, still not talking. John washes his face, then chest and hands. Finally, his cock going flaccid, he finishes his piss.

In bed, John says, "It's just a silly fetish."

Andy quietly says, "I know, Darling." John snuggled in tight against Andy, and Andy's arms came around him. I little more snuggling, then they both sighed contentedly and were asleep a minute later.

Nine-thirty Friday morning, Andy's eyes open to see the back of John's head. He moved in his sleep, obviously. Needing to take his morning piss, Andy gets out of bed, and after taking two steps, he groans because he realizes he has a rare hangover. Taking a third step, he hears, "What are you doing, Andy? Come back to bed."

"I've gotta piss, don't you?"

"Yeah, I do," and John gets out of bed, "Whoa!" holding his head, "I'm hungover like a," and Andy mutters, "Like a motherfucker. C'mon, Darling," and he holds out his arm. John leans against Andy, fitting against him perfectly, like a piece of a jigsaw puzzle, kissing Andy's cheek; they walk to the bathroom, Andy mumbling, "After taking the piss, I'm going back to bed."

"Me too."

And, without urine play, that's what they do, not getting out of bed again until eleven o'clock. "Holy shit, Andy, Dickie will be here in an hour."

Shaking his head, Andy asks, "Why did we drink so much last night? That's not us."

"I don't know. Should we clean up the bar?"

Nodding, Andy said, "Yeah, c'mon, we'll do a quick clean up and then shave and shower."

"Do you think I need to shave?"

"No, not really, but do it anyway. Remember, Dickie said Gary has a temper, so he will probably insist you suck a boner on his dick. You don't want him to discipline you for a scratchy face against his nuts or something."

They both laugh and then go all the way down to the basement to put away the booze bottles, put glasses in the dishwasher, neaten the sofa cushions, and put fresh hand towels in the half bath; then, looking around, John asks, "Should I run the vacuum or did we do enough, Andy?"

"Yeah, fuck it, we've done enough. C'mon, we'll do everything we need to in the bathroom upstairs, including taking a shower together. I love doing that with you, baby."

"Oh, good! I like when you call me that and then take care of me as if I am your baby."

Going upstairs, hand in hand, Andy mutters, "We must be sure no one hears us talking like that. It's embarrassing when we do it in private, so can you imagine if someone overheard us?"

"Shh, Andy. I don't want to even think about that happening."

Chuckling again, they do everything they need to in the bathroom, including brushing their teeth. Dressed in Western clothing and cowboy boots, they put on their cowboy hats and go outside for some fresh air and to wait for Dickie Marshall and fat Gary Thomas. John asks Andy, "Are you excited to have Dickie tie up your nuts and fuck you silly again?"

"Uh-huh, I am, Darling. Like you, I'm a submissive bottom, so this is very special for me. He can paddle me if he wants. It hurts, but I don't care... that's how much I like dominant guys. How are you feeling about that fat Gary guy fucking you?"

Shrugging, John says, "I'm curious about it. You, Brian, and last night, Dickie have all fucked me, and I liked you and Brian best. Maybe I would like Dickie's fat boner if he didn't insist on sex toys. So, what I'm saying is, I want to find out if I like anybody and everybody who fucks me? Fat Gary, who's older, might answer that question for me."

Andy, adjust his junk, then mutters, "You do like having a hard cock up your ass; there's no doubt about that. Plus, there aren't a lot of different ways to do it, so you may very well find that you like any and everybody who fucks you."

Lighting a cigarette, John mumbles, "Well, it's all pretty much the same, but all three of you top-fuckers were different as far as I'm concerned. I think you're the best, by the way. That's probably because you've been a fabulous friend to me. I like Brian as my friend and roommate, and I have been best friends here in Cheyenne with Dickie most of my life, so, as I told you, I was disappointed I didn't especially like getting fucked by him."

John's glad he said he liked Andy's fuck the best. Andy looks pleased as John snuggles against him and murmurs in a perfect imitation of Andy's lisp, "I think you're going to be stuck with me as your best friend forever, Andy."

