By Donny Mumford - Laureate Author

Published on Jan 12, 2024




After a morning and afternoon of sightseeing in the City of Cheyenne, back at the house, the first thing John and Andy did was take off their cowboy boots because their feet hurt, and they ended up with Andy getting his rocks 'off' satisfying his foot fetish.

John doesn't have a foot fetish, but watching how aroused and sexy-hot Andy got while making love to John's feet, he made Andy promise he'd fuck John in the shower after grocery shopping. That got John's attention because it's something new.

Andy eventually satisfied his foot fetish, cuming twice. After getting cleaned up, they went to buy groceries. Both boys are wearing their cowboy hats; Andy is self-conscious, but John tells him to get used to it, "You're in Wyoming, Darling, not the wimpy Northeast. In Montana, we cowboys wear our cowboy hats. Yee-haw..."

As they're driving onto the Safeway supermarket parking lot, Andy's rolling his eyes at John's Montana cowboy hat bullshit, pushes his cowboy hat back on his head, and asks, "Can you buy beer and liquor in the supermarket here?"

"Beer only. Wine and liquor are sold only from Wyoming State-owned liquor stores."

Andy says, "Not that I'm a big drinker, but I like to have vodka on hand and maybe a bottle of bourbon, too. You know, in addition to some beer. Is that alright with you, John?"

"It's more than alright, Andy. It's what I was planning on."

In Safeway, they buy eggs, bacon, white bread, butter, milk, Frosted Flakes cereal in honor of John saying he was a flake, then cupcakes and cookies for an emergency sugar rush, coffee, and a roll of peppermint Life Savers for their breath. Lastly, two six-packs of Budweiser beer, which, of course, the register clerk had insisted on seeing their IDs before ringing up the beer.

Carrying the plastic bags of groceries, the guys walk to the pickup with John lisping, "That bitch on the register was nasty about checking our IDs."

Andy says, "I think it's because she heard us talking and didn't like that we sounded like lisping faggots. Wyoming is homophobic."

John nods, "I think you might be right, although I hadn't personally noticed that before. Of course, I didn't lisp before I met and idolized you, so... heh-heh."

The Safeway market is in a shopping center along with a Wyoming State Liquor Store located two stores down from the supermarket after a CVS store and a bakery shop. After dumping the groceries in the back seat of the pickup, they buy a bottle of vodka and Wild Turkey bourbon, getting carded again.

Driving back to the house, John says, "We'll still be eating our lunch and dinners out somewhere, but now we've got what we need for snacks, booze, and breakfast at the house. Not all at the same time, of course."

After unpacking the groceries, they sit on the back steps, drinking beer and smoking cigarettes. Andy asks, "Do you ever smoke pot?"

"I've smoked weed at Duke, but it's illegal in North Carolina. Same for Wyoming. In fact, Wyoming has some of the strictest cannabis laws in the US. Politically, this is mostly a conservative Republican state."

Exhaling smoke, Andy mumbles, "Yeah, I read that online, and I'm not thrilled about it, Darling. The same for North Carolina, and that's where we're going next if you want."

John nods his head, "Yeah, I'm not too psyched to do it, but I suppose we need to visit Duke to see my roommate Brian and for me to register for next semester. Weed isn't legal there, but you can buy it illegally pretty easily in a college town like Durham. At least that's been Brian's and my experience."

Andy mutters, "That's good because I'd really like to get high."

John makes a face, "Ya know, Andy, I'm not as anxious to get back to Duke and hook up with my roommate as I should be. Why is that, do you suppose?" Now that I have my memory back, I get a chill thinking back to Brian's and my junior year at Duke and the innocent, sexy fun we had and how Brian was as important to me back then as you are now, Andy... so why aren't I frantic to get together with him again? It's puzzling as hell, ya know?"."

No response from Andy, so John muttered, "Anyway, as I said, there's weed at Duke if you want it, but don't get caught with it!"

Continuing to ignore John's references to Brian O'Neal, Andy mutters, "Goddamn, coming from progressive Massachusetts, it's a culture shock being in an old-fashioned, backwater Republican state like Wyoming... or North Carolina."

John says, "Hey, watch it! Wyoming is a fantastic state to live in. Some of the so-called progressive states are too progressive, ya know? I'm not a political person, but ignoring immigration laws by allowing illegal immigrants to flood border states and then those states, in frustration, busing the illegal immigrants to liberal states at night creates a situation where the liberal states don't want them either. It's simple... I think the laws regarding immigration should be followed. That's the extent of my political view about that."

Andy mutters, "Well, it's more of a political view than I have. It's like I don't know enough about politics to have a responsible opinion about any of it. Most people's political position follows that of their parents, or they form their opinion from a clever campaign slogan and refuse to ever change their minds no matter what the facts are."

Flicking his cigarette butt, John says, "I'm not so sure of that, but let's never talk politics again, Andy."

"Fine by me." Sucking on some beer, Andy adds, "If I'm getting into something that's none of my business, Johnny, just tell me, but I'm curious about how you're handling the passing of your parents now that we're here in their house with your memory back."

Lighting another cigarette, stretching his legs out from the back porch step, John shrugs, "I feel bad that I'm not more upset, not feeling more awful about them dying. I told you before that they definitely weren't up for a Parents of the Year award, and my mother came right out and told me I was unplanned and unwanted any number of times. She was drunk when she'd say that, of course, so it was an honest, albeit cruel, statement from her. Considering my parents, I'm surprised I'm not more fucked up than I am. I think you're the reason I'm almost normal. Um, I mean, normal, other than being gay."

"Being gay is another form of normal, Darling! We're not freaks, ya know."

John nods, "Yeah, I know. To answer your question, though, I'm confused about how I feel my parents died at their relatively young ages. I'm working on my feelings about that."

