By Donny Mumford - Laureate Author

Published on Dec 2, 2023




Monday morning, Andy's doing everything he needs to in the bathroom while John's still in bed trying hard to remember something from his life before the accident. He'd like to surprise Andy with a recovered memory, but his amnesia has a tight hold on him, and he's drawing a blank.

Wearing only jockey-style underpants, Andy comes into the bedroom scratching his nuts, saying, "It just occurred to me, Darling, that we don't have a damn thing we need to do today. That's a relaxing feeling for once."

John's face is against Andy's pillow, mumbling, "Shouldn't I inform my doctors that we're leaving for Wyoming tomorrow?"

"Yeah, but that's one telephone call. We could leave today if we want. Hey, that's not a bad idea. I'll check for flights, and we'll need a ride to Logan Airport, then rent a car at whatever airport we fly into, and... Oh, balls, we can't leave today. I need to plan this out. You know your home address, right?"

John's smelling Andy's scent on the pillow as he mutters, "My home address? No, I don't remember that. My attorney knows it, though. When her office opens, I'll call Sara to get the address and tell her we'll be there tomorrow."

Andy's putting on a pair of jeans but stops to say, "Hey, get out of bed, Darling! We've got things to do now."

Frowning, John mutters, "Yes, Mr. Grumpy..."

He gets out of bed, but he'd been watching Andy putting his pants on and noticed that his jockey shorts look wicked tight. "Your new jockey underpants look uncomfortably tight, Andy."

"That's because I bought the wrong size when we were buying a few clothing items the other day. This is the only clean pair of underpants I have. We'll pack up our dirty clothes and get the hotel to wash everything before leaving for Wyoming."

Something is buzzing at the back of John's brain, and it has nothing to do with dirty clothes. He mumbles, "Comfortable underwear is kinda important, ya know?"

Andy mutters, "What?"

Holding up a finger, like... 'just a second.' John says, "Something is almost coming to me. Um, something about silk panties! Yes, I think he made me wear silk panties... girls' underpants."

Andy is, of course, interested in any new memory John has and, at the same time, he's intrigued at the very idea of John in girls' panties. How fucking sexy is that? He asks, "Can you think of who that was? Who made you wear panties?"

Shaking his head, John mutters, "I can see the panties in my head. White silk panties with little bows on the outside of both leg openings. I'd imagine silk underwear would feel awesome on my cock and balls, but wearing the panties would be humiliating, ya know?"

"No, I don't know. What else do you remember?"

Out of bed, leaning against it, John's squeezing his junk. His eyes squint to just slits as he's trying to remember more. Then, shaking his head slightly, he looks at Andy and says, "That can't be right, though, can it? Wearing girlie panties? Why would my mysterious boyfriend, assuming I had one, want me to do that?"

Andy puts his arm across John's shoulders and says, "Because it's sexy? It had to be a true memory, Johnny. There isn't any other reason you'd start talking about girl's underpants. You think it was your boyfriend who made you wear them, right?"

Taking a deep breath, getting frustrated again, John goes, "I don't fucking know! Maybe I didn't have a boyfriend! This is total bullshit."

Like a nine-year-old, he stomps around the bedroom, "Shit! I'm never going to remember my fucked-up life! Girl's panties... give me a break! I don't want to do this anymore. Fuck my lost memory!"

To stop John from stomping around, Andy hugs his shoulders again, murmuring, "Shh, easy... please calm down, Darling. I can understand why you're frustrated, but you just remembered something new, and that's a good thing! Recovered memories are good and, therefore, not a reason to get discouraged."

John mumbles, "I guess you're right. Let's see, um, I was fixated on your too-small jockey shorts and how that couldn't be comfortable for your cock and balls, and I thought of how great it felt, how comfortable it was wearing girl's underpants and I knew that from past experience. You're right, that's gotta be a real memory, but nothing else is coming to me."

"Hmm, I know we decided not to do this, but maybe you should meet with Dr. Berry and get hypnotized. Luckily, we didn't officially blow him off yet, so you can still try hypnotism."

John frowns again, "But the doctor wants to fuck me, so here's a better idea. What if we buy girls silk underpants, and I wear a pair? Maybe I'll remember my roommate. I mean, we know who he is because Sara showed me his picture, but I don't recall him except, I've been imagining him being a disciplinarian and very strict with me. Perhaps that's a connection I can exploit."

Andy's still thinking about John in girl's undies, groping his junk as John rants a little more... "But Goddammit! Why can't I remember anything specific about who was making me wear girl panties or disciplining me? My roommate is the logical suspect, of course, and I have vague flashes of things that might be memories. The crazy thing is, I'm never sure if it's a real memory I'm having or just me fantasizing about something I think would be sexy, like being disciplined. Heh-heh. Disciplined by someone cool and hot like you, Andy!"

Smirking, Andy goes, "Well, um, I'd have a problem with that, but let's not get into the discipline thing yet. Stick with the girl's panties memory. Your idea of buying girlie underpants is a good one, Johnny! Then, if wearing girl's underpants doesn't jog free another memory, you can still be hypnotized by Dr. Berry."

"Are you saying I should let Dr. Berry fuck me?"

Andy, checking the time, says, "No, don't be stupid. Do the hypnotist thing and then refuse his sexy advances, um, if possible. Think positive thoughts; maybe the panties will get your memory percolating, and you won't need to see Dr. Berry."

"Yeah, okay, you're the boss. Actually, if it weren't for you, Dr. Berry might be a hot dominant top for me, now that I think about it a little more."

Andy mumbles, "Hmm, you say he looks like you? Is that what you told me?"

"Uh-huh, same blond hair too."

Andy has a quick thought of a three-way, then says, "It's early... only eight-forty-five, so hurry up and do what you need to do in the bathroom, and then we'll buy girlie panties for you to wear. Heh-heh, as I said, even if you don't remember anything, it'll be sexy-hot seeing you wearing panties."

Andy puts on a clean T-shirt, mumbling, "You were springing boners, wearing silk panties. Maybe we're finally onto something here, so do what I said and get your ass in the bathroom."

John mutters, "Yeah, okay," and Andy adds, "It's also interesting that you think this guy Brian was a disciplinarian because I've noticed how much you like it, how aroused you get when I need to be bossy, which is difficult for me. Still, obviously, this is another thing to follow through on, but let's follow through with your girlie underpants idea first."

