By Donny Mumford - Laureate Author

Published on Nov 17, 2023




The hotel doorman flags down a taxi for the guys, and off they went to the Prudential Center Mall. At the mall, they find that there are few choices for menswear, but Bonobos is a pretty cool men's shop for young guys. Slightly overpriced, but what isn't overpriced nowadays? Andy, for the first time in his life, is not concerned about what things cost because he's got John's debit and credit cards in his wallet.

Naturally, John defers to Andy, who hates to shop, so he doesn't waste much time putting together four casual outfits for each of them. Then Andy felt self-conscious about using John's credit card and tried giving it back to John. He was like, "Oh, please, Andy. Can't you deal with that for me?" So, Andy charged $976.00 to the credit card by tapping the card on the payment terminal.

Leaving the shop, John carrying both bulging bags of clothing, Andy says, "It feels wrong that you pay for everything, Johnny."

"You're doing this for me, so why should you pay> Anyway, my inheritance is so much it hardly matters that we charged nine hundred dollars on the credit card."

"Yeah, I guess. Um, I'm curious... what address is on your credit cards? I mean, you've just recently been released from the hospital, so where did your attorney expect you to be when the credit card bill is due?"

John says, "Yeah, it was Sara who set everything up. She helped me open my savings and checking accounts, plus these credit card accounts using my Cheyenne, Wyoming address."

Andy says, "Well, she was right about that, which reminds me that you need to call her to tell her we'll be home Tuesday. Also, since the house is locked, asked so how will we get in? What's her name again?"

"Her name is Sara McCarty, and I just remembered something... she told me to use only the debit card until I was home. There wouldn't be a bill using the debit card. Anyway, we'll be at the house Tuesday, so no problem. Um, yeah, I'll call her when we get back to the hotel."

Looking up and down the street for a taxi, Andy mutters, "Um, well, so we don't forget, could you call her right now?"

John nods, takes out his phone, and hits speed dial for his attorney. He says, "Good afternoon. Sara McCarty, please..."

He listens, then says, "John Darling. She's my attorney, and..." Andy looks at John, who shrugs, then says to the phone, "Yes, thank you."

Looking at Andy, "She isn't usually in the office on Saturdays. She'll call me Monday, according to the answering service."

Andy nods, "I forgot it's Saturday. Okay, let's go back to the hotel and take the tags off the clothes we bought. By then, I hope Dr. Berry returns your text."

John mumbles, "Me too."

Andy mutters, "Now we'll see how good I am at flagging down a taxi." Then, glancing at John, he adds, "Here, bro, give me one of those bags to carry. You're not a servant."

Then he holds up his arm at the first taxi they see, and the cab pulls over right in front of them. Getting into the cab, Andy mutters, "Beginner's luck getting this taxi so fast!" Then he tells the driver, "Boston Park Plaza Hotel."

Dr. Berry won't be texting Andy today because he got lucky Friday night, picking up a youthful-looking twenty-year-old Porta Rican lad at the gay club, Cico Dolares. They were in Dr. Berry's bed until an hour ago. Dr. Berry, who looks like John Darling's brother, is hot to trot for youthful-looking guys who love taking it up the ass. This lad's anus is wicked sore right now, and so is Dr. Berry's dick. John Darling is NOT on Dr. Berry's mind.

In John's hotel suite, he and Andy have taken the ridiculous number of tags off the items they purchased, and now John's staring at his idol, Andy Salsbury, waiting to be told what to do next. Andy's folding the last pair of khaki shorts then glances at John. Seeing John staring at him like that makes Andy feel a huge responsibility. To get off that, he asks, "What's the weather like in Wyoming this time of year, Johnny? I didn't think about that until now. Shit, I hope I chose the right clothes for us."

Shrugging, John says, "Ah, let's see. During September, it's something like low seventies down to high fifties at night, something like that."

Sitting down on the only upholstered chair in the living room, Andy mutters, "Oh, that sounds okay. We've got clothes for Fall weather like that, plus summer stuff. We'll get some new winter shit, too, once we're settled in at your house."