Andy mumbles, "And I'll let you work on them then without making you think about it too much just because I'm curious. Sorry..."

"No, that's alright, but hey, I just thought of something. If you want to smoke weed, my high school friend, Dickie Marshall, can get it for us. He's slightly illegal himself. Heh-heh, he's a bad boy sometimes, but my best friend for the past fifteen years or so. I'm nervous about contact with him for some unknown reason. I'll put on my big boy pants and work up the balls to call him and tell him I'm alive, and maybe we can get together tomorrow after we meet with Sara. He lives in Laramie, which is fifty miles from here. In Wyoming, fifty miles is a half-hour drive.

Andy nods, "Cool! But, um, doesn't he go to college?"

"Dickie? No! He's a mechanic, an auto mechanic working for his old man. Gordie, though, is in his senior year at The University of Wyoming there in Laramie. I'm not nearly as close to Gordie as I am to Dickie."

Andy mutters, "Oh, uh-huh. Well, let's take that shower we talked about."

"Oh, boy, yeah!"

In the bedroom, they grin at one another as they're getting undressed. When they're both naked, Andy tells John to bend over, which John does, and Andy pushes K-Y jelly up his ass, John pretending he's complaining, "Ah, ah, that's cold..."

Andy chuckles, mumbling, "You loved it, Johnny." Then, stroking jelly on his flaccid penis, Andy grunts, "Oh, Goddamn, this feels good," and continues tightly stroking his cock as they walk down the hall to the bathroom. Andy's stroking the jelly up and down his hardening cock making a slippery wet sound that's sexy, so John begins stroking his cock too.

In the bathroom, Andy tells him, "Turn the water on in the shower, Darling," which he does as he stroke, stroke, strokes his dick.

When the water temperature is just right, Andy smacks John's ass, "Get in there, boy!" Then he follows John into the tub and pulls the shower curtain closed, muttering, "Just stand there, Darling," and he uses soft soap to wash the K-Y jelly off his hand, then pours shampoo on John's head, "Close your eyes. I'll shampoo your hair."

Tightly closing his eyes, John murmurs, "Just like when I was in a coma, huh Andy?"

"Yeah, I liked doing that for you, Darling, but I like this better because you're awake and aware that I'm still helping you. That is very special to me, and so are you."

John says with emphasis, "Omigod, you're a fabulous friend, Andy!"

Andy smiles as he uses the pads of his fingertips, rubbing John's scalp and hair, building up a dense shampoo lather. Doing it he's remembering doing this every other day for John Darling, the coma patient. Back then, while giving John sponge baths, Andy dreamed of being John's boyfriend, and that dream fantasy has come true, better than Andy ever hoped for.

Rinsing the shampoo from John's hair, Andy hugs him and whispers, "You're a dream come true for me, Darling." Then, with John standing right under the showerhead, Andy pumps some soft soap in his hand and lightly rubs his hand over John's slightly larger body. Slightly larger than his, but not that much larger, and in fact, Andy is stronger than John. Pouring more soft bath soap on his hands, Andy spread it all over John, who docilely stood there under the water flow, his eyes still closed.

Water poured on John from the shower head as Andy pressed his body against John's back; both their cocks were hard as stone. Andy's stone boner pointed up with the root snuggled in John's ass crack. Andy's soapy hands glided over John's chest, down his stomach to his genitals. Cupping his balls, then stroking up and down on John's hard boner felt so good; John's moaning, "Ummm, ooh, ooh, ooh..."

Now, Andy's got his fist around John's boner, not stroking it as his thumb and forefinger are moving the throbbing head of his hard stone boner to John's anus, then with a quiet, "Ah," he pushes the bulbous head against the tight asshole and, with a hump of his hips, plugs the fat head into John's ass. John goes, "Ahh!" Ooooh, Andy! Ummm..."

Andy moans, too, moans at the million pleasure vibrations coming off the head of his cock as he's steadily pushing it up John's rectum. The back of John's head rests on Andy's shoulder as he concentrates on sizzling vibrations in his ass, some slightly painful and others startlingly pleasurable. They quickly melded together until they became a single constant pleasurable sensation that was beyond description.

A few humps against John's buttocks, then Andy pulls back his ever-fattening boner and drives it right back up there, and then does it again as John pushes his body back against Andy's. Holding John's back against his chest, Andy does two more deliberate withdrawals and pushbacks, then gets into steady thrusting with a good rhythm, thrusting up and back in John's rectum. The sensations have John squirming and moaning in Andy's strong arms. The constant pleasure in John's ass is the kind of intense pleasure that only anal fucking can generate, and for a submissive gay-bottom boy such as John, it's the best pleasure in the Universe.

With every thrust, Andy's hips smack into John's butt cheeks, creating the slapping sounds that can only be two males fucking, "Slap, slap, slap..." They're fucking in a shower, and this house has intense water pressure, so from the shower head, water is hitting the top of John's head and splattering out two feet in all directions, mostly going completely over Andy, so only a spray is hitting his body.

"Slap, slap, slap," with the orgasmic climax power of both boys building and building until John's boner moved away from his belly, tightening enough to drop down, sticking straight out and throbbing. The head is swollen until the skin feels as if it might split, its piss-slit lips quivering, ready for the lightning-fast stream of creamy hot cum from John's balls that will soon be erupting like a volcano. John's sperm shooting free from his pulsating boner won't be as hot as a volcano's magma that turns into lava outside the volcano, but it'll feel close to that to John.

Andy's fat six-inch+ boner continues moving steadily back and forth in John's ass, electrifying every nerve ending even as John's tight ass is electrifying the millions of nerve endings in Andy's sex organ. Sensations built quickly until BOOM! EJACULATION!