As he's hurrying to the bathroom, John considered jerking off because the girlie panties memory is sexy, as is that vague whiff of an idea about discipline. Boyfriend discipline, not Mrs. Applebee's Sunday school teacher discipline.

He can't be positive about the discipline idea, but he's becoming more and more confident he wore girl's underpants in the past, although it is strange that he can't recall even one specific incident involving panties except for picturing that one pair of white silk panties with bows, all the rest is very vague... but something's there!

He finished his bathroom necessities without jerking off, although he does have a throbbing boner.

In the bedroom, John sees Andy still in his too-tight jockey underpants, wearing a T-shirt, and working on his laptop. Andy looks up and mutters, "I'm Googling airports in Wyoming," John whines, "Never mind that. I've got a boner that won't quit. Please, would you give my ass a hard therapy fucking. Um, that might make me remember having sex in girlie panties with my roommate, Brian-whatshisname."

Closing his laptop, Andy says, "His name is Brian O'Neal. That's what you told me it was, anyway."

Still whining, "It's what my attorney told me his name was. Anyway, what difference does it make what his name is? How about being my nurse and fucking me into remembering something?"

Andy tries his best to sound stern, saying, "You're getting awfully mouthy again. As I said before, that could be a good thing, indicating you're finally acting your age, or maybe it's not a good thing, but in either case, I don't know what to do about it. It's unpleasant to be on this end of your mouthiness; I can assure you of that."

Ignoring what Andy just said, John leans against him, his arms going around Andy's neck, his face against Andy's, "Please, Andy... I'm horny for you and need one of your therapy fucks."

Andy chuckles at that, then he pretends it's a chore fucking John. Andy much prefers bottoming during sex, but fucking John is Andy's next favorite thing to do. Still, he fakes that he's annoyed that he needs to fuck John again, muttering, "Okay, okay, stop whining! Where are the pants I had on yesterday? There are condoms in one of the pockets."

John says, "You emptied your pockets on the bureau. I'll get a condom for you!" Letting go of Andy, John grabs a condom packet off the bureau. Holding it, he rubs John's too-tight underpants at the crotch, asking, "Do you want me to suck a boner on you?"

"No, your anxiousness for me to fuck you is turning me on," he pulls down his too-small jockey shorts, mumbling, "You can stroke my dick a little if you want."

As Andy steps out of the underpants, John gets his fist around Andy's six-inch hefty penis and gently pulls the foreskin back and forth a few times, then tightens his fist and begins jerking him off a little, Andy grunting, 'Umph, ah..." and going up on his toes, he's pushing at John's fist, "Stop it... I'll cum."

Letting go of John's nicely firmed-up cock, John fidgeted from one foot to the other, now stroking his own hard penis, mumbling, "Can you hurry up and get that condom on, Andy?"

Unused to being in desired the way John desires him, Andy's smirking at John, and taking his time rolling the condom onto his hard cock. With John's hands on the bureau, pushing his ass out, he continues whining, "Please do it hard, Andy. Okay?"

Andy tightly closes his eyes and tries to slow his breathing, overly aroused. It's mindboggling that no fantasy he ever had was as extraordinary sexual as his real-life experiences with John Darling. If their positions were reversed it would be utopia, but this is second best. He never dreamed that a gorgeous, sexier than fuck, perfect specimen of a young man such as John Darling would routinely beg Andy to fuck him. In what dimension, in what Universe does that happen, and yet right here on Earth, it's happening to him repeatedly.

As he waits, John keeps his arms extended because his boner is sticking straight out, and he doesn't want the swollen head to hit the bureau when the thrusting starts.

"Smack! Smack! Smack!" sounds ring out as Andy smacks John's buttocks, "Be good, Darling." John mutters, "I'm good, Andy," and then John yelps, "AHH!" when Andy forces the head of his condom-covered boner inside John's ass.

The yelp, "Ahh!" from John was shortly followed by his moans, "Mmm, ooh, mmm," as the pleasure from his prostate gland gave him shivers. Andy's swollen boner head is tightly moving back and forth over that pleasure-giving prostate gland, back and forth, over and over, John moaning, "Mmm, ooh yeah, Andy, oh, oh," his ass pushed out forcefully, John trembling with anticipation of a hard fucking from his nurse.

Steady, smooth, very tight, hard thrusting of his large boner going up and back in John's ass has Andy closing his eyes again, now making little breathy sounds of pleasure... the pleasure of anal sex so intense both participants cannot think of anything except John's rectum and Andy's large, hard penis. Andy's crotch smacks repeatedly against John's firm buttocks, making steady smacking sounds. Andy's engorged boner moving back and forth in John's rectum creates sexual pleasure in delirious amounts, mostly from his prostate. A steady, continuous pleasure dominates his world until his whole body begins shaking.

Meanwhile, Andy's hard penis has many nerve endings providing pleasure beyond comprehension for him too. Those nerve endings can also cause pain beyond belief if a guy is dimwitted enough to get his dick caught in, for example, a closing car door, or closing bureau drawer, or getting it caught in a pickle-slicing machine, or something like that.

Using your penis to fuck with gets the pleasure side of all those nerve endings hyperactive, and there is a shit-load of hyperactive nerve endings in a penis. The foreskin, when left uncircumcised, has tens of thousands of erogenous nerve endings, then the head has about four thousand, and then there are another three to four thousand nerve endings in the shaft. The human male penis is a pleasure device like no other, and all of Andy's penis nerve ending are sparkling with pleasure as he fucks John's extremely tight rectum.

Morning sex is very, very hot sex, but it doesn't last long. Too soon, Andy's climax is roaring up from his large nuts and out his steel six-inch boner with him doing a long girlie, lisping squeal. His forceful cum shot's journey ends immediately to accumulate in the condom.

Meanwhile, John's vibrating rectum is electrified with sexual pleasure that's too enormous for his ever-ready climax to ignore. His climax explodes, and his throbbing boner feels red hot when cum flies up the shaft and out the wide-opened piss slit with mind-numbing pleasure pulsating out along with the creamy cum. The hot streak of cum splatters against the top drawer of the bureau, a spray of cum drifting up onto John's arms.

