By Donny Mumford - Laureate Author

Published on Oct 29, 2023




Andy walks naked into John's bathroom and drops the condom in the toilet, thinking, 'Jesus, it felt spectacular filling up that condom!'

After flushing the toilet, he washed the dried cum off his stomach and chest. The cum was from John's make-out climax that shot up between their bodies. Ha-ha, Andy was surprised John could blow a load from simply making out. 'I must be doing some hot and sexy making out.'

He's feeling good. His fantasies about having sex with John Darling became reality tonight, and how sweet it is!

Andy's good feelings fade a little when he realizes his first thoughts about tonight's sex were selfish thoughts about how excellent it was for him instead of hoping tonight's sex helped John's memory recovery or at least helped him enjoy himself after months of coma, amnesia, and stress.

Still, it was special fucking him for over twenty minutes! I mean, c'mon, that was really something, and so what if that sounds like bragging? Andy mutters aloud, "It was me who made it all happen!"

Even though Andy's not used to praising himself, his next thought involved more praise. He couldn't help thinking how fortunate it was for John that he had an experienced sex partner like Andy to help guide him back to sexual activity. He was almost positive John was gay. Well, duh, John asked Andy for a hard, fast, dominant fuck. That doesn't sound like something a heterosexual guy would ask for.

Being dominant doesn't come naturally to Andy, but Goddammit, he forced himself to somehow pull it off for John Darling.

Well, not really. Andy is giving himself too much credit. He wasn't noticeably dominant at all, but he tried, at least. It wasn't dominant sex, but he did manage a sexy thirty-minute make-out and fuck combination, one that John got off on twice. Okay, so John was disappointed about the lack of dominance, but he has no specific memory of being fucked dominantly or being fucked in any manner. He does have a vague sense of these things, however; they're like a dream he almost remembers.

Still in the bathroom, Andy sighs, then wets a fresh washcloth to bring with a hand towel to do a mini sponge bath for John, who's still in bed.

Meanwhile, John Darling's thoughts about this evening's sex differ from Andy's, but not by a lot. John thinks he's in love with Andy, so he assumes that he's gay. In fact, he's almost positive he's gay because he gets very aroused making out and having sex with Andy, even if it's not especially dominant sex.

Then there is his almost-remembered dream about a mystery top being dominant. He can't be sure if he has a mystery top or if 'it's a figment of his imagination. That's because of his amnesia. If he's making up this mystery top guy, he might as well give the guy a fatter boner than Andy's.

Yeah, it's fucked up having amnesia because you can't know for sure if the things happening right now compare favorably or unfavorably with the things that happened before his accident. Is he making everything up to compensate for his inability to remember? It's a bitch, frankly.

Like Andy, John also feels guilty. For him, it's because he lied about why he couldn't do what Andy told him to do, and Andy's been wonderful about everything. Andy's too lovely; too easy on him. John lied to Andy about being too tired to go with him to the bathroom to clean up. He wasn't too tired; he was testing how much he could get away with.

Lying in bed, he tries to remember how things might have been before his accident. It's vague, yet he can't get the shadow sense of this mystery top person out of his mind. He's somehow certain his mystery top was extra dominant with him. The guy cares enough about him to go to the trouble of dominantly insisting John does things properly... can that be?

And surprisingly, John is right about the dominance of his mystery top, Brian O'Neil. Brian is quite the disciplinarian in the 'spare the rod and spoil the child' mode. Well, he doesn't use a rod, and John's not a child, but you know...

The idea of disciplining John hasn't occurred to Andy, but John suspects if Andy was more like the mystery top guy, he might be able to remember things quicker.

That brings Dr. Ryan Berry to mind because the doctor strongly hinted that he's gay AND interested sexually in John. John thinks back... was Dr. Berry the stern, dominant type? Not really. Then there's that guy who followed John in the hotel. He claimed to be straight, yet he's hot to have John blow him. Hmm, what's up with that?

John's musings are interrupted when Andy, smiling sweetly, enters the bedroom with the washcloth and towel. He's looking at John with compassion in his eyes, and that makes John feel even guiltier for disingenuously pretending to be so tired he had to stay in bed.

Andy cheerfully lisps, "How are you feeling?"