John is staring at Andy the way a puppy dog stares at its master. Grinning, Andy says, "Goddamn, you're a cute motherfucker, Darling. Do you want to come over and sit with me?"

John mutters, "I'm glad you think I'm cute," hurrying over to squeeze in next to Andy, who wraps his arms around John, murmuring, "Your body feels good, Johnny," and they kiss with John squirming around until he's sitting on Andy's lap, facing him with a knee on either side.

John murmurs, "I'm trembling in your arms." They kiss again, both boys springing hard boners. John melds into Andy's body, the sides of their faces together, "You've helped me so much, Andy. You're my dream best friend come true and a dreamy sex buddy, too. The best sex buddy ever. I love you, bro!" his arms going around Andy's neck as he adds, "You're better than any fantasy best friend I could dream up."

Andy's arms hug John around his waist; then, the fingers of his left hand go through the soft hairs on the back of John's head as Andy murmurs, "Holy shit, you were right, bro. That old fuck cut your hair too short. I like it, though. It's the prettiest shade of blond hair I've ever seen."

John goes, "You've got blond hair too, Andy."

"Not like yours, bro."

John says, "Wait till you see Dr. Berry. He looks like me, and his hair is the same shade of blond. It's kinda freaky, actually."

Andy's not sure he wants to meet the doctor. This beautiful young man, John Darling, is infatuated with him, so why confuse the issue with a possibly gay doctor? He mumbles, "I might never get to meet your Dr. Berry. I mean, if he doesn't text you by Monday, he can forget about it."

"Whatever you say, Andy. I don't care if we see him or not."

They do sloppy kissing for almost two minutes straight, their noses rubbing together, their mixed saliva glistening around their mouths. Gasping for air, their lips slide apart as John humps against Andy's hard dick, then with a moan of arousal, they lick and kiss each other some more, incredibly aroused by now.

The boys, breathing deeply, their hearts pounding in their chests and against each other's chest, are motionless in one another's arms without talking for a minute or two, both hard penises throbbing. Kissing John's cheek, Andy mutters, "Get your pants off."

Without the slightest hesitation, John does what he's told, sliding backward off Andy's lap, then standing in front of him, he drops his jeans and steps out of his girlie underpants, his hard five-inch boner bobbing up and down one time only, then sticking straight out with a bubble of precum at the piss slit.

Andy sits there taking the last condom from his pocket, then he unzips his fly and pulls out his hard-as-granite six-inch throbbing boner. He groans as he stoked it, John staring at it, licking his lips, "Can I suck it, Andy?"

Ripping open the condom packet, Andy shakes his head, too aroused to speak. Rolling the condom onto his hefty, large-headed boner, he grins and grunts out, "Oh, God... Um, c'mon, Darling, get back on my lap. I want you to ride my hard, swollen cock, the cock that you own."

Getting a knee on either side of Andy, Andy holding John around the waist so he won't fall. "Oh, I own your cock, huh? Fuck, you've got me trembling again, Andy."

Andy chuckles, watching a big drool of precum drop off the head of John's boner. John moaned and lifted up on his knees, then moved his asshole until it was above Andy's boner. "Is that good, Andy? Can I drop my ass?"

Andy realizes he's been holding his breath, so he exhales noisily, then nods, "Yeah, very slowly."

John's eyes close, his face against Andy's, and his arms around Andy's neck as he lowers his asshole until he feels the slippery nipple on the condom hit near his anus. Andy feels under John's ass with his finger and moves the head of his boner over a quarter inch, "Okay, drop down on it now, Darling... slowly."

Both boys scrunch up their faces as the fat head of Andy's boner begins to barely spread the lips of John's tight asshole. Tight, but the head is insistent that it spreads, spreads, spreads open, until, "AHH!" from them both as the big head overpowers John's anus muscles and tightly slides inside John's body, snuggling there as if it's where it belongs. John squeezes his arms around Andy's neck, their faces squished together, their lips kissing again as John slowly begins sliding down Andy's fat sex pole, inch by inch, until he's sitting on his lap again.

