By Donny Mumford - Laureate Author

Published on Feb 16, 2024




On a mid-September Friday night in John Darling's kitchen, John, Andy, Dickie, and fat Gary have come to a new arrangement: Dickie Marshall and Andy Salsbury will try out being boyfriends for a while, Dickie doing the dominant topping. Both of them, finally in their chosen sexual roles, breathed a sigh of relief.

It's vague who dumped who, everyone thinking it was their idea. From Dickie's perspective, the leftovers were John and Fat Gary. Fat Gery was equally sure it was his idea and hoped there were no hard feelings, which there weren't!

Gary Thomas smirks at John Darling as if he, Gary Thomas, pulled this switch off and now is able to optimistic John will be an obedient submissive boyfriend. Gary obviously doing the dominant topping honors. These two are in the only sexual roles possible because John couldn't be dominant over anyone, and the thought of fat Gary being submissive to anyone is laughable.

These arrangements are uncomplicated, just two youthful boyfriend-friendly sexual relationships with nobody in love and friends all around. As mentioned, Dickie claims it was he who first proposed this arrangement, one he estimated should last for maybe a month before it got 'old.' Fat Gary considered John Darling his boyfriend before Dickie suggested it but doesn't bother making a point of that.

The new boyfriend configuration worked excellently right from the start. Overall, their group's leader is Gary. He and Dickie exchanged grins like, 'Great!' because, as was mentioned, both are now in sexual roles that fit them best. And John's beaming because his new idol, fat Gary, is the leader of everyone and chose him to be his boyfriend... sort of.

As for fat Gary, he looks around and sees nothing but smiles, and he's smiling, too, because he's never had a boyfriend nearly as good-looking as John Darling, while John is infatuated with confident Gary. Standing next to him, John wraps his arms around his new idol's left arm, looking at him with stars in his eyes.

Gary asks, "Really?" John nods, and Gary shrugs, not one for being demonstratively affectionate. John's a cute novelty so far, so fat Gary mutters, "Okay, hug my arm if you want." Then to Dickie, "Hey, hot shot, let's light up a couple of those joints."

Not enthused about smoking pot, John mumbles, "Let's not," but nobody pays any attention to that. The other three are anxious to get high. Andy takes two joints from the Ziplock bag, giving one to Gary and the other to his new boyfriend, Dickie Marshall, who smirks at him, muttering, "This is fun, huh, Nurse Andy?"

Andy acts like a shy girl and lisps, "Your voice is so sexy it gives me goosebumps."

Dickie, who believes every compliment ever given to him, no matter how absurd, mumbles, "Yeah? That's cool."

Andy lisps, "The way you handled everything was so perfect, Dickie! And it's also a major relief for me not needing to fake being dominant for Johnny anymore. I love him like a brother, but it's not my nature to be dominant, and the pressure was getting me stressed out."

Dickie, holding the joint and a Bic lighter, says, "Hell, it was even worse for me because I only got to top Gary like once a month, if I was lucky, and I'm a natural dominant top. Anybody could see that, right?"

"I'll say, Dickie!"

As they take their joint outside, Dickie puts his hand on Andy's shoulder, stopping him at the porch railing, and says, "Well, we both love John in our own way, and from what you've told me and what I know about Gary, John is in good hands. Gary could dominate the shit out of Attila The Hun, so that should satisfy our Johnny. You can put your mind at ease; he will be thrilled with Gary. Hell, he probably already is..."

Leaning against the porch railing, Andy's fingers go through Dickie's orange/red flattop hair, "Well, getting to know you now, I can see how you and Johnny would be childhood best friends. I'll bet you bossed his cute ass all over the place."

"Yeah, I did. He liked me being our leader. We sure had a good time together, but Goddamn, I still can't believe we never got into any gay shit. We almost did when we'd wrestle, which we did all the time back then. Ya know, as kids, we'd spring young boners but laugh at them instead of taking it one more step."

Staring at Dickie as he lights the joint, Andy asks, "How many freckles would you guess you have?"

Snickering, Dickie says, "You're going to get spanked if you keep mentioning my freckles, Nurse Salsbury."

They chuckle, leaning into one another, then Dickie takes a toke off the joint, his arm going around Andy's waist. Exhaling marijuana smoke, he mutters, "I'll take charge of us getting high; you just do what I say..."

"Yes, Huckleberry..." They bump against one another, laughing, then Dickie says, "Stop making me laugh.. let me take a drag off this joint."

Gary, just outside the sliding glass doors, is lighting their joint while John's watching Andy and Dickie laughing at something, having fun. Then, inhaling marijuana smoke, Dickie gooses Andy's ass, and Andy does a girlie, swishy movement snuggling in against Dickie as Dickie exhales smoke in Andy's face. It's hard for John to tell who is having more fun, John's old boyfriend, Andy, or his childhood friend, Dickie.