Both boys are speechless at first, Andy pulling his cock out of John's rectum, then pulling off the condom, and finally exhaling his held breath, gasping, "Omigod... fantastic ass, Darling..."

John's still holding onto the bureau, his head hanging between his arms, his ass and dick quivering with the unusual kind of intense pleasure sexual climax provides. John, forgetting to lisp, goes, "Holy fuck, that was a wild ride, Andy! Holy shit, the lips of my piss slit won't stop opening and closing like a guppy opening and closing its mouth.

His piss slit wants more cum flying out of it while guppies do their repeating rapid opening and closing mouth thing when gasping for air in a soiled fish tank without enough oxygen in the water. It must be ghastly for the guppy while John's penis sizzles with pleasure!

Not giving a shit about guppies, John's hands come off the bureau as he straightens up, his fingers feeling back there around his asshole with both hands, muttering, "Christ, you really opened me up back there, Andy. I can feel cooler air rushing up my wide-open asshole."

Andy mutters, "I've got a pretty big boner, so yeah, it opens you up a little bit." Then looking for compliments, he goes, "Anyway, do you feel better now after that hard fucking I did for you?"

"I'll say! You're the best, Andy. Thanks, that was great!"

Holding out the cream-filled condom, Andy says, "Glad to oblige... here, flush this thing, and let's buy you some girlie panties."

Following John to the bathroom, Andy adds, "We'll clean up a little, then grab something for breakfast. After that, we'll get a cab and see what kind of lingerie we can buy at the Prudential Center Mall."

"Yes, okay, Andy."

Before cleaning up in the bathroom, they need to take their morning piss first. Standing side by side, they piss, with John getting that weird feeling in his groin again from watching the piss coming out of Andy's nice, long, six-inch penis. Without thinking he was going to do it, his fingers moved into his piss stream, the urine splattering, then to Andy's piss stream, and Andy said sharply, "Not again! Stop that."

Blushing, John pulls his fingers away, then sucks on his fingers. Looking at Andy, he mutters, " I'm aroused by your piss."

Andy, who has a foot fetish, hesitates, then says, "I can't relate, but I'm sorry I snapped at you. Still sucking on his piss finger, John shrugs, and they leave it at that for now. After cleaning up, they get dressed. John rounds up their dirty clothes, and Andy calls housekeeping, telling the person about the bundle of laundry that needs washing. There's a bag for that in the bedroom closet. Both guys jam their dirty clothes in the laundry bag and leave it on the unmade bed.

They have a breakfast sandwich at McDonald's, then tip the hotel doorman five bucks to get them a taxi. At the mall, the charming saleslady, Sandy Carr, in the 'Special Lady's Lingerie Shop' thought it was cute the guys wanted designer lingerie for their girlfriends. That's until she realized they were concerned about what size lingerie the gorgeous, slightly taller of the two boys would wear. From then on, Sandy was less charming.

Ultimately, the boys buy three panties, but only one is made of silk. It's a La Perla Brigitta Lace-Trim Silk Thong for $138. Then John insisted on a pair of Hanky-Panky Lo-Rise Organic Cotton Boyshorts with Lace. He tells Andy, "I can't explain why, but I'm drawn to that pantie." Sandy makes a nasty, rude sound in her throat as she puts the 'Boyshorts With Lace' pantie on the counter with the thong.

Andy mutters, "You chose one of the cheap panties at only $43." The saleslady rolls her eyes, but the boys don't notice her. Andy picks out a Lace g-string for John to wear that costs $65.

After Andy taps John's credit card on the billing machine, Sandy throws the purchases into one of the shop's plastic bags without bothering to wrap each one in the fancy purple tissue paper she usually uses. She quickly hands the bag to John, muttering, "Thank you for shopping at The Special Lady's Lingerie Shop."

Sensing something isn't right with the saleslady, John takes the bag, giving her a disapproving 'look' that she ignores. Fuck it! The boys couldn't care less that they didn't get the fancy purple tissue paper, mainly because they didn't know purchases usually are wrapped in fancy purple tissue paper.

No, mostly, they were both anxious to get back to the hotel. John was excited to wear the girl panties, and Andy was getting a boner imagining John in any of the three panties. He's envisioning John putting on a fashion show.

During the taxi ride back to the hotel, it's evident that English isn't the first language of their taxi driver, Samir. Communication is difficult until Samir finally mutters, "Ah," then something in a foreign language, then, "Park Plaza." Andy says, "Yes, that's it! The hotel."

As he drives, Samir probably thinks he's misunderstanding what Andy and John are saying in the backseat as John holds up and describes each girlie pantie he'll be modeling. Andy nods and rubs his junk as Samir considers that, as crazy as Americans are, it's infinitely better here than his village in Afghanistan.

It's after ten o'clock when they're standing outside their suite, the maid has just started running the vacuum cleaner. Irritated, Andy tells the Mexican woman, Juanita, "No problem, take your time."

The maid doesn't understand English, so she smiles and nods as if she did, continuing to vacuum. Seeing John holding the bag with a lingerie picture on the front, Juanita wonders, 'Is that pretty gringo the other boy's puta?'

Backing out of the room, Andy tells John, "C'mon, we'll get a coffee in the cafe."

They sit at the counter in the hotel cafe, ordering a sweet roll with their coffee. John pours five teaspoons of sugar into his coffee, seriously lisping, "I'm wicked psyched to try on these panties. That can't be normal, though, can it? You're a nurse, Andy, so what do you think is wrong with me?"

Andy, sounding almost normal compared to John's lisping, says, "What's wrong with you? Omigod, Darling, where do I start? Ha-ha, no, I'm kidding. Nothing's wrong with you. Maybe you have a kooky fetish about girlie underpants, but so what? It's as harmless as my foot fetish."

John goes, "It's so strange, though. Until this morning, to my knowledge, I've never had a thought about girlie panties. Certainly not since coming out of my coma, and now I'm almost positive I wore girlie panties. How crazy is that?"

"Whoever he was or still is, your boyfriend is increasingly interesting to me. He made you wear silk panties, and he disciplined you. And now you want me to do some disciplining of you, right?"

Swallowing the last of his sweet roll, John chuckles and mumbles, "Fuck, you're giving me a boner talking about it. What kind of discipline are you thinking about?"