They rub their noses together, more saliva around their chins and mouths. Then John, moaning at the pleasure he's feeling, begins doing two-inch humps up and down on Andy's hard boner, which gets Andy moaning now, "Oh, oh, oh... go all the way up, Darling!"

With his head on Andy's shoulder, his face against Andy's neck, John lifts his hips up, up, up, causing screeching pleasure vibrations to fly off Andy's tight boner and a tsunami of pleasure sizzling from John's rectum; they both shake and shudder, moaning in a world of sexual pleasure they never want to end.

There's way too much stimulation for this to last long, though. John barely gets into a good rhythm of lifting and dropping his hips when overly exuberant; he pulls entirely off Andy's boner. Andy mutters, "Oh, fuck! Um, wait, no problem, Johnny, pull off the rubber. You're all lubed up now, and I wanna feel what it's like to do you bareback."

John, now very used to doing what he's told, pulls off Andy's condom, holds it in his fingers, and reaches under him with his free hand to guide Andy's cock to his asshole, then gets right back to riding up and down on that hard, fat, long boner. Then, again, he's into a smooth rhythm, up and down, up and down, up and down...

Two minutes later, John's climax comes rushing out of nowhere, dominating the scene. He moans, "I'm gonna cum, Andy, I'm gonna cum," and he does, shooting his wet string of sperm between them, cum spray hitting under both their chins, the stream landing mostly on Andy's shirt near his breastbone.

John continues spastically riding up and down Andy's boner, going up too high and again pulling off just as Andy makes a gasping sound shooting off his climax, the cum stream hitting John's left butt cheek with creamy goo drooling down on Andy's lap. Andy's still humping his hips, bumping the head of his cock against John's buttocks three times before accidentally hitting John's wide-open anus. Startled, John sits all the way down on the still semi-hard cock. Fully impaling John again, Andy humps against his buttocks as both boys again moan, "AHH OOH!'

Then they settle down, hugging each other, their faces squished together, breathing into each other's faces, Andy's cock remaining fully inside John's rectum as he moans, "My cock feels so good in your ass, Darling. Stay like this for a while." Then, a minute later, "Hey, wait! I think I'm getting hard again."

John's tightening the muscles in his rectum, moving his ass slightly because it feels so good being filled up back there. He sighs and rubs his nose back and forth on Andy's, then licks Andy's lips until Andy murmurs, "Stop it, please! Ride my dick again."

John does what he's told and lifts his hips... they both gasp, making John snicker, saying, "Yeah, uh-huh, you do feel wicked hard again, Andy. That's unbelievable, but that's just one of the reasons I worship you. You're my god."

Andy snickers at that, muttering, "Blasphemy, heh-heh." John quickly gets an excellent rhythm going, his hips sliding up and down Andy's cock, which is as hard as it was earlier, and John rides that hard, fat boner so long his thighs begin aching, but he doesn't stop until Andy finally cries out, "Holy shit, I'm cumming again..."

Humping his hips, Andy's crotch bumps into John's ass as it's coming down but blows his load anyway. It's a tiny second load that goes inside John's bowels this time as John is stroking himself off, climaxing almost before Andy finishes his orgasm.

"Lift off my dick, Johnny. It's soft now and a little sore. That was magnificent, though! Don't you think?"

His eyes tightly closed, John's shaking slightly, embracing the scintillating pleasure sparking all over him, his small second climax drooling down his fist. He exhales, opens his eyes, and grins at Andy, "Oh, yeah! That was a magnificent double fuck, alright. No-fucking-body could do that as good as you, Andy!"

Andy smirks, "I'm glad you think so. And, by the way, you've got a good asshole back there, bro. I meant to mention that before. So far, I've only fucked a couple of guys, but your asshole is the best by a mile. And even better than your great asshole, there's no bitching from you about it hurting or complaining when I climax too quickly or whatever... there's no complaints from you at all. In fact, you act grateful."

John murmurs, "I am grateful, and I'm impressed by you so much," and he kisses and sucks on Andy's lips.

Pushing John away, Andy's like, "You're drooling on me. Get off, Darling, I'm getting a cramp."