Both climaxes go off at the same time, with Andy tight against John's buttocks. His climax blows cum into John's bowels as John's boner tried flying off with the one hundred million rampaging sperm that made up his orgasm. And all one hundred million sperm are in a race to see which one, and it only takes one, will fertilize the egg. The thing is, though, there is no egg, and the clueless sperm drops ingloriously down in the tub, heading for, then circling the bathtub's drain.

Meanwhile, the one hundred million Andy's sperm blown up John's ass looks for a female egg, too. Nope, no egg... and what's that shitty smell? The fastest sperm are stuck far up John's ass, blocked in by vast numbers of sperm behind them. Then, the last sperm in are the first ones out, and a hundred million gooey sperm drool out onto John's butt cheeks, then around and under, returning to the outside of his balls from which they were born.

Yeah, a couple hundred million of Andy's and John's sperm are unfulfilled, not accomplishing what evolution has intended them to do. Still, they provided a lot of sexual pleasure for the guys while shooting out to oblivion.

John squeezes his cock as he almost always does after climaxing... it feels so good! Andy's breathing heavily, stepping back to get under the water that's splashing off John's head. Using a washcloth, he wipes his messy cock, then dabs at the cum drooling out of John's ass, mumbling, "That was different, huh?"

"Different, yeah, but it was also wicked cool, Andy! A first for me, and I had another fantastic orgasm. You fuck perfect! You're the best," and he turns around to hug Andy. The water pouring out of the showerhead now hits John's ass. He used to think Brian, with a fatter cock, fucked better than Andy, but now he's not so sure. Andy's his man now, too, so...

Andy says, "That felt so damn good, Darling. Well, hell, it felt better than good! It felt... WOW! And now I get to finish your sponge bath."

After bathing John, Andy smacks John's ass, "Go ahead and get out of the tub, Darling. You can dry yourself. Man, oh man, though, I enjoyed washing your body 'cause you are a beautiful hottie."

John is so used to Andy doing things for him that he doesn't think twice about being bathed by him. He mutters, "Yeah, thanks, Andy. I feel super clean when you bathe me. You do it awesome."

And Andy's so used to bossily telling John what to do he doesn't think twice about saying, "Brush your teeth and gargle with mouthwash, Darling. You've got beer and cigarette breath."

Lisping rather heavily, John says, "Yeah, okay, Andy."

After doing what he's told, his breath minty fresh, John gets dressed, putting on his last clean pair of silky girl's panties, then an old, clean, comfortable western shirt and jeans. Pulling on sweat socks, he pulls on his cowboy boots because, even though his feet are sore, he wants to get used to wearing cowboy boots every day as he used to before the accident.

Naked with a towel around his neck, Andy comes into the bedroom. John's combing his hair, saying, "Andy, do you think it's alright if I call my buddy Dickie Marshall and tell him my tale of comas and amnesia? Is there any reason I shouldn't do that?"

Andy says, "I don't know why the fuck you need to ask me that. But, yeah, great, call him. We need to go clothes shopping again, too. Sorry, but I need to borrow another pair of your underpants."

He does that, then gets dressed in the only other Western set of clothes he owns." He mutters, "And, John, we need to do the laundry."

Finished combing in hair, lisping with a Wyoming accent now, John ignores all Andy's orders and asks, "How do I look, Andy? Does my hair look okay?" Running the comb through his hair, he mutters, "Whaddaya think?"

Andy stares at John, slowly shaking his head, muttering, "Yeah, your hair is fine, but you're so fucking gorgeous nobody will care about your hair anyway," and he walks over to hug John from behind. Kissing the side of John's neck, Andy murmurs, "And you smell sexy, and, oh fuck... I'm so lucky that you like me."

John turns around, kisses Andy's lips, and says, "Ha! Like you? I love you, bro!"

"Thanks, Darling. Um, are you going to ask your friend, Dickie, about getting some weed?"

"Of course! You want to smoke some weed, so I'm gonna make that happen by calling Dickie right now. It's almost seven o'clock, so he may have already gone out for the night, but we'll see."

Andy finishes getting dressed while John, using his Wyoming cell phone, hits speed dial, and a few seconds later, grinning and not giving a thought to his lisping, says, "Guess who this is, Dickie!" Then "Huh? NO! Hey, who is horn-job Gary?"

It takes John a second to realize how his lisping has thrown Dickie off. Dickie had never heard John's lisp before. Dropping lips, which he can do any time he wants, John says, "Dickie, this is John Darling, your uber-cool best friend since third grade."

He listens, then says, "I know I sounded like a fag, but why did you think I was Gary-somebody? Who the hell is he?" He listens, then mumbles, "Nah, you weren't joking. Anyway, I've been in the hospital... blah, blah, blah..." He talks for ten minutes, explaining what he's been through.

Andy rolls his eyes, then walks out of the bedroom with John following him. They go downstairs to the kitchen, where Andy cracks open two Budweiser cans and hands one to John. They go outside as John continues explaining to Dickie about the accident, his coma, and subsequent amnesia, then about his parent's deaths, and more blah, blah, blah, and "No, Dickie. I'm not bullshitting you."

Lighting two cigarettes, Andy gives one to John, who's still trying to bring his friend up to speed about the last four months of his life. John's saying, "No, my nurse lisps and I picked it up from him. Yeah, Dickie, there are male nurses now, ya dumb fuck. Haha, fuck you... haha, okay. I have a meeting tomorrow with my attorney about my parents' estate and, huh?"

Then, "I'm not being pretentious, ya prick. Everybody has an attorney if they're in circumstances like I'm in, and ha-ha, you're a riot, Dickie... and more blah, blah, blah..."

It turns into a twenty-minute conversation, with five of those minutes John and Dickie laughing and exchanging good-natured insults as only long-time good friends can get away with. Finished his call, John seemed animated in a rejuvenated way but with tears in his eyes. Crying for a few minutes, holding his hand up, muttering, "Give me a minute, Andy."

