By Donny Mumford - Laureate Author

Published on Jan 20, 2024




John and Andy walk out of the McCarty & McCarty law offices, then down to the first floor, John carrying the folder containing copies of the forms he signed. They exit the front door into a pretty mid-September afternoon in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Andy says, "That went better than I expected. I don't think they took you for very much, Darling."

John mutters, "It looked as though Sara tried to take a big chunk of our money, but her old man wouldn't allow it. I'm impressed by him but disappointed in her."

"Her father probably took a little of your money, Darling. I mean, he is a lawyer, right? Haha!"

John mutters, "But of course."

Andy says, "And, Johnny, it's NOT our money... it's YOUR money! But yeah, Mr. McCarty almost certainly did take a little advantage of you, just not nearly what the bitch, Sara, tried to gobble up. You've still got a significant inheritance. Most people don't make anywhere near three million dollars in their entire lifetime, and that's the dollar figure you're starting out with."

"Yes, and it makes me think of my parents, and I'm still conflicted about how I should feel, and... Oh, God, I mean, I know I should feel awful, and I do feel bad for them, but I'm confused why I don't feel worse. Am I a terrible son? Fuck it for now, though. I'm relieved the attorney shit is over, so let's get some lunch to at least celebrate that, Andy."

As John drove them to the McDonald's restaurant that they passed earlier, he said, "The three million dollars is what we're starting out with, not what I'm starting out with. We're in this together."

"Oh, you're giving me half of it. Is that your intention? That's so nice of you. Could I have it in a cashier's check, please?"

John grins, "Yes, I'm going to give you a cashier's check for half."

In his very familiar, natural lisping manner, Andy mumbled, "Jesus, Darling, I damn well better stay with you to prevent you from giving all three million away to the first homeless person who asks for it."

John mutters, "Don't be silly," and parks in the McDonald's lot, adding, "I'm not as stupid as you must think I am. I won't overdo it, but I will give money away to you and others who will remain nameless until I can think of who they are. Hah!"

Andy, sounding exasperated, "Oh, God! Please don't talk anymore about money, Johnny. It's giving me a headache."

John grudgingly murmurs, "Yeah, okay." Then he puts his arm across Andy's shoulder and gives him a hug, "I'll follow your advice, Andy. I trust you more than anybody."

In McDonald's small entrance area, there is a newspaper vending machine. It's one of those deals that you put your money in, and the vending box opens, allowing you to get a newspaper. You could take all the newspaper copies if you wanted, but why would you want to? John gets a Casper Star-Tribune because he likes the daily crossword puzzle.

As they're eating lunch, John fills in the crossword puzzle using a Bic pen.

Swallowing a French fry, Andy says, "Darling, you wanted to call your childhood friend, Dickie Marshall, remember?"

Even though it's likely that John will need Andy less and less, the more of his old acquaintances he reconnects with, Andy's going to help John reconnect with old friends anyway.

"Oh, yeah... Dickie Marshall! Thanks for reminding me, Andy."

As John punches in the number for Dickie, he reads the crossword puzzle clue 'Common, 4 letters,' he mutters, 'It ends in 'T,'" and immediately writes, 'J-u-s-t.'

Dickie, sees John Darling's ID and enthusiastically answers, "Is this my best buddy of all time, who isn't dead anymore? Haha! I love you, bro, but listen... I can't talk now. My old man will start yelling at me that I'm slacking off."

"Oh, when can I talk to you?"

"I'll drive to your house after work, and we'll eat dinner at that great Crossroads restaurant and catch up. Seriously, no shit, I'm so glad you're alright, Darling. I've missed you like a motherfucker."

John nods even though he's on the phone, and Dickie can't see the nod, "Yeah, awesome, Dickie. I can't wait to see you!"

"Johnny, your cute lisping speech impediment is funny. Hey, are you still doing the New York Times crossword puzzle? I'll bring my old man's copy. He's done with the paper and has never tried a crossword puzzle in his life. Neither have I, for that matter."

"Ah, jeez, Dickie, you remembered. Thanks, bro! I'm doing the Casper Star's puzzle as we speak."

Dickie goes, "I've got to get back to work. I'll see you around, um, say five-thirty. Bye!"

Excitedly, John tells Andy what Dickie said, and Andy mutters, "Speech impediment? Haha..."

John goes, "He was joking about that. I can't wait to see him. He remembered that I like doing the New York Times crossword puzzles. Yeah, I used to have an app that I could do the crossword puzzle every day for free. I probably still have it on my Wyoming cell phone."

Squinting, Andy says, "You do the New York Times crossword puzzle? Seriously? You don't seem, um, ah..."

John laughs, "You think I'm too dumb for that, right? Well, fuck you... haha. I know lots of words, and I'm good at puzzles. Also, as I already told you, if I can study for a test, I'll ace it. Unfortunately, other than crossword puzzles and tests, I'm a helpless goof when common sense comes into play. That's why I need you!"

Andy makes a face, shocked about the New York Times thing, then shrugs and mumbles, "Uh-huh, sure. I don't think you're dumb! Don't say that, okay? Ah, tonight, um, do you want to eat dinner with your friend alone? I can stay at the house."

"Are you crazy? I want to show you off. I'm super proud of you, Andy. I'll be bragging about you to Dickie."

Leaving McDonald's, wiping his mouth with a napkin, John drops the newspaper with the completed crossword puzzle in a trash bin as Andy asks, "Well, I was thinking... what if your friend, Dickie, is actually gay? That's a possibility considering he thought you were some gay horny guy friend of his. Horny Gary, he said, or something like that."

Getting in his pickup, John says, "Dicky could have been referring to a horny guy for sex with girls, or maybe it is a gay guy, but that doesn't mean Dickie's be gay, too. I would know if he's gay, anyway. We've been best friends like forever."

Andy mutters, fastening his seatbelt. "Yeah, well, you didn't know you were gay until halfway through college, and you thought it was a gay horny reference when your friend said it. That's how you took it initially, and first impressions are often the correct ones. Yeah, I'll bet your friend is either gay or bi. What's his name again?"

John mumbles, "Richard Marshall, but his nickname that everyone calls him is Dickie."