John stands up and reaches back to his asshole that's drooling Andy's little climax, mumbling, "It's your cum, Andy..."

Andy gets up from the chair, mumbling, "Yeah, I know, and your cum is all over my shirt."

Muttering, "Sorry," John does what he always does; he leans against Andy, putting his arms around him, murmuring, "I think I love you."

Andy's reaching between them using both hands to put his sloppy dick back in his pants and pull up his zipper, then his arms go around John, "That's such a sweet thought. I think I love you too, okay? But let's clean up a little now."

Holding hands, walking to the bathroom, Andy mutters, "That hypnotist doctor of yours ain't gonna text you back if he hasn't done it by now. It's after four already. This day flew by."

He squeezes John's hand, adding, "It flew by, but I loved every minute of it with you, Darling."

They're washing their hands, staring at one another in the mirror over the double sinks. Both guys grinning, liking their joint mirror reflection. John says, "We go together so well, Andy. I mean, look at us! Two cute blond boys who were born for each other."

Andy mutters, "More like an average-looking, not cute, dirty-blond-hair guy and a cuter-than-shit guy with shiny light blond... no, it's two-tone blond hair. Heh-heh, that's closer to the truth."

Turning his head to look at Andy, John thoughtfully mumbles, "Still, we look like we could be lovers, Andy. We look like we're a couple. We're boyfriend lovers who could be married, ya know?" and he starts tearing up, adding, "Yeah, that could happen. We really should be together forever. Can we, um, be together forever, do you think?"

Puffing out his cheeks, then exhaling, Andy says, "What'd I tell you earlier, Johnny? Try to have your emotional moments with no tears! And, Jesus, you know how to put the pressure on someone. I have no plans to be anywhere except with you. Could you leave it at that so I can relax and enjoy the here and now for a second... alright? Please!"

Looking down, John nods, "Yeah, of course... I'm sorry, Andy."

Andy makes an exasperated facial expression, then hugs John, swaying him side to side a little, murmuring, "No, don't be sorry. Christ, I'm so flattered you want to spend your life with me, Johnny. I really am. It's just that, um, we throw the word 'love' around too easily, and I get flustered when you constantly... oh, never mind. You're doing fine."

John snuggles in Andy's arms, mumbling, "I overdo everything, I know that. I don't mean to, though."

Andy rolls his eyes and grins... he can't stay aggravated with John for long. "Who knows, Johnny, we'll probably be celebrating our ninetieth birthdays together, me still unwilling to admit that our wonderful lives together can go on forever."

"Really, Andy? Are you being serious?"

"Yeah, I'm serious. The last thirty hours with you have been the best hours of my life, so, yeah, I hope your wishes become my wishes and all our wishes come true. Good God, you're so fucking special. It's just that my first twenty-two years haven't been especially great, so I don't want to get my hopes up for the next twenty-two. Do you know what I mean?"

The tears have stopped running down John's cheeks as he smiles, "Oh, yeah, you want the same thing I want, but you don't want to jinx our chances by saying it out loud."

"Exactly, Johnny!"

Andy takes a handkerchief from his back pocket and wipes the tears from John's face. Then, kidding John, Andy squeezes the handkerchief on John's nose and says, "Do a big blow for daddy." Looking serious, not realizing Andy's kidding, John blows his nose real hard with very little mucus coming out.

"That's all there is, Andy. Thanks."

Andy's not sure who's kidding who now, so he decides to leave it at that. Putting his handkerchief away, Andy says, "You know, all I was saying is, um, try to cut out the tears. That's all..."

John says, "I've been trying to do that. Dr. Hinds said I could expect to be overly emotional for a while, but I'm trying, Andy. I mean, fuck, those were the first tears in the last eight hours. I'm getting better, thanks to you."

Andy sits on the sofa, and of course, John gets on it right next to him. Putting his arms around John, Andy mutters, "You're an irresistible delight, John Darling. How did I get so lucky?"

Sighing, John murmurs, "I feel safe with you."