Andy gently takes the cigarette from John's fingers and drops it, then steps on it, mumbling, "With a hangover, you didn't want or need a cigarette. Smoking is getting to be a habit again." Then he looks into John's eyes, murmuring in his natural lisp, "From your lips to God's ears that I'm stuck with you forever and a little longer."

They hug, then jump when Dickie blows his horn. Startled, they turn around and see Dickie and someone who has to be fat Gary in Dickie's Monte Carlo, laughing at the way they made Andy and John jump.

The first thing John notices is Gary's black beard and that his black hair has the same fresh Randy's Barbershop Wyoming cowboy flattop haircut that Dickie had. It looks like they got the fresh haircuts together.

Andy mutters under his breath, "Okay, here we go, Darling."

Dickie gets out of his car, cheerfully saying, "Goddamn, it's so fucking awesome seeing you, Johnny Darling! I took you for granted until you weren't here. Then I missed you so much! I didn't realize how much until I saw you yesterday. It almost made me cry." He hugs John, knocking his cowboy hat off, but Andy catches it before it hits the ground.

From around the passenger side of the car, Gary Thomas comes carrying two pizzas in boxes. In the bottom box, grease had leaked through the cardboard. Gary has facial hair in the form of a four- or five-day growth of a thick black beard. Maybe it's a fashion statement, or, more likely, it's just a lazy oversight, not shaving for a few days. That's what it looks like to John, anyway.

Gary's about an inch taller than Andy and about two inches shorter than John and Dickie. He's overweight in a loose belly-fat manner, belly fat, stretching his short-sleeved pullover shirt until his shirt and belly fat is hanging over his belt. Further stretching the material of his pullover shirt are two overly fleshy pectorals with his nipples clearly visible as two points on his shirt. He's wearing shapeless, baggy shorts down to his knees, scruffy sneakers, and white sweat socks with poor elastic, so the top part of both socks is scrunched down around his ankles.

He says to Andy, "Hey, you," and when Andy looks over, Gary says, "Here, take these pizza boxes!"

Dickie mumbles, "Hi there, nurse! Gary's talking to you."

Taking the two greasy pizza boxes, Andy says, "I didn't know who he meant."

Pointing at fat Gary, Dickie says, "Anyway, this here is my favorite grease monkey from my old man's garage. He's also my boyfriend and boss at work, Gary Thomas. Gary, do you remember John Darling? Did you guys ever meet? This other dude is supposedly John's nurse. Oh, um, I forget your first name."

Juggling the hot, greasy pizza boxes, Andy says, "Andrew... I'm Andy."

Dickie says to Gary, "Yeah, that's right, he's Andy."

Gary shrugs, "Yeah, well, first off, I don't remember John whatshisname at all, but hello to both of you."

Dickie was rude to Andy by handing him the pizza boxes as if Andy's a flunky of his, which made Andy's dick tighten up because he's hot for dominant guys; even fat ones, apparently.

Mostly though, Andy's not impressed with Gary. Andy's stuck on Dickie, who Andy thinks looks like how he imagines Huck Finn looks. There are a thousand freckles on Dickie's Huck Finn face, freckles going down his chest and even his arms. Andy didn't get a chance to look at Dickie's dick without a condom, so he didn't know if it had freckles on it, as John said.

Andy's okay with Dickie's silly red/orange flattop haircut, too. It's just that you just don't see flattops in the Northeast, or if you do, it's like... what the fuck? But, so what? They're in Wyoming now.

Dickie's tall like John and very slim with that very fat penis. Andy sees Dickie as a bad boy, dominant to the core... wicked hot, sexy, and erotic!

Then there's Gary, whose face looks moist the way overweight people get. He says to John, "I don't remember you," and turning to Dickie, he asks, "Did he hang out with you and Kenny?"

Seeming much less confident today, Dickie mutters, "What? Um, not really. And, anyway, if Kenny was with us, it would have been him hanging out with us, not the other way around. Right, John?"

Looking perplexed, shrugging, John says, "Ah, I guess. Anyway, hi, Gary... it's nice to meet you?" and he holds out his fist. Gary mutters, "I'm good, dude. I don't do that bump-fist shit, though. Sorry. Um, ah," Pointing at John, Gary asks Dickie, "Ah, is he the dude I'm supposed to fuck?"