"Here, take a toke, Darling."

"Huh?" John turns and sees Gary holding out the joint, smoke drifting from Gary's mouth. Taking the joint, John thought, 'Probably no one, not even Dickie, could be a better dominant top for me than fat Gary Thomas." He takes the joint, his eyes big and shiny, staring at his new hero. John intentionally says as a lisp, "Thanks, Gary."

Gary mutters, "Christ, that look in your eyes, Darling! We don't even know one another yet, so you couldn't have fallen hard for me already, or have you?"

John's eyes are stinging and getting wet as he leans against Gary, holding the joint to the side, "I need a hug from you, Gary. I've got some emotional problems I'm dealing with."

Rolling his eyes, Gary says, "Stop it! Don't act like a baby! You've had some rough times, I know, but toughen up. Here, take a drag off the joint and hold the smoke in your lungs like I told you before!"

Gary doesn't go for John's baby act. He wants a young man for a boyfriend. A young man to fuck and have fun with, not a toddler.

Wiping his eyes, John straightens up, "Oh, alright, but there's no need for you to be mean about it," and he takes a big drag off the joint, then holds the smoke in his lungs for too long, ending up coughing and gagging and turning it into a drama, holding onto Gary as if John can't stand. Gary steps away, pushing John's hands off him, "Knock it off, Darling!"

John's eyes are watering like crazy now, his vision blurry as he stumbles around, bumping off fat Gary. Seeing this, Andy rushes over to hold onto John, "Easy, Johnny. Calm down; you'll be fine."

John says, "No, I mean, yes, I'm alright, Andy. Sorry to be a prob..." Then more coughing as Gary rolled his eyes and shook his head again, taking another toke off the joint. John, high from that one significant drag of pot smoke, seems lost, so Andy guides him, stumbling over to Gary, saying, "He can't smoke weed worth a shit, Gary."

Gary gets his arm around John's shoulders, pulling him against his fat, blubbery side, mumbling, "Yeah, I noticed that."

Andy works up the courage to say, "You need to take better care of him," and Gary goes, "Yeah? Well, that's quite a difficult job after you've babied the shit out of him for three months."

Biting his bottom lip, Andy realized he was not in Gary's league confrontation-wise. He backed off, mumbling, "I know I did. You're right, but I love Johnny and couldn't resist spoiling him a little. He's been through a lot, you know."

Gary nods his head over toward Dickie, meaning Andy needs to 'Take a hike back over to Dickie and get out of my face....'

Andy murmurs, "Yeah, I'm going, but you need to take care of him, or..."

"Or what?"

Shaking his head, Andy walks over to Dickie at the far railing, who asks, "What was that all about? What's wrong with John?"

"He can't smoke weed for shit, but the..."

Not interested in what they're saying, Gary mutters to John Darling, "C'mon. We'll sit on those two chairs away from those guys."

John mutters, "I'm sorry, Gary. That fucking pot caught in my throat."

"Yeah, sure it did. Here, sit down."

They sit on the deck chairs near the steps, the chairs right next to one another. Holding the joint, Gary quietly says, "We need to have a serious talk, pretty boy, but now isn't the time, and this isn't the place. I'll let you stay overnight at my apartment, just us two, sometime next week. For now, take a little drag on this," holding the joint to John's lips.

He sucks in a bit of smoke, Gary saying, "Okay, that was perfect," and then he sucks in a big bunch of the drug's smoke himself. There were three or four minutes of silence, pot smoke drifting up from the porch--John's still high from that big first toke and getting higher from three small ones after that.

When Gary tosses the roach over the railing, John gets up and tries sitting on Gary's lap with Gary muttering, "What the fuck...?" Then, he chuckles, "These deck chairs aren't made for that, Darling, certainly not when my overweight body is one of the two sharing the chair," and he guides John to the porch steps. They sit on the steps, both higher than a kite can fly, John snuggling against Gary, murmuring, "Are you mad at me, Gary?"

"Not really, nope! First of all, it's hard to get mad at you, you big baby," and he hugs John with both arms, "And secondly, pretty boy, there ain't any reason for me to be mad at you. So, no, I'm not mad at you; why do you ask?"

"Huh? Ask what?"

"Haha," Gary laughs and mutters, "HAHA, he asks what? Holy shit, you make me laugh!"

Andy takes a deep breath, relaxing after hearing Gary laughing. Good, everything is okay between Gary and John. He asks Dickie, "Are you as high as me?"