"Um, I'm feeling perfect, and that's because of you, Andy. And, um, I'm very sorry for not doing what you told me to do a little while ago. I really am, and I apologize."

Thinking again about how nice Andy has been to him, tears immediately form in John's eyes, then run down his cheeks.

Andy hurries to the bed and hugs John while trying not to wet John's back with the damp washcloth he's holding. "Shh, don't cry, Darling. I don't know what you mean. What was it you didn't do that I told you to do?"

John hugs back, blubbering, "You told me to hop out of bed and go with you to clean up in the bathroom, and I lied about being too tired to do that. I wasn't too tired. I was testing you to see how much I can get away with."

"What? Oh, hell, I don't care about that, Johnny. I just want to help you recover your memory."

Tears running down his face, John nods and hugs Andy's neck, then pulls Andy down, chest to chest. Andy's hand with the wet washcloth gets caught between John's back and the mattress. John shakes as he kisses Andy's face and murmurs, "I'm insanely in love with you."

"Shh, that's nice, Darling, but you need to calm down; you're shaking."

Then, noticing that John's stopped crying, Andy, who's used to waterworks from John by now, ignores the tears and adds, "Um, yeah, it's a marvelous thing being in love, but could you let go of me so I can do a mini sponge bath for you."

John murmurs, "Oh, of course... thanks."

Free from John's tight hug, standing next to the bed, Andy wipes John's chest and stomach as John asks, "Um, how soon do you think we can do the sex stuff again?"

Andy's lisping is exaggerated when he says, "Huh? Whaddaya mean, sweetie? We just finished a marathon sex act."

"Oh, yeah, and it was awesome! It's just that, ah, I don't know for sure, but while we were having sex, I think I began to remember a mystery person fucking me. You know, back home before my coma. My memories are getting closer and closer to reappearing in my brain, so it might be that the more sex I have, the more memory I can recover."

Finished wiping dried cum off John's stomach and chest, Andy asks, "How about details? Do you remember specifics of any kind? A name or part of a face, maybe?"

The only specific detail John sensed was the fatter boner his mystery top guy has, which makes him a superior top to Andy. Oh, and one other clear thing is the sense that his mystery man is much more dominant and, therefore, a better top. However, he can't mention either of those specifics because both, obviously, would hurt Andy's feelings.

"No, no specifics, Andy. There very well could be some specifics coming to mind pretty soon, though. I mean, if you'll keep up your amazingly hot and sexy making out and fucking."

Andy says, "I'd like to accommodate you with more sex, except my penis is sore, especially the head. Um, turn over, and I'll wipe the sticky lubricant off your firm, cute butt cheeks."

John rolls over, asking again, but in a nagging, whining manner this time, "C'mon, Andy, I asked you how soon you could fuck me again, and you didn't say. For God's sake, please don't tease me with some quick fuck, then leave me begging for more. I promise to do what I'm told from now on--no more tricks from me. I promise!"

Done wiping John's ass, Andy surprises himself by slapping it, "SMACK!" Maybe Andy's getting frustrated. He slapped John's ass hard and watched in amazement how the butt cheek quivered, even though it was very tight. He slaps it again, "SMACK!" as John goes, "OW! " Then, "I'm sorry, Andy. I'll be good," and even as he's saying the words, he realizes it's something he'd frequently said to his mystery top.

Thinking John was joking, Andy chuckles, "Ha-ha, whaddaya mean you'll be good? That's funny, Darling," and he kisses John's left butt cheek, then mutters, "Sorry for spanking you like that, but you've been putting me on again, haven't you? And there's no way the fucking we did tonight was a tease!"

"I'm not putting you on, but you are right that our sex was hot! Um, you know what, though? You should spank my ass harder when you think I'm busting your balls, which I'm not. I am, however, serious about wanting more of your hot fucking, and, hey, another thing is we haven't tried oral sex yet. I really, really want to do that. Please, Andy, can I do that? It might bring back some memories. It's getting closer and closer, and If you let me do a little oral sex now, it'll keep things moving in the right direction."

Andy's experiencing nagging for sex the way John did nagged Brian. He began nagging Brian for more sex once he'd been broken in as Brian's submissive bottom. After that, John couldn't get enough sex from Brian, who jokingly would mutter that he'd created a sex-starved monster. When John had begged enough, Brian would spank John's ass hard and then fuck him silly. They'd become a perfect pair of dominant top and submissive bottom.