Discussing that, they drove around, sightseeing Cheyenne for a bit, and then John parked at the Cheyenne Frontier Old West Museum. He paid for both the $13.85 admissions, and then they spent almost three hours in the museum, only leaving when they did because Andy wanted to get a draft beer at the bar across from the museum. He didn't tell John this, but Andy was nervous about meeting Dickie and needed the fake confidence alcohol provides.

Drinking their draft beers, the guys talk about what they saw in the museum while snacking on the bowl of complimentary assorted honey-roasted nuts. Finishing a second draft beer, both guys would have liked a third, but to be sure of getting home by five-thirty, they left after the second beer.

Turning the corner and driving down Alm Street to the house, John said, "Holy shit, we're late! That's Dickie's piece of shit 1993 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS 454 in the driveway."

Andy laughs and says, "That's a long name for an old car. And we're not late, Johnny. It's only twenty after five."

Sitting on the front steps is Dickie, smoking a cigarette. The sun shone brightly off his red-close-to-orange hair that was cut in a classic nineteen-fifties flattop haircut. Andy can see Dickie's many freckles even from this distance because there are so many of them. He mumbled, "Wow. Nowadays, you don't see many haircuts like your friend's."

John, excited to see Dickie, feels his dick stir as he stares at him. which is weird because he can't remember doing any buddy sex with Dickie. There was no way he'd forget if he and Dickie had fucked around. No, wait! In middle school, they did some circle jerks, but that was the extent of it. Still, seeing Dickie gets John excited.

He tells Andy, "Well, you're right. You don't see flattop haircuts in the Northeast, but it's not uncommon to see them on cowboys around here. Well, not a lot, but there are enough high school kids who get flattops in the summer so that it's not like a shock when you see one."

Andy shrugs, now caring one way or the other as John wistfully murmurs, "Huh, as a kid Dickie would always get a flattop in the summer, but he stopped doing that years ago, and it looks like he got that haircut yesterday."

Dickie looks up as John parks behind his Monte Carlo. Showing what John recognizes as Dickie's normal, friendly, big, toothy smile as he waves. With an equally big smile, John waves back, turns off the engine, and jumps out of the pickup. He leaves the driver's door hanging open as he and Dickie do a tight hug, moving sideways together as if they're dancing, big smiles still on their faces. They're both six feet tall with similar body sizes, and both are dressed in Western-style clothes, cowboy boots, and hats.

Andy experiences a stab of jealousy because John never gets that excited to greet him. He gets out of the pickup's passenger door, walks around the truck, and closes the driver's side door, watching John and Dickie break the hug. Even though Dickie's western shirt is long sleeve, Andy sees freckles on the back of his hands. Jeez!

John says, "Dickie, it's awesome seeing you, but what's with the flattop haircut, bro?"

Dickie ignores the question, saying, "Goddamn, I missed you, Johnny!"

Thrilled to hear that but not sure what to say, he asks a goofy question, "Jesus Christ, Dickie, how do you stay so clean working as an auto mechanic in your father's garage, and how'd you get here from Laramie so fast? Hee-hee, I'm still full of questions, aren't I? It's like old times, huh?"

Shaking his head, Dickie goes, "Still the airhead buddy I love more than almost anybody, huh? Yeah, I still live in Laramie, but I don't work there anymore. Last Summer, my old man opened a second auto mechanic garage like eight minutes from here, and I'm clean because I change out of dirty overalls after work. " He holds his hands up, "I can never get all the grease off my hands, though."

They laugh and hug again as hot jealousy rolls over Andy like a Sunami.

Breaking the hug, Dickie nods at Andy, asking, "Is that the guy from Boston?"

John says, "Yes, meet my friend, who was a lifesaver for me after my coma, Andy Salsbury. Now he's my full-time nurse and best friend, ah, best Massachusetts friend. You're my best friend in the rest of the world, Dickie. Andy, meet Dickie Marshall."

They bump fists as Andy mumbles, "Good to meet you, Dickie," and Dickie mumbles, "So, you're a nurse, huh? Gee, that's kind of unusual for a guy..." then to John, "And you're my best friend ever, Johnny. Um, but when did you switch sides on me? Both of you sound like homos with that lisping, and you're both moving your bodies like poster boys for gay liberation." He grins, doing a limp wrist parody, asking, "What the fuck is up with that, Darling?"

"Yeah, it's me messing around and, um... well, let's go inside and get something to drink, Dickie."

Andy isn't sure if he should go with them for this awkward personal talk between friends. Coming 'out' ain't usually easy. He hesitates until John says, "C'mon, Andy, I got some explaining to do to my best friend in the rest of the world, and I need your support."

Andy follows them in the front door, asking Dickie, "So, who's the horny Gary guy you thought Darling was when he called you yesterday?"

Dickie says, "Hey, I don't know you! How about if it's none of your business who Gary is?"

Frowning, John says, "Hey, Dickie, don't treat Andy like that. What the fuck's wrong with you?"

Dickie mutters, "Yo Johnny, are you forgetting I don't take shit from anybody, and I've never let anybody give you any shit either."

John got the front door unlocked, and as they walked inside, he said, "Well, yeah, I know that Dickie and I always appreciated it, but Andy was just asking an innocent question."

Realizing he came on like an asshole, Dickie grins, then ruffles John's hair and tries to lisp, "Oh, um, Gary's just an overweight friend I know. He happens to be gay, but so what?" He laughs, muttering, "I fucked up the lisping... didn't I?"

John laughs, "Nah, I couldn't do the lisping very well at first either. Andy told me it doesn't come naturally to me, so I had to concentrate in order to sound a little like his natural lisp. Right, Andy?"

Andy still has a tingle in his nuts from the way Dickie confidently told him to mind his own business. That actually impressed him. Some guys just have that no-nonsense take charge 'thing,' and it always gets Andy's balls ringing like a bell. There's something about Dickie that strikes a chord with Andy.

Still, Andy's intimidated by Dickie, so he tries to speak without a lisp, saying, "Gee, Johnny, I don't know why you do the lisping at all." Then, looking Dickie in the eye, sounding humble, "Um, sorry for grilling you about the phone call guy, Dickie. You're right; I get too nosey at times."

Dickie mutters, "Of, you don't say..." and gets Andy in a headlock, knocking his cowboy hat off and gives him a nookie, then lets him go with a smack on his ass, saying, "No problem, little guy, um, it's Andy, right? Any friend of my boy Darling here is a friend of mine."