Andy mutters, "Charming."

Dickie says, "Yes, Gary, you're fucking the cute boy, and I'm fucking his nurse, Salsbury, um, Andy." Then, he says, sounding tentative, "Um, If you don't mind, Gary, I'd appreciate it if you'd treat my friend, John, really well."

Gary gives Dickie a 'look,' then as fast as a cat, he does to Dickie what Dickie did to Andy a few times last night. He got Dickie in a headlock with Gary's fat right pectoral squished against the side of Dickie's face. Gary is tightening his hold on Dickie's neck a lot harder than Dickie squeezed Andy's neck last night. Dickie's hurting, grunting, "No, don't! Please, Gary! Nah, okay, I was kidding... ow, ow. I'm sorry, Gary... ow! Please..."

After humiliating Dickie by walking him in a circle with Dickie begging for Gary to let him go, Dickie's so bright red it almost blocked out his freckles, Gary lets go of him, giving him a shove, and Dickie ends up on his ass sitting on the driveway.

Gary goes, "Oh, my bad, Dickie. I forgot you're a klutz."

Dickie gets up, moving his head back and forth as if he wants to see if it still works, then he asks Gary, "Okay, what'd I do this time, Gary? I didn't say anything."

"Yeah, ya did, Marshall."

"Jeez, you hurt my neck."

Gary mutters a nonsense comment, "Yeah, well, I was born with a short penis, and that makes me grumpy," and, quick as a wink, he pretends he going to smack the back of Dickie's head. Dickie hunching his shoulders, "No, Gary...''

Laughing, Gary fakes, hitting Dickie again and again Dickie hunches his shoulders, mumbling, "No, I didn't... Um..."

John and Andy are both open-mouthed-shocked at this turn of events. The opposite of last night, today Dickie's acting like a submissive pussy. They're dizzy from seeing how Gary is totally dominating Dickie, who seems to be used to it. Dickie, to get the attention off him, says to Gary, sounding obsequious, "And I know from many first-hand experiences just how spectacularly you fuck, so Darling is in for a treat."

Gary nods, "Yep, Dickie, now you've finally told the true story. My penis is less than five inches, but almost as fat as the fat penis on Richard Marshall. Dickie is actually one of my favorite people on this earth, although I'm always needing to correct him. Am I right about that, Dickie Marshall?"

Dickie goes, "Oh, yeah, you're right, and, oh shucks, thanks for the compliment, Gary. Your penis is superior to mine, though."

Andy, still holding the big, greasy pizza boxes, and John exchanges another frown, hardly believing what they're seeing. Finally, John mutters, "Let's go inside and eat these pizzas before they get cold."

Gary mutters, "What a brilliant idea," and then to Dickie, "Get your sex toy satchel."

Andy, holding both boxes, says, "I can assure you the pizzas are still hot. I can feel the heat right through these boxes."

John opens the front door for Andy, who has his hands full as Dickie asks, not sounding confident at all, "You've got sodas, right, Johnny?"

For some reason, that makes John think, 'Oh, fuck. We didn't buy condoms. Dickie, or is it Gary is going to be pissed.'

As Andy's putting the boxes on the kitchen table, John says, "Yes, Cokes are in the refrigerator."

Gary nods at Dickie to get the sodas, which Dickie does as John whispers to Andy, "Condoms."

Andy shrugs, "You might as well tell them, but stay clear of that Gary person when you do it."

John announces, "We haven't bought the condoms, um, yet."

Gary's already holding a slice of cheese pizza, asking, "Are both pizzas cheese only?"

Dickie nods, "Yes, Gary, I'm sorry about that, but I didn't know what these two guys might not like, so I kept it basic." Then, smiling, he asks John, "So, when did you plan on getting the condoms? We've only got an hour for lunch. I think I mentioned that."

Andy says, "I'll go get them right now. Um, if I can borrow your pickup, Darling."

"No, I'll go, Andy. I know where the closest pharmacy is," and he picks out a slice of pizza, mumbling, "I'll only be ten minutes."