Shrugging, Andy mutters, "I don't know. I'll ne terrible at it, but spanking you, maybe..."

"Nah, I'm bigger than you. It'd be too awkward lying across your lap."

Sitting three stools away from the guys is a stocky, balding, thin, thirty-four-year-old gay man, eating eggs and bacon, listening to the lisping boys talk about discipline. John is closest to the guy who'se name is, Ross Styles. Ross can't believe how good-looking John is. Gulping, he says, "Excuse me."

Both guys look at Ross, who speaks with an uppity English accent, saying, "I couldn't help but overhear your discipline discussion."

He slides his plate and coffee cup down to the stool next to John and sits on it, "I'd be willing to teach you fellows a number of different ways a dominant can discipline his submissive boy." He points his fork at Andy and says, "You're the dominant, and pretty boy here is your submissive bottom, who needs discipline. Do I have that right?"

The way Ross blatantly sat right next to John, then butted into their conversation in such a brazen and confident manner left the boys spellbound. They can't think what to say, so they stare at him.

He's an odd-looking fellow with a narrow, pointy nose and a wide mouth full of crooked teeth. Also, his eyes are too close together, and he sprays saliva when he speaks. The saliva spray drifts onto John's half-full coffee cup, which he casually slides to the far edge of the counter so the waitress will know he's finished with it.

When neither boy says anything, Ross says, "Dog collar. Have you thought of that?" Then, running his fingers through the hair on the back of John's head, he says, "I'm Ross Styles, what's your name, son?"

"John Micheal Darling, Mr. Styles."

Andy frowns, "I didn't know your middle name was Michael."

Ross now grips the back of John's neck, pulling his head back, telling him, "Well, John Michael Darling, keep your head out of the way so the adults can talk."

Then to Andy, "I don't mean a regular dog collar to start. You'll need a choker dog collar to begin training your boy. It'd be best to start with him on his hands and knees, but eventually, it'll be for walking him upright at gay functions when you want to show him off, but with maximum control."

With an incredulous expression, Andy mutters, "Oh, uh-huh, I see, huh..."

Ross, his fingers like a vice on John's neck, looks at John, mumbling, "He is a beauty, although you should break him of his lisping. It's not a good feature, and this is where discipline comes into play. Like a dog, give him a treat when he speaks a word correctly, but punish him when he lisps the word. The choker collar is a good tool for that."

Andy's regained his senses enough to say, "Thank you, I'll buy a choker dog collar later today. Great idea, but we need to leave now. Um, we're late for, ah..."

Ross lets go of John's neck, leaving it slippery with bacon grease and melted butter from the overly buttered toast he had with his eggs, then he sops up some egg yolk with his last buttery toast triangle and says, "Why buy a new one? I'll lend you the one I've successfully used many times. It's stiff with the flop sweat of anxious subs yearning to learn how to act properly to their master. Better yet, let me have him for the afternoon, and I guarantee you'll be surprised at how obedient he'll be when I give him back to you."

John says, "Fuck no!" Then, in a pleading, lisping whine, "I don't wanna go with him, Andy."

Andy shrugs at Ross, mumbling, "He doesn't wanna go with you. We're kind of into getting ready to move to Wyoming, anyway, so like I said, we're late, and..." Andy puts a twenty-dollar bill next to his coffee cup for their sweet rolls and coffees, "So, we gotta get moving. Um, thanks for offering, though. That's very nice of you."

Again, grabbing the back of John's neck in his vice-like grip, Ross sprays the side of John's face with saliva, saying to Andy, "Let me have him for an hour, at least. He's so pretty, I won't even charge you my normal rate."

John struggles to escape the hurting fingers gripping his neck. The fingers loosen, and John immediately slides off his stool, loudly saying, "This is bull shit, Andy! I don't want to go with him."

Ross snickers and nods at Andy, holding his arms out, palms open, like... 'Do you see how undisciplined your boy is?'

Andy is also off his stool, saying, "Yeah, I know. Ah, how much do you normally charge?"

Ross mutters, "Only forty dollars an hour, but your boy is a bit mouthy, so I might need to add a surcharge."

Andy pretends he's interested, asking, "He is mouthy, yeah, I'll give you that. Um, do you have a business card?"

Ross mutters, "No, I only do the discipline training on the side. I'm a house painter by trade. I'll give you my cell number."

He writes it on a napkin and gives it to Andy. Then, reaching over real fast, he grips the back of John's neck for the third time. As John struggles like a rabbit caught in a trap, Ross grins at him, saying to Andy, "I work days, so call for a nighttime appointment," then he pulls John against his body, John struggling to no avail.

Ross mutters, "He's a tiger, huh?" and rubs the side of his face against John's, then says, "He has a sexy smell to his skin. Anyway, after an hour with him, he won't be able to sit down for a week, but there won't be any real harm done to him. Well, so you know what to expect, for a while after his discipline, there will be some things that will be extremely uncomfortable for him to do, but he'll get over it, and the discipline I give him will serve him and you well in the long run."

John's like, "Ow! Please, let go of me, Mr. Styles."

Ross sternly says, "Be good!"

John stops struggling, "I'll be good..."

Ross laughs at that, kisses John's cheek, and then lets go of him. John quickly gets on the other side of Andy, rubbing his neck, mumbling, "Andy, can we go now?"

Pulling John with him, Andy's backing toward the door, mumbling, "Yes, but don't be rude, Johnny. Thank the nice man." Then to Ross Styles, "Nice meeting you." Holding up the napkin, Andy adds, "I'll give you a call."

Ross sits back on his stool and waves at Andy, then picks up the twenty dollar bill Andy left to pay for his and John's check, and puts it in his pocket as the boys close the cafe's door behind them. "Let's get away from here, Johnny!"

John's pissed off, "Oh, ya think we should get away from that motherfucker, huh? What the fuck was that all about, Andy? Why were you even talking to that freak?"

"Because he scared the shit out of me, that's why. Didn't you notice how scary he was? You have to be smart enough to know I'd never have anything to do with that crazy bastard. There was something about how he sat beside you and started talking that shit. Omigod, that man acted so confident and smug, that gave me scary goosebumps and serious creeps. He looked like a strong fucker, too. I just wanted to get us away from him without him following us."