Blushing at being handled so easily and so roughly, Andy picks up his hat and pats his hair where Dickie messed it up with his knuckles, mumbling, "Yes, Andy Salsbury. I, ah, that is, you're his best childhood friend, huh? Um, that's cool."

John is used to seeing Dickie get on top of a new acquaintance right away. No harm done; it's just the kind of thing Dickie always does. Grinning at Andy, John pats his shoulder and says to Dickie, "It's fun to exaggerate lisping when straight people are around; they give us looks but don't dare say anything because that wouldn't be politically correct, and in the Northeast, being PC is paramount."

Andy mutters, "I wouldn't imagine politically correct carries the same weight here in Wyoming."

In a flash, Dickie gets Andy in another headlock, Andy's hat flying off as Dickie asks, "What did you mean by that crack about Wyoming, Salsbury?"

"Nothing, haha; I'm sorry, Dickie. Wyoming's a beautiful state. Johnny showed me all around earlier today, and it's..."

John's got Andy's hat, nodding at the basement door, cutting off Andy's ramblings, "Okay, Dickie, you've defended Wyoming's honor. Andy said he's sorry, so let's go to the bar in the basement."

John's smiling to himself because Dickie hasn't changed a bit, and he's missed him, but he is nervous about confessing his gayness to Dickie, who has been known to act homophobic. at times.

Keeping the headlock on Andy, who is resigned to being Dickie's punching bag, Dickie mumbles, "I do not appreciate some nurse from Taxachusetts mocking us Wyoming folks."

Andy's bent over, Dickie's arms around his neck, but Andy's not struggling because if he did, Dickie could painfully tighten his hold on his victim's neck.

Pulling Andy with him, Dickie follows John, saying, "The basement bar is a good idea, Darling. What have you got to drink down there?" Then, at the stairs leading down to the basement, he casually let go of Andy's neck, smacking him on the ass again, mumbling, "Watch yourself, nurse," then he asks John, "So, seriously, are you saying you're gay, or are you just fucking around trying to lisp?"

John says, "Dickie, I love you like my twin brother, and I'm really sorry if this is disappointing you, but, well, I didn't realize it myself, um... ah, that is, you met my roommate the summer before this one; Brian O'Neal, right?"

"They're going downstairs, Dickie's saying, "Yeah, I remember that little turd. He was the same size as your faggy nurse, and all three of you have that pretty girlie blond hair. What about him?"

"Well, um, he, Brian, my roommate, suspected I was in deep denial about being gay. I swear to God, I didn't know I was, and it's not something, um, you can do anything about, ya know? I mean..."

Dickie has an expression on his face like he's looking at a big pile of steaming-hot dog shit. John shrugs, "Um, don't be mad at me, Dickie. Um, so he, Brian, my roommate, turned me out, so to speak. Yeah, Brian exposed my gay side during sophomore year. After that, we had gay sex multiple times. I couldn't confess to you I was gay before now because, um, I don't know why... I just couldn't."

Dickie, frowning, mutters, "What? So, you're a faggot; is that what you're saying?"

In the basement, John shrugs, "I wouldn't use that exact word, but yeah, I'm gay, and I'm sorry, but it is what it is. I'm super nervous you won't be my best friend anymore, so I promise not to put my hand in your pants pocket unless you ask me to."

"Oh, so you're awful blase about telling me you're a queer, and now you're making a joke about it?"

John's blushing, embarrassed about being gay.

Then, looking at Andy, Dickie asks, "Is he putting me on, nurse? Is he serious?"

Andy nods, "Yes, he's telling the truth, Dickie. Our Darling friend is gay as May, and so am I."

Shrugging, Dickie mutters, "Well, no shit, you're gay! Who couldn't tell you were gay? Give me a break. And, seriously, what straight guy would ever be a nurse? Of-fucking-course, you're gay, but my sweet boy Johnny Darling being gay, too? Motherfucker..."

Andy mutters, "Darling and I are boyfriends, sort of, but he has told me so many wonderful things about you, who he loves as his friend, so I hope you won't be homophobic and stop being his friend. It isn't as if he decided as a lark to be gay, ya know?"

Dickie frowns at Andy, then points at him, "You, nurse... stop talking!"

He turns to John and says, "How about a stiff bourbon and Coke, Johnny? Do you have that... with lots of ice? And don't look so worried; I'm still on your side. You know that. I mean, how many fights did I get into when protecting you in middle and high school, huh?"

John nods, "Thanks, Dickie! You always had my back."

He gets a glass from under the bar as Dickie says to Andy, "And, I gotta admit that that was a good speech sticking up for Johnny, nurse. I liked that, and I'm not the least bit homophobic. In order to be that, I need to drop Gary as my boyfriend..."

John and Andy exchange looks, then John hands Dickie a bourbon and Coke with lots of ice and asks, "Are you saying you're gay, Marshall?"

Nodding and laughing, Dickie says, "Yeah, ain't that a pisser? Both of us, and we never knew!"

Johnny's making a face like he can't believe it, muttering, "Holy shit. If you're not busting my balls about that, you and I wasted ten years when we could have been enjoying each other's dicks? Is that what you're saying, though? You're queer?"

Drinking some of his drink, Dickie shrugs, "Yeah, but I couldn't admit that to you! Um, not until just now after you admitted you're gay first." Even Dickie can feel self-conscious. Not knowing what else to say, he mumbles, "And this is a damn good rum and Coke!"

Opening his eyes as wide as they'll go, John lisps, "Talk about being blase! Holy shit, you said that so blase while I'm, ah, I'm shocked and, ah, speechless, but happy. You and I wasted our childhood... holy shit, Dickie!"

They're both smiling, then Dickie smirks at Andy, like... how jealous are you now, nurse? Looking back at John, Dickie holds up his glass as a salute, then drinks more bourbon and Coke. Acting smug again, Dickie says, "You're speechless, huh, Johnny? Get your ex-girlfriend to make a speech for you. She did pretty good with her first speech."

Pissed off and jealous as a motherfucker, Andy snaps out a saliva-laced lisp, "I'm not a girl! There are many male nurses, Dickie! And why don't you ask Darling how much I mean to him!"