Gary finishes a slice of pizza in five huge bites, then, totally taking charge of everything and everybody, he says, "Hold on, you, um, what's your name? It's John, right? Listen up! My sidekick here, Dickie Marshall, and I will do you two submissive pussies bareback; no problem. We don't need rubbers, um, assuming you've got something for lubricant. We have no germs. Do you two have any?"

John, sounding intimidated, lisps, "No, we're clean, Gary. Honest..."

Gary laughs at John's timidity, then says, "I thought you fuckers were kidding with your lisping, and it was kind of funny, except, um, you're not kidding, are you? You're a couple of fags." Then, looking at Dickie, "Did you know about this, Marshall? Not that I give two shits that they're roaring faggots, but what's going on here?"

Dickie says, "I told you about Darling's accident, his coma, and then amnesia. He's just messing around by copying the nurse, and I'm sorry, but what difference does it make? No offense intended, Gary."

Taking a third slice of pizza, Gary mumbles, "I just told you I don't give two shits about that. I love barebacking; that's all I care about." Then, looking at Andy and John, both shellshocked at how Gary is putting down Dickie, Gary says, "That's the way Dickie and I do it most of the time... bareback. I fuck him fast with my fat boner, and he cums in less than a minute. Don't-cha, Dickie?"

Dickie blushes again, pretending to chuckle. It's forced, though.

Gary fakes getting him in another headlock. Dickie backs up, giggles because he's embarrassed again, then mumbles, "Yeah, that's right, Gary. Heh-heh... jeez, it's, um..."

Remembering everything that Dickie said last night, John asks, "Ah, do you two take turns as the top, or...?"

Almost done with another slice of pizza, fat Gary says, "Occasionally, we switch. It's rare, though. I do almost all the fucking. What would you say, Dickie, like twenty-to-one? I'll let you fuck me like once every other month, something like that, huh?"

Looking at John, Gary mutters, "So, yeah, we're versatile if that's what you're asking. More importantly, you need to find us some lubricant. Hand lotion, in a pinch, will do."

Dickie's still blushing, almost bright red, at the admission that he's Gary's submissive bottom boy, obsequiously muttering, "Yeah, Gary. You're the man!" Then to Andy and John, trying to save face, he pretends to take charge, "Um, John, it's your house, so is there something we can use as a lubricant."

He didn't sound anything like last night's bossy, taking-charge Dickie.

Andy and John exchange yet another quick glance, shocked at this unexpected turn of events. From what Dickie hinted at, they would have bet the ranch that Dickie was the dominant top for fat Gary, but it's emphatically the other way around.

Gary says, "Hey! Listen to Dickie! Who is getting the fucking lubricant?"

As if he's in second grade, John raises his hand, and Gary chuckles, muttering, 'Well, go get it, pretty boy."

John goes to the upstairs bathroom, where he gets a hand lotion tube and a plastic jar of Vaseline.

Downstairs, he gives the lubricants to Gary. Then, Andy and John clean up the greasy, empty pizza boxes and greasy napkins, with John whispering to Andy, "If Dickie is embarrassed about being Gary's bottom boy, why did he bring Gary with him today?"

Andy shrugs, "Well, maybe when Dickie told him about you returning, it was fat Gary who decided he'd be included, and Dickie had no say in the matter."

When John and Andy finish cleaning up the kitchen, they all go down to the finished basement, Dickie carrying his satchel of sex toys. John says, "I'm puzzled about something. If you guys work in Dickie's dad's garage, how can your clothes be clean, um...?"

Lighting a cigarette, Gary sarcastically says, "Gee, you must be some kind of genius noticing that. Numb-nut, we wear overalls over our clothes."

"Oh. I just wondered..."

They talk about the mechanic job they do, then Gary tells how, some months ago, he'd been promoted over Dickie, "And it's his old man's garage business. Haha, but he promotes me over his son."

Then Gary rubs Dickie's flattop, not messing it up at all, grinning and saying, "I love this fucker, and he's a pretty good worker. I might give him a good six-month evaluation... ha-ha."