Frowning, Andy mistakes John's nagging as him being petrified of being alone and perhaps never recovering from his amnesia.

It's a little of that, perhaps, but mostly, his nagging for sex is simply because John was overly programmed to be a submissive bottom, and subconsciously, he senses he used to get a lot more sex.

Compassionately, Andy says, "Aw, you weren't kidding, were you? You hope getting fucked multiple times will bring back some memories. It's breaking my heart how desperate that thinking is. I feel terrible that you're missing all memories of your life before the accident and also missing that mystery guy you've mentioned."

John jumps on that, asking, "Oh, so do you think I really do have a mystery sexual top?"

"Well, I'm pretty sure you were very sexually active at college. Tonight's sex probably rekindled the need for sex in you. You've been without it for months, and it's become like a need, a desperate need, like a drug addiction."

Not so sure about that, John mutters, "I don't think I do drugs, Andy, but you're right; I can't be sure. For some reason, I strongly feel having sex is the right road to recovering my memory."

Andy finger-combs John's blond wavy hair back off his forehead, murmuring, "That puts a lot of pressure on me, but I'm going to do everything I can to be there for you. Ah, but right now, as I said, my dick is wicked sore. There's a friend of mine who fucks me almost every week, and he's good at it, too. It's late now, but I'll take you to meet him tomorrow. Between my friend Manny, and me, we can take turns fucking you to see if your memory pops."

John whines, "Not some stranger. I need you, Andy," he holds Andy's hand between both hands, "Please, Andy, if you won't fuck me, can I at least suck your penis."

Making a face, resigned to having his sore penis head getting sorer, he nods, lisping, "Um, yeah, okay, Darling. You can suck my sore dick if you promise to come with me to meet Manny tomorrow night. I need help with your recovered sex urges."

John nods too fast, "Sure, and thank you, Andy! I'll suck on your dick and go with you tomorrow to meet your friend."

The thought of a stranger fucking him sounded intriguing to John the first time Andy mentioned it. Still, John was even more intrigued at the idea of sucking Andy's dick right now, so he lied again by initially claiming he wasn't interested in being fucked by a stranger.

Not that John remembers this, but before Andy, Brian O'Neil was the only person John had ever had sex with. After experiencing tonight's sex with Andy, John wants to see what it's like being fucked by others. He wants to know if what he senses but doesn't remember is correct and that the mystery man is, as he claims, better than all the rest.

Andy figures that it may be worth a sorer dick to get blown by John, so he climbs onto the bed. On his knees, he holds his dick out, asking, "Do you have any recollection as to how to do a blowjob?"

"Um, I sense I've done blowjobs, but not how I did them. How complicated could it be, though?' He takes Andy's penis from his fingers and asks, "Um, but how do you suggest I start?"

Hoping to keep the sore head of his dick from being the center of attention, Andy lisps, "Well, some guys start by licking balls. That would be a fine place for you to start."

Without hesitating, John leans over and does a long lick from the bottom of Andy's scrotum to the top, moving his tongue until it's right under the hanging penis that gets pushed to the side by John's nose. Then he licks around the penis, leaving spit-flattened blond pubic hair in the wake of his saliva-saturated tongue. Quickly inhaling a lungful of oxygen, John licks back down the side of the scrotum, then lifts the balls-heavy scrotum with his tongue as Andy grunts and squirms on the mattress.

John's cock is hard again, and squeezing it, he strains his neck to lick under Andy's ass crack, reaching his perineum without much trouble, then straining more, turning his head to the side a little and, with his tongue stretching out to the max, he touches Andy's asshole with the tip of his tongue, but only for a second because there's too much straining involved. Something could snap.

When John's moved his head back, licking over Andy's perineum again, Andy shuddered and shook, his sore penis getting rock-hard again. Aroused now and not caring about it being sore, he gasps, "Now suck on it, Johnny. Go down on it!"

Because both of them are deeply into this cock sucking, neither of them has yet wondered about John being so expert at this. How to suck cock came to John without him even thinking about it. That's because it's ingrained in his brain. Brian had John sucking his cock and rimming his ass every morning and once or twice during the day in between classes.