John says, "I'm the last person here prepared to deal with you two fighting."

Dickie drains the glass of Coke and bourbon, "You got that right, Darling. I'll handle this," but before he can say anything, Andy lisps, "You're not handling shit!"

Then to John, "Will you please straighten him out as to where you and I stand." To Dickie, he says, "I already told you that we're boyfriends!"

Dickie's glass gets knocked over, and Andy's hat goes flying again as Dickie gets Andy in another headlock. "You've got a smart-ass mouth for a nurse." Andy becomes as docile as a rag doll, muttering, "I'm sorry. I apologize, Dickie. I don't know what got into me. I lost my mind with jealousy, I think. Please let me go."

Walking Andy in circles, Dickie says, "Are you going to be a good nurse if I let you go?"

"Yes, Dickie. I promise."

"Hee-hee, I'm starting to really like you, nurse." Still holding Andy in a headlock with one arm, Dickie spanks him with the other, smacking his ass, chuckling, and asking John, "Do you need to spank him often, Darling?"

John has seen Dickie mistreat weaker guys much worse than this. This is almost playful, not really hurting Andy at all. So, John calmly cracks open a can of beer, kind of enjoying being fought over, saying, "Come on, Marshall, you made him apologize. Let him go," and to Andy, "Do you want a beer, Andy?"

Dickie lets Andy go, and Andy mumbles, "I learned my lesson, Dickie. I'm sorry."

Dickie smirks and pats Andy's cheek, saying, "Okay, you're okay. Be a good nurse, ya hear?"

They grin at one another as John frowns because there seems to be something going on between those two best friends of his.

Dickie tosses Andy his cowboy hat, muttering, "I only let you off this easy because Darling asked me to," and then he rubs Andy's head, murmuring, "Be a good nurse..."

Putting his hat on, Andy nods, "Well, thanks, Dickie. I'll be good," and he nods at John, "Yes, please, Johnny. I'd like a beer."

Dickie says to John, "Would you make me another rum and Coke, Darling? The first one was good!"

Taking the can of Bud from John, Andy asks him, "Aren't you going to tell Marshall how close we are?"

Mixing a rum and Coke, John shrugs, "Yeah, of course," and to Dickie he says, "I love both of you, as I said before, but there is a longshot chance I might be 'in love' with Andy. So, you know, that's a little different than loving a friend as I do with you, my best buddy who's a queer now."'

Dickie says, "Why you! I'm going to give you a spanking, boy," and they pretend to wrestle for a few seconds.

Squinting, Andy's shocked at that weak-ass endorsement John gave of their love affair. He says, "Being in love is a lot more than a little different, Johnny."

There are so many freckles on Dickie's face they appear to be moving as he says, "Didn't you learn your lesson yet, nurse?"

Andy drops his head and mutters, "Oh, yeah, we're good, Dickie. Sorry..." and, to change the subject, Dickie asks John, "Can I smoke in here? We never used to be able to, but since your parents, um... you know."

Shrugging, John says, "Yeah, why the fuck not? Let's have a smoke," then, feeling bad for letting Andy down, he asks, "Do you want one, Andy?"

Andy nods as he analyzes the situation. Let's face it, after many years of friendship, Dickie is going to be serious competition for John's attention. Andy tells himself that he more or less expected that, but he didn't expect to have weird feelings for Dickie. He lisps, "Dickie, I'm sorry we got off on the wrong foot. It was my fault for misreading how tight you and Darling are. And, I swear, I wasn't making fun of this great state of Wyoming."

Dickie grins, pretending to look confused, asking, "Did I miss something? Did anyone ask the nurse to pipe up with his lisping observations?"

Slowly shaking his head and grinning, John mutters, "You're outdoing yourself tonight, Dickie. Stop picking on my nurse!"

Andy, sounding obsequious, says, "Excuse me, um, all I was getting at is I want to be friends. What do you say, Dickie?" and he holds out his hand.

Dickie figures he's had a knockout victory in this first round for the prize of winning John Darling, so he holds his hand out, and when Andy goes to shake hands, Dickie pulls his hand away, mumbling, "You're a nurse. Don't you know anything about spreading the COVID-19 virus? Jeez!"

With a fake smile, Andy says, "Oh, of course, but thank God the COVID-19 virus is over."

"No, it's not," Dickie said, "The World Health Organization said it's no longer a worldwide health emergency, but it'll be around, probably, for forever. You're a nurse, and you don't know that?"

Andy takes a deep breath, "You're right again, Dickie. I keep screwing up, and I'm sorry. I just want to be friends. Can I be your friend, please?"

Dickie says, "Of course you can. Seriously, I like you! Fuck, didn't I already tell you that any friend of Darling's is a friend of mine?"

John says, "Gee, that's nice of you, Dickie. Your two are my top two friends in the world, and you being friends makes me so happy..." and his eyes tear up. Wiping his eyes, he mutters, "Shit, I'm still getting too emotional. Right, Andy?"

"It's understandable considering all you've been through, Johnny," and he goes behind the small bar and hugs John, who melds into Andy's body. Dickie looks on, thinking, 'These two are really close. That's sweet..'

John snuggles in against Andy's familiar body, murmuring, "I'm crying like a cunt, but it's just that my two best friends in the world are going to be friends, and that makes me so happy it's crazy."

Andy doesn't look at Dickie. He's too smart to antagonize an obviously stronger foe by smirking at him. He gives John a tighter squeeze, and John responds as usual, squirming against Andy and giving him a boner.

Trying to be slightly assertive, Andy says, "Let's all sit on the sofa for a minute or two and calm down."

When Dickie doesn't move off the bar stool he sat down on; Andy says, "Dickie, could you give Darling a hug on the sofa? I've got to take a wicked piss."

Dickie gets up, muttering, "We can be friends, nurse, but don't presume you can tell me what to do with my best buddy, okay? You're the outsider, Salsbury, not me. And that's just me being honest about it, being real, okay? No hard feelings..."

Andy sounds sincere, saying, "I understand, and I agree with you, Dickie. Obviously, John and I have only known each other for a few months. And, ya know, somehow I keep annoying you, Dickie, and I'm sorry about that."