John offers drinks, but Dickie and Gary don't have time for drinks as they need to get back to work after fucking the two submissives, Andy and John.

A few minutes later, putting out his second cigarette and passing the ashtray to Andy, John's slowly shaking his head, totally fascinated by Gary's confident arrogance, and admiring Gary's dominance, watching him poke Dickie in the belly with his index finger, ending their discussion with, "No, dink, it was you who forgot to test the tire pressure." Another poke in the stomach, "And that's why your old man was yelling at us. It had nothing to do with me not checking the oil!"

Gary is fat, his beard is thick and ugly, and he has that goofy flattop haircut; his hair and beard are both densely black, so there's nothing good there. However, John, looking closely, can see that Gary would be handsome except for the beard. If Gary shaved, lost forty pounds, and had a reasonable haircut, he'd be a handsome, hot, dominant motherfucker. As it is, he's just a dominant motherfucker. Not that there's anything wrong with that as far as submissive John is concerned.

He's excited because he gets the real dominant top, fat Gary, instead of the pretend dominant top, Dickie. Well, Dickie is a dominant top when he's not with Gary. When with Gary, Dickie is the third wimpy submissive in the foursome.

John, not lisping, says, "Ah, I don't mean to be pushy, although I am anxious, but, um, well, Gary, how do you prefer fucking me? On my hands and knees, or me standing, or in bed...?"

Gary chuckles and says, "You're a cute motherfucker, ain't-cha? Gee, I'm not into kissing guys, but c'mon over here and give your man a kiss. I might dump Dickie for you."

John's acting all gee-wiz-gosh-golly, acting shy; he goes right over to Gary, who puts his pizza-greasy fingers in John's hair, grabs a bunch of it, and pulls his head over for a greasy-pizza-mouth sloppy kiss with a lot of Gary's tongue in John's mouth. It's John's first kiss with a guy who has a beard, and even though the beard is not pleasant against his face, John thinks Gary's still so sexy he almost cums in his pants. It shocks John that he thinks Gary's unbelievably sexy. What?

Keeping hold of the fistful of John's hair in his pizza-greasy fist, Gary pushes John's head away and says to Dickie and Andy, "What are you two gawking at?"

Gary's handling John like a blow-up-toy sex partner, John needing to bend his head down, accommodating Gary's fistful of his hair. "Here's what you two are going to do. Dickie, you leave me a cock ring and the fat dildo and the Vaseline, then you two go someplace else. Pretty boy, and I don't want you gawking at us while I fuck him to the moon and back."

Dickie takes the things Gary wants from the satchel; then Andy nods at the stairs, and they start walking upstairs, Dickie carrying the satchel. Watching them disappear up the stairs, Gary pulls John's head back and licks across his lips, then sucks on John's upper lip. John moans, his mouth open enough that Gary can put two fingers in his mouth, mumbling, "Sucks on these," the way Dickie did the same thing last night. All of Dickie's moves were copies of Gary's.

Gary smells like oil and tires, and his beard feels weirdly stiff, but it's sexy around John's mouth as they kiss sloppily. Gary is still holding onto John's hair and, with his other hand, squeezing John's nuts. John gasps into Gary's mouth, jerking his body, but can't move his head with Gary tightening his hold on the fistful of hair. Yanking on John's hair, once than twice, gets John to stop jerking around. He becomes very docile, and Gary sucks on his docile tongue again; then, with an extra hard squeeze of John's balls, John's hips hump, and he climaxes a long stream of cum in his pants, moaning, "Ahhh, ooooh......"

Pushing John's head away, and when he lets go of John's hair, five or six hairs that pull out of John's head drift off Gary's hand as he asks as if he can't believe it, "Did you just cum in your pants?"

John moves against Gary's fat body and says, "Yes, I did," and he rubs the side of his face in Gary's beard, murmuring, "It felt wonderful too, and so do you."

Not a fan of brown-nosing, Gary ignores the compliments and says, "Yeah, sure. Pull your pants down, and I'll put your cock ring on." John, sounding whiny, says, "But Dickie said I wouldn't have to use sex toys..."

Rolling his eyes, Gary firmly says, "Pull your pants down, pretty boy! Take off your shirt too! Let's go!"