Going up to their floor in the elevator, Andy chuckles, "It was kinda funny seeing the expression on your face when I asked how much the guy charged to discipline your ass."

"I thought you were serious there for a second."

"Yeah, well, I was seriously considering it for a second or two, but only because I know I'm no good at it."

John gets Andy in a headlock, "You prick! You were not thinking about doing that," and they giggle, wrestling around until the bell dings at their floor. Letting go of each other, still laughing, Andy mutters, "I have his phone number right here," John grabs the napkin and rips it up. The elevator doors open, and there's Ross!

No, it's not him, but both boys gasped because the man looked a little like that weirdo. Realizing they both had a shocked reaction, they bumped against one another, John saying, "I knew it wasn't him!"

"Bull shit. You gasped as loud as I did. God, if that were him, it would have been a pee-your-pants moment, huh?"

The maid pulls her cart out of their room when they arrive. The laundry bag is on the cart. Andy says, "Hey, wait a second, please," as he reaches for his wallet, adding, "We didn't tip you yet."

Juanita still doesn't speak English, so she does what she always does and smiles, but she's also intelligent enough to notice Andy has his wallet out, so even though she doesn't know what Andy said, she stops.

Andy hands her a twenty-dollar bill, mumbling, "Thank you," and she smiles harder, "Muchas gracias, muchas gracias!" She's backing away, pulling the cart as Andy says, "We'll leave a twenty on the pillow tomorrow morning, okay?"

Juanita keeps backing away nodding her head as John unlocks the door. Going inside, he mutters, "I don't think she speaks English."

Then, in a lisping poor imitation of Ross Styles' English accent, John says, "She's not the only one who doesn't speak properly."

Andy frowns and asks, "Was that a Chinese accent you were doing?"

They both laughed, and then John mumbled, "It's not even eleven o'clock, and already this has been a weirdo day, Andy. It's going to get weirder now 'cause I'm going to try on these girlie undies."

First, they both take a piss because of the two coffees they drank this morning, then wash their hands, Andy saying, "Just wear the panties, Johnny, no other clothes."

John nods, "Yes, Andy."

He's comfortable saying 'Yes, Andy' to almost every order Andy gives him. It's getting so they both take for granted that John will do what he's told. Andy and John sit in the living room and take all the tags off the panties, then Andy says, "Don't forget, you're trying to remember at least one specific time you wore girlie panties and who made you do it. Go ahead and change in the bedroom."

"Yes, Andy."

Two minutes later, "Oh fuck!!" John yells from the bedroom, then walks out wearing the LaPerlaBrigitta Lace-Trim Silk Thong and does a pirouette for Andy, who says, "I know why you yelled."

John stands before Andy, "Yeah, the thong looks stupid because my blond pubic hair covers more area than the silk thong covers. It feels good on my cock and balls, though."

Shaking his head, Andy mutters, "Jeez, the silk thong doesn't even conceal all of your dick, and most of your scrotum shows on the sides." He stands, "Okay, Darling, leave it on, and we'll go to the bathroom, where I'll shave all the pubic hair around the thong. We'll make this work because the Goddamn thing cost almost two hundred dollars. And, since you've had it on, they probably won't accept it as a return."

John shrugs, "Yeah, okay, Andy, but it's not as if anybody is going to see me in this thong except you."

"Yeah, but I don't want to see you looking like that! It's not sexy hardly seeing the thong for all that pubic hair."

In the bathroom, Andy sits on the toilet lid with John standing before him with his legs spread. Andy uses scissors from his toiletry kit to carefully cut as much of John's blond pubic hair as he can reach around the outside of the thong. Looking up at John, he says, "It already looks ten times better."

"Yes, Andy."

Then Andy wets the stubble, lathers it with his shaving cream, and carefully shaves the pubic stubble. It takes five minutes to shave the area. Now, John's skin around the thong is as clean and smooth as a baby's ass. Standing, Andy says, "It's looking sexier now, Johnny. You need to buy some of that NAIR product to dissolve the hairs as they start growing back. If you don't, it'll be itchy as a bitch.

Andy cleans up as John removes the thong, again whining, "I look like a freak with this weird pubic hair pattern."

Frowning, Andy starts to say something but bursts out laughing instead, and its infectious laughter, so John joins in, both boys laughing until tears run down their cheeks. Leaning on one another, the laughter winds down to gasping inhales. Andy finally said, "Holy shit, that was random, Darling," they snicker and almost get into another laughing fit.

Wiping his eyes, Andy says, "I'll shave the rest of your pubes. There aren't that many left," they snort another short laugh, John muttering, "Gawd! I'm exhausted from laughing."

It takes three minutes for Andy to cut, then shave the last of John's pubes. John rubs his fingers all around his groin, "Wow, this feels good. I'm going to keep it this way."

Andy's groping himself, muttering, "Good idea. Your shaved groin looks sexy as a motherfucker. It makes your penis look longer, but now I notice fine blond hairs on your belly. I'll shave those, too."

During the next ten minutes, Andy shaves John's belly, some fine hairs on his chest, and all the hair on his legs, mostly from his calves. Finished, he says, "You'll need to use Nair all over so the hair doesn't come in bristly and itchy."

Andy doesn't mention John's boner sticking straight out from his hairless groin. John's been biting his bottom lip, quietly grunting, "Um, um," highly aroused. He nods at Andy, muttering, "It feels awesome. Can you fuck me again?"

"You're hard to satisfy, but grab the sink," Andy drops his jeans, then his too-small underpants, and holds onto John's hips, mumbling, "There's residual lube from our earlier fuck with a condom, so we're good. As I'm fucking you, try remembering something, okay?"

It's a little rough getting the big head of Andy's cock in past John's anus muscles because there was very little lube left... most of it rubbed off on John's underpants. Inside his rectum, though, there was enough lube left from the condom that Andy didn't have to use much effort pushing his cock all the way up John's ass until he was flat against John's buttocks.

With stinging hurt from the entry still burning, John manages to ignore that and mutters, "God Almighty, this feels good, Andy. Your dick is fantastic!"