They'd wake up together in John's little dorm bed, and John would immediately begin sucking cock and rimming ass, and that went on for a year and a half. Then, once or twice a week, Brian would order John to suck him off and rim his ass after the day's last class. Yeah, John's had a lot of practice sucking dick and licking Brian's asshole.

In between blowjobs/rimming, Brian fucked John at least twice a day and some days more than that. They were both seriously oversexed to the degree that professional help would probably be needed at some point, although neither realized it. They're young and hadn't been thinking too far into the future, plus it simply felt too good to contemplate any changes.

Then came summer breaks. Brian lived and worked summers in Ocean City, Maryland, while John lived and worked summers in Cheyenne, Wyoming. After sophomore year, Brian spent a few weeks with John in Cheyenne. It was a severe shock to their bodily systems when sex stopped cold after that. Because of Mr. Darling's promotion, John was in Massachusetts having a horrible accident the summer after his junior year, which is where he is now.

As for Brian, similar to the stages of grief one goes through after the death of a loved one, Brian went through several emotional episodes beginning with being furious and royally pissed off when John stopped returning text messages and phone calls. He had to because he was in a coma. Brian didn't know about the coma, of course.

Then later, Brian went through a period of depression that had his mother sick with worry. He couldn't tell her what was bothering him because, except for John, Brian was in the closet. Then, yesterday, he found out his roommate and sex buddy, John Darling, wasn't enrolled for senior year. Stunned, Brian entered the stage of acceptance. It's over, so Brian needs a new roommate.

Still, he remained shocked at how brokenhearted he was about the loss of John Darling in his life. Until recently, Brian thought it was John who was head over heels in love with him, and he, Brian, mostly thought of John as his sex toy. He can't believe how distraught he is about his loss and now realizes that he loved John, and when you love someone, it's hard living without them.

Andy Salsbury said, "Go down on it, Darling," so, without consciously thinking about it, John covered his teeth with his lips and clamped down on the fairly stiff shaft of Andy's six-inch cock, then went down on it until the boner's head popped into his throat. He gags but thinks nothing of it as Andy gasps, "Ah! Omigod..."

John's going down on it again with the head, sore as a bitch, going deeper into John's throat, then popping out again. Andy thrashes around on the bed, muttering, "Ah, ah, I'm gonna... Ah..."

Without slowly up, John goes down on Andy's quivering boner a third time, and Andy shoots off a tiny load of barely formed cum. John tastes it as Andy's body shakes and shivers.

Holding his breath, Andy waited for the climax pleasures flying around his groin to settle down enough for him to start breathing again. Meanwhile, John swallowed the spurt of cum without a second thought, then felt Andy's hands on his head, pushing him away, "Please, Johnny, that's good, I'm good. That's enough..."

John reluctantly takes Andy's cock, sloppy-with-spit, plus a little of Andy's spurt-of-cum, out of his mouth, "Whoa," John says, still holding Andy's cock in his fingers. "That was hot, and you know what, Andy? I've done this before! I'm sure of it."

"Well, yeah, you do a great blowjob, so you've had practice on some lucky guy. I wasn't prepared for that degree of expertise and blew that tiny load too quickly, but it was, um, a good blowjob."

Stroking his still-hard cock, John says, "I'd like to have a little tiny orgasm too, so will you suck me off, Andy?"

Gawking at John's swollen five-inch cock, Andy nods, "Yeah, okay, sure," he leans over, supporting himself on his elbows, laps John's cock into his mouth, and does a good blowjob for John. In only thirty seconds, John shoots off, squealing, "Eeeiiiii," and then, "Oh, fuck! That was sick. Awesome cock sucking!"

Andy shrugged as if it was no big deal, but he was proud of his blowjob skills. His history of blowjobs began in high school, where he'd blow anybody who would let him. It became sort of a tradition to get Andy Salsbury to blow you during junior year, then at least once during senior year. Numerous guys let Andy blow them many times. He did almost a hundred blowjobs in high school, but very few since then because he had to leave the suburban high school area after graduation. This job opening in the city was too good to pass up. By taking this nursing assistant job, he sacrificed a lot of potential blowjob opportunities.