Making a face, John pulls off his cowboy boots, then pulls his pants down and steps out of them. Then, without unbuttoning his shirt, he pulls it off over his head.

Sitting on the sofa, Gary mutters, "Good," and motions for John to come over to him. He obediently stands in front of Gary, who roughly puts John's cock and balls through the cock ring, saying, "Keep shaving your pubes; I like that look! And, um, I'm assuming you intend to continue living here in Cheyenne, so if you want me to continue fucking you, you'll need to learn how to put your cock and balls in an appropriate cock ring before you meet me. That way, all I'll need to do is put in the vibrating dildo. Okay?" and he smacks John's ass, again asking, "Okay?"

Rubbing his left butt cheek, John's cock, wet with his cum from his underpants and already getting hard again, John, lisping this time, says, "Yes, Gary, I'll ask Dickie to teach me how to do that."

"Good, you do that. He can show you a trick that makes it easy." Gary grins, then says, "I sense something happening between us. Shit, it's giving me shivers. Wow, you're interesting."

Then, pushing both John's cock and scrotum further into the cock ring, Gary asks, "How's that feel? The cock ring looks tight, is it?"

Grimacing, John mutters in a lisping girlie-sounding whine, "Yes, it's really tight!"

Gary chuckles, mumbling, "Your lisping is so obviously fake, it makes me smile. Jesus, you're an interesting pussy... ya know that? Okay," looking around, he mutters, "Where's a ping-pong paddle? Sure, Dickie took it with him. Okay, no problem," and he smacks John's ass with his bare hand, "Stop whining, pretty boy. You're better than that. Ah, here we go; bend over, hands on your knees."

John does that and feels Vaseline being pushed up his ass, then a tight dildo being screwed in. The switch is flicked, and a humming sound is heard as the dildo begins vibrating. John can now feel his cock filling up with blood and erectile fluids; both are flooding into his penis. It all feels hot and sexy somehow, and John thinks that's because Gary's in charge. Gary is so confidently macho but also kinda nice, too.

Gary smacks John's ass again, but more a pat than a slap, then says, "Get on your knees and give my pecker a good sucking. I like a lot of saliva drooling around my cock and onto my nuts. I do not expect you to do this as good as Dickie, but try anyhow. If sex with you is good enough that I'll want to continue with you, I'll have Dickie give you cock sucking lessons. I did that when Marty Klinger was working in the garage a year ago, and he got almost as good as Dickie at sucking my dick."

John is dizzy with arousal. He climaxed ten minutes ago, so the faux feeling that he's about to cum that's created by the vibrating dildo will go on for quite a while before another authentic climax builds up in him. Who knows how long Gary can fuck him before climaxing himself?

Fat Gary takes his time pulling his pants down, then says, "Pretty boy, would you pull my pants over my sneakers, please, and um... fuck, I'm bad with names! It's Darling, right?"

John nods, "Yes, John Darling Junior."

"Well, fuck, that's a perfect name for you."

After John's got Gary's baggy shorts and damp underwear off, John's eyes lift and stare at Gary's crotch. He has a thick patch of curly pubic hair that looks crisp, crinkly, and stiff like his beard. Long hanging balls and a soft penis that's almost five inches long and as fat as Dickie's penis, maybe a little fatter. John frowns; why did Gary say he had a short dick? It's not long, but almost five inches is average, right? Haha, John hopes so because that's how long his dick is.

John was thinking back to Manny Ortiz, Andy's hearse-driver friend with a two-to-three-inch dick with about the same huge girth as Gary's cock.

Reaching back, John squeezes his butt cheek, squirming on his knees as the vibrator kicks in at a higher level. Gary cups behind John's head, muttering, "C'mon, I don't got all night," and pulls John's face against his crotch. Pubic hair covers John's face almost ear to ear, nose to chin. John's tongue flicks around Gary's cock, the head against his chin. John, covering his teeth with his lips, his mouth wide open, lifts Gary's fat penis and gets the whole thing in his mouth, then slides the heavy cock back and forth on his tongue, moving his head forward and back, forward and back, over and over.