Later, because it's convenient and they had good dinners there last night, they have dinner in the hotel's restaurant again, then watch TV, cuddling on the sofa in the living room. In bed, Andy gave John an excellent, hard ten-minute fuck, and then they were sleeping naked in one another's arms by ten-thirty, as happily content as it's possible to be.

Andy wakes up Sunday morning before John does. He had drifted apart during the night, so Andy slid to John and justled him into his arms, the side of John's head on Andy's shoulder, "Good, this is how we went to sleep."

John is still sleeping with Andy, rubbing his body against John's; he says out loud, "Omigod, his naked body is so smooth and feels so wonderful against mine. Fuck me, but this is exactly where John Darling belongs... in my arms." He kisses the side of the sleeping boy's head, murmuring, "He smells as good as he looks, too."

Soon, Andy's cock becomes a roaringly hard, long morning boner and morning boners are the hardest boners on earth. Very aroused now, Andy licks John's ear, then his cheek, hoping to wake him so they can fuck. Looking closely, he notices the faintest pale blond whisker buds along John's jaw and his upper lip. He rubs his chin against John's jaw and smiles... his whiskers aren't even stiff.

"He's my baby boy," Andy said aloud, his heart aching for John Darling. Quietly talking to himself, Andy says, "I'm conflicted in that I want to baby and spoil the shit out of my lover boy here, but instead, I need to be firm and stern with him because that makes him happier. Fucking dilemma!"

John, grinning, mumbles, "Why are you talking to yourself?"

Andy snickers, then mutters, "How long have you been awake, you sneaky fuck?"

"Long enough to know you want to do what's best for me. I trust you so much, Andy! And, you know, I was thinking just now about yesterday afternoon when you said something about you and me settling into my Wyoming house. Is that where we're going to live?"

"For a while, yeah. At least until you get your memory back. After that, we'll talk about what's next. Most likely, though, when you've got your memory back, there's almost certainly going to be a boyfriend you'll remember. You're too innocently sweet and cute not to have had a boyfriend, so there's that complication to deal with, and I've already promised not to cause a problem in that regard."

Snuggling against Andy, John mutters, "You scare me when you talk like that, Andy. Nobody is coming between us! I don't even want to regain my memory if it means losing you."

"You're sweet, Johnny. Um, don't worry about that now, though. It looks like a beautiful day, so let's rent a car and drive out of the city, maybe go swimming somewhere, but first, I've got a boner that will not quit, so..."

"Oh, yeah! What should I do?"

Andy says, "In my satchel is a box of condoms. Get one, and bring it back to bed with you."

"Right away, Andy!"

After rolling the condom on, Andy gasps in some oxygen, then says, "Jesus, I want to do this so badly, I'm fucking dizzy."

"Me too!"

"Get on your stomach.' Then, pushing the covers to the foot of the bed, he says, "No, get on your hands and knees, and push your asshole out at me."

John quickly does that, and Andy gets on his knees behind him. Taking a deep breath, he pushes the swollen head of his iron-hard penis against John's anus and exerts a little more pressure. A little more, then a little more, and the slippery swollen head of his boner slowly spreads the lips of John's asshole with Andy holding his breath, his cock a heavy, blood-filled, very hard log between his legs.

"Ahh, oh fuck..." John moans, then, "Fuck me hard, Andy..." and the fat hard cock in his ass moves further up into his bowels, and then further as its opening John up, seemingly impossibly wide. Andy grunts when his groin is tight against John's buttocks. He humps dominantly against John's half melon size butt cheeks, then smacks his left butt cheek, "Slap, slap, slap..."

"Oh, God, I feel like I'm going to cum already, Andy..."

Andy pulls his engorged boner back, drives it right back in, and then does it again, over and over, steadily. John's moaning and swaying forward and back on his hands and knees. Three, four, five minutes of hard fucking, both boys moaning in their worlds of sexual pleasure, crazily infatuated about having sex with the one person they most want to do it with out of the seven billion persons on the planet.

Andy blows his load first, making a noisy breathy sound and humping against John's ass as he does it, pumping three shots of cum into the condom. He gets a little giddy at the thrill of his spectacular orgasm and continues to thrust wildly, but only for twenty seconds because that's when John blows his load, along with a lisping little girlie squeal. His cum shot goes straight down to splat on the mattress, leaving John shaking like a leave in a hurricane.