Getting his emotions under control finally, John mumbles to Andy, "Gee, it felt so good talking with Dickie; it was as if nothing's changed. He and I, um, well, if any two boys were going to do gay stuff together, he and I could have except, well, you don't do that kind of shit in Cheyenne, Wyoming. You can do it in Boston, no problem, but..."

Andy exhales smoke and nods his head but leaves it like that. John says, "My lisping, um, Dickie thought I was somebody named Gary. We never knew a Gary as long as we've been friends, and that goes back to grade school." Drinking some beer, John looks at Andy, asking, "Why aren't you saying anything?"

Shrugging, Andy says, "I don't want to interject my thoughts when I don't know this guy, Dickie-whatshisname."

"His name is Richard Marshall... Dickie Marshall. What would you interject?"

Shrugging again, Andy says, "He accepted your lisping explanation awfully easily, and that's because he thought you were this friend of his who is probably gay and messing around pretending to lisp. You doing that girlie lisping as a gay boy should have resulted in him wanting more of an explanation than you're imitating your nurse. Plus, you just said that you and Dickie would have done gay 'stuff,' as you put it, except you don't do that kind of shit in Cheyenne, Wyoming, so as I said, why did Dickie accept your lisping explanation so easily."

"Are you saying that my friend Dickie may be gay doing gay stuff with that Gary guy? How could it be possible that I wouldn't know he was gay after growing up with him as best friends for fifteen years?"

Andy steps on his cigarette butt, "You didn't realize he was gay the same way you couldn't admit to yourself you were gay. You'd still probably be denying it, except that prick of a roommate made you face it. Once you admitted it, you went for it balls-to-the-wall full force, loving being a gay submissive bottom. And you knew you were gay five minutes after awakening from your coma, too. Didn't you?"

Tapping his front teeth with his right forefinger, John goes, "Holy shit. What if Dickie really is doing gay shit with that Gary person, and I missed out on doing it with Dickie all those years? Oh, man! Hell, we always told one another that we were closer than brothers. We loved each other like brothers, that's for sure. Omigod, could it be Dickie's gay?"

Andy finishes his can of beer and says, "Well, it's not definite, Darling! His Gary mix-up could be a coincidence, although it'd be a big coincidence. What plans did you make with him?"

"I'm to call him after our meeting with Sara, and we'll meet someplace. He works, of course, so it'll be after work. Jeez, he said he prayed every night that, somehow, I'd turn out to be alright for me. Then he'd finally heard somehow that there was an accident but couldn't find out details about what happened to me."

"What's he look like?"

John finishes his beer and mumbles, "I'm hungry," as he looks through photos on his Wyoming cell phone. "Here's a picture of Dickie and me." Andy looks at the photo and sees two eighteen-or-nineteen-year-old boys with their arms across each other's shoulders, both holding tennis rackets."

Looking at John, Andy asks, "You play tennis?"

Nodding, "Yeah, don't you? Dickie's parents belonged to the same golf and tennis club as my parents. We played golf and tennis, and we weren't terrible at either one. Not particularly good either, but we were okay."

Andy makes a face, "You take for granted that your parents were rich or upper middle class at the very least. My parents didn't qualify for any level of middle class."

Judging from the picture, Dickie Marshall is John's height and weight, but the similarities end there. Dickie isn't good-looking or cute, but not bad-looking either. He is a Huckleberry Finn lookalike with red hair and freckles and a big toothy smile. Andy looks at the photo, then looks at John and mutters, "Huck Finn."

John says, "Yep, and he has freckles on his arms too... and on his dick. We did a circle jerk a few times in middle school, and his dick makes mine look pathetic. We used to laugh about it but never mentioned it, even once in high school. I haven't seen his dick since middle school, but it most likely hasn't changed much. It's as long as mine, except it's much fatter. Maybe the freckles have faded away by now... I mean the freckles on his dick. It's interesting, now that I give it a thought, how seven or eight years ago, we stopped doing or saying anything that might connect us with being gay. Wow, now that's both weird and interesting..."

They continued talking about Dickie, or John did, throughout dinner. They went to the same restaurant as last night, with the food not any better than it was last night. The restaurant was conveniently located, though.

It was only eight-thirty when they were walking out of the restaurant, so they drove to the mall five minutes away and bought two more Western shirts and jeans for Andy, plus six pairs of underwear.

Then, at another shop, John lisped heavily with the sales clerk in the 'Lady Intimate Apparel Shop' and questioned her about a panty size that would fit him best. With the saleslady's help, John bought six pairs of girls' panties. Andy was absolutely amazed at how naturally John made it seem to be discussing woman underpants that would fit him, a young male. The saleslady never batted an eye... It was unbelievable.

Walking to the car, Andy asked, "How did you have the balls to buy those panties without pretending they were for your girlfriend?"

"Andy, you told me to be proud I'm gay. I'm not hiding it."

"Oh yeah? When talking on the phone, you hid that you're gay from Dickie by not telling him the truth about your lisp. You didn't mention the reason you copied my lisp was because you want to be just like me, and I'm gay as May. Plus, ha-ha, you just found out that once you start the girlie-sounding lisping, you like doing it."

John says, "I've been able to not lisp whenever I want. And I wasn't hiding my gayness from Dickie; I didn't want to go into all that on the phone. And why are we arguing again?"

Andy shakes his head, "We're having a discussion. And, you know what? I don't think I've told you lately how much you mean to me."

"Yes, you have told me, and I love you almost as much as I love Dickie. Plus, you fuck me super good, and Dickie's never done it, so how about we do that before going to sleep tonight? We're boyfriends, right?"

"Yeah, sort of, and we'd be fools not to fuck tonight."

Back at the house, in the bedroom, they strip, then walk to the bathroom to do what needs to be done there. Pissing into the toilet, standing next to John, Andy asks, "Could you live in a nudist colony or, at least, go to a nude beach?"