Gary has a fistful of John's hair, but he's letting John initiate all the movements. It only takes a minute before Gary's cock is hard and slightly longer, five inches now, for sure, as well as big and wide. It's a great cock for fucking. Everything about this experience is getting John excited.

Gary pushes John's head away, then strokes Vaseline on his penis's shaft, telling John, "How about if you get me a cigarette. I'll give the dildo time to turn you into a puddle of desperate desire and sexual need. Heh, heh, just kidding, but that sounded good, didn't it? Have a smoke yourself if you want one."

Shivering with arousal, the humming vibrator stimulated John's prostate gland until it was all he could think about, increasing the blood and fluids flow, too. "Omigod," he mutters as he deals with the constant sensation he is about to cum, wave after wave of it. Staggering to the bar, John lights two cigarettes and, bringing the ashtray goes back to Gary on the couch. Taking the offered cigarette, Gary says, "Oh man! Would you mind dumping the butts out of the ashtray and washing it out, um, ah? It's Tom, right?"

Nodding, then shaking his head, "No, I'm John," John takes a deep drag, then walks in an exaggerated bow-legged manner, avoiding rubbing his swollen cock and balls with the inside of his thighs; he goes into the basement half bath to dump cigarette butts in the toilet, then he washes the ashtray and dries it with a used hand towel from the hamper.

Putting the clean ashtray next to Gary, John lisps, "I'm going to cum, Gary. It's only a few seconds away."

Inhaling off his cigarettes, then blowing the smoke out his nose and mouth at the same time, Gary says, "No, you're not, John. Here, sit on my lap, and I'll try calming you down." John backs into Gary and gently lowers himself onto Gary's lap, immediately squealing, "OW! Oh, oh, oooh," then rearranges his ballon-size balls up off Gary's leg. Lying back against Gary's hairy chest, one of Gary's arms comes around John's stomach as Gary asks, "Is that nurse person treating you alright? Is he doing you any good?"

"Oh, yes, Andy is wonderful as a friend and a nurse. Mostly, it's therapy of the mind now as my physical body keeps getting stronger. I'm still too emotional, though; at times, I am. Um, you know, after being in a coma for a month, then having amnesia for almost two months, and both my parents being killed in the accident, and all..."

Gary interrupts, "Right, right, uh-huh, you've got a lot to get over, but I don't need to hear all of it right now. Did you and my boy, Dickie, fuck around before you had the accident? Don't lie to me because I'll know if you do."

"What? Why would I lie? Anyway, we didn't know one another was gay, so no, we didn't do anything gay at all. We were straight best friends. He is very different around you, though. I hardly recognize Dickie when you're here."

John almost immediately got comfortable in Gary's lap, used to snuggling with young men. Gary's pizza-greasy fingers go through John's hair as John shrugs and mutters, "The only person in the world who knew I was gay before the accident was my roommate, Brian O'Neal, who I'll be visiting whenever Andy feels I can handle it. Brian outed me as a gay boy, and then we had hot sub/dom sex for almost two years. I love him as a roommate and friend, or at least I used to, but I'm not in love with..."

Gary interrupts again, asking, "You like to talk, don't you? Ah, are you incapable of answering a question with a simple yes, or no? Heh-heh, just wondering about that," and he snickers as he squeezes his arm tightly around John's stomach, asking, "How much do you weigh?"

"I don't know; I haven't weighed myself since high school gym class, and I forget what my weight was back then when I was only, I guess, eighteen, but..."

Gau interrupts again, "Sure," not caring about all those details for a simple question, so he says, "Please be quiet, and I won't ask any more questions." He stubbed out his cigarette, mumbling, "Here, John, put out your cigarette and then lean way forward, and I'll pull out your dildo."

John does that, and when the dido is out, he moans, "Ahh, feels good, but it's like my anus is opened wider than ever before," and then he sits back on Gary's lap. Gary's boner is pushed against his stomach by Gary's back. John goes on to say, "It feels great having the dildo out, but I already miss the vibration. That's a contradiction, I suppose, but..."

Cutting him off again, Gary says, "Whatever you were going to say, it's not necessary. Lift up and then sit down on my hard boner."