Then it's a quick, hard fuck, which is getting to be routine in a good way. When fucking, both boys pretty much know what to expect by now, so they're seldom disappointed. Plus, they were pretty much made for one another, Andy's cock and John Darling's rectum match perfectly. Andy pumped his hard sex organ tightly back and forth in John's rectum, both boys making quiet sounds of arousal, the slapping together of male bodies giving away what they're doing should anyone be within hearing distance, which is highly unlikely as they're fucking in the suite's bathroom.

With pleasure sensations screaming from his ass, John humps his hips and fires an ounce of sperm at the cabinet under the sink. It goes "Splat" and then drools down the cabinet's door. Meanwhile, Andy is almost delirious from the sensations of pleasure flying off thousands of nerve endings in his dick. Less than a minute after John blew cum on the sink cabinet door, Andy gasped, humped hard against John's buttocks, and fired off his load while making a high-pitched sound like a cat makes when someone heavy steps on its tail. There wasn't much cum to blow into John's bowels, but it felt fantastic to Andy.

When Andy pulled his cock from John's ass, that's when John noticed the cum drooled out almost immediately and ran down his left butt cheek, then under to stop at the bottom of his balls, and from there, it dripped off, drip, drip, drip onto the floor between John's feet.

"That felt good, Andy. Thanks."

"Yeah, it did for me too. Get some toilet paper and wipe your ass... you're dripping my cum on the floor."

"Yes, Andy," and he unrolls a string of toilet paper as they hear a ping from the bedroom, meaning one of them got a text message. Holding toilet paper to his asshole, John follows Andy into the bedroom. Andy picks up John's phone, "It's a text from Nurse Andover saying Dr. Berry can't see you until three o'clock. You're to text him if you can't make that appointment."

"I don't want to go, Andy."

Looking at John, Andy says, "We'll get to that in a second. Did you recover a memory during that fuck?"

"No, it was too quick. I only had the girlie panties on for two minutes, so that doesn't count. The nurse sent the text sent because I didn't show up at the eleven o'clock appointment and I don't want to see Dr. Berry at three o'clock either."

Andy, sounding frustrated, says, "Yes, you do want to see him. We agreed if you don't remember anything from wearing the panties, you need to try hypnosis, Johnny. I expected you to remember something, and we just did that therapy fuck, and you didn't remember anything during that. Nothing's working very well, so I'm saying, why not try the hypnosis; what do you have to lose?"

John does his lisping whine, "But he wants to fuck me and..." Andy interrupts, "Yes, he wants to fuck you, I know! You told me ten times already. So what? Let him fuck you, what's the big deal? Whatever it takes, Darling. We can't go on indefinitely with you having amnesia. We just can't!"

Shrugging, John sounds resigned, "Alright, if you're okay with it, I'll do it. Maybe he won't even want to fuck me. Yeah, I could be wrong about his intentions. Either way, I'll try hypnosis because you, my loving full-time nurse, told me to."

Andy's wiping his soft dick with tissues, "Good! Doing what you're told for once is appreciated. Now, I won't need to give you to that English guy for an afternoon."

"Ha! I always do what you tell me, and I ripped up the napkin with his phone number, and you wouldn't do that to me anyway, would you?"

Andy grins and hugs John, "No, I wouldn't. You're too precious to me to let anybody hurt you." They do a short two-minute make-out. Then, grinning at one another, John asks, "What are we gonna do now, Andy?"

He says, "First, parade around the living room in each of those girlie underpants, hoping you get a lost memory back, which is highly unlikely. If you do recall a memory, though, maybe we'll find out who was making you wear panties. After that, call your attorney to get your home address, and then maybe confirm the appointment with your Dr. Berry."

"If I go to Dr. Berry, you must come with me to his hospital office. I need you close by because I have zero confidence about doing anything alone."

John's putting the silk thong on again, adding, "You'll come with me, right?" Then he squirms, "Oh, this thong is sick! Now that you shaved me, it feels so good!"

Andy mumbles, "Yeah, I'll go with you. I'm not afraid of that bitchy nurse. I don't work there anymore, so 'eff her."

John mutters, "Oh, fuck, this feels so good.

Nodding, Andy mumbles, "Seriously, I don't know what's sexier, Darling, the thong or your hairless groin? C'mon in the living room. Walk around a little."

John has learned to do many swishy, gay affectations from watching his idol, Andy. Imitating Andy, John's moving and acting very gay, parading around the room modeling the pantie thong. Andy's eyes open wide as he says, "Omigod, John! You're so hot in that thong," he gropes his package, lisping, "Oh, my baby, come sit on my lap."

John does that, his boner poking out the side of the smallish thong while Andy's boner pokes at the thong. Andy lisps, "Jesus Christ, we just fucked, and already I'm getting horny as a motherfucker, Darling."

They grovel in the armchair, giggling and feeling each other up until John slips off Andy's lap, ending up on the floor, still doing silly giggling.

"Show me another pantie, Darling. The one I picked out this time. I want to see you in that."

They get all hot and bothered during each of the three girl panties being modeled. It's almost an hour of John taking turns modeling the panties and sitting on Andy's lap, getting close to cuming in the panties. Andy has an expanding wet precum spot on his too-small jockey underpants.

Finally, they've had enough. John, sitting next to Andy in the armchair, squeezed together, admits, "No memories were recovered wearing the panties, Andy, but I'm going to keep wearing this one."

It's the one described as cotton Boyshorts with lace.

Andy removes his too-small jockey underpants and gets out of the chair to pick up John's discarded regular underpants, "I'll wear your old underpants since you're wearing the girlie ones from now on. Your underpants have a size 32 waist, which is perfect. I mistakenly brought that one pair with a 28-inch waist.

So, they're both finally happy with their underpants. Sitting in the living room wearing girl's underwear, John calls attorney Sara's law office, McCarty and McCarty. She tells him he lives at 62 Oak St., Cheyenne, Wyoming, 82009. Sara says, "That's the pricey Wester Hills section of Cheyenne, John." Then she tells him to call when they arrive in Cheyenne, and she'll meet him at the airport with the house keys.

Andy says, "Well, good, that's settled. Now, text Dr. Berry that you'll see him at three o'clock. After that, we'll get lunch somewhere. Do you care where?"

John does what Andy said, texting Dr. Berry's office, then mumbles, "No, Andy, I don't care where we have lunch. I'm too nervous about seeing Dr. Berry to eat much."