Shaking his five-inch penis to get the last drip of urine to drop off, John puts his finger in Andy's piss stream, mumbling, "No, nude beaches especially don't appeal to me. Well, I might be interested if no one over the age of thirty was allowed on the nude beach. Older men's bodies can get downright hideous, never mind older women's bodies, although probably when I'm old, gray, balding, and sagging, I'll think differently."

John sucks on the finger he put in the piss stream; Andy mutters, "Urine fetish isn't as cool as a foot fetish," and they both laugh at their fetishes.

Andy says, "When I'm old, and my body looks like old shit, I'll still think male bodies are hot. The things I like now aren't going to change just because I'm old. I'll probably become a peeping pervert sneaking looks at guys with young bodies. And by the way, your body is super sexy to me. I say that even though you don't really have much muscle definition. On the other hand, there are bodybuilders who become grotesque-looking with way, way too much muscle definition."

John goes, "Yeah, I know. And I like your body too, Andy. What do you think of hairy men? Hairy backs and shoulders, chests and stomachs? I say, Eww!"

Andy says emphatically, "I think the same as you. Eww, gross!" Then he takes the tube of K-Y Jelly from his toiletry kit, muttering, "Bend over, and I'll lube your pussy."

"Don't call my ass a pussy, okay?"

Andy gives John's ass a hard slap, mumbling, "I will if I want to," and John looks back, saying, "Good! I liked that attitude! You need to be tougher with me if you're going to continue being my dominant top."

"I'm being as tough as I can," and he pushes his finger, full of K-Y jelly, up John's ass, his finger going in up to the third knuckle. After lubing around and inside John's anus, Andy smears the lubricant on his cock, then his fist spreads it up and down the six-inch shaft and bulbous head, firming his whole penis up quite a bit. He washes the lube off his hand, saying, "You need to wash up a little too, Darling." He's become completely at ease telling John what to do.

John nods, "I knew that, Andy," and pumps soap onto his hand.

After they wash their hands and faces, they brush their teeth. Walking back to the bedroom, holding hands, Andy's cock is a hard boner bobbing in front of them. Andy asks, "So, are you going to come right out and tell your friend, whatshisname, that you and I are gay boyfriends?"

"Yep, I will do that. You're my second boyfriend, and I'm proud to be your bottom boy. I'm proud of you, too!"

Andy lisps, "That is so nice of you to say, Darling. Traveling with you makes me feel like a rock star. I don't know how long this dream-come-true is going to last, but I'm loving every minute of being your boyfriend. Honestly, I'm not worthy, but I'm not turning down any of it."

In the bedroom, John hugs Andy around the waist, murmuring, "You've told me not to put myself down, and now I can say the same thing to you, Andy. Damn, I can't believe you have such a high opinion of me, but I love it. Brian mostly was putting me down for having no common sense, which I often don't have. He's right about that, but he didn't need to tell me that every ten minutes."

Ignoring another reference to Brian, Andy says, "Johnny, please don't tell me any more about Brian. I get upset at how badly he treated you."

Smiling and kissing, they both feel really good about each other. Andy can't help wondering about Brian, though, who is presently at Duke University studying. Andy's wondering about him because John says he loves Brian, and Dickie, too, as great friends. He's said that about Andy as well; how can he stack up against friends of John's for years, though? How is that going to work out well for him? That's what Andy's wondering.

As for John, he is super curious about the possibility his best friend since grade school might be a closeted gay boy and, if he is, what the possibilities of something sexual developing between them might be.

Those thoughts disappeared immediately when Andy and he started making out. John's and Andy's make-out gets hotter and hotter, and, of course, they both have their usual hard penises, both wet with precum, and John's rectum is totally lubricated, waiting anxiously for Andy's boner. During their make-out, both young men are moaning out breathy arousal sounds, which adds to the intense arousal they're already feeling.

Andy is stronger and can get John in any position he cares to fuck him in. Still, he puts off doing that because of the thrill of their bodily contact and the heightened sense of sexual excitement he feels making out and fondling someone as deeply desirable as John Darling Junior. That's something that shouldn't be passed up, so Andy puts off penetration until he's almost ready to blow a load.

John Darling is experiencing thrills, too. He's groveling in the fabulous sexual heat coming off Andy Salsbury's body as they're doing sexy kissing, hugging, rubbing, and fondling. John's thrilled to be dominated by Andy, thrilled by the knowledge that Andy can force his six-inch-long boner up John's ass whenever he wants, thrilled that his almost constant sexual need is about to be fulfilled again by his amazing dominant sex partner top, who he looks up to, and idolizes.

With his heart rate and blood pressure soaring, Andy forces John's head face down against the mattress, Andy's other arm going under John's belly, pulling John's ass up, which makes John's knees settle on the bed. On his knees behind John, Andy gasps, "Push your ass up further, Darling," and then he smacks John's ass, "Higher, I said!"

Pulling his face up off the mattress, John supports himself on his knees, his forehead and a forearm on either side of his head, the bed springs creaking. Taking a deep breath, he looks down his body at his hard throbbing boner and watches a drool of precum drop to the mattress from the quivering piss-slit, just missing his left knee.

John moans in sexual heat hotter than hell, pushing his ass up so hard his left knee comes off the mattress for a second, and he hears, "SMACK!" and immediately feels the smack on his ass. He shudders, anticipating Andy fucking him hard, hoping it goes on for a long time. His ass feels sticky and gooey as the K-Y lubricant in his rectum and around his anus has almost liquified from his body temperature.

Andy, highly aroused now and almost ready to shoot off, quickly lined his engorged penis to John's anus, the head swelled to fifty percent wider than the shaft. Pushing the hard bulbous head in past John's super sensitive anus muscles gets the nerve endings in and around his anus buzzing loudly with a combination of pleasure and pain. A gasp or groan slips out from John's throat as the big head of Andy's hard boner brazenly pushes up inside John's rectum, spreading the tight walls of his bowels as if they weren't even there.