His climax pleasure sensations slowed down enough that John was finally sexually satisfied enough to try falling asleep. Last night, he woke up every hour scared about being alone, so when Andy turned the light out, John murmured in a quiet lisp, sounding like Andy, "Hug me, Andy."

It took a minute or two of justling around for them to get comfortable, Andy's arms around John, the side of John's head on Andy's slim shoulder, and John's right leg between Andy's legs. John murmurs, "I love you so much, Andy."

Andy sighs and smiles in the dark, thinking, 'Ya know what? I need to stop thinking I'm inferior. Stop thinking I'm lucky to be fucking him. He's lucky to have me!'

That's a revelation for Andy. For once in his life, he doesn't feel like a guy is doing him a favor by having sex with him. The truth is John needs Andy more than Andy needs John. Sure, he's thrilled to have John as a friend and boyfriend, but John isn't doing Andy any favors. Andy thinks, 'I'm the one doing the favors. I need to change my attitude about our relationship moving forward.'

John was breathing regularly, deeply asleep as Andy kissed his forehead, telling himself that tomorrow he needed to establish some ground rules for John--no more of this one-sided accommodating that Andy has been doing for John. He's been falling all over himself trying to do whatever John wants while he, Andy Salsbury, is the one doing everything. John doesn't do anything except nag and whine, feeling sorry for himself.

Even with all the sex they had tonight, it wasn't enough for John. That's him being ungrateful!

Andy drifted asleep before eleven, so they were both awake by eight-fifteen Saturday morning. They'd moved apart during the night, so John slid over to Andy and grinned as he got back in his position when he fell asleep... half lying on Andy, a leg between Andy's legs.

Andy nodded to himself, remembering what he had decided last night and seeing how John continued depending on him; Andy finally felt superior to John Darling. John snuggling tighter against Andy made him wonder why he'd ever felt inferior. Well, that's not right. He knows why; it's because of how beautiful John is and how unbeautiful he is.

Yeah, but what a stupid way of evaluating someone's character. John Darling has acted like a big baby since awakening from his coma. Okay, some of his behavior is understandable. Amnesia is upsetting and can cause unbalanced emotional reactions, confusion, and fear of the future, but for how long?

John puts all the responsibility of recovering his memory on Andy and the doctors. He doesn't appear to feel much responsibility for doing much himself. He doesn't even bother with the brain exercises his doctors think he's doing.

Still, even after this criticism of John's laziness, Andy has a loving feeling for him and sincerely wants to help him recover his memory, but he's been going about it the wrong way. He takes a minute to wonder why he's having these concerns now. Is it that, after fucking John a few times, he sees things differently now. He can probably have sex with John Darling any time he wants, and that's not going to be enough for John.

For weeks, he fantasized about sex with John, and now that he's had it, the glitter of it doesn't shine as brightly. Not that Andy won't continue fucking him, but the mystique isn't there now. From now on, Andy will decide when they have sex. He's taking control of the situation, and part of that will be to get John to stop depending on him for everything. John's attorney, Whatshername, was right that John needs to grow up, act his age, and take responsibility for recovering his memory.

Goddamn, Andy has never felt dominant before, but he now feels he needs to be that way with John Darling in this situation. What a weird feeling it is, too. He grins, remembering John begging him for more sex as if he, Andy, was in a position of authority deciding when John could have this or that.

John lifts his head and says, "Good morning, Andy." Startled, Andy mutters, "Huh? Oh, good morning, Johnny. It's sweet seeing your pretty face first thing in the morning."

John smiles, "I like seeing your face too! Sleeping with you was as good as I thought it would be. I'm pretty sure if you fuck me, or at least suck my dick; a memory will pop up. You should do that before getting up, don't you think?"

Andy frowns, "No, I don't feel like doing that right now. I'm going to take a piss, brush my teeth, and then shower."

"Huh? What's wrong, Andy? You seem angry."

Shaking his head, Andy sits up, pulling away from John's body, "I'm not angry, John, but I am a little tired of how you put the responsibility of recovering your memory on me and how we always do what you want. For a change, I'm telling you what I want to do and what I'm going to do," and he gets out of bed to stand there naked, adding, "You're welcome to join me."

"Do I have to?"

"No, do what you want. We both need to do what we want. And we don't need to do everything together."