Not being gourmets, they eat at McDonald's again, having the same things for lunch they had for dinner last night. Nervous or not, John eats his cheeseburger, fries, and vanilla imitation milkshake, then he has an order of McNuggets and a baked apple pie for dessert. Walking out of McDonald's, John says, "Just so I'm sure, Andy, you don't mind if Dr. Berry fucks me, right?"

They don't smoke much, but after eating, John sometimes feels like a Marlboro cigarette and lights two, one for each. Andy watched him do that. He took his cigarette from John, "Thanks, Johnny! Um, I'm not crazy about the idea of anyone but me fucking you, but I am crazy about the idea of you regaining your memory, so whatever it takes, ya know?"

They get to the hospital at two-fifteen, then walk around to the garden area where John met Dr. Berry almost a week ago. Sitting on the bench that John was on when the doctor came out of the doctor's lounge, John tells Andy, "This is where I met him... I was sitting on this bench."

Nodding, Andy says, "Uh-huh, but there are no doctors' offices in this part of the hospital complex. Where does the doctor have his office?"

"I don't know."

"Oh, you don't know. What was your plan? We sit here, hoping maybe the doctor walk by, or maybe his nurse will, and she'll be curious and ask you... are John Darling by any chance?"

"Haha, very funny. No, I assumed you'd know where all the doctors' offices are since you worked here."

Andy shrugged, "You got me there, Darling. C'mon, the offices are in another building connected to the hospital by a skywalk over Steward St."

As they take their time walking around to the other side of the complex, John is getting more and more nervous because he remembers how captivated he was by the charming and kind Dr. Ryan Berry, who looks like he's nineteen. Well, he isn't much older at only twenty-three. Very young for a doctor. Because John's hot for Dr. Berry, John's afraid he'll make a fool of himself, as he did the one time they met. That fear is the reason John's been adamant about not seeing the doctor until now.

The doctor was very friendly and confident, so adult-like that John felt like a child. Dr. Berry is an inch shorter than John but wider and so fucking sexy and handsome and looks so cool with his eyeglasses. Thinking about all this, John gasps, trying to catch his breath.

His gasp was so loud Andy asked, "Are you okay, Johnny?"

"I'm nervous, but I'll be okay. Where will you wait for me?"

Andy takes hold of John's arm, mumbling, "Turn here. This is a back entrance. Um, I'll see what kind of waiting area there is for the doctors' offices. If I can't wait inside, I'll be around here someplace. Text me when you're through. And, John, tell the doctor everything you've remembered so far. Even though it's embarrassing, tell him about the girlie panties, too. He might want to refer to some of your memories while hypnotizing you."

Nodding, John mutters, "Yes, Andy," then he stops to hug Andy, murmuring without lisping, "What would I do without you?"

Touched, Andy murmurs, "Okay, fine, I'm glad to help," and takes John's hand to hold until they find Dr. Berry's office. Letting go of Andy's hand, John tells the nurse who handles all five doctors in this pod of offices, "I have a three o'clock appointment with Dr. Berry."

She punches some keys on a computer, nods, and gets a package of forms, saying, "You're his three o'clock. Fill these out as best you can. Do you have your medical insurance card?"

John looks at Andy standing next to him, and Andy says, "The hospital already has all his information. This is John Darling, the coma patient."

The nurse glares at Andy, then looks at John, who mumbles, "Yeah, what he said."

She hits more keys on her computer, then says, "Okay, you're good," she answers a ringing phone as Andy pulls John's arm, getting him to follow him to seats away from the other six people waiting to see a doctor.

Andy helps with the forms, which mostly ask for background info about John's amnesia. All that information is already in the hospital records: drug or alcohol usage, how did the amnesia occur? Is there a history of seizures, headaches, depression, cancer... Diagnostic tests: CT Scan, EEG, blood test, etc. To all of these, Andy told John to write across the empty spaces... 'See hospital record for this patient.'

They hear, "John Darling!" and look up to see a nurse scanning the people in the waiting area. Andy mutters, "You're kidding me... an on-time doctor's appointment! Unheard of."

John raises his hand that he's John Darling. Andy tells him, "I'll be here, Darling. Good luck."

Following the nurse, John enters a room where the nurse takes John's completed forms and says, "The doctor will be with you momentarily." She puts a hospital gown on an examination table, saying, "Take everything off and put that gown on," then she pulls a circular curtain that blocks the view from the door as she leaves. John looks around and mumbles, "This isn't a doctor's office."

He sits on the examination table, bed, or whatever it's called, and texts Andy, 'They want me to take all my clothes off. The nurse is in on Dr. Berry's sex activities.'

Andy texts back, 'Stop it! Nobody is in on anything. They want to give you a physical examination before fucking with your head. It's to cover their ass insurance-wise, making sure you're healthy, which you are."

"Are you sure, Andy?"


John nods and takes everything off, stopping when he gets to the girlie underpants called Organic Cotton Boyshorts with lace. 'Oh, fuck!' he thinks, then tells himself, 'The hell with it' and takes his panties off, putting them on top of his shirt. Smiling, he rubs over his hairless groin.

John likes the idea of Dr. Berry being shocked when he sees his shaved groin area. Yeah, but Dr. Berry knows John's gay, so maybe he won't be shocked. He puts on the goofy hospital gown and sits on the examining table to wait, his bare ass cold on the tissue paper covering the imitation leather examining table.

Dr. Berry is not here momentarily as the nurse said he would be. That's unless momentarily is the same thing as twenty minutes. Sitting on tissue paper, wearing the open-back idiotic hospital gown, unsure of what to expect, made the wait seem like two hours. Then, a soft knock on the door, and Dr. Berry comes in. A quick smile, then he says, "Hello, John. Nice to see you again. Wow, that's quite a haircut you've got there. A big difference from the last time I saw you."

John's hand touching his head, "Hi, Dr. Berry. Yes, I got a haircut."

"I'll say you did. It's like boy's haircuts from the ninety-fifties, but it looks okay on you, I guess."

Embarrassed, John mutters, "Well, the barber was eighty-something years old, so maybe he got haircuts like he gave me when he was young. Um, this isn't your office, though, so, um..."