The pleasure sensations coming off John's prostate begin blocking the pain as John makes involuntary whiny sounds. He's deep into what he covets the most in this world... sexual pleasure from his dominant sex partner. As soon as Andy's crotch smacks against John's butt cheeks, "Slap," Andy pulls his boner back, almost completely out of John's ass, then shoves it immediately right back up inside John with both guys going, "Ahh, ooh..."

Pushing a hard penis in and pulling it back from another male's ass is called anal fucking. It creates enormous amounts of pressure from the prostate gland, which causes more blood flow to the prostate, which increases its size and makes it even more sensitive. After a while, Andy's hard penis going in and out of John's tight rectum makes the glans at the head of the penis swell, and the testes, also known as testicles, balls, or nuts, enlarge as they're getting ready to ejaculate spermatozoa, also known as cum.

As climax gets closer and closer, the anus begins contracting rhythmically, and as muscles tense, eventually sperm and semen will be expelled, shooting out from the hard penis, and that's known as climaxing or having a sexual orgasm.

None of this is running through anybody's mind during anal intercourse, and certainly not John's or Andy's minds as they're concentrating on how intensely awesome they're feeling. Andy's hard penis is pretty much his whole world, a world of unique pleasure, while the things on John's mind are two powerhouses of pleasure areas... his anus and prostate. Those two areas definitely get most of his attention, but not all of it, because his throbbing hard penis is actively generating pleasure too. It will definitely dominate in the pleasure area when the inevitable climax happens.

And without consciously thinking about it, Andy's and John's levels of pleasure during this anal fucking are significantly higher doing it together than when doing it with someone else because the power of love will rock anyone's world. Fucking with someone else will still be fantastic because the erogenous zones don't know shit about love, and nerve endings do what millions of years of evolution taught them to do. It's the brain where the extra level of pleasure comes from. The brain knows about the power of love and increases the pleasure level appropriately. Everybody knows that. What the guys don't know is the difference between loving a friend and being in love, not that it makes much difference at the moment.

Andy's cock has reached maximum hardness, length, and girth as it tightly but smoothly fucks John Darling's ass. Meanwhile, Andy's entire hard penis is stimulated all over by John's tight rectum as Andy pulls and pushes his boner back and forth with John in a world of constant sexual pleasure.

Both guys are breathing hot and heavy, sensing their climaxes building to a crescendo. Then, John is holding his breath as he humps his hips, screeching out a hissy sound, "Ssh- ahh-ahh," his body shaking as cum pumps up from his nuts and out the quivering piss slit on the head of his stone boner. The cum streaks five inches straight down to go, "plop" on the sheet under him. It took three-quarters of a second from the beginning of its journey to the plop on the sheet.

Andy's making a face, his eyes tightly closed as he humps once more against John's buttocks shooting a hot stream of cum up into John Darling's rectum. Andy's making a breathy-hissing sound, dizzy from the explosion of sensations that quickly become the pleasure of a lifetime rolling out from his penis and groin to all parts of his body. Andy's shuddering, blinded by the light of the sexual pleasure he felt. Only momentarily, though, as everything mellows out and becomes a luscious memory zipping around his brain.

John, his head lifting off the mattress, murmurs, "Andy, do it some more... it feels so good, Andy."

Pulling his quickly softening penis from John's ass, Andy hooks an arm under John's stomach and pulls him along, both falling over on their sides; John lands in his cum, saying, "Oh, wait, ah..." but too late.

Andy pulls John against him, murmuring, "Shh, just lie with me until my heart stops beating out of my chest," and he kisses the side of John's head, adding, "You're a treasure, John Darling. You've ruined me for anybody else. No one else will ever matter to me because no one can compare with you."

John rustles around, bumping Andy with an elbow, getting face to face. Andy rolls his eyes, making a face, then smiling and saying, "I love you, bro, clumsy or not."

John grins, "Sorry about elbowing you." Then he nestles in against Andy, getting comfortable, moaning, "Mmmm, Andy, hug me."

Andy wraps John in his arms as John lisps, "That sex felt so good, Andy. Your dick felt soooo fat. Almost as fat as, um... never mind."

Ignoring that, Andy says, "Shh, c'mon Johnny, just lie here with me for a while. Don't talk."

Naturally, lying in silence, they fall asleep. John wakes up first. He looks around, seeing it's still pitch black outside his bedroom's double windows. It's sweaty where Andy's arm is over his side, and he feels the still partially wet cum under his other side. He mutters, "Ew," and moves against Andy's body but is still on the sheet's wet cum spot. Andy mutters, "What? Darling, what..." and opening his eyes, he goes, "Oh, fuck. We fell asleep."

John says, "You were fantastic tonight, Andy. It was the best..."

Andy goes, "Yeah, thanks, but let's clean up in the bathroom. My dick is stuck to my leg."

Sitting up in the dark, John says, "I didn't know cum and K-Y jelly formed glue."

Andy's grumpy, muttering, "What? Stop it, Darling... get off me."

They get out of bed with John mumbling, "You hurt my feelings. What's wrong with you?"

Putting an arm around John's neck, Andy pulls him against his side, murmuring, "I'm sorry," and he kisses John's cheek, adding, "I'm a grouch when I wake up. Not always, but... well, I apologize."

John puts an arm around Andy's waist as they walk to the bedroom door, where Andy flicks the light switch, and they both close their eyes for a few seconds because the light hurts their eyes. The bedroom light partially reaches the hall as they walk to the bathroom, John mumbling, "That's alright, Andy. I get grumpy in the morning sometimes, too."