"I'm pretty sure I am," and then, five seconds later, he says, "Let's fuck while we've got a high on, C'mon..."

Gary hears the sliding glass doors rolling open and then closing. Floating in his weed-high, Gary ruffles John's blond hair, slowly shaking his head, murmuring, "Where did you come from, pretty boy? When have I ever been this lucky before?"

John had dozed off. He jerks his head, "Huh, what?"

"You dozed off, ya big baby."

Gary hugs John with both arms again, rocking him a little, his face against the side of John's face, covering most of it with his shortish, black, stiff beard, "You smell better than Michael Jordan 23 cologne, John Darling." He kisses the side of John's forehead, loving on his pretty, new boyfriend; he murmurs, "Goddamn, this is new to me! I'm usually not nearly this affectionate, but you appear to like it so much it's hard not to baby you a little."

Five seconds later, John moves his head away, his fingers pushing at Gary's beard, "It's scratchy."

Snickering, again Gary mutters, "Ya big baby," and John goes, "What? Why do you keep saying that?"

Standing, pulling on John, Gary says, "Get up. We'll walk off our high and then go to bed."

John nods, murmurs, "Good," and snuggles against Andy's fat side, John's arm going around Gary's waist but not reaching all the way around his fat waist. Gary's arm was across John's shoulders. Walking down the three steps off the porch, Gary mutters, primarily to himself, "Okay, the cute, clueless baby act is winning the tug of war with my bossy act so far, but the war ain't over."


Gary murmurs, "Oh, nothing. I'm just reminding myself that I was doing good there for a while. I was having my way until I started giving in to your wiles."

John says, "A five-letter word meaning devious, cunning... manipulating someone to do what you want."

Gary's like, "What the fuck are you mumbling?"

John grins, "Crossword puzzles. You said wiles, and that's the clue..."

"Shh, please stop talking, Darling. You're making no sense."

Frowning, John goes, "What? No sense.." and Gary laughs, so John laughs a marijuana-influenced laugh as well. Then, done laughing, John asks, "What's so funny?" Gary laughed harder.

They walked three blocks, Gary sucking in the cold, fresh air, John holding onto Gary feeling his head clearing. When Gary turns them around to walk back, John asks, "Can we fuck before going to sleep, but without the sex toys?"

Gary mumbles, "Yes, we'll fuck, but no to no sex toys."

"I knew you'd say that, and I don't care now because they felt sexy hot last time."

"Oh, really? So why did you ask if we could eliminate them?"

"I don't know. I just want to please you, Gary. That's all I care about."

"Con artist, liar... all your wiles," and Gary laughs again.


The house is eerily silent when they go inside through the kitchen's sliding glass door. The only sound is the ambient sound of the furnace cycling on. John locks the sliding doors, and Gary mumbles, "Holy shit... you actually can be like a responsible, regular person. Um, how old are you now?"

"I'll be twenty-two in a few weeks."

"Okay. I'm impressed that you can be a responsible, almost twenty-two-year-old regular person. I'm relieved to see that."

"Just because I locked the door?"

As they go upstairs, Gary quietly says, "Uh-huh. A responsible, almost twenty-two-year-old regular person locks the house up when going to sleep." Then, at the top of the stairs, "Ah, which bedroom is yours?"

John points to a bedroom with the door close, "That one, the one Dickie took Andy to. Dickie knew my bedroom from sleepovers when we were kids. Damn, I'm getting very emotional about that. I really liked that he wanted to sleep in my bed."

"You're getting emotional again, huh? I do not want to see even one Goddamn tear!"

Sniffing, John mutters, "I'm not crying. C'mon, we'll use the guest bedroom. Nobody is sleeping in my parent's bed."

Gary mutters, "That's for sure! Ghoulish..."

The guest bedroom has two twin beds, so John says, "Will you share one of these twin beds with me?"

Gary, pulling his shirt over his head, nods, "Of course," then he takes his boots off and goes, "Ah, damn, I forgot something. Two things, actually. Um, go downstairs and out on the porch. We forgot the cock ring and dildo where Dickie left them for us... and the Vaseline. I think the Vaseline is in the kitchen. Also, Dickie's Monte Carlo is in the driveway. My overnight bag with a change of clothes and toiletry items is in the back seat. Get that for me, too."

John, his mouth hanging open, holding the shirt he just took off, stares at Gary, hardly believing he's serious. After his drama queen moment, John says what he always says when he can't think of anything else to say, "What?"

Sitting on the closest twin bed, pulling off his right sock, Gary mutters, "You heard me. Go ahead and do what you're told..."