"How very clever of you to notice that, John. No, this is an examination room because I need to give you a physical to satisfy hospital procedures. We need to be sure you're in good physical health before working on your mental health," and he puts a stethoscope on John's chest and moves it here and there, then on his back, "Big cough, please, John..."

John's eyes, ears, nose, and throat are checked along with temperature, then a blood pressure check. Then he hits John's knee with a little pointed hammer, checking his reflexes, then, "Stand up, please." John slid off the examination table, "Take the gown off, please."

He thought it'd be cool shocking Dr. Berry with his shaved privates, but now he's blushing and mumbling, "I don't, um, I mean..." Dr. Berry looks exasperated as he reaches over and pulls the gown off John. Gulping, John fights off the urge to cover his shaved privates with both hands like a three-year-old girl. Instead, his blush expands to his scalp and neck as he stutters, "I, um, my nurse, Andy, we thought..."

Dr. Berry mumbles, "That's a cool thing to do once in your life. It's like getting a mohawk haircut one time when you're young just to say you did it. Experience it, and then that's that, ya know?" Then, pressing two fingers next to John's nuts, he says, "Cough," then, moving his fingers slightly, "Again, please..."

After doing it on the other side of John's balls, Dr. Berry says, "Turn around and bend over." John does that as the doctor puts on a latex glove and smears lube on John's well-used asshole. His finger slides inside John's rectum and John's dick stirs. Dr. Berry rubs John's prostate giving John the sense he's going to cum, but he doesn't.

Pulling his finger out, Dr. Berry says, "I'd have been shocked beyond words if your prostate wasn't as smooth as it was." John turns around, and the doctor hands him some tissues, "Wipe yourself, John.

As John wipes lube off his ass, Dr. Berry startles John by picking up his penis. Pulling back the foreskin, he says, "See this white matter under the foreskin. It's called smegma, and it's not good. Wash under your foreskin, John. You were circumcised, but they left more foreskin than usual. Lucky you!"

Holding onto John's penis, Dr. Berry grins, saying, "I'll bet it feels really good jerking off because the foreskin has oodles and oodles of nerve endings. He strokes John's foreskin back and forth, back and forth, muttering, "Let's see what your erection looks like."

With the lubed tissues in his fingers, John squirms and grunts, "Ah, ah, oh, umm."

Dr. Berry murmurs, "Easy does it. Settle down, John. Ooh, nice straight erection. Definitely under-sized circumference-wise, but not too bad."

Using a finger and thumb, Dr. Berry stroke, stroke, strokes John's foreskin as he asks, "Do you have a boyfriend, John? I get the feeling this nurse guy, Andy-something, is your boyfriend. Am I right?"

John's hands are both lightly holding Dr. Berry's wrist, moving with his stroking, grunting, "Oh, oh, um... yes, he's, um, my boyfriend. He takes care of me."

When the doctor lets go of John's penis, it's a hard boner listing to the left with a drop of precum at the piss slit. Dr. Berry says, "You're in good health, John, but we knew you were, right?"

John shrugs, then asks, "Are you going to fuck me? NO!... I meant, are you going to hypnotize me?"

Grinning, Dr. Berry says, "No, I'm not going to do either procedure here. First of all, I would never take advantage of your compromised condition to have sex with you, and we'd need to be in my office, where it's comfortably quiet, before I'd attempt hypnotizing you. The physical exam had to be done first, and we did it as unnecessary as it was. My nurse will set you up for an office appointment, and I'll hypnotize you there. I've got two more hours of physical exams to perform here this afternoon, or I'd do it for you today."

As John's penis droops, he realizes he's disappointed. He did want Dr. Berry to fuck him. He says, "But I'm leaving for my home in Wyoming tomorrow, so if you wanted to, you know..."

"Really? That's too bad, but I'll look in the directory and see if I recognize a doctor who has a practice there. That's a long shot, but there is sure to be a competent doctor who does hypnosis in that area. You are a charming young man, John Darling, and even though only for a brief time, I'm glad to have known you. Good luck to you and your boyfriend."

He pats John's shoulder, "You can get dressed," then he hugs John, murmuring, "What might have been," he's out the door on his way to give someone in another examination room a physical.

John's stunned, not sure what just happened. He texts Andy, 'He gave me a physical, wished me good luck, and left".

Andy texts, 'He isn't going to hypnotize you?" John texts, 'No, but I passed my physical, and I didn't even study for it." Then he gets dressed.

The boys are walking back to the hotel, John not talking. Andy finally saying, "You're disappointed the doctor didn't fuck you, aren't you?

Shrugging, John looks at Andy, "I don't know, I guess. The whole thing was a misunderstanding and, in the end, a waste of time. He told me to look up a doctor at home who has hypnosis as part of his practice. I thought Dr. Berry was captivated by me, had a huge crush on me, but he didn't even seem slightly disappointed I'll be leaving the state tomorrow."

"You know what, Darling? You're been sounding more and more like a twenty-something-year-old guy lately."

"You mean as compared to a ten-year-old scared little boy?"

Hugging John's shoulders, Andy mutters, "It hasn't been quite that bad, but something like that, yeah."

John grins, "Yeah, I can tell you care about me... it's a wicked cool feeling knowing that."

Andy holding John's hand now, waiting at a 'DON'T WALK' street crossing, John says, "Dr. Berry said my haircut was like boys got in the nineteen-fifties."

Crossing the street, Andy muttered, "And, just how would he know what boys' haircuts were like seventy years ago?"

"I don't know. Are you going to fuck me as soon as we get back to our hotel suite?"

"Yeah, I was thinking about doing that. Ya know, since the doctor let you down, I figured..."

In their suite, their laundry is on the bed, washed and folded. It cost $83. John said, "It's a good thing we're rich. Look at this, Andy: each shirt was $3.50, each jean costs $6, underwear was $2.50 each, and pairs of socks were $1.50. That was all the items we put in the laundry bag, but there's a price listing for many other clothing items."

"That's outrageous, Darling. And, unfortunately, we're not rich... you're rich! I, on the other hand, am not."

John goes over to Andy, "What's mine is yours and vice versa, right? That means your penis is mine, and I mention that because I want that delightful sex organ of mine that's attached to you to get to work fucking me."

They smile and begin making out, John's boner soon poking out the front of his girlie cotton Boyshorts...

To be continued...

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