John says, "Jesus, I don't need anyone hugging me and Dickie, stop being a bossy prick to Andy. Christ! Now, go take your piss, Andy."

Dickie snickers, "Yes, you do need someone hugging you, Darling. You've always needed someone hugging you from the first fucking grade, and I'm happy to do it for you!"

John smiles and leans into Dickie as Andy takes his piss in the basement's half bath, and when he comes out, he nods at the sofa, asking, "Dickie, could we all sit on the sofa and chill out?"

John snuggles against Dickie the same way he does with Andy, and Dickie says, "It's not big enough for three."

Andy, sounding obsequious again, says, "I won't crowd you guys. You two sit there. I'll sit on this bar stool."

As Dickie and John plop down on the small sofa, John mumbles, "Goddamn, this tearing-up behavior of mine is embarrassing, but I get overwhelmed."

"I'm surprised your nurse isn't helping you more with that, Johnny. Anyway, you and me hugging like that was so cool! We didn't realize we were gay, but we were inseparable best friends until you had to go to college. You could have worked with me and maybe... Oh, fuck, I'm getting a boner thinking about what might have been between us."

John murmurs, "Remember how we used to wrestle every day? We were probably getting boners and didn't know why. And, of course, you always won the wrestling!"

Andy rolls his eyes, but neither John nor Dickie is looking at him as they reminise. Finally, to remind John that he's still here, Andy mumbles, "Did you need a cigarette, Dickie? You mentioned smoking..." but he doesn't finish because John is giggling, then murmuring to Dickie, "I feel silly doing this with you, Marshall," and they kiss. Both guys snicker again, feeling self-conscious, John saying, "No, let's be serious..."

Making a face, shaking his head slightly, Andy lights up one of John's cigarettes, then finishes his can of beer while John and Dickie giggle after each kiss.

Taking a drag off his cigarette, Andy nodded his head, thinking, 'It hurts, but me letting them go at it is definitely the right move. The last thing I need is for John to think I'm sabotaging the chance for all of us to be friends. The Huck Finn lookalike needs to be the one who does that.'

Andy is talking himself into being the friendly supporter of John by pretending to want Dickie Marshall around to help get John's emotional state stabilized. Andy's not all that worried because, after all, Dickie has a full-time job, so how much of each day will he even be around? Then, Andy remembers there's John's fucking roommate, Brian, he'll need to deal with as well. Plus who knows what Dickie's mysterious Gary will bring to the table?

After some wrestling around and kissing with lots of giggling, Dickie's holding both of John's arms behind his back, both of John's wrists in one of Dickie's oversized hands, him saying, "That's how quickly and easily I can incapacitate you, Darling," then he humps his crotch against John's ass, "I can pull down your pants with my other hand and fuck you silly. Fuck you until you're calling me your daddy."

"Let me go, Dickie, okay? You're hurting me." Dickie looks at Andy, who's frozen on the bar stool.

Andy gets up and takes a step toward them as Dickie continues looking Andy in the eyes, like... Are you going to do anything about this?'

He's baiting Andy to try something, but Andy sees the bulging muscles in the mechanic's biceps. He smiles at Dickie, asking, "Do you want another bourbon and Coke. I'm going to try one myself."

Seeing that Andy isn't accepting the challenge, Dickie lets go of John's wrists and hugs around John's waist, then kisses the side of his face, murmuring, "I never dreamed we could be like this, Darling. I'm so psyched about it!"

John's pissed off, "Whatever! Don't bully me like that, Dickie! That hurt."

Dickie mutters, "Oh, boo-hoo."

John snickers, then says, "I'm wondering, does your dick still have freckles?"

Andy has two glasses full of ice, bourbon, and Coke, asking, "Darling, do you want one of these rum and Coke drinks?"

Dickie ignores the freckles on his penis remark, and says, "Yeah, nurse, make a drink for him whether he wants it or not. We'll get our baby drunk enough that he'll let me fuck him."

Andy mutters, "He likes getting fucked quite a bit, ya know. In fact, I could use some help in that regard. It takes a lot to satisfy this gay boy. His roommate did a helluva job stretching him out. "

John says, "Yep, Andy's right! You don't need to get me drunk. I like taking it up the ass. Don't I, Andy?"


Twisting in Dickie's arms, facing him now, John grins, lisping, "You didn't answer me, Marshall. Does your dick still have freckles?"

They both laugh, then kiss, making wet mouth sounds and soon there's spit around both their mouths. After the sloppy, noisy kiss, Dickie smacks John's ass, "Get up, Darling. Let's see if your nurse knows how to make cocktails."

Standing, John leans against Dickie, "Well, does your penis still have freckles?"

"You'll find out when I let you suck my dick."

Andy's still behind the bar with John and Dickie sitting in front of the bar, all three of them sipping their cocktails, then Dickie says, "Oh, wow. This is a good, strong drink, Nurse Salsbury... lots of bourbon."

John's eyes tear up as he lisps, "This is so fucking nice. My two best friends in the world taking care of me," and two big shiny tears roll down his cheek."

Dickie goes, "Hey, nurse, why does Darling cry so much? Do you even know what you're doing?"

Putting his arm across John's shoulders, Dickie mutters, "It's okay, Johnny," and he kisses John's cheek, "Your tears tasted salty."

John snickers, "I hope you enjoyed them."

Andy says, "No offense, Dickie, but yes, I know what I'm doing. It's you who doesn't know that it's understandable Johnny's emotionally fucked, so to speak. Christ, what Johnny went through, it's almost a miracle he's handling everything as well as he is. I'm so proud of him I don't know what to say."

John gets up, more tears rolling down his face as he comes around the bar and falls into Andy's arms. Dickie makes a face, then rolls his eyes but doesn't say anything. He gulps some of his drink as John says, "That was so nice of you to say, Andy. Oh, it feels like home being in your arms. Hug me!"

Of course, Andy obliges, refusing to glance at Dickie for fear he'll mistake the look for a challenge and get him in another headlock or worse. Andy's hugged John so often that he doesn't need to think about it as he moves his arms, letting John snuggle in tighter.

In the most unchallenging manner possible, Andy asks Dickie. "So, don't you need to get home for supper, or...?"

Dickie goes, "HA! Nice try, nurse, but Darling and I have dinner plans for tonight at the Crossroad Restaurant."