Gary's staring at John now, and after a ten-second stare-off, John mutters, "Fuck it," and leaves the room to do what he's told. Gary says to himself, 'One little victory for me...' and smiles, then takes his other sock off. He's stripped down to his boxer shorts when John comes back with everything he went to get, breathing hard. Gary's like, "Holy shit, you broke a world record for completing an errand."

John doesn't say anything, continuing to breathe hard from running. Catching his breath, he acts pissed off, dumping everything on the twin bed Gary's sitting on. Gary said, "What, you're pissed off about something? Do you think it was unfair that I sent you to do that? Who should I have sent? Myself?"

Shrugging, realizing he was being petulant, trying to be mad and not grin, but a little grin broke out on his face anyway, John mumbled, "No, I guess not yourself. Me, I guess," and he sat very close to fat Gary on the twin bed, leaned on him, the side of his face against Gary's shoulder.

Gary said, "I'm supposed to hug you now. Is that it?" Then he hugged John tightly, swaying side to side slightly, kissing his forehead, then telling him what he told him earlier, "You smell ten times better than my Michael Jordan 23 cologne, and thank you very much for getting my overnight shit."

"You're welcome. Can we forget the sex toys for once?"

No, get undressed," and Gary takes his arms away, but John is still leaning against him. For the tenth time since meeting John Darling, Gary rolls his eyes, making a face like, 'Can I believe this shit?' but he gives John another hug, muttering, "I suppose I should be flattered that you like my fat body so much you want to be hugged against it so much."

In an amazing mimic of Gary saying something sarcastic, without lisping, John says, Yep, you're a quick study, Gary, noticing the subtle body language of mine that suggests I want to be hugged against your overweight body all the time?"

Gary grins but sounds angry, "Oh, are ever you going to get it, mocking me like that..."

John leans into Gary harder, "I wasn't mocking you. If I was mocking anybody, I was mocking myself. I'm infatuated by you. I can't get enough of you. I'm not sure why, but I can't, um... I just want to be with you and do what you tell me no matter what."

"I see you have very little interest in disguising your feelings."


"Never mind. Get undressed."

John is naked in a minute, even though he needs to pull off his hard-to-get-off cowboy boots first. He asks, "What's first, the dildo or cock ring?"

Gary mutters, "Either one. Do you have a choice? And, as I've told you three times already, these toys are to enhance your pleasure, not mine."

Shrugging, John mutters, "The dildo, I guess."

Gary says, "Get it for me." It's right next to Gary, but John picks it up and hands it to Gary, then bends over, his hands on his knees, looking back at Gary.

Gary asks, "Did you get the Vaseline? I don't see... oh, there it is."

He lubes the dildo and screws it past John's anus, with John looking straight ahead now, holding his breath against the hurt that hasn't happened yet. Spreading open his asshole to allow for Gary's stupidly fat penis hurts a little before it begins feeling good, which is happening faster this time, maybe happening faster every time he wears a dildo. The vibration started, and right away, his penis began filling with blood and fluids. The cock ring goes on before his penis gets too hard, and his nuts then get pushed through, too. "OW! Fuck!"

Gary smacks John's ass, mumbling, "Stop it." Then, "C'mon, we'll take a piss and brush our teeth. Sorry, but no urine fetish tonight. Maybe I'll accommodate your fetish tomorrow. Tonight, we'll do a quick fuck, and then get to sleep. I, for one, am exhausted. Of course, I was up at six o'clock this morning, then I put in a full day's work, so it's not surprising I'm tired."

In the bathroom, peeing next to Gary, John stands bowlegged, making sure his nuts don't rub against his thighs. He says, "The dildo is very uncomfortable, Gary. It makes peeing a problem."

Gary rubs John's head, "I know. You should have peed before we started with the sex toys. And, as I already told you, I don't do this to hurt you. I do it so your anus will be loosened up for my fat cock. Believe it or not, I don't get off seeing you or any of my past boyfriends hurting."

John shrugs, unimpressed, keeping his cock-ringed penis pointed at the water in the toilet bowl. Gary starts pissing, saying, "I meant to tell you at lunch that you have an attractive penis, Darling. No pubic hair, and your dick looks like a painting of a neat, perfect penis with that pinkish off-white color, and it's straight as an arrow with no big ugly veins, and, um... It's nice!"

"Thanks, Gary. Your penis with all that hideous thick black wire-looking pubic hair around it isn't pretty, but it fucks good. I told you that you gifted me the best fuck of my life last time."

"Hey, that's kind of you to say, pretty boy. And I couldn't help but notice there that you have a neat knack for hiding insults within a compliment. Clever!"