After pissing, they wash up, with John saying, "I'll be glad when we're done with the legal stuff tomorrow."

Nodding, Andy dries his dick, then his hands, mumbling, "Uh-huh. Let's talk about it in the morning." Back in bed, they snuggle on Andy's side of the bed, away from John's cum shot on the sheet. John murmurs, "Don't ever leave me, Andy."

Andy ignores that because he's again got Dickie-whatshisname and Brian O'Neal on his mind. "Get to sleep, Darling."

They sleep until almost nine o'clock Thursday morning. Andy opened his eyes, seeing John on an elbow staring down at him. They look at one another for a second or two, and then Andy says, "Lie on your stomach and push your pussy up."

Nodding once, lisping, "Right away, Andy." John does what he's told; his cum spot from last night is under his belly but dry now. Andy lifts his right leg over John's legs as he strokes his morning boner, then guides the head to John's asshole and pushes it in. John goes, "Oh!" and squeezes the muscles in his anus.

Andy adjusts his position behind John while pulling on John's hips with both hands, "Get your pussy up, Darling!"

John pushes his ass up higher, his cock getting harder every time Andy calls his ass a pussy. John likes being submissive, and complaining about the 'pussy' comments isn't being submissive, so he's not going to do that anymore.

The leftover lubricant from last night enables Andy to thrust his morning boner all the way up John's ass and roughly fucks him fast and hard for a little over two minutes. Then they both make squealing sounds, climaxing hard while humping their hips and thrusting around. Andy's cock comes out of John's ass, and he gets on top of John, dragging John up on his side, then thrusts his still-hard cock back inside John's ass and fucks him some more.

A minute later, Andy has a second climax with a spurt of watery something. Gasping for breath, he pulls his cock out and then pulls John over on his back next to Andy's spot on the mattress. After a minute, John says, "We need to change the sheets. I shot a pretty good load of cum on the bottom sheet again."

Andy mutters, "You meant to say you need to change the sheet, right?"

Nodding, John lisps, "Sure, I don't mind being the woman and you being the man. I do the woman's work, and you do the sexual topping to satisfy your wife's horniness."

Laughing, Andy says, "What a crock of bullshit. I end up doing everything, almost."

John rolls over, putting an arm and a leg over Andy, his head near Andy's, "I'll change the sheets to please my top-man anytime."

"Well, you were the one who mentioned changing the sheets, not me."

John crawls mostly on top of Andy, lisping, "I loved that extemporaneous fuck you just did on my pussy, Daddy. Can you do some more of it?"

"Not now, and which one am I, your man or your daddy? And I'm beginning to realize that I'm not going to be man enough to satisfy your sexual needs, am I?"

Squirming on Andy, John grins, "Yes, you'll be able to do that once you build up more stamina."

Andy grins, wrestling John off him and, in short order, has John on his belly with his arms pinned behind him with Andy sitting on John's ass, "You are so much fun, Darling. And I just realized how stupid I was to insist you follow through with your memories here and in North Carolina. You wanted to continue with just you and me, but NO! I had to do the right thing, and now I'm afraid I'll lose you."

"You started off joking about that but ended up sounding sad, Andy. You're not going to lose me, not ever. I love you like a brother, bro... haha, no, I do!"

Andy is mad at himself for getting maudlin and glad John joked it up a little. He says, "You're a sweet guy, Darling. Don't pay any attention to my maudlin comments. Let's get cleaned up and grab something to eat before we see your attorney." He takes his arms from John and hops off the bed, asking, "Do you know how to get to her office?"

John jumps off the bed right after Andy, takes his hand, and walking to the bathroom hand in hand, he says, "No, but it's in Cheyenne, so it's not far. I'll look up directions on MapQuest. As fast as possible, I just want to sign everything and be done with it."

Pissing together at the toilet, Andy says, "No, you're not going to do that. We will ask questions, and you won't sign anything until we both know what you're signing and why."

Making a face, John lisps, sounding resigned to do it Andy's way, "Yes, Andy."

After doing what they needed to do in the bathroom and then getting dressed, they had cups of coffee using the Keurig coffee maker while Andy cooked fried egg sandwiches, John lisping, "Wow-wow, that morning sex was really awesome, Andy. You were good and dominant this morning. I like that."

Putting ketchup on his egg sandwich, Andy asks, "Was your roommate always dominant doing sex with you, or did you talk him into being that way?"

"He taught me to be submissive, and at first I rebelled, but he clamped down on me hard. Hell, I respected him for it, and by the end of our junior year, he had me totally under his control, but he never took advantage of that situation. Well, not nearly to the degree he could have if he wanted to. He was satisfied that I did what I was told, just like I am with you."

"Oh, no... don't compare me to him! I don't treat you anything like he did. I'm looking out for your best interest, and that includes having as much sex with you as I can manage. I realize it isn't as much as you'd like, but I'm doing my best."

John's eyes open wide, "What? Not as much as I want? You're doing fabulous, keeping me sexually satisfied. Much better than Brian ever did, and he was the one who got me horny in the first place. Jesus, sometimes I had to beg him for sex. Wait! I'm being too critical. Brian has done so much for me that I owe him big time. I don't want to bad-mouth him."

Andy didn't like hearing that, so he didn't press it. Instead, he mumbled, "Uh-huh, swell. We're finished our little breakfast; let's be on time for your meeting with your attorney at her office."

"I've still gotta get driving directions." He goes to MapQuest on his phone and mutters, "Oh, yeah. I know where the office is. It's in the tallest building in Cheyenne." Looking up, he says, "It's less than ten minutes from here."

Shrugging, Andy mutters, "Good. I'll have another cup of coffee then," and John says, "And I've gotta take a wicked piss."

Twenty-five minutes later, they walk into the McCarty & McCarty law offices. The overweight receptionist looks up and asks, "Yes, can I help you, boys? Are you lost?"