Nodding, Andy casually ruffles John's hair, muttering, "Oh, yeah, that's right. Johnny wants me to eat with you guys. We've eaten there twice already. It's convenient, but the food won't win any awards."

"What? You fucking Easterners don't know what good food is. Did you order the barbequed ribs?"

John turns his head, murmuring, "I'm okay now, Andy," and to Dickie, "No, I forgot about the ribs. That's what I'm getting tonight, and as he said, Andy's eating with us."

Not moving from Andy, John looks him in the eyes, "You should try the ribs tonight, Andy," and he grins, then kisses Andy on the mouth."

Andy doesn't have the guts to look at Dickie to see his reaction to John's affection for him. Instead, he still holds onto John and picks up his drink.

John lisps, "I'm in heaven kissing and getting kisses from both my best friends in the world. I never expected this to happen! God, I love you boys... Omigod!"

Dickie mutters, "We've had enough friendly chit-chat. Can we cut to the chase? Do you boys want to get fucked before or after dinner?"

They all snicker at the brazen way Dickie said that. John goes, "Oh, fuck, Dickie, I knew you'd be the one with balls enough to bring that up. I'm pretty sure whatever you decide, we'll do it. Right. Andy?"

Andy's not going to try challenging Dickie anymore, so he enthusiastically says, "Yeah, sure. The three of us should really rock out. Dickie will know how to get us all shooting off. Seriously, I'm hot to follow whatever Dickie comes up with."

And he is, actually! Andy is honestly feeling some vibes for Dickie. Well, Andy is a totally submissive bottom at heart, and Dickie sure appears to be a dominant top

For Andy, it's getting to be a struggle pretending to be John's dominant top. Andy, as an exception, acted dominant for the bisexual, married guy in his apartment building, spanking him and fucking him hard. Similar to that, he does his impersonation of a dominant top for John Darling, but Andy much prefers Manny Ortiz fucking him hard in the back of the hearse.

Anyway, this guy Dickie Marshall seems like the quintessential, prototypical dominant top, which is just what Andy's looking for. He could do without the bullying from Dickie, but Andy could really go for a hard ass-fucking, and that's true even though his sex with John Darling is more magnificent than Andy ever imagined anything could be as a top. But still...

Dickie says, "No offense, but you two need to be submissive bottom boys to my dominant top position. No, arguing with that, right? God knows I've been forcing myself into the wrong role with Gary, but now I'm free to be me with you two."

Immediately John's penis firmed up. He mumbled, "Un-uh, I don't doubt that, Dickie. What you said makes perfect sense to me. You've always been my leader, and there's no reason to change now. I'm super psyched for you to fuck me. Super psyched!"

Andy asks, "Why did you say Dickie has always been your leader? Did you guys...?"

"Oh, nothing really. As long as Dickie and I have been friends, he's the leader, that's all. Right, Dickie?"

Chuckling, Dickie squeezes the back of John's neck, making John hunch his shoulder, bending forward a little as Dickie mutters, "That's why I assumed, correctly, you're submissive bottom boy, Johnny. Me being the leader has worked really well for us, huh, Darling? Plus, me being your bodyguard all through middle and high school"

John says, "You're right, bro, and that reminds me; how's Gordi doing?"

Dickie tells John, "I haven't seen much of him lately. He's in love with a girl who moved in across the street from him." Then Dickie walks around behind the bar, coming right up to Andy, two inches from his face, asking, "Do you have any problem with me fucking you any way I want, Andrew?"

Gulping, Andy sounding timid, says, "No, I'm hot to have you fucking me, Dickie. I've been gay a long time and have liked every aspect of it, including my foot fetish."

Dickie smirks, "Why am I not surprised you're a foot fetish freak?" He lightly squeezes Andy's junk, muttering, "You feel larger down there than my best bud over there."

John goes, "Hey, my dick is average or above average. Whaddaya talking about?"

Dickie's hand is still holding Andy's package, Andy's dick getting hard as he feels a crush forming for, in Andy's mind, a dead-ringer for Huck Finn, Dickie Marshall, and he's getting excited, wondering what Huckleberry will do next.

John's hypnotized watching this. His dick gets harder and harder as Dickie squeezes Andy's junk, then lets go, murmuring, "You're a good sport, nurse. Nice..."

Gasping, then pushing at his hard boner, Andy says, "You're hot, Huck, um, Dickie. That was wicked sexy."

Making a face, Dickie asks John, "How the hell does the word 'wicked' belong in what he just said?"

"It's what they say in Massachusetts, Dickie. They say 'wicked this' and 'wicked that' and, yeah, It is a bit stupid."

Shrugging, Dickie says, "Listen, I've got a few wicked sex toys in the trunk of my Monte Carlo. While I get them, you two strip naked and be on your hands and knees when I get back, okay?"

John giggles and lisps, "Yes, Dickie," causing another pang of jealousy to flash through Andy's brain. He's used to hearing, 'Yes, Andy,' not 'Yes, Dickie'.

When Dickie goes out to his car, John says to Andy, "Dickie's so cool. Don't you think?"

Andy thinks about it for three seconds, then says, "It's funny how I don't want to like him at all, but I kind of do like him. He's bullied me almost to tears, but I'm hot for confident, dominant guys, same as you, Darling."

John is already undressed down to his girlie underpants, saying, "You're right, but Dickie isn't coming across as sexy-hot to me as I thought he would when I learned he was gay. You were right about him being gay, Andy. You're so smart," and they grin at each other.

Dickie walked in, saying, "How about if you guys get on your hands and knees as I suggested three minutes ago..."

As they do that, Dickie mutters, "Or else, how can I twist in these dildos?"

John goes, "What? Dildoes?"

Dickie takes fat dildos from a satchel, explaining, "These is a vibrating dildos, so it'll feel especially good. I keep them very clean because Gary uses one me every time he gets around to fucking me, which isn't as often... well, never mind that."

Andy and John are both looking back at Dickie, watching him putting lubricant on the end of a stubby dildo. Dickie asks, "Between you two, I'm assuming Salsbury is fucking you, right, Darling?"

John goes, "Uh-huh, what are you going to do? I don't want a dildo, Dickie."