"Oh, fuck, that sounds sexy as hell... oh, Jesus," and with a hand on either side of Gary's thighs, John lifts his ass up; he doesn't need to get up very far... five-and-a-half-inches is plenty. Then, he slowly lowers himself onto Gary's five inches fatter than makes any sense boner, going, 'Ow... ow... ow... oooh...oooh... um..." as it plugs in past a tenacious effort from John's anus to keep it out.

Snuggling down on Gary's lap, lying back against his hairy chest again, Gary lets out a quiet moan, "Ahh, ummm... nice... It feels good being so totally filled up back there. Oh, God, Gary... feels so good."

Gary humps his hips a little as he puts both arms around John and nuzzles his bearded face against the side of John's baby-clean complexion, and says, "You know what? I could get very used to this, um... It's John, right? You are very likable and the cutest fucker I've ever seen."

John holds his breath as a million sensations zip at the speed of light off his prostate, making him try lifting up, but Gary holds him down with arms around John's stomach.

"Just relax, John. I'm pretty sure I'll remember your name from now on. I'm getting a crush on you. If it's an act, it's a good one... your clueless, cuter-than-shit helpless act works for me."

"No, it's not an act. I was clueless as far as common sense goes before the accident, too. But, I can study and pass tests any time and do the New York Times' hardest crossword each week, and I'm a senior at Duke..."

"Oh, please be quiet, John. We'll both be quiet and enjoy the sex together, okay?"

John mutters, "Just saying, I'm not as dumb as I..."


After a short while, maybe three minutes, it feels as if Gary's ridiculously fat boner is throbbing inside John's rectum like the vibrating dildo, causing spasms of sensations coming off John's prostate, so maybe it is actually throbbing. In any case, it's got John squirming on Gary's lap, making girlie lisping, "Ekk, ekk, ekk," sounds.

Rolling his eyes, Gary says, "Bend forward again, Darling." John bens so far forward Gary's fat boner comes out of John's asshole with a "Plop" sound as John goes, "Oooh, noo..."

"Keep your ass up with your hands on the floor." John does that, and Gary holds John's hips and humps his fatter-than-shit, hard penis boner in John's ass and fucks him like crazy. No surprise: John cums in one minute, just like Dickie does. Anybody would, especially when considering the kind of friction caused by the in and out stimulation, especially after all the foreplay on the prostate gland. It was close to exploding before the fucking began.

John squealed like a pig, humping his hips, yanking away from Gary's lap just as Gary's cock fired its creamy load up John's back.

John continued moving forward, crumbling onto the floor, both guys breathing hard and in love with their climaxes, even if both were weirder than most. "Oh, fuck... that was pretty fucking good, Tom. Are you alright?"

Standing, Gary steps to the side of John, who is now sitting on the floor digging at his cock ring to get it off, saying, "I can't get it off," as he pushes his softening dick, adding, "What a unique orgasm I just had, though. Really crazy but good too, ya know?"

Gary pulls John up with a hand under each of John's armpits, muttering, "Sit on the fucking couch, and I'll help you with the cock ring."

John sits on the couch, muttering, "I always call this a sofa, not a couch, but I'm not sure why, and..."

Gary mutters, "Shh, please stop talking," then smacks John's hands away from his privates so he can see about getting the cock ring off, which he easily does.

John goes, "Ooooh, yeah. It's almost worth the uncomfortableness of a cock ring to enjoy how great it feels to get it off."

Gary grins, then mutters, "Ya know, most guys like wearing a cock ring, so..."

John, used to snuggling with young men, does so with Gary, who rolls his eyes like he's annoyed but wraps his arm around John and nuzzles his bearded face against John's. John says, "I wonder how long Andy and..."

Gary goes, "Shh! No talking," so John shrugs and settles in, thinking, 'I'm shocked how much I like Gary's hairy, fat body. What's up with that, I wonder?"


"I didn't say anything, Gary."

"You were about to, though."

"Oh, you're right..."


John is curiously growing very attached to fat Gary and is plotting ways to extend the time on his sexy lap...

To be continued...

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