John looks at Andy, who is making a face, mumbling, "Lost?" Before he can say anything else, Sara comes out of her office, saying, "John Darling! Right on time," and then, "Hello, Andy."

John smiles, and Andy mumbles, "Hello." Sara turns to look at the obese receptionist, "I told you these young men would be coming in this morning, Millie."

Millie is looking for something in her middle desk drawer, mumbling, "What's that, Sara?"

Lisping with a bit of saliva spray, nervous all of a sudden, John says, "She acted as if we broke into......" pointing at the obese receptionist. Sara interrupts, "Oh, Millie was being protective. There's been some vandalism in the building lately and..." Then to Millie, sounding pissed off, she says, "This is my eleven o'clock appointment. The Darling case. The one I made a point of telling you about..."

Whoa, she's getting more pissed by the second as John and Andy exchange 'looks,' not sure what to do. Millie gets up, "Well, excuse me!" and lumbers off, her ass bobbing left/right, left/right as she stalks off in the direction of the lavatories. The guys look at Sara, who forces a smile, "I'm so sorry about that. Shall we...?" and she holds her arm out, inviting the guys to go into her office.

They do that, and Sara follows them. "Please, have a seat, fellows." They sit in front of Sara's desk as she sits behind it, saying, "My partner, um, my father, is going to sit in on this. He reviewed my handling of the case from the notification we received of the awful accident up till right now. Let me give him a call."

John is biting a fingernail until Andy gently puts a hand on John's arm, and he takes his hand away from his mouth. Sara picks up a landline phone and hits a button. Then, giving the guys a quick as-a-flash smile, she says, "They're here, right on time. Oh, okay." Then to the guys, "He'll be right over."

John looks at Andy and asks, "How long would you guess this will take?

Andy goes, "Heh-heh, why don't you ask your attorney," and he forces a smile at Sara, who stands up, ignoring that, saying, "Hi, Dad," to a man who doesn't look old enough to be her father. Her father says, "Sara, which one of these handsome fellows is young John Darling?"

Andy points at John, muttering, "The handsome one." Standing and holding out his hand, "I'm his nurse and good friend, Andy Salsbury. Johnny insisted I sit in on the proceedings, although I don't know what help I can be."

"Wonderful to meet you, Andy. I'm Francis McCarty. It's a pleasure to meet you, and a pleasure meeting you too, John," with his hand held out, "What a courageous battle you fought with the coma and amnesia and..."

John finally stands, looking uncomfortable, saying, "Battle? Ah, whatever, I'm not totally myself, so that's why I need Andy with me."

Mr. McCarty pulls a chair over and, sounding authoritative, says, "That's wonderful. Let's all sit, okay? I'm acting as a witness. Sara, let's start with the Vanguard account."

Over the next fifty minutes, Sara describes each asset in more detail than could possibly be necessary: what it's worth and what John needs to do about it, which in each case is nothing except reassign passwords to access the accounts, sign papers, and then sit down again to hear about the next one. For the next ten minutes, Andy makes all the decisions and whispers them to John while Sara and her father are conspicuous in not paying attention to them and not listening to a word of the new passcode discussions.

Next, Sara goes over each point in the will and how it has all been handled, then a lot of blah, blah, blah, which John yawned through while Andy paid attention. Another ten minutes of repeating herself and then, "The last point we need to cover is the charges to your account for attorney fees and various amounts of money we've forwarded to various government, local, and Federal agencies reassigning ownership of these assets, including the property in Cheyenne... the house. Here is the final accounting," and she passes John a computer printout.

He glances at it, shrugs, and passes it to Andy, who knows as much as John knows about what the numbers on the printout represent... which is nothing. They've been in here, bored beyond words, for an hour and a half. There is a notation that jumps out at Andy, however, so he asks, "This negative amount under hourly rate. The minus forty hours at $300 an hour, minus twelve thousand dollars, then a 'courtesy discount' of minus ten thousand dollars. The final McCarty & McCarty's attorney fee is this twelve-thousand-dollar figure, right?"

Sara's father, who basically has taken over the proceedings, as has Andy on the client's side, says, "Yes, well, that figure includes all the monies the firm paid out in John Darling's name, plus hourly rate times thirty-five hours that Sara spent on John's behalf."

Andy stares at the printout, no one saying anything; a phone rings that apparently the obese receptionist picked up after four rings. Finally, John looks at Andy and asks, "What is going on now?"

Andy clears his throat and lies, saying, "I was reading this printout." Then to Sara, looking at her, then looking at Mr. McCarty, Andy says, "Sara performed a compassionate handling of a difficult situation, and John was lucky to have the both of you looking out for him."

It's like the air in the room lets out a sigh of relief as everyone is chipper now. John's chipper because it's almost over, the attorneys are chipper because they thought Andy might know what he's doing, so they are relieved there won't be any blowback at their charges, and Andy's chipper because he got away with not knowing shit but helped John anyhow. Without him, Andy is doubtful they would have reversed those thousands of dollars Sara was going to charge a clueless John Darling.

They all stand, and mumble inanities, shaking hands, and then Sara gives John a folder with copies of whatever the attorneys did to charge twelve thousand dollars for. The attorneys are kicking themselves in the ass for writing off so much of Sara's original thirty-four thousand dollars in billable hours, but Andy's right. They were worried Andy might know something and maybe go to the local press. How would it make McCarty&McCarty look ripping off an orphan who went through what John Darling's been through?

Walking out of the building, Andy says, "I'm going to go over every piece of paper in that folder with you. Go over it until we both know what it means."

Uninterested in doing that, John says, lisping with a spray of saliva, "I'm getting kind of nervous about meeting Dickie today. I'm obviously gay like you, Andy. I'm happy to be like you, but Dickie's going to be wicked surprised."

No, he's not...

To be continued...

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