Dickie leans down and screws the fatter dildo into Andy's ass, saying, "I'm using the dildo to soften your asshole, so it doesn't hurt at all when I fuck you, which I'm super excited to do. I'll do Andy first, though."

John's frowning as Dickie's twisting the dildo in, Andy squirming and giggling, his ass going up and down as he grunts, "Ah, ah, ah... Dickie, ah!"

Paying no attention to that, Dickie says, "I'm going to use my cock rings on you guys, too. In case you don't know, the cock rings will intensify the experience for you. You'll be asking me to use the cock rings all the time."

The two submissives exchange looks again; Andy soon changes his expression, though, when Dickie has the dildo screwed in all the way and turns it on.

John says again, "I don't want to do the dildo, Dickie. Count me out."

The vibrating dildo makes a low humming sound vibrating against Andy's prostate gland. He starts squirming for real now, bumping, bumping, bumping against John's side, grunting, his head going back, "Ahh, ahh, ooh!" until "WHACK!" Dickie's ping-pong paddle connects with both of Andy's butt cheeks.

Andy yelps out loud like his dick just got run over by a ride-on lawnmower as Dickie says, "Settle down, Salsbury. You'll love this if you give it a chance."

Andy grunts, "I've had a dildo inside me before, but don't use that paddle again."

John stands up, saying, "If you hit Andy again, Dickie, I'm not doing anything with you."

Andy says, "No, it's cool, Johnny. I like it," and, without swinging very hard, Dickie whacks Andy's buttocks with the paddle again, saying to John, "Come on, buddy. I've got a condom that I'll use doing you."

Getting back down on his hands and knees, John's like, "Really? Okay, then, but no sex toys."

Shivering a little, Andy grunts, "It feels wonderful, Dickie." Then the vibration ramped up full force against his prostate, and Andy bucks a little, humping and bumping against John again.

Dickie mutters, "Easy does it, nurse. Settle down and enjoy the ride. Hmm, I guess I won't use the cock ring, Andy."

"Oh, go ahead, Dickie. I'd like to have a cock ring on."

Kneeling in front of Andy, Dickie says, "I knew you'd be fun, Salsbury, not like my stuck-up best buddy ever next to you."

Watching that happening, John's eyes bulge as he mutters, "Brian never did anything like that to me."

Dickie uses two fingers to push the cock ring tighter against the skin at the base of Andy's penis and testicles, which are both hard now, sticking straight out six inches from Andy's groin. "Good," mutters Dickie.

The added pressure caused by extra blood and erectile fluids pouring into Andy's penis with no way to get out makes him groan, "Ahhh, ooh, that feels weird." Then, he changes from making 'Sissing' sounds to a mooing-like sound, John staring with wide opened eyes, murmuring, "Maybe I'd like to try that cock ring, Dickie."

Andy's whole body seems to be vibrating now... every nerve ending around his groin sending out various pleasure messages. Andy moans, "Moo, moo, I'm gonna...moo... cum..."

Dickie says, "No, you're not gonna cum. I'm milking your balls, is all. It doesn't usually happen this quickly, though. Your cock is still filling up and getting very swollen, and the cock ring will keep it swollen to the max. It must feel great."

Andy, moving his head up and down, does his ironic moan again, "Moo, ooh, moo."

Surprisingly, now John's anxious to experience the cock ring. He's never gotten into sex toys, mostly because he didn't have a sex partner who would try it with him, so he's excited about this but cautious, too.

In front of Andy, Dickie picks up his quickly firming-up dick and mutters, "Huh, I'll be damned, you've got a nice size penis on you. For a nurse, I mean," and he smirks, squeezes, chuckling and saying, "Jesus, I fucked this up a little. Gary always puts the cock ring on me first, then the dildo."

Standing, he mumbles, "That's water under the bridge or something." Putting two fingers under John's chin, he lifts John's head so he can look into his eyes, mumbling, "I've missed you, buddy. This is fun, though, huh?" Stroking his cock, Dickie says, "I'll fuck you easy the first time, bro."

John nods, murmuring, "I'm a little nervous doing this with you, Dickie. Do you fuck that guy, Gary?"

Dickie's dick is firm enough that he can roll the condom on it, saying, "Um, no, he fucks me. And, oh, Christ, wait till you see Gary's dick. It's real fat. Not as long as mine, but fatter. Feels really good in my ass, but I'm not a bottom boy, ya know?"

Dickie's penis is like John's... five inches but much more heft to it. A good-looking penis.

They can hear the vibrating dildo in Andy's ass as he moans, "Mmm, this feels so good, Dickie." There's a milky substance drooling out of Andy's engorged penis.

Dickie nods at Andy, telling John, "See? That's the milking of his balls. It's working really well!"

Andy lifts his right hand, squeezes his hard-as-stone cock and balls as more milky substance drools out on the back of his hand... "Moo, ohh, moooo..."

Dickie mutters, "That was a quick milking, but it felt good, didn't it, Andy?"

Breathing with fast bursts of breaths, Andy goes, "Oooh, ahhh..." as more milky substance begins drooling from his wooden boner. Then, "Oh, yeah, it feels weirdly good."

Taking his eyes from Andy, John says, "Dickie, when are you going to fuck me. Watching Andy getting, ah, milked, I guess, got me aroused."

Three seconds later, John screams, "Ow! Ooh," as Dickie forces his fat cock in past John's tight anus.

The thing is, Brian O'Neal has a chubby dick too, but John's ass has become used to Andy's boner, which has a smaller circumference; a more normal circumference. Dickie's erect penis is five inches long, which is about average, but his penis has an above-average diameter, almost an inch above average.

It hurt going in, but John soon forgot about that. Quickly, the fat, hard boner felt so fantastic plowing John's bowels and prostate it was creating a tsunami of pleasure. And after a dozen thrusts, John's anus was on a deluxe all-expenses-paid pleasure train ride, and it was all good, looking like a nice long ride. John's moaning, "Oh, oh, oh," but thinking, 'I thought Dickie fucking me would be better than this. It's still really good, though.'.

Andy's dildo is still vibrating, and he's in a universe all his own by now, making low moaning, "Mmmm," sounds instead of mooing. Then, he experiences additional milking of his prostate, more milky substance drooling out past the tiny opening allowed by the cock ring, Andy moaning, "Oooh! Ooooh!"