After washing up, they brush their teeth, and then Gary takes out the dildo with John leaning over, supporting himself with his hands on the sink's counter. By now, his cock-ringed-up dick is hard like petrified bone, hard as the porcelain sink that John makes sure his dick doesn't hit because colliding with that might snap a petrified cock right off at the root.

Gary is turned on by everything about John Darling, but he hides it. For instance, seeing John's wide-opened anus gave Gary an almost instant boner, as did John's perfect bubble butt buttocks and his nicely proportioned, boyish, hairless body, not to mention his pretty but boyish face.

While stroking his four-inch penis, hard as stone, Gary needs to concentrate not to moan with sexual arousal from just looking at the way John willingly, anxiously, docilely, and submissively is staying in place, his ass pushed out, waiting patiently for his new boyfriend to fuck him. Gary unnecessarily says, "Push your ass out more." He only said that to add to a tone of dominance that guys like submissive John expect and are disappointed if it's not there.

Stifling a gasp of arousal, Gary delicately pushed the swollen head of his fat, hard penis against John's already-opened wide anus, which was going to need to open even wider for Gary's big boner.

When Gary pushes it tightly past the prostate and inside John's rectum, John tries to muffle his scream, but it still comes out loud. Gary knows that can't be helped, and the scream probably could only be heard within a radius of two or three hundred miles. Rolling his eyes, Gary keeps pushing his big boner up inside John's body. Little by little, the full four inches goes inside John, then Gary humps hard against John's bubble butt buttocks, once, twice, three times, John going, "Umpt, umpt, umpt.. oh!"

Leaving his boner inside John, Gary feels his cock swelling even wider. Then John lets out the first of many moans at the waves of pleasure that have begun coming from his rectum's million nerve endings that have begun sparkling brighter and brighter. John murmurs, "I'm going to cum."

"No, you're not. That's your teasing prostate's pretend-climax horseshit."

Gary pulls his log of a boner back until it's almost entirely out of John's ass before pushing it back up his ass, as John's back arches, "AHH, AHH... Ooh, mmm..." and then Andy's thrusting the log back and forth, back and forth, "Slap, slap, slap," Gary's belly fat flopping up and down as John's buttocks quiver and in less than three minutes of Gary humping his hips, John makes a hissing squeal like a girl with her tit caught in a ringer and blows his load as a tight, thin streak of cum sizzling from his cock's piss slit burning hot from the speed-of-light cum stream that's splattering off the front of the sink, semen spray coming back wetting John's cock-ring-enclosed-cock-and-balls.

Gary's face is scrunched up as he thrusts in a wild fury for thirty seconds more before blowing a lot of semen up John's ass. Cum almost immediately comes right back out but is blocked by Gary's super-fat boner. He moans, "Omigod..." lying his fatty tits on John's back, feeling shivers all over his flabby body.

Both John and Gary don't move or say anything for a minute or so, breathing deeply and noisily until Gary slowly lifts off John's back and pulls his dick out of John's ass, "Plop."

Stepping back, Gary pulls toilet paper off the roll and holds it to John's wide-open anus, muttering, "Hey, you need to be holding this toilet paper, Darling." Then he pulls off more toilet paper to wipe his quickly softening penis, which is a little tender at the moment. John, holding the wad of toilet paper at his asshole, stands up and says, "Another gift from you to me, Gary. I love how you fuck with your scary-wide cock."

John's fiddling with the cock ring now, and this time Gary doesn't help because John needs to do more things for himself. Not since John's attorney, Sara McCarty, has anyone been concerned that John needs to act more his age and do more things for himself. Fat Gary is on board with that, and whether or not he has more success with it than Sara remains to be seen.

Cleaning up again, there isn't any talking because both guys are tired. Gary yawns, and John sees the yawn and yawns himself. Yawns are catching. "C'mon, Darling, hurry up," and John finishes drying his hands, muttering, "I'm coming..."

In the bedroom, John asks, "Should I get naked, Gary?"

"No, wear underpants. I don't want your little pee-pee-thingie rubbing all over me."

Lisping with a little bit of a whiny sound to it, John goes, "But I usually sleep naked. That's how we, um, I mean, that's how I like to sleep."

"Oh, for fuck sake, then. Go ahead and sleep naked, but turn out the light and get in bed right now. I'm exhausted."

They get under the covers of the twin bed near the window. John, as naked as the day he was born, asks, "Should I pull down the shade, Gary?"

Rolling his eyes again, he makes himself sound calm, "Yeah, it might be sunny tomorrow, the sun shining right in our eyes."

Pulling down the shade, John says, "It's supposed to rain."


John settles against Gary, who says, "Can't you move over nearer the window?"

"No, my back is against the wall now!"

"Goddammit! This is the smallest twin bed in the history of the world."