John mutters, "Oh, no..." and gets out of bed, "I guess I do want to join you, Andy," and he takes hold of Andy's hand, squeezes it, then leans his naked body against Andy's, looking into Andy's eyes, hoping for a smile. Andy can't keep up the hard-ass routine, so he smiles, then murmurs in his quiet lisp, "C'mon then, I guess we can shower together."

He gave in to John, but he got John to get out of bed. That's a step in the right direction. Then, in the bathroom, after pissing together, John leaned against Andy again as they brushed their teeth. Andy sighed and then mumbled, "Please stop that, Johnny. Every time you lean against me, it knocks my arm, and my toothbrush hits my gums."

Grinning, John mischievously knocks Andy's arm again, and Andy whacks his ass, "I said stop it!" He smacks John's ass again, "You need to start doing what you're told! That's if you expect me to spend all my free time with you. I want to help you recover your memory, but I don't want to do it alone. You need to help more than you've done so far."

The smile left John's face, replaced by tears, and Andy said, "And stop crying every two minutes," and he smacked John's ass again. Like a six-year-old, John throws his toothbrush in the sink, bawls loudly, and storms out of the bathroom. Andy makes a face and mutters, "Fuck. This is worse than me doing whatever he wants."

Finished brushing his teeth, Andy gets the shower water running and calls, "Johnny, come here right now. Crying or not, you're taking a shower with me because you have stuff to do today, and we need to get to it."

Nothing for a few seconds as Andy stands outside the bathroom. "C'mon, Johnny. Don't be a baby. I'm sorry I spanked you." Two seconds later, John comes out of the bedroom. With his head down, he mumbles, "I'm sorry too."

Trying not to smile at his first triumph, Andy keeps a straight face and holds out his arm. He waits for John to walk under his arm. Andy squeezes John's shoulders and lisps, "We'll forget about your outburst this morning, but don't do it again, okay?"

John nods and mutters, "Okay, I won't," and leans against Andy, walking with him into the bathroom, murmuring, "You won't leave me, will you, Andy?"

Andy mutters, "Get in the shower stall." John gets into the stall and under the water pouring from the showerhead as Andy follows him in and says, "No, I won't leave you, but you'll need to do what you're told from now on. I've been doing most of the heavy lifting, and you need to share more of the load."

John leans against him, murmuring, "I'm trying, Andy." Andy reaches around and smacks John's buttocks, "Stop leaning on me constantly. You're not ten years old!"

When his eyes start to tear up, Andy points at him, "No more tears! You're almost twenty-two, fer Christ's sake!"

John does a sobbing cry, blubbering, "I'm sorry, Andy."

Andy's heart almost breaks, so he hugs John, lisping, "It's okay, Johnny. Shh, it's okay. We're good. I sometimes cry, too. Shh..."

So, it's one step up and two steps back, but Andy's starting on the right path now, getting tougher with John. Everyone has been babying him since he came out of the coma, and that's not working. The doctors need to step it up, too. It's just that John is so attractive and acts so helplessly that everyone wants to baby him.

After the shower, while drying, John didn't lean against Andy, but he stared at him with longing in his eyes. When they'd dried off and were back in the bedroom, Andy rubbed John's head, his fingers in John's too-long damp hair, asking, "Would you like me to fuck you?"

Even though Andy knew that John would say yes, it was still him, Andy, who initiated the sex for once.

John nodded enthusiastically, and Andy said, "Well, get a condom for me. You know where they are."

"Yeah, they're in your pants pocket," John picked up Andy's pants from the desk chair where they were thrown last night. It felt good to Andy taking charge finally, something very new to him. He liked telling John what to do and then watching him do it.

Holding out a condom packet, John mumbles, "You seem different, Andy. This is the first time I've seen you right after you get out of bed. You seem, um, older."

Andy ignores that and lisps, "You hold onto the condom until I tell you to give it to me. For now, I need you to drop to your knees and suck a boner on my dick."

Dropping to his knees, John says, "Um, now that I'm getting used to it, I like how you're acting this morning, Andy." He squeezes his junk, mumbling, "You acting bossy when saying stuff this morning makes my dick hard."

Wow, this is a new world for Andy. It's a shock how quickly John Darling fell in line when Andy took charge. He doesn't realize that John's college roommate, Brian, dominated John into being a willing submissive bottom, one who got off on being dominated. John had a sense of this without actually remembering it. He needed to remember Brian before it would all make sense to him.