Dickie glances at Andy and grins, keeping a steady rhythm of thrusting his fat boner back and forth in John's rectum. Dickie's eyes are closed because his extra fat boner is feeling really good, moving tightly but smoothly inside John's bowels. Eight, nine, ten minutes of almost, but not quite climaxing, and then Dickie pulls his engorged penis from John's ass with John moaning, "Noooo! Leave it in... I was finally right on the edge of climaxing."

John can't remember a time it took this long to climax, not that he's complaining. Dickie pats John's buttock, chuckling at how wide-open his anus is, then he says, "I'll be back, buddy."

When Dickie pulls out Andy's dildo, Andy groans, "Aaaah, oooh," then "Mmmm, that feels so good." A second later, he screams as Dickie forces his log of a condom-covered boner, dripping with juices from John's ass in past Andy's ass muscles.

Incredibly tight going in, but Dickie is used to that. Andy, not so much, and so he groans loudly, "OW! Fuck... ow..." but, as with John, the hurt doesn't last long. There soon are moans of pleasure coming from Andy as that large hard boner is deliciously scratching every inch of Andy's rectum. Andy's moaning, "Umm, ummm, nice..." "Oh, man, this feels good."

Dickie, humps his hips hard, muttering, "I like both of your asses, but Andy's is a bit tighter, so my good buddy, Darling, must be getting fucked regularly."

"Slap, slap, slap," sounds as Dickie hammers his fat boner back and forth in Andy's ass. Andy absolutely loves this; his ass loves a big hard cock up there. Sadly, for the last few years, Andy considered himself lucky to be fucked once a week. Dickie is doing him a huge favor, but the vibrating dildo set him up for a real orgasm, and he's already to blast off with that after being fucked for only three minutes; lifting up off his hand, he screams, "Ahhh!" as a rush of cum tries squeezing out past the small opening the cock ring's allowing creating pain/pleasure that's so unique Andy's left shaking, but admiring that unusual climax.

Meanwhile, John moans, "Fuck me some more, Marshall. C'mon, it's my turn. I almost climaxed..."

Dickie felt Andy tighten every muscle in his body while climaxing and witnessed the thin stream of cum shooting from Andy's cock-ring-tight boner, making Dickie snicker and mutter, "Thar she blows..."

Ignoring John's pleas, Dickie continues fucking Andy's ass for an additional couple of minutes before sensing he's now close to climaxing, and it feels so good he can't stop thrusting. It feels fantastic, so all he can do is grunt and close his eyes as his orgasm comes flying up on him. He humps hard against Andy's buttocks and, as bombs go off in his groin, he pours cum into the condom, then moans, "Oooh, shit, that was pure pleasure..." and shoots off another spurt of cum., shaking and shuddering, then sighing, "Oh, God, that was good..."

John's like, "Whaat? What happened? It's not over, is it?"

Pulling his softening penis from Andy's ass, Dickie slides off the messy condom, then wipes his hand on Andy's butt cheek, saying, "Salsbury, you need to fuck Darling now... get your friend off." Stepping back, Dickie mutters, "Damn, ordinarily, I never cum this fast..." and goes off to flush the condom, thinking, 'The nurse turns me on...'.

Andy's eyes are big, and so are John's as they look at each other, both nodding their heads... let's do it! Andy slides over behind John, goes up on his knees, and drives his swollen-cock-ring-captured boner up John's ass, his hard balls hitting painfully off John's perineum. It's Andy grunting, "OW!" with each thrust.

"Slap, slap, slap," Andy's body slaps against John's buttocks, their insanely hard cock and balls hurting so good with every thrust. It's Andy fucking him now, and it's so much hotter! In less than two minutes, John makes a yodeling sound, his hips humping forward, and a long string of cum flies out four feet before giving way to gravity and dropping to the floor.

John was not sure if that felt spectacular or if it hurt as Andy thrust once more and almost blacked out at the sensation of a small spurt of creamy cum squeezing through a tiny opening to paint a spot of gooey something on John's bowels. Just a spurt because Andy's big cum blast was fucked out of him by Dickie.

Andy's breathing deeply, pulling his cock out, almost afraid to cum anymore. He's shaking a little, not sure if he wants to moan or groan, then moans, "Oooh," and pushes his cock back up John's ass. They both go, "Ahh!" then, "Ooh," and Andy humps his petrified boner for another minute or so.

Dickie is back from the half bath, sitting on a stool in front of the bar sipping a new bourbon and Coke, his fat cock as limp as a noodle. He says, "It was really fun doing this with you guys. Salsbury, I gotta apologize to you for being an asshole to you earlier. You're an okay guy. A good sex buddy, and how about you, Johnny? How are you doing?"

John nods, "I'm great, Dickie. Yeah, it was fun, but I don't think I like the sex toys you put on Andy." He's still curious why it wasn't super-hot sex with Dickie, but doesn't want to say anything because it might hurt Dickie's feelings, but Andy fucks much better...

Dickie says, "Oh, man, that's disappointing to hear, Darling. What a pussy you are... haha, just kidding, buddy. How about you, Salsbury?"

Andy shrugs, "Um, sure, I'd do it again with you, Dickie, but only if you don't try forcing the toys on Johnny."

John snuggled in tightly against Andy, his protector, then sneaked a glance at Dickie, who said, "Sure, whatever Darling wants. I'm not forcing anybody to do anything. You and I, Salsbury... that's cool. I'll get my boss at work, fat Gary Thomas, to be the third participant, and Johnny can make the drinks."

A little later, Dickie, in a cheerful, pleasant manner, drives them in his Monte Carlo to the convenient restaurant at the crossroads. During dinner, he made most of the conversation and, after dinner, walking out of the restaurant Dickie had his arm across Andy's shoulder, saying, "Darling, can watch me fuck you again, but I want you to put the cock ring on yourself this time, Salsbury. I'll do you without the dildo this time, but I'll fuck you the way... blah, blah, blah."

Andy nods, "Uh-huh, okay," agreeing with whatever Dickie said. John shrugs, glad he's not involved. He hears Andy ask, "Oh, you want me on my back to start... is that right, Marshall?"

It surprises him, but John's glad to be left out of the conversation, and he isn't sure why that is...

To be continued...

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