John lies half on fat Gary, mumbling, "No, it's a regular twin bed size. You're, um, extra-large."

Gary slides almost off the mattress, whispering, "If you say one more word, I swear to God I'm going to spank you."

"Oooh, I'd like that. Do it, please."


John discovers that sleeping with a fat guy has its challenges, but he never complains, not even secretly complaining about it to himself. He likes it, but it is a challenge; for instance, trying to stay halfway on Gary, he slips off his fat belly, whereas he could lie flat on half of Andy's stomach and chest with no problem.

Yeah, John likes to have as much bodily contact with his boyfriend while going to sleep as possible. His roommate, Brian, and John slept in the same small dorm bed for almost two years, but Brian is nowhere near as big and fat as Gary, so...

With fat Gary, if John is mostly on his side lying against fat Gary's side, against, not on Gary, that works, and it helps to have Gary's arm under his neck, and it's even better when John's leg is in between Gary's legs, John's thigh resting on Gary's fatter-than-makes-any-sense penis, with John's naked penis and hanging bag of nuts against Gary's leg.

What makes all this work is Gary loves John's slim body against his fat one and tolerates just about anything John tries.

It only takes a minute for them to figure all this out, and they're sleeping with smiles on their faces in ninety seconds after that. Asleep by eleven-thirty, they're awakened at nine-thirty the next morning, hearing Andy and Dickie giggling and running up and down the stairs like ten-year-olds. Gary snarls, "What the fuck are they doing?"

Yawning, snuggling against Gary's broad back, his back because they moved in the night, John mumbles, "Even though your fat body took up seventy percent of the mattress, I slept wonderfully with you, Gary." And he climbs up on Gary's flabby side, trying to balance himself, saying, "Your body is like a big pillow."

Gary quickly flicks John off him, turns him over, and smacks John's bare ass, saying, "Another snuck-in insult from you, along with the compliment.

John lisps, "Oh, Daddy, yes, I need a spanking!"

Shaking his head, Gary mutters, "I need to score some points here, and spanking isn't doing it."


"Nothing, Darling. Do you want to get up?"

"Nope, you know what I want to do. I'll get the toys."

"Just the dildo, pretty boy. You asked nicely ten or twenty times to do it without toys, so I'll eliminate the cock ring. That's unless you want it."

John hops out of bed and grabs the dildo off the desk chair where it landed when fat Gary tossed it last night. Standing next to the bed, he says, "Oh, boy. You know what? I kinda do want the cock ring. It's like it sort of goes with the dildo, but, um, I'll try doing it without it this time." Then, looking at the dildo and getting a whiff of it, he asks, "Does this ever get cleaned?"

"Not by me. It's not my dildo or my job; it's Dickie's in both instances."


Not waiting for a clarification of what Gary just said, picking up the plastic Vaseline tub, John says, "This Vaseline gets so itchy in my ass. Right now, it's itching like mad. I hope the vibrating dildo will scratch the itch. We need to buy K-Y Jelly. Andy has a tube, but Dickie is using it for him."

Fat Gary has his hands behind his head, his feet stretched out, admiring the good looks, the adorable cuteness of his latest conquest, his new boyfriend, John Darling, who does not appear to be twenty-two! Gary points at John, "Today's Saturday, so a good day for you to go to Randy's Barbershop and get a cowboy flattop haircut like mine and Dickie's. You are going to be beautiful with a blond Wyoming cowboy flattop."

Blowing out an exasperated-sounding long exhale, John says, "I want to take a reasonable approach to this bizarre idea of yours. In the first place, I don't care about haircuts very much, but here's my counteroffer: I won't argue with you about the cowboy flattop if you'll wait until you need another haircut, then I'll go with you, and we'll do it together."

Fat Gary points his fat forefinger at John and says, "You've got yourself a deal! Now, I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, hmm, will we even be together by the time this fat guy needs a haircut, especially considering he just got one on Wednesday? That's not a bad strategy, pretty boy, except you and I will be together way past the time for me to need another haircut, which will be about four or five weeks from now."

Smirking at him, John says, "You know everything, don'cha? I can see that now, but that's not what I was thinking."

He straddles Gary's fat belly, John's cock and balls, his pee-pee-thingie and bag of nuts, as Gary called it, leaving a wet trail from the dripping piss slit when John shimmied up Gary's body to his sternum, Gary making a face, frowning at that.

John mumbles, "This Boston boy actually wants us to be boyfriends until the cows come home, and we are in Wyoming, so there are cows here, right? The real reason I want to wait until you need a haircut is because that's when I'll also need one. I got this piece-of-shit haircut just a few days ago myself, like you and Dickie, and the same for Andy, who had a ponytail up until a week ago. Plus, I'm going to change your mind about the haircut of choice, so what do you have to say about all that?"