Even though Andy thought he was dominant last night fucking John, he wasn't. His approach this morning, however, is slightly dominant, and John's responding positively to it. If Andy can keep it up, John may start remembering his roommate Brian and then perhaps remember his parents and then everything else.

John's expert blowjob technique gets Andy's flaccid cock as hard as steel in fifteen seconds. Then, going from foot to foot, Andy's like, "Good, I'm good. Oh, Jesus! That felt good. Give me the condom now, Darling."

He takes the condom packet, rips it open, and says, "Get on your hands and knees, pushing your ass up."

John gasps, then says excitedly, "Yes, Andy," and he gets on all fours, pushing his ass up so hard his knees are off the floor. After rolling the condom on, Andy smacks both of John's butt cheeks, grabs hold of his hips, and shoves his hard cock inside John's ass.

John is immediately moaning in sexual heat as Andy fucks his ass hard, "Slap, slap, slap!" Seeing how turned-on John was right off the bat helps get Andy into a frenzy of sexual heat, pounding his hard six-inch boner back and forth in John's rectum, John's body rocking back and forth, but only for a minute.

John cries out, "Ahh! and humps his hips blowing out a hot and creamy climax load of cum, followed by Andy's climax a few seconds later, filling the condom with his sizzling hot sperm.

Andy pulls out, stumbling back a few steps, dizzy with the pleasure sensations swarming out from his groin, then spreading over him as he shudders, gasping, then mumbling, "Omigod! That was so fucking intense."

John's pulling on his softening penis, "Ah, ah, oh God, that was good, Andy! Really good."

"Did you remember anything, Johnny?"

"Oh, um, no, no memory. It was too quick for a recovered memory, although I'm pretty sure that was the best orgasm I've ever had. That's sort of a memory, right?"

Andy's heart was pounding as he took deep breaths, puzzled about the intensity of that sex. John's still on all fours, looking at Andy for instructions. Huh! Andy realizes John responded positively to being told what to do. It turned him on, and that turned Andy on. It was the strangest thing, though.

Andy thought, 'I need to keep doing this bossy shit.' He lisped, "I'm not done. Get that asshole pushed up." John strained, pushing his ass up further, and Andy worked his semi-flaccid cock into John's rectum again. It felt so good it quickly got hard again, and Andy fucked John's ass for almost fifteen minutes before moaning and blowing a small load of cum into the already cum-loaded condom.

"Oh my God," lisped Andy as he pulled his dick out, leaving a wide-open asshole. John, who had a string of cum hanging from the head of his cock, representing his second climax in the last fifteen minutes.

Dizzy with pleasure, Andy took off the condom, "Here, Darling, flush this condom and get a damp washcloth so I can wipe my dick. You clean your ass too. Go ahead, get moving."

John hops up, looking at Andy like he can't believe him. "Andy, are you like this every morning? I mean, it's cool, but so different too."

"Go ahead and do what you're told... go on, Darling! Move!"

Nodding his head and partially smiling like he can't believe this is happening, John mutters, "Yeah, okay," and carries the used condom, hustling out of the bedroom. Andy smiles and mumbles, "Well, I'll be damned. I can do this. It's fun!"

John's back so quickly he heard the end of what Andy said. "What's fun, Andy?"

"You're fun. Fucking you is fun. Here, give me that washcloth and stop asking questions."

"Sorry, Andy. I'll be good. Um, can I say something?

Wiping his dick, Andy nods, "Sure, what is it?"

"I don't want you to get mad, but if you don't mind me saying, you should spank me harder. It feels perfect when you do it before fucking me. Just a suggestion..."

Squinting his eyes, Andy goes, "What? Are you serious?"

"Yes, I can't say I remember this specifically, but I sense that a smacked ass somehow seems to be something that just goes naturally with fucking. To me, it does, anyway. Not that I'm telling you how to do it or anything. That double fuck we just had was magic. My first climax shot out so hard I almost fainted, and my dick is still vibrating from my second orgasm."

Andy chuckled at how seriously John said all that. He nods his head and says, "Get dressed, Johnny, and we'll get some breakfast."

"Right away, Andy. What are we gonna do after that?"

To be continued...

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