On his knees, his cheek on John's back, Andy hugging around John's stomach, murmuring, "Easy, Johnny. Calm down, bro.... yeah, that's good, that's my boy," and they both roll over on their sides, Andy's cock coming out of John's ass, both breathing deeply. When Andy moves his hips slightly, his condom-covered cock, slippery with lube and now with a scent of feces on the lubricant, smears against the inside of John's right thigh as Andy murmurs, "Good, boy, Johnny. You were shaking there, scaring me."

"That's because you fuck me so good, Andy! I mean, it gets me shivering and feeling better than I've ever felt before in my life. It's like a miracle or something." Then, "Um, is that your dick against my leg?"

"Yeah, with the condom still on. Let's take a shower together."

That's what they do. Then, dried off and dressed, Andy buys bathing suits at the overpriced shop in the hotel for them. They take the bathing suits with them to the cafe for breakfast; John is staring with goo-goo eyes at his idol, who says, "I charged the bathing suit on your card. Is that alright?"

Nodding, John goes, "Are you kidding? Of course, it's alright. I'll buy you anything you want, Andy. Um, if we get married, will I be, um, like your wife?"

"No! We'd both be husbands! Jeez, Johnny, where do you come up with shit like that?"

Shrugging, John mumbles, "I don't know. It's just something I wondered about. It's no big deal to me. I'd be your wife if that's the way it works. I was thinking about that before falling asleep last night. And, ah, you know, what are the chances you'd marry me? I'm just asking... I know you said..."

Andy takes a deep breath, preventing him from jumping down John's throat, then quietly says, "Remember how we agreed to worry first about you regaining your memory before making any long-range plans?"

"Oh yeah, I know, but what do you think the ballpark chances are that you'll marry me?"

Exasperated but not showing it, Andy says, "If you still want me, the chances of that happening are very high, okay?"

Nodding, John mumbles, "Okay, that's good. Real good, yep. It's what I was hoping."

After breakfast, Andy calls Enterprise, the car rental company, and arranges for a rental car to be delivered to the hotel within a half hour. They wait in the lobby with their bathing suits rolled up in hotel towels until the man from Enterprise arrives. He drives then the five miles to the Enterprise office, where Andy fills out the paperwork and asks John if it's okay to use his credit card to pay for a twenty-four-hour rental. John says, "Yes, of course. Please don't ask me every time we buy something. Use the credit card for everything, please!"

Andy's driving on Route 93 South, saying, "I grew up in Framingham, so I know the suburbs pretty well. Our best bet for some water park fun is Canobie Lake Park in Salem, New Hampshire. It's off Rt 93, about thirty miles from Boston, so it's like a half-hour drive from here. It's an amusement park with two or three swimming parks.

There's free parking, then it's $39 general admission that Andy pays with four twenty-dollar bills, telling John, "We'll get something to eat for lunch, then rent a locker to put our swimsuits and towels, then see how hot the rollercoasters are. This will be fun, huh?"

And it is fun! Just for the hell of it, John and Andy do exaggerated lisping scream on the roller coaster, sounding like girls. Testing other rides, they whisper about young guys they see who are cute or sexy. They rode rides for two hours in the sun and then cooled off at one of the water parks until almost five o'clock. Drying off, they walked around in swimsuits, T-shirts, and sneakers without socks, drinking sodas and eating popcorn.

Sitting on a bench, Andy uses the palm of his hand to push John's short, blond bangs back off his forehead, "Your face has sunburn, Darling. It's mostly on your nose and cheeks. Goddammit, I'm supposed to think of shit like sunscreen! You've got very pale skin coloring."

Smiling, John says, "I love that you treat me like a baby. It makes my dick tingle. It's not your fault I got sunburned, though. I knew I should put on sunscreen. I thought of it but didn't think I'd need it for only a couple of hours we'd be in the sun."

"Well, you did need it, and I should have made you put it on. I've got medium coloring, so I didn't need it. C'mon, let's take off. I've had enough of Canobie Lake Park. It was fun, though. Don'cha think?"