Dripping with sarcasm, Gary mutters, "First, I want to say that I've never known anyone who talks as much as you, saying ten words when three would do, but I like your logic of waiting until you and I both need a fresh haircut. Deep thinking there, my friend. I would never have thought of anything that complicated," and then, without any effort, Gary shifted his position and got John flipped over on his stomach next to him, John going, "Hey!"

Paying no attention to that, Gary poked a finger into John's asshole, rubbing his prostate gland; John squirmed like mad, but Gary easily held him in place, mumbling, "Whoa, cowboy, I'm just seeing if you've got enough residual lubricant in your ass that we won't need to put more in here, and I think there's already enough. And this might eliminate the itching." John on his stomach, Gary moved a leg over John's legs and then pushed his wider-than-necessary hard cock inside John's unstretched anus... this was their first no-dildo fuck.

For an instant, John's brain got goofy, imagining he was making a screechy, screaming, yodeling sound as if he were a Swiss Alps herdsman with his dick in one of his goats when the goat kicked back with its hard-as-stone-cloven hooves. He'd be yodeling then like he's doing now!

John's anus spreading open to that degree in an instant would be a shock to anyone's brain. John's brain had him yodeling in pain, yes, but a few seconds later, he was pushing his ass up as Gary was pushing his fat boner down inside John's rectum.

As for Gary, there's a look of pain on his face, but he's not in pain; it's an intense pleasure he feels that he can hardly believe is coming at him in waves from the super-sensitized head of his boner. Not only that, but it's John Darling's ass he's fucking. John has a real beauty of an ass... a very, very special ass on a very, very special young, almost twenty-two-year-old blond-headed, lisping, cuter-than-shit, semi-clueless gay college senior who should be making plans to register at Duke for the winter semester instead of doing this, but that's another story.

Gary closes his eyes, pulling his boner back, then shoving it right back inside John Darling's rectum. John bites the pillow until the pain turns to pure pleasure, the inside of his rectum throbbing with joy, his prostate in a rapturous state while his stretched anus now has been scratched so perfectly that no itch can be found.

Thrust, thrust, thrust, "Ah, ah, ah," the mattress bounced with the weight of the guy humping on it, John moaning, "AH!" with every thrust of Gary's fire hydrant of a boner. This morning, after ten hours without having an orgasm, John's euphoric state lasted less than two minutes when, in his silly brain, he felt he was yodeling again. This time climaxing like he's never climaxed before, cum gushing out with nowhere to go, pooling under his hard throbbing five-inch iron boner that's up against his belly, wet and hot; John struggling to hump his hips but can't because the weight on him is too much to bear.

Gary doesn't last much longer. Well, twenty seconds longer, then he gasps and mutters, "Oh, God!" and floods John's bowels with his semen load, gasping again, then showing great compassion for John by not lying totally on top of him. Instead, Gary rolls over against the wall, his sloppy cock coming with him. Both guys breathe deeply, John on his stomach, lying in his cooling semen, and Gary on his back, his hand playing with his fatter-than-necessary dick.

A minute later, John turns his head, looking at Gary, and asks, "We didn't use the dildo, and I missed it. And, um, isn't it uncomfortable having that over-size penis between your legs all the fucking time?"

Looking at John, Gary says, "Jesus, the smart-ass things you say. Brat shit. How come you're not afraid I'll spank your ass raw?"

"What? Spank? I was just joking again, Gary. Don't you ever joke around?"

Sighing noisily, Gary says, "You're supposed to be intimidated by my size and my dominant, rough demeanor. My grouchy personality is one that you don't want to make worse by pissing me off, but you do anyway. What's wrong with you?"

"You know what we ought to do, boyfriend? You should lose weight, and I should put some on. I'll drink milkshakes and eat pies while you sip on lots of water and eat broccoli. Whaddaya think?"

Turning onto his side, looking at John, Gary mutters, "That's a good idea."

Nodding, John adds, "You should take up smoking cigarettes too. Cigarettes kill your appetite or lessen it at least."

Slowly shaking his head, Gary mumbles, "Uh-huh, I'm not going to do any of that, although I probably should. Ya know, pretty boy, I thought I could dominate the shit out of you, and you'd be eating out of my hand by now, keeping that mouth of yours shut, and waiting with bated breath for me to tell you what to do next. What happened? How come I'm losing this tug of war?"

John slides up against Gary's flabby body, putting his arm over Gary's fat side, then leaning his head up; he kisses Gary's regular-sized, not-fat lips. Gary smiles, muttering, "See, there you go again, being brazen and unafraid."