They get their clothes and towels from the locker, then walk out of the park with John trying to hold hands with Andy, him saying, "No handholding! Stop it! We don't know what kind of homophobic hicks are out here in New Hampshire."

John laughs, "There aren't any hicks in New Hampshire, Andy. Ha-ha, cow-hampshire." He tries holding Andy's hand, almost making him drop his towel.

Andy gets stern, "I said stop it!"

"Okay, Andy. I'm just kidding around," and now he's pouting a little. Then asks, "Do you mind if I smoke a cigarette?"

"No, of course, I don't mind!" Then, in a nicer, more pleasant tone of voice, "We'll share it, and I'm sorry I snapped at you."

They smirk at each other as John lights a cigarette, takes a drag, then passes it to Andy, saying, "I'll carry your towel for you."

Andy shrugs and gives John his stuff to carry, saying, "You want me to be firm with you, so don't pout when I get like that. I'm doing it for your benefit."

"I know that, Andy. And I'm not pouting 'cause I know you're the boss."

"Well, okay, then," and he passes the cigarette back to John.

Andy drives the wrong way when they leave the parking lot, and he's soon lost. He goes onto a dirt road to turn around, and John says, "Hey, look, Andy. That looks nice."

It's a clear stream bubbling along with a pristine, grassy area on the other side of it. Parking, they carried their towels, crossing the bubbling brook by stepping on stones. John was giggling and then cursing when his foot slipped off a rock and sunk to the bottom of a foot of cold water.

"Fuck, that was cold!" John says as they lay the towels in the lush grass. Lying together on mostly dry towels, Andy mumbles, "Let's share another cigarette. Thanks to you, I think I'm getting hooked on smoking again."

"Hey, I didn't talk you into smoking."

He lit another cigarette, and as they smoked it, they looked into each other's eyes, smirking and smoking without talking. Flicking the cigarette butt, John mumbles, "I love your face, Andy. I love how your voice sounds. The same for how your skin smells and feels, and your dark-blond ponytail. I love your earring and want one exactly like it, and your big, pretty brown eyes that shine like the stars on a bright, clear night. I like everything about you. I've never known love, but I'm pretty sure I love you. Right now, I don't know how I could live without you. Not after I've experienced living with you. I'll fucking stalk you if you try dumping me."

Smiling, Andy holds his arms out, murmuring, "We still throw the 'love' word around too much, but c'mon, Johnny, I'll wrap you in my arms like the big baby you are."

Grinning, his dimples showing cutely, John says, "It's about time you took care of me," and he gets wrapped up in Andy's arms. They kiss, doing it slowly, and they're doing extra deliciously yummy kisses, one following another for quite a while.

This felt different now that the boys had realized the important place each feels within their relationship, and both are happy with it. Andy's the adult in charge and has become convinced he's doing an excellent job helping John Darling. John, of course, revels in being the amnesia patient with a hired full-time nurse who he's probably in love with.

Their sex feels different... feels betternow. John, always hungry for Andy, was the one who took the initiative and slid forward onto his knees beside Andy, who nodded that he understood John needed to feel his affection through their sex together. They put their arms around one another, and John's mouth pressed on Andy's, and it opened. They fumbled with their swimsuits and T-shirts until they were naked, tangled in the towels.

Both were soon making quiet whining sounds of desire as Andy put his hands on John's privates and felt a quiver ripple through his body. John arched against Andy, his mouth hard against Andy's mouth, his front teeth cutting Andy's lip, so John tasted his blood for a moment. Then he pressed even harder against Andy, moaned softly, and the center of himself seemed to escape him and envelop them both.

It was strange and yet so beautiful as Andy entered John's body, bareback as they moaned in ecstasy during a slow love-making for twenty minutes before both boys were empty of sperm and felt as if something significant had happened in this wild garden.

They were quiet when putting their swimsuits back on and then gathering up the towels and cigarette box.

"Here, I'll carry your stuff, Johnny. You need to be extra careful walking on the stones across the brook."

To be continued...

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