John lies against Gary and says, "You're a big bear with only a pretend bite. You threaten but never do harm, plus I'm not afraid because I've known real fear of thinking I was dead, then knowing I was alive without knowing my name, then finding out my parents had died in the accident, and it went on and on and on, amnesia and whatever the fuck. But now, I'm with you, who will protect and look out for me. Sure, I'm mystified and can't understand why I like a fat guy like you so much, but I most definitely do."

Gary mutters, "Don't think I've surrendered... oh, no! I'm still on a crusade to get you to knuckle under and be my obedient boyfriend."

"I'm already that, Gary. What are you talking about? I do what you say. It's just that I'm not afraid of you. I do what you say because it's fun, and I like you as my leader. When Andy was my leader, he helped me tremendously, but he was only faking being dominant. You really are dominant, and I'll bet there will be a time, not too far from now, that I'll do something that will piss you off so much you'll discipline me somehow. That's okay, though; you're older and more mature than me, and maybe I'll deserve my punishment, but, in any case, it won't change my mind about liking you a lot because..."

Holding up a hand, Gary says, "For the love of God, could you not say anything for a few minutes? Just, shh, for a minute at least. No talking..."

John's eyebrows go up in surprise, "What?"

"SHH! Please..."

Nodding, John says, "Okay," and nuzzles in tighter to the degree that Gary rolls his eyes and puts his arm over John's shoulders. John signs, and Gary mouths, 'He's still winning...'

Two minutes later, Gary feels John's lips moving against his shoulder, saying, "I need to take a piss so bad..." Gary says, "Of course you do."

Smirking, John mumbles, "I was thinking I might piss in the bathtub.'

They slowly get out of bed and while walking to the bathroom, John says, "I'm gonna do it." Gary shrugs, then watches John tentatively put a leg over the side of the tub, grinning and asking, "Is this okay?"

Gary's shrugging again as John finishes getting in the tub, still naked from sleeping naked; he makes a face at Gary, sits down, then starts pissing. Closing his eyes, John mutters, "Feel free to join in," which Gary does, pointing his too-fat-to-be-real penis so his piss stream hits John's head, urine splattering everywhere. Gary snickered, then said, "Before I dropped out, three of us would do this to Neal Patterson during freshman year at Holy Cross, except Patterson didn't have a urine fetish."

Their piss streams run out in fifteen or sixteen seconds, with John moaning and jerking off. Gary says, "I'll see you after your shower."

"Oh, ohh. ohhh, awwww! Oooh, yeah."

After John's shower, while Gary showers, John gets dressed and goes downstairs, finding Andy and Dickie just coming in the sliding glass door off the porch; Andy says, "Dickie bought coffee and breakfast sandwiches for everybody."

John and Andy kiss, murmuring, "Good morning," then Dickie holds his head out, and John kisses him, "Good morning, Dickie. Thanks for breakfast!" and they kiss again, Dickie saying for the tenth time, "We wasted all those kissable years, Darling. I'm kicking myself in the ass for not making the first move. You'd never have made it, right?"

"I guess not, Dickie, but here we are. I have my best childhood friend and best friend in Wyoming, you Dickie. Plus, my best Massachusetts friend, Andy. I feel so blessed."

A little later, showered and dressed in a Western shirt and jeans, cowboy boots on his feet, Gary joins Andy, Dickie, and John, all dressed similarly in the kitchen. They're eating Dunkin' breakfast sandwiches and drinking Dunkin' coffees. Dickie nods that Gary should take one of the sandwiches and a coffee. Gary says, "Thanks, and good morning. How are you ladies doing this rainy morning?"

Assuming that's a rhetorical question, no one says anything. Dickie, finished his sandwich, balls up the wrapper, and said, "It's raining, but supposed to end by ten o'clock this morning. Andy and I are going to Fort Collins in Colorado today. We'll probably stay the night. There's plenty to do there, plus Google claims there are ten gay bars in Fort Collins. Do you guys want to come with us?"

John asks, "Colorado? How far is that fort?"

Gary mumbles, "Not that far... Fort Collins is a good idea, Dickie. Count us in."

He made the decision for him and John. Gary turns to John and says, "It's less than fifty miles to Fort Collins."

John goes, "Ten gay bars! I've never been in a gay bar."

Dickie says, "There aren't any gay bars in the whole state of Wyoming. Andy Googled and found a lot about Fort Collins, and get this... Smoking weed is legal there."

(So, they're on to Colorado and 10 gay bars. Holy shit, plus it's a college town. Colorado State University is in Fort Collins. I wonder if fat Gary can dance? What do you think?)

To